Nick Cannon Drops Second Eminem Diss


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Nick Cannon is continuing to roll out the Eminem diss tracks, as he dropped the second track in two days, “Pray for Him,” on Tuesday (December 10). The song features Hitman Holla, Conceited and other members of The Black Squad. On the song, Nick raps, “No you debate and hated and viewed in America as a motherf**king drug addict/You’ll never be a legend. Now when you stop and start to stare at who’s in the mirror/Look at all that f**king botox, b*tch I know you embarrassed.” This comes after Nick dropped “The Invitation,” his first diss track aimed at Em, who rehashed their feud by name dropping Mariah Carey on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” track.


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Marshall come out and play Marshall come
out and play yay are you up to speed
Nick Cannon pulling out the cannon on
Eminem on 50 cent going ten toes down I
have to respect it
good evening this is the show that never
ends the star report i’m your gracious
host troy terrain illustrious and
praiseworthy yes come on in Tuesday
back for the get-down last night I just
I did me I just I got some lobster tails
I just I wanted to relax I watched a
decent sci-fi movie called Little Joe
has anyone seen that I enjoyed it it was
kind of slow but um you know whenever i
watch sci-fi films i turn my phone off I
don’t want to be bothered and I believe
just I absorb it and I had a good night
anyway let’s get let’s get down for the
tonight Tuesday good evening my
beautiful troll babies how are you
live-chat working ok I can barely see
just a little bit ok I see you hey I
need some assistance from you guys
tonight so I’m gonna have to look in
there shortly because we have to put
some respect on somebody’s name main the
milkman from behind duh bar we’ll get to
him shortly anyway um ok got myself a
new cigar huh Oh what the hell’s calling
me I’m busy do not call me during my
show look at that huh Wow
may 2nd gets that me turn this for fucks
calling get off my phone do not call me
now ain’t call about no goddamn money
pardon me folks
alright so um a few things going on
tonight I’m in the holiday feeling you
know season’s greeting to all and um I’m
in a great place
I love the holidays
oh when the hell’s my goddamn cigar
cutter shit okay that’s gonna be a
problem um hold on hold on I gotta cut
up this other thing goddamn it okay
we’ll get to this um all right holiday
season enjoying myself and I just want
to go very easy tonight all right all
right Bostick whining sit tight I want
to bring you in shortly I do have some
other topics I want to address what’s
going on with Liz Oh folks why are we
entertaining Liz Oh at Laker games in a
big-ass Thung why are we encouraging
obesity as if it’s you know fun and cute
and did we go through that back during
the movie precious I forget that actress
name I know she’s a she’s a good actress
she’s been in the film would point me
the air at the show Empire but that’s
not being healthy
you know Michelle Obama everybody else
had that whole eat healthy campaign
what’s going on with Liz Oh huh yeah
Gabby Sidibe or haven’t you seen her
last name the hell is going on Liz oh
and and everybody’s encouraging her you
know showing her big her big ass her big
doodoo maker Lord Jesus also if you want
to touch on juice juices world his his
ex-girlfriend she’s now coming forward
and talking about you know percocets
lean daily she’s spilling it all right
we’ll get to that shortly
all right so um let me just mention
before we get this show started here
main de milkman good man I spoke to him
yesterday main to milkman for those of
you you know star in the morning
supporters or if you don’t know I had a
morning show I’ve had many morning shows
but there was one called star in the
morning we had a great time I lost a lot
of money
close to 40 racks but um we had fun I
helped people launch their internet
careers I’m very proud of that
mein de milkman Kevin Terry and a host
of others rich from ruckus radio Anita I
think it is in that live chat someone
let me know there were people that
really supported that machine because I
didn’t make any money most of the
donations that came in in the morning
went to editing a consultant and some
legal fees because we had some legal
issues but main de milkman was one of
the guys who put in a lot of work he
never asked for anything from me and his
channel is poppin now his channel on
YouTube is called behind de bar and I’m
not gonna get into who he’s beefing with
because I’m good with everybody or so I
think and I don’t want to promote
anything that makes it look like I’m
taking a side or Co signing anything but
someone sent me a link and Maine was um
he was kind of you know in his feelings
saying that nobody wanted to interview
him now he puts a lot of respect on my
name he says I’m one of his biggest
influences so I reached out to him and
said hey man you know you can always
come on my show and I thought about why
have I not had him on my show so I’m
gonna get him on the show later on this
week to talk about his channel not to
talk about any beef tension or stuff
like that but um I want to say thank you
to that guy for helping me out um once
upon a time and and and my team mane de
milkman hang on a second am I forgetting
anybody guys in live chat Anita
all did Anita put in so much goddamn
work huh drove up from North Carolina
cleaned up but when we had that I was at
a fundraiser Who am I forgetting you
know a lot of people anyway so uh yeah I
want to pause tonight pause for the
HB 2n hey man salute you because he’s
one of Maine de Milkman’s admins and it
was nice to see him and who else is in
Maine de Milkman’s live-chat helping him
with his platform it’s nice to see that
okay that’s nice that’s nice okay get
back to that all right phone lines
sit tight but tonight’s topic didn’t
start there yet holy shit Nick Cannon
drops second mm dish track what are your
thoughts did you hear it it’s called
pray for him and I liked it I liked well
Charlie Clips is my guy you know this
Charlie Clips is on there hit man holla
conceded and what’s the other guy’s name
who claims Meek Mill stole his style
will Eminem respond or will he try to
look down upon your top-tier battle
rappers who are clapping at him and and
this is the second diss track towards
Eminem in case you don’t know the first
one the first one was okay Suge Knight
was on there I guess he well he did he
called him from the penitentiary he’s
still talking about beating dogshit
beating the dog shit out of somebody you
know just that was okay half ass I don’t
know but um will Eminem respond and I
was brought up to speed on Sunday show
about the fact that well there’s history
here history from way back but most
Nick Cannon was on TI’s podcast and he
was talking about you know the old
tension with Eminem and that’s how this
ignited again
Eminem then does he goes and does a
track with the Fat Joe
in fact Joe’s new album and should we
hold Fat Joe accountable for anything
how do you let Eminem get up on a track
and take shots at Nick Cannon where’s
the loyalty or is or are they not cool I
don’t know
so that’s some of the back end and I’m
sure most of you should know about
Mariah Carey and Eminem from back in
days I don’t go back that far but if we
need to weekend all right phone lines
open give me a second oh when are
Kelly’s ex tour manager is gonna snitch
nigga said he’s going to take the stand
we have to put him in the the snitch
Network Hall of Fame Wow
gonna take the stand holy shit okay
that’s nice
all right other things I will just touch
on tonight before we get the show
rolling here I spoke to the homie Queens
Flip briefly briefly today maybe like
four minutes I was busy he was busy flip
I’m not gonna be able to make it to New
York for the something to do with
Malcolm X some type of debate flip notes
I support him I’m so excited for him
genuinely excited quiet room Queens flip
popping on Instagram and on YouTube and
I’m not gonna be able to make it up to
New York for the the event or the debate
but let me just say in case you have
never heard me say you know probably a
decade ago I said Malcolm X was a snitch
certified snitch I stand on that now
there’s different levels to it so it’s
not like you know people just committing
going and robbing a fucking store
together although they were robbing
heaney lives Muhammad but that’s it’s
not a story um Malcolm X he ran to the
white media and spoke against the
messenger that was some bullshit you’ve
heard me say this before I love what
Malcolm did when he was with the Nation
of Islam for well over a decade but yes
he was a certified snitch anyway I will
not be able to make it to the debate
that they’re gonna have I wish everybody
the best that’s all I can say if right
now right okay sit tight I see you guys
via Cash Shop avio is that uh is that a
new cash app hold on a signatu homie I
hope he’s not taking shots at you know
who again I don’t get into that tonight
Lord Jesus Bush kid good evening sir he
says star sad day in Jersey City today
cop and people killed Fisher report
shows Obama spied okay and wiretaps from
hashtag can’t stop Trump 2020
listen Trump is my guy I’m gonna vote
for him again but if he’s dirty and they
get him to fuck up out of there you know
oh well let’s get somebody else in there
to protect my rights so I can make money
that’s it
the hater give a fuck about him like
that but thank you for your donation
Bush kid and if you’re talking about
Jersey City yeah you know a shootout I
saw some of the videos but I couldn’t
see the actual shooting
you know if there’s links more detail
links please send those to me okay and
we’ll come back to these other super
Chatelier discuss every code three one
eight early good evening three one eight
are you there on a Tuesday yeah all good
hey how you man I’ll just cool it my I
can’t card okay okay I’m a little sloppy
two minutes it’s the holiday season I’m
feeling good you filming sloppy a mouth
called the charming on the bus at all
Eminem and all and he can let’s go yeah
my Nick Walker smoke playing Nick Mon
all of the smoke yeah yeah I don’t say
in the now I’m gonna play he really a
pussy scared to apply to real niggas
like I was listening to Charlemagne
early in the interview okay Eminem I
never run against no real battle rapper
he doesn’t go against like oh people
went in at all theater rapping is she
mmm-hmm but I’d say you will put him on
his knees hit man Hollywood put him on
his knees I don’t know about Charlie
Clips get me how I could put him in them
on his knees mechanic ain’t fuck with a
book give me a holler I’ll put him on
his knee told you sir told you it Oh 26
now with all due respect I’ve never met
Charlemagne nothing against the guy I’ve
never seen Charlemagne at a battle rap
event and I’ve gone to a lot I’m a day
one with battle rap in fact I hosted the
very first URL battle rap event I’ve
never seen this so I don’t know what
he’s talking about
Eminem had bars mmm battled cannabis and
a whole bunch of other people I’m not
talking about you know face to face but
you know on wax cannibal
ja Rule and host of others so I’m taking
nothing away from Eminem but now we have
a second diss track did you hear it it’s
called pray for him yeah I listen to
both of them okay see what it is Nick a
mechanic can’t stand in the field Eminem
he gonna get Charlie Clifton hitman
tried on hit man all the one gonna put
him on his knees I want them and then
I’m gonna step up for it he gonna let it
ride out anything a step up the net you
