NFL Player Suspended Indefinitely For Ugly Brawl


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Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett was suspended indefinitely for his role in an ugly brawl that took place at the end of Thursday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, an altercation that resulted in two other suspensions and hefty fines levied against both teams, the league announced Friday afternoon. Garrett will be suspended “at a minimum for the remainder of the regular season and postseason and must meet with the commissioner’s office prior to a decision on his reinstatement,” the league said in a statement Friday. He was also fined an undisclosed amount.


Keyshia Cole visited Nick Cannon‘s morning show in Los Angeles and things got touchy when her much younger boyfriend entered the conversation. The 38-year-old seemingly got sensitive when Nick pointed out she was an “elder” to her child’s father Niko, 23. Keyshia did, however, reveal how she decided to give Niko a chance despite his age before things got sticky.


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hey you start reporting Friday night
welcome aboard
okay getting a late start but I’m here
nonetheless season’s greetings I want to
say that right now because I am so ready
for the holidays I celebrate all
holidays I had a great childhood and I’m
getting ready and get ready for
Thanksgiving Christmas the lights
well that flies shit um hey tonight I
want to start with that second topic the
second one will come back to Keyshia
Cole in a second but the second topic in
the past you’ve heard me stick up for
this so-called reality of black mob
violence and I denounced it I
interviewed there was that that white
guy named Colin flowery I interviewed
him years ago oh I gave him that work
didn’t I for those of you who remember
he hung up the phone on me I was hitting
him with facts uppercuts Bam Bam and
wheel kicks I dropped some things on him
about white mob violence the reality of
that he couldn’t take it but tonight I
want to go back based upon the Popeyes
brawls and someone sent me a video
earlier holy smokes an all-out fight at
a McDonald’s are you up to speed when
somebody was jumping up on the counter
or some type of glass a counter was
smashed and niggas was just walking on
top of it laughing giggling and then I
was a 55 year old man sharing the video
sharing the video amp and shit up so I
want to ask you tonight is black mob
violence a reality it seems that we’re
all partaking in it we are enjoying
these these videos these mishaps the
misfortune that happens to people and
we’re sharing the content we’re
reposting the content we are encouraging
this behavior and the babies the babies
seed are we thinking about what the bay
you see and how they will digest this I
don’t know
also on the screen the first topic is
Keyshia Cole robbing the cradle give me
a little time on that one boss chitron
is gonna help me out because I only saw
a trailer Keyshia Cole she’s got some
new reality TV show coming out Hannah I
do have notes three months after
welcoming a new baby Keyshia Cole is
getting back to work and the new talk
show premieres on Fox Soul whoever that
and she’s got herself a baby daddy Nikko
hey Liz put some respect his name he
looks like he’s 15 years old he looks
like a baby but you know I can’t clown
him if he’s pimping that old I shouldn’t
say old you know according to reports
Keyshia Cole is 38 years of age and he’s
20 is it 20 to 23
he’s probably 19 okay she’s 38 and
they’re claiming he’s 23
he looks like a baby now you know what
she’s doing don’t you
she’s cleaning his pipes let me jet hey
good evening how you guys doing she’s
choking his chicken playing the skin
flute blowing the bagpipes and b-flat
and cleaning the pipes can I get an amen
from real niggas in that live chat huh
so we’re gonna talk about that and if
you have not seen the the previews for
this upcoming show maybe you can chime
in with regards to older women dating
younger men Ronnie’s got some who a
position that she does not necessarily
approve of this I’ll let her tell you
about also tonight hang on a second guys
lo Reese is that at the hospital he was
up on the gram and please get his name
right it’s lo Li L not little I keep
hearing people say little Reese’s no
it’s Lori’s and he’s just you know he’s
got that some type of a sweatshirt on or
a hoodie or something covering up his
neck and he’s just reading the comments
as music playing looks okay to me huh
was he really shot in the neck or did
some glass shatter and hit him in the
neck anyway he’s back on the set and
we’ll talk about other things as well
West he wants to build a app theater on
his Wyoming property is he running a
cult of course he is anyway let me get
Bostick Ronnie in here early Ronnie are
you ready were you Ronnie hang on what
number is she calling in from I’m not
even sure Ronnie is that unique you if
not send me a text please all the second
I had a productive day today I got some
rest since I last saw you guys this
yeah I didn’t early show in Kherson are
up to speed with regards to Colin
Kaepernick he’ll be well he’s in town
now but the workout is gonna be today
portney tomorrow Friday Saturday in
Atlanta hey give me 9 with you there
hey who’s this how are you man can you
pick it up a little slow what’s going on
with you buddy I’m good Keyshia Cole is
she robbing the cradle you have to speak
I’m not a teacher Cole but if you like
being a younger man that’s that’s her
no sir it’s our business and she’s
coming out with this show we’re gonna
discuss it or if you’re not up to speed
with regards to her and her uh you know
new relationship how do you feel about
all the women getting younger men have
you ever been there
I mean my girlfriend was always at me
what uh James peel to 10 years older
than me but she was clears older than me
my ex but I don’t have no she was at all
I mean when she cleaning your pipes I
mean you had that trouble from what I
remember I’m not trying to play you out
was she cleaning the pipes I think
Keyshia Cole is doing what ill most
older women do to young younger guys and
I don’t want to get too graphic but you
know she’s she’s getting young fresh
semen she’s not getting that old
polluted stuff well mm-hmm no she wasn’t
clean the pipe so you already know that
relationship actually over God
definitely a she was a pain in the butt
God that was a no-no for her she wanted
wait till marriage to do all that shit
but I guess I wasn’t about that but uh
what keeps your clothes that keeps your
cold situation I mean you know if you
haven’t that young thick want that young
big slow down with the graphic language
please doctor telling you
tiny telling you my back yeah you know
one minute a woman her age 38 she’s
getting to that point I wouldn’t be
surprised to be on to have a young man
around you know me would not be
surprised at all good to talk to you no
thank you man he’s killing me Friday
night I almost canceled it was just kind
of kind of having some other business um
hold on a second guys and folks we need
you to share and hit the the like button
I’ve been meaning to ask you that but I
just you know sometimes I get busy
sharing the like and let me see if I can
uh see if Ronnie’s calling in if not
I’ll keep it going go to area code um
eight five eight hey good evening Friday
night are you there if I mean hey what’s
up how you I’ll just call him and just
blow a lot of money you blew a lot of
money you said when you gambling no I
had some I had to fix my car okay okay
but uh the topic is about Keisha code a
younger guy yeah he looks like a baby
she was on nickname Nick Cannon’s
morning show and she got a little a
little antsy when he you know said that
she was her new baby daddy’s elder I
don’t know if you saw that or not but
the topic is about older women dating
younger men and experience do you proved
you disapprove what yeah I mean I like
older women you know a lot of younger
women a little bit too immature
all the women seem to like they know are
gonna say they know about life in terms
of responsibilities and maturity by a
young girl they just you know they’re
just living in a moment take me back to
your first older woman how old were you
and how old was she
people think about this I gotta think
about this I had a lot of woman in my
the first older woman actually she was
scaring me a little bit she was a little
bit too mature I think she was like I
can’t remember her age but I was like
sounds like your line you can’t even get
your life together please come on where
we going no I’m not I’m just getting out
of here I’m in a great place the topics
on the screen if you don’t if you can’t
relate to the topic just sit back and
just relax you know we don’t necessarily
need you tonight I think this is
bullshit we’re right here
Ronnie are you there hey Ronnie area
code 7 3 2 hey hey hey how are you how
are you doing good good so we were
talking earlier I have not done the
research but I did pull one reference
here to Keyshia Cole and her new show
this airs tonight YES on foxhole foxhole
yeah so I guess this is the next
installment in Keisha’s long list of you
know reality shows we had the show with
her and booby we had the show with her
and her mom her and her sister the first
one which was primarily her meeting most
of the people and her family her
biological family so I mean it’s just
it’s time for another show really yeah I
have no problem with Keyshia Cole doing
another show but lets you and I get
right into it because I said to you when
we would
organizer I need you to keep that same
energy you called her new baby daddy a
what a soundcloud rapper SoundCloud
rapper you say who’s a nobody
come on well the reason I said that was
because we were speaking about the fact
that she was having the conversation
with Nick who coincidentally you know
returning married to Mariah and she was
obviously older than him and I said
there’s a difference you know
Nick Cannon was established by the time
he got with Mariah he put out albums he
was in movies you started walling out he
was hosting on Nickelodeon MTV he was
established this guy is a SoundCloud
rapper so I mean it is what it is she
she’s doing it for love but I mean this
is a baby this is a kid you have any
background on him because again I saw
the the trailer on on Instagram I
watched the whole thing and he’s got
some type of business I’m not trying to
clown him but um he’s on a show with her
now any any background story on him
about what he what he does I think he
worked at Epic Records yes no no I
