N.O.R.E. Says Jesus Is King Is Trash


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N.O.R.E stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and wanted all the smoke! The OG, currently known for his podcast, Drink Champs, came ready to fire at any and all questions Nick had for him. Nick immediately asked him how he felt about Kanye West’s newest album ‘Jesus Is King’ and N.O.R.E. said the album is trash.

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okay clout daddy and full effect
Tuesday night come on in kids fixing my
pipe give me a second good day I had
today good day huh I went to the gym
early found myself a little bit later on
working on my Japanese for those of you
you know who study different languages
penslar you know about this
getting ready okay tonight and a little
research show and just give me some time
I do need some assistance
Bostick money will be checking in nori
Noriega Oh
salute that’s my homie he’s been on my
show a few times good man good man a lot
of respect for that young man and what
he’s doing I think he’s leading the
charge for as you would say the culture
yes he is
and well deserving of it of the position
that he’s in earned his the hard way
nothing but love and respect to him did
you catch nori talking with Nick Cannon
I’ve never met Nick Cannon but I like
him as well he’s a power 106 out in Los
Noorie said Kanye West new album Jesus
is king is trash trash now never mind
the fact that I think it’s fire when I
saw Nora you say that I instantaneously
thought to myself you a hater like
Starbuck nigga what I feel like
Darth Sidious and and whereas I thought
Joe Budden was Darth Vader now I think
it’s nori
it’s like a fucking the Star Wars saga
you know anyway what are your thoughts
what are your thoughts if nori says it’s
trash is trash Nuria has traveled the
stages or he’s traveled the world been
on stages
around the fucking globe dad nigga has
tasted wine that the average nigga can’t
even pronounce hang on a second what
it’s nice
so nori says it’s trash what say you
full and open also um thank you a couple
people sent me some links to the other
Breakfast Club Ti Clifford Harris let’s
call his government name out tonight
good man metal one time good
conversation was years ago I think was
2005-2006 I forget anyway is GI in love
with Iggy Azalea not hating on her is he
in love with her for an older man and
he’s what does he like it
early 40s is he pretending to be 39 I
think that nigga is about 41 or 42 you
know he’s got the raccoon eyes now and
Iggy Azalea is not even 30 years of age
yet he signed her to Grand Hustle
Ronnie’s gonna bring me up to speed
because I don’t know the whole history
why would he get up on The Breakfast
Club a national syndicated platform and
take shots at that baby she’s a baby I
say that respectfully I don’t know her
catalog like that but she’s doing the
damn thing he brought her into the game
did he try and smash did she reject him
I’m 55 years of age and you know even
though most of the girls I date are half
my age I don’t pursue them they chase me
you know say that’s how that that
happens and an older man if you’re
trying to mold a younger girl and she
does not meet your expectations is it
her fault or is it your Pam Han is not
strong now if you ask him he’s the
founder of trap music yada yada yada
others would say different including
myself having been coming to Atlanta
since the late 80s you know I can take
it back to a ghetto mafia and a host of
others but you know I like Ti I respect
him but is he in love with Iggy Azalea I
don’t like what he recently said on The
Breakfast Club the clip that
sent to me trying to make her out to be
some type of culture vulture slash
racist and I want to be respectful to
him but if you ask me well you know what
fucker I’ll jump out the window I think
he’s in love with her deep down inside
she looks like a younger version of his
wife I’ve never met his wife probably a
good woman tiny nothing sideways to say
about his wife but you know he probably
had a thing for Iggy Azalea maybe she
let him smash and maybe she didn’t fall
in love with him as he would have hoped
to why is this old dusty nigga who’s out
here preaching black salvation hey man
fix that expeditiously why is he now
taking shots at this younger female I
want to talk about that tonight
also um thank you for your emails folks
I will not be touching Dame Dash and
Adam 22 I wish Dame the best we met once
upon a time put me on the UH who’s that
film uh I forget the name of the film’s
something anyway they cut my part out
cuz I did that dumb shit nigga start
doing too much and I just I don’t like
to comment on everybody who does
something in the media I wish them the
a couple of people sent me Monsieur oh
yo is he a culture vulture now I don’t
know it’s none of my fucking business
all right phone lines open captain super
chat oh here’s Roman mentioned so I
tried to order some cake soap today for
anybody anybody can you send me a link
to some cake so I got this mark here
from Shirley who kicked me with the
fucking stiletto you know shit got
freaky and I don’t want to order you
know bleaching cream but I got to get
this thing off my face in the next
thirty days before I shoot that pilot
for a television show okay all right
let’s get to the phone lines Bostick
Ronnie where are ya need some help
nore huh clapping at um Kanye said it’s
outright trashing the SEC is running the
queue okay Ronnie you can call in now
and a few other things I’m sipping tea
tonight for those who give a shit I want
to make sure that I put some respect on
um she has rebranded herself you guys
know she’ll be sent me a brand new
hoodie hold on
POW there it is Italy Shelby GT from
Canada huh thank you darling
talk about that and my um my other
sponsors as well
all right and has anybody also seen this
video who smokes holy smokes
a white girl with an axe at a 7-eleven
where is this um somewhere in the UK and
white woman with an axe hit this guy
head hit a guy in his head and then hit
another white woman in the head and she
has been apprehended okay we’ll talk
about that all right let’s get to the
phone lines and take it very slow
tonight again I’m doing research area
code 347 are you there good evening 347
yeah what’s up so hey how are you mimic
or not booking a black I don’t really do
the chatty patty thing but nore a
frontrunner for the culture of hip hop
he said Kanye is trash did you see it on
YouTube burn yeah
Nick Cannon show the crazy thing about
it I’ve just I literally just looked at
it on YouTube and I just and I seen you
pop up he was talking about it that’s
why I called Dan cuz I honestly I agree
with Nora man I think I wouldn’t trash
if anybody’s qualified to say his trash
it’s normally so but that’s why I
appreciated his honesty I’m glad he
didn’t go with the insight of funny bla
hola listen I said but all the way well
honey buddy was first playing it simple
do you think he crossed the line has he
in Kanye ever done any tracks together I
don’t know you know no no I don’t think
what salon biote and I definitely never
did any strike together you never
produced anything for nori but he was
both on Rockefeller at the same time
right right okay okay I got the whole
Lyor Cohen connection oh my god your
yeah yeah that definitely does we know
you know you know Leo’s nor regard man
he was my
he cut me a six-figure check right guy
but wrapped in my life was a sandwich
they even put no she gave me the money
anyway he didn’t ask for a refund and I
didn’t give a shit about who and stay
without the tracks it’s my guy anyway
alright so um he said Kanye album is
trash and then he begged up Kim
Kardashian you know not listen out now
that was technically that sucky shit
that was some fucking shit I wasn’t
sucker sure right dude but I got so much
Minori that I did go ahead nigga you
ain’t need a life story but but y’all
messed all my work started with this
show come in and show some love man he’s
got no love but thank you man no sir I
was Bostic money she’s right there boss
chick Ronnie aka greasy Ronnie’s at you
so we spoke earlier I told you I need
some help tonight because I don’t you
know really pay attention to the
Breakfast Club like that no disrespect
you know just I listen to Bloomberg News
in the morning I gotta I gotta check on
my reel scroll up and umm TI if we can
start there and come back to Noreen you
sent me the clip TI taking shots at Iggy
Azalea and I said wow man he’s you know
it seems like he’s in his feelings I
don’t want to say it’s hating because
again I’m a man of a certain age and you
have to let young females find their way
especially if you tried to put them on
the track he tried to pimp her
respectfully but uh for whatever reason
it didn’t happen and now he seems like
he’s just doing too much what say you um
I mean and you you press all of this by
saying you know she’s a young girl you
know he is not 18 19 years old she’s 29
years old she’s a big
so I think she can take some criticism
now as to his motives behind why he’s
saying what he’s saying I think that for
him this is a numbers game you know he
just has a new podcast out I think he
said he released about 16 or 17 episodes
so far he has about 10 in the can so
this is more or less him drumming up
press and clicks and attention to his
podcast I don’t think that he’s truly
bitter but I think he said something
about her and he’s just not going to
back down from it I don’t think he’s
bitter at all and everything should not
be for clicks and views you know a man
of his stature and he’s gonna run for an
office at some point I’m gonna say that
right now he’s gonna have to run for a
councilman or something because you know
you can’t keep talking about track music
and and and and doing you know music
beyond a certain point you know rap
music so he’s got to be more of a
problem solver he was quick to jump up
on social media and who was that he said
hey man fix that was that Kodak black
girl was that somebody say something
crazy yet Kodak black with regards to
Lauren yeah there’s been a couple people
there’s been a couple people he also
made some comments about little wayne
back when little Wayne meets a hole gave
the interview and you know talked about
black lives matter and they still
haven’t repaired their relationship from
that he has sent you know walked it back
and said you know I should have called
them instead of getting up on social
media so he has a habit of sort of
speaking too much sometimes and I what
does he told you zillion you call us at
hey young lady I wish you the best I
accept full responsibility and if I can
help you in any way shape or form
allowed me to do that wasn’t you do that
well he can’t he has to he has to
maintain his ground
because you know he said that she was
his biggest blunder and I think that was
intentional I think he knew that there
would be a public you know there would
be a reaction to that comment and I
think he anticipated also that she would
