Mississippi Prison Riots Started by Gang-Affiliated Corrections Officers, Inmates Claim


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what’s that family five inmates have
been killed in the state of
Mississippi’s prison system since Sunday
as a result of a gang war and in may say
that there are more despite the attempts
by law enforcement on keeping the
murders within the Mississippi prison
system under wraps inmates have reached
out on social media with claims that the
riots were started by prison guards who
themselves are in gangs the data
includes two rundas Dobbins Walter gates
Roosevelt Holloman Gregory Emory and the
Norris howl numerous inmates have taken
to Facebook requires of help saying they
are no longer safe within the prison
system because of correctional officers
with ties to Gangster Disciples and
people’s nation gang
it may also blame the violence on
understaffing poor prison conditions
including food quality rodent
infestations drugs and sewage backups
reports from inmates are claiming that a
prison guard named Redman as well as one
named Rashida Parker from Wilkinson
County Correctional Facility have been
arrested for allowing inmates access to
other in maces sails to kill them Deshea
Davis wrote on Facebook a guard named
Miss Redman gave the keys to Vee law and
cut off the lights in the I building so
they could go in and kill other inmates
at the parchment and sunflower need
everyone to call to inform this is
nothing new prison guards have always
been involved in gang activity I’m
talking about everything from killing to
selling dope to assaults to death
extortion you name it they do it this is
just one of those cases that got out of
hand they couldn’t control it see that
technology is something else heck those
guys not had those cellphones had not
had access to the Internet this would
still be going on and they’d have
everything under control
but it would it was it would be way more
people still getting killed right now
and the killer really hasn’t stopped
they just have it under control somewhat
they’ve had a total lockdown all across
the prisons in Mississippi the whole
state of Mississippi they have a
complete lockdown I don’t know how
they’re gonna have a complete lockdown
people still gotta eat they got to go to
the doctor you know to the clinic and
stuff like that so people that go to
trial so it won’t be a complete lockdown
but they’re gonna they’re locking it
down as much as they say they know how
to you know you got it you know yeah you
speak with these talk about these people
you got to speak with caution because
you know nothing is as they say it is
that’s why they was trying to hide this
thing they was trying to keep the
staying quiet and it got hot they didn’t
expect that to happen the prison
industrial system in America is as
corrupt as the politicians who co-signed
it it’s bad it’s real bad they had one
guy actually two guys who had escaped
during a count they they found out that
two guys were missing and Parchman and
they captured one guy and another guy is
still on the loose the thing is this
the correctional officers they shouldn’t
even call them correctional officers
because they don’t correct anything they
don’t correct behavior all they do what
most of them is instigate they babysit
and instigate that’s what they do
and when it’s time for some action they
pile up on people just like you know
dudes and blue they do the same thing so
and as a major similarity in the way
that the Mississippi Department of
Corrections and the prison system the
prison facilities all across America the
way they operate the way they hire their
hiring practices is a very similar to
law enforcement how they hire members of
the Klan white supremacists they hire
these people to so-called protect people
that they hate so they’re hiring gang
members I am not surprised at all
they’re hiring gang members to protect
gang members and other people and listen
because everybody is not in the gang and
everybody is not guilty of the crime
that they’ve been accused of or
convicted of so before some of y’all go
to where you know that shoulda did the
crime you do the crime you do the time
that heartless ass attitude is the
reason why America is perhaps the most
violent country on the planet it is that
exact same attitude that has America in
the position that is in you don’t give a
damn about nobody but yourself a lot of
people don’t even care of nothing about
their children because if they did they
would try to take precautions they would
try to put things in place so their kids
can have
a safer life than they have you’re not
gonna be out here always so wouldn’t you
want your kids to have a safer to grow
up and a safer environment when you want
your grandchildren and your great
grandchildren to have a better America
then you have cuz this is a fucked up
place right now I think we can all admit
that everybody’s scared to death
everybody is packin people can’t the
kids can’t play in the front yard or
take your off of them for one second and
you may not ever see them again
we talked about the hood all the time
but America is one big hood because
there are no neighbors period that the
neighbor has been taken out of the word
neighborhood for a long time it’s not
just the poor neighborhood it’s
because neighbors don’t even know each
other it doesn’t matter if you live in
the ghetto or you live in some pristine
community you know where everybody got
it this upscale and people got money and
all this stuff they still don’t know
their neighbors I lived in a community
on the golf course for like five years
didn’t know my next-door neighbor until
he was getting ready to move two months
before he moved he came over and spoke
two months before he moved and I’m
thinking like all the reason why his
food spoke to me he probably spoke to me
because he figured that for damn the
value of my house didn’t go down he was
living next door me for five years the
value of my house didn’t go down in fact
it went up he wasn’t loud he didn’t come
through with with with the loud music
and none of that stuff I thought he was
a perfect neighbor wasn’t me going to
shake his hand
it’s a great experience probably was
saying I was probably the best Navy you
ever had people don’t know their
neighbors people don’t care nothing
about their neighbors they don’t care
nothing about the neighbors children
they don’t care about anything but
themselves and that type of mentality is
a toxic mentality you got to learn and
look out for each other we got to learn
to look out for each other
oh we just make life just that much
harder try to ignore what’s going on and
in the state of Mississippi or any other
state with these prisons you trying to
ignore these people just because you’re
not in prison and you don’t know anybody
personally that’s in prison that’s
really really close to you that you care
about trying to ignore that it does not
make the problem go away and acting like
you’re something you just sitting up on
your high horse and looking down on
people that are in prison it’s not doing
you or society any good because guess
what those people coming out one day one
of these days the cut everybody ain’t
gonna be locked up forever now when
these people get out of prison
wouldn’t you rather them to get out of
prison with some hope wouldn’t you
rather than to get out of prison with a
sound mind you know to have their anger
management under control you just want
them to be treated like animals for 3 5
10 15 20 30 years treated like an animal
totally disregarded made to drink mud
water rusty water treat it like nothing
and then let him out imagine if you
treated a dog like that he’d be the dog
and you just fed him hot sauce you beat
him beat him bad and you beat him more
imagine that dog being all
of a leech imagine what would happen
you’re dealing with people now I don’t
see things giving any better I see
what’s gonna happen in Mississippi is
that they’re gonna calm this thing down
they’re gonna make an example out of a
few people and then it’s gonna be right
business as usual we got to break this
gang culture curse I think everybody
know what it is but we got to get to a
point where we’re strong enough to walk
away from that shit because ain’t nobody
can tell me nothing that comes good from
being in a gang not nothing because
anything that you think is good about
being in a gang it always comes back to
bite you in ass whatever you think it is
that’s good it always comes back on you
it’s like the old saying the same thing
that makes you laugh will make you cry
and that’s a whole lot of crying going
on right now because of what’s going on
in the prisons in Mississippi no more

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