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I hope you enjoy this top 20 video list! YouTube has been good to me this past decade—I’ve gone from just a handful of subscribers to well over 7-figures—and in the next decade, I’m looking to 10X it. Be sure to comment below which video is your favorite!

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Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017”. Grant’s straight-shooting viewpoints on the economy, the middle class, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider,, and the Huffington Post. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hey hey man thank you so much for
hanging out with me this decade you know
playing the Grant Cardone game man
loving on me or hating on me it don’t
matter me you’ve been listening to my
stuff I’ve been dropping hard I’ve been
dropping everyday I’ve been dropping
left and right
I’ve been going long and short and I
will keep bringing it to you in the next
decade look this has just been a warm-up
okay I just put the food over there in a
side tray to get warmed up until I can
nuke it next ten years we’re gonna be
nuke and on on whatever channel you’re
listening to right now I’m gonna be
nuking this mother they’re so bright put
on your shades get you a hater blocker
zone cuz we get ready to blow up so hard
I’m going nuclear Hiroshima all over
again here we
great car down in your head in your ear
in your face on your phone
in your place every day 2010 to 2020
2020 to do anything is roll
you don’t see the anxiety but I feel
inside it feels like The Shining Friday
the 13th inside
Nightmare on Elm Street the purge I need
to purge these people of little thinking
it’s gonna be painful
ideas that no longer work like their
life preservers as they tread water in
the economic ocean of misinformation
thank you very much thank you
thank you very much thank you thank you
very much thank you very much thank you
very much
how’s everybody doing today come on
how’s everybody doing today
awesome awesome so I want to thank you
first of all for this group to have me
here it’s it’s my honor to be in front
of you under Saturday morning in front
of people that on a Saturday morning
could be doing a lot of other things but
you decided to come here and get
yourself an education and look for the
next next way out maybe I know but my
whole life I’ve been looking for
education and a way out I grew up in uh
in Lake Charles Louisiana for those of
you who were brought up middle-class not
in poverty I’m not talking about poverty
I’m talking about in the middle class
okay you had a school to go to you had a
bicycle you had food on your table you
had a good good parents they took care
of you they fed you they loved you you
guys you know you had something you
gathered around a table how many of you
grew up like that yeah so let me know
let me know hey let me know which one
would you guys take okay Johnny get a
good scan of the whole box what would
you take if I was giving away these
watches do what you wearing today what
you in right now let me know what you
want okay let what’s away your 10x
headquarters I got Teddy barber gas
coming in here doing interview with me
about watches who’s watching you real
estate team over here how you guys doing
everybody good it’s a real estate team
right here yeah so like a million
dollars that the dead comes in there 99
today everybody are they calling are
they got they got deals lined out
getting calls to take a copy people call
you guys yeah card Oh capital comm they
they call and schedule a call and then
we answered your questions
so anywhere from 800 grand to a million
six comes in every day that’s how we can
afford all these right here no no we
don’t spend that much okay that’s my
money buys real estate and then we gotta
wait we gotta we gotta wait for that to
happen so go hey I got my watches out
ready for you so we can we can get
anyway yet it’s never do it dude
what’s the day-to-day life right now for
you is it music yeah it’s been pretty
crazy dude I’m right in the middle of
the 60 million 140 I don’t know 400
million dollars where the real estate
deals where there’s some early or summer
in the Gulf Coast summer in Orlando and
ones in Austin so those deals are
closing I mean they come with file
system a dime sign you know and and
still negotiating I lost I lost a ninety
million dollar deal
two days ago I didn’t want money because
of money I wanted money because it
appeared to me that whoever had the
money had control of the environment you
have been talked out of the money game
and the people that you’ve been getting
your advice from don’t have any money
money has not made me worse money has
made me better 25 years old I went to a
treatment center for drug addiction okay
I’ll come back from the treatment center
finally quit I needed an environment
where I could quit all the greats on
this planet were addicted to something
Jesus was addicted
