New Year's Resolutions Don't Work, Do This Instead


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what’s up family if it’s your first time
checking out the show this is how we do
it you let me know what city what state
you coming in from outside of the US let
me know what country you’re representing
show how we do it you let me know what
city what state you coming in from this
is how we do it you let me know what
city what state you coming in from too
much have way too much going on
all right let me say that again just in
case you missed it
what’s up family if it’s your first time
checking out the show you let me know
what city what state you’re coming in
from if you’re outside of the US let me
know what country you’re representing on
this glorious New Year’s Eve for some of
you guys it’s already New Year’s so
congratulations you made a lot of us we
didn’t with masks on a lot of us didn’t
make it a lot of us is not going to make
it some people right now this very
moment who has breath and nylons
they’re not going to make it to the new
year and in Houston we’re only about
five and a half hours away to the new
year so definitely count your blessings
count your blessings I know that my
family is not the only one who has
experienced loss during his holiday
season Zanon arm in 2019 oh boy 2019 was
a rough one but you know life goes on we
still here so though those of us who may
have experienced tragedy especially the
loss of a really close one a close loved
one you got to go home if you know not
just for yourself but song for those
people that are depending on you
especially if you have children many of
us have children so you know the kids
still have their needs if you’re married
and you lost a family member you know
you lost a parent or child just remember
your spouse still needs you to do the
things that you know you agree to do
when you form your Union so like phones
on family you know it’s tough out there
but life does go on and you keep on
waking up
it does get back few shots who is this F
after our ironically h-town baby what up
Donna schepisi there is happy new years
to everyone I’m happy new year
okay so uh who is Jay Walker J walk up
to 1 J walk the 180ml if you want to
skip the line you can jump into the chat
I mean you could jump it to the super
chat if you want to skip the line who
was the June ask you what up Happy New
Year’s John and why see deep up in
hittin it today today James Davis what’s
up this bird Frank blunt Cincinnati in
the building what a do her bliss Pete
Happy New Year
so I’m a-goin a family and I come back
two comments
so just thinking about these uh thinking
about this new year’s ething and New
Year’s resolutions and stuff like that
I’m always thrown aback by people who
who put a lot of attention on New Year’s
Eve I’m you know the new year you know
people will wait until January first
they’ll know that they have an issue in
their life and they’ll wait until
January first to try to resolve a
problem the way my mind operates is that
once I identify a problem that I have
then I start immediately working on the
solution try to fix that problem
otherwise to me it just don’t make sense
like why let a problem fester why let it
a problem lie dormant when you can just
handle it right a problem stress me out
so what I like to do when I have a
problem even if that problem is just
organizing the garage I got to get it
behind me because it weighs on me it’s
like so I like to clear my head close
those tabs so to speak so that’s the way
I operate I have a problem I’m gonna
tackle it immediately you have people
who are you know basically it’s an
age-old conundrum
every time January 1st rolls around you
got millions of Americans I don’t know
about everywhere else there are some
other places but I definitely know
America yeah millions of Americans who
set these New Year’s resolutions but by
the time February rolls around one third
of us have forgotten all of these
changes that we’re supposed to make so
the way I see it if you want to make
2020 your best year the gear that you
finally get through your news New Year’s
resolutions I say drop the New Year’s
resolutions and just start changing your
habits like start small like Pistons I
hear a lot of people say like and I’m
cut not disparate no people got it bad a
lot of times it’s the same people every
year I’m cutting off this you know you
know if if you don’t hear from me
I’m January 1st that means you’re one of
the ones who I cut off in 2008
oh this stuff cutting them off cutting
you off
man I don’t make no announcements when I
cut somebody out stylist is what did
with this is the only announcement you
get you notice it’s the old saying
actions speak louder than words so my
actions when I cut them off and they
don’t hear from me that’s how they know