clap back what she has she just said
that he’s a misogynist now for her to
say that he’s a misogynist kind of
suggests that maybe there’s something
behind the scenes that transpired for
her you know to characterize him as such
because if she were saying that just
about the lyrics alone you could say
that about any rapper so why she why she
characterizing him as a misogynist if
you ask me and I haven’t kept up to
speed on all of it he’s he’s on a press
one right now
and he’s been great he’s been taking
shots at her she didn’t just start
popping off at him she’s finally gotten
to the point where she’s responding to
him if you ask me I think subconsciously
he might be in love with her she looks
like a younger version of his wife yes
me we see about that before me I I don’t
think they look alike
well his wife is half white I say that
respectfully you know I’m Sandhya’s
alias moss drill yes so maybe that’s his
type maybe he tried to pimp her and his
pimp in his week it could be maybe she
rebuffed him and maybe he’s just bitter
after all these years but you know I do
think it’s cheesy I think it’s just
cheesy is Mike Tyson hyping a fake fight
to promote his podcast you remember that
stunt he pulled three months back yeah
so you know everybody has a podcast and
it’s just now it’s how do you how do we
promote it well we have to say something
to get people talking about it and
remember that’s what started the top 50
rappers was was a certain podcast which
was unknown you know came out with the
list and then everybody’s paying in
attention so I think this boils down to
his need for quick okay okay all right
we’ll come back to that if anybody gives
you shit I just you know that’s what I
thought of when I saw him saying what he
said I said it’s own is in love with
fuck that is bush kid good evening sir
he sends in a super chat
he said star Iggy Azalea said Tootsie I
stopped trying to bring me up for
relevance I don’t bring up your old ass
no one is asking about you I’m trying to
be nice yeah you see that that’s what I
that’s what I heard she just say come on
just let it go move on you know I let
you get on your knees you know I didn’t
tell your wife allegedly you know it’s
not my fault you have four inches old
nigga well anyway let’s bring in some
calls I’m coming back to more cash apps
and super jet 909 is that Lucania on the
check-in good evening yes sir star you
Luke anyhow we used to good evening I’m
good thank you
yeah what do you want to store how about
we start with nori talking my Jesus is
king is trash
be thing and hey I think I think that
already he trying to redeem himself from
the trash interview he did with now we
will of I think that you finally
understanding their use actually easier
now is not a full-blown rapper anymore
and I think he doesn’t opinion you know
I think there is opinion as the media
personality yeah well clearly and I have
no problem with that I mean now he’s
he’s going down the path that Joe Budden
is going down and you have to either
make this the sacrifice for the
relationships that you’ve established
over the years and for the the the
thirst of the audience you know the wall
yes oh they’re hungry give us more nori
who else to hate on you know exactly to
stand on their own is the Audis next
episode on
Twitter and Instagram as well so we’ll
see you get more views with that now
call them Clifford Harris is he hatin on
Iggy Azalea or is he in love
what say you Luke a knee and this is why
I’m saying that somebody there happen to
be allegedly okay Luke a knee can I ask
you not to go down that path you know
well that’s why I’m bringing this up
tonight because he just keeps doing it
now and now he went on this national
platform it’s like damn there’s a move
on you an older guy
you put her on Ryan do you want to jump
in Lucania speaking or anything you want
to ask him we haven’t spoke to him in a
while die I agree when you say that it –
he put her on he introduced her to us
and pretty much manufactured her for you
know our digestion so we can’t take it
back now and say in retrospect I should
have done that yeah that’s something you
keep to yourself
okay all right exactly Luke any good to
talk to me anything else you want to add
to the conversation have you heard Jesus
is king yourself get back to me after
you check it out
good man looky knee you know Marv Marv
sends in a super chat Noorie only says
it’s trash because of his title
how can a mediocre rapper critique and
modern-day Quincy Jones oh that’s a hard
shot you called no Nouri mediocre if you
ask me no he’s a pioneer on the
microphone clearly and I’m not just
saying that because he put my name and
some you know in a track I just hi there
what do you think about that Ronny
Quincy a modern-day Quincy Jones Kanye
West ignoring being mediocre montsant
didn’t I mean Quincy Jones is still
alive and his legacy is pretty much
still unscathed when we look at Kanye
there’s a lot of messiness there’s a lot
of insects there’s a lot of publicity
stunts Quincy Jones never had to you
know call up the pop paparazzi and say
I’m gonna be arriving at this place you
know make sure you come and get some
pictures of me he never went on
publicity stunts or lost his mind on
camera so I mean if we’re talking about
legacy we have to look at everything in
totality Kanye isn’t even halfway done
with I you know with his career I
presume so and already you know he can’t
hold a candle to 20 yeah and you still
stand on what you said yesterday Jesus
is king is trash yes yesterday yeah and
I mean it’s not just because nori says
that it’s trash doesn’t mean that it’s
automatically trash it just so happens
to be that it is trash and nori has said
being honest if anything that’s an
unpopular opinion to have for another
artist to critique or formal artists or
even anyone in media to critique someone
that harshly to say that you know their
album is trash you don’t really hear
opinions like that okay
Paul NSYNC Romani gemstar sends in a
super jet star is there a celebrity on
planet earth that you have met more than
one time and wasn’t a good guy question
mark well gem star there’s actually
celebrities that I’ve met on multiple
occasions but if you must know my radio
journey started in March of 2000 in
three years on hot 97 and then I signed
on with Clear Channel which is now I
heart media my ratings were based upon
not the guests that we brought on the
show now I videotaped most of those
interviews even from hot 97 nights of
bringing the cameras to videotape with
it just all sorts of celebrities but now
we didn’t necessarily want people coming
back more than one time we asked you had
it out with management because we didn’t
want them to become too comfortable and
we didn’t want us our our or my
objective hate to be compromised and
so I say now that these people are good
people yada yada yada because I’m not
gonna sit here and look like some angry
person or there’s something that really
you know from the past oh yeah fuck this
person fuck that person because that’s
not who I am life is great always has
been I mean if you must know there’s
people that we had friction in tension
with we used to stand in front of the
station if you want to talk about hot 97
you know sometimes turnt up on some gin
bourbon early in the morning I don’t
want to talk about guns and stuff like
that but then I pushed the envelope if
you know what I mean and and one time I
had to chase what’s his name you say
this but you’re Eddie Griffin the
comedian we almost got into it up in
that station there’s a lot of things I
could talk about behind the scenes that
I could write a book about but that’s
not who I am so yeah so most of these
people that I
met once or two times even three times I
don’t take shots at them now because I’m
not angry about anything you know but
thank you thank you for your donation
all right let’s get some more people in
here bunny and then I want to come back
and ask you about this person out and
whoever this is at the 7-eleven a white
woman with it oh yes
holy shit so two area code two five six
good evening two five six
nori says Jesus is king is trash what
say you to 5/6 grieving yes no maybe
let’s get you out of there every cone is
eight five eight good evening a
five-eighth are in the building good day
how are you
sir you sound like shit come on I give
you three seconds two one
where’s kid dangerous if we haven’t
spoke to kid dangerous in a couple days
I want to ask him something about Jesus
is king here he’s a knowledgeable guy
for the most part with regards to the
Bible and religion and stuff like that
area code 202 are you there good evening
– OH – yes hey how are you I’m good I
support Kanye man and I and I’ve heard
at least two trucks speak on it you know
both with the clip can you hear me yes
sir let’s do the head yeah I heard to
track both with the clips on it you know
I’m saying I liked it man okay you know
I’m saying I think it’s cool why they
don’t call you people like new dog dance
telling all the Crips to go and get you
know call you it’s called a hate on them
okay do you think that Ronnie is hating
just to be hating or do you think she
has some valid points me she you made it
out yesterday don’t if you were
yesterday’s show she says trash
we deliver the art form right okay so
you did what with art you have to yes
you’re going into his mind I mean we can
easily say things that get sweet a claim
we turn Claire didn’t care whether or
not you knew what they was talking about
when they first came out okay she had to
get into their zone
you could I’m saying a lot of times we
we not try to give it to their zone like
wheat it’s our job to get into their
zone because there’s a reason why we
like them okay yeah and I think we need
to give him a benefit of the doubt me
I’m a man of God I believe in Yeshua I
call him Yeshua they try to give you
this yeah then Chateauguay to pop this
got agita apple pies easy you don’t
sense when I come with Yeshua and come
from that angle it gives you a whole
different perspective that’s what we use
but nonetheless
my point is is that man he’s a man he
breathes like us I’m saying he even
expressed himself about how you know he
was undergoing a lot of pressure I mean
you gotta say he’s sitting right next to
the biggest rapper in the universe okay
he is one of the most popular what his
his wife is one of the most popular
human beings on earth thank you
demand underwear Gigi underwent a lot of
pressure and I think that it’s easy to
sit on the sidelines and throw a rock
right yeah
good points good points what is anyone
responds with this man is saying Ronny
where do we give me the last word most
of money were you well he I think he’s
characterizing you know the people who
don’t like this album as you know we
can’t appreciate the art form you said
we have to get inside of his head you
know where he’s coming from where he’s
I have a great admiration and respect
for gospel music good gospel music this
