Lizzo Is TIME Magazine's Entertainer Of The Year


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Time magazine on Wednesday named the 31-year-old flute-playing singer and rapper who catapulted to fame this year with feel-good, empowering songs like “Truth Hurts” and “Juice” as 2019’s entertainer of the year. Lizzo is the most nominated artist for the 2020 Grammy Awards, leading with eight nominations including best album, record and song of the year. She also saw nominations for variations of best new artist, song and album at this year’s Teen Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards and American Music Awards.


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hey good evening troy terrain that’s me
your host and this is the star report
Thursday evening how you doing come on
in gather round fresh new cigar and I’m
feeling fabulous huh oh you’re gonna
take it slow tonight um did we connect
yesterday what happened you’ve heard me
talk about talking to myself in the past
four years but what happened yesterday
why did I get 15 emails of people saying
that they also talk to themselves and
they didn’t really want other people to
know it
what happened did we connect on a higher
level yesterday was it my execution did
I take my time did you hear me for the
first time did I say something that
resonated with you 15 emails about me
talking to myself
phone lines will be open short legs for
a ramble had a great day
the holidays are here do you see on the
screen how do you find that happy place
I want to mentally massage that as well
tonight do you have a happy place are
there demons and mental vampires that
prevent you from finding that happy
place oh you have to have it have to
have a happy place in life you have to
do you have friends and family
pretending to be on the same page with
you but they text you they email you you
know bullshit they never bring good news
they always want to bring bad news is
who I just wanted you to know someone so
said this so yeah so so said that demons
huh um good evening good evening let me
out hey hold on a second taking my time
yeah we connected yesterday good evening
in live chat my troll babies how you
feel season’s greetings oh you’re ready
are you doing anything special
I’m gonna start to put some lights on my
goddamn truck today you know like
they’re the puerto ricans used to do
back in the 70s and 80s right around
Atlanta looking crazy
I still might anyway I have to get to a
two super chance that I forgot to get to
yesterday and also wanna take the time
to talk about this um this young lady
Liz oh she’s poppin yes she is poppin
like Jiffy Pop on a Friday night
Time Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year
why not why not haven’t people of color
within the black struggle always tried
to get included in certain things by
where the mainstream or white media now
we have Liz oh are you happy for her are
you hating I’m not gonna call her names
as an older man I you know just I don’t
need to do that I mean I can I did in
the past and I’m sure I will at some
point later on but it’s important that
certain topics now we really take the
time to lay them out and to see what it
is that we may be missing before we just
go in on the attack this young woman is
a singer don’t get it twisted I recently
became aware of her singing talent about
a week or so ago I was watching NPR tiny
desk series they have all these
different artists that come to NPR and I
think it’s in Washington I’ve seen sting
and Shaggy I’ve seen Wieck laughs I’ve
seen Big Daddy Kane George Clinton a
host of others and they performed it’s
almost like an updated version of them
was it MTV used to have unplugged and I
soul is oh blowing damn and then when I
did a little research I found out that
she put out two albums prior to her a
big smash album that’s really poppin
right now 31 years of age according to
Wikipedia she was born in Detroit
move to Minneapolis and she lived in
Houston Texas for a while as well now
before we get into the discussion I want
to throw a little history action that
I’m gonna bring in a Bostick Ronnie
Ronnie has said choice words about Liz
oh yes she has but going back into
history and and this is not to clown nor
discredit this young woman’s talent but
white America has always had a thing for
the suffering the blues of black people
all of your rock-and-roll stars coming
out of the 60s loved black southern
blues the Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin
the Beatles and when they came over here
they were asking to meet Muddy Waters
and a host of others they jacked
everything from them flipped it and
that’s how we got modern-day rock and
roll because prior to the 60s rock and
roll was considered nigger music that’s
just a fact and you know the rest of the
history with Elvis Presley Chuck Berry
and someone and so anyway the point is
