Lizzo On w/ Gayle King & Explains Why She Doesn't Care What People Think Of Her Outrageous Behavior!


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lizzo got her an opportunity to go on
the show another one of these liberal
shows with Gayle King Gayle King of
course is Oprah side piece I don’t know
what they doing but she went on the show
and then she continues to double down on
what she did although she supposedly
cried and I want you to hear what she
had to say here and this is gonna be my
first time hearing it too so it’s a
lizzo kind of morning yeah we need to
enlist those careers she needs to if
she’s gonna sit here and do this then we
need to say this is when we need to have
a council culture this is it this is
supposed to be what it’s for you’re not
gonna sit here and just keep
disrespecting people cuz you got money
this goes back to what um what uh Dave
Chappelle said in a skit they should’ve
never gave you niggas money seriously
how many of you people and you’re black
and you think to yourself I almost hate
to see black folks give money because it
gives them a bigger platform to make us
look worse I almost hate to see black
folks get money because it gives them a
bigger platform to make us look worse we
love that little tiny purse moment and
you just said you know I like to have
fun Gail well guess what we like to have
fun too and they will you do the honors
since we’re sitting so close wait you
thought you needed a little cuff to go
along with your little purse so
interesting so eight Grammy nominations
you said it feels special it does that
it feels like infinity you couldn’t
possibly dream this for yourself not
about your wildest okay black women can
you explain to me why being fat and loud
has been something that you’ve been
since the 1920s when it was they
character a character I characterize you
in this way in movies instead of being
beautiful woman so you beautiful
you were just Mami’s but now this woman
is in the I won’t try to think about
this this is night it’s 2019 and this
woman is that’s a thing being being loud
and obnoxious
that’s a black woman thing being loud
and obnoxious yesterday I had stopped
somewhere to pick up something and it
was a black woman yet again sitting
inside of the place she was talking on
her phone and I kept looking at her cuz
she kept talking loud in the phone she
made sure she kept looking at me and she
did it then she made sure she went head
and push the button to where it was this
on speaker like and she kept looking at
me knowing that me and the other people
in the lobby of this place we’re really
a friend it we just kept looking and she
yeah he people up here looking at me
like I’m fucked and this is what she
said these people keep looking at me
like I’m supposed to be quiet these
people keep looking at me like I’m
supposed to be quiet is what this woman
said and the woman on the phone said
fuck them people I know you’ve been
working at this for a very long time yes
I mean I’ve been I’ve been a successful
musician a touring musician for a long
time I was an indie artist I have my own
label I got signed to an imprint in
Atlantic and I was good house like this
is great I’m a career musician I have a
fan base I’m selling out tours I’m good
my wildest dreams have been realized
whatever happened and nobody’s willing
to talk about how big this motherfucker
is no matter how much body positivity
y’all trying to give this woman is just
a disgrace for why would you even allow
yourself to get that be up there looking
like a prehistoric guy hey with that
happy with that so how would you
describe what happened it’s this thing
that we always talk about because you
need a few things to have successes like
of course there’s a talent there’s a
drive the work ethic but there’s this
x-factor that nobody quite can put their
finger on and we always talked about it
weird thing that magic that happens in
someone’s career that is what happened
there was just a moment where somehow as
culture abdun flowed I caught on to that
wave and everyone just connected with me
like you can never really choose when
that moment comes but it’s your attitude
– and your outsize personality – don’t
you think I got a big old person there
now you see she did that on purpose
look how she did that on purpose I got a
big old personality she literally did
that on purpose she did that on purpose
watch her face size personality – don’t
you think I got a big old person why
come osimo feed me I’ll make it worth
your while
oh it is very hard to believe that at
one point before you were successful
touring music musicians before you were
a big mainstream success you were living
in your car playing music for food is
that true probably watching this on
their phone catching Wi-Fi from the
donut shop across the street it really
and I’m so sick of these black holes
doing this one so she’s making sure she
does every stereotype possible cuz that
didn’t even fit what she was doing it
she went to the lab and then did this
their car right now through that moment
in that to where you are today that’s
the key word like through the only way
you get through something is to move
forward yeah and I think that I had so
many moments where I wanted to give up
and I was like why am I still doing this
is so hard
you wanted to give oh
twice in my life what did you say what
did you tell yourself um well the first
time I said you know I’m doing this for
