No Bucks Given! Botham Jean Family Won't Get A Penny From City of Dallas Despite Tap Dancing


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#cityofdallas #bothamjean #amberguyger <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family it took a jury of 12
less than 24 hours of deliberation to
determine that Dallas police officer
amber Geiger was guilty of taking a
black man’s life and deserves to
squander hers in prison prior to the
verdict the family of both of John filed
a wrongful death lawsuit against amber
Geiger and the city of Dallas the filing
accuses Geiger of using excessive force
when she gunned down John in his own
apartment on September 6 2018 and
accuses the Dallas Police Department of
failing to adequately train Geiger and
other officers on how and when to
properly utilize deadly force on Monday
US District Judge Barbara Lin ruled that
the city of Dallas isn’t liable for the
actions of his off-duty police officers
in turn the city was dismissed from the
silver lawsuit and Geiger will remain
the sole defendant in her brief ruling
Lynne wrote that she was upholding a
magistrate judge’s decision and
dismissing the city because the suit
failed to state a claim upon which
relief can be granted admittedly so this
is a complicated case because amber
Geiger shot both from John while she was
off-duty but in the end the city
asserted that the lawsuit failed to
provide evidence that superior training
would have prevented by from John’s
death and the judge agreed question
wouldn’t the lack of following proper
procedure be reflective of how she might
comport herself while I’m active do
you see they fired her because they knew
the suit was coming they fired her right
away they knew and what they were trying
to do is distance themselves from her
it’s all the hustle in a judge pretty
much had to dismiss the city from the
lawsuit because Dallas police do a lot
of killing they got a whole lot of
questionable cases out there they do a
lot of killing of unarmed people
especially black people they do a lot of
killing I mean they kill they are
killing machines every day Dallas Fort
Worth is killing somebody so the judge
is part of the system they are working
together so she’s trying to take care of
people protect the check if being off
duty means that the city isn’t liable if
you go out there and wrongfully kill
somebody why not make them turn in their
badges and guns
once they clock out don’t that make
sense to y’all I mean correct me if I’m
wrong but I just don’t see how you can
separate the police person from the
police department when they’re always
expected to be police officers you know
how do you do
off-duty police officer pulled out his
gun shots as such no big deal off-duty
police officers damn they’re like a
police are
on duty they basically operated this
within the same capacity the only thing
that they really get in trouble for is
when they go out and try to when they
when they get out of jurisdiction as
long as they we’ve been reduced diction
man you see them all the time pulling
out their guns telling people to get off
the line get off my lawn hey hey get out
of the car holding people down at
gunpoint now all that kind of stuff you
know so there really isn’t a separation
so the city should definitely be liable
I call BS but like a famous scholar once
said a system cannot fail those it was
never meant to protect but y’all keep on
forgiving and huggin nomoto

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