Michael Jai White: The New Fame from Dave Chappelle's Skit Killed Rick James (Part 13)


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Part 14: https://youtu.be/e3BpuuoVBBg
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In this clip, Michael Jai White discussed his friendship with Rick James and praised the late Buffalo native for how talented he was. Michael even revealed to Vlad that Rick James appeared in ‘Life’ with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Michael said Rick was such a good actor no one even noticed it was him.
Michael Jai White also talked about Rick James’ struggle with substance abuse and why he believes the attention Rick received as a result of the Chappelle Show ultimately killed him. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well you knew Rick James oh I know Rick
James well with James is one of funniest
people I’ve ever met in my life that
dude not just because he’s regained Rick
James was hilarious what was the
craziest thing you’ve seen Rick James
deal he’s just like I mean I think he
can go he he’s the type of person I felt
like he can go on stage and just be
himself and crack everybody the hell up
cuz he was quick-witted he was really
really bright this is just probably
something I’m gonna regret saying I
think Dave Chappelle killed him what do
you mean I said it I said it from the
the skits yeah no I mean that Dave
Chappelle didn’t kill but you know the
whole the newfound the newfound
notoriety did and because I mean when
Rick can’t got out really close because
Rick was a prison for a while mm-hmm I
think for drugs yeah all right I read
his book never it’s autobiography mmm
those drugs or domestic violence maybe a
bunch of crazy drugged out Rick James
what I’ve shit but if we had a mutual
friend guy named Lanny Ross was a
beautiful person banker he personally
was like a exit and what you call it
like um when someone’s just kind of a
console I kind of forget what the word
is constant constant cause here’s no not
a conservator or something like that
well he basically monitored or just kind
of took care of Rick when he got out
Hitler no it’s a it’s another word like
cuz you know when folks have issues with
drugs and what have you they will it’s
something like conservator it’s kind of
okay yeah it’s something like that but
Lanny made sure he was handling Rick’s
affairs and Rick was um was really let
me manage that kind of big brother to
all of us really and Rick got on his
feet how
house in Chatsworth we chill we have we
had this little thing going on Rick
would have I have a pool and he had a
pool table right and some you know
there’s NBA guys and they would come
over there and try to bet now I used to
be a competitive I just do torn in it I
was in pool yeah okay yeah it was kind
of in back in the day was financial aid
for me
and so I mean I was in snooker
championships and different and so uh
Rick would like sneak away and secretly
call me and I’d come by the house and
act like you know you know there’s a few
people I can say sorry to right now but
you know we kind of hooked it up but
yeah man but Rick was doing well he’s
doing doing the venues like the the
House of Blues type of things was a
mid-level type of things like that he
was cool he’s healthy and then you’re
James bitch came out well he was already
pretty heavy he come he came out of
prison pretty fat this is not the Rick
James yeah I’m talking about super freak
we’re talking about healthy inside okay
you know I mean I’m just talking about
doing the right things you know staying
sober that kind of a thing okay and then
that skit came and then Rick was at
every red carpet and you just heard him
I’m Rick James bitch like oh there’s
Rick and oh man Rick is he’s partying
again and it’s one of those things you
call Lani what’s up man you know you
know we’re trying you know BT was
another friend of ours and you know we
all pull together and just try to talk
about this stuff and then it’s like he’s
just was now now the now his relevance
was with a younger crowd again is like
and so those demons came
oh yeah I read his book and he would
just basically go into his room black
out all the windows and like smoke crack
for like three days straight
mm-hmm he was a heavy heavy drug addict
he came back to that because I mean like
somebody in Oakwood apartment found out
Rick had a secret little spot yes
partner and that’s where he was doing
this thing and yeah that was really
close to the end yeah but he died at 56
he was 2004 I was talented ooh man
people people don’t realize that he you
know he was in in life the movie with
Eddie Murphy huh okay he was the bad guy
he he was that good of an actor this
dude was bright he was a he was the the
gangster that was after them people
don’t even realize that’s Rick James cuz
he you just think that that is a that is
a professional actor Thank You Johnson
yes that’s Rick James watch that movie
again oh shit you see what I’m talking
about I’m watching it right now yeah you
know you recognize that as we can I do
not recognize there’s a regular
light-skinned dude with his hair yeah
reached back and yeah light-skinned
gangster do-right Rick James yeah man
Wow Rick was not right now I had no idea
sharp he was man that dude was super
well I incidentally he always want he
was always talk to me about playing him
like he were talking was was yoked up
told man I was surely shown a picture of
me when I was you know I was like I
can’t play you man well I remember I
interviewed Charlie Murphy hmm right
around 2000 because Rick James died in
2004 I think this is shortly after he
maybe 2008 or something like that
you know I said oh no it’s just sad that
he started to get hot again and then he
dies and goes well you know Charlie
obviously knew Rick very well yeah he
goes well I think that’s the way Rick
would have wanted it you know Rick
wanted to be back of it in the limelight
again wanted he wanted that fame again
and he got it before he passed if he was
just the guy doing House of Blues shows
every so often doing his old hits it
would not have been I don’t agree with
that because Rick seemed like he was
happy when he was doing that unless he
was he was unless he showed a miserable
side some some other way face I felt
like he was doing well I felt like he
was doing well he and Tina would do do
things together and Tina was also real
real cool Tina Tina Tina Marie Tina
Marie okay yeah yeah so you know I I
don’t know I he seemed like he was doing
well to me

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