my family it was really important to me
I don’t know why but it like our 21 year
old girl was like the baby of her family
was like I have to take care of my
mother and my brother and my sister and
that was the thing that drove me to I
was 21 years old I was homeless and fat
but hungry
my fat refused the Turnagain and eat its
own fat I was 21 years old I was a black
fat loudmouth bitch who had nowhere to
but if I ever get put on I’m gonna take
care of all those people who allow me to
be homeless how many of you black people
have been put in that position it’s the
ugly shit in the world I want you white
people to understand that these single
mothers do that to their children
we’ll be out here selling ass selling
dope shucking and jiving Sambo and
whatever it is we’ll be out there and if
we ever make it we go back and help the
people who watched us be homeless who
watched us be drugged out this makes no
sense but that’s what single mothers do
you’ve never heard of a single father
putting their children in this position
come on man okay how many of you guys
can name a single father that’s ever did
this right so Xuan Deb dad said but dad
said we’re doing it all that you’ve
never heard of a man putting his
children in position to do this have you
ever heard of it yeah bootlicking
shoe-shining both licking shoe salad
you never heard of it I gotta take care
of my daddy I continue yeah and then the
second time that’s what a Vista Dragon I
was acquitted dancing a jig country line
dancing you know all that stuff stepping
in fetching your electric slide
limousine legit flying if I put music
out nobody would care like I’m not
making a splash something told me to
just keep going because I had to make
music yeah it literally is the joy of my
life yeah I have your early supporters
was Prince ah what did he do for you
Prince made the day before and the day
after leaving Paisley Park like
transformed me from just like a musician
to an artist I think difference is is
you know I have talent I can sing I can
rap I can play an instrument I can write
songs but an artist creates art with
those things you know you can do and
then you can create art and I learned
how to kind of marry my sounds I have so
many different weird styles and I was
shy about them and insecurities I didn’t
know which one I was better at but you
don’t have to be better at either any of
them he gave you that yourself he gave
it to me yeah well that’s what people
like about you Liz oh because you are so
uniquely yourself Anthony’s daughter I
have to tell you TV audience a little
you are so uniquely yourself what does
this even mean we’re gonna get dumbass
compliments like seriously guys I’m not
even trying to be funny
women give dumb compliments to each
other you are uniquely yourself what who
never comes to see
came this morning because she wanted to
see Liz oh and I said what is it Olivia
better she said because you were always
unapologetically yourself mm-hmm
which leads me to the Lakers game what
you are unapologetically yourself what
he goes again listen Chris game which
leads me to the Lakers game you see how
the white man felt like he had to laugh
as high as she laughed watch it again he
was just laughing normally but when she
went loud he just felt like well I’ll go
loud to watch watch it which leads me to
the Lakers game people are talking about
you so I want to know I was having a
conversation with my friend windy this
morning who said listen she’s an
entertainer she’s always on that’s just
that’s just a personality she’s a
performer other people say okay Liz oh
we get it you’re proud of your body body
positivity but you’re at the Lakers game
enough what is your response to that how
was that even funny
where was the joke in there like a
Lakers game enough with your buddy what
is your response to that um cuz you’ve
heard some of the flack that you’ve been
getting about really okay tell you in my
own positive you hear this bitch said
not really did we not just play the
video of this whore crying about it why
would y’all listen to this woman this
woman made a whole video crying about it
several posts talking about it the woman
just asked her what did she think about
it oh I know no not really I didn’t hear
anything about it
Oh cuz you’ve heard some of the flock
that you’ve been getting it but not
really okay not really
she’s a fake bitch you stay in your own
positive that’s why you were crying in
the bed trying to brag on the fact that
you got a bigger house than everybody
and you got a king-size bed and you came
from being hungry and take it all in
well it’s their opinion so I mean it’s
not for me to really ingest it’s for
them to express and for me to choose to
listen to or not or not um you know it
was at a spontaneous moment yeah
absolutely was
why would Gayle sit up there and help
her life this is why I hate women and I
hate the fact that we know black women
are full of shit this is a second hole
that doesn’t set up here and tell her
was this spontaneous ladies and
gentlemen in the audience since you are
watching the news live and if you see it
on the website make sure you watch and
leave your comments on the website as
well for those of you who are watching
live you’ll better see the whole thing
but if you’re watching is the replay or
me put them up in spaces you may only
get half the video so make sure you go
watch the rest of it on the website how
