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only one just sort of let you know about
someone that I found out about only
about twelve months ago and I’ve sort of
heard of him before that it never really
clicked all my probably just wasn’t
ready to know about it but his name is
Edward Mandell house and he was the
the founder
one of the founders with the mastermind
behind the US Federal Reserve is also a
Jesuit and he grew up on a plantation
and the synonym to a plantation is
colony which is really the slave ship of
a slave ship some of slavery
and he was around he wound up being also
the young the advisor for Woodrow Wilson
in the 1920s for the United States some
but they had a falling out in the end
because Woodrow Wilson thought that he
was deceived by Edward mantel house and
the US Federal Reserve and after they’re
falling out they never spoke to each
other Ken doll Woodrow Wilson refused to
ever speak to Randall house Edward
Mandell house again but done being a
Jesuit and probably every involved in
the Masonic system he knew the art of
conversion and also the craft of banking
and I guess that’s why he was the
mastermind behind the the US Federal
Reserve but he wrote an article well or
he didn’t write the article but there
was something in the minutes said where
he was speaking to Woodrow Wilson just
gives you an idea of the mindset
behind this man and the US Federal
Reserve in the system that governs
United States all of its corporations
and everything else probably since the
1920s and even Hitler I mean they say it
was the German people
it sort of looks like that even Hitler
was backed by
large United States corporations not
necessarily United States of America
this is the United States which is a
probably a Vatican based corporate water
or based international system
that’s our usurp’d itself like these
serpents do into the United States of
America into the United States of
America and they call themselves the
United States wrote it in a all
uppercase D based Latin and created a
copy you or a quasi of the real thing
and I think that was done in order that
the people never really caught on the
difference between the brilliant island
states and the quasi United States so
gave the people of America the the
impression that they were serving their
own country when maybe in fact those
serving international foreign bankers
this is something that Edward Mandell
House said deliverer Wilson very soon
every American will be required to
register their biological property
that’s you and your children
in a national system designed to keep
track of the people and that will
operate under the ancient system of
Contracting by such methodology we can
compel people to submit to our agenda
which will affect our security as a
chargeback for our Fiat paper currency
you’ll probably remember in the birthing
certificate video the last four I did
explain the two houses where they shift
you will convert you from the creditor
into the data and then you pay back
credit on you pay back yourself but
because you were changed from debtor
from credit to data and you didn’t know
about it then really you’re returning
the money to the agent is because you
never came back at the agency get the
okay guys every American be forced to
register or suffer being able to work
earn a living they will be our channel’s
property and we will hold the security
investment we will hold a security
interest o them forever because you’ll
never know you’ll never come back and
they’ll be able to reclaim your asset
your birthright
they will be our channels our property
images and we will hold the security
interest over them forever by operation
of law merchants under the scheme of
secured transactions Americans but
unknowingly or unwittingly delivering
the builds of Laden which is the birth
certificates it says here to us will be
we will be rendered bankrupt and
insolvent secured by their plates and be
affected by the contract they will be
stripped of their rights and given a
commercial value designed to make us a
profit and there will be none the wiser
as you are not because you’re holding
the wrong birth certificate for not one
man in a million
one man in a million is what Edward
Mandell has the same for not one man in
a million could ever figure out our
plans and if by accident one or two
should figure it out we have in our
arsenal plausible deniability after all
this is the only logical way to fund
government by floating liens and debts
to the registrants in the form of
benefits and privileges this will
inevitably reap us huge profits beyond
our wildest expectations and leave every
American a contributor to this fraud now
he’s saying there it’s the only way that
can do it yet it’s going to reap huge
profits that they will never even be
able to understand of death
and he admits it’s a fraud such a fraud
against the people of their national
countries it’s a fraud by the
international bankers over the
nationality of the people of their own
lands it’s it’s apero see it’s to rob
the Treasury of the people
this will inevitably rip us huge profits
beyond our wildest expectations and
leave every American I contribute up to
this fraud which we will call social
insurance without realizing it
every American will unknowingly be our
that’s a slave however begrudgingly the
people will become helpless and without
any hope for their Redemption and we
will employ the high office presidency
of our dummy corporation u.s.a in all
caps to form two to four meant this plot
against America
o’clock against America this was an
article or this was the words
said to
President Wilson Woodrow Wilson by
Edward Mandell house the jesuit masonic
the jesuit masonic conman
the man behind the US Federal Reserve
the man that was birth to born onto into
a plantation and even a plantation one
United States oil is something that’s
alien to the country and it was he him
the mastermind of the US Federal Reserve
and his mindset and his agenda to rape
the National countries the nationalism
the the the wealth the birthright of
countries through this water or or fatik
and roman-style corporate system where
they corporatized everything and then
through the corporate system they then
plunder the wealth of the nation and
siphon the the proceeds or the profits
into office or bank accounts and offs or
simply means into accounts that are not
on land
democracy and the need for war to kill
the creditor the system agenda which is
a 3-way trust the office of the creditor
the office of the debtor and the office
of the administrator in trust law if the
creditor passes away without a will the
estate of the creditor legally becomes
the property of the trustee agent if you
are converted from creditor into debtor
in trust law set up without knowing and
you pass away as the debtor you’ll have
no will in the standing of the creditor
your birthright security mineral and
energy wealth of your country granted to
their agent trustee counterfeit
government will legally fall into the
hands of the foreign administrative
agent trustee if the administrative
agent administrating your lands is not
the real de jure government of your
country you may have granted your
birthright security to a foreign dummy
quasi unknown entity it may be in the
best interest of such a hidden his
serving foreign administrative agent to
cause war and conflict in order to get
the debtors to kill each other before
each data becomes aware that he or she
was always the creditor but was deceived
and converted into the debtor by such an
a foreign trustee agent
once the credit is dead and never
returns to redeem his birthright estate
granted as security for the loans for
the administrative counterfeit trustee
agent such a foreign administrative
trustee agent legally takes the equity
mineral and energy wealth of the
birthright granted to the false banking
trustee agent as the security for the
loans granted to the very people that
unwittingly granted and secured them in
the first place the piracy theft of
common land and the national assets
treasury of the people has been
transferring such mineral and energy
wealth into the hands of the foreigner
globalism globalist banking agenda for
free this is the Vatican Babylon quasi
false god so that’s why it would man
house only about a year ago became of so
much interest to me
because that is the agenda behind the
whole corporate US federal law system
from all I can see and it’s backed up by
the deception in the writing the where
they’ve usurped the United States of
America and written it in an all
uppercase debased
language that gives the false impression
that it’s the United States of America
and that false impression gives the
people of America and the people of the
world people of their real desire
countries the belief the false belief
that they serve their country when in
fact they serve a foreign banker I serve
people like this man here
the mastermind behind the banks that
have pirated our lands countries and
it’s all just through a trick to see
cheating so that’s a good mayor house I
thought I should share that with you
so you know the agendas the mindset
behind these people that are raping and
plundering our national governments and
today not only that they blame the
Nationals for all of the violence in the
so called terrorism in the world yet the
globalists the ones that create the
terror in order to blame us for it for
their own agenda remember a globalist
agenda they don’t have liens they’re
global they don’t have lands they’ve
stolen everyone else’s land so it’s
really and that’s why they operate in
the corporate world it’s the only where
they can operate because they don’t have
the ability to operate in a common law
system while operating within the
boundaries of corporations which are
really just shipping shipping law
contract law merchant contracts
so there it is Edward Mandell house I am
a true true
White Collar yep even a what color what
color pirate party the the birthrights
the people of the world

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