and let’s keep it real white people love
to see people like Liz oh and that’s not
a shot at her but you know and I don’t
really have a word because he and I
don’t want to just be insensitive but um
they’d love to see one see someone such
as herself you know and and I’ll even
goes for us to stay exploiting her
somewhat she was recently at the Los
Angeles Lakers basketball game doing too
much ass all over the place nasty thong
now you have the Houston Rockets that
have reached out on social media hey Liz
oh can you come dance for for the
Houston Rockets pardon me that was loud
so she’s gaining traction and as I said
she’s a singer so I’m not hating but
what about the babies they’re the babies
or your babies pardon me
do they see this as a good thing I saw
Tommy Hilfiger the designer on TMZ oh I
got it meet with Liz Oh has he made
enough off a black culture Tommy
Hilfiger anyway phone lines are open
she’s Time Magazine’s Entertainer of you
do you care it’s Time magazine even
I haven’t cared about Time magazine
since maybe the late 80s
what’s the circulation is it just a
brand at this point is it something
similar to the Grammys oh I’m sorry you
know I didn’t mention Liz oh is a Grammy
nominated entertainer eight time Grammy
nominee pardon me okay there you go go
ahead baby girl huh big as a house more
pushing for the cushion huh not really
my type but you know she’s talented are
you happy for her are you hating
Ronnie’s take me some information here
hold on a second I’m gonna load up
tonight before we get on the for
bringing the phone calls what is there
something about obesity Jillian Michaels
warns of glamorizing obesity hmm okay
I’ll let Ronnie break that down um and
also again just to go back for a second
with regards to white America loving the
blues and the suffering of black people
or what they what they deemed to be
something that’s not so handsome or
elegant you see beautiful black women
and I’m not saying Liz I was not
beautiful but you know more I’ll just
say thinly shaped black women have
trouble in Hollywood they have trouble
singing reaching a certain pinnacle
unless they are really goddamn talented
you know
Whitney Houston host of others I saw BB
King at the the Ritz years ago that’s
was an eighties New York City BB King
legendary icon brought the house down 95
percent way people yeah baby I love it I
said damn around I knew his music
because my father had his albums and I
was excited to see him live but he was
mostly white people also I want to talk
about um what is that rappers name no
you guys have to speed he appears to be
an intelligent young lady an artist she
says knit a lot in her music you know
these niggas that the nigga and she’s on
Twitter yeah and the niggas is laced
with nig Onegin again-
she’s got a problem with white people
for more white people being at her her
shows she wants more black people to be
there I’m not sure how we’re gonna
approach that but you know she’s
positive she’s not a household name yet
but she was also on NPR’s tiny desk
series if you saw that
all right so Paul ants open let’s get to
that and get my gin and Guice tonight do
you mind
how you doing in live chat how we doing
you guys have a speed on the person
who’s impersonating mm almost caught me
lack and yesterday I was driving and
someone sent me emails to yo Eminem
responded I said whoa already it wasn’t
him you guys at the speed sound damn
they just like him damn they’re just
like him what would you think of the the
mm imposter and will Eminem respond to
me we can touch on that I’m not you know
past that conversation but uh you know
okay and Fat Joe up on the Wendy
Williams Show admitting to smoking crack
krills back in the days Lord Jesus let’s
get to it
Ronnie are you calling in Boston fine
let’s get to it I think that’s where
right there
hang on line let me up bring in one or
two calls hey good evening for one’s 401
are you there
401 oh yeah yeah how are you yeah I was
calling about Liz oh okay that is that
is a travesty
listen I do agree with you though she
does she can sing and that’s the problem
that what she came out with was this
horrible screeching sound okay and I
don’t I don’t quite get it
you know what I mean cuz I did see her
she can actually sing and it’s crazy
that she can sing because why is she
coming out with this awful music that
she’s coming out with that I just
thought I don’t understand to be honest
with you I don’t understand why she
wouldn’t go to the singing right away as
opposed to coming with this like I don’t
even know what it’s called no more you
know what I mean
and I grew up I want are you aware of
the fact that she had two albums out on
Atlantic Records to have all the
information right here
I wasn’t I ain’t know what when I heard
you say that I was actually surprised
yeah hang on a second Atlantic Records
she released two studio albums lizzo
bangers in 2013 and big girl small world
