Luenell: I Bet Jaden Smith Wouldn’t Wear a Dress in Crenshaw

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Famed comedian Luenell shared her thoughts on a variety of hot topics in the media right now, including her reaction to Macklemore’s “White Privilege II,” which she said she completely agreed with. Luenell added that while she believes that Macklemore is misunderstood, she thinks that he was telling a lot of truth in his latest track.

During the conversation Luenell also spoke about why she’s not amused by Black male celebrities wearing dresses, which she said is “the same old mammy, slapstick s*** since blackface.” When specifically speaking about Will Smith’s son Jaden wearing dresses and being the face of Louis Vuitton’s 2016 spring/summer womenswear collection, Luenell told us that she doubts he would go to Crenshaw in a dress or skirt.

To hear more of our conversation with Luenell, including her thoughts on Tyler Perry’s Madea character and Prince’s choice of clothing, hit the above video.

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