Maurice Clarett: My Family's House Got Shot Up Over My Older Brother's Beef (Part 1)


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Maurice Clarett sat down with Coach PR, where he opened up about growing up in Youngstown, Ohio and finding himself getting intro trouble with the law early on in life. He recounted stealing a car at 12 and then getting put into juvenile detention for a fight, and the judge telling him that he was going to give him harsher punishment if he came in again. Maurice explained that he turned to sports to redirect the trauma in his life with the help of a mentor, who was the corrections officer in juvenile detention. 

The conversation then turned to Maurice’s house being shot up as a result of his brother’s beef. He detailed the incident and his mother screaming for everyone in the house to get down as he heard shots coming from all angles of the house. To hear more, including being one of the top football players in the country when he was in high school, hit the above clip. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

it was coach PR on for Vlad TV shout out
to Vlad and the crew made with special
guest today Maurice the Beast Clarett
how you doing bro
oh wow doing well doing well so the
beast is still there or not if you just
take the beasts out fake to be sorry cuz
you were the Beast before beast mode bro
and I thought that was like yeah he was
original beast yeah I mean I guess in
the context of football you know when I
was 18 19 and I you know just to where I
ran it was real aggressive with people
you know you know having a lot of
head-on collisions and succeeding in
most of them you know people eat a
handle but as I’ve evolved in life too
and I really understood the power in
words I found out that just calling
myself a be sort of cornered myself our
foes assert mentality on myself right
right so this will take us back growing
up in Youngstown Ohio that’s where you
are from Youngstown yes take it take us
back there growing up and how was it
growing up in Youngstown uh Youngstown
you know sound like you know any of them
I want to save metropolitan but any
other inner city you know young black
and I grew up I’m 36 now I grew up in
the 90s era where you have an inclusion
of gang culture and inclusion of murder
exclusion of robbery domestic violence
and things are so so forth and really if
I could talk about younger years I think
that’s were you know starting to for my
identity on you know how I wanted to be
viewed towards my peers you know so
obviously when you grow up in the mat as
I call it you tend to want to act like
you’re tougher than what you really are
so when I’m younger I’m trying to hang
around my older brothers and then a
neighbor that I’m trying to act tougher
than what I am as a result from it I had
what I like to call three major
encounters you know the first encounter
I was about 11 to 12 years old I stole
in the car then the gig cot with the
juvenile for a few days and stayed and
got back out and in one regard I thought
it was cool because you know folks
around the way like yo you know you got
locked up they want to know about the
intake process and it’s looked better
viewed as being cool but still oh yeah
getting locked up it’s like key rites of
passage towards your juvenile fame you
know saying you know
had basically seemed to say anything
happy both my older brothers they both
went to juvenile systems they’re you
know few after that I didn’t get locked
up again as a for getting into a fight
at a skating rink get into a fight they
lock all the kids up were fighting there
next thing you know I go down and the
judge is like yo you know if you come
back down here I’m gonna sing you up to
the out-of-state Detention Center so I
stayed out of trouble for a couple years
played football ran track and the other
constructive stuff and then my last time
almost getting almost getting getting in
trouble I end up breaking into a
gentleman’s house in the process of
breaking in the house the gentleman
walked up come down the hallway caught
me in another guy’s side of the house
and to make a long story short I end up
basically getting arrested in going down
to the police station right to the to
the juvenile detention center and when I
was down there in the middle of the
other night there was a gentleman by the
name of mr. Rowland Smith what come over
to me and was like you know I’ve seen
you play football and basketball and
sports and also know your mother or
father let me see if I can kind of
interfere or not interfere something
like redirect you you know I’m saying go
to judge actually for for to put you on
house arrest so that summer they put me
on a house arrest of mrs. how I got in
the football they placed me a house
arrest and I would go condition lift
weights and and be mentored by him
throughout the summer and when I was
starting to go to practice based on high
school I was going to I would be
dominating the guys at practice and so I
would be getting out the house but I
will be lifting weights and I will
compete at practice and I started to
realize like I was playing from a
different space more from this traumatic
I’ve been through a lot I got to get out
my neighborhood sort of mentality
because you grew up it allows a lot of
murderers and drug dealers going in your
direct neighborhood yes yes so the
transforming that energy helped you out
okay I think a lot of kids they just you
go through so much trauma you don’t know
what to do with the emotion you know
saying and when you have when you see
the murders when you most people don’t
want to admit it but when you live in
the environment when you’re scared you
know sad and you’re like wow you know
older guys in my neighborhood killing
folks are two older guys my neighborhood
or doing whatever you know you you take
on them and tell you like you know
either I’m going to be involved in it
because I’m
helmut are you taking like this
defensive mechanism you know saying
where you take on like this false
attitude I think more my stuff was the
false attitude just because just all the
madness is going on you know you start
to and just like you know no difference
than what you see in Chicago you know
there’s a bunch of murders in Chicago so
I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of kids
who have to take on some sort of
intelligent they probably don’t normally
want to take on and so when I hit the
football field this was the first place
that I can place this emotion in and so
or if I had the basketball court I get
to in my mind create an enemy or create
some sort of opposition with the
opponent and there’s also a level where
if you see how I play it match how I
felt so when I will play people I’ll say
man you know you didn’t come from where
I come from so you can’t beat me so
you’re more hungrier and I felt like a
hundred percent right I just was so when
you win when you could how old were you
how old are you when your house got shot
up you are yeah I was we were eighth
grade so how are you Nathan right
probably 13 13 14 years old you know you
know end up getting into some guys our
neighborhood my brother did you know to
3:00 in the morning dudes come through
and you know they you know they do what
they do it’s not the house of it so you
know fortunately you know my mother had
mentioned in the documentary that but
you know I was laying on the floor and