in 2015 and also in 2014 Time magazine
named her one of the 14 music artists to
watch for so she’s been on their radar
who ever you know is over there at that
yeah yeah the white people greater okay
white people rate up okay are you a man
of color Hispanic what do you Puerto
Rican white what are you sir I’m Puerto
Rican yeah I’m Puerto Rican
but the point I’m trying to make is I
want to make a few points
Liz though that the only thing I felt
bad for was that song at Lake wherever
that stadium is where they were playing
because that that song was in trouble
you know you could clearly see that song
with that super help um okay in a second
because what you’re saying I’m not going
to discredit what you’re saying in
today’s world we can
quickly and I’m guilty of this myself
get a perception of the person will get
a perception of a person based upon
stuff that they’re doing on Instagram
Twitter whatever TMZ and then when it
comes around to really paying attention
to their music was yeah I’m not
interested because I don’t like that
person you know no listen when I think
it was the Grammys or the whatever the
last award show that happened when it
when it came to her singing I was
actually surprised I was like wow this
girl could sing like you know why she’d
been doing all that other stuff but then
I see her at the the Lakers game
and she she’s acting like you know like
you know she’s trying to do something
she’s already there why are you doing
that next up you know why are you doing
that to the song you know the song has a
you know has a right to you know in this
world we live in the song should be
suing Liz old for the discrimination
that she did I appreciate where you’re
going with the thong I appreciate that
can I ask you the second question before
you go how do you find that happy place
do you have one
happy place I definitely do and it’s not
that thought first of all um my happy
place my happy place is uh actually
sometimes listen to you star and I love
you man thank you but you know I like to
hear I like to hear that objective you
know a hey tourism okay you got going on
and uh it’s justified let’s be honest
with you you know what I mean Thank You
Missy we need to hear that other
perspective you know thank you thank you
have a good evening sir
I’m or that I’m owed a day here Latin
Kings forever man
all right let me use the same approach
as I did yesterday because it seems that
people listened intensely yesterday when
I was talking taking my time rambling
and for those of you who didn’t know
that I talked to myself I’m proud of the
fact that I talk to myself I’m in the
supermarket sometime and I told someone
earlier I talked to myself when I’m
going down the aisles and what
look at me I just wink I don’t I don’t
pretend that I’m not talking I just and
keep talking I don’t hide I’ve had
girlfriends from time to time you know
if I mean well I don’t I try not to talk
to myself when I’m in a female’s home
but when I do have them you know once in
a while at my place talk in my house
getting is my goddamn house irie-kun –
good evening five six – how do you find
that happy place let’s start there
Oh what’s going on star I think it’s
just I mean for me it just depends on
like my releases and what I like to do
you know I like to go out run go out and
you know do something different you know
I’m saying go out and exercise so that’s
what I like to do that’s how I find my
happy place okay
others finding in different places but I
think if you find a positive outlet a
positive way to do things that’s always
the best way to find that happy place
okay okay hold you I can ask yeah I’m in
my thirties my thirties so it’s always
good you know to keep that blood flowing
especially as a black man you know black
people often we have issues you know
high high blood pressure diabetes stuff
like that you know within our community
so just keeping yourself going keep
yourself moving and again that it helps
you get in that gym man it helps you
work out a lot of frustrations and stuff
like that but I wanted to touch on that
Liz oh stuff you know here’s my yeah
here’s my issue with it is uh look III
get it she’s got a you know do the dance
just cooks it I’m just gonna leave it at
that I’m not gonna say too much that you
tool in the algorithm but you know she’s
got to do that day you know you know i
watch herself but you got to do that
dance you know to appease certain people
you got to put on that clown mask on
time to time but my issues is this
you’re at a public place where there’s
children oh you come with your with your
cheeks out you know stop before y’all
start before y’all start it’s not about
her sighs it’s not about her sighs you
got your cheeks out raw okay you only
thing you got on is uh
toilet paper so you got the cheeks out
raw with the toilet a prepped up to
crack now
you sitting down on these seats which