is my gospel music just like I like a
lot of 90s R&B in hip-hop you know
there’s a lot
90s gospel that I actually do like that
you know Center sorry to tell you so
it’s not that I don’t appreciate gospel
music or I I just can’t get with it
because it’s gospel it’s not good gospel
music okay please you say gospel you’re
saying it’s got not good gospel music
based on other gospel music that you
heard this is Kanye West what I base it
on so you’re now dealing with Kanye West
you’re not dealing with those gospel guy
so you got to lay those guys in the cut
over there now you know he is all
testimony he’s willing to pay for
rockefeller he’s the one who can tell
you about what he came from everybody
doesn’t have his story a story and
listen whatever the history is with
Kanye listen whatever the history is
with Kanye that doesn’t change what my
ears hear when I listen to that album
I’m not listening to it going oh this is
a musical genius that gave us Jesus
no it’s about what are you putting out
right now and sonically that album is
displeasing a month from now nobody will
be talking about that album it has zero
but it’s not a good album isn’t about
whether or not somebody’s talking about
it you show me like come over multiple
years now oh you think we’re gonna with
a whole different genres we’re dealing
with a whole different era of you
they’re gonna be talking about the music
you mean they’re not talking about
nothing and a lot of music is being lost
in the history anyway I think the
longevity of albums today the shelf life
is a lot shorter than you know music
from from yesteryear you know I don’t
even think that past past two years
somebody will really care about what
came out two years prior you know that’s
my opinion
hey nobody can know what the CAHSEE just
wrapped their what everybody every time
is moving fast means is for everything
is making our hearts callous we don’t
have to sit and wait on anything
everything is gimme now now now now
we’re the rush yeah I’m saying can I get
you a common
on di you Sonic knowledgeable man do you
think he’s in love with Iggy Azalea
before let you go to be honest with Gino
and said I tried to back off for that
because I don’t really know those kind
of details but um as far as CI I’ll try
to look at see a little suspect as a
human being I like him because he’s you
know he’s well versed he knows how to
talk he knows how to rap you don’t say
and boom him as a person I can’t I can’t
I can’t ideally say I can dig to y’all’s
and good I mean respectfully I don’t
think he’s well versed I think TI sounds
smart too dumb niggers well you know I
think exactly I think that he tried real
quick man side because you keep it real
oh actually give it to me niggas the
sickness and they keep it real you give
it real thank you but I want to say this
I want to say this though as far as when
it comes to gr
I look at him a suspect for trying to go
in on Young Dro
and kick him off for the label you can
make oh but you can make you just took
you there make all you could make them
you can make those those 1-800 rock up a
criminal videos this man is going ten
toes down pay attention that’s wack to
me and then you know so so how could you
trust them with a villain that kind of
car thank you for the cause I’m gonna
take some other calls thank you so much
preciate you hold on a second Ronnie do
work MEK thank you for the cash at on
the check-in star Adam 22 in Damon Dash
new show was good okay I have nothing to
say it’s not my place and I don’t like
to critique other YouTube platforms I’m
talking about nori tonight because he
went on Nick Cannon’s radio show we’re
talking about Ti in Iggy Azalea because
T I went on The Breakfast Club radio
show I was named the best
I don’t know Adam 22 I know nothing
about their relationship it’s none of my
business I just mentioned that people
you know sending me emails
I don’t like to critique other people
shows you know that’s that’s a sign of
not being in a good place sometimes you
know when you always have something to
say about somebody okay somebody’s sent
in the email without a cash app let me
delete Dee Mead twenty two more grease
for the machine hey thank you ma’am
is that the homie from Connecticut that
might be I was supposed to get back you
if that’s the homie from Connecticut
with an address pardon me man I got
swamped if that is you I will get back
to you uh tomorrow thank you ma’am for
your support
let’s go brother mo how are you sir he
says T I got them orange juice Jones
feels for a guy yeah yeah you know
that’s what I’m thinking here Ronnie and
I don’t mean to drag this out but I just
I looked at him saying what he was
saying and then he made reference I’m
talking her on The Breakfast Club he
made reference to it in a sly way about
you know yes some help in terms of
writers everybody who raised anybody who
raps has helped going back to goddamn
Bismarck II Diamond shell Big Daddy Kane
everybody gets help and I just I felt
that that was like some sake shit anyway
thank you brother Moe for your cash Shep
garden boy King 24 says BC Ronnie nice
nice ass in the gun range
hashtag smack dad okay somebody is
saying not even listen I use Noxzema now
I’ve been using Noxzema for years but
we’re talking about a fucking stiletto
heel mark you know but thank you for
your email I’m gonna try and get some
cake so you know when you take so for
money oh my gosh no do not get cake
so this will heal up just as naturally a
means taking no it’s not you have to be
proactive you have to be proactive you
got to get the aloe plant cut into the
plant wait that gel from the inside of
the plant on the mark
day and night don’t do the cake soap
okay Elvis the chef Rosenberg leaving so
where are you wow area code six four six
down sounds crazy man oh hey hey man
good evening
no he said he’s tragically it’s not
right there trash
come on trash I agree with Ronnie I only
listen to it one time and I didn’t think
it was worth even here and again it was
trash he didn’t let anybody shine he
didn’t allow anyhow you let the clips
come I let him spit for boss come on wow
what the hell is going on he’s such a
narcissist that he didn’t even allow any
singers to not have auto-tune every
singer they could have had a breakout
moment and had an opportunity to shine
on their only such a narcissist that he
refused that it be natural and changed
their voice mm-hmm
and then I do agree with what you said
it is a concert song it’s a concert
problem concert album bringing these
horn players he’s gonna probably try to
get Kenny tree to come in and do that
last song they did it was trash and I’ll
go see him live come on
Newport Ronnie it was right on yesterday
no shit
what do you do okay she’s not responding
to Newport Ronnie okay okay I hear that
that flash shit hey so Elvis before I
let you go am i reaching
is TI in love with Iggy Azalea I just I
see an older guy that should be more
understanding and compassionate towards
a younger female and he’s the one that
should fix it he’s always telling
somebody else to fix something right
what say you yeah I I’m not up to speed
okay all right thank you for your
all right I’m Elvis the chef Rosenberg
gonna check in who someone sends it a
cash at get me on the line boss Boss
Hogg want to discuss Kanye okay where
are you
Mathias I don’t see a number sir I got
your cash chef thank you
if I’m saying your name right it looks
like Mathias send me a phone number so
we can get you on the line hey Gemini
209 all day did you check out
WorldStarHipHop woman beats up a dwarf
on Boston bus oh shit I’m gonna find
that to you can you watch it I don’t
have time right now I’m trying to sift
through the cache after the super chat a
woman woman beats up a dwarf on a Boston
bus okay and Thank You Gemini 209 she
sent in six dollars and sixty six cents
the number of the beast thank you so
much and who is this year we have is it
on Sauron Saracens I’m calling it on
Kanye West I’m calling in from five 700
okay let me see if this is him right
hurt me good evening
what’s your name unser yeah turn that
down please
I’m a circuit you spend in school I’ll
give you a couple of seconds oh you do
go away guy hey how do I see you name is
Ann unser
in CPR and sadness what do you want to
jump in yeah now we’re seeing a kanye
yes No
no worries no saying you’re coming out
of here because I’m saying you know you
know get no backlash cause him in
America ain’t doing no business you know
I’m glad okay he said in that interview
that they are doing some type of
business I mean I I tried to listen to
as much of it as I could but there was
like a bunch of people in Aaron and it
was supposed to be a one-on-one with
nori and Nick Cannon but then or he
keeps walking like you know a bunch of
once your niggas on the side you know
niggas on the sideline I catch that
those no examples hi everybody
coming down Kanye and all that when I
see you go to mental health nothing I’m
it mental problems okay go to all that
did you hear the album Jesus is king to
storm idea yeah I feel like Dom said my
thoughts is that uh some new falls and
I’m safe I will get better in time okay
so right now it is wrong I’m tired of
the whole thing short like all the half
the old song is like about no more than
three minutes you know I mean it was
cool do you appreciate gospel music but
do I appreciate yeah I just want to see
we’re into now I’m not into that
okay no how old are you oh man I’m forty
forty and you’ve never dabbled in goes
I’m use what are you into reggaeton what
are you into down you don’t like it yeah
gentles equate the old Joe bro way are
you sure I you see all forty seven forty
strip and all that I was pimping hoes
down a toe starts don’t stop snitching I
had hose down all right I appreciate the
call listen before you go can I just add
some awesome G shit is TI in love with
Iggy Azalea I’m putting it
on him I’m saying oh you know pimping is
not strong right so somebody paying for
all those are funny with constant dirty
minds he might as well type of
brontosaurus jury ice doubt uh dinosaur
bones and all that it’s not even about
that it’s about him still and his age
clapping that clapping at this young
girl that you know he couldn’t control
or couldn’t put her out there and uh
really benefit off of you know you asked
me give this window no all right so
that’s why I hear none but if it’s true
he playing so he can do that no I mean
especially he’s brung in the game and
all that yeah thank you for your support
salute okay he’s sent in a cash yet oh
shit we got mo fax most that he wants a
piece of the action hang on mom coming T
in a second the Thunder sound sends in a
super jet star people that proclaim
Jesus as king are about political money
power and respect
peep the Netflix documentary the family
when did that come out I may have seen
it I was always on Netflix and there’s
so much to the point where I just I
closed the account down because they
don’t have enough new shipper to him
thank you for your super champ I’ve