they was cut off I just don’t say
anything that silent treatment is deadly
it trips me out when people just make
these announcements like enough sex it
it’s almost kind of like the people who
say to thing they’re gonna unsubscribe
to my channel
don’t tell me about it just unsubscribe
because I can promise you if you
unsubscribing from my channel because
you disagree with the content I’m not
going to miss you in fact I probably
wouldn’t even notice that you were gone
at all you did what I’m saying because
if you’re not commenting and you’re not
a faithful watcher of the channel if you
don’t like I don’t see you all the time
by commenting and stuffing you’re not in
the boxing you know if I don’t see that
man I’m not going to know that that
you’re there and you know you may be a
great supporter of the channel but if
you’re not commenting on the channel if
you’re not a member you know if you’re
not like joining the membership side of
it something along those lines and
you’re not a moderator you know if
you’re not getting like engaged in the
channel because all you’re doing is just
watching it then turning it off I’m
probably not gonna know you that so if
you got a problem with the channel and
you wanna talk about cut me off of
unsubscribing what are you waiting on do
us all a favor factor will anneal our
community would be served best without
so please unsubscribe I would like you
to do it immediately so that wouldn’t
that be nice if the trolls would say one
thing that I’m gonna do with 2020 I’m
gonna leave behind all the channels that
I don’t like on youtube I don’t like you
I’m unfollowing I’m gonna follow you on
Instagram follow you on facebook that
would be nice so I say don’t wait until
the new year ago if you have a problem
if you identify a problem in your life
tackle it immediately when I stopped
eating fried foods and beef I didn’t do
overnight it was like starting January
1st like if you do whatever you’re doing
right now continue in a bad habit and
you’re waiting all the way down all the
way until January 1st to try to change
it’s probably not going to work out for
you I say you have to change your
behavior you have to change your habits
first change your habits and you’ll make
whatever goal you’re trying to achieve a
lifestyle when I stopped eating the
fried foods and the beef and the cheese
and drinking milk it was over time I
started I was trying to see if I could
do it so I start off I started off by
eating fried foods twice a week doctor
lifetime of eating fried food so I cut
it down twice a week and then and I can
I cut down beef talked to twice a week I
did both of those at the same time so
twice a week I treat myself to some
fried foods beef
then I got it up to okay well I’m gonna
try to do it straight for two weeks no
beef no fried foods so after about two
or three months of going and going at it
two times a week I cut it off for a
month straight
that worked out better I cut it off for
two two weeks straight no beef no fried
food and then after that beer – it’s a
tried I’m not and I tried two months
then I fell off the horse ate something
I wasn’t so being but when you fall off
the horse
the idea is to jump back on as soon as
possible don’t kick yourself too much
don’t try to be this overachiever just
know be a human be natural you know like
if if it doesn’t work out for you like
that it don’t work out but if you fall
off that horse
don’t kick yourself too much just jump
back on as soon as you can and then go
right back at it also you probably
should not try to do things that you
won’t enjoy doing like don’t try to kick
habits that I try I try
don’t try to not don’t try to kick ass
but don’t try to like set goals that you
you that you don’t enjoy doing I like
like in other words somebody said well
are you gonna go mountain climbing you
know you don’t want you scared of
heights but you’re talking about going
mountain climbing you probably should
it’s probably not gonna be a good idea
right and I know some of you are saying
well you know you have to face your
yeah if you’re not going to enjoy doing
it you probably shouldn’t do it because
you’re not gonna look forward to doing
it’s always cool to find something that
you’re gonna look forward to doing
if you are a if you want to work out if
you if you if you’re trying to lose
weight you don’t enjoy running where
perhaps you you cut back you know you
strengthen your diet
cut back on fatty foods and calories and
stuff like that and and instead of
walking I mean runnin you walk fast or
you get on one of those way Carlos
stairmasters a sunken ellipticals or
whatever whatever they call it and you
get on one of those and you you know you
do the running you know you do the
walking and in place you know and you
get your movement like that you will
lose weight