many of you guys think that this was
spontaneous spontaneous you wore that
outfit you twerk everywhere you go does
anybody can tell anybody I’m lying she
her thing is we I showed you guys last
time her twerking Edda arm in an
interview on this white man what about
her doing the same things she’s done
thousands of times would be oh it was
so with spontaneous the chick-fil-a – it
was spontaneous on that show it was
spontaneous on your last eight damn
Instagram post it was sponsored it was
spontaneous when you did it walking
through the tunnels it will spoil all
these are spontaneous I think no one
would have ever saw what I was wearing
like the back of it if I didn’t get up
and dance and the Lakers girls came up
to me and said Cristal
that you’re here we want to perform one
of your songs for you and I remember I
was sitting there and I was what I think
nobody would have seen the back of what
I’m wearing let me tell you who would
have seen the back of what you’re
wearing since you’re at the front row of
the Lakers game apparently about 19,000
people would have seen the back of what
you’re wearing
those of which about I’d say 6,000 of
which would have been at a direct angle
behind you to see it ma’am as you walk
and go get some nachos and taquitos and
and churros or whatever it is you went
to go get back and forth then they would
be able to see that as you walk in and
out of the building they would be able
to see this are you an idiot ma’am and
you know how you dress so it didn’t
matter how the Lakers girl came to you
you know what the Lakers girls didn’t
ask you to do twerk there was no reason
for you to twerk for that song because
you knew what kind of clothes you had on
ladies and gentlemen am i lying or not I
say this because how many of you ladies
out there got big ass or big tits you
know you have big ass and big tits don’t
you know when you wear certain things
like the one with the strapless thing
there’s probably certain things you
can’t do cuz them titties might fall out
or when you got a fat ass you know
there’s probably and when a certain
outfit you got on you know you probably
can’t bend over cuz you didn’t wear any
panties and you might have some ass
crack out so you know you can’t do that
in my line you know what you wore and
you know and you anticipate what you did
is you can and can’t do based upon what
you wore cuz you know it so that woman
knew what she wore so at no point in
time with all that cold air going her
pants did she not know what she had on
but her logic is they told me they were
gonna dance to my song so I would out
there turn my ass to everybody and did
this spontaneously my friend and they
were like you should get up and dance
like they’re doing this for you and I
was like all right so I got up and I
just did what I always do anyone who
knows me knows that this is how I’ve
always been this is how I’ve always
liked to dress so then you can’t say
it’s spontaneous and it’s forget your
butt was out
Jesus Christ and it’s but did you forget
your butt was out that’s insane
did you forget that there were children
and did you forget when you were driving
drunk that there was people in front of
you when you ran into him did you forget
that there was a homeless man that you
stabbed get your butt was out just
curious I don’t lairs come down there so
my my it wasn’t just you know flesh to
see oh you know you know a lot of you
contrary to popular belief she said I
had on layers down there oh it wasn’t we
saw a video of you walking there were
not we saw a video of this woman walking
there was no layers women will lie and
lie and lie again and yes she’s scared
gate is she scared gate oh hell she
scared me I don’t know where it came
from that’s somebody in the comment
section say yeah that was Leslie as a
yeah you’ve talked about Jesus Christ
and we learn it and yeah me out and that
stupid phrase these black holes made
it’d be out yeah and this is what women
can do they can say yeah and to the
point of where when you find one of
these teachers fucking one of these
little boys and they say you know hey
ma’am you fucked a fourteen-year-old boy
and so you lie about it then you turn
around and listen to her excuse she
starts off lying and then say it’s a
contrary to popular belief yeah yeah it
was out it be out so and one breath was
supposed to believe you’re not supposed
to sexualize women but as long as women
want to be sexualized themselves then
everything’s okay and you’re okay with
this body and my butt was my least
favorite thing about myself and I
learned to love it and that was
something everybody can’t stop talking
about so you are being a role model my
dick was the least favorite thing that I
liked about myself now I just walk
around with it out now and you know
that’s all people talk about is the fact
that I keep pulling out my penis I was
so embarrassed about my penis growing up
I was like oh child
my dick is really small ooh child
it is miniature but now I just walk
around with my miniature dick out and
everybody just talking about it I don’t
know why they talking about it I don’t
feel it with my dick I thought that is
so positive to me that is body-positive
telling me you are representing for all
the little dick niggas out there in the
someday yeah everybody loved little digs
like mine someday when it’s shorter than
four inches Oh gonna show off your
little penis
Oh show off your dingus don’t make sense