no how you been used to hearing shots
but you know I’m hearing these shots in
at the time you hear them break through
the drywall break porch and you know
we’re gonna miss it at and I was sitting
in front of the TV console and it
basically hit the what does he call it
hit the TV console I lift my head up you
know we probably ain’t say they’re
having his interview right but it was
like you know so that stuff is real that
these are real moments in your life and
it was like the front of the house and
the back house they wanted to finish
somebody off they’re like yeah you know
so they so I don’t know how they got
there either you know obviously I was in
the house so and one way or another they
came in through the back yards or they
came through the front of the house and
they may see you start shooting so they
shot the front and the back it was at
the same time or they just went from the
front to the back
no when it shot it was happen at the
same time because I’m on the floor you
can hear the bullets coming through the
house on the front end and then you can
hear or kitchen was that they were
on the backyard and I remember here my
mother like yo you know get down you
know a mother scream real loud for I had
to be frightening to your mom and for
you everybody everybody you know you you
get bullets flying no Sam bullets ain’t
got no names and you and a midst of it
and you see that your house for lack of
better words is being sandwich for
bullets you know that that basically
Minh a very uncomfortable situation and
for me I was terrified right there’s
just the same time with a people thing
was they ate people that got killed
yes oh yes so we’re going to say around
the same time this is no I want to say
probably from like 91 to like 90 I would
say at least 98 you know our
neighborhood was just out of control and
so you know either people getting killed
to him killed on the block killed up to
block you know you got hold of Asians on
the neighborhood you know pistol-whip is
you know all the type of madness you
know I mean that but you know if you
from or came over in the 90s this was
normal behavior well you know you
getting influenced by music and TV and
all of the the cultural elements that it
that affluent all of us and so this was
this was happening right in front of me
and then after that majors like you know
I’m gonna play sports he played sports
young you went did this when you bought
bumped into the the correction officer
correctional questions right oh okay
smooth and then you started playing ball
high school ball yeah yes sir then I
then I start playing high school ball go
to a school called Austin South Fitch
and as I’m competing against these guys
you know I’m just starting to realize
that I’m playing from a different space
you know and there was never any
admiration or not admiration there was
never any aspirations to want to go
today to go to the field because I never
thought are seeing somebody go right
right and so especially from young
especially from young son you never you
know so now a kid can see a path to the
NFL but we talking about 98 you don’t
see no paths and if ever you think it’s
possible and so the next thing you know
I go out here and I’m starting to play
ball and after the first few games I
realized was like you know I can go to
college like my whole thing would just
go to college you know it’s like the era
of like
and blue chip and the program and all
those little college better you don’t
talk about films that that were like me
College feeling NFL yeah and so after I
played there for a few games and broke
my ankle I was like man if I take
football serious I can do something and
so you know sophomore year junior year
go on and then eventually my senior year
I had one out there and just really
started to impose my will on the game
this when you transfer to is that Warren
jido yeah warranty harder I transferred
mid-year my freshman year and went over
here to compete with guys who are a lot
yeah when I started to compete with
those guys and other Division one level
guys I started to realize that my
mentality just wasn’t taking me to the
next level with the team I was on but I
had a different mentality towards the
entire country and so just for context I
was going to different camps I went to
the Notre Dame camp I went to Indiana
can move and you start to see guys from
around the world are from around the
country at least and so I think that you
will read about a Ghana paper and then
when you go see him and compete against
him you’d be like yo this dude isn’t as
good as I thought he was with paper and
then it came a time I see her here and I
don’t know if this comes from Youngstown
after just comes from sheer brain
competition I said man I’m better than
all these guys and you know I’m so big
in the power of words and so as a high
schooler I will write the greatest of
all time on my cleats right and so I
would say go to the weight room like
you’re the greatest of all time go to
the the practice field like you’re the
greatest of all time but even in high
school as a kid and I didn’t realize I
was doing something significant I was
still approaching stuff like that and so
when I was thinking about this I was
like man if I’m gonna be the greatest I
have to be competing with guys in
college so I was in high school be
competing against guys in college like
how many yards is such as such yeah or
how many yards are such and such happen
because I have been preparing myself to
go to the next level and then you were
ranked they top 100 players yeah I
thought that you were better than those
players that were like top 10 yeah you
know they just had to at that moment in
time I felt like um
my position I don’t think there was
another person who was better in the
country that’s all you know it came from
just what I was able to bring to the
game I think that when you measure
players my biggest thing is how much
impact does a person have on the game
you know you can be a good player and
you could be popular you can run yards
and and you could be a part of the whole
but you know or are you a player who
makes the entire defense shift what they
have going on you know if you line up as
I run a backup receiver do you dictate
what the defense has to do and so just
from an impact standpoint through
special teams punt return kick return in
all of the other positions I play you
know I was an impact player and I was
just I was driven but I was also I’ve
also been brought up against like what
great coaching you know our high school
coach who was Tom McDaniels as soon as
josh mcdaniels for the patriots his
office of course yes I was brought up
with great coaching coach my Richardson
yeah he was he had played the game and
played for coach Tressel
and so I had more coaching than what
probably guys have like coach knows
everything at that age that you know
they teach you how to approach the game
they teach you how to practice they
teach you the seriousness of it they
teach you to dynamic and breaking down
the nuances of the game and operations
and how you manage the game and why our
audibles being called and so has an 18
year old kid I was getting that in
comparison to you know another kids
coach would probably just said hey we’re
just going out here just to beat this
just to beat them and every day they
gave you that IQ yes sir

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