didn’t find any of that information
about him but I mean in the interview
that he had with Nick Cannon was really
her interview but he brought him into it
he was saying you know sometimes I’d
tell her I don’t have the money you know
I felt like that was volunteering too
much information because people normally
expect I can speculate as to that anyway
you don’t need to open your mouth and
say it and confirm it okay so if we can
you know also dig here with regards to
your feelings towards older women and
younger guys because again I just wanna
have a little fun tonight I don’t want
to be too serious and we can get into
the other topic shortly do you approve
of younger guys dating older women do
you think it’s just sex based you didn’t
sound too too
supportive when I spoke to you about
this earlier yeah it’s just very weird
to me
so I think there’s a difference in a
dynamic when the man is older and the
females younger traditionally it’s
always been like that anyway but we’re
talking about 1415 years here so when I
see a woman who is 38 dating a man who
was 23 you know he just left his his
mom’s house a couple of years ago right
so he doesn’t know anything about
what you know what is he really doing
for you are you hating let’s keep it
real Ronny you hating and I don’t get
too much into your business but you know
no you’ve given a guy younger younger
than you I have a godson that’s 19 years
old so 1920 1200 you know that’s to me
that’s a kid so that that’s how I look
at it this this guy is 23 years old okay
hang on Ronnie because you don’t have
that same energy we were talking about
this earlier
area code seven seven zero is kyuseok
all robbing the cradle
seven seven oh my music in the
background doing something it’s very
cool five seven one Friday night folks
I’m in a good place
are you there five seven one yeah all
right man she what hey I don’t know man
she a robber cradle hmm you know what
she’s having fun right now she has money
she’s having fun right now she doesn’t
need a hold of God to secure her or
maybe even see the game she just wants
to have that sex she wants that uh you
know she wants that you know she wants
it all the time what she want a lot of
times when women do that they’re very
immature I’m sorry I find this rock for
women who are older and they like young
adduce because they can’t hang over a
that’s odor mentally you know so okay
she’s probably very immature bro you
know sad but uh she’s having fun
don’t stand she’s having fun that’s what
she’s doing you know nobody of means
once their best believe that maybe she
doesn’t want some old guy maybe you’re
not looking at it from the perspective
of you know somebody who can habit have
their cake and eat it too well well my
he should cold look okay I’m trying that
the curse of my dark side gather myself
look Maya she’s an immature abroad she’s
silly wow you know she just she’s having
fun right now I don’t blame her
no she have her fun it’s all good I’m
not mad at her for you know sound but
what I find is like those are very
unhealthy relationships when the woman
is older and she didn’t look like a kid
you don’t sound like you know when I was
like 18 19 actually smashed out young
broads or no regular I’m in sorry older
broads are regular you know sir okay I
was never one to get me pregnant
I was never one and two it was just sex
you know that’s all it was ma’am and
that dude that dude I guarantee that
dude he’s probably getting some money
former but the same time he’s probably I
hope so can we put some respect on the
young pimps name I hope so I don’t know
about that man cuz I think I seen a
picture on Instagram right and they like
they’re like a TV I’m he’s doing like
they’re like a TV right he’s he’s
sitting in the back and she’s in the
front and it kind of looks like I don’t
know man kind of looks kind of weak he’s
like a little a weak looks all you know
I mean that’s just me I thank you sir
thank you he’s killing me killing me
keeps the coals immature this guy’s not
a pimp all right well how about this how
about we um get a few more calls on this
a few more super chats well yet another
Papa’s fight holy smokes who just sent
me this David thank you for your email
give me a second I’ll come back to you
good evening Eric Eric sends in a super
chat once again on the line ever you
could 5/7 give me a second intercom
to you Ronnie um black mob violence can
we just touch on that that will come
back to Keyshia Cole all the women and
younger guys black mob violence is it a
reality do you think it exists or is it
another myth like black on black crime
money um I think it’s like a mixture of
both and I think just like you have what
you could call black mob violence you
have white mob violence you have you
know government-sponsored mob violence
you have all sorts of mob violence when
a group of people are going to attack
another group of people or a person
those people are probably going to have
something in common with each other so
but I think that’s intellectually lazy
to just classify it as that but I think
we have been seeing what you could call
or characterize it as such a lot lately
with you know all these fight videos at
the chicken spot okay well the reason
why I’m even putting the label on it
black mob violence is because it’s
almost taboo to talk about it and to try
and get some type of understanding or
some type of solution to it you first
have to acknowledge the problem I think
that there’s a problem and again I
mentioned Colin flower tea at early have
you ever heard of him he’s a author and
he does these YouTube videos and watch
my violence I forget the name of some
one of those books are a girl bleeds
something girl bleed a lot I don’t know
anyway he’s got no solutions and when I
interviewed him he said I don’t care
about solutions I just want to promote
you know the insanity of it and not I’m
giving him any credit because he didn’t
when he didn’t want to acknowledge white
mob violence but if you don’t
acknowledge what we have now then I
think that’s even worse than trying to
classify it as something the fights are
out of control and the fact that we’ve
got social media now that can enhance
and promote these fights and people like
you and I can share the videos and we do
and I don’t
say what use and we do yeah and we need
to do them I don’t want to say what you
said when you sent me one of the videos
back but you know he’s we’re accepting
of it and we’re not classifying it well
I think the problem is that with the
proliferation of the internet anybody
can do something ridiculous and now
sometimes the motivation to do something
ridiculous is just to go viral it’s just
to get attention so you combine that
with the fact that we are you know a
nation of consumers it’s just like a
perfect storm there’s all of these
different variables yes the fight videos
they are a problem are they really
indicative of where we are or if we’re
going to be specifically referring to
black people are they really indicative
of who we are as black people I would
say overall no you’re gonna and every
different grouping of people you’re
gonna have people who just start
uncivilized and who will stab you over
cutting the line let me bring some calls
in area code 545 for Oh who’s that how
are you sir can you come a little closer
to the phone new topics tonight black
mob violence is it a reality for Keyshia
Cole and she robbing the cradle what do
you want to start yeah so the black mob
violence man what Ronnie said was right
what she just said um but I think once
the bullshit
like once it gets more light then it
kind of it kind of seems like a
reflection of us like it was like oh
look you remember what they’ve done it
to Papa last year I told you it was
crazy like some some type stuff like
that good but then the whole thing with
wit Keyshia Cole like hang on a second
so you just jumped from black mob
violence real fast let’s stay on black
miles for a second there okay so
with regards to the videos that we’re
all watching we’re all laughing sharing
yeah yeah are we just gonna blame social
media or is there any type of
accountability and again I don’t have
biological kids but I feel for parents
who have kids that watch that and then
the kids are laughing then the kids are
blowing up and a situation like that may
occur around them and then they’re doing
the same thing filming and laughing so
is it a cycle of insanity or is it not a
big deal it’s not a big deal I think I
think it’s more I think it’s more of
people don’t have shame right now
I guess not much like people don’t have
much do I answer to like so I feel like
I feel like if it was if we weren’t so
connected and everybody was like oh I
seen this first like oh did you see that
this blew up and you got to check this
out and you gotta go look at this like I
feel like if we weren’t so much like
that and people just had to find things
on their own maybe maybe it wouldn’t be
maybe people would have a little more
shame to off any solutions before we
shift to Keyshia Cole and her her yeah
her young young boyfriend in solutions
to uh like my pilot’s now man like he
says starts with the babies huh those
with the babies only thing they can
changes baby you can’t teach them you
can keep teacher Oh dogs new tricks but
them over you it ain’t gonna be too
bright Whitaker so I mean you gotta
teach these guys okay so you better
speed on the Keyshia Cole trailer new
video I’m sorry new reality show coming
out got a boyfriend now 23 and she know
I haven’t seen it but the thing like
that’s not I don’t think that’s robbing
the crater because I’m I’m 29 and I love
older chicks love it right they they
just I mean young chicks and cooking
they back out names they like I’m a lady
man make sure my wig straight let me go
ahead and put these nails on now oh the
chicks you go buddy what you need you we
don’t we get you the water you need are
you laying pipe sir because all the
chicks don’t want a young guy around if
he’s just lazy and smoking weed are you
really putting down see I don’t stand I
stand out thanks but I am not matter I
don’t know so I don’t know you I mean
I’m just telling you like you cut up on
the spot a little bit again you seem
like you’re a little tight up tonight
man yeah it’s called doing this show
otherwise I’d be sitting here you know
dragon Duty gentleman yeah
yummy yummy shoutout to my niggah yo
topic on the screen let’s get to it
hang on a second um there you go 2 to 5
good evening 2 to 5 Keyshia Cole robbing
the cradle yep speed oh yeah what’s up
star how you doing man is Kay dangerous
though ah there you are kid harmless how