yells on the chicken he says keep in
mind that more is a left over rapper
okay so you met nori you spelled it mor
e nori is a left over rapper turned
alcoholic sitting in a dark room
reminiscing on old times
while Kanye is still here making history
wow that’s a hard shot okay well listen
not that I have to defend nori but you
know nori is presenting a format and a
formula that people want to hear they
want to hear people sitting around like
you know drinking talking that old shit
doing the damn thing you know but thank
you Ivo soo–oop says with those big-ass
if Nori’s sneezes too hard he’ll stab
himself to death
Wow hard shot Rania here laughing yeah
those teeth they are there it’s a lot
you know I think the problem is that you
know I’m a huge fan of nori and I do
like his podcast also a fan payment you
know as an artist but those teeth he
bought they’re just too big so it’s hard
to listen to him because you know he
starts slurring and then you hear the
spit and yeah he’s got to work on that
that’s my only complaint is that
sometimes he gets a little beside
himself with the drinking and it’s just
I think it works and I’m not you know
sitting here taping form I think that he
and n Joe Budden and I even said this
when I was on everyday struggle that
those two are at the front of the
culture now and I think that they’re
doing a hell of a job anyway hold on a
sec Moffatt’s is that you sir area code
703 moe
how you doing star good evening sir how
you doing Ronny okay you said you sent
me a text what do you wanna jump in moe
talking about TI o Clifford Harris and I
almost all with nori I’m a Sarah nori
and Ronnie respectfully wet on nori to
everybody you got to relax because no
way in the world that Kanye elf album
went on Kanye West’s album trash I mean
what are we judging them by against his
own music yes not probably not his
saying when you talk about his classes
and it’s not one of those but it’s not
trash I mean come on listen to the mucus
music that’s out right now and what
people got to understand about Kanye is
he made this for young people you look
at the length of it the songs are only
two minutes is made for people to have a
short attention span it’s not it’s
really like a minimalist album cuz it’s
not a lot going on in the album itself
sonically so and I don’t think it’s a
gospel album I think it’s a kanye album
featuring God
because recall ego was that big I mean
he mean he can’t really gospel you got
to be selfless and I don’t think Kanye’s
at that point his wall to be selfless so
I mean you got a Calle West album
featuring God you know that’s how I
looked at that’s what I said yesterday
in a secular mind that’s what I said
yesterday mo that you know Kanye is
professing to be consumed with the
theory of God but when you do you know
be become fully consumed you become
selfless yeah yeah so I mean but he’s a
lot of him him him in there and then the
other thing I do say like this you could
tell he knew and when he’s walking with
the faith because he say they own
churches for Sunday everybody know
Chapman saying except it’s not Sunday
and then he say on God is one of the
songs he put everything on God and he
ain’t in the Bible so you shouldn’t
swear on swear on God’s name so I mean
that just goes to show you some of the
things that he’s still doing his walk
Ronnie one to jump in there was boss
right I like it
hang on Ronnie yeah how dare you say
this album was featuring God God had
nothing to do with this hot garbage and
for you to say oh this album is targeted
to kids that’s why it’s such so short he
just gave us a whole bunch of 7 track
albums so was was that directed towards
kids do I mean I can hear the same
argument here didn’t turn out a little
quality work we know that not has been
like wasn’t too thrilled with the album
that he came up with with Kanye
we know that Teyana Taylor wasn’t happy
with the album that she came up with was
Kanye you know it’s no secret that he
hasn’t been putting out his best work or
even really good work in a while the
production on that album is trash the
arrangement the transitions that the
mixing when even when you listen to it
it doesn’t sound finished she was
tweeting the day of when it was supposed
to be released
oh just had a couple problems but we’re
gonna get it out I mean this was another
rush job that’s why I call it our
minimalist album if you look at work
on us into all this fashion always
architecture architecture he’s into his
minimalist his music is starting to
reflect that I think what people are
trying to expect is a college dropout or
later on late registration or albums
like that or understanding twisted
understand the dark fantasy album you’re
not gonna get that from Konya anymore
and that’s kind of like what people are
saying right now is like saying Jordan
was trashed with the Wizards he was
still was Jordan I mean he just wasn’t
putting up 35 a game I mean come on man
you got it like when you compare Kanye
to everybody else in the game right now
I mean he still make irrelevant music
jay-z is not doing that
nobody’s new saying nobody was talking
about four four four or the Carter
Family come on I mean any me make any
waves I’m gonna say commode so dude you
heard the whole album Jesus is King the
whole album I listened to it I listened
to it for like 2 hours straight
hmm just to get you said people can
understand but how about me I’m a Kanye
West fan from him on the dynasty album
when he did the track with Scarface
you’re saying I’ll go back to him not
knowing who Kanye West was I only know
I’m reading her from her credits and we
used to buy CDs so I’ll go back there
with Kanye give me your top three
favorite tracks on Jesus is king please
Mel Jesus became top three I like on God
because what it did relate to me here’s
his argument with his dad I mean that
really hit me because I could understand
what he was talking about right there
now really Rhett really hit home with me
on the first track with all the tracks
with the choirs is my favorite and I
think that’s what he should have leaned
more towards we’re having the choirs in
there and less Kanye he should have took
the Concord Franklin route but that the
aunt God willing hit me huh that’s what
I said last night yeah God really hit me
though because I said them their
argument with your dad I think that
ripped that really that’s why I say it
had nobody else albums it have it make
you feel something anymore he still
makes you feel something even though
it’s not you asked him ie need to go
drop CP in the Madison Square Garden
he’s not gonna leave now at that point
his career right now
well what you do that respect is he he’s
still relevant to the young people and
he said that in his interviews he said
the kids 18 19 20 years old love me
definitely seems making new before not
35 year old people okay so do you think
that nori is out of line or annoys just
does him a valid point
he said it’s trash I think Nora just
don’t I think Nora just don’t get e he
want you saying he want the primo
there’s new saying he want the congos
you’re saying he want the overnight
celebrity Kanye you’re not gonna get
that anymore you’re gonna get I mean
Kanye had somebody trashed my head like
two sounds in it it was like a sin and
they were saying like in like a real
thing like like small drum and that was
big but the thing is if you can catch up
a high ball for that you gotta get that
man respect you’re not gonna get the big
arrangements that you got on late
registration do you think nori spoke out
of out of place because you know he’s
responsible for introducing reggaeton
into hip-hop and that was a flop
remember that yeah and I wanna say like
this I mean after seeing him first
noriega album what did nori do is I mean
let’s be honest here so I mean we will
talk about trash here I’m in concealing
in a classic the first were saying the
first nori with the classic get hitting
the wit and not crash me you’re saying
that mean like come on I mean but after
that he had the one heart verse on firm
but after that what what what did annoy
what has nori done so if you want though
stuff out there you got to look at
yourself first to I mean I’m just
keeping it real
I mean but I’ll say this before this
I’ve never heard of users because I
thought Kanye was blasphemous on that so
I know listen to it Sami I’m not like a
Kanye stance I mean he lost me with that
I mean he really lost me with I was like
why are you out here talking to cheese
from space it’s no bro I can’t follow
you down there you can’t follow you down
that path yeah okay can I also ask you
mo with regards to our ti taking shots
at Iggy Azalea
I think he’s in love with her what say
you you’re a you’re a man who has
knowledge your family man
if you think it’s TI’s responsibility is
it his place to to make it right with
that young female not only is T I love
with her he a white woman that he can’t
have because he sold itself as a pro
black now I should keep it 100 come on
let’s just keep it 100 and that 80 hello
she can’t have her because they be have
her ill to ruin his whole image you’re
saying we’ve seen this with Obama we’ve
seen this with MLK you were saying let’s
just keep it one let’s keep in one house
you were saying you gotta say you had
these Pro black dude that fall in love
with the milk of magnesia Queen you’re
saying and then they can’t have him cuz
they ruin their career I mean let I mean
just the baby it’s been proven fact go
look it up girl you like it third grade
did you throw rocks at and push down
because she’s like her but you were
saying you don’t want everybody to know
they were probably on the phone and she
was she was just telling him I’ll do
whatever you want he said I can’t be my
wife i’ma cut you loose out the convo
I’m always gonna be here for you
most day on the line with this and
Ronnie can you give me that story please
so what did this happen I know we went
past this a few times a 7-eleven
somewhere a white girl with an axe
happened last year January of the 7th
Australia – this is Australia and one
thing I want to tell you that I’m I’m
guessing you didn’t pick up about this
story is that’s not a biological woman
oh I didn’t catch that
no no it’s not and what happened was
that allegedly well there you know the
lawyer claims that she was going through
mental issues because she was upset with
the sex changed she had gone to Thailand
to get a gender reassignment operation
and was upset with the operation and was
on a mixture of feminine hormones MBA
marijuana and alcohol so just a cocktail
of drugs and snapped yeah
and so hack the guy standing in line at
the store hacked the lady walking out of
the store a psychopath mode did you see
the video we’re talking about
no I haven’t seen that it looked like a
white female woman walking into a gas
station welcome to the 7-eleven pardon
me carrying of fucking axe and the white
guy looks at her or him sees sees the
axe goes up to the line make some type
of joke and then touches the axe goes up
