Mike Tyson Says Michael Jackson Was A 'Player' With Women


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the rule report the Breakfast Club
alright well on the real they were
talking about some comments there Joe
button me where he said that he could
understand why Kevin Hart cheated on his
wife and they respect but they responded
to that on the real here’s what Loni
love had to say I don’t speak for the
black community but I do think that a
lot of black men they really don’t know
how to have true faithful relationships
I disagree they think because they have
money because they have power that they
can treat women any kind of way we need
to work on we are still dealing with the
point of slavery and we are descendants
of slavery and because our families were
broken up we still do not have idea of
how to have together families because
our families are broken down Lord I
disagree first of all I disagree with
Joe Budden’s comments doesn’t matter if
you’re broke a rich successful or
unsuccessful if a man wants a cheat he’s
going cheat doesn’t matter if his boys
are around or not like Kevin Hart said
doesn’t matter if he works hard like Joe
said men cheat because they want to men
cheat to feed their egos we sleep with
different women because it makes us feel
better about ourselves you know why I
stopped cheating because it wasn’t
making me feel good you know why I
wasn’t making me feel good cuz you get
tired of lying and hurting the one you
love but you know exactly what you know
how I came to that conclusion because I
started working on myself in healing my
traumas when you start doing that it’s
not as easy to hurt the ones you love
and being a faithful husband and a great
father is not feeding my ego its feeding
my soul and that makes me feel better
than any ego boost or other piece of
poem poem could ever okay alright
saluton Loni love with damn Loni like a
black person how can you just push that
car dad everybody cheese has nothing to
do with black white or anything people
cheat like you said to feed ego when
they go and they realize that they heard
the people that they love hopefully they
smarten up and he realizes that word Joe
like oh because we could’ve been work
hard and Kevin’s like okay my boys
no you cheated because you wanted to
cheat because you was feeding your ego
that’s it nothing
how do you know Envy because I excuse me
I don’t want to talk about it I was a
bad time first of all black men don’t
cheat we were black boys that’s right it
was a diploid boy that’s right not a boy
anymore ye that’s right no that’s man
and I don’t feed my ego I feed my soul I
love my wife
okay I love my work alright now Michelle
Obama has money why you submit videos
series right and what she’s doing is
she’s partnering with a attn to launch a
video series a year of first and that’s
going to show inspiring stories about
students navigating their first year
through college that might be good for
you and be your dog is gonna be in her
first year at college yeah I’m excited
about I think I might be more excited in
her I got like tons of NYU sweatshirts
I’m about to get at NYU bumper sticker I
don’t know I’m just excited okay
alright now Mike Tyson was on TI’s
podcast expeditiously and he talks about
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson was a
player according to Mike Tyson here’s
what he said even when enjoyed showing
off film and it’s a girl it’s not about
the girl of the video something I’m
looking to school that girl from and
then Michael said you had a real voice
she gave it with you said he knew a time
he was no stupid a feeble looking little
boy like Peter Pan one of my favorite
podcast by the way salute the TI
expeditiously I can’t wait to work out
of listen to that one and Mike Tyson
also said when he first met Michael
Jackson he hated him for years
why well apparently he said that he went
to go see him and he had just became the
heavyweight champion of the world and
Michael Jackson treated him like he
wasn’t nobody Michael wasn’t impressed
I sold 75 million records with Thriller
in a time where people had to walk into
the record store and actually buy I’m
not impressed by your load knocking
people out thing okay I broke his ego
and it crushed me he said but come on
Mike Tyson it’s Michael Jackson Mike
should have snuffed a more time
I want to know who Michael didn’t
probably didn’t treat like that who did
Michael Jackson feel small standing next
to at that time it’s not meaning nobody
he’s the most famous person in the world
Michael Jackson made the planet stopped
when he died yeah he was come on man
all right now read the Franklin’s son
once a boycott of the biopic that’s
gonna be starring Jennifer Hudson didn’t
know that they weren’t on board he said
once again the Franklin family does not
support the movie that is in production
or do we support the book the Queen next
door neither entity felt the need to
contact the core family about anything
how can you make a movie about a person
and not talk to the person’s sons or
grandchildren about important
information how can you put a person’s
family image in a book and not ask
permission if you are a real fan of my
mother’s please do not support this ask
yourself would you want this done to you
sidenote the only person my mother was
in favor of for the movie was Jennifer
Hudson period everything else is being
done against our wishes
no that is from her family that’s how I
man I love Aretha Franklin I do still
kind of want to see it mhm and I do like
Jennifer Hudson as an actor so I feel
like I can’t see myself not going to see
the movie but you do have to take into
consideration how the family feels what
do y’all think about that I definitely
think that you have to take in
consideration how the family feels and I
often wonder like who has final say in
control over what story actually gets
told because once the movie is shot and
in the can it’s not like you could
change things I think that those guys
that our women would be on set and be
directing things as they go but I don’t
know well respect is scheduled to be
released in October
and the person who’s directing in LA so
Tommy has worked on shows like The
Walking Dead and on insecure also just
the FYI
all right I’m Angela Yee and that is
your rumor report all right thank you
miss Yi revolt we’ll see you guys
tomorrow everybody else – People’s
Choice mixes up next get your requests
in now it’s a breakfast locomotive

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