give do you have the lyrics in front of
you so I’m I’m ready to do a deep dive
tonight on the bars deep dive now I
ain’t got the leaders well I listen to
it early a couple of times ain’t got a
leader number whatever I listen to it
somebody called Eminem a devil and a
time you know that I heard the devil I
want to chime in on but that all hey let
me chime in about their little own big
fail is Oh bitch my okay come on hey I’m
convinced man she a fucking industry
plant man a lot of people been saying
this I bet your industry plant okay you
know what
they put her in the industry on to be
like another car to be before the Fed
bitches she didn’t just a brain the
whole lot the Fed bitching okay okay she
just the industry planner to my did you
see the video of Liz oh and at the
Lakers game shaking that big dudu maker
the big and strong yeah I’ve seen it
I say you know what the big black booty
is my hip excited baby if they beat my
this she wanted Tyson you feel big star
why people love her do they not did you
not yeah hey white people love her like
they used to love Macy Gray she’s
talented I take nothing away from her
she put in some work before she popped
off I think two albums on Atlantic
prior to the recent hits but um you know
she’s a she’s promoting obesity if you
ask me I’ll give a last word though ah
that’s pretty much the all I want to
chime in on about that big okay okay all
right stay in touch man and make sure
you you can’t
Oh beat race he came at Nick Cannon as
well I’m ready tonight you heard me
I beginner yes sir thank you me yeah
yeah Obie Trice holistic let me get my
notes together here huh I’m sipping on
some Jagermeister tonight season’s
greetings talk oh I love that holiday
season anybody who’s the Scrooge get the
fuck from around me this is not the time
this is not the place also um and can
someone call in where was Nick Cannon
was this recently in Atlanta I’m sure
was he was uh holding up his phone on
Instagram had the bottles and in the
earlier part of the show here I was
doing the the old reference from the
film The Warrior’s where the guy said so
um Nick Cannon was doing that – mmm mmm
come out and play let’s go to area code
to one sixth good evening 206 oh yeah
hey good evening are you there hey
what’s up man can turn it down the back
room please turn that down I’m right
here what’s going on with you man I can
destroy that crackin man mm-hmm
let’s go man fuck the algorithm let’s go
come on get reckless in there man I
ain’t forgive em they made a racist song
don’t nobody talk about that no ho right
I’m just ready for this cracker to get
up out of here yeah I ain’t with that
nigga shit that’s what he said right
that nigga shit yeah yeah that’s what he
said and you think they can’t have big
sugar on the song yeah Oh old sugars
over probably wearing on to Peralta PD
shoes he’s out of here about the game I
wanna start were you going for me we
come from
I’m calling from Cleveland okay okay
Cleveland up man up work with you
big-time star man you mark I listen to
you every day don’t think I’m pregnant
white bitch crying in the background
about our lockers whoo laughs I gotta go
okay good talk you man yes sir
okay you say there’s pregnant wipe it’s
in background okay hope you’re pimping
her out area code for one for good
evening for one for Nick Cannon giving
all these niggas that smoke while you’re
falling for how you doing good yeah I’m
actually this question come on get your
hand on my pocket right right listen I
got I got I got I got a Michael mags
I’ve been having it since college and I
swear to God my grandfather hate it
because like he know he grew up in a
time so he knows about you know he’s you
know but I look at it different I look
at it he knows about niggers let’s go
there nigga there’s a difference between
black people and niggers he knows about
niggers right I mean I just I don’t know
cuz he he he grew up during that time
but to me in textbooks Malcolm X is a
legend he’s a leader that’s how we we
saw him as but in his time he’s talking
to talk that you talk but it’s like I
wasn’t there so I couldn’t you know but
I mean it’s three sides to every story
okay suddenly it’s like you’re grooving
again what’s going on you’re grooving
always are you working tonight
always yeah yeah yeah yes I’ll work
first ship now so I got time nine on the
on that third shoot so I can check in
the show as much as I can today I didn’t
I didn’t want to do the other show
because I don’t like you know with the
juice world thing right I just I’m too
emotional for stuff like that but I
appreciate you and you with regards to
some of the other topics you want to
touch on Liz oh or anything else we’re
talking about Nick Nick Nick Nick Cannon
come on baby yeah they can somebody said
he said call Kim somebody get hailey
what he’s talking at talk about this man
that was trolley Clips you talking about
the second gesture no Charlie Clinton so
what that was total eclipse in the new
track the dis one called pre film
Holly clips talking about his daughter
getting reckless yeah I mean I just I
don’t know I don’t I don’t think Eminem
should say anything back but when a lot
of people always like to throw Hailey
and come in there’s the pot but it’s
batter up anybody can get it from 8 to
80 blind crippled and crazy your
everybody can get it banaram otherwise
the question what are you doing migrates
like that why Nikki and M&M got to go
out the door with people just like
loitering those like as much as they’ve
done for the music industry why do they
gotta go out the door with the young
people just just dragging their ass
because hip-hop is this well you guys
say the culture if you ask me hip-hop is
the genre of disposable heroes nobody
wants to go see DMX in Las Vegas nobody
wants to see that Nicki Minaj do a
fucking now what do you call it in Las
Vegas you know 10 years from now no have
you run and then get the fuck out – wait
– my niggas comin through trying to eat
you filming yeah yeah thanks man good to
talk to you baby always always i’ma stay
tuned to the show I’m sayin donation I
got you okay I talk to you
oh yeah she’s a hottie okay give me a
second guys I’ll get two cash app hold
on here what is this okay I like this
new cigar this is kind of tasty I got
some Pellegrino on deck I’m moving slow
tonight season’s greetings
ball B H ALL two one six my name rage
pick up two one six balls nigga okay
thank you sir hold on a second gets in
line okay he said I just spoke to him
okay just spoke to 206 thank you man
bring an area code eight six zero hey
hey what’s up man how you yeah man
season’s greetings I’m enjoying myself
man you know Nick Cannon hold are you
yeah pulled out the cannon did you see
the meme on 50 cent here was that guy
named Steven from my the movie Django
Nick Cannon don’t give a fuck right now
right now but I don’t think you really
want that smoke with him I mean you
doing all that battle rap with Charlie
Clemson and and hitting in Harlem you
know but once you take it to the wax
that’s Eminem’s ring right here I mean
maybe in taste and enough and do the
battle rap thing like the days already
came but when you bring it to the ring
with the whack a whole nother element
okay we’re um he’s just waiting we from
from hyperkinetic
Heyford right right right so now yeah I
know right
so now Nick Cannon has called him out he
wants him to come on down to um what is
it the MTV show and I mean personally I
would like to see M&M go there I mean
unless it’s some real deep-rooted you
know hatred I wanna see the white boy go
down there get it get up off your
fucking our king’s throne going down to
the show and get busy
but you also also they want to do like a
live battle rap thing like not on wack
yeah Nick Nick Cannon has invited him
down to the show man will you Ben
okay all right mom man I just to
introduce you I got the notification so
I just jumped online and you know called
the number and you know I I’m pretty
much familiar with the situation a
little but you know I figured that they
was going to keep it on wax and if they
did I thought and we’re getting that at
going on if this is this other way
I don’t know but Nick Cannon as a rapper
I don’t think you can handle him aren’t
you have you heard both diss tracks yet
dude I’ve heard both these tracks
yeah heaping yeah yeah I’ve heard him
but he can’t hang around Charlie clips
and all the Mother Goose sir have you
really heard the new diss track keep it
what’s it called I don’t know man I’m
skinny man here I’m calling you a pump
fake you man it’s called pray for him
I’m up to speed on all the dumb shit
alright and Obie Trice anybody give me
shit about Obie Trice is a diss track
coming at Nick Cannon hold on a second I
might give a shit Obie Trice no it was
trash if you ask me it’s trash
bullshit Ronnie are you ready to call in
let’s get you on the line so you can
bring me up to speed on some of the
other things where’s my lighter hornacek
nice shit
Ronnie whenever you’re ready Gorillaz Oh
greetings sir it sends in a super chat
Emma’s gonna have another black man
under the black man fight his battles
and put blacks against one another
after cave-dweller I’m riding with Nick
hashtag shook ones okay 4:03 on the
chicken says a shout-out to DJ alias
shoutout to the white boy in Bozeman
Montana that rocked your shit star
nobody Rock my shittin Bose mom are you
talking about okay he’s talking about
the star got bussy
hashtag eight-ball jacket oh you’re
talking about the ball yeah that was
years ago man yeah no I rocked his shit
he he tried me he tried me that’s back
in 1990 man but thank you must be a long
time I listener thank you hate is enough
good evening sir he says M is afraid to
get bodied by a smiling nigga in a
turban this scenario is a lose-lose with
all results being in Knicks favor
hashtag battle rap come up I agree I
agree a concerned citizen sends in a
super chant
DJ blockchain built ruckus radio just
saying okay I’m not familiar with the
actual foundation but yeah blockchain he
and I chopped it up before um there’s so
many people that again just to go back
for a second with regards to star in the
morning that helped that machine good
people and again because I was losing
money I wasn’t like you know I wasn’t
stressing it and ultimately I was losing
too much money and that’s why I took the
show down for those who give you shit
about you know accurate details it had
nothing to do with everyday struggle
everyday struggle was just they reached
out to me and I wasn’t even taking them
serious I thought it was just an
interview but the show hit a flat line
things became redundant what else what
legal issues and and I started I
the a-team their shows individual shows
gave them 40% of super checks that were
coming into their individual shows I was
getting maybe 25% because keep in mind I
had to pay taxes on that money up anyway
the point is um main to milkman rich
from ruckus radio Anita and a host of
others are the ones that really helped
that machine so again I salute main to
milkman and I’m gonna get him on here to
talk about his his platform he’s popping
now not not about his beef and his
tension I don’t wanna get in the middle
of that everybody’s a big boy they can
handle their own issues okay
so the area code five-10 good evening 5
1 0 ru 5 1 o
hello yo yo hey Cleve how are you sir I
was one of the chimed in on that point
you made and how hip-hop is the only
genre of uh you said I forget two
disposable heroes doggy dog both yeah
man I mean yeah I think that’s that’s
really poignant and at the same time I
think it has to do a lot with man you