are you know I do it may know me mean me
no got it to remain curtain real bear
right now again so you know cousin pound
me know if they got into a man oh I’m
hurting real bear right now you know cuz
I was uh tell us all about it
interrupt the show never mind the topics
tell us about you and nurbs what the
problem is
please well basically was over home me
me not getting booked and no I put him
up friend he got ass it got upset 500
you know the manager he gave me did not
look the matches like you suppose they
know we
it out at home and when you hurt right
now so uh I just mad
I’m are you serious are you children
were you going to dangerous come on I am
serious man I could show you to take
medicine everything no do i you dangle
with me right now it’s the world you
have screenshots can you send me what
you’re talking about
tell me some screenshots yeah doc
identity yes I got it I can fit it to
you why do you want jumpin do you think
kid dangerous is just trolling her he
said sound like he’s really uh I think
his new name is kid stranger it he’s no
longer even kid harmless there’s
something wrong with you I don’t know if
you hittin the bottle tonight what
you’re doing if you trolling
it’s nice not mean I’m not trolling why
would I make that up there’s nothing
wrong with me I miss my feelings are
hurt that’s all that’s what you’re
calling up to cry you’re coughing up
crying and you want to still be
respected as a battle rapper yeah but
it’s just the fact that because he oh he
made me as a as the battle rapper that I
was because I got known from being on
his show so it just hurt me a little bit
with that so everybody gets emotional
sometimes even better rappers get
emotional okay now hang on a second
because people don’t necessarily know
you um you do have a pretty long rap
sheet you know so I I would tend to
believe that you are being serious right
now you’ve had a stalking charge and
some other things so you’re not really
stable right mister respectfully I am
I’m Steve I just don’t I just have
everybody there with with any issues and
my friends have been on charges of
charges with me so long Oh basically my
friend gotta gotta fit with him for the
rest related to it tonight and those
charges were thrown out by the way
pardon me I didn’t mean to they just put
that out there those charges were
dismissed thrown away was nonsense all
right so hang on a second send out
Norville’s letting you battle on on the
show through the phone but he wouldn’t
blow the book huge battle in person
so see you yeah he booked me stab at it
he would battle me to booking
– but what he was for I was supposed to
have a goddess tonight with tubing from
the the gugak donees and basically all
the manager that he gave me had not been
booking me like he was supposed to like
I’m supposed to have a match every week
and I’m basically he did I was supposed
to do about it tonight in didn’t happen
he was going to book me in person – but
I chose to do it over the phone because
a certain transportation issue you know
that’s why what I was doing over the
phone in the own picture okay well
listen man hopefully you’ll feel better
I’m not sure what what I can do me do
you want me to reach out to norms or
should I just let you guys handle it yes
if you can’t you can’t no I would
appreciate it cuz I’m like I said um you
know I got a little riled up tonight and
I was a little angry and know the whole
side of me came out and I our part you
know I was just I’ll always admit when
I’m wrong but everybody has an emotional
side so I’m just you know feeling a
little hurt because he was really close
and that’s what it is it’s not going to
doing anything because as a better
rapper I’m still gonna be the guy that I
am but I’m doing I’m just my feelings
are hurt okay so listen I’m gonna send
norms attacks right now I’m gonna
interrupt what I’m doing to send norms
you make sure you send in a donation
when we hang up and make sure to keep
listening to the show and if norms
contact me before the show’s open maybe
we can all get on the line together
alright okay thank you thank you man
okay hang on Ronny
where we going tonight
that was draining get dangerous anybody
know what he was talking about in the
live chat what is he talking about
something with it I mean orbs always a
Ronny I think he I think he should have
called like some sort of psychiatric
hotline instead of calling you well
that’s what this is this is the hotline
I got John hold on a second let me go to
UM cash a pin superjet hold on Ronny
Bush kid on the check-in
what is this star execution date set for
jackin towels convicted of 2010 murder
in Colombia he shot and killed a rapper
okay I’m not at the speed I don’t know
who this says I’ll um I’ll see if I can
google this thank you for your donation
Jack came towels I’m saying the name
right kill the rapper Cornell Stewart
aka young easy okay thank you thank you
for your donation bless the pipe
cleaners okay
all the women need to get stuffed like
the turkey the night before Thanksgiving
I like older women
I make them feel young again like disco
Boogie Nights okay thank you so much and
respectfully hater I want to salute my
troll brothers and sisters in the live
chat all of them cheap and broke em
efforts especially exactly and cure
lacoya exactly as cold him if i don’t
know the other person’s name well this
too mate you guys do what you do in the
lab telling me I look in the air once in
a blue moon it’s always right there I’m
always looking over here to the cash
happen super jet black tea on the check
and he says our black mob violence just
equals future freedom fighters in
training okay what do you think about
that Ronnie future of freedom fighters
in training any correlation is that I
think it’s not really I think it’s the
reach only because if you’re gonna be a
freedom fighter you’re solution-based
you’re fighting for change you’re
fighting for a certain cause having
somebody over cutting you and a line to
get a chicken sandwich that you know you
obviously don’t have a cause at all you
you you know that guy is done they got
him hold on a second gorillas on to
check him and start at least Keisha
ain’t dating a jailbird who’s uh
pulling out guns on IG live
let the bitch live and put some respect
on that young pimps name Chooch yeah
Nicki’s husband what is his name what’s
his first name I forget something petty
do you remember is it Kenny Kenneth
Kenneth Petty had the extended clip in
his pocket
Thank You gorillas Oh coke thoughts at
3m you sent in some type of super chat
and it’s got a link I can’t do all that
what is this screens gotta eat F dem
kidz scrap or die okay I’ll see I’ll see
if I can put this in another browser man
thank you black teas is bullshit money
the way you arch your back in your
banner is a turn-on do you have plans to
make more banners with different
pictures yes I will okay
actually for it to promote my Twitter oh
you talking about that have a Twitter
now yeah okay I need a followers I just
started my Twitter so right now I look
like a bot because you know I just
started it so you want to promote it or
zip but private used to me I don’t want
you to say if you don’t want your people
uh what do you do know you can
so my ad is the real Ronnie th EE real
Ronnie and yeah I shared an article
actually sort of related to the topic
okay de real Ronnie on Twitter yeah what
made you finally come over because you
were more so a facebook person um you
haven’t been on Twitter ever before in
the past this is your first time yeah
this is my first time because I always
thought that Twitter was like what is
the point you have a limit of characters
of how can you have a meaningful
conversation or
discussion if there’s like a character
limit so it’s just like people saying
two sentences and retweeting it and that
to me that just seems ridiculous but so
now I’m there okay let me go to a cash
app rondell gleaming sir says called a
coward because I didn’t want to date her
is that part two of some other cash yep
I don’t see the first one okay folks I
can’t read emails unless their cash apps
and super chess right now it’s a lot of
stuff coming in I just I can’t do that
okay dangerous sent me something I don’t
know if this has anything to do with the
topic I’ll come back to that kid
dangerous and I’m gonna text norms as
well okay Brooke Brooke says is Meghan
the stallion a transsexual respectfully
I have no idea sir I just started
following her on Instagram and I will
say this I mean I think she’s got a nice
personality I mean what I can see you
know she doesn’t seem like you know like
the nasty Foxy Brown type are you making
the stallion fan Ronnie at all I like um
some of her songs but a lot of it I just
don’t like so I mean there’s a couple I
do like but I haven’t really bought into
her as an artist but I do like her
overall but I’m not I wouldn’t say like
you know there’s a concert near I’m
gonna show up but I like some of her
stuff okay I’ll break a bitch sends in a
super jet I started tell kid emotional
to put the Mossberg in his mouth and do
the Lord’s work okay
I’m gonna I’m gonna text norms against
my better judgment
let’s bring in a khole a second here
area code 601 are you there 601 good
evening you know almost popping bro spot
paint I want you
hello I’m good man I’m good for it yo I
saw the little stuff with Keyshia Cole
and her new a new little boy please she
look like she’s taking pictures with her
with a newly graduated high school son
but uh I’m not mad at him
thanks come on come on I’m I’m not mad
at him I’m not mad at him at all
you know I’ve only been with one hole to
chick in my life I usually like checking
my age okay and you know I I can kind of
see the point you know Keyshia Cole
she’s still a beautiful woman it’s not
like she’s just old and decrepit and
breaking down you don’t sound like she
still she’s still nice you know I’m
saying she’s still nice I get at it you
know I’m saying yeah so honestly I don’t
see nothing wrong with it man it oh dude
he got he got to come up he probably got
a free ride to college just from getting
with her all saying or whatever he’s
trying to do his life you don’t and I
saw him sitting sitting talking to his
mother I guess that this was a snippet
of the reality show that I watched on
Instagram and his mother sitting there
and she wasn’t hating on him and Keyshia
Cole she was talking about you know
watching the baby and some stuff like
that you know just joining in to help
out I mean even though she had a
lopsided wig you know mama seemed like
she was supportive of the Union Hey yes