are cheeks out that’s disrespectful you
know they got to sanitize that seat now
you shaking your cheeks out in front of
all these kids that are at that game
that’s the inner that’s inappropriate
that is not the time for that okay so if
I can jump in and the reason why I’m
taking this approach tonight the
objective perspective is because I’m a
matter of a certain age and I’ve seen a
lot of things and I I went back into
history and the reason why white people
are attracted to someone like lizzo Macy
Gray I remember with Macy Gray uh popped
up myself whatever that fucking trash
was and and then the young woman who
played in the movie precious oh they
loved her and they enter up to the point
where she asked Justin Timberlake out on
a date and they were like oh Justin you
should go with her but but but a hang on
a second and as far as the ass cheeks
hanging out Prince used to have his ass
cheeks hanging out he was short as hell
I’m on stage jumping around in high
heels he didn’t give a fuck about kids
and David Lee Roth I saw him in Madison
Square Garden with a Billy Sheehan on
bass Steve violin guitar his ass cheeks
were hanging out so I’m not clapping at
her coming out her because she’s got her
ass cheese hanging out I’m just trying
to find out if we and I’m assuming
you’re a man of color or giving her a
fair chance yeah look I think me myself
I won’t speak myself out there I gave
her a fair chance I’m not saying she’s
untalented I’m not saying that her music
is bad even though I don’t listen to it
a lot I’ve heard her before she’s not
like I said she has talent but there’s a
certain certain way you have to carry
yourself expressed in a public place you
just talked about Prince he had his
cheeks out at his concert you know his
music is what it is you have to be of a
person of a certain age to listen to
that music if kids were at his concert
that means somebody had to accompany
them to that concert or they weren’t
supposed to be there the same thing with
David Lee Roth so you could go into
stores and see Prince album up
– oh-ho – goddamn phone he was wearing a
thong let me shave his inner thighs
so let’s not clown her over the song
come on man look and there was no
stickers back in those days that said
parental advisory bidding of a buck look
I am NOT clouding her that’s what I’m
saying I’m not Clarence is what my
problem is you there with children that
are present okay and again I understand
she’s got to do that dance she’s got to
do that dance because often the non
people of color like to see us do that
day yeah you know what I’m talking about
yeah and so so so I understand there’s a
time and place for it and especially
where we’re at right now as people of
color I think you need to be able to see
that and do better that’s all I’m saying
okay you want to do that at your show
then a spark nice but don’t do it don’t
do it at a point well taken point
well-taken thank you serious loot point
we’ll take him okay yeah folks Prince
didn’t give two fucks ass cheeks hanging
out he went to award shows with him hi
yella ass cheeks out you know so I’m not
gonna clown Lizzy because she you know
got her big doodoo maker out there and I
don’t even know if there is a point to
what it is that we’re discussing and
Ronnie give me a second Lord bring you
in oh man the milk man sit tight mane
dub milk man oh yeah we’re gonna put
some respect on that young man’s name
tonight promote him absolutely he
promoted me once upon a time
hang on Ronnie but I have to look at
this young woman’s body of work at this
point she’s got she’s three albums deep
and the EP her first major label EP was
entitled coconut oil released in 2016
she can blow if you can blow now I’m not
really into the big beautiful women bbw
number nine you want to call a whizz
number nine that’s his thing maybe he’ll
have a different perspective but she can
sing you know
let me get both playing one Ronnie are
you there boss shit Ronnie
area code 7 3 2 hey hey hey hey good
evening how are you pretty good in
yourself good thank you for being
available I’m in a rambling mood tonight
so uh lets you and I talking them I’m
gonna bring in main two milkman and then
we’re ramble some more um Liz Oh
Time Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year
you had some choice words a couple of
shows back where do you stand now with
her getting this prestigious award well
you know for me I’m just recently
finding out about Liz Oh although I do
know that she’s been out for over a
but you know how they say first
impressions last a lifetime
so my very first impressions you know of
her was that she was a gimmick and we
were just being told because I didn’t
organically come across her by way of
any of her music I only kept hearing
about her for you know buffoonish
behavior so my opinion early on was that
she’s like a modern-day menschell show
yeah no I mean I appreciate good music