know just just his cats is not so
preserving themselves man I mean like
you said nobody wants to see DMX inform
live in Vegas but what if DMX was to
self deserved that took care of himself
man and was still coming with their hot
fire from you know from the early 2000
imeem jay-z could perform as a yes you
know who knows that morph excuse my
language he might be actually doing that
20 30 years from their optimal not 30
years but you get what I’m trying to say
it’s the self preservation that a lot of
these hip-hop cats
lack drug use drinking and you know bad
financial decisions and things hip-hop
artists aren’t the only people that that
make bad decisions but you know man it
seems like you know the hip-hop artists
man they got to get back together they
got to get the financer straight they
got to stay off the drugs they got us up
as Earth man I just think that was a
good point stop well stay with me um I’m
not making fun of hip-hop genre or
hip-hop older hip-hop artists because I
don’t like to call them old-school
I really enjoyed when I was doing a hot
97 in power 105 I enjoyed and how far
you go back with me but I enjoyed you
know just letting people just come up to
the station with no fucking appointment
Kool Herc melly-mel
EPMD Craig Mack came up to the station
one time and he had just started his own
label and I said hey man I said come on
I said come on in and just sit down and
Nile Rodgers cameo all these people were
sometimes walking past my show they were
at kiss-fm
now say hey come
I don’t give a fuck about you know we’re
flipmode squad and jay-z just come on in
and talk so I’m not saying I’m not
trying to clown them but sadly the the
corporations have this mentality that
when you’re old school and I wrote about
this in my book the term old school is
very profitable so they do like to
separate the old and the new to get more
money so it’s really a sad reality
stability I agree and I agree a good
Tontine style thank you man take you
there’s so many people I could I could
go down the list here and talk about you
know pioneers and legends and uh icons
again I don’t like the word old-school
but uh to answer I think that was a host
question was that brandy she was talking
about that Ronnie’s at you every code I
guess weighing a line from another call
how are you Ronnie good evening pretty
good in yourself how are you good
grooving off of some Jagermeister
season’s greetings bah humbug yeah yeah
um what do you want to start with Nick
Cannon or do you want to talk about Liz
oh I enter your net olysio supporter
what do you want to go okay
so Nick Cannon I like the song I like
the first one I like the second one I
know a lot of people are saying you know
it’s it’s a little weak and and this and
that but you know Nick Cannon has never
been like the guy you go to for you know
a masterful lyrical breakdown so but I
do appreciate the fact that he is
stepping up because when you look at the
situation Eminem is 47 years old right
and he has continued to take shot after
shot after shot at you know Mariah both
Mariah and Nick and you know even these
shots he took on Fat Joe song it
came out of left field it’s like what
are you doing so I get why Nick Cannon
is responding and I like that he
responded now whether or not Eminem is
going to respond to him I don’t think
that he will hmm so you think he’s gonna
just dismiss Nick Cannon
Charlie Clips hit man holla conceded and
and everybody else and so yeah you you
know just you beneath me well you do
know that Obie Trice respondents in a
cannon and I’m sure that oh yeah Obie
didn’t respond without first you know
speaking with Eminem about it now if
Eminem plans to respond he would have
told Obie relax I I have this but he
didn’t he let him you know you have your
soldier fighting the battle for you and
I know that Nick Cannon you know
recruited the black squad um you know to
sort of join him on the diss tracks but
Obi’s on a song by itself
we haven’t heard one bar from em all we
got is you know we got a couple tweets
from him yeah in response to the tracks
and I thought that was funny that you
know Nick said I see your handlers let
you use the internet today and also did
is really truth to Eminem’s lawyer
reaching out to Nick Cannon over the
line about giving a guy some top in the
back about come on right according to
Nick he says that you know Eminem’s
lawyers have reached out to him behind
the scenes and I think that’s a further
indication that if it’s true that Eminem
has no intentions on responding
whatsoever like how do you involve
attorneys over a diss track yeah you
know I I agree with the the the first
caller to a certain extent I forget what
area he said he was farming sound like
he’s from New Orleans but it’s almost
like Eminem carefully you know picks and
chooses who he will get into it with and
you know it’s like it’s Nick it’s you
know not a
real contender than finish him put him
to bed drop a line respond okay folks
Ronnie likes the first and the second
diss track that Nick Cannon has put out
towards Eminem what say you are you uh
are you up to speed do you feel
differently um hang on line let me go to
a couple of cash apps before we get back
into the conversation I did pick up two
one six hold on a second here thank you
rage okay I spoke to rage full of hate
good evening sir he says a chill down JC
headshot city represent r.i.p okay yeah
I’m not fully fully up to speed right
any anything we should know about with
the the shootout in Jersey City New
should we do that tomorrow well one
thing that I thought is a little weird
about the situation is that they’ve
already said that the civilians that
were killed were killed by the suspects
you know I don’t know how true that is
you know unless they walked in and the
people were already laying dead on the
ground but I find that a little bit hard
to believe why would you kill your
bargaining chip you know those hostages
could have been used as far as
negotiation so it just seems a little
counterproductive that they took
hostages and then killed the hostages
okay folks we’ll probably get to that
tomorrow I’m just I’m not to speak now I
don’t want to mentally massage that
right now is that Lavelle I’m gonna get
to you shortly Lavelle sit tight I see
you on the line there area code seven
five seven cash shop we okay someone
Rick Hayes how are you man are you
standing in the cash shepper a question
I’m sitting here groovin off of some
Jagermeister I don’t slug reading long
emails the hell okay we know hit me he
sent in a cache ever hold on let me go
back Rick Hayes says boss hogg recursing
tonight or no question mark I’ve been
supporting the machine since back when I
had to email Sarah for the freedom okay
alleged free movie link
and I have donated and will continue
thank you sir I want to call him but I
can’t ever figure out the vibes call in
CERN take it slow I fuck with you heavy
that man spends scroller let me know
what number you’re calling in from and
we’ll get right to it okay
area code five one zero good evening
you’re in line five one oh hello five
one zero okay they hung up
bring in every code seven five seven is
this labelled seven five seven hey
what’s up man keep turning down the back
room please
tonight that uh we have only please I’m
a bad yes sir yeah I’m good I’m rooting
for Nick but them two tracks is weak
sauce man you gotta come and them other
than that okay yeah I’ll pull out the
big guns get like stop or do as a real
producer and get a real beat I’m blind
called DJ for me or something like that
and you got you gotta come with energy
he kind of kind of slow flowing over the
track and it ain’t hitting like it’s ooh
okay but now you actually heard the
second track that came out today called
pray for him yeah cats up there with him
I mean you know don’t involve them in a
battle that’s like voicing them jumping
in out I need them to sit out somewhere
between M&M and me Eminem has always
been and I’m touched on something basta
chronic fear what’s around you how are
you I’m doing good at doing good she
made a good point
Eminem is real careful on who he
responds to okay and it’s always for my
R&B or somebody he knows he’s more
popular than okay so that he has the
event okay and and you know I live in
Virginia but also know about filling in
dirty south Georgia okay and one thing
that’s always irritated me is that the
outsiders young Z takes running all them
right there but they put him on and when
he got on he kind of dissed them and
they had a beat but him I don’t smoke
with them when they had beef with him
you know I think they’re cool now but
he didn’t want to smoke with them
because there Liam see even they would
have ripped in the Shred so I don’t know
know the details of why that that
tension evolve but it could have been a
money thing you know hey it’s not the
anything once you smoke could it be the
money yeah living but then he put d12 on
and me they were just trash right
sometimes you have to put the niggaz
from the Block on you know just keep
yeah yeah I mean not me because I don’t
feed feed niggas off the block but you
know some people believe that you have
to bring you niggaz with you dad true
that true that whether I still believe
easier to read back okay so hang on a
second you say the tracks a trash ronnie
any response to search you turn that
down the background please it’s still
feeding backs feeding back please Jesus
Ronnie any thoughts who do we let the
coal just have his say you know maybe we
should get him out of here damn no I
wasn’t you know it wasn’t a prolific
track either one of them but I like the
fact that he stepped up and he responded
okay so you had the last word yes yeah I
want to be in battle though any I need
to come harder okay yeah I’m looking
forward to what comes up in the future
and yeah that’s pretty much all I got to
say thank you for you donation and
salute cake yeah no doubt
that up he’s trapped phone sounds like
shit who hold on a second uh okay Rick
Hayes thank you me are you calling in
Rick shoot me the phone number that
you’re calling in from I got your email
Rick Hayes Elvis the chef Rosenberg
greetings sir
I got your donation much appreciate it
what is it
Gucci Mark’s store have you ever been
offered a show on Sirius XM you know I
don’t like to talk about situations that
did not evolve but I will say that I I
met with people on a few different
occasions over the
and and most recently LL Cool J reached
out to me 2018 I think it was I’m a
businessman so I entertain all calls and
meetings if something doesn’t
necessarily pop off it doesn’t mean that
it was not a good productive meeting
sometimes I circle back you know but
yeah I said I sat down with the
president what was his name fucker
forget his name years ago and they were
asking me if I wanted to do a hip hop
and rock and roll mixture type of show
and that’s when they were doing that
whole uncensored thing and you know I
don’t want to go someplace just because
it’s uncensored and you can curse and
say all sorts of crazy shit I mean
truthfully I like being on on the radio
sometimes and not cursing not
necessarily pushing the envelope you
know but to answer your question I’ve
had some talks over the years all right
Thank You Man for your donation came a
second Ronnie John John blaze on the
check in mo facts places pink tassels
what it says his aerosols hashtag hey
honey I’m eating that exactly how he
sent mo fax places pink tassels his era
how do you say this Ronny ar e o LA s
areolas have you always what is it it’s
all part of the brush blaze so Luke John
blaze are you calling in sir hey Helen
and I sent a tweet to left handed a tax