there you go oh it’s all good in the
family who cares what everybody else a
man they seem like they happy you know
is like whatever yeah but um yo Linda
also hit up on the sweet thing to talk
with this may be a little a little too
deep for some people on a Friday night
but you know just is black mob violence
a reality that’s the question in the
past I have always denounced this and I
used to point to white examples and and
and things of that nature but it just
seems that it’s really accepted now and
I’m concerned that’s my question
concerned oh I don’t I don’t think it’s
really a and it’s not really a reality
it’s just five spot places here there
it’s not like a reoccurring thing like
black on black crime or something you
know it’s just something that happens
Spidy I don’t think I don’t think it’s
actually real man you don’t that I don’t
think it’s actually real so do you see
the videos do you see the turn-ups there
the the fights I mean the massive brawls
not just in restaurants but I’m talking
about moles gas stations does any of
that clear you know not it doesn’t
concern me man cause like I said it’s
when you when you see it on the Internet
of course you’re going to see more of it
at one time because you have access to
it but in our reality that’s not an
everyday thing but those shooting dudes
in the hood is everyday thing everywhere
you don’t and it’s a difference so I
don’t see it as a as a reality that’s
affecting our community or black black
the black community you don’t saying I
don’t oh yes straight up straight up I
appreciate the call and any thoughts
we’re gonna be bouncing around tonight
it’s Friday any thoughts on that
football fight Ronnie well who’s that
the Pittsburgh Steelers and the
Cleveland Browns we’re gonna get to that
to see the fight the B that the D
lineman and the quarterback yeah yeah
that was that was kind of crazy but uh
the quarterback foot is still is Naidu
was all the way wrong for swinging that
helmet with him but the quarterback for
the still is he initiated the fight and
he elevated the fight you dude I’m
saying it didn’t even help get to that
part it didn’t even have to get to that
point because when the duel when the guy
tackled the quarterback and the old
lineman was pushing the defensive
lineman off of him after he ripped the
quarterbacks helmet off the quarterback
went and attacked them again
you said I’m saying okay so you can’t
you can’t admit you can’t initiate the
you can’t initiate the fight because
when you got tackled he tried to rip the
D lineman helmet off you done saying
when I hang on a second I’m just gonna
ask the question Ronnie can correct me
if I’m wrong or maybe you can jump in to
me it looked like the guy was roughing
the passer thus the reason why the
quarterback did what he did
am I wrong yes you are wrong and this is
this is why I would say that you are
wrong even though
was only a few seconds left you could
you know certainly make the argument
that oh he didn’t have to go that hard
it was you know they were already going
to win that’s the chance you take every
time you get on the field that somebody
might want to get a little rough with
you that doesn’t give you the pass to
them and you’re referring to mason
rudolph who is the quarterback yeah that
doesn’t give him the right to try to
pull miles helmet off or to kick him in
the groin that’s what initiated all of
this aren’t you
so he pulled his helmet off instead he
got the upper hand but even still mason
rudolph charged at him and that’s when
he got hit in the head so you know
there’s something to be said about the
fact that he initiated this and he’s not
facing any punishment at all meanwhile
indefinitely suspended right it it was
more of the optics of the whole
situation you just see because unless
you watch the video in slow motion at
multiple angles you don’t see Mason
Rudolph trying to rip the guy’s helmet
off that’s by design
I noticed that myself originally I
thought that miles was all the way wrong
when I watched it you have to be careful
of the source of where you’re watching
it because I noticed there was a
difference between certain outlets who
showed what initiated the fight so when
you see it when I saw it I said wow he
really did start it he started the whole
thing exactly some some some videos only
just show him swinging the helmet but I
watched multiple YouTube videos from
multiple angles in slow motion you know
from from the beginning of the play to
the very end of that whole encounter and
Mason Rudolph he was all the way in the
wrong if you know what I’m saying of
course you shouldn’t slang nobody’s
helmet you need your professional you
should have better judgment of what you
do at home on the field and the optics
is it’s Thursday Night Football is
probably the most watched thing on
Thursday night in America most most
likely don’t and so everybody’s watching
you know the stigma that that is on the
inner face
right now they have not so tasteful
characters in the league or the excess
bad people in the league so it was just
bad on the optic that’s why they
suspended him indefinitely and only fine
makes a root off but that I think
because Mason Rudolph initiated the
fight and he elevated the fighting I
think that’s why he didn’t press charges
because he would finally move in the
court press charges you don’t think he
had the option to press charges
that’s a ball game but it was still him
him getting hit in the head with the
helmet if you couldn’t make it you can
say that’s the salt with the deadly
weapon or something like that you could
say it’s a simple effect you thought you
something okay I hate to cut sure I’m
gonna take more calls and we’re gonna
stretch that conversation out but thank
you for your call thank you
assault Ronnie did I miss something
or z exaggerating I saw an article that
well I think he’s referring to and I saw
a couple articles that said that the
local police had declined to charge him
and there was also a comment where he
was asked where Mason Rudolph was asked
if he wanted to press charges and he
said no but I certainly don’t think that
any football player would would be going
down to the police department to you
know press charges because of a fight I
mean that was just an angle that the the
article was going with and this fight
happened Thursday night to be exact
right because truthfully I did not
really dig into it you were telling me
about this earlier when we spoke and I
was um I was saying WOW okay and I trust
your word with of course what what
happened that led up to it but uh I just
didn’t really dig into this I mean is it
still picking up legs the story yes
because Myles is appealing that he’s
going to be appealing this because he’s
just you know suspended indefinitely so
there’s even talk that he might not
start the next season and it’s
ridiculous to only
you know he was punished Larry ogen Jovi
was punished for one game and Maurice
Pouncy however you say his name from the
Steelers he was banned for three games
so and both teams have been fine but how
do you not address the initial aggressor
in the situation which is it which is
Mason Rudolph he needs to be suspended
okay all right hang on a second money
guys if you want to call in or ladies if
you want to call it I would love to get
more ladies to call in about this key
show called Habakkuk’s fight a night it
would be a little silly or the black mob
violence question it’s just a question
I’m still not saying flag my black mob
violence is a reality but I’m just
looking all the videos and and
everything that’s happening as of late
by the way this whole popeyes chicken
sandwiches and somebody sent me a crazy
video on a brawl Ronnie what was that
bro that Minnesota McDonald’s who sent
me that I didn’t see what sound that was
but the entire town er was on the other
side of the counter pretty much you know
I don’t wanna say the person’s full name
but Terry ta ry say Thank You Terry that
really just took me into a different
okay so this says st. Paul Minnesota and
the Facebook page should I promote her –
no it says uh lean lean l EA n L EA n a
crazy brawl it’s crazy when you ask me
if you should promote it and then you
promoted it yeah yeah no Ronnie I don’t
want to like you know put out there but
your response was funny that you
responded to when I sent you this video
do you want to say it or no leave it
alone I can’t remember what it was
Ronnie probably Ronnie come on you
remember which is maybe let’s come back
to me let me see you at Hey
can you check your sent folder I’m not
sure what I said it was a funny line and
I said whoa whoa I’m not gonna repeat
that on this show all right all right
hold on a second guys I was texting with
norms street star norms from URL it’s my
homie norms that you listen to this show
do you want to call in if he’s talking
about your show oh he said his chick is
buggin hold on a second I see what I
Ronny you remember what you said come on
it was funny as hell and it just goes to
show that you know we are and when I say
we I mean most people we’re looking at
these beat these brawls these violent
fights and we’re entertaining it Ronnie
yeah I did I found it
I wonder where Peter is no not well
leave it alone I just said that I was um
it was weird no one thought to grab a
cash register yeah that’s what you said
it was weird that no one in no one
thought to grab the cash register it was
weird I mean they have the entire store
sort of like on a lockdown almost there
was just pandemonium okay norms on the
Street star Nords are you there good
evening oh how are you man one of the
few people that can call me brother
good hear your voice man I’m good I’m
good man I don’t really want to text you
about that other situation but you know
someone calls the show pretty often and
I’ve been very very supportive but it
just seemed like it was something
different tonight but we don’t have to
talk about that unless you want to
address it
we took about a lady Robin the kids a
firing battle rapper you know I mean and
to be honest he really weird
darling I should wear stuffing in my
inbox is just weird like I just said you
could be M that crazy you know family
now and stuff like that so stay away
from that we don’t shit and how was it
like doing like you know I don’t mind
like showing you love but you’re not
gonna send threats and Tory and because
you’re gonna suck man to be on the show
like that’s crazy once you cross that
line with me yeah this is Ray Oberlin
you know what I can’t rock with you and
I and I know you’ve dealt with that for
your career people just yeah I make