he’s like hey man I’m gonna do whatever
it takes right or wrong okay
you gotta get addicted to something good
all addictions are not created equal
okay I’m addicted to my wife I’m
addicted to my kids I’m addicted to my
purpose I’m addicted to helping out I’m
addicted to making a difference I’m
addicted to doing whatever it takes to
show and be an example of the blessings
that I have Regina
Sherina Regina was working with trying
to list your house yeah yeah she called
on you about listing your house and your
husband from the information I have your
husband was interested in doing it but
you weren’t and I was just wondering did
she do something wrong yes yes it was 11
days actually it’s about 11 days ago how
many of you pray how many of you know
who pray for help like guidance yeah
well when I saw a Facebook I was like
thank you man
free say anything I want use it as often
as I want like how big a gift you want
when I was growing up you had to buy a
billboard if you wanted to advertise you
had to buy TV you had to buy radio or
you had to buy the billboard right you
got to get attention at the top of the
funnel money and power follow attention
and and so back to your question about
social media social media is TV it’s TV
it’s radio I heart failed
instagrams not gonna fail i heart failed
okay so so a radio can’t even tell me
how many listeners that were on a heart
radio I was doing i hour
you know for I don’t know about three
years eleven how long we’ve been doing
it yeah I Drive up to Orlando do this
show how many viewers we have how many
listeners we don’t know that’s it boy
you got a problem okay how many people
called your office today do you know
John how many people visited your office
today how many appointments did you get
it from how many people did you present
– gonna be hard to get out there and
it’s rainin we in Houston Texas out look
at the real estate
rain or shine baby
about y’all complaining about peanuts
and then you complain about the nuts
baby the telephone how to make a million
dollars a year for your company with the
the mere simple device of a telephone
look first of all if you want to do this
you have to commit your company to
understand the value of the telephone as
the most powerful tool in the history of
business and I’m talking about up to
current times including the internet if
you take the internet and social media
combine the two and say grant mr. grant
cardone which of the three do you want
social media the internet or telephone
I’d be like keep your internet keep your
social media I’m gonna use the telephone
yeah you care about that number is that
number important to you that your number
oh man yeah I’m a data guy i watch no
why is that number important to you the
numbers important because it turns into
taller me the thing that’s important to
me is does the 20 million get bigger oh
yeah so we grew 100 percent this year
okay yeah I like that no yes I mean
something we went we went we went from
10 20 next year already projecting about
30 35 million so we’re growing big time
and here’s why that number means the
world to me which number 30 how much are
the conversion numbers the same alright
so if I’m converting better and get more
dollars per lead out of it yeah yeah
yeah more dollars per lead I got the
more I can spend on my advertising more
I spent on advertising I by Facebook’s
love right uh-huh out compete all my
competitors because I’m willing to put
more money down on my ass dominate
dominates the word not compete dominate
all right you own it you own it see and
so you can scale because no one can in
your way that’s why a funnel is
absolutely the most important part of
the process but if you can have a good
funnel you got to be able to write the
right words big mistakes that you made
or stupid things that you did like
it’s think and nobody will tell anybody
by the way I think the one thing you’re
like man that was a real real some
business deal because the sales going
bad somebody hard investment you made or
didn’t make uh what is the work what’s
the thing that’s the most annoying
business I got three I did today yeah I
mean I’m trying to think of something
that’s massive here yeah well what was
your first business deal you know I’ve
been lucky in in terms of I think at the
end of the day some of the most annoying
stuff now their employees sometimes
because man I’m trying to think we’ve
had oh you guys out there all you guys
buying your big vehicles banging up your
roles getting your Lambos got three or
four or five cars buying garages and
houses showing up your stacking
up your Richards got your little paddock
the little one I got the big one
collecting your Oh blows and your AP Xin
you and your whatever else your rollies
nonsense so so dumb man what are you
guys doing okay you got your big AMG
$240,000 Mercedes I got all that
two guys okay I got all that junk by the
way men or the culprit of this problem
way more than women what are you doing