so you know her antics didn’t
necessarily lure me in or entice me to
check her out but you know in
preparation I did check out some of her
music and you know she can sing like one
of the other you know one of the other
colors is said but as far as as far as
time I believe that they’re pandering
and you know they’re they’re trying to
be trendy no one is above playing the
game they want the clicks they know
there’s a huge you know concentration of
attention around Liz oh and so they want
a piece of the action same can be said
about the Grammys same can be said about
the Houston Rockets right right right do
you think that because of the white
media push that black people are now
rejecting her because there is a kick
back people are you know talking about
obesity and things like that even
myself I said I you know come on but
what are we doing where are we going and
then I pointed to the young woman who
played in the movie precious years ago
do you think that black people are
rejecting her because white people are
embracing her I
well I can only speak for myself of
course I can speculate but I don’t care
who likes lizzo I think that her
presentation is it’s very tasteless and
I’m just I’m really not impressed see
the misconception is that she is you
know promoting body positivity and self
empowerment but really she’s peddling
smut she is she is you know putting out
you know these these clips of just
self-degrading sloppy sluttish behavior
and so now if you criticize that the
narrative becomes that you’re body
shaming or you’re fat shaming or you’re
bullying and you reference the article I
sent you earlier where they actually
referenced an interview Jillian Michaels
did are you familiar with her I’m gonna
pull it up now but please lead off with
that go ahead she is a trainer a
certified trainer who started on The
Biggest Loser for you know 2005 to 2014
and you know she made the point that
it’s it’s good to be inclusive but there
are dangers to glamorizing obesity and
she says and the interview you know
we’re politically correct to the point
of endangering people and I
wholeheartedly agree with that as a
society it’s like walking on eggshells
in terms of what you can and cannot say
and you know she even touched on the
fact that they’ve had to revamp the
Biggest Loser show because she said that
the world has shifted to a place where
that format just doesn’t work because we
it translates as fat shaming hang on a
second because I remember again the
young woman fuck Gabby I see Gabby I was
having trouble pronouncing her last name
is it Sidibe I forget um you know she
looked to me
look like she was a cheeseburger away
from a stroke and I and I remember right
at that time saying whoa where are we
going and that whole thing with asking
Justin Timberlake out on a date and I
don’t know the numbers I don’t know the
stats but you know to my recollection
African Americans have a higher
cholesterol rate and and higher diabetes
and things like that so so there’s a lot
of merit to what you’re saying within
this article um but as far as talent
she’s got the talent yes yes and if I
can speaker that that point that you
just made you know there there’s a joke
and I’m paraphrasing but they say that
black people state served the same food
at the repast that killed the person
okay hang on Ronnie let me go to the
superjet and main de milk man hold tight
homie I’m behind schedule but I got your
main Dimmick man sit tight please black
to death good evening sir sends in a
super Chetan he says lizzo is a
plantation Manny Wow can he’s talking
who’s being exploited by the leftist the
agenda is to sway black women to vote
Democrat pay attention okay Clark hunt
grieving sir he says how does how does
Dana feel okay so Dan is not on the line
if Dana wants to call in I’ll read this
to her I did speak to her earlier you
thank you for your super chat you
talking about her family I don’t wanna
go there right now and eight one three
balls hey that’s the home he says how
was Ronnie talking about obesity when
she spends all day sitting on milk
crates on a wooden on a wooden porch
smoking Newports question mark hashtag
Moe with with the twang in his voice
okay Bubba quantity chicken says I’m
getting sick and tired of her ass I
can’t help but smell something stank
every time I see her doing dumb shit
cool music
annoying antics okay and in fact if I
can also just go back and say um what
what first turned me off about Lisa was
the um I think I think it was the BT
Awards so one of those awards shows she
was you know twerking and dancing and I
said well where are we going and she had
on some type of it was a bikini and it
looked like the audience was that B et
do you know running do you watch bt I
know I don’t um I don’t watch much TV
but so I mean like I said I’ve only very
recently you might have known about her
a little bit longer than I have or maybe