nobody want now I don’t know him he’s
called in and you know again I try to
hear everybody out you know and he calls
in sometimes doesn’t address the topic
that we’re talkin he just goes right
into battle rapping like that I don’t
want to climbing on you know people’s
business other platforms battle but you
know tonight I figured I would just text
you man and just see if it was something
that was of concern go to bed early and
just like you know time you run into
somebody that just he’s on his Selena
shit he’s ready to kill his number one
you know there’s weirdos in the world
okay I don’t want to focus on him
anymore a shinobi you sent me a text
with regards to what Ronnie and I were
talking about the the fight between the
Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland
Browns what you wanted to say what yeah
Oh Mason Rudolph or whatnot
the problem with is you can’t tow you
got a cover full story what happens okay
like spark you know I you know you watch
Cleveland is up by two touchdowns with
eight seconds to go
respect for each other just to kind of
end again nobody gets hurt move on for
the next one he hits the stool and I
mean fast when he drives him into the
ground and the guys took you know he
took off so far he was a set apart about
you Chris but he kind of got into a
scuffle now I don’t mind a puppy but as
its customer first order guys like six
big 280 pounds with a bass who love
their husband and he three whiskeys home
now I’m not for spending money to get an
altercation but he turns the helmet and
use it as a weapon and now you don’t
play football has been around anything
oh no come to about 14 pounds hey
looking cowboy and I steal if you hit
somebody and all right hang on a second
note stare at this Ronnie you want to
jump in because norms had an issue with
what you were saying I don’t want to
speak for you but dumb why are you there
that that’s my homie that’s my friend
norms – hi Nora how are you well I got
calls from a lot of my buddies they’re
playing yeah a lot of people are upset
about what he did because it’s you know
there’s a brotherhood most the NFL you
know I mean and he took it to a whole
nother level and when the person said
that I thought I said that they’d try to
press charges that’s true because you
turn an object into a into a weapon like
that helmet it’s anybody after what a
man that size human and they should have
not back to that game was over you were
excessive and they tried to kill him
you’re being you’re you’re you’re
exaggerating here and you’re
he bought them a long time in the head
listen listen if you’re so worried about
head injuries you don’t join the NFL
because we all know that the NFL has
been covering up CTE for years so let’s
not play this game where we try to
overreact and mischaracterize and you
know he’s trying to potentially kill him
that’s not what it was he
someone has one time in the head listen
this guy kicked him in the groin how
about that I don’t hear you talking
about that that’s been a permanent
Oh what’s he have to do with a man
attacking with a helmet that’s what’s in
the game these people sign up for that
you don’t sign up to get smashed to the
head with no helmet oh listen you
something big
that is exactly we’re putting hairs
you’re going to get hit in your head as
a football player we all know this they
go into it knowing that what a home with
horns when you strike them in anybody
with a helmet on top of somebody’s head
you’re not trying to send them a low pop
okay and it’s kicking somebody in the
groin is that a love tap oh they were
scuffling on the floor enough to moisten
it with your forgiveness
Wow okay well then you haven’t seen all
of the angles because I clearly saw him
kick him in the groin that’s been
reported okay everybody saw it
maybe you didn’t clearly you did not but
he was in the boy and he tried to pull
his helmet off I said hang on a second
– orbs you do not agree you think it’s
justified whatever the problem is the
scenario of the game the game over
not to mention Gary has already had a
lot of roughing the passer place on
correct the last this year you’re saying
there was no need to be accepted granted
they shouldn’t up in the fight but it
happened Mr Norrell yep mr. Norris can I
ask you one question
what about Mason Rudolph do you think he
should be punished because you’re
punished she’s gonna get fired but not
you so why hasn’t it happened yet we all
saw what happened because you didn’t
strike him with a helmet people don’t
get suspended for fighting and I saw
like that yesterday I happened
well you’re a that’s when you get
alright when you get kicked out with you
do things that are out of the norm is
when you get you know I’m gonna say he’s
right it’s know what I’m saying and he
should face the suspension but when you
try to kill somebody with a helmet the
hold of the story I don’t know if you
ever had a helmet in your hand or
anything really just this year alone
this year alone in boxing three people
got killed this year on head injury and
that’s getting hit with a club to the
head think about they remember they have
no protection on it that’s not gonna
it could kill them this guy just got
knocked out like really slow with a
helmet on
has he been fined also aside from being
suspended running miles Garrett he’s
been fine yeah and his fine has his fine
I don’t think has been assessed yet but
both teams have been fined two hundred
and fifty thousand each he was already
more than fifty thousand dollars this
season for punching Jelani Walker who’s
a tight end for the Tennessee Titans
he’s got a history of this nerds yeah
miles Garrett quarterback the back for
that girl what’s his name I forgot his
name he’s out for the season like he cut
but you know but that was within the
game so were you when you literally rip
somebody’s head off and you swing that
um it’s a whole different ball if you
ever held a helmet then that is a weapon
you don’t do that that’s why he’s on it
and he’s gonna get to tread it going
infinitely so it’s not only the game now
it’s gonna be game going into next
season probably another three four games
you know that’s why I disagree with you
like it I don’t think it’s been
overblown I think he’s getting exactly
what he deserves and you know you can’t
do that well I think you disagree with
Ronnie because I’m not fully fully up to
speed on the details I mean I did see
the fight but I mean I don’t at this
point I don’t really have an opinion I
mean you know I saw I did see a Rudolf
kick Garrett I did see that so
if that’s where this all started then I
think he should be suspended as well but
if he’s the quarter but if it’s a
quarterback he’s a quarterback and
they’re not gonna probably suspend him
that fast
well it started when packing them but
the game is literally over he basically
was excessive on bringing them back melt
away so what so what
that’s football no rot Ronnie actually
you know roughing the passer now is is
really a big deal in the NFL it’s really
a big deal because of people like Nords
wanting to make it foster wanting to
make it more palatable
I got friends in the league
my brother plays in the NFL and this man
every week gonna get to walk home on a
fun enjoy his life on the line playing
so it’s not about making it Oscar these
guys over 300 pounds they’re killing
each other during games whenever tired
they’re not even getting the proper arms
helpful or off against CTE added to them
so a lot of athletes go through so this
is a very serious problem
the last is it against caucus have you
ever been tackled by a 350 call men
no it’s a sister ballgame you say you
can’t downplay I get what you’re saying
but these guys are not normal the human
normal sized human being country they
really do take a beating take a beating
you know I’m incoming I hate what the
same I can’t agree with you all right
take notes before I let you go man
what’s coming up with URL anything you
want to mention or I think I should be
aware of
number 14 but you want to go out the
sample man we out scar we go up the
pepper and make you know mean December
15th and you know what saw if you want
to go to see my brother plays football
you play for the Carolina Panthers we
can go
now you’re here in Atlanta you and I
have been talking about connecting so uh
are they gonna play the Falcons here
yeah they play the Falcons B number I
think and also before I let you go
Cassidy did you when I get a chance to
speak about Cassidy vs. arsenal because
you you were riding really hard for
Cassidy versus Goods well one thing that
vs Cassidy oh look I think he’s the
funniest person in battle I think I love
what he does outside of battle um at
these a good dude he sells the fight
make things entertaining
having said that he has a lot to learn
this isn’t you know this isn’t 2001 got
good winning
yeah but I’m entertained by all the
stuff that he does reading for the
battle but you know it is what it is
who’s he battling next on URL Cassidy I
don’t know maybe like going going life
and getting huge paychecks to battle so
he was on some like you know I don’t
know but he’s a good guy man he’s good
guy I know he wants to come back in the
ring but you know I don’t know a lot of
people want to be one MIDI I think
that’ll be dope conceded would be dope
but again like I would love to see
Cassidy versus conceded that would be
good good talking you nerds I’ll be in
touch man yeah thank me a salute okay
all right streets darn orbs homie a
hang on a second Ronnie I want to UM
make sure I don’t hit click the wrong
number here
I missed a super chatter – you got more
time running you okay it’s getting later
what you good mm-hmm
yeah okay and we can continue the
conversation guys if anybody wants a
poem about mason rudolph
and miles garrett the fight that
happened in NFL this past thursday night
so whoops ends in a super chat a New
York niggas smell each other’s do-rags
to tell what’s burrow they from okay
Juicy J says Richie incognito got his
helmet snatched off and got smacked with
it the other player got a three-game
suspension two of which were preseason
games correct Mike from Boston says
salute to Mason Rudolph he has a steel
dome he took that shot rather well
souheïb says New York niggas scream
facts instead of hallelujah in church
Bush kid says a woman North Carolina
NBA player Anthony Grundy dies in a
stabbing police say he was stabbed to
death in a fight hashtag Atlanta Hawks
2012 okay gotcha okay so that has to go
to do with your other super chair okay
okay hold on a second let me bring in
every coat um 505 hey 505 E they’re
grieving 505
yes no maybe bring every coat six four