point me at X I’m grooving off the
goddamn ax jägermeister uh hey um okay
they said don’t say my name I’m on 85
okay hold on a second we got got a
secret caller hold on a second a five-o
you there good evening a five oh hey hey
what’s that man you said don’t say your
name or what’s going on no I didn’t mean
a mistake I don’t mean to say that I’ll
say my name Thomas me fella asked me
Florida how are you sure
good evening jumping on the line I’m all
right I’m right I just want to Ghana you
know I listen and I listen to the last
show where everybody’s home under cannon
in the mmm beef or what of that lack
thereof I guess okay but the absolute
amount of this respect that is being
flagrantly thrown around in your show
about Eminem it’s absolutely
unacceptable so I feel like I had to get
on here and try to coach a little bit
more people about what aspect what
Eminem has done come on because niggas
only know about the issues of like you
know was Britney Spears Christina
Aguilera back in the early 2000s when
those groups were hot and that was a
stick to kind of get on amber now say
what was it what CD was that was that
like um was a book one M&M CDs arm the
relapse I think it was one of them where
he said he was going to go at Kanye and
little Wayne and he had to apologize for
okay because he had a day he had a diss
track already written up to go at them
he’s not afraid to go at people and are
are just soft ass people that
motherfucker’s feel like oh my bad
tonight whatever mom
people feel as that you know he’s afraid
to go out real black rappers and things
like that
I wasn’t gonna do to Nick Cannon
districts trash in the words of star
trash okay
listen this is and people like Obie
Trice to find I’m like because I’m and I
was like what is this he’s probably
listening to the discharge laughing
because none of them are able to get on
his level when it comes to lyrical
content period son period and it’s
disrespectful and disingenuous that
people are out here acting like oh my
god we want Eminem responded responded
either they wanted them to respond so he
can outright annihilate him or they’re
hoping and some type of wet dream that
Nick Cannon and some you know your
rainbow reality will be able to out rap
Eminem okay I don’t care if it is a
setup and he’s on his own home court
advantage okay
if I can jump in respectfully your on
the line right now with right with
Ronnie a former huge Eminem fan and I
used to really roll a beautiful okay and
I used to really ride with Eminem I I
did a video on Vlad TV back in the days
begging the eminem up calling him the
James Bond of hip hop so I’m not
clowning the guy just to clown him but
but I mean here we it’s a different day
in time we have social media so just
like you have the artists that are using
our bundles to accumulate sales and
things and so on and so forth now we
have social media to call people out to
clown them and to get at them did you
see Nick Cannon holding up the bottle
saying Marshall come out and play in
Atlanta oh absolutely absolutely okay I
find it comical but who the fuck is
Eminem to say now you’re not on my level
Nick Hannon has a hole because a whole
goddamn army behind him and we want to
see we will see hang on hang on we want
to see Eminem battle until he can’t
battle no more just like we want to see
Floyd Mayweather fight until he gets his
shit robbed the last word go ahead okay
that’s like gucci mane calling out jay-z
or not to have a battle jay-z and Nas
are not going to respond to that be
that’s why Eminem didn’t respond to go
better the time so so I mean I’m just
saying like for example people just was
vague to Eminem and Jarobi because they
probably won’t allow us to even be a
part of it okay okay
ja Rule was at the top of his game at
that time he was killing it there was
nobody bigger than Murder Inc in them at
the time but that’s why the 15 double
beef was so deep and Benzino you know I
mean I always thought busy was trash but
at the end of the day you know that’s my
homie take it easy I mean I’m not gonna
sit back and say that he can’t rap at
all you
but people want to act like they don’t
kow you know amber says they able to
feel the music that they put out now now
hang on a second let me ask you another
question since you’ve got energy I like
that okay okay you got energy okay Nick
Cannon just clown this shit out of 50
cent up on was Instagram or Twitter
Ronnie can you correct me he put up a
picture of Steven from the movie Django
Samuel Jackson when he was actually act
like the old the old bootlicking Coon
and I loved it I loved it so now do you
think does 50 have any bars what about
50 go down there to fucking uh to the
show and get busy I would love to see
that because I feel like 50 will give
him that work but you see how the
audience ain’t talking about Nick Cannon
fight 50 because 50 of my putting them
hands on you know what like so why are
we talking about fighting we’re talking
about battling what this fighting come
from I’m sorry I said you want to see
them public last show you want to see
them bomb well that’s that’s Ronnie but
you and I are talking about battling so
you’re saying 50 cocaine you saying 50
can go down to Nick Cannon showing and
get busy owns on some bars against home
I mean listen can we all agree that 50
Cent’s first album was probably so we
talked about 2019 50 cent could go on
wiling out and give some smoked to
Charley clips hitman hollow I can see
that what are you saying are you
forgetting where 50 cent came from like
I mean this battle asses for years
before even got in the game okay and 50
cent takes it seriously
this nigga smoking Sherm stick pay
attention I used to come right but you
know when it comes to battling that’s
really supposed to be off the dome right
now something that okay but when you
have time to sit down and prepare an
album it’s probably going to be better
than what you come up with just randomly
on the fly right now let’s look at 15
last few projects
what happened Williams a flop they did
yes we nothing but why why because if
the reason that 50-50 said is not
hitting right now
same thing Eminem Eminem got I agree
with you Ronnie kamikaze was trash all
right I love them in them trash okay
hits that album with walk on water I
mean he trash with garbage and the thing
about it is it’s like the exact corner
is not going to resonate in today’s
culture because the people that like
today’s culture vibe with people like
little fuzzy vert and things like that
it’s not for them see the problem is
he’s old-school rabbit so if you want to
call him that US making music the way
they feel like they’re their fans one is
here but the new fans that are buying
the records and buy an album and trying
to hear that so I mean of course they’re
not going to be able to evolve today so
I look what they listen to I mean it I
mean I’m not I’m not so she ate on these
of newer rappers anything like that
because people like what they like but
when it comes to like no rhythm and told
you when it comes to really taking this
craft seriously that seems to have been
lost in this generation
Nick Cannon right now is just having a
good time and having fun they can’t
really they can’t watch the smoke for
pop four four four four cloud and
there’s nothing wrong with that
remember nothing did no that’s not it
but remember star remember a couple
years ago what was Rick was doing Rick
what was doing everything he could to
make em and him come to him y’all
remember that yeah well Rick was going
to smoke but in it was all about clout
Jason okay every nobody takes in the
cannon seriously you guys elaborate
nobody ever had I’m gonna cut you short
I appreciate the donation and I thank
you for calling problem I appreciate you
man Thank You Ronnie hold on running
stay right here hold on a second respect
on main the milk man’s name behind
behind dub are not the bar da-duh bar
and again folks I don’t get the middle
of anybody’s tension beef drama mmm
shampoos my guy Lansky’s still my guy
don’t get it fucked up Lance he’s my guy
Queens flip and I spoke briefly today
about some other business and they’re
all big boys
so I’m not gonna get in the middle of
that but maimed a milkman and a host of
others helped promote star in the
morning they asked for nothing and it is
my honor to to acknowledge him rich from
ruckus radio and other people that have
YouTube channels now that are popping or
or trying to come up and rich from
ruckus radio he finally found his groove
he’s doing some great a content with
regards to the Mafia and stuff like that
so I keep my door open to anybody who’s
respectful to me they can always come
back if you start talking reckless
hey you’re on your own I wish all the
best but um he’s always showing me
respect man the milkman the me looking
live chat a second guys who else am I
forgetting that did a whole lot of
promotion for star in the morning who
was that that used to make some of the
memes me a second guys
now’s my cigarette who made some of
those means and I mentioned Anita huh
remember Anita
it was my idea for that something about
a chinchilla help shampoo get a
chinchilla coat and I need to put that
in motion okay
somebody said Angela Yee school boy
school boy hump was him it on his name
Bronx Pacino huh day one Bronx Pacino
and of course you heard me mentioned DJ
Elias and I started store in the morning
in Scranton PA yeah conditional what
happened the conditioner all the memes
that that the conditioner made hang on a
second Ronnie what have to give that
other guy oh man what’s his name from
the UK he flipped on me the guy from the
UK what was his name was it super mo Ali
of course Craig yes super mo are super
Molly did a lot of promotion all of a
sudden he starts hating my guts I’m like
what the fuck anyway so yeah I just want
to mention that with regards to main des
get him on these shows he can promote
his platform good man he is uh hang on a
second let me go to Cash at blitz 19
says star what brand headset are you
wearing these are Sony sir I like these
I had a nice pair of uh what was those
headphones at 50 cent had I forget and
you couldn’t hear shit it was like
titling your goddamn head I I gave those
away but Thank You Matthew donation okay
Ronny we’re not gonna talk about uh Cuba
Gooding jr. but there’s a total now of
22 women that have accused him of sexual
misconduct yes
Cooper go Dean you sent me the email
earlier right Cuba yeah run Cuba get out
of here
run girl 22 women 22 yeah so I think it
was today
it’s either today or yesterday that Bill
Cosby’s appeal has been was denied and I
think that Cuba is getting ready to
follow and build footsteps you know even
if even if you want to say some of the
women are lying not all of them are
telling that the truth you know where
there’s smoke there’s fire 22 different
women and then we we have the footage
already of you trying to accost some
woman at a bar so you know crazy if it’s
over for him yes Betty we’ll probably
get to that tomorrow John blaze on the
check-in via Kashyap he says mo fax is
in Mexico for a Brazilian butt lift okay
six one nine sit tight I’ll bring it on
the call in a minute six one nine blitz
19 says well Lord Jamar get on a diss
track with Mickey with Nick Cannon next
that’s a good idea
hey that would be nice if Lord Jamar got
on it I think Nick Anna’s gonna do like
three or four of
I’m or just songs what do you think
Ronnie I hope he does maybe he can get
you know he can recruit all of Eminem’s
frenemies you know maybe even get JA
ruling on this since 50 wants to get
into it you know right right you heard