it roughly the same amount of time okay
so anyway so the point is when I first
saw her you know dancing and doing that
that song I think it’s called truth
hurts if I’m not mistaken yeah truth
I said whoa are they applauding her her
talent or the fact that she’s just a big
girl you know dropping down and getting
her Eagle on hang irani uh Kate London
on the check and says talking to
yourself store that was a great topic
yesterday enlightening will research and
apply it not everyone is worthy of being
helped but we still do because of Jesus
okay thank you
Ozzy Oz from DC okay I think that was
old super chair thank you Ozzie Oz all
right let me um let me find main to
milkman after this next call Ronnie that
I’m gonna put you on mute for a second
okay area code to zero money there 201
good evening okay two one
yes no maybe okay he’s doing he or she
is doing too much let’s do my bad here
it’s gonna area code 913 nine one seven
we’re talking about lizzo are you there
Jim a second folks give me a second
I gotta get main to milkman lined up
from behind the bar nine one seven are
you there yes no maybe a code two one
six good evening 206 are you there you
two and six yeah yes sir good evening
hello hello hey Sparky was winning hey I
love Liz oh let’s go come on I loved her
hey I don’t know everybody but Liz oh is
the truth and I love her she is great
okay how do you sir are you trolling
no I’m serious I’m 30 I only like bbws
but I like living in a tell us why tell
us why you like Liz oh you don’t like
bbws you know her music I know a few of
her songs like the big ones like the the
mirror Marilyn all shit I know that one
and a few more okay Kurt person that
would be you you go in like Street um I
beg to differ I think there were other
women before her but she clearly clearly
she’s Pavan now I mean if we’re gonna
talk to history bbws you have to know
about two tons of fun you ever heard of
them that’s way before your time
nah okay niggas don’t pay attention
thirty thirty that I can remember and no
sir two tons of fun it’s rainin men
before I let you go before let you go
how do you find that happy place do you
have a happy place I did
yeah great thank you okay all right all
right folks listen if you smoke weed
that that’s fine that that’s cool but I
mean I’m talking about something much
deeper with regards to that happy place
you know weed drugs you know that’s
those are just stimulants to take you
out of reality you know or to take you
into another dimension I’m talking about
that inner peace that peace of mind you
know was just you you’re gathering your
thoughts or your your not so much
reflecting but you’re you’re looking
down the road and you’re you’re happy
some people aren’t happy if you’re not
happy call us ahead I’ve never found
that happy place honey can I ask you
about your happy place before I bring in
Maine the milkman
do you have one no do you find it
crickets how do you find that happy
place that’s a question for you before I
bring in Maine to milk man are you an
old name okay well for me
my happy place is like a state of mind
right so anytime that I’m able to like
just stop and get inside of my own head
and pick my own bread brain and you know
just process my thoughts that’s a very
good feeling for me and I think it’s
important to just stop and take time to
think and I don’t think most people do
that because you know how life is
everybody’s just on the go okay can I
ask how you find that place what is it
that you do or do you want to come back
to that we can come back and you don’t
have to feel pressured I do
talk I do talk like you said you know I
feel weird saying this okay we’re
getting deep folks pay attention well
this man I you know I talk out loud
sometimes you have to hear things and
you know hear for yourself and say it
communicated and processed thoughts and
think things out work it out in your
head and that’s a part of working things
out in your head you know for me did I
hear you say that you talk to yourself
what do you mean you talk I’m not trying
to put words in your mouth what do you
mean you talk yes yes yes that’s what I
mean I feel weird saying I talked to
myself this sounds strange okay
okay all right I’m gonna put you on on
hold let me bring in Maine – milkman and
we’ll continue our conversation all
right right all right sit tight okay
hold on a second yeah we connected
yesterday me and you the audience some
of you I guess maybe you never heard me
talk about you know talking to myself
been doing it for decades okay man where
are you man area code 267 oh shit behind
the bar behind the bar let’s go big
nickel a good evos man good hear you
boys a mint thank you as I’ve said
before once upon a time you Kevin Terry
a host of others are conditioner a big
Spanish rich rich ruckus radio you guys
helped one of my internet ventures store
in the morning Thank You Man yeah yeah
so listen um