either way running you lose it faster
but either way you will lose it but you
find something that you enjoy doing you
can do that you can get on that
elliptical and that stab master and be
reading a book or watching me on youtube
that’d be cool
but increments change the behavior don’t
try to like don’t try to like be honest
New Year’s resolution stuffing and what
are you waiting to January 1st if you
know you got a toxic person in your life
if you find out you got a toxic person
in your life in February why are you
waiting till January to get rid of them
once I identify you know what skirt put
right over there like think you’re not
immediately man cuz I like that peace I
love peace peace is good you know I
think if you don’t have peace that
causes stress cause depression and it
makes your body overwork makes the
organs in your body of work and this is
what causes chronic diseases and things
of that nature
and you basically just overworked your
body and you just put too much pressure
on your body and you know you hurt
yourself and you basically send yourself
to an early grave
so you know I would say drop the whole
new year’s resolution thing
and any huge goal that you want to
obtain I would say accomplish it in baby
steps don’t try to do everything at one
time it ain’t how fast you doing I used
to box mama used to tell me when I would
run he said it yeah how fast you do it
long we should do it you see them sad
so I say start off but small steps and
then get into it don’t wait until the
new year don’t wait till tomorrow for
something that you can do today what’s
up David boy new member over here
javis Milla Noah what up javis dog
visitor says he’s lost two this year my
condolences homie my condolences
Randy he’ll Nashville Tennessee in the
building what up I see you Quan 157
Detroit in the house
TJ sky Rochester New York LA swag
sending love from Philly
what up Detroit in the building mashita
mam’s what’s up Rasheeda would it look
that a big blazer in New Jersey Nettie
Sam what uh actually say New Jersey s mm
what does that s mm stand for Daniel
miles what’s up with you
other side of 40 sister what up happy
new year but no Monroe what’s up Bernard
Timmy Timothy faith black
Jane ACK
Dubey boy 21 what up dude boy man I
think I’m going me and my daughter
every year we bring in the new year with
comedy so that’s what we’re doing we’re
bringing in the new year with comedy
we’re going to see DL Hughley say it the
Entertainer earthquake
we’ll see who else is on that ticket
Deon Cole is on that ticket and nephew
Tommy at the smart financial in Houston
that’s where we’re going
man I’m trying to bring in new years
almost every year with comedy
it’s just soothes my soul and puts me in
good spirits I don’t really like
bringing in the new year in like a like
a regular Club type atmosphere or
something like that just a party of
something I like to be around people
that I know and I like but but more
importantly I like to bring it in but
laughter because you know usually like
every year here every year man it’s just
full of uh it’s full of a lot of you
know trauma and just bad experiences
y’all seen with this lash it was like
you know so that’s not just even on a
personal level to just on a personal
love is one thing but just on the level
that all of us have to go through just
living in the United States with all it
is crime and corruption police brutality
in these clowns snatching women and
girls and boys sometimes me and off the
streets you know it’s just a lot you
know people running up on folks with
kicking folks doors in at their homes
you know it’s just a really really
dangerous time in America so we are
bringing the New Year’s in with comedy
so if y’all see me out there I probably
a walk out on stage fulfillment at the
finish at the end I might walk out there
just omitted it looks a loop everything
be cool
what’s crazy is me man deal and said we
brought the new year’s here last year
together it was Tommy on that job big
Tommy may have been on this show also
humble one says change to people use
change yourself and the people around
you would change but disappear that’s a
good one change yourself and the people
around you would change or disappear
that is a good one
like how you protect me change yourself
and the people around you will change or
disappear how many of you had that
happen to you will you change your life
for the better
and the people around you disappear
sometimes you can change your life
well you don’t necessarily have control
over changing your life but your life
changes for the worst and people around
you would disappear because now you
can’t do anything for them so I know
that’s happened to me change yourself in
the people around you will change or
disappear oh man that is a good one I
like that I do want to address something