this is stupid y’all this is stupid this
is a thing why are y’all not looking at
this is hard this is stupid this is the
thing I am positive and love my whatever
the fuck it is cuz I show it to you I
used to be embarrassed by my shit you
know sometimes when normal people was
shitting and just break off you know
look like a Snickers bar but not me when
I shit it come out looking like a Hannah
Conda they don’t know why I look like a
hos coil spring and they just I used to
be embarrassed by it but now I just
collect the shit and walk out in public
and let everybody know look at that
love these coils there’s a lot of guys
out there whose shit like that as well
and you’ve made it easier for them what
the fuck this is stupid
and y’all are and y’all are encouraging
this woman to say positive means
intrusive do you guys understand that
that’s what it means to black women
strong means intrusive strong means rude
strong means loud strong means overly
sexualized strong means let me make
everybody around me feel uncomfortable
cuz that makes me feel better about
myself do you hear this ladies and
gentlemen to feel positive about you is
to make everyone else feel uncomfortable
about themselves
that’s insane there’s no man on earth
who this he was allowed to say this that
in that moment be new do you don’t ever
let anybody take or steal your joy
especially not the internet so of you
have you enjoyed this success because I
think did I hear the the periods of
times you’ve been kind of depressed yes
but I mean I wouldn’t be human if I
didn’t you know have times where the
balance where the highs and the lows
kind of happened yes I accept that I
think Fame is a little hard to take from
me it was never my plan I loved being
successful and I loved playing music and
making money it’s a different animal
though it is yes so when the famous
successful and famous
Time magazine entertainer I’m so tired
of black women always congratulations on
an amazing year thank you and you were
so nice to Olivia thank you thank you
and you can watch the 60 second annual
Grammy Awards on Sunday January 26 right
we’re at Liz oh right you see that woman
right there she’s she’s a cheater but
she’s at least classy maybe you can
learn something from her and let me tell
you something Liz oh she got a better
body than yours and she could show it
off as she wanted to but she rather show
off her talent in it ironic that they
would take this person and put her up
there after you got this hood rat fat
whore and they’re encouraging this hood
rat fat whore and I want you to
understand ladies and gentlemen what
happened they were talking about her
meeting a little girl they were talking
about her meeting a little girl and the
little girl saying she likes her because
she’s unapologetically her let that sink
in Gail was talking about her meeting
one of the people who worked there child
and that child said she likes her
because she’s unapologetically her let
that sink in who wants their child to
look up to that fat whale who says let
my outrageous behavior out shadow my
talent overshadow my talent my body is
my prize and everyone needs to see it in
order for me to feel better about my
body how many of you women out there or
are how many women out there maybe on
the small side slim if you don’t have
way a sand or maybe you don’t have big
tits or maybe you don’t have hips like
what the typical woman is supposed to
have today and you are made to feel bad
especially when you look on Instagram
and you barely see people who look like
you why would your response to feeling
that way betta let me go out there and
just show as much as my little titties
as I can let me go out there and show as
much of my flat ass as I can let me go
out there to just be out in front of
people because that’ll make me feel
better about myself if I throw it in
your face
ladies and gentlemen is that confidence
let that sink in is confidence the
ability to say I don’t feel good about
it but if I make you feel uncomfortable
about it then I’ll feel better how is
that confidence that is a one example of
insecurity because you feel like it is
your job to make them feel uncomfortable
because you want them to feel exactly
how you feel in your own skin this is
what separates me from the other
youtubers that little thing called
psychology that you can’t find another
psychologist in the country that would
tell you he that what he’s saying in
general is not based in psychology
how many of you guys saw that coming I
know you didn’t but I’m telling you that
that’s what it is when you have people
who are doing this what is making them
feel good is the fact that they want to
push the same pain that they feel on
someone else they don’t know how to make
themselves feel good about the situation
they’re in so they want to make you feel
bad about the situation they put you in
so you can feel how they feel every day
she’s going out of her way to make
people feel uncomfortable she’s going
out of her way to make people to push
people in a box because that’s how she
feels she doesn’t like herself she
doesn’t love herself because no woman
who loves herself goes out and displays
herself this way especially if she is
talented what she’s doing is trying to
push on to the rest of the world which
she believed the rest of the world
pushed on her she believes the rest of
the world made her feel ashamed of who
she is
so she feels like she’s gonna make you