let me tell people the reason why I
reached out to you because someone sent
me a link of you you were kind of in
your feelings talking about nobody
wanted to interview you and I said whoa
I said and then I said have I ever had
man come on the show and promote his
platform so I reached out and said hey
man come on and promote your platform we
don’t have to talk about beef tension
stuff like that and you know and I don’t
want to do that but um why did you feel
that know what nobody wanted to
interview you can you give us a little
backstory I mean
I mean it was a fact though you know I
was reaching out because on my platform
I’m doing everything pretty much on my
own for the most part I’m my own
I’m my own producer on my own
entertainer and contact creator so I’m
doing everything on my own so it’s hard
for me to try to promote myself and
behind the bar so I I reached out to a
couple of youtubers that interview
people and you know they would give me
like comedy interviews and never get
back to me and all the other nonsense
give me the runaround so I was just like
you know what everybody that could do
this by myself and it’s funny that you
say that now that you want to interview
me my damsel it with everybody wanna
interview me now it’s too late
well it’s the man here’s what I
appreciate about you and and this is
real from the heart you know you are not
just talented but you’re also a good
businessman you have learned how to
connect to your generation they support
you I I noticed that and then also what
people may not take notice too is that
you are you are a video editor I saw you
typing really fast tell us about some of
the software that you use with regards
to your platform please alright question
respect to guys like Joey Quizzle from
Global Media Inc actually that’s what I
forgot to put respect on his name please
go ahead please yeah they actually he’s
been a tremendous help for my platform
he showed me how to you know put it
together and I use the OBS software on
my iMac and every day I mean it’s gotten
charged me a dime he said hey man I’ve
been watching you ever since your first
episode my first episode on behind the
bar actually interviewing Clement is
from behind arm from time to hill
yeah Clemmy yeah right I I think he oh I
know he worked with Lansky did he work
with shampoo a global media am I
thinking of what’s the other guy logit
salute to logical funny come on
yeah logic is also somebody that I’m
working with behind the scenes as well
so even in logic from yeah from the I
went on podcast studios as well but yeah
Joby’s from go immediate acres the one
who taught me how to do it because I
never wanted to go on YouTube and be
just unorganized I see a lot of these
youtubers literally using their cell
phones and these are two cell phones as
a source of a way to promote themselves
to advertise themselves I told myself
everybody go on YouTube I have to be way
more professional than that and I really
can’t stand it really irks me watching
people beyond you to really sloppy and
unorganized oh you know people like you
inspired me I’ve been watching you
literally since you know the big sweet
days back in before he was on radio
thank you no I mean thank you the cut
the concept the concept on my show
behind the bar actually you know it’s
gonna show you my game I stole a lot of
your constables you don’t be in there
drinking I’m honored I’m honored when
people borrow from me you know I
borrowed from Joe Franklin once upon a
time with the star and buckwild
Universal hater show on public access
Manhattan neighborhood network I
borrowed the one camera angle from Joe
Franklin so I’m autumn ed don’t think
that you know that you stole from me
just say hey man I borrowed from you and
I appreciate that but but now hang on a
second because I’m again I want you like
to talk about your platform business I
don’t want to harp on the other stuff I
mean I you know I reached out to shampoo
I didn’t reach out to lansky but I’m
gonna put respect or everybody’s name
because we all collectively worked
together to achieve a certain goal once
upon a time and I I don’t know the ins
and outs of what you guys are going
through it’s really none of my business
but um I wish everybody the best so with
regards to what you know what you’re
trying to achieve what is the ultimate
goal do you have one yet of behind the
bar on YouTube I notice tonight you know
people of color for lack of a better
word we really don’t what the media as
far as especially our Black
Entertainment and I know from you and I
agree with you that kpop is not a cone
you know I’m saying this in John Rowe
music but as far as the culture of urban
media concerned there’s white people
running it you know salute to people
like glad TV and no jumper podcast but
these are people that’s not of our
ethnicity they’re running the platform I
want to be able to eventually because