good evening six four six hello hey how
are you good evening yeah how you doing
good evening hey what’s a minute
I’m alright if anybody that I’m talking
about the football thing please when the
quarterback pulled him down to the floor
mmm-hmm he twisted his helmet and pulled
down on the helmet and put it into his
chin yeah head is part of that helmet
and when you got those solar panels on
with the facemask good he was in pain on
the floor that’s why you got up where he
still pissed off I mean I’m not gonna
stand on the fact that he bought them
with the helmet but I understand it’s
like the equivalent I collagen in a pile
oh yeah that’s just my two cents well
hang on a second because you know I mean
I’ve been a big hockey supporter over
the decades and as I said earlier when I
did a show you know in hockey you look
forward to the fights it’s promoted its
accepted so I don’t necessarily think
that these penalties are justified and
you have to let off steam sometimes even
football is not a it’s not a pussies
game but you know taking the helmet and
hitting the guy with the helmet that’s
that’s that’s extreme that’s extreme but
at the same time I think that the whole
roughing the passer I think that’s where
should have stopped so I’m not excusing
a Mason Rudolph but that’s where it
should have stopped for me after here up
the passer that’s we should stop me
that’s why I should stop watching
football because now the game has
changed people are on tackling and all
that stuff like that I was interesting a
long time ago I’m actually sweating to
try and get into hockey now and rugby
okay okay okay
thank you for the cool thanks thank you
okay sir
running mmm that was 646 gemstar good
evening gemstar says one Evenstar ask
you do you still have time to hang out
and you responded with hey what is in
your mouth gem star Ronnie
maybe I’ll reveal that on the next show
okay all right kid dangerous I got your
email Thank You Man what is this okay
I’m not sure but this is about kid
dangerous are you okay do you want to
call back in I just spoke to norms where
we going I’m not sure with this email is
can you share the photo who is this guy
is it Anna no one T top would destroy
Cassidy um I don’t know about the store
I think that would be a good battle to
t-top and in case you know it’s just
called him everything code 7a good
evening already there step one aim hello
said morning good evening good evening
yes no maybe hold on money
area code 305 leaving 305 oh you did 305
music in the background I can’t do that
it’s bringing an area code for one zero
well we know you there what’s up man hey
how are you what’s up what’s going on
yes sir
talking about a few things today Friday
night and then that that football game
thing right we can talk about that yeah
yeah um the mouthguard situation thing
there not that that could have been
really serious though
he would hit Mason I forgot the
quarterback name because we hit him well
Thomas thank you like couple weeks ago
we make some funny waves you know but
yeah but you know if he would have got
hit real hard in his head and will start
bleeding or what got knocked out it
would have made the game look really
okay it’ll look real crazy James okay
just wanted to say that really listening
to the show a lot and I just got my area
code started out so I was like let me
talk to star real quick thank ya just
want to say that real quick man all
right thank you no problem no problem so
this this is probably the bigger story
at running yeah Mason Rudolph miles
Garrett um probably and I hope I hope
the story continues to grow because I
don’t want to see the situation swept
under the rug as far as Mason Rudolph is
concerned he initially tried to grab
this man’s helmet off
and he kicked him in the groin and he
deserves some level of punishment and
that’s not to say that miles Garrett
shouldn’t be punished but that’s to say
that all parties involved me to be
punished bringing every code 7:07
gleaming 7:07 we’re gonna change it up
and talk about miles Garrett suspension
was it justified 7:07 are you there yeah
John Blake on the checks and man hey
look man miles Garrett that’s my nigga
right there man hey I followed miles
Garrett when he played for Texas a.m.
and he was a thief now what he’s doing
is falling out the mold of the Adamic
ensue he’s going out there cracking head
Hey in fact I wish you would have
cracked his head as a matter of fact
Nathan Rudolph I wanted to go ahead and
see that dome split open
because they don’t make no goddamn sense
well we went ahead and saying he’ll try
to twist his head off hey in fact I was
on the phone with you watching the start
of the fourth quarter here on the game
to be honest with you and then oh wait
when when when mace the winning hand was
on the ground you
can visibly see him trying to twist his
helmet off his head that’s what set it
off right there when he when he had to
help me in there pop see pop see one
again it came in between them and then
he went to here in destroying the
helmets worth I wish he would have had
in crack this fall I know the simple
fact that he was a number one drastic
and it is the fact that it’s a black and
white situation Hey look
I ain’t got no love for rental because
he’s up here filling in and he’s a third
string quarterback he was D one come out
of Oklahoma State so who gives a goddamn
about come on first ringer this is
I want carnage I want to see some legs
bro I don’t get god damn about some of
the elements here the whole boy’s head
because if we were to go ahead and give
it a legal hit – it’s all Burford
Burford you want a handy game a little
hit make it was suspicious for the
entire TV so give me a goddamn when you
call him to take a helmet to his mother
fuck I’m sorry man to algorithm oh hey
look hang on John blaze I appreciate you
man but hang on a second hang on
to be fair streets darn orbs called in
and said that the the Browns were up the
game was are pretty much over and do you
think that it was excessive though swing
that swinging the helmet he already
already roughed the passer from what I
can see
am I wrong hey you asked norm no you’re
not wrong okay it’ll be rats about it be
objective okay hey you not wrong as a
matter of fact Ronnie he’s not wrong but
let’s look at it in the pure fact it is
we are watching football we are not
watching flag football what they trying
to do was right away from us Susak
allottee of the game to which I was
watching since I within a walking Ronnie
life at Candlestick
I watched all the greats but Patrick
Willis account of stick all the way up
into the new stadium and they’ll be
playing flag football now if you want to
go in here and play football
take the pants off now you got two boys
north calling in talking about he can
press charges
now what the hell the football when I
can go ahead and give him a legal hit I
don’t think North was the one that said
press charges I think that was a
different color no one said that someone
else said it and co-signed it oh he
co-signed it okay
cold fine it
he was cosigner and I listened to him
faithfully and what struck a nerve for
me to call them because I wasn’t gonna
call it because I watching the Warriors
right now but I wasn’t gonna call in
because because the fact when norm came
off they try to make excuses for right
off because look the fact is is that
when he see with a touch the helmet
system say perhaps you took a helmet to
some other Negro it wouldn’t be the same
impact it’s the fact that is a black and
white situation because if it was the
fact that it was a Negro that took the
helmet to the head they wanted took that
there’s now you got Jeff all ESPN a lot
of the other cosine is due to be up here
to go ahead and encourage young
oppressed heart that’s what they doing
all these dudes we call it right now the
mouthpiece for what they see on ESPN he
appear now and grab the narrative of
pressing charges we can go ahead and see
Stephen a Smith Mac element is the only
real dude who actually is coming to the
defense of my dog man and you gotta
remember he was a number one pick that
came out of 2017 that’s why it’s a big
miles there was a piece when he was at
Texas am because he’s one of the big
programs that go ahead for to some of
the biggest argent and it fell right now
now hang on a second John blaze yes so
when I heard that whole comment about
pressing charges I said oh I said is
that where we’re going now with the NFL
is that even a possibility or is that
just such as talk possibility nigga
that’s not even I believe a possibility
for the simple fact that if you go ahead
and bring it in high let’s go ahead and
bring in it deal in a jail got so much
love for me I’m go ahead and go through
the strong game often because they set
it off over there town okay I would
imagine that you have to work I’m sure
you have to agree with your contract you
have to indemnify the NFL if any fights
or anything like that takes place and I
just I don’t see that being a
possibility but you know somebody said
it so I’m just you know finish you know
I’ll give you the last word man before I
take more calls
hey I appreciate the phone call the last
word for me is that I’m on Ronnie I’m on
team Ronnie for the simple fact that you
got these toughest was calling in
go ahead and give him the scoops with
some flag football now they want to take
the pads off the only Roma folks that
got huevos right now is my dog Ronnie
paint them out Thank You Man John blaze
late blaze in the airwaves tonight okay
yes so we’ll switch it up but the
Keyshia Cole topic is pretty much dead
I’m gonna keep my eye on that I don’t um
I watched a show but I’m gonna keep my
eye on that young man of hers sorry okay
I’m gonna give you some of the latest
headlines this is where this talking
point is coming from New York Post the
headline says Mason Rudolph won’t press
charges against miles Garrett won’t
words Illustrated says potential legal
fallout from the miles Garrett Mason
Rudolph fight on Thursday night so that
is like a trending talking point whether
you know the whole that aspect of it but
like you said it’s ridiculous ridiculous
that’s not gonna happen how could that
even be considered in the game pressing
charges you know I don’t know no calls
area code six one two leaving six one
two talking about miles Garrett
suspended over definitely are you there
six one two yeah I’m here I’m with I’m
with Ronnie because basically what you
have to look at is I’m gonna break it
down like this football is entertainment
so any publicity they get they don’t
mind now normally like a lot of people