okay I never about this junk I got all
this stuff every business I have five
companies now will do a hundred million
this year I started every one of those
companies with no
zero money man just hustle and grit and
courage I’ve called on people I didn’t
want to be with I’ve done things I
didn’t want to do okay it is not about
doing what you love it’s about doing
whatever it takes to make your dreams a
reality to be closed and stay close if
you’re not closed on your product if
you’re not buying your own product why
would you expect anybody else to leave
four hundred bucks is a lot of money
your prospect says to you $400 do it
listen to me man you’re 32 years old
you’ve been trying to save money for 20
years in your head do it and do it now I
don’t need anything special here I’m not
gonna be empathetic quit being stupid
write the check so if you’re on a call
and you know you’re not getting anywhere
man like there’s that hey man dude I’m
not interested I’m not a player can fill
your pipeline up and don’t be lazy right
fill the pipeline up go back to work
right never rely on one source for
anything that means when a call goes bad
I’m like Jarrod that call went awful how
many of you did that yesterday that call
was terrible this guy hates my guts
please Todd call them for me how many of
those were done yesterday zero there
it’s impossible impossible that you guys
were not bad on a call yesterday raise
your hand if you were terrible on a call
yesterday I’m writing these notes down
because I don’t want to forget right
okay because in life when you observe
life you will learn from life okay when
I observe when I learned then I want to
like duplicate it replicate it okay
money’s only valuable when it’s used and
all money all money is someone else’s
money it’s not your money right and this
is a problem people have because they’re
like I get a little bit of money and
then I want to just watch they never
take advice from a millionaire you a
millionaire it gets a little bit of
money and the first thing they won’t do
is protect your money God makes a
hundred grand first time in his life he
wants to protect
Hunter he makes 5,000 first he wants to
protect it he goes into protection
rather than going out and getting more
money this is why people become
complacent this is why so many people go
out today and just ask people hey you
make it enough money I guarantee you 60
to 70 percent of the people you ask ask
ten people six to seven number ago say
Danny leaves the house and when Danny
leaves the house I didn’t know but he
set it up to rob me and beat me up Danny
leaves the house and I let him out the
front door and this other big dude in
the rain rainy Louisiana night puts a 45
caliber pistol in my face right here
okay I had a plate in my hand I’ve been
I had something to eat and I had a plate
when I walk Danny to the door and and
this big dude just they did this guy I
had to be this big hovered over me with
a gun in my face and when he did my
reaction was to hit him with the plate
in the face you know I broke this plate
it was an unbreakable plate one of those
plates you can’t break and I broke in
his face like just crack it in his face
thing breaks and he becomes like a
this scar right here in my head is he
took that 45 caliber and jammed it in my
face like I don’t wanna be jammed it I
mean cracked me right here in the
forehead my life changes now I mean I’m
getting ready to get cracked so many
times here I’m getting ready to get the
lesson of my life of where I’m really
living I already knew it but this was
the exclamation mark on where my life
had gone from being a good kid to
this far from dying you know this now I
know why people didn’t really reach out
to help me when I was a kid and I wanted
to be successful and I wonder why does
nobody why are the successful people
why don’t you ever hear about them why
don’t they ever talk about what they’re
doing where they’re going their trips
where they live like you know they had
they get successful in their hide and
the reason why is because they start
getting people hating on them and hating
on success and resenting them and
envious of them and they finally say you
know what I’m just gonna pull the
curtains and nobody’s gonna see how I
live my life how I got where I’m at what
I’m doing you know how I’m operating how
much money I give away to charity you
don’t end up knowing anything except oh
man I got he’s off on a boating trip you
know I mean literally the family unit
the only time they they share anything
is when it’s a teaster thanksgiving the
family I mean it becomes a really closed
almost a closed society like a secret
thing how they became successful so you
don’t get the fun nobody gets to learn
anything from these super uber
successful guys because they start
pulling the curtains and from them to
protect themselves in their family
I’m gonna do a workout up here
your work
I’m sorry work the door pull up a pillow
we might not believe a buyer has to sell