to the counter and bow trust in white
people awesome
actors and he’s still alive he testified
and also the woman that she had
testified there were also several like
bystanders that were standing outside of
the store that she swung at and she’s
one guy was disabled
and you know she tried to chase him with
the axe he ended up falling into the
streets but she struck when she swung at
him when he fell he used his bookbag to
block the act
heimo can you hang on a second I want to
bring in 100 Acre Woods hunter it comes
at you sir I’m sure nine eleven seven
hello yo yo hey what’s up man how are
you I’m not really up to speed i watch
the interviews but i did listen to
Kanye’s album a little bit and um I will
it’s not trash
I’ll just say right now I’m not in the
mood to listen to a gospel album okay
you know I’m saying so but when I’m
ready to get on that wave and and feel
redeemed I would say I’ll check it out
because just like um J Cole’s for your
eyes only album like it wasn’t a hype
hip-hop album so they people were like
all this trash but no it’s a different
genre of hip-hop so that’s a good
reference from dancing the reference
yeah like people want to people think
you automatically on a turn-up because
you spoke about rap but honestly rap is
about expressing yourself from your
perspective and what you’re going
through that so on that note
I just think nori is kind of hating cuz
he’s an alcoholic like somebody else I’m
saying the super chat and typically
people that don’t want to get right
they’re not gonna Jack god they’re not
gonna want to hear nothing about God or
Jesus or none of that so that’s where I
think Nori’s coming from with it because
you don’t really want to get right as
far as who has TR really put on as a
black woman hey I I can’t think of any
black women artists that T is put on so
it’s like you just hate and that this
white girl didn’t let you control her
like you thought you could because you
some have from the south yeah so she
showed her asked once what she got on in
the game she does were host to hang on a
second I don’t know the real history did
she ask to be released off of Grand
Hustle or did he cut her loose what
happened anybody know Ronnie mo what
happened there she wasn’t a very good
she was signed in 2012 so at the end of
2011 beginning of 2012 she left in 2015
I think she requested a release but let
me check on that okay honey it was good
to talk to you man thank you for
checking in all right okay mo what’s
going on or you own your channel you
post on Mondays you said do you want to
promote anything that you’ve recently
put up in terms about content actually I
just did a whole episode on
deconstructing Kanye West um as a media
figure and actually I heard one that
theories I floated out there and one of
your super chats about Kanye being as
possibly being sponsored by the family
or their own I mean that’s the that’s
like the Christian Illuminati if you
watched it on the Netflix channel
I think Kanye is really gonna try to
make a push at being a president um and
and like you say it mineral merit I mean
you got a list of what Kanye said people
think he crazy he was like I want to be
this I’m gonna have a shoot of Robert
Jordan he did it I want
I wanna do this he does it you know so
when he said he wants to be President he
possibly making alliances if you know
this you know say he said he has Jack
Dorsey you know saying that’s his
right-hand man coming over the house
looking over his numbers I mean you
gotta listen to what this man is saying
he said know where he can arm and he
said he’s making beef
we’re on with a Zuckerberg I mean
because that’s why he really coming to
Instagram so hard like he’s saying so I
think is really making alliances to make
a real push in politics yeah well
yesterday I don’t know if you caught my
show yesterday I spoke about the
two-hour interview he did with the Zane
Lowe from Applebee’s and he spoke about
running for the presidency he said he
said things about oh god he said I can
forgive but I don’t forget I mean just
saying a lot of still narcissists things
he spoke about very much though spoke
about being the breath it was the 56
minute mark I’m the greatest artist
greatest artist so so yeah I think these
down Michael Jordan Rhoda with uh we saw
Michael Jordan yes jay-z and somebody
else wrote up and and Disney wrote up in
the one right I mean the dude ego is
still there but if you listen and watch
the family if you watch the family
documentary they all about power it’s
not about faith know what they say if
they want the wolf King they want people
in power that can push their agenda
which is getting more power okay it’s
not it’s not about faith at all yeah so
I mean I made that um if people want to
go check out my latest episode I’m Alan
won’t give too many details here but I
made that point it’s funny that I heard
it was saying come back to your super
chair yeah hang on a second ok so Ronnie
you just sent me an email from what year
is this 2015 Rolling Stone is the source
TI cuts professional ties with Iggy
Azalea Atlanta rapper sites Twitter feud
with q-tip as final straw says rappers
team came back and undid what I had just
done to smooth it over
okay so TI cut her loose
I went down money according to this
article yeah according to him he’s
making it as though he basically cut
ties with her I mean of course it could
have gone either way
we don’t know what went on behind the
scenes but now that I think back she was
having sort of you know Twitter problems
and beefs with not just q-tip with a
bunch of people so that’s what he’s
referring to when he says I smooth
everything over because she went back on
the attack with q-tip so he couldn’t
control her you know she’s doing what or
did what young girls do get up on the
fucking social media and getting get to
clapping and doing all sorts of extra
shit and he cut her loose so now now
he’s trying to talk about it was a
blunder okay mo thank you for checking
them anything else you want to promote
on your platform coming up soon we let
you go I’m just I’m now draw every
Monday and I do at least try to do a
live every um every week or two so um
it’s just checking with me on most facts
most acts calm mo e FAC tv.com
thank you for having me on start as
always Ronnie have a good when I talk to
you let’s talk to you man thank you hang
around II hold on Ronny okay mo on the
check in for mo facts okay and just sent
in a cash app here
Calvin 225 Kanye’s album sounds rushed
uninspired Wow okay uninspired hmm
that’s a little weird
he says God inspired him thank you thank
you for your room okay and someone else
here okay that has nothing to do the
show pardon me hold a second wine let me
make sure I’m not missing anything here
yeah bush kid says read my super chat
boss you missed one okay hang on a
second me let me go back and find bush
kid he spends scroller okay I got black
races I’ll get to you hold on
okay Bush kids said Nora mad cuz Kanye
is down with President Trump and Kanye
West said how you gonna talk drugs and
killing niggaz but won’t black summit at
the White House okay okay yeah he was
saying some really powerful stuff
Thank You Bush kid with regards to what
Kanye was saying in his interviews but I
don’t think nobody still in that place
does normally so put out music um Brian
do you know you listen to his podcast
don’t you yeah I think he tried like a
couple years ago to come with something
and it just it might have even been
several years ago maybe three or four
years ago and it just didn’t work out
but other than that I’m not wearing
putting out any music okay Rick Vader
says Kanye made a masterpiece that low
thinkers can’t appreciate and Ronnie
thinks Bruno Mars is better than Prince
why do you think Bruno Mars is better
than Prince I think and today’s time
probably Bruno’s more popular than
Prince was in his heyday but Prince has
like cult cult ish like he’s like a cult
following right if you were to schedule
a tour today if he were alive it would
be sold out but I think Bruno Mars is
just as big Ronnie I have to disagree
print Prince was not a cult artist
Prince popped off mainstream the movie
the album Purple Rain went through the
fucking roof everything from MTV to
radio they were playing all those tracks
from Purple Rain on all the pop stations
he crossed over and took it there and if
you ask me he set the bar you know we
have social media now but as Bruno Mars
made any movies or
he’s just an artist that had in hot
album I’m not sure about any movies from
him I can also say that prints
influenced everybody to dress like him
to style their hair like him I mean
including myself back in those days so
much to the point where George Clinton
the father of funk
well George Clinton and James Brown to
be accurate George Clinton had to put
respect on Prince’s name I mean that’s
how big he became I mean yes there was
no Instagram or Twitter back then but
Prince was not a cult
a cult figure he popped off mainstream
with that album Purple Rain but thank
you for your donation who was that was
that a BL Rick Bader pardoning okay Mia
bleach on the check-in sends in a super
chat story I recommend you use the cake
soaked from a European brand or the
brand from the rat eating country okay
he’s talking on the reckless the
Caribbean brands are cut with cocaine
everyone you can respond if you want to
with regard to Prince and Bruno Mars I
don’t necessarily have to have the last
word but that’s what I want to say do
you feel different Bruno Mars intense
cycle by like cult following I just
meant that people loved him like really
really loved him they will you know you
can’t say anything bad about him Bruno
Mars doesn’t have those kind of fans you
could say Bruno Mars is trash and one of
his fans will probably ignore that but
with Prince you know a person will argue
you to death about Prince because that
they just feel strongly about him that’s
what I meant by cult following
I wouldn’t say Bruno Mars is trash I I
would say that he’s a former cokehead
Prince was never you know known for
doing blow and then had to a shit
together princess popped off you know
but done I respect your opinion even
though I don’t really think that you
saying well we can’t say that he’s a
known drug user but that’s officially
cited in connection with his cause of
death so
those were painkillers towards the end
but but I’m talking about Bruno Mars
admitting to having a coke problem you
know doing his rise yeah right hey
mister can we go back okay red soup a VL
keep in mind that ok I’m Jesus Marv
black racist are uh can you ask Elvis
the chef Rosenberg why does he ride
around New York City at 10:00 a.m. I’m
sorry 10:00 10:00 at night looking for
young Chinese men named Kris to rub his
feet I know nothing about that is that
something on Instagram I don’t know what
that’s about
okay and Marv says why are you digging
too deep I was comparing musical
you’re comparing person’s abilities and
antics I’m not a huge fan but I