the Obito let’s get fifties arch-nemesis
going you heard the Obie Trice track
just right no I didn’t even click on it
I have zero interest in anything over
trace has to say I want to hear from
Eminem Eminem get in the studio don’t
you probably got a studio in his house
you know why are you tweeting responses
I’m sure and if folks if you did not
hear mmm on Fat Joe’s track that’s where
this started but it was really because
Nick Cannon went on
TI’s podcast yes that that’s what
sparked Eminem to then go make the track
with Fat Joe I remember correctly well
we can only assume that that’s what
sparked it but that’s you know that’s
old news he’s at that podcast you know
that’s not all that recent you know if
you’re that bothered by what he said and
he was just addressing the past
incidents that happened but the thing is
Eminem has been going at Mariah for you
know almost two decades now it’s like
when is this going to end
in 2009 he had a song called bags
bagpipes from Baghdad and let me give
you this lyric yes he says
Mariah Mariah what ever happened to us
why did we have to break up
Nick Cannon better back the F up I’m not
playing I want her back you punk
so I mean to me this looks like somebody
who just can’t let go it’s almost like
mariah is the one that that got away
does Mariah have the fire coochie
maybe that’s the question because Nick
Cannon got her name tattooed on his back
maybe the couch is fire that’s true and
also he did say that he would never get
married again unless it were to Mariah
so maybe she does : sick
money or is that left-hander on the line
obtain peace yes sir your phone sounds a
little muffled can you make some
adjustments good to hear from you man
walking come on in a second that’s the
homie left hand it on the check-in we’re
gonna talk some sports everybody sit
oh you’re their left hand it did its
call I think here’s call drop that holy
alright left hand I’m gonna look for you
in the queue in a second your call
dropped out where is area code six one
nine somebody else sent in a donation
six one nine good evening is that you
hey what’s up star hey P P okay wait now
is it that the one spelled MA and AG is
at you um I put a put all cash up T but
uh I don’t know what’s copy number one
your screen okay what’s going man Hawaii
let’s get to it
M&M oh yeah
I think everything what happened is he
part of relapse hidden in line and Mike
Moore I carried flashing his mind and
that’s when he decided to you know go
and he came because if he if you look at
running say during 2009 he really uh was
like in his filling when he did that
this track okay um I’ve been against
Mariah I’m right Kerry but I don’t think
Emily really wants to smoke because they
can’t he he he has he has nothing behind
his around him right now right right
he just took al from MGK right now Nick
Nick Kennedy is saying that we’re not
we’re not about to stop until you
respond to the family
so I’m thinking people can call it whack
or whatever they want to call it okay
next call he’s gonna keep responding in
an Eminem don’t
right back that’s another elf for him
and if you’re looking at the new
generation I think so I mean they’re not
really look like that right yeah yeah so
now hang I want to make sure I picked up
the picked up the right call you’ve got
your name on the cash app is spelled ma
na GE is that you or someone else no
that’s me okay yeah no that’s my old
name I’m Nana yeah okay mommy
yeah I show preference to the cash and
super check that you know I don’t know
what was talking to okay so um any other
thoughts with regards to Obie Trice D
and I give a shit no I really don’t give
a damn about that you know I really want
to hear what Eminem has to say because
you know he his along came out Nick to
be honest listen to the track he came on
and then now huh I did I did yeah I mean
cuz dick I mean Nick is putting the old
punchlines you know funny calling in I
mean who names daughter hand me and I
say your phone sounds crazy but I thank
you for your donation man thank you
phone’s messing up all right all right
thanks man hold on Ronnie and I think
left hands are you back in line so left
handed 347 be lost you hey man so we’re
gonna block me yeah we want to start
because I was baffled by the New York
Knicks I didn’t mean to like you know
throw your name out there but I saw like
you know two games back to back by 35
and then a possible female head coach
where we going do you want to start
there what listen man this is you know
it’s this puppet of course is what you
know what you expected there you know
nobody expected the next to go from 17
women to 247 wins you know the main arm
that the the thing with Becky would
thing with Becky Hammon you know
I look at that as a move of desperation
you know what I mean like everybody
talks about distractions so if the
Knicks want to do that with Becky Hamm
and that would be the biggest
distraction ever but I don’t think she
should do that because that’ll put a lot
of pressure on her well to my knowledge
she said she’s interested she made that
no leader the New York Knicks head
coaching jobs like a revolving door and
what’s going to happen when they lose 17
or 18 in a row again then she go get
fired do not I mean I really look at
that and so that’s not a reality that
was just talk that’s not yeah I think
that’s justice justice talk this is your
father conversation people like to have
noted and them say but as far as you
know the 17 you know 18 in a row towers
until earlier this year and then I mean
um starting early January the nd
actually ended on Valentine’s Day I lost
18 games in a row okay I mean you know
that’s par for the course but that’s my
squad man a loser tonight against the
Portland Trail Blazers they play they’re
playing Carmelo in it I mean those back
in the house get out and they are in
Portland so yeah they know they do
anything called mama’s got you know
Cardinals got four points or whatever
but yeah man at the end of the day man
just got to wait it out and as a NIC fit
and I am a mid said I’m gonna wait it
out I’m not nothing but patience for my
so you know people can laugh and you
know switch teams and do all that but
that tells you everything you know but
need to know about them
no I mean so it is what it is so um I
wanted to chime in a little bit on this
arm the M&M then they cannon thing just
a little bit shallots a no-knock or a do
man mom you know I think that you know a
lot of people you know have their
opinions and again you know it’s these
new cats the wet behind the air cats I
really think that they know it all
because they read some things on Google
and now I think that they’re hip-hop
expert um watch how the guard talks on
the phone man I ain’t got a curse
none of me I know how to conduct myself
okay so listen check it out when when
you when you talk about hip-hop to these
new cats you counti like that was stoop
to their level because nobody knows none
of these cats was in the fever capsules
in Harlem world now these capsules in
the tunnel Latin quarters units squared
so it’s a whole new day to dip their you
know that
tensions fantasies but ya know so again
at the end of the day man it’s like okay
another battles come up but nobody’s
really not saying anything
nobody’s saying anything you know this
guy got you know all these people to get
on the track with him
how could you couldn’t do that yourself
you got a whole show that cheer on that
you that you rhyme on going at people
you know I mean on some one-on-one thing
so now you got to get you know your
man’s in them that really didn’t really
care it up like I thought they would so
now y’all wasted studio time God wasted
all of that doing me to go in and say
some lackluster stuff now the cross the
earlier caller was like yeah Emilie’s t
no doubt the outsiders and all that
eminem got battle experience i’m not
trying to say you’re going win and none
of that because really to me it’s
irrelevant it’s just somebody telling
you don’t put they keep their name up
before the 2019 goes out okay something
to talk about
okay you know the main like these cats
are really not important it’s not a
major my god it’s not major I’m walking
second if I can jump in left hand I hear
what you’re saying I hear what you’re
saying but at the same time we we have
social media now and we have the right
the newer generation that can create the
illusion that right that I’m here I’m
ready to get it end and Eminem he is
about a rapper I take nothing from him
that used to be my guy but you know he’s
older now he’s older now and he thought
that that was some suckers shit coming
at Nick Hannah and on on Fat Joe’s track
that was sucker shit what do you think
yeah I think that was kind of like if
you wanted to handle that you could have
hand with that you know another way no
this is like you said earlier a man that
but that was joe in the mix no enemy
ain’t right so I think you know people
that have a conversation now about if
you jump on the track with me
are you cosign and you know the
disrespect or whatever the case may be
or whatever you want disrespect somebody
or you got a problem with somebody put
that on your own track put that on your
own music I want to have nothing to do
with that because if I’m cool with you
and somebody else is trying to play you
out on you I don’t wanna I don’t want
anything to do with that cuz I don’t
have no problem with you yeah I think
that’s what I need to make clear that I
didn’t like the founder that Fat Joe
Nick Cannon I’m sorry I allowed mm to
get up on the track and take shots at
Nicky I didn’t like that I don’t like
that yeah I mean you know and Joe and to
me and I’m a serious man shout to the
terrace cross out to my mayor honor get
it on listen factual Fat Joe should know
better than that minute yeah Fat Joe
should know better than that you know
being real talk man so so again and
again like you said it influences the
babies and the babies the attention
spans but you ain’t long so they’ve all
hop or whatever they think is hot
whatever the whatever the have the
momentum whatever has the momentum they
gonna hop on it and then they gonna feel
like they you know they ride it with a
winner cause everybody wants to be a
winner nobody wants to be a loser in
today’s society right none of mean so
again now they can’t have to drop two
tracks now I heard both of them and I’m
not really like oh my god I’m not
jumping out the window like these
weirdos you can tell these widows they
never heard no real dis shit they never
really heard it like that the window
follow everything a bunch of brainwashed
followers and I’m not madam you do what
you do that’s what today’s society a
funny moved shot to wear ski I talked to
him the other day yeah good guy good guy
hang on a second before I let you go man
before let you go um there’s talks is
this rumor that Kevin Love wants to go
to the Portland Trailblazers yes he’s
from out there he’s from out in that
area so again man I think that would be
the best thing for him and probably the
best thing for the Cavs to the kind of
like cut that cord you know what I mean
so again you know he feels like he can
still contribute but again you know
you’d never go get the Kevin Love that
was in Minnesota but I’ll get where you
train them to so do you think that would
be a good matchup Kevin Love and Carmelo
I think that um Kevin law could add some
perk or prejudice for the for the
Portland Trailblazers and definitely
some scoring so it would be it would
definitely be an improvement you know I
mean and I think no I’m not really you
know concerned about the Carmelo thing
because he’s kind of really cooled off