were saying it into the game players is
just going through the motions to get it
over he does rush him he does rough him
and that’s not you have to question that
now if you look at the angry man
narratives that they’ve been doing all
season there are we suspended of but
what did they buff it there are
suspended him they pretty much black
bought a p40 season and you saw his
shame narrative him going from Oakland
going to New England that’s a shame
they’re the same thing they’re doing
with copper nation I’m not a Kaepernick
fan but they’re doing a shame narrative
with him and so if you look at look at
it from that now I’ll say this a hockey
player did get charged before for
hitting to do with a stick last year
for he got probation so this it’s
possible but not probable okay not
probable but let me say it if you look
at the film the brothers double-teamed
by two people the quarterback doesn’t
stop he keeps in his face and he’s in
he’s held by 66 the whole time
66 is the one tasting down now if you
read the report they say for 66 it’s 66
2 stood between and was trying to stop
him from getting hit with Ponzi but he
was attacked
basically at one time by two people
constantly two people constantly so you
know you have to look at the whole thing
but then again you have to look at is at
all stage because this very nearly could
be but to me the one of the telling
moments was when he was leaving the
field you saw his body react to the what
was about to happen to him I thought
that was very telling and I said I
didn’t take that no I didn’t see that
but Ronnie can you jump in because I’m
not sure exactly what he’s talking about
I got to do something over here Ronnie
um are you referring to after the fight
was broken up after the fight was broken
up when he was helped up by his
teammates he was nearing the sideline
hitting another teammate and you saw his
body just react he buckled like his
whole body just you so he saw what was
coming so you know he’s gonna lose a lot
of cheese let’s not let’s not say he’s
not he’s gonna lose over a million
dollars you know he’s probably one of
cats making 150,000 a week during the
fifth season if not more if not more and
so he’s gonna lose a lot of cheese but I
feel that he he’s the boogie man because
that’s been the narrative again this
would be two brothers suspended
suspended well also don’t forget that
the Center for the Steelers Maurice
Pouncy who actually after so after miles
hit Rudolph in the head Maurice
basically like tackled them to the
ground and was you know kicking him and
punching him he got a three game ban so
he did but there’s actually no who 66 is
the one that took him down not policy 66
never took his hands off him until he
drove him down
three gameband four for kicking him this
is after the head pop so what you have
three suspended in total one from the
Steelers but I you know Mason Rudolph I
don’t understand why he should be
escaping punishment it’s a fight and it
with with him kicking him in the groin
would he be punished in if you know
miles would have simply ate that and
just walked away kicked him and punched
him he just kicked him in the groin and
punched him he didn’t just kick him he
kicked him and punched him in the groin
so so yes he’s not getting penalized but
see that was the narrative all day like
the brother said only Max Kellerman was
the other one only one of the other ones
you know saying wait a minute Rudolph
should be held case he should be held
because he kept he kept it going he kept
throwing the fire on it in 66 I didn’t
get a chance to see Steven Naismith so
it is he approving of the suspension
where is he going
yeah he’s playing the same narrative
that his a dirty guy had all him play go
ahead I saw Stephen a Smith’s take it
was like a two-minute video and it was
just trashed he spent the entire time
you know talking about how egregious
this was and you know you would have
thought that it was like a street fight
that miles had put on he bought them one
time in the head it wasn’t that serious
and he went on and on and on he made you
know no teeth for Mason Rudolph to be
punished and I don’t find that to be
objective at all so I have to wonder why
even a cake was so one-sided why yeah
yeah I don’t know if Steven Naismith is
it has ever been objective of me he’s
always had his his slip and then now
he’s I’m sure he’s more of a corporate
guy because he’s the highest-paid over
there at ESPN so I mean I don’t see him
being objective at all but I’ll give you
the last word yes what was funny what I
call funny was it’s ESPN played the
thing all day
Fox played it to a point when then Fox
moved on the other sports I thought that
was kind of interesting where ESPN just
dark my you know milk the milk the milk
this and then Fox said okay we had
enough we’re gonna go on to the other
sports thank you Oh remember hockey one
more thing hockey oh the goons fight
remember doubt about hockey only the
goons fight it ain’t just you know
everybody quite usually the goon spike
thank you thank you okay Ronnie you sent
me some emails I’m doing a whole lot of
stuff here I’m trying to read super
chats in cash apps anything I should be
up to speed on here’s the way helmet
bash could lead to charges okay so you
sent me that link thank you
New York Post yeah I just sent those to
you for reference criminal charges
here’s the one way so they’re already
talking about the possibilities he did
yeah I think it’s really the media
driving that talking point I don’t think
anybody would really expect a grown man
to you know get the police involved over
a professional sports game an athlete I
mean you know someone in the stands yeah
fine but not actual athletes
well the NFL has been known to cave in
to pressure you know I mean they got rid
of what’s-his-name Ray Rice even that he
begged and pleaded and apologized and a
bunch of other people not just free rice
but um you know they have been known to
cave into pressure so do you think this
is grounds for termination beyond the
suspension no no he hit him one time it
wasn’t a long drawn-out fight and you
know I’m sure it didn’t tickle it didn’t
feel good to get hit in the head but you
know when you play dirty you have to
understand that the next person might be
willing to get just as dirty with you we
have a white star GB says money is the
truth okay holding you down tonight
Ronnie let’s go to every coat 83 – good
83 to you there static area code seven
eight good evening seven eight
hello hey hey are you there
start faint baby what’s going on with
you and Ronnie money’s there to be a
city what’s wrong with you go fine so
I’ve listened to you guys every day I’m
but I know you from 597 must be old
season yeah it needs to see that he’s a
detox who’s willing to blow you back out
somebody to put in like you know 10
minutes okay but I’m saying that you
know you get the vaginal cleansing
that’s another topic so let’s go on well
since we’re right here can you tell me
about Keyshia Cole he up to speed she’s
got herself I love you sure coelus
listen to her I think she’s been
fantastic as far as like between you
know mary j blige Erzberg line I’ve
always followed her I don’t know what I
mean I want her to be happy you know
then I think that the young man seems
like a nice and then but it’s just like
she has to understand that she’s gonna
be under public scrutiny because you
know first one
little training beside and then he is I
mean he seems like very very nice but
they have a big age difference so if you
asked me he seems agreeable gribble
right so we don’t know if the agreeable
myth is the G meaning like like you said
tempesh or if she’s pimping man we don’t
ok now hang on a second you’re close to
50 respectfully now do you think earlier
I said that Keyshia Cole is draining
this young man’s pipes now you as an
away you as an older woman you’re
draining the pipes cleaning the pipes
you know that’s about he’s a younger guy
in his his semen is not you know
polluted and got all sorts of things
from from living so so you could
understand where she’s going with that
yeah my and her age range they’re in the
same age range that he’s been at the
same time I were talking 30
like 30 36 and you know the young man
has been excuse me in his early twenties
I’m sorry meaning give us the age of the
youngest pipes that you cleaned keep it
real youngest bank to clean well you
know what’s funny the one that was
really young that I’ve been with he
never really was a big thing on that
type on the fellatio you know me sucking
on take it easy take it easy
I did
he had your head banging banging against
the headboard yes smashing you bang yeah
bang yes you as an old woman you were
contracting and expanding the 2g
contracting and expanding I don’t know
about that but I was coming but he was
even doing his work where I was just
like okay but I had a gentleman that I
was involved in I had a gentleman I was
involved and I was incarcerated at the
time no one that was not of course but
it was a shame yeah out of Germany I was
in car you know that was a lot so I let
him know like Oh basically he knew he
was temporary but the but I did like him
and I did try to be like a figure to him
I’m not saying a mother figure actually
his mother knew me I will come to his
house and he lived with mom and we were
going and engaged and his mom didn’t
know how old it was his back when I was
35 I look like I was like 25 now I’m 45
I’m 47 and I look like maybe I’m 40 and
I mean are you sure you’re 47 u17 45 are
you 53 keep it real and I was a long
time ago but listen baby I don’t want to
go far so back I appreciate you
listening I’m sorry I’m proud of my
history I don’t I don’t want to go that
far back listen thank you for listening
and enjoy your evening and you
thank you why do you want to take more
clothes okay hi Ronnie
bye I want to get back to the topic ok
bye bye 1 thank you darling I know okay
all right co-op city hang on a second
you ever heard of co-op city up in the
Bronx um Barney you’ve been here yeah I
don’t know much about it but I know it
exists uh let me see who else is on the
check-in what what time to get you okay
we’re doing good and guys I’m really
trying to go to UM the workout tomorrow
with Colin Kaepernick here in Atlanta
Chuck and I are trying to work it out
scheduling-wise I might stream live on
Instagram Bush kid sends in a super chat
he says to wounded as gunfire erupts at
Camden Pleasantville high school some
type of football playoff game in New
Jersey hitting three males holy smokes
did you hear about that Ronnie I saw
that earlier no yeah no I didn’t I saw