appreciate his genius okay I think he’s
talking about Kanye West right Chazz
County says please get these bullets out
okay he’s impersonating ti mister please
get these bullets out of my hand
stop if you want to lose 10 pounds stop
taking your ass to Captain D’s salute I
haven’t been at Captain D’s in well over
a month yeah I just I had to stop going
because it was it was too good I’ll keep
it real with you going
Aryan code six one seven good evening
six one seven are you there we’re
talking about a few things tonight good
evening hello hey yes sir yeah just
wanted to discuss Kanye real quick
um I think I think nori I think well the
first thing we got to also understand is
that um from the beginning like
everybody could have their own opinion
about whatever you know I mean
everybody’s opinion is valid um now as a
pertain to Kanye Kanye is one of those
guys he’s a
but you know what I mean and the way he
produces music and the way that he does
anything is just so different from
anybody else that you’ve ever heard of
her machine so I’m not going to expect
kanye music to sound like anybody else’s
music that I’ve ever heard no I mean
that’s why when I hear nori say would
say I can respect
I can respect North you know I mean
because no he has opinion – but I like
Kanye though I think the three dope
album and I have music you know I’m
saying but even then it’s still I can
appreciate Kanye’s journey and the
journey is being related to with music
so I can’t
hey I can’t hate you know I mean I
actually really do like the album no I
mean can you give me your top two
favorite tracks off of Jesus is King
long God and there’s a song with Fred
hand and at the end I forgot the title
of that track called hands own love that
hands own yes and oh yes because Fred
Hammonds like what am I like Fred
Hammond Tamizh wanted to go to gospel
really so like Hertford him like vocals
on the back end of that okay okay do you
know awesome god my friend Hammond do
you know that song he’s an awesome God
God God God God how the bass player –
Fred Hammond ever be that Kanye back
into that and you know brought that
brought that aspect it really made me
appreciate it so yeah and nori is a dope
artist you don’t think I mean he was a
dope artist
I’m from Queens so I respect nori we
love you know I’m Sansa I know I know
hey don’t know right now but no you got
to realize he’s talk a little reckless
on the Nick Cannon um in deep you you
know you’re talking about killing cops
yeah yeah I’m sad but you know nor you
have the right to talk he wants to talk
you know I mean but at the realize that
Kanye’s music Kanye is a timeless artist
later he will be relevant from Ethel she
dies probably I don’t know he’s gonna be
relevant from here till he died yeah he
actually made a reference to Pappy Mason
he didn’t call him out by name but if
you ask me that’s what he’s talking
about anyway sorry I thank you for your
support thank you have a good one
yeah hold on a second Bostick Ronnie hey
is enough salute to nori Kanye West
doesn’t care about black people DJ K
salutations Boss Hogg I have a request
would you mind turning the volume down
on that loud ass shirt that you are
wearing salute so this is salmon I don’t
bore doubt on you niggas man found this
in the closet some guy damn where salmon
not pink no thank you
hang on a second who’s this year I think
Roch Roch says a salute to nori I went
to three drink champs episodes out in
Miami last August treated me to a
lobster dinner and hung out with him
till 3:00 a.m. one night okay
Thank You roach and Dave Dave says Luke
was hauled I’m thinking about investing
part of my savings in a CD any
recommendations no no I I don’t give um
Money Advice coming back to me you’re
blaming me all right he said to do this
and do that and then you know next thing
you know you’re making YouTube videos
your wife chasing it for money or some
oh shit I wish you the best oh there HS
County okay I did poor me okay
go back to the phone lines here for the
area code seven or for grieving 704
Nouri called Jesus is king
are you there 704 I’m here
yes sir how are you good I think I
listen to the album I couldn’t get past
the first two songs you know I agree
with what Ronnie is saying is it’s not
there’s no replay value to the song at
all in my opinion oh I think what people
are I think what people are thinking is
like how Kanye had those first three
four albums that were great and they’re
thinking that he’s coming back
the same way but I don’t think Kanye has
it like how he did I think it’s past
time like he needs to just produce new
new artists to me okay how old are you
yeah I’m 20 doesn’t okay okay so you
were very young when he first popped off
you know yeah yeah look I look like 808
in heartbreak I love the graduation go
to Diamond up I love what yeah exactly
poly rock is still alive every time I
rhyme that was you diamonds are forever
my collar was up calling oh you know you
would jump around in skinny jeans keep
it real so in ten years in ten years you
will be saying Jesus is king is fire you
will then then have caught up to it
until you know I do I do like through
the songs I do like um everybody on God
like everybody was saying I’ll be like
on God I do like everything we need I
like that song to buzzer than that I
couldn’t listen to the Saddam is there’s
no replay value right nobody’s gonna
listen to sir you’ve only heard two
songs how do you know there’s no replay
but you look respectfully you’re not
wearing skinny jeans anymore or maybe
you are and now you’re a Kanye
you were never a fan you were never a
fan a fan is a fanatic fan I actually
like the own I actually like the the
last album before that which was titled
one night yeah but the one before that
was the car thank you time wait he’s
going give me a minute the life of Pablo
I like to like the problem okay okay
yeah but yeah what game was trash and
then this one I think this one is it’s
not it has good production but I don’t
think it’s like gonna have good replay
value just like Ronnie’s good like to me
in my opinion Melissa I don’t want to
sway anybody’s thoughts or opinions but
you know if you appreciate an artist and
if you grow with them you will you will
accept what they put into the
marketplace and you will at least try to
give it a chance my favorite band of all
rush from Canada favorite bands in my
opinion they have never ever put out a
trash album every album I’ve given it a
I found something about it and it
actually helped me through a many period
periods of my life which um that’s
different time but thank you for your
call thank you all right yes sir
okay hold on a second Bostick money and
for those of you who go back with me you
know that that’s what I really truly
appreciated about Russia is that they
would shift gears every two albums they
would they would you know play around
with the sound so that it didn’t sound
like you know moving pictures or signals
that they progress you know they gave
you hold your fire they gave you power
windows and other albums that just went
into a different direction
okay um i’ma bring an area code for OH –
hey for – are you there good evening for
– testing testing Yes No maybe let’s get
him out of here that’s right so two area
codes six three six one area code is
that six three six good evening are you
there hello
six three six good evening good evening
baby pick it up pick it up gotta go
gotta go gotta go
don’t bring mom down we’re going on hey
good evening start with going on all
night hey what’s up easy boy Dave man
it’s your birthday but my hands st.
Louis man are normally I call them from
the six one eight number I got my number
Chinese what’s going on the day they
lose the home of young he’ll a bird
hyung let’s go
that is a fact sir I did a site for last
Sunday when I get that video out I’m
offended team with the cash yeah
obviously my do responsible talk about I
star on e how you doing yeah I mean is
Kanye album dog can I keep it real with
you this China album ain’t gonna lie to
you I feel like a lot of people they
being biased right now starring a lot
you all suck with Kanye either but since
I’m in his music industry you know I
have to be objective like you say so I
try to go into everything with an open
mind when I when the kanye album dropped
I had just finished the fight but I was
on my way to the crib my business
partner and I told I feel no curse
I’m gonna play this car yeah she’s like
I all want to her – I might listen get a
man a chance
I don’t want her to sit either but I
gotta give him a chance okay on a scale
of 1 to 10 the entire album I’m giving
it a fool but when I say hang on a lot –
but when I say look like everybody keep
you I think niggas lying out here so I’m
gonna keep it real which when I listened
to the CD the first five songs he had me
lit I was ready to roll I’m like this
nigga put out some food I thought I put
out some bullshit but I thought I heard
their second song got to the intro I was
like okay they’re chick-fil-a on a
Sunday that’s some bullshit but their
ield can’t lie about this production I
heard oh I was listening to
motherfuckers talk about it on everyday
struggle I know you don’t fuck with him
but they talk about the production was
way some bitch was nice I’m sure it’s
not that I don’t fuck with them I just
that’s not my thing to listen to I have
no hate against nobody please don’t put
it on me
no no that’s a fact that’s a fact I’m
gonna disrespect you because you always
show loved academics and dinner I mean
lot of life away no to be clear light of
love we know that big thanks I just I
don’t see nothing wrong with the album
dude I listened to the whole thing is
not for me but if somebody came up to me
saying yo this kind
nice I can’t denied it Elaine I listen
to a whole bunch of shit that were
can we be honest though who had a good
album this year no goddamn buddy let’s
be real Jim don’t had a good Jim
Jonathan Jones there you go Jim Jones
club own COPO ybn court they had a night
hell mangoes even this ain’t gon start
you start I’m a career which I even
listen to Scarface and that’s how bad
she was this year I put up Scarface
newbies like fuck you somebody gotta
give me some heat out here man ok it’s
crazy uh fartie I don’t think he
upstairs I don’t think in love where he
is there yeah I think he I just stuck in
that mold word you know he spoke on some
shit and not everywhere you go they
don’t question everybody don’t ask him
about you know he is there if you’re
gonna sit TI down what’s the interview
without asking them about Iggy I think
that’s me yeah ok now hang on a second
let me jump in here let me jump in here
yes people are people always gonna ask
you about you know the dumb shit that’s
hip-hop that’s hip-hop but a man of his
back a man of his caliber a family man
daughters on the come up he’s got a son
that was just spitting a freestyle
somewhere a man who talks about
salvation doing the right thing leading
people so on and so forth if you ask me