since you know he had to those couple of
games we did his numbers everybody was
jumping out the window
prisoners at a moment you not I mean so
again Kevin Love would add some scoring
he would ask a presence in the front
court for for the Portland Trailblazers
if he made that move any probably would
be happier because he’s closer to home
right okay
hey man I appreciate you calling it
anything else you want
you know promote about what you’re doing
or sports anything that uh you know yeah
you know I’m all over the place man I’m
doing my thing
I’m set out to rock this monster they
just left all to go overseas and then
Bernadette price to do a tribute to Sean
price tour me and I’m doing some sports
day he wants to do this sports thing but
I want to shout out to mark my crew man
no-knock lost radio man Harbourfront 125
rock the bass Robbie thanks world Triple
Aim is showing the price on concern and
Baltimore Jay man I want to shut up to
you man for doing anything holding me
down salute and yeah man up the morning
show is popping popping man well this
again man I don’t feel the need to go
back and clear anything but you know
main the milkman and a bunch of other
people put in a lot of work and I’m
gonna help you as much as I can without
getting in the middle of their tension
but thank you for calling it man okay
boss it Ronnie hold on a second let me
just um go to some of these super chats
and Michael foster I see you sir sit
snake Holly good evening I got you a
super jet star this is snake Holly the
homie that’s suing Dave East you plug me
into goo yesterday and he was very
helpful this donation is a thank you
piece Thank You snake Holly
yeah and folks in case you missed the
show the other day goo is an associate
of mine very very knowledgeable guy with
regards to publishing money that you may
not know that you have by way of
mechanical residuals and things like
that so you can shoot me an email and I
will forward your information to goo
okay full blast radio good evening sir I
see you’re super Chet the Knicks suck
just like uh-oh Mariah’s face in
Eminem’s lap okay Nick is a good dude
but his raps are fucking corny get
300,000 dislikes on his video fuck out
of here
mmm 300,000 dislikes did you know about
that Ronnie no I didn’t know that but
you know as far as they can it I’m
mm and the reference that he just made
to Mariah she has always maintained that
nothing really happened with them they
just hung out a few times he of course
you know has even gone as far as to say
that they had a certain kind of in
course intercourse so I think he’s
really bitter about the fact that she’s
always denied him and sort of you know
downplayed him as sort of like an
obsessed lunatic he’s probably on that
Irv Gotti she you know he was down on
his knees hi awesome II eating the
groceries big Ock gleaming sir thank you
for your super chat Obie Trice question
mark when did that nigga get out
question mark lol did he snitched
question mark goofball Oh shot an 18
year old in the nuts
protecting his mom’s Wow I know nothing
about that how about you Ronnie Obie
Trice he go to jail for a shooting
somebody yeah it was a domestic violence
situation at his house um and he was
arrested for I think felony gun
possession and assault one person was
wounded at the home but I mean that’s
another thing you’re facing a trial
right now and you’re worried about
taping for Eminem nigga shit vacuum man
thank you for your donation ain’t
nothing wrong smoking a little crack
with strippers Joe Biden’s son where you
going man all right big Ock says em is
overrated as fuck this is just some
white boy hope who can rap good that’s
it but what happened to the okay the
Facebook group why is it archived
question mark listen I’ve got some great
people and have helped me with that
Facebook group over the years deeds miss
Toya and we put it on archive because
we’re doing some other things right now
but we’ll get back to the group I
appreciate your your support all right
South Dallas on the check-in says Boss
Hogg what’s up with these goddamn stay
I can understand these white boys
feeling like Marshall was their hero but
these niggas caping to goddamn and
they’ve got bars let’s not clown him
like he doesn’t have bars or had bars
you know thank you for your donation hey
there’s enough good evening if M wants
to be relevant in music again he may
have to what suck it up and stick his
white face and Liz owes big black
do to make her at the NFC halftime show
okay thank you did we talk about Liz Oh
Ronnie I forgetting
you’re not a fan of hers any thoughts on
her wearing that thong at the Lakers
game or no yeah and I think it’s clear
to point out the fact that you know the
controversy was with Liz oh you know
this isn’t about wait it’s about
indecent exposure and just pure smut Liz
oh you know no one wants to see that 60
inch flat screen that you bent over to
show us at the ball game except maybe
the people who have that specific fetish
but other than that you know we all
would like for her to put the flatscreen
away you lead with your music if it’s if
it’s legit you won’t need to moon us on
an NBA Jumbotron okay gorillas Oh grimmy
sir he sends in a super chat Nick Nick
Cannon should get Gucci on a diss track
against Eminem and 50 cuz Gucci don’t
fuck with that white boy okay okay
against em in 50 gotcha okay Kenny
good evening Kenny says I’m trying to
call in cuz these niggas got em fucked
up okay what number you’re calling in
from Kenny can you shoot me an email so
I can make sure I get you a call hold on
Ronnie let me get Michael Foster on the
line area code six one seven where are
you Michael
give me a second 6 1 7 where are you sir
6 1 7 Michael Foster was at you area
code 6 1 7
I might mic from Boston I like that okay
my from boss how are you help out man
the milkman on his channel yes oh yeah
thank thank you man listen again I don’t
get a middle of nobody’s tension
nobody’s beat but it was a good thing to
see some of you guys from my platform
helping someone else I appreciate that
but what’s going on man next good
looking at the two tracks that came out
I liked them personally I thought I
thought they they hit pretty hard the
only issue I really have with them
instead but Nick Cannon’s versus I
wasn’t really feeling too much I think
the you know the other guys really kind
of carried the songs and you know Nick
Cannon it would it would be it would be
hard for Mick on his own to come back
against Eminem cuz mm spit some hard
bars in that fat killer song I don’t
know I heard so did you catch that I got
no problem with with the way Eminem
spits I just think that it’s it’s dated
man in terms of going after Mariah I
just like come on what are you doing
it’s old shit you know the way the way
he put it together though with the
double entendre everything it was hard I
mean I have to give I respect I respect
it but again it’s like you’re bringing
up old shit sometimes we have to just
move on I mean we’re going into 2020 I
didn’t even get to the fucking second
topic is it important to leave bad
energy behind I mean but yeah sometimes
you just have to leave shit ins hair you
know I’m done with that but go ahead
yeah no no I mean if we’re gonna talk
about that situation yeah I mean I think
it’s crazy for him to be on to be 47
years old and be bringing up a woman who
he never even slept with you know I mean
it’s it’s it’s crazy I did well in his
oh I think he was lapping it up and
jerking his tool and high on that shit
I’ve been there
well you remember when he said that he
did he had some kind you know premature
something and that was all that
happening in the well the ring it he
said he said a lot of different things
in Jimmy crack corn he claims they had
anal sex so I mean he’s all over the
place and then in interviews he always
seems to sort of walk it back yeah he’s
on that Irv Gotti shit but going back
into so and in the next verse he was
actually the one who called out Kim and
Haley and the first track the invitation
he said something like he’s bored lives
you said call him somebody get Haley and
you on the other Katie raisin and that
ain’t even your baby so yeah that wasn’t
it can and that wasn’t hit man hollering
Charlie Charlie clips but you know it
just going through both songs you know
in you know you know they put Suge
Knight on and everything I just feel
like he should have come back and and
made his own song instead of including
these battle rappers I just don’t see
what they really had to do with it other
than being his you know being on his
shows are being you know being on the
show without show I just thought that
was old you know he could have done
better I think with that well listen
Mike I mean I appreciate your Europe
your knowledge in this particular area
but um I personally want to see mm
either battle Nick Cannon or or at least
come down to a to the wild and out show
so they can squash this and move on you
know neither one of them wants to
fucking shoot the fades my knowledge is
what say you well I actually agree with
something Ronnie said a couple of shows
ago I want to fight really okay I mean
you still just put put the gloves on or
I mean I don’t know I’m a I know I I do
I think they need to be some kind of
resolution where
he can’t wear mmm can’t hide and not
make a response where there has to be
some kind of because he’s never put
himself out there the way to Cassie did
you know he took a doubt I mean I may
not think he lost but he did you know
and then we did everything he’s scared
to put himself on that they should
really take possibly take a nail I think
you know but but anyways yeah that’s
pretty much it and one more thing I have
to apologize at the taping Elle I made a
terrible fight prediction last time I
called in to this Louise right come on I
told that L it was awful I mean what did
you say I forget what you say around
boom so I put that out badly okay hang
on a second do you think that Joshua is
gonna fight Ruiz for a third time or
will he go fight
Dante Wilder I think he will do whatever
it takes to not fight Deontay Wilder I
think that we will not see that fight
potentially ever but if we do see it it
will be with it will be two years from
now because he’ll he’ll fight
mandatories he knows that he can’t
there’s no way that he could have a
chance against Wilder because what he
did in the fight against Ruiz you know
he fought he fought scared he won the
fight you know but he was out boxing a
much shorter fat guy you know if he gets
in there with a Wilder while there you
know you’re not going to last more than
it you know you know that that right
hand of Wilders is probably the hardest
we’ve ever seen and in the sport I think
in it he’s got a good right but I would
say Tyson’s right is harder than what I
I can’t I can’t give Walter that I’m
sorry I don’t know man that that right
hand I don’t know if you saw the Luis
Ortiz the last fight I saw it but again
I just I and and I hated on Tyson back
in the days don’t get it fucked up when
bug does when Buster Douglas
rocked Mike Tyson shit I wanted a coke
binge for about four days
I was the truth but listen Michael it
you go man thank you thank you all right
thank you yeah let’s not get it fucked
up about Tyson man slow that shit down
Deontay Wilder Hey Latif thank you for
your cash app Latif thank you so much oh
I’m so you know what guys
a burn a burn a will every day helped is
what I’m talking about people on the
outskirts of scar in the morning I Bonet
there’s a lot of work I’m forgetting
names I know I am but um someone just
sent me an email and said don’t forget
Evan and of course there were other