feel ashamed of who she is
let me say this to you again she feels
the rest of the world made her feel
ashamed of who she is so what she’s
gonna do now is make you feel ashamed of
who she is and the sad part about it is
every day she goes home after she does
these antics no matter how many millions
of people will watch this video do you
know what she does she still hurts
because if you listen to the sentence
and how I worded it nothing changed
because the people were just ashamed at
the fact that you were doing it they
weren’t feeling comfortable they didn’t
like what you did they still don’t like
what you have to offer no one finds you
attractive now no one says I want to
marry Liz oh and you know this so after
you get through making a complete ass of
yourself you still go home and you look
in that mirror and you know you fat as
fuck and you know that what they’re
talking about every day on the news
still isn’t about how beautiful you are
even though it’s fake what they’re
trying to tell you about this body
positivity they know for a fact you’re a
big fat clown you’re a fat person who
doesn’t have self-control and you
zip it it every day by how fat you are
and how long you’ve been that fat
because you didn’t have to get mad at
everybody else for being that fucking
you could have self-control and still be
able to eat the way you want to and look
better and you swear you don’t have to
feel horrible when you look in the
mirror you look in the mirror and feel
bad about yourself that’s why you’re
doing this man and Gayle and every one
of you guys they don’t care about you
Liz oh the one person who does would be
the one person you’re listening to now
you can go listen to anyone else but I
guarantee you you won’t have someone
tell you what I told you and it will
help you be able to become a better you
if you just looked at yourself and said
I want my outside to match Who I am
because until you’re outside matches who
you are inside or what you feel about
you inside or what you like to feel
about you inside you’re gonna continue
to act out the way you’re doing cuz
right now what you’re doing on the
outside is mimicking what you feel about
you and the inside you have no resale
respect you have no self-control
losing weight is hard but it’s easy
because you don’t need anyone else to do
it and the hardest part about life is
the things that we can change on our own
are the least things that we change
about life but with the main people
going around trying to tell somebody
else what they should change how they
should view the world differently it’s
amazing that the biggest problems we
have in life have nothing to do with
anything outside of us can I get an amen
and this message is for someone
apparently someone needed this message
this morning I had no reason or thought
of preaching this one but somebody
needed this one understand the person
who lets you down more than anybody is
you and I don’t care what any of you
guys say I’m talking to me I’m talking
to you no one lets you down more than
you so why are we going around trying to
tell everybody else what they should do
how they should act what you should do
what you did say right and this ain’t
right the one person who’s treating you
the worst in life is you you could lose
weight but you don’t you could be closer
to your family but Jane you could pick a
better man but you don’t you can pick a
better woman but you don’t you could
clean up your house
but you don’t there’s a lot of things
you can wear a condom but you don’t
there’s a lot of things you could do to
change your own life right then right
there but you don’t but you want to go
to the Democratic National Convention
and tell the Republicans what they need
to do while neglecting yourself so while
we all talk and we have fun right here
and so donation the one thing I love
about so donation of the the ones of you
who I get to interact with is we all
understand this is for good talk this is
fodder this is fun to talk about in a in
a larger scheme but we also know that
the people who control and affect our
lives are right in our proximity not
somebody on Capitol Hill not somebody
like Liz Oh none of these people you
have the greatest influence on your life
and Liz oh you can be the biggest and
greatest change in how you feel about
you if you believe you too fat you could
lose that weight but the fact that
you’ve got miss B and now you try to
force it on society to like something
that we know you don’t like about
yourself cuz if you liked it about
yourself you still feel like it’s just
as impressive as the firing woman and
you know that the firing woman with
self-esteem doesn’t want everybody to
see what she has to offer
it’s just like dudes with money a person
who’s comfortable and secure with money
doesn’t need you to see them having
thousands of dollars later on on a couch
have y’all noticed you’ve never seen
Bill Gates or Warren Buffett walk around
with a suitcase full of money and put it
on Instagram serious question
have y’all noticed you’ve never seen
Tyler Perry do this but you’ll see
somebody who just got $1000 show you a
thousand dollars online and all you have
is a thousand dollars you can tell
they’re not used to having it and Liz oh
we can tell you’re not used to having
attention cuz look at what you’re
willing to do to get it let’s move on to
another story

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