if you ask me he should be coming out
his mouth a little better you know I’m
saying especially when Iggy Azalea looks
like his wife and I say that respected
my mama’s white but you know egg he’s
white his wife his wife is half white
you know I’m saying
and it just it rubs me the other way it
rubs me the wrong way that an older man
keeps clapping at a young girl you know
so I can’t lie to you the only thing I
the only thing I can say triangle say I
don’t agree I agree with everything you
said at one point I do want to make
about what you said though you are
absolutely right this ti
what’s the name of your podcast called
expeditious how could you get up there
and not articulate yourself evening
better do you have to go out there and
say all well you know he are here trying
to you know prayer act like you oh you
did it for this and that you did it for
black people in there
no nigga you cut her because I sit one
selling like that he sounds smart
dumb niggas keep it moving smartly dumb
niggas hey yeah that’s it dog I want
that shit man behind a second before you
go before you go can you tell them tell
these people because I’ve been riding
with this man for a lot of years one of
the greatest in battle rap hitman holla
come on put some respect on his name
listen I’m trying to get hit man holla
to host my next fight believe that okay
come on no doubt about a hitman holla
never a burden and they had a basketball
game on Sunday I tried to get through
after the cycle but it ran a little bit
late I ain’t trip off there you know I
wanted to get an artist a time let him
shine and shit but date him a holiday
dude a verb I mean battle rap is on the
rise real assault you ever seen the
battle with hitman Holly and Cortez
classic you’ve seen that way I did hey
listen hell yeah I want to be honest
with you stop angle lighting I think
Cassidy done can we be real sir never
mind cosmy we talking my hit man Harlan
I mean no the hit man holla battle it
was nice I expect a lot to him a holiday
this thing but I really I expected more
I thought he was gonna kill him like I
thought you’re just gonna put him in a
casket and bury that ass
don’t get me wrong he put in 60 but I
thought he was gonna put some gasoline
on their mother guess that’s fine I’m
just talking about his overall body of
work I don’t think anybody has done a
better job
hitman holla one of my top 5 greatest of
all time in battle rap I’ll give last
word that’s a fact that’s a fact I spoke
with my people yesterday and we talking
about if we wanted to have them up like
a host our next title is getting stuck
between a very Mahalo I told them I said
I love a verb but hitman is a legend
tell them I said so man thank you for
your called salute it man yes sir
I appreciate you start man one more
thing one question for you family from
the sinners can accept me into so I know
you do your thing I did interview not
too long ago I had a transsexual owner I
believe it’ll flip your mind out she
told me she like the other thing fucking
go ahead and send me an email so we
don’t be talkin reckless about the
training community send me email thank
you much oh no wait okay let’s get him
out of here was he going with dad Frank
Oh Frank I says
F Bruno Mars the hell is Ronnie talking
about Prince bought you vanities six and
Morris day okay ronnie has Bruno Mars
produced any groups you know the same
way Prince you know used to write for a
lot of different groups I don’t know I
like Bruno Mars but I don’t know his um
his full place right now not that I’m
aware she hasn’t put out any artists or
sign any artists so we can’t credit him
with that what is his big album is a 24
karat gold I forget what is his like
that’s a big one that’s a good question
Ronnie you said he was bigger than
friends with I think that was his big
album 24k I mean it’s cute don’t get me
wrong he’s from Hawaii he came up
impersonating James Brown you know
Michael Jackson but yeah and also if I
can just say this I don’t mean to you
know to dig in too much you know Prince
pioneered a new sound and that’s what
that’s what changed the game everybody
again I’m putting respect on George
Clinton the founder of Parliament
Funkadelic along with fuzzy Haskins
Eddie hazel a host of others Bernie
Worrell George Clinton said said Prince
pioneered a new sound so um I don’t know
if Bruno Mars has pioneered a new sign I
know he has taken elements of James
Brown Prince and those other people but
um yeah I just want to say that keep me
posted if you find the name of that out
I think it was 24 karat gold right yeah
so yes he has three albums and I think
you’re referring to 24 magic okay
before that it was an orthodox jukebox
and before that it was doo-wops and
hooligan hey Bruno
KDH nesstar speak on players coalition
with Meek Mill Brian do you want to talk
about that I’m not really up to speed
you better player coalition players
coalition with Meek Miller I’m not the
speed KDH sent in that cash thank you
let’s see if money can google it nah hey
wait a minute he says yo pops if Kanye
can become mystified so can you all
right that’s my alleged son daddy on the
check buddy good to hear from me man how
you been how have you been pardon me
okay everything good did you finally get
through that period I don’t wanna say
what you know on the on the microphone
exactly the cash app though that’s my
alleged son sent me a picture of his
beautiful mother to uh you know to
confirm that he may or may not be my son
but good to hear from you daddy daddy I
once was mystified but respectfully I
woke up from the dream I woke up man and
you and I’ve had that discussion before
but thank you for your support
Hey Satsuki sama is six on the check-in
okay just hold on a second okay Satsuki
um you and I have to talk I’ll get at
you probably tomorrow big supporter of
the machine
Satsuki sama six she’s given me some
information with regards to the
Afrocentric Network is that here in
Atlanta I would imagine it is natural
soaps butters oils yeah I need some how
what is that stuff for I’ve been talking
about getting Ronnie a sage crystals and
some other Fugazi Shiva thank you sighs
Sookie always good to hear from you okay
and who was this hey Ruth Ruth says
story of Kanye give away all his money
okay I think she meant to say Gabriel
then I just might believe he was called
by God but he’s not ready to be broke to
be broke oh that’s you’re so right
you know that’s something we didn’t
discuss if you’re really ready to give
your life to God give it all away
now this is what I’m very far back
Little Richard the legendary rock and
and forget the end when this happened
but I think when he found Jesus or the
Lord he threw all of his diamonds and
watches into the ocean do shit away and
I don’t know if Al Green did the same
thing I think out there was a woman who
threw a hot pot of grits on Al Green and
that’s what brought him into that’s her
book brought him into the gates you know
of God thank you so much
Ruth I got you your cash at darling all
right yeah it’s fine it was actually I
was going to say with reference to that
super chat you know it says in the Bible
that it’s easier for a camel to get
through the eye of a needle than it is
for a rich man to get into heaven right
so point okay hang on a second thoughts
at 3:00 a.m. sins in a super jet got a
hammer smash all my Dolomites
memorabilia like star used to do to
plaques on MTV okay I’m glad I didn’t
watch the movie new interview about him
being in the closet yeah somebody sent
me that link earlier thank you no
disrespect but I never liked dolomite
I’m sorry I didn’t like his albums I
didn’t like his movies he just wasn’t my
cup of tea
I didn’t hate him I just know yes I’m
gonna give an interview if I’m not
mistaken on what’s that YouTube comedy
channel they have some great interviews
and supposedly Dolomites business
manager or former friend or something is
now saying that dolomite was a closeted
homosexual and he suffered in yada yada
yada yeah I couldn’t watch that I
watched like maybe three minutes and I
don’t see this shit however I did watch
I tried to watch part of the movie uh
what’s that movie called Ronnie I am
dolomite oh my name is dolomite with
Eddie Murphy you know I’m not sure after
I heard you review I skipped it
now that was true
– that movie that was trash I watched a
half an hour of and I said what the fuck
am i watching Eddie Murphy’s acting
horrible horribly I felt like I was
buckwheat from the Murph you Simpers
innate buckwheat from the Saturday Night
Live era his acting was horrible Wesley
Snipes was horrible trash that I won’t
say but thanks for you Wesley Pipes on
the check-in yo star did I just hear my
chocolate kiss
Ronnie fronting on Prince question mark
hell no I gots to kick her out the
stable Wesley Pipes don’t play thank you
do you know this person money would do
that is not their real name but I hope
they could call in you could encourage
them to : call them Wesley Pipes we got
your cash yet Wesley Pipes is a former
what some type of porno actor something
like that okay beach balls on the
check-in greeting he says kanye is a
nerd with nerd fans nerds outnumber
secure people these days TI is a little
weenie okay is a little weenie with the
big mouth I wish everybody success even
them okay thank you beach balls and
Beach boss when do you want to : again
and play your sax man I mean a lot of
people enjoyed that including your honor
yes Fagan Beach boss when he played the
saxophone you said you enjoyed that that
was the highlight of that show it was
and I hope it becomes a an ongoing thing
I really enjoyed it
Beach boss if you want to call back in
and play the sax shoot me an email all
right and Ruth I got your email for
support your cash yep thank you so much
Ruth let’s go back to the phone lines
area code for 69
where are you 4 6 9
good evening sorry hey how are you good
brother how you doing about your brother
but anyways what’s not why did it touch
on a couple of subject please
see I didn’t break Iggy Azalea he tried
to pull an icon the way he jumped on the
Lady Gaga way but she came out with a
she had a video called pussy yeah and
please watch your language please well
that’s the name of the song I don’t care
YouTube doesn’t care
slow down okay do you want to look it up
the song is fired I don’t care just tell
me about it come on well I mean I’m I’m
just saying the song is fire whenever
she whenever he she got in his camp she
changed up her whole style and it just
didn’t turn out well obviously the kanye
west shit well hang on a second say and
so you just cursed again let’s get him
out of here
I just said watch your language and he’s
doing it again I’m not fighting a war
against censorship they’ve got a YouTube
algorithm that is intense within the
first 30 seconds of a broadcast if
there’s profanity it makes it hard to
monetize the video this is a business
don’t get it twisted I got him a better
day of fast and play me play my big
speaker on the check and he says to our