people that were on the shows but I’m
talking about people that were not
necessarily on the microphones that did
a lot of promotion and marketing memes
video work those are the people that you
know were if you ask me just as
important with regards to star in the
morning as the people on the mics you
know thank you uh – the guy who just
reminded me of that hold on a second
money uh gorillas Oh sends in a super
chat I read that one pardon me concerned
citizen no disrespect star just okay so
you’re talking reckless about ruckus
radio I’m not doing that rich is a good
man he spent money with my machine and
he came out to the arm wrestling events
came with us – Oh big Spanish fuck let
me get a pen to write some of this down
guys I’m doing too much he’s big Spanish
around anybody that live chat how in the
hell I should have wrote what a list
before I even gotten a microphone yeah
big Spanish he organized the whole um
arm wrestling event bought the goddamn
table but thank you for your donation
concerned citizen South Dallas I see you
again star both of Nick Cannon’s dis
songs were dope these callers drunk off
of white boy mmm just like the industry
is we have always given way man
a pass fuck’em okay 400 300 check-in
says salut – brandy always going off
that juice world special okay Herman
Houston would make a real a real slow
couple big Ock good evening sir I see
you’re super chat did everybody hear the
same songs I heard shit was trash get
all them niggas the fuck out of here
I should sue them niggas for wasting my
time ffs Eminem – okay thank you man ok
I read these him–that’s will make sure
give me a second we go back how do I say
this name I’m just gonna say Moses good
evening sir Moses is on every coach 6
for 6 were you sir hey Ronnie
Moses is that you area code 646 hello
hello hey Moses they fired on is that
Moses Yes No maybe
hello hello hello hello are you Moses
yes no maybe yes yes I yes I yes I am
how you doing man how are you in today
yes so what’s poppin let’s get right to
I’m kidding okay
you know me TL school with make a name
like Nick and oh she deserves down like
those food truck sure does terrible man
a judge like like like for one okay if
Nick is going to get his whole crew to
jump on a strong way home that’s cool
okay well you had cool and yeah I don’t
at the same time again like what about
you going what about you going to song
by yourself to talk to and like you like
like let’s see your skills you know and
all that invite em to while I know
that’s not going to happen right like we
all know that you’re okay you know
that’s why I yeah even McKenna kami
battle eminent I don’t really um like
mutual venue for both of them so I’m
like why you call him well he’s no gonna
come to LA I know that’s what his shame
so I was like what’s the use will start
like this
goes they do anything for cloud right
yeah yeah yeah that’s true yeah that’s
true but honestly you know you know for
me I think they know like we make from
calling out his daughter again like you
know a nick now you’re pushing a little
bit like come along like if you want to
go ahead and you go ahead with any
single to his drugs and habits is his
real thing one man his mom like they
gonna the daughter that’s that that’s
what so like we get points off for that
you can I get mg k then see no joke on a
guy like come on right you know how old
is Eminem’s daughter I have no idea I
saw some pictures of her she of age I
believe this point I’ll check she’s of
age everybody can get it we talking
battle rap come on man please don’t
start taping for the white boy because
somebody mentioned it’s not a man huh
you are around all these other leagues
over the years we see people talking
about hang on running up in the house
even though Tucci said we’ll run up in
your house and shoot your mom’s come on
okay for white boy come on man
but this bin don’t like don’t is it on
to the extent like he’s like you can
come at somebody to be one of the
greatest female battle rappers
she said she says crazy shit kids aren’t
exempt in battle rap okay battle rap
okay so so make out the pill what’s
coming to him true you know that will be
tries to track I heard today it wasn’t
the best but like it like your fuck this
heat this on mixed kids like you know
it’s only sort of like no like em was
your mom’s oh we go actually kids white
am scum tastes like something like that
that kind of that kind of sense so I’m
like okay so it’s not gonna play like
that then how old you saying where you
calling from which state oh now New York
okay I appreciate the donation is sorry
for the late to pick up all right I
appreciate you no problem man I’m gonna
hold on a second you know
best ever rep report Connecticut aka
she said something one time about I’ll
stab the baby in the soft spot you know
the soft spot on their head oh yes
there’s no rules in battle rapping
nothing is you know below the belt I
mean we had this whole conversation with
the whole battle between Drake and Pusha
T and you know people were saying oh he
shouldn’t have said that about Eminem’s
friend like you know the rap is rated R
it’s it’s not pg-13 Q be used to say
some shit about that while the kids are
playing PlayStation shoot that little
nigga in the face John blaze on the
checking greeting so he sent to the
Kashyap he says mo facts wears pink yoga
pants during choir practice blaze on the
jacket thank you sir
wouldn’t you get on the heli how old is
she did you find out his daughter no
yeah it looks like Haley is 19 Jesus no
no Haley at 24 at this point okay you
may be young but you ready ready for
love Keith Sweat classic be fair game up
on the gram hang on a sec Gucci Marx
thank you for your donation Gucci Marx
okay left handed checked in okay I got
to that one hold on Ronnie Gucci Marx
again okay so I don’t want to talk
reckless about people that are not on
the microphones here tonight you feel me
um I appreciate the donation man but you
know I just I don’t do that you know I
can support everybody I can support main
to milkman I can support Lansky I can
support Queens flip and I
support shampoo yeah I’m not bringing
main to milkman on to talk about
anything other than his platform you
know but thank you man I appreciate your
donation full of hate on the check and
he says kuba gooding think Bali dude or
think Kells big house right yeah get the
fuck out of Dodge Cuba Gooding jr. hold
a home by forgetting here somebody I had
to uh get on the line I wasn’t a super
chat hold on Ronny doing a lot here shit
okay night I spoke to left-handed he was
on the line
there’s a big aqua Lazo let me bring an
area code three one three good evening
are you there 3 1 3 h b 2 n I wanted to
talk about this whole this NBA
Lisak please the game I think is weird
everybody’s kind of forgetting like the
NBA is just if they push that agenda
they pushed the whole feminism and LGBT
agenda that’s the whole thing right
literally last I think maybe what a we
cook a week or two ago to two white
broads at a baseball game class and they
got kicked out for life like you know
right and in college a month ago games
with people yeah life like in college
boom you go streaking or whatever you
get banned for life like this is this is
just what the NBA is about they pushing
that agenda and it goes all the ways
that you know Magic Johnson and then
Isaiah kissing them afterwards and then
even the whole subsidized WNBA in like
it’s all consistent with it look at NBA
that’s just what they do they push that
agenda for some reason as we
I’ve always kind of thought like this
probably gonna be this party go build a
famous basketball player that
like I always gonna be anyway like but
you know you see his son how son is that
so I guess those you know the fruit
don’t fall too far from the tree but I
well Dennis Rodman married himself years
ago do you remember that hold you Dennis
Rodman put on a dress and married
himself he was out there yeah but but
hang on a second if I can also just say
this because you know people don’t don’t
know or the younger generation Dennis
Rodman was a motherfucker when he played
with with the Pistons back in the days
he was the truth Bulls can’t take
nothing from him so all that weird shit
with it with the the Dinah’s hair and
his uh toenails and fingernails
everybody overlooked that shit because a
quick yeah he was the truth on that
goddamn court but go ahead yeah but I
mean even even with all of that you know
I literally forgot about him but that
was all the part of you know that’s what
they were you know yeah like they didn’t
they didn’t really have a problem with
him you know so I don’t know I just I
just think it’s easy to come at Liz Oh
like she’s a big black woman like it’s
so easy to come at these black woman we
gotta kind of like be bigger than that
they just being used for this agenda and
now I’m just I’m like I’m also just the
same that the NBA like yeah I gotta stop
this weirdo stuff but um but it’s hard
thought as far as the Nick Cannon and
M&O like you know honestly I lost pretty
much all respect for Emma know when he
started going at Trump I’m like yo what
are you doing like this this is just
corny I don’t support none of that like
I like my politics and my rap separate
so Eminem’s a cornball and I hope he
does I hope they do battle like and then
talks all this stuff he made a movie
about battle and just get in the ring
yeah I mean like this battle and I would
love to see
on MTV’s Wilin out I’d love to seen
their I watch it and talking about how
Nick Cannon says they’ve got a video of
Eminem sucking you know easy easy easy –
today’s a brand new day on YouTube take
it easy take it easy
sorry about that but you noticed that
nobody’s saying anything about that
video though like another M&M stands
that called up nobody saying anything so
when that video drops oh yes he’s the
best rapper alive but you’re still gonna
be writing for all new it is that what
is that what’s going on here so I don’t
know that’s that’s that’s that’s my two
cents on it though man absolutely this
also others man I appreciate you and I
will never forget that you gave me the
password one time to your with that
YouTube group or something like that to
watch one of those good yeah did YouTube
TV thing yeah I don’t forget when people
do something for me man and also in
salute to you in main de milkman you’re
one of his admins in his on his live
stream yes I mean I’m only admin we took
we took the same same rules you we all
black nobody yeah can if you guys come
over and want a partaker with a behind
dub are on YouTube and I don’t wanna get
in the middle of nobody’s tension and
beef I wish everybody the best out there
yeah but main put in the work and he’s
popping off and I’m I’m enjoying him do
his thing he’s a good businessman right
Iran Iran okay thank you hold on Barney
or hang on guys
and I think it’s only right that I say
salute to Lansky as well because I don’t
want anybody thinking I’m you know
getting in the middle of their what
they’re doing I think it’s a great thing
to see Lansky doing his own thing now
there’s no disrespect to Queens flip you
know but when I first started talking to
Lansky maybe five or six years ago he
was doing his own thing then so let me
say salute to him as well
all right I’m good evening to a van he
sends in a cash at supporting the
machine Thank You van salute to you you
appreciate it smells Goods thank you for
your donation adding my knowledge to the
cipher piece star
thank you smells Goods okay John place
on the check and again he says mo fax
wears white thigh-high tube socks
hashtag go girl