to get a loan I gotta sell the bank you
guys aren’t in real estate you’re
business people and every business
person has to sell you show me one
business doesn’t have to sell the day
Steve Jobs died they called him
everything inventor genius world changer
being the universe they called him all
these things not one tweet and there was
hundreds of thousands of tweets not one
tweet said Steve Jobs master sales
person but that’s what he was why cuz in
America we have this disdain for selling
we have a hate a dislike you don’t even
put it on your business cards do you oh
I can’t put that on there no now
I’ll call myself anything but a
salesperson right you tell me somebody
that’s not a salesperson what do you
think what happened if you go to India
you go to Mexico or you go to China and
I walk in a room and say I am a master
salesperson I know everything about a
sale I know as much about selling as a
neurosurgeon knows about the brain I
know when somebody says budget it’s over
our budget
I actually know that that means they’ll
go over their budget you don’t know that
you don’t know that you don’t understand
what somebody says they have a budget if
you really break that down you’d
understand that they’re actually saying
I bought from everybody except you watch
this even when I was not 25 years old
five grand boom next year five
in boom next year five grand boom
guess what next year oh by the way this
money’s sitting dead in the bank it’s
not not only anything it’s it’s in a
it’s in a holy account holy means okay
I’m gonna put a hole in your face if you
touch my money nobody could get this
money this is a like sacred account okay
you with me
28 oh wow man I could add a little bit
maybe there’s more money 29 what am i
doing right here okay one two three four
boom I got $25,000 sitting in an account
well let me explain to you that it’s not
fifteen hundred a month it’s thirty six
thousand dollars plus the four thousand
dollar startup fee which means it’s 40
thousand I need you to think about a
forty thousand dollar decision not at
$1,500 a month decision you’re going to
be on this program two years not one
month if you’re not going to be on it
two years you need to tell me that
upfront because then we don’t need to do
it it won’t work anyway let me ask you a
question Carlos when’s the last time
your company spent forty thousand
dollars a hue ever had it not work right
so look you’re going to spend forty
thousand dollars to train your people
over two years over two years to handle
every opportunity it comes to you and
you spend four hundred and eighty
thousand dollars in the same period of
time on advertising this represents
basically eight percent of your ad
budget do you want to train your people
do you want them motivated if so if
you’re going to do this sooner or later
if you’re gonna do this sooner or later
and I’m gonna suggest and that’s why I’m
getting on the call take time out of the
equation and let’s do this okay so look
it’s simple target what’s your new
target freedom yeah freedom but but but
let’s put my number one
your first target should be 10 million
dollars and nothing short of that and
everybody in the room can do it okay I
can I can show I can show everybody in
the room somebody on this planet that
came from your situation
that’s bank ten million dollars you
don’t need a degree oh yeah I can show
you for every case bad problem you got I
can show you somebody you trade problems
so you’d be like no no I’ll keep mine
you keep yours second thing you got to
get your income to 40% you got to get
your your income to where you can thank
40% of your income this is the most
difficult part of this in the beginning
cuz you’re starving here until you
confront the real problem the real
problem is income third thing is this
money you need to stay broke with this
money you need to get this money in a
sacred account somewhere where no one is
going to Jack with this money I remember
my mom called me once it’s like I got
this thing going on on my camp you I had
a bunch of money sitting aside it’s just
like is this piling up can’t help you
I violated my policy here okay let me go
sell some see if I can get you some
money like you know anybody came to me
for help it was like I’m not you got I’m
not the bank can’t help you dude I got
my own going on here I’m busted all
the time I’m broke all the time this is
what I got on me today okay like I’m
piling up everything right now to make a
net make another deal right so I want
that’s what it means by being broke it
doesn’t mean get money blow it it means
get money my goal is to meet as many
people in this planet as possible to see
people that are positive people that
have more time to create them to be
critical more time to hustle than they
have to hate and they want to actually
add strategy and techniques that are
proven to grow their business
so that they can take care of their
family in the church

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