the video I saw people running while
they were playing the game
Camden Pleasantville High School that
Camden New Jersey I would imagine so
yeah yeah uh-huh Camden Camden
Pleasantville New Jersey a couple more
calls every account six one six good
evening we do oh yeah I’m here for it
hey hey I don’t feel I feel like that um
the dude the quarterback he got away he
deserves he tried to say he tried to
pull the first dude on helmet off and it
didn’t work for him he got his slips off
and you know what I feel like so arm the
guy that swung the helmet heathyr
nationally tried to hit him with like
the hard part he probably moved it oh
yeah this is the back of it I’m gonna
hit him and if he do try to come back
again oh I’m a really practice melon man
so it’s his fault he started it and he
got exactly what he deserved
I don’t feel like he should be suspended
detonate or whatever that is maybe give
him a game or two off and the guy that
started it maybe should get two games
three games off and that’s be fair to me
when stated a hat I like I like the
violence in the sports you know if land
stuff like this wants to happen more
often I will watch football a little
more clearly and truthfully that’s what
I’ve said over the years you know it’s
such a different game now I can’t really
relate but I understand that the whole
you know roughing the passer thing now
is really serious I mean you can’t
tackle them down and then do that I
think that that was that was the story
in my opinion yeah but I’m just saying I
like the violence you know if and UNC if
every time I watch the fight on UNC
someone got knocked out I watch it all
the time if someone wants to get you
know laid out at football and literally
just be luck not though I will watch it
if in NASCAR I’ve seen those ten car
pileup and all of them kept on fire I’d
like damn that’s some crazy shit right
there I need to watch it a little more
do you think that they toned down the
violence in the NFL because there’s more
black people playing oh no yeah maybe
just a punish from a little more hell
yeah yeah just to be able to punish them
a little more and oh another thing the
Keyshia Cole thing I’m here for it
that’s a lucky young man I wish it was
me you know he got really lucky with
that I’m watching them make me not too
long they’re going ahead to rise you see
him sit in it and I was like dang I sure
wish I could marry I’m all the way with
I appreciate the Cole man thank you is
it any up all right you take it easy
hey yo somebody sent in a super Chet 908
I think this is uh-oh moolah how to say
your name ice mullah I are smaller I saw
a little about a teacher’s coming soon
good you just want to wanted to touch on
the whole mouth garroting another thing
a lot of people do not know sports I’m a
handicap of myself but laughing what I
mean that are talking to me don’t
understand sport and what we do
understand some sport is that football
is very violent it’s a it’s a sport
built this legalized assault on the
field so people have to realize not so
much snapping it’s just kind of like the
nature of the game yeah it was it was
kind of crazy got hit with his helmet
but you know he was okay and I think
well really really I thought was crazy
was Dee Dee’s Uncle Tom’s on ESPN
talking about how he needed to go and
this that and the third is like you know
hold on if I understand that some of
these guys are played football are
already it’s just like yo you don’t
understand the you know the nature of it
so I just thought I was kind of crazy
night element well the only one that was
at least had some kind of contrary and
view about the fact that Rudolf did kind
of like he didn’t have to be there to
get hit with the helmet you know it
seems like he kind of went after the
dude he got the wrong end of it and you
know I mean I think of course there
should be a suspension but that whole
indefinite thing that was just the NFL
trying to look in the capitalize on a
good situation and they did you know
what Viking just jumping and saying the
NFL in my opinion always overreacts and
always folds to pressure yes I think
that he was roughing the passer but I
don’t agree with this whole be
suspending him indefinitely I think
that’s excessive and again I think it
should have stopped you know at the
roughing the pasture but I’m not sure
where it should go now I’m really not
sure so when you say people who don’t
know football I’m not claiming to know
the new game of football I want
once in a while it’s not the same so I
just kind of like sit back nice yeah
okay whatever okay you were saying you
know not necessarily young talking more
so to call it but I’m just talking from
the fact that we are a reactionary
society now so like every little thing
is going to get blown up I mean this
thing made the shade room I’m like come
on Shan or you guys don’t give a damn
about football so I can see I can see
now how you know they feel they felt
like that and I felt like they needed to
get a slam dunk out of the whole thing
from a PR standpoint and you know you
said you got Colin Kaepernick it just
kind of like highlights and I felt I
guess moving forward and being a little
bit more above thing so that’s one thing
also I just wanted to touch on the thing
with the black Mouth violence I think
that that is something I don’t even
think I think mob violence in general is
something that is just a part of our DNA
just from the standpoint of a
psychological perspective because when
once people have a foul once people
start having crowds if you ever notice
whether it be a crowd of three four or
five people a lot of times you are you
you can notice that people might start
doing things they don’t necessarily do
all the time it happens all the time
even from a micro level and a macro
level and so when we talk about fighting
and adding that emotion and just yelling
and shouting when we start to have those
things come into play
you’re like you liable to have anything
happened at that point you know if I can
just jump in and say nothing and I’ve
said this on multiple occasions nothing
Trump’s white-on-white hatred and
killings but we have to at least
acknowledge sometimes if there is a
problem and I think there’s a problem
I’m interested in some type of solutions
as opposed to just trying to exploit it
and make fun of it ha ha ha hee hee hee
and again you know the young children
seeing this laughing and then doing just
what we see now people recording it and
circulating it we have to think about
the propaganda here in America
that has always been worth with the
evening news going back to the 50s and
the 60s and the 70s you know constantly
promoting black criminals or black crime
at dinnertime when families would watch
and and it would formulate an opinion in
their minds of how black people were yes
so with that being said now now we have
the Internet
we have the power now and we know better
that old saying if you knew better you
do better so we know better now so so so
let’s not you know promote it as if it’s
a jokey joke type of thing we do that
behind the scenes and I’ve already
admitted that I’m kind of embarrassed I
do it behind the scenes
I’ll give you last word yes 13 you know
and it’s sad because it’s on another
person’s behalf and what we really have
to be aware of is that that that can
come to roost to any of us I mean we’re
all kind of vulnerable to this thing
because all the chicks for you to be in
a moment of weakness and for something
to happen maybe an argument or whatever
I don’t tend to try to argue too much
with people but you know it could be
anybody you know and so yeah I totally
agree on that point and you guys have a
great night thank you mean you too okay
all right I think we’re just about oh my
god homeless second running you still
there yeah I just saw that shooting that
shooting is from like a couple hours ago
okay I thought I cut you off on this
thing is that Camden New Jersey yeah it
was a school football game uh-huh
anybody arrested not yet
but two people were shot and it looks
like one of them is a child
oh let’s take one more call I was
looking for Jason Jason sent me an email
I never saw his number in the queue
not sure what happened I’ll go to area
code three one seven
good evening three 170 there yeah hey oh
wow wow I can’t wait yeah I’m gonna
catch that pretty thing
oh yeah it’s my first time calling me
I’ve been watching I just got on your
show this year this year okay but I yeah
fuck good how you doing yeah I’m talking
about the football thing man I mean yeah
I mean are you about to cut all the show
or well you’re my last caller what do
you think about the suspension of miles
Garrett yeah
I’m not looking like both football is a
gladiator sport like I’m with like come
on like come on it’s a guy you know and
the dude calm before like it’s crazy to
talk to you but um my cousin playing NFL
as well man so I mean these people are
not normal I mean you plan on the
Patriots brother like they did a little
escort thing or you see them walking out
you know Tom Brady I mean these minions
will be five nine fucking 350 Powers is
just straight muscle and you’re five
feet of and they’re not normal like his
juiced up on roids allegedly use them
yeah shut up to you man on the on the
show man I rarely find yourself in rock
which you are ever since January man
just came a career in to the shadows man
but thank you like in my life you know
I’m cool for that too late if you crack
pee on stuff yeah all right thank you
for calling man thank you
all right all right
well Ronnie thank thank you for going
hard in the paint with regards to the
suspension of miles Gary anything else
you want to say in closing on this topic
um no just that I’ll be looking forward
to seeing how they handle it norm said
that it takes time I guess
so we will see what happened okay one
good thing good to talk to you we’ll
catch up on
I’m sure ball shit money holding me down
tonight guys please keep me posted on
the horn a second on the Keyshia Cole
situation she had a baby by that young
guy let’s look at young pimp huh hold a
second and um if some of you are gonna
be at the Colin Kaepernick workout
tomorrow in Atlanta you may see me there
Chuck no joke and I are trying to get
out there and at least do some type of
filming even if we can’t get inside the
actual event all right all right thank
you for your support tonight and here’s
Ronnie’s banner up first and she’s got a
brand new Twitter page as well so she’s
out there on social media and I thank
you for your support
take care good night

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