okay thank you John please okay hang on
a second
don’t man where you at he says calling
in from seven one three hold on a second
everything stops young dope man on the
check-in are we gonna talk about it
tonight seven one three let’s talk about
that Pam pin good evening
wait what’s going on live from Manila
how you feel got to keep it kept in man
yeah hood box office calm let’s start
right there for those who don’t know
hood box office dollar what’s popular
let’s go man work yeah yeah I’m records
they gave I gave a motherfuck in a past
to Nick Cannon because I you know I did
that deal why I said does Nick Cannon
bitch the bitch come up claim okay and
basically the world
I saw them up he was a player early in
the game man he knew he was doing when
he got with Mariah youth army and he he
took that step forward with Mirotic’s
with got him to the shows and stuff that
he got there America’s Got Talent and
different things you know means you know
so he was I was really proud of him man
but now I see it’s all about the bitch
you son saw my he’s he’s got it tore
altercation with in Manila about the
bitch that’s the best I’ve been seen I
think Nick all Vlad’s home but he never
gonna get married again
well if he does he’s gonna marry Mariah
again right so that nigga got caught up
in his own trap but I get the fire pussy
pay attention for nobody
you know I mean so he we got a who knows
a B and C he the whole thing about as
far as you know the rap battle shit now
that is bitch he knew he couldn’t he
couldn’t get it over with him to begin
with that’s why came with your boy
Charlie clips and hit man Holland on it
at the game cuz he knew it was nothing
he could do with him on his own man so
but I am gonna say that I would give him
some critical Z’s incorporating his show
in the bottle to get that promotion you
know so but he got a little gold man in
food it’s the sucker shit man it’s
behind the business she don’t even want
either one of them at this point then
she went off without a pool you know so
she she’s gone man
yeah you know how they broke up they
broke up yeah I know but I’m saying we
gotta warn you sometime right so she huh
spices somewhere else now you know she
ain’t back cuz in the air underneath you
know man mcdu had a baby with him but I
don’t know how well it’s working for you
no I mean he ain’t got no he ain’t got
no is this so he get some money I know
behind the baby that’s just some he
ain’t putting a pretty smooth Britney
Spears move okay like oh boy did after
with it was what was that white boys
named Kevin something was Britney Kevin
Federline I need more money I can’t
dance no more I need more money Kevin
Federline paved the way for God paved
the way for guys like Kendu Isaac’s and
Halle Berry’s ex-husbands and you know
he really set a precedent and oh and
they got a what so girl’s name Mary Jane
yeah oh boy you know so girl players
this real players in the game man and
Nick ain’t one oh man I’m feeling bad
for them right now man but it’s all good
stars had
Carly and maybe if I can’t do that Nick
make mr. B’s come up planted ain’t you
know it’s just he fucking it alright I
remember that I remember that the bitch
– bitch come up playing I remember that
yeah that was your creation don’t man
hey man check this out I gotta say this
start old man you your people been
getting at me man because of the in rent
interview the trolls the troll babies
man they took down my my Instagram an
artist so I made a new Instagram cool
box office 2.0 oh yeah I’m showing so if
you go over any number holes man but
here’s the day no they got at me cuz I
cuz I let the world know that it was a
cardi B that would cheap matter of fact
she put it put it in a song so he’s got
burned before he left
okay but concert take it easy because
it’s a brand new game on YouTube take it
easy where you going
find a game
alright I believe it that bad okay I
respect your platform don’t do that hey
I got an email from Henny red you talk
to Henny read anymore she sent me email
feedback at work man she’s working he’s
working a nine-to-five right I mean she
was good woman she put in the work man
she helped me get to me where I’m at
yeah but uh max is back at a job so I
think uh Golden Corral Islam I don’t
know okay good night so good to talk to
you don’t man salute you just part of
the comma plan I don’t talk about it I
live red army so now I’m over here I’m
over in the tropics but for like three
years man on the back of my seat only
walk completed eight oh wait no don’t
give out too much information good to
talk to you mega to talk to you don’t
send us anymore all right
okay yes let’s get him up out of here
it’s my homemade dope man giving out
locations and shit let’s slow it down
big nigga shit down
Charlton good evening twelfth and sends
in a cash at facts
star Tyson Wright was no joke yeah I
can’t front on Mike Tyson I don’t
believe all that Deontay Wilder got the
best right hand now man Tyson what well
he was a trained assassin
hey smoky smoky sends in a cash Shep mm
is washed all caps and has been for over
ten years okay
Thank You smokey HB 2n cases can you
check my super joke okay give me a
second what time – okay so much time Oh
wrap it up okay
probably give me a second so make sure I
get all these super chats – Kenny good
evening Kenny Mack 89 check your email
how do i call in from two four zero hold
on let me see if I can find you Kenny
Mack Kenny Mack is at you two four zero
hey man what’s up now you say you sent
an email
I can’t find the email can you tell me
what you said via email please so you
see my number okay so I can call them
yes sir let’s go Jimmy thank you for
your donation was palpable
I’m coming from DC mother from the real
princess my you know let the nethers
have the arm with the White House that
or the monument just want to let it be
known with it these niggas can’t fuck
with no Eminem I see a lot of these
black people out here hate you because
Eminem rich jva is 20 years ago that’s
all out of these black people hey they
still ain’t get over there they run
heard of a fair stuff yeah good point
good point I forgot about that one come
on come on
again another thing they say who is
aiming them will never again cause
battle rabbit homing them the white boy
why they may jump out there with em
while of a jump out there within
well well well Jake Vienna ball day will
come on
they know about his white male then
white boy about that work he told her
she was thought another one yeah he the
real rap demo now in terms of rapping on
wax yes I’ve never seen Eminem in a
quote-unquote battle mccannon is asking
him to come down to Wilin out to battle
so it’s different now you know me back
in the days yes cannabis and Eminem
Eminem and Ja Rule Eminem and a host of
other people but we’re talking about
battling face-to-face you say Eminem
still has that type of swag star cool
lady work battle in my cool emmalin’s go
to battle with it I’m saying dude that’s
all about the battle rapper gonna fold
all the cloud the big deal some eminent
man you tell them things often hear the
big plans off a hit zone from the cloud
angel from Eminem bang then they lost
the battle already sir conceded will
wash Eminem in the battle wash him
immortal let me jump out the window
conceited conceited hey Rock will wash
Eminem in the battle I watched I watched
why I like while enough I like Nick
Cannon and I’m a big fan of blue don’t
cause the thing is room look I like a
seasonal weather now I wouldn’t go check
in battle without his money strong
enough stop his boys his voice is less
tall enough to get in bought her so
nobody’s secular dudes arm his battle
belt I’m sorry clip be cool but uh
paliku we’ll wash Eminem new calico sir
calico I’ll give you know what it up
let’s get him out of here Ronnie I’m
gonna close it down anything else you
want to mention before we uh call night
any notes that we didn’t go over
while we talked earlier about cardi B
his court appearance did you know we
never got to what she was wearing at the
courthouse some long ass I don’t know
what was it please
it’s a fur coat by Adrienne Landau
and so it’s like an explosion of
feathers it has a colossal train and a
huge hood I mean I thought that coat
looked amazing
it’s like runway ready yeah I liked it
too so you know I think it was sort of
like you know it was like an opportunity
for her to just you know style for a
minute and show that she’s not really
taking this case seriously well I think
she is taking this because she took her
ass to court take some serious charges
on it but now what happened did they
just adjourn it again or what happened I
don’t even know
well I only was checking for the dress
rather the coat the coat the key here
the fur coat okay all right we’ll listen
running good to talk to you thank you
for helping out and we’ll catch up
absolutely 32 have a great night
have a good night okay
make sure to miss any super Chad’s and
let me just say salute two big Spanish
again I was just naming people Earl
earlier that we’re helping during the
star in the morning era you know people
on the outsides and man did he really
help but he invited us to his home we
went down there and we were practicing
for the the event and there’s just good
memories but I lost money money and paid
people don’t have to get it fucked up I
have receipts anybody starts talkin
reckless start paid people and the
audience paid people as well oh you had
some people getting $500 donations
did I get bush kid I got his donation
give me a cigar me just make sure to
miss anybody here that’s everybody mal
moogly Meacham al-mu says Luke boss
shout-out to Dennis
Rod’s illa Rodman Legend period Liz oh
let’s get her up out of here and get her
into the gym
yeah Wesley Pipes as Ronnie please don’t
make me beg
I need to stand up inside you while
talking reckless
okay soaking my KY jelly so we have to
take it easy we have the algorithm
brand-new day on YouTube right but thank
you gem star says star is your
refurbished liver set to expire why are
you giving out uh sir why are you giving
out thanks I’m good I’m good I think I
got another another decade in me well
thank you for your donation gemstone and
I get HB 2n Mike from Michigan yo star
would you and Ronnie ever consider doing
a show where she Skyped in nigga quit
hogging all the snack hashtag Dana and
slim you know I’ve spoken to Ronnie
about putting her picture on the screen
or skyping in she’s not interested okay
and I don’t push people to do that with
regards to images and things like that
on the screen you know DJ Elias and I
years ago when we started doing star in
the morning again there were things that
we did by putting images on the screen
and betting them into the shows and I
get hit with some legal stuff during the
start in the morning era over like
$20,000 worth of demands from
photographers so to answer your question
Ronnie’s not interested and one of the
reasons why I don’t put images on the
screen you know right here or put me
right here is because the algorithm
keeps changing YouTube’s Community
Guidelines and in the past
I had to take down hundreds of videos
that were you know some of them had
copyright infringement trademark
infringement you know but um Ronnie’s
she’s not interested in doing that but
thank you okay I think that’s it I thank
you guys for your support tonight
let me get Ronnie’s banner up first okay
for those of you who always ask what’s
what’s her information here she is right
here and I will see you guys tomorrow at
some point I’m not sure about time but I
thank you for hanging out with me
take care

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