Lori Harvey's Mom Warns Her Not To Date Rappers Or Athletes In Throwback Clip


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the rule report Breakfast Club well this
is exciting Jill Scott is celebrating
with her 20th anniversary tour for her
album who is Jill Scott words and sounds
vol 1 so that tour is gonna kick off in
Kansas City Missouri it starts on
February 7th okay she said that’s for
what fans can expect to hear and see she
said I’m gonna be true to the album
setlist I’ll do every song in the order
of the album my audience should bring
their CD covers some may know the list
by heart I will create musical
arrangements for the songs purpose with
new energy but keep the integrity of the
original songs they love expected
theater expect incredible musicianship
expect love okay know a lot of people
excited for that yeah I might have to go
to that one all right so the whole list
of tour dates is now available but like
I said February 7th it kicks off in
Kansas City now speaking of toys you
know they release the dates for the
Millennium Tour and that starts February
29th in Louisville Kentucky so if you
want to go to that tour they also
released a trailer of all of the artists
on the tour it was a dope it was a dope
video howdy it’s more visual yeah we
don’t want that one yes yeah it was
pretty dope but along those lines let’s
talk about fares and April cuz phase
will be on this tour but what he is
perhaps doing and you know it’s not like
he’s just dating omarion’s
ex and children’s mother he’s also
contemplating marriage could you see
yourself marrying me one day
absolutely maybe extending the family
extending the family you want another
kid if I’m with you in five years I’m
definitely having another kid me an
egg-white happiest could be in our own
little bubble staying out of the way a
book and the drama I personally never
had intentions on going to this immature
concert you know that’s not my people
and seeing how big is in agreeance with
my baby mama wanting everything I guess
that’s all he needs there yeah that’s a
that’s a crazy and strange relationship
b2k that is I mean they just do things
talk about each other like that and grow
up with each other like they haven’t
been in a group for such a long time
let’s have you why all this is happening
though because they have known each
other for such a long time yeah but you
don’t smash my baby mom like you don’t
marry you don’t do that and if you do
you guys suffer consequences so I’m sure
he knows what’s gonna happen and you
just gotta go out yeah okay handle
friend okay all right now ray Jay in the
meantime is not wearing his wedding ring
anymore so I don’t know what’s going on
with him and princess love but they’ll
eventually work things out there were
rumors they were working it out but as
of now it doesn’t seem like they have
made it happen
yeah I seen that one picture it could
have been he left it home for one day
like people vote we do have his ring or
maybe left it on you know they are going
through it right I do know that they go
do it he was just with his baby so now
wear your ring this is not it but things
happen like that maybe I ran out the
house and forgot it people just
automatically assume like he’s unaware
in saying she’s saying now that she
wants a divorce so I’m sure it’s more
than just that but I do hope they work
it out you know they have a beautiful
family yes baby on the way and raise you
got to figure this out man absolutely
all right and Lauri Harvey they’ve been
posting this old footage everywhere of
her mom Margery Harvey giving her dating
advice on The Steve Harvey Show and
here’s what she told her back when
Laurie Harvey started dating no you just
started dating this year so how are we
gonna handle that okay
no athlean
Oh rappers down the lift and comes to
dating my mom has nothing to worry about
I got this don’t ever try to fit in when
God has clearly created you to stand out
always be a lady
and understand you are the prize don’t
give yourself to anybody that is not
going to be your husband
well obviously she didn’t listen but I
mean she’s 18 she gotta make her own
decisions but obviously she didn’t
listen and you know that’s one of my big
dating advice you give Madison cuz she’s
around as easy she can’t she’s going to
college maybe so now she’s not going to
college maybe it’s gonna be can’t get an
education because you don’t her today is
gonna be very close and she’ll see dad
every day no I don’t want my daughter to
date I’m sorry I know she will have to
date one day she’ll have to find
somebody no that was the prom and
everybody has to go to the prom you have
to find a date you don’t have to find a
date you know that right well she went
on a date to the prom but that that’s as
far as it went
it wasn’t a date there was no kiss and a
smooch in – nothing like that there was
no feeling there’s no connection there’s
no nothing you know a date doesn’t mean
that you have to kiss smooch and feel
each other up well that’s what you can
just go eat or go to the prom you raised
an excellent young daughter you trust
her to use her judgment in this world
all right well I’m a help with just in
case Lori I’m sure dr. Harvey’s thought
the same thing with Lori too and yeah
yeah what wait Lori Harvey knows what
she’s doing okay she’s out here breaking
hearts all right well I make sure
Madison is so far away from that I will
keep that little little marriage okay
all right all right let’s get off the
subject that is your rumor report
up next is donkey of the day let’s keep
it moving it’s Brep slept good morning

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