nori is a real one real recognize real
and yeah album is some real bull ish
it’s a money grab and a scam okay mother
Anthony’s really brainwashed behind whoa
okay if you say so sir I appreciate the
donation black racers on the check and
he says my Mexican neighbors blasting
music next door like it’s the weekend I
just called the cops
hopefully somebody gets smoked or goes
to jail black race is going in thank you
sir Wow okay then Bush kid is talking
reckless start Kanye stands for killing
any n-word you enjoy Jesus folks come
can we just bring it down a few notches
right let’s go to area code uh Jason
five six one good evening five six one
good on hater
hey white boy Jamie hater how are you
buddy good guess just filling the
fillers end of the show and just
debating with some you know some idiots
and liberals as always online never my
phone just just just sick and tired of
the abortion Fox that’s all and I don’t
want to bring it on your shine now the
algorithm let’s just tired of that
bullshit all they want a quality but
watch your language watch the profanity
will get you up out here slow down slow
can you help us out here Azealia it’s GI
in love with her or or was uh what do
you think we thought for my thoughts
listen to being a rap fan myself pretty
much I think he signed her trying to
smash her but she was with Nick Young at
that moment
he’s definitely smashed on but I think T
I wants a relationship but how the fuck
you said guys just told us white boy
watches language I just told the wife
with watch Lindsay tonight money yeah
you did
bye Jason put some respect on my show
the same way you call these white
YouTube shows you behave yourself you
mind your manners don’t call here
talking all vulgar and you know talking
jive you know you see that’s what that’s
about Ronnie you know yeah i’ma call
story show and talk some jive i’ma say
anything you know this is not the the
era from you know 20 years ago we’ve
been fifteen years ago
hang on a second money let me uh make
sure I’m not missing anybody uh okay
Bush kid hey love sexy 71 good evening
okay story what about your rims how much
would it cost to sit Ronnie Dolezal down
from making that dumbass comment about
question mark Kanye is a genius wow
they’re coming at you Ronnie
coming at you mm-hmm I actually didn’t
say anything about prints you asked me a
question and I just compared their
impact from prints not having the power
and the reach of the Internet to bruno
having the power of the internet at his
disposal so I don’t think it was me
somebody sent in a super chet if I
remember correctly and they asked you
yeah that’s a troll there yeah they’re
going back to that long drawn-out
conversation we had when we were
discussing the top list and you know it
I’m tired of that conversation comparing
artists music is subjective okay t sends
in a donation Ronnie who’s better prints
or tank don’t lie Kanye West’s new album
is better than both about that whoa okay
somebody says draw what do you tell
people not to curse and then you curse
you have to know when to use profanity
you have to study the YouTube guidelines
and the algorithm there’s a science to
this you can’t curse and then 10 seconds
later say another curse trust me I know
what I’m doing my numbers are up Stevie
Wonder could see that my numbers are up
if you say a curse word or something
that could be questionable questionable
pull back and wait 40 seconds I studied
this believe me I know what I’m talking
about but you just can’t come on the
line say a curse word and then say
another curse word six seconds later the
algorithm picks it up thank you
black racists also says Ronnie has never
seen the matrix she’s never seen belly
now she thinks Bruno Mars was more
popular than Prince Ronnie please kill
why did you see the matrix or belly
I did see belly and I said that I didn’t
like belly I don’t like it it was I
think he’s talking about boys in the
hood that I said that I didn’t say
okay so what about the matrix did you
see the matrix no but can you send me
that list of required reading I mean are
required doing like all the movies that
I must see in order to be able to be
qualified I saw belly but I don’t
remember like you know the scene where
our Naz said such and such DMX I’m not
one of those people I can’t tell you
what um you know Ice Cube said when he
was sitting on the porch and boys – hood
you know I can’t do that
but um thank you for your donation black
racist well I can remember a couple
lines from belly but like when DMX was
lying to his girlfriend he’s like I
don’t know no F in Kiana and then the
guy that was eating the bananas yeah so
that’s it
mama mama sends in a super jet I don’t
know if ti loves Iggy but I know who
probably does D’Angelo Russell hashtag
swaggy P hashtag snitch Network D’Angelo
Russell is that the guy oh he is he on
the Warriors now D’Angelo Russell do you
know Ronnie oh that’s not your thing he
was on the Lakers yeah got transferred
or traded to uh Brooklyn Nets now he’s
in the Warriors if I’m not mistaken
ma’am oh I could be wrong hey also
hornacek remaining also side note side
note this is gonna be a little
left-field um for those of you who are
basketball fans I was watching a little
highlights today has Derrick Rose become
a better player as time has gone by he
went to college maybe one or two years
if I’m not mistaken drafted by the Bulls
correct me if I’m wrong a lot of
injuries and I forget the teams he was
traded to I think the Cavaliers the
Timberwolves and we’re looking
chatez yet does he play with the pistons
now I saw a clip and it looked like he’s
a better player now let me look in the
live chat am I am I talking crazy guys
yeah he wanted MVP and that had a lot of
injuries he looks like a better ball
player now when he was with Chicago he
just looked like he was all over the
place and I know that they had a lot of
hopes for him okay someone said seasons
Kendrick Jones okay his handle looks
better I said to say that okay how we
doing on time okay Ronnie we’re almost
out of here let me go – okay okay you
know Ronnie I think we’re good I’m just
gonna finish up with some of these coals
thank you for helping me out tonight
because I wasn’t sure about the the nori
you know saying Jesus as king is trash
anything else we forgot to mention or
with regards to his interview with Nick
Cannon anything else you wanna put on
the table or did we cover the bases um
we did one thing that I thought was
interesting with Kanye’s interview with
Big Boi was that he was saying you know
I’ve been cancelled before there was
even a canceled culture he says I don’t
care about being kids well you can
cancel me you know I don’t care I want
to be canceled and he said I’m not
concerned about black Twitter so big boy
says to him big boy says well what about
white Twitter do you care about that and
he said well yeah dude normally take a
shot at big boy doing that interview yes
he did because yes because he was saying
that um you know he doesn’t have a
problem with Danelaw but he feels like
Zane Lowe is not a part of the culture
and he doesn’t understand why you know
Kanye is going to do interviews with and
as he called it all these white people
so Nick corrected him and said well he
just did an interview with big boy and
Nora said well he’s not really black
whoa say that again nori said hey Nick
Cannon big boy what what nori said that
Kanye has been doing interviews with all
these white people
Nick corrected him said well he didn’t
interview with big boy and nori said
well big boy is really black anymore oh
man that was a hard shot said he’s
changed yeah he said he’s changed you
know we all change and I don’t feel the
need to speak on big boys be a hat but
if you ever want to for those of you
younger babies if you ever wanna know
somebody in radio who’s official who
could make one call and have 20 gang
members run you out of LA it’s big boy
yeah I don’t know why I know he would
say that but you know whatever
hey money good to talk to you thank you
for your help and we’ll catch up
you too sir Thank You YouTube I know
yeah I don’t want to you know do too
much and I’m sure a big boy would never
cosign that but you you couldn’t be on
la radio for as long as he’s been on
there without you know being gang
you know official Wow no he’s talking
reckless huh you a hater like Starbuck
nigga what hold on a second guys let me
um I’m gonna set the phone lines down
it’s not me to get out of here but I’m
gonna comb through my cash apps super
chats bear with me please
yeah and folks make sure you tag
Clifford Harris aka ti on this show
right here talking all that you know
about is Lu fix that old nigga fix it
Whitten got that girl from Australia she
probably couldn’t rap a lick but you you
wanted to cash in just like dr. drake
ashton with eminem huh she probably laid
down and gave it to you so sweet you got
caught up in some bullshit couldn’t
couldn’t get your way out of it and then
you cut her loose fix that wrong with
you hang on a sec c xk kanye is so above
the rap industry he don’t need to drop
this album he’s wearing Levi’s and
Dickies with shoe with shoes he made a
billion off of 2024 thank you for your
donation coke thoughts at 3 a.m. on the
check and remember when I mentioned what
the sound of Ronnie’s laugh laughs do to
did anyone peep how she laughed at the
mention of Wesley Pipes hahaha it’s
connected yeah whenever you mention
Wesley Pipes she gets to giggling that’s
about big keV on the check-in grieving
he says classic album I’m shocked by the
lack of spirituality and depth of these
callers well stir if it means anything
to you the hater the atheist the
non-believer in the theory of God
appreciates Kanye West’s new album yes I
I like good music you’ve heard me say
this before or maybe you haven’t I’m old
school gospel if I have to you know
you’ll go back and talk about you know
different gospel acts and I have but I’m
gonna do too much right now but you know
he’s part of the new wave and and you
can’t denounce Kanye if you’ve ever like
you know appreciated other artists that
have tried to do hip-hop gospel Kirk
Franklin never met him had a phone
conversation with him one time
he had a nice demeanor you know anyway
I’m rambling poor me okay I read Wesley
Pipes I think that’s it big speaker
black racist Bush kid loves sexy hold on
a second T I got you hate is enough
Roach Dave hold on guys
Marv I got you a PLC whoa wait a minute
wait a minute during this one here the
dumb ish Kanye said you don’t go to
Apple and see okay I read that one
pardon me okay the dumbest propane K
1982 okay I’ve got those all right and
let me get my banners ready folks and
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please go there – oh my censure okay
I’ll get that banner first mr. Schuyler
Saunders Moringa origins as well and I
will see you guys tomorrow at some point
okay take care of be safe and have a
good night

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