Man Who Got 50 Years for Drug Dealing Feels it was All Worth It


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Man Who Got 50 Years for Drug Dealing Feels it was All Worth It
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what’s our family
I just watched an interesting video on
flat TV DJ Quicksilver was interviewing
former drug dealer Maurice King aka
peanut King they were talking about how
he started in the drug game in the 1970s
and his eventual prison beard which
began in 1982 he talked about the origin
of his name establishing his reputation
in Baltimore and the values he upheld
while hustling peanut King also talked
about purchasing a DeLorean back in the
1980s he said it was all part of a
marketing tactic when asked what made
you want to get in the game he gave a
very familiar and predictable answer
growing up in poverty being
underprivileged I can relate here’s the
deal you know how they say desperate
situations caused for desperate measures
the thing that I learned over time is
whatever is going on in your life even
if you’re desperate don’t panic you see
that drug gang that’s that panic button
and when you panic you are almost
certainly going to make a mistake that
you regret it may make several this guy
went to jail in 1982 got a 50-year B and
just came home
that’s a lot of years all that time he
was sitting in jail he gets out and the
interviewer asked him do you have any
regrets and he said man he said he felt
like it was all worth it so you get out
in the streets you sell this product to
your community that it’s probably the
top contributor to destroying your
community were one of the top
contributors to destroying your
community you’re breaking up families
mothers and fathers are going to prison
mothers and fathers are getting strung
out on drugs kids and being born strung
out on drugs this product that you’re
now you saved because he said that the
reason why he was doing it is because he
wanted to help his family get in a
better position you want to help this
community but he did admit to being a
little naive he said that he didn’t have
all the facts he didn’t have all the
information at the time and so he
thought he was doing the right thing he
admitted that it was contradictory to
say that you want to help your family
and help your community by making some
money but at the same time you’re
destroying your community by selling
this dope selling this crack cocaine I
mean I think we can all agree no matter
how desperate or poor that we’ve bent
that crack cocaine has been a major
contribution a contribution to the
detriment of the black community it has
done a lot of damage and for dude to sit
in jail for decades and come out and say
he felt like it was all worth it because
he he wouldn’t be the person he is today
because he learned so much so basically
he’s saying for my salvation I’ll
sacrifice all of these people in my
community that I said wanna help and
I’ll sacrifice my family for my own
salvation cuz that’s what I hear I’m
hearing he sacrifices everybody else for
his own salvation otherwise if it’s me
I’m gonna say no I don’t think it was
worth it not even for myself if I had to
give up jumping out there and and being
conscious of what I’m doing and I notice
is what I’m doing if I had to give up my
own salvation if I got to give up my own
peace of mind for the betterment of the
community that’s type of person I am
you know for my family and make the
sacrifice for the family that’s the type
of person that I am so I can’t ride with
that and I know some people are looking
at do like he’s some type of hero
calling him a legend and stuff like that
but man after that many decades I would
think that a person would have a little
bit more insight you know like I have no
problem with vlag doing these interviews
where he’s interviewing former drug
dealers and guys from the streets and
stuff like that if they can bring
something to the table to educate the
youngsters and give them information to
put them on the right track but if this
okay we’re gonna interview this dude and
this dude is gonna put this information
out and you know he’s sounding just like
a damn 21 year old of what’s the use
what’s the purpose of that now I know
that this other guy DJ Quicksilver
interviewed him dad didn’t interviewing
and I know that when he said it was all
worth it I’m sure bland would have
followed up with something else
DJ Quicksilver did not do that for
whatever reason but I would have had
skill house so how was it worth it all
of those years I’m sure he was sitting
in jail when he lost some family members
I’m sure his mom and his dad probably
passed away while he was in prison he
missed this if he had any children he
missed his children growing up he missed
the life lessons that he could have gave
them and protected them from certain
situations growing up in Baltimore
especially I know if he had children
they definitely needed him even if he
didn’t have children he had nieces and
nephews what about those people in the
community those children and community
that he said he was trying to help they
needed that guidance they needed that
help they needed me and real man and the
community to help them navigate through
that terrain so even if he didn’t have
his own children what about the children
of the community which makes sense to me
because it does take a village to raise
one child so I’m not feeling I’m not
feeling that statement at all you know
maybe he spoke out of turn or something
but to say it was all worth it because
he learned a lesson a valuable lesson
lesson and he wouldn’t be who he is
that’s ridiculous to me I rather if if
my community could be thriving and be in
a better shape and we we would didn’t
have all that death and destruction and
we didn’t get all these junkies from the
crack era and all of this mass
incarceration which which was not solely
you can’t put that solely on the people
in the hood because we know Congress you
know the president and they was doing
that thing the politicians were doing
that thing to make sure that mass
incarceration came to fruition but I’m
talking about the people in the hood the
part that we play our parts the people
in the hood the people that move to work
we got to acknowledge that we got to be
real about that I’m not with giving
somebody like that
just because they they’re older they did
sometimes they sold a lot of crack that
shit don’t mean nothing to me you sold a
lot of crack you sold a lot of drugs who
you sold them to and what did you do
what did the community get out of it
what did your people get out of it what
happened in the process of you getting
all this money you know getting this
recognition buying the gloria what
happened to the people in the process of
your come up peanut king was asked what
do he think the biggest difference is
and the drug dealers of the 70s and the
new age guys on the streets today and he
said probably values he did acknowledge
that the New Age guys are doing the best
they can with what they know and that’s
pretty much nothing because the OGIS
were not there to pass the game on they
were locked up or days and I don’t care
a gangster you are you can’t raise
babies from the pan you’d be sitting out
trying to tell your kid what to do you
better listen to your mama and look I
don’t want to see you out there doing
this no more and you make sure you get
in the house by seven o’clock every
night I’m just not feeling this whole
thing what dude is saying he felt it was
worth it maybe I’m missing something but
what’s say you drop a comment and by the
way George Washington Carver is the
peanut king no moto

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