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Adam was like..will you make this cheese cake..and I was like..ok..and then this video happened!

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Licensed via Audio Network <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

– I’m Niki, today I’m
reacting to my very first
Eating Your Feed video.
Before it was even
called Eating Your Feed,
this was just like, Adam was like,
“Please make this cheesecake?”
And I was like, “Okay.”
And then this video happened.
Pop, pop!
Okay, so here we are.
My best friend Adam is challenging me
to make this jiggly cheesecake today
that has been popularized in Japan.
Here’s the jiggles.
There’s like a very smooth rounded top,
which then I’m gonna brand.
This is a good episode,
this is a good episode.
I need to cut this into a circle.
So, let me see how I can do that.
(wax paper ripping)
This is not a circle.
I still don’t know how to do this.
(wax paper crunching)
– Square, make triangle.
– Oh.
– Find the middle spot and cut here.
– Whoa, for real, that’s it?
– Yep, you have perfect circle
that fits inside.
– Oh my god!
Oh no, that’s too much!
Is that gross?
So this is on medium.
I didn’t think it was that big of a deal!
Adam was like, “What are you doing?”
I was like, “I don’t know,
this is my milk now.”
Because of this show,
I’ve become a lot better
at cooking and baking,
which is pretty fun,
but at this time I was
pretty inexperienced,
definitely never made anything like this,
and that’s what I told Adam.
I was like, “I don’t even
know if you’re gonna have
“a cheesecake by the end of this video,”
and he’s like, “That’s fine.”
And I was like, “Okay.”
You could tell from this video
I did not know what I was doing.
I should have cut up the
butter and the cream cheese.
I spent two days cracking 50 eggs.
No lumps, no lumps, no lumps.
So this is kinda lumpy and I don’t think
it’s supposed to be lumpy.
So, now, a shit-ton of egg whites.
Agh, shit!
I gotta little, ugh.
I’m gonna use a spoon and pick it out
because my yolk broke, ugh!
Come on, it’s just, come on.
Don’t be little (beep).
That part was funny because
I remember when Adam
was editing this episode he
was so proud of how he cut
that together and then he
censored me unnecessarily
which made it funnier.
Okay, 13, we did it, oh my god, gross!
That’s a lot of eggs.
Whisk my egg whites,
so I’m gonna add some cream of tartar in.
Tar-tar, Tartar?
Is it like tartar sauce?
I’ve always said it cream of tar-tar.
Everybody’s face in the
room when after I say
that is like “Tar-tar?”
Tarter, Tar-tar, tartar is
like a thing in your teeth
or like tartar sauce.
I don’t know what cream
of tar-tar has anything
to do with those two things.
In my head I still say
it cream of tar-tar.
I don’t (bleep) know, who cares?
This is so so stupid.
(timer dings)
I don’t know how much of this to use.
Cream of tar-tar, it can
help make stiffer peaks.
But I feel like all of
the dumb stuff that I said
in this episode, the way
he would put the text up,
I like to think I have a
hand in helping establish
that weird text format
because I said so much
dumb crap in this episode.
So, hmmmm.
(calm funky music)
Looks pretty stiff to me.
I think I’m gonna call it.
I feel kind of okay about
this, so this goes in here.
Based off of no information.
Look at this!
Everyone was so surprised that this is
what it looked like the
first time, I was like,
“Yeah, I made cheesecake, so?”
Oh no, that’s gonna, that’s how it cracks!
Oh shit!
This was the hardest part,
is getting it out of the pan.
I mean my first attempt was pretty good!
Oh my god it jiggles!
It tastes like hot, hot eggs,
it does not taste like cheese.
It tasted very bad.
But look at it jiggle!
– [Adam] Oh, it’s just egg!
– It needs to taste more like cheesecake.
– Okay attempt number two.
Wise words.
It got so much worse from here.
I did pretty well, but I am
gonna change is the taste.
I’m gonna add more cream cheese this time,
a couple more egg yolks,
vanilla ’cause usually that
makes baked goods tasty,
and more sugar.
(milk sloshing)
It’s not that big of a deal!
I was so confident at this point
’cause the first one looked great
and I just needed it to
taste a little bit better
but I drastically changed the recipe
and it didn’t even cross my mind
that it would be very different to bake.
This was a real journey.
It’s got a big whole crack in it.
Look at how tall it is.
It’s just massive and not cooked.
Awww, it broke!
It just deflated entirely
when I slapped it down.
It’s still wet.
Tastes more like cheesecake.
So the taste is there.
– Much better.
– There’s a really big crack in it.
(funky piano music)
This whole (sigh), each
cheesecake took so long.
It was terrible ’cause
I started off so strong
and then everything was falling apart.
We’re back, day two,
cheesecake number three.
No guarantees.
I’m really scared that it
only gets worse from here.
We’ve made some adjustments.
It does, it does get worse from here.
Hopefully it will taste
more like cheesecake
and no cracks on top.
(calm funky music)
Ugh, it’s so cracked, mother (bleep)!
There’s a lot of swearing in this.
– I think this is the best taste so far.
– Mhmm.
– ‘Cause it’s cracked
we should bake–
– Different temperature.
– Yeah lower temperature.
– Oh this is my favorite shot.
– What’s up?
– You wanna try my cheesecake?
– Are there raisins in this?
– Yeah!
– You zoom in and he’s there like a creep.
– Why?
– You don’t like raisins?
– Cheesecake number four,
I’m determined that this will be the last.
We’re adjusting some
measurements, less batter overall,
we’re also lowering the temperature.
By this point, this was
like the end of the day.
This was like 5:00 p.m and they were like,
“Cool, last one” and then I destroyed it.
It wasn’t browning, so we
turned the temperature back up
and literally within like.
I was literally in the
kitchen and someone was like,
“Somethings burning” and
I was like, “Oh nooo!”
So this is after hours, everyone stayed so
that I could make another
stupid cheesecake.
I think when I started
this batch it was like 5:30
and Adam was like, “If you
wanna stop on the burnt one,
you can” and I was like,
“I can’t, it’s by far
the worst one, we have to keep going.”
Can you imagine if that hadn’t worked.
It looked great.
It jiggles, it’s tall,
it’s got a brown top.
Quick, quick hot, hot quick.
It’s terrible.
Oh, it cuts nice!
(victory music)
I mean compared to the video,
we got the jiggle down,
the light bottom but browned
top down, the no crack,
the brand I didn’t quite get.
It still looks very
different than the store.
– Yeahhh!
(logo whooshing, squeaking)
This was fun ’cause this
was when I was really
first just working on Tasty
as a person on camera cooking.
People were like cheering
me on which was so nice
and so many people wanted the recipe.
I think it’s awesome,
sometimes to this day
people will make the cheesecake
and then tag me on Instagram
and I think it’s really sweet
’cause they watched me fail
five times and were like, “I can do that!”
So, people like seeing
us fail and that’s fine,
I like it too.
I like videos like this ’cause
they make me seem very funny,
even if I’m not that funny.
People are gonna be like,
“Wow, she loves herself”.
I do, and I love Eating Your Feed.
This has been me watching
me on a video about me.
(jazzy music)

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