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If you know not the name of the thing, the thing itself is surly lost. If you know not your true correct lawful name, you are surly lost, assumed dead, salvaged by the private bankers and administrated into hell… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

do you know your own name it’s a good
question isn’t it of course I’m John
Paul Smith that’s my name
well in Black’s Law Dictionary it’s
under the sign nomen and ome in
it says if you know not the name of the
thing then the thing itself is sorely
so the very precise
statement isn’t it really
or what it could mean is it is that if
you don’t know you’re on ice then your
body could be assumed lost your body is
your soul that had some footprints or
footprints in the place your subject
matter the equity
the real part of you your body it’s been
separated from the other salt
so you out and the SOL e both sound the
same but both very different parts both
very different meanings both very
different parts of your body the soul
print on the earth CSL le
and the Spirit is the SRU up
so if you separate those two and your
spirit may lose your body that may lose
the connection to them to the earth to
the reserve the mineral and the energy
wants your loser jurisdiction was the
dog with the land so if you think you
know your name
but it’s the wrong name that you give in
a court or or on a contract and you can
sort of see that things can go pretty
bad for you
so again it says if you lose the name of
the thing and the thing itself is slowly
so if you lose your own name and you’re
sorely lost if you think about it and
look carefully on your birth certificate
the state birds duplicate it gives you a
name and a surname
it’s very clear and precise about that
even the writing the grammar is is clear
your name is John Paul and the surname
the family name is Smith there’s two
different names day so if you assume
your name is to be John Paul Smith it’s
one night
how did you do that how did you come up
with that so the magistrate
must make a trust for you
he salvages you salvaged he salvages
your body if it searches often flee and
during the salvation well they take
salvage rights over your body because
you couldn’t find your own name your own
date of birth of your name and because
you didn’t know your name your true
correct lawful name the name that was
given to you by on Christ the name saves
you was inside that universe the
biblical universe the same universe
where the Bible sits on the bench of the
courts that you’ve been subjected to
if you die now your eye nine
then your assim lost the state salvages
or soul your footprint to the land the
textual equity and administers your
equity your mineral and energy of until
you come back if you look in a graveyard
that’s the evidence that very very few
people it will come back they stay in
the world of debt in the world of health
the world of the dead until their bodies
no longer exist and then when the state
comes along to try and find the body all
it has is the evidence of a grave or
tomb a ledger the ground with the
evidence that you never found your name
so it then has a legal right as a
trustee and as an administrator to take
your estate and keep it for itself and
probably that’s why there our states are
no longer does your governing states
they are private bankers have you assert
themselves into the governing system in
order to trick and deceive
people of the world
you’re never finding their true correct
name rendering themselves lost forever
in a sea of fiction sea of darkness
received in
so I’ll fat one more time it is said in
Black’s Law Dictionary that if you know
not the name of the thing the thing
itself is solely lost
after that 99
we wanna difficulty blind

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