Michael Jai White: I Wouldn't Trade Places with Any MMA Champs, They Destroy Their Bodies (Part 16)


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Part 15: https://youtu.be/xMnVSL2aQP0
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Jqi-TMXLhoU
In this clip, Michael Jai White and Vlad discussed the terrible toll that prize fighting takes on the body and why neither one of them would trade places with any professional fighter not named Floyd Mayweather. Michael also explained the essence of martial arts and why one’s will is central to success in the fighting arena and in life. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

well I recently interviewed Tito Ortiz
mmm who recently had a fight the he won
I guess a WWE guy and one of the most
fascinating things to me during that
interview was he started to break down
all of the operations and it’s hard and
the bodies can’t take that much damage I
mean I’ve had eight surgeries myself
through my surgery through my career and
I bet ASA replacing my left knee ASA
replacement right knee 50% my meniscus
taking on my right knee l4 5s one fused
in my lower back
t3 t2 t2 t1 t1 c7 disc replacement c7 c6
fuse c-65 fuse c5 c for disc replacement
and a reattached retina and fie about
him maybe 10 to 12 concussions and you
know that’s PI about as much of damage I
sustained but I continue to do it
because I love it and broken bones that
he had and it was like the longest
laundry list
yeah I’ve ever heard this guy’s been
destroying his body for decades decades
the fact that he’s walking around to me
is like just kind of amazing to me you
know it almost reminded me of those that
moved the wrestlers mm-hmm
with a Mickey Rourke where he was you
know he would go to like that convention
and if you look up he’d look over and
like all these other guys that have like
prosthetic legs in like they’re just all
messed up and I think you talked about
in one of these interviews about how
you’re glad you never went into MMA
full-time because all the guys that you
know who are retired now are just
physically in very bad shape
yeah I mean I I there’s not one
former champion and boxing MMA that I
want to trade places with Mayweather
yeah Mayweather like guy dollars report
never lost took any real damage yeah man
but that my god I wish I fighters really
need to like really study Mayweather
yeah I I don’t understand why people
would I don’t understand it’s like
everybody should be yearning to fight
that way you know but you’re like
anybody in MMA like UFC or whatever no
there’s nobody I would want to trade
places with and you you have a you have
a season where you’re known and then the
rest of your life you have to live and
your health is this most important thing
ever and again why my heart goes out to
so many fighters because they put
themselves on the line for you know yeah
their livelihood but for entertainment
as well well it’s all dirt a bit yeah
but you know you think about it do you
know how many fighters I’ve I’ve cashed
in movies because I respect them so damn
much you know I’m probably on probably
twenty five of them you know I mean from
UFC from from just just a lot of them
because I don’t they’re heroes to me
and my heart always goes out to them and
and that’s why I want to help and I want
to train I enjoy you know I’ve been
training with like champion fighters
since I was 17 it’s not a thing about oh
they didn’t take it easy on me because
I’m known or whatever it’s never been
that I’ve been doing that like I’ve
trained with Bill Wallace was his
sparring partner when I seventeen years
old you know and then Joe Lewis the
karate Joe Lewis
okay all this stuff you know I’ve been
in the trenches with fighters my whole
life and even boxers I’m training with
with people like you know Frankie Lyle’s
is my best friend and you know and I’m
in the camps and I’m I love fighting you
know that’s just that’s just me
I was with go over to Shira last night
because I happened to be in Connecticut
and I you know veered away and the goal
you know work out in your tree you know
do some stuff with him
because I had a couple hours or whatever
and you know I it’s it’s the it’s the
thing that I’ve done the best actually
my it’s it’s probably my my best skill
in my entire life and I’ve gotten a
chance I’ve been one of the luckiest
martial artists and fighters ever
because I’ve gotten a chance to work out
with the best of the best over years and
steal from them you know and I and it’s
just such an enjoyment too so I can like
help other people and learn from them
and steal from them as well it’s just
something I’m just into and it’s it’s
pure it’s not for any kind of for awards
or money or whatever but it’s because I
love to learn and I’d love to do the the
art well aren’t you supposed to do an
MMA fight coming up me yeah no no no I’m
I know you and you might have been
thinking about the 30-man fight that I
was like I I’m I mean um I’m in a one of
the my styles is called kyoko-chan and
it’s kind of like the Navy SEALs of
martial arts and being in that style you
you know you have to have you have to be
pretty damn resilient it’s hard
you get broken bones and it’s bare fists
oh yeah and so what it is it tests your
will and that’s the most important thing
is your will and to complete anything
you got to have a strong will and that’s
what it’s about
even though you know you see that my my
body is a is a byproduct of what
put through and put my will through you
know I mean people think about about it
from the outside in but it’s actually
from the inside out and that will that
says you will not stop me I will
overcome all obstacles that’s the
important thing about martial arts
that’s the important that’s why that was
that’s what makes you dangerous is your
will not just the skills but you know
the thing that’s driving that skill is
to say you will not stop me I will go
through you you cannot win you know and
that’s a that’s a that’s a strength of
but you apply that to your life and say
this is this obstacle you will not stop
me you know I will get past you you will
not win so that’s really what the
contribution is and so you’re I love it
because my opponent is another obstacle
biggest obstacle is me because I have to
overcome that opponent and I bow to him
because he allows me to become better
you know that’s what it’s about
thank you for helping me in my will to
become stronger by providing an obstacle

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