NO You Cannot Have It Your Way! Burger King Employee Pulls Gun After Customer Complains About Order


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NO You Cannot Have It Your Way! Burger King Employee Pulls Gun After Customer Complains About Order

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#gun #burgerking #OderrialMooreWilliams <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s the family a Memphis Burger King
employee is making national headlines
after she almost fired back literally at
a disgruntled customer or Dario more
Williams is being accused of pulling a
gun on a customer after the customer
complained about being charged too much
for her order the unidentified customer
says that she pulled up in the
drive-thru she had a problem with an
artist she’s pulled around to the front
and she said that’s when the employees
for them came outside and confronted her
she made a move like she was trying to
go for something but the employee
one-upped her and pulled out a gun for
real she said that’s what she called the
popos now of course there’s two sides to
every story the employees say that the
customer was irate litterin came through
actually went inside of the restaurant
complaining about of order talking tough
and one of the employees said my boss
asked her to leave she would not leave o
Daria’s coworkers are sticking by her
side they said that they did not see her
pointing a gun at anyone nevertheless
ODE area was arrested and charged with
aggravated assault julio think is
telling the truth i don’t think that
they would just pull a gun on their
woman for nothing first of all if you
like you’re reaching for a weapon then
it makes sense for somebody to pull out
a gun if they have a weapon on them to
get the ups on you she’s lucky she
didn’t get shot up because once you
start reaching for a weapon if you get
an opportunity to point that weapon then
you’ve pretty much to level the playing
field if somebody has the ups on you
while you’re reaching it would probably
be wise for them to get off on you I’m
not trying to encourage anybody to go
out there just take life but you know
the first law of nature
self-preservation so if I’m in a
situation that’s combative and
somebody’s reaching like they’re
reaching for a weapon and I got mine on
me I am probably going to pull it and
put them down that’s just my thinking
some of you guys a little bit more
lenient when it comes to conflict I
don’t take chances what I’m gonna tell
y’all something over the last several
months well actually a couple years or
so they have been story after story
after story
well people going in on these restaurant
workers these fast-food restaurant
workers and trying them fast-food
workers are not the ones to be played
with they’re overworked underpaid and
underappreciated so many people come
through those fast-food restaurants
looking down on the people that work at
those places and many people are there
going to the drive-through don’t know
how to talk to people now I understand
there are some fast-food workers that
don’t know how to talk either
I got it especially in the drive-through
which is the absolute worst you think
you would put your best person on the
drive-through the person that’s
communicating with the public you know
that’s like the first representation of
you you would think that they would be
on the drive to because you got at half
be able to communicate in that
drive-through you know people talking
you know too low too loud
people having a little attitude getting
their orders mixed up so you gotta have
patience and you gotta have just a
little bit more patience when you’re
dealing with people in the drive-through
cuz you can’t see somebody you can’t see
the expression somebody say something
you might take it out of context because
you can’t see the person’s face that for
you don’t know what the intent are you
don’t know what the intent is so you
know people tend to act a fool from time
to time at that drive-through you got to
have somebody that’s really really good
working at drive-through and also do
people up in the front the cashiers
you know they gotta be on that game
often times at fast-food establishments
they’re not unless you go to somewhere
like what is it uh Krispy Kreme even
though that’s just doughnuts but it is
fast food Krispy Kreme Boston Market and
chick-fil-a I think they got the
absolute best fast-food workers they got
a process that they use to hire people
unlike many of the other establishments
I guess they’re they have a higher
standard that boys raised higher they
just have excellent customer service
whatever they do they need to perhaps
run some courses in charge
somebody’s other fast-food
establishments or how to hire people who
act like they like their job at least
some of these fast-food workers man a
lot of these fast-food workers you know
you coming out talking that touch talk
man a lot of these people from the hood
and they frankly don’t give a damn I’ve
said it once I said a thousand more
times if I have to
y’all better leave these fast-food
workers along
no Mota

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