real quick the emember people have
commented on why their comments are
being deleted so I want to address that
right quick and if you all see them in
the future y’all see top comments feel
free to reply yourself because I may not
even see them I may not even see the
comment but there’s a number of reasons
why a comment could be deleted this
channel has adman moderators who
maintain the integrity of the channel
and they make sure that YouTube
guidelines are not violated because if
you’re violating YouTube’s guidelines on
this channel YouTube has the ultimate
say so they can shut the channel down so
we’re not gonna allow somebody who is
being a little bit too passionate to get
the channel
shut down for everybody you know
everybody’s not gonna be you’re not
gonna let one person mess it up for
everybody right that’s what I’m trying
to say some of the reasons a comment
might be deleted includes the use of
profanity racial slurs intimidation
bullying spamming and promoting hate so
if your comment is doing internet got
into that type of stuff going on it’s
probably gonna get deleted by the
moderator our YouTube now so I know some
of y’all be that way he’s deleted my
company cuz I did he disagreed with me I
believe the comment because you disagree
we welcome we welcome people to give
their opinion that would be stupid for
everybody to agree with every single
thing that I that I say that’s crazy
I couldn’t grow like that I actually
grow listening to you guys also I read
your comments so I take in what you guys
are saying to him sometimes I get
information that’s useful for me so I
couldn’t get that information if if we
were on the same page all the time if we
had the exact same information already
you know I couldn’t I couldn’t wrote so
y’all helped me grow also that’s why I
always want to know like what do y’all
think about this drop a comment
I’m not saying drop a comment so I can
have comments I want to know what you
think because even if I can’t use the
information you might drop some
information that somebody else who’s
using the platform may be able to use
you see what I’m saying so I welcome the
the opinions of others and when you have
a disagreement I welcome that also
because sometimes it helps enlighten me
you know I don’t have all the answers I
may think I got it all the way to the
right you may drop a comment I’ll look
at it and be like oh I didn’t think
about it and you know what you’re right
cuz unlike a lot of cats
I don’t pander to the base I know who my
base is I know who’s listening I know
who’s watching this channel but
sometimes I say things that the majority
of you guys disagree with and y’all let
it be known you like going in like oh
man and I remind people going in and
checking me or whatever as long as it’s
done with respect I ain’t got no problem
it’s just when somebody try to think
didn’t come on my channel and talk to me
any kind of weight that shit don’t fly
with me because I got a time I’m like
some of these cats yeah that ain’t gonna
fly with me so in fact that is the
number one where that mistake number one
but that is the fastest way to get your
comment deleted or even banned from the
channel if you come on here
disrespecting me you know that’s crazy
to me that’s like coming this is going
into somebody’s house and disrespecting
them like who does that a damn fool
because I know I wouldn’t be going on
somebody’s channel talking crazy to them
and all that stuff you know how easy it
is to get your comment delete it and get
blocked I have your mind then it’s
whatever but with me you only gonna get
one chance and it’s gonna be a wrap you
have to go in and use your second
channel your backup channel create a
whole new username and on all of that
stuff to get back on my platform and
when you do it again I’m a blocky again
it’s gonna be a settlements dad and I
got more time as more of us that have
time to block you then you have time to
create channels you’re gonna run out of
phone numbers and email addresses are
so you know in a nutshell yeah you know
that’s what it is when it comes to
comments being deleted if you’re doing
things like that like I say you use a
profanity you’re you’re trying to
intimidate people you’re bullying you’re
threatening folks you’re doing internet
type of stuff you’re promoting hate your
most likely your comment is going to get
deleted drop a few more responses to
your comments and then imma shut it down
fam mountain-climbing some people can
Daniel miles shelton of Watley says
hello to everyone and Happy New Year’s
and yep hello to you will it be in Happy
New Year may we all grow stronger
perfect perfect we don’t end it right
there happy New Year to each and every
one of you may we all grow stronger no

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