I’m on a Philadelphia I want to be able
to eventually give artists and people an
opportunity in a voice to be able to be
heard because I know it’s a lot of these
bigger platforms they’re giving people
with zero talent a platform to showcase
their own tablet so what my goal is at
the end of the day is to build my
platform enough to get everybody that
had actual talent
what is your musician whether you’re an
artist whether you’re a podcaster an
opportunity to have a voice and that’s
my ultimate goal so in 2020
I’m working on my website my website
will be up in early 2020 and I’m gonna
take this in serious man because I enjoy
watching our content creators on YouTube
I don’t watch tape a little more okay so
when I watch guys like you when I watch
that like Queens flip and several other
greens flip pin of clip of 2019 because
that’s how I got noticed because I used
to do a show on YouTube it was called
the Queen stood after show nobody told
me to do it he didn’t tell me to do it
but his show is such a drama-filled show
it was like a reality TV yeah it was
like almost too hard to believe so one
day I decided to go online and just
start reviewing everything I fit on that
show man and it could all hang on a
second now with all due respect to
Queens flip no you got on because you
took the time to learn how to put
yourself on and again I want to talk
about you and and the software that you
use I think you use BlogTalkRadio to
bring your calls in you’ve got a Yeti
Pro microphone you’ve got an iMac we’re
gonna talk about the mechanics of what
you are utilizing you and guys like rich
from ruckus radio I
like how you guys are developing and if
I can go even farther back don’t worry
about how you look to people at this
point in time in terms of your using
phones and stuff like that to bring in
calls when I see people doing that I
think it’s beautiful because you know
Starbuck while after I wrote for the
source for about four years and I
started we started on public access I
was paying $120 every week so we could
be on public access cable we just sat
there with a bunch of liquor bottles we
didn’t have a formula and we were
stumbling and fumbling buck while was
just smoking weed and it took us a
little time to develop the chemistry and
find the formula so don’t worry about
how it looks in the early stages as long
as you have an objective you’ll be fine
go ahead yeah absolutely man and
basically my show is bad like you one of
the guys who inspire me because like you
taught me how to fish without physically
being around you although I met you a
couple of times I mentioned one time at
a big Brody and Tyrone fight in
Philadelphia I also met with you at the
arm-wrestle event that you had a couple
of years ago but just by me being behind
the computer whai to you on my phone
every night on the stall report please
they alien all that time again I mean
even wanna see the beat in Philly listen
to you and my role model is this man I
go after the big fish you just say that
you’re Phillies to say arm if you want
to launch big ships you gotta go with
the water and see if you want to launch
big ships you got to go with the water
is deep yeah I say the radio four years
man hang on a second now now you’re
talking Philly but now let’s put some
respect on Bridgeport Connecticut that’s
we originally from yes bloodsport yeah
you’re from Connecticut sugar Shea from
Connecticut you know Connecticut is is a
it’s a breeding ground of talent so
let’s not exclude Connecticut alright so
um yes so with regards to what you’re
doing now again man I’m I’m enjoying
watching you develop I don’t I can’t
watch all the time because I don’t wanna
get in the middle of what you guys are
going through that’s none of my business
I wish everybody the best but I think
you’re developing nicely and I wanted to
this time to pause during my show to say
thank you again for sponsoring you were
also creating videos for shampoo you
were doing some great editing tell us
about that as well please yeah as a
parody leaders having fun with my wife
and kids and the things that I hear you
know certain people say on online I you
just you know put it together and do
like a quick skit of maybe a minute or a
minute and a half long and put it out as
a comedy skit but I’m trying to move on
to bigger and better things of the day
currently I’m star right now people are
a lot of people on YouTube podcasters
they’re doing it for like the clout
they’re not looking at a longevity as a
business and although I just now started
doing this thing about a year and a half
I’m currently working on a short film
okay not I mean there’s a guide there’s
an artist right now by the name of 8k a
presence that I’m working with right now
and we’re working on a film right now
it’s called body like Nikki film okay so
basically in a nutshell it’s gonna be
real quick yeah in a nutshell I’m up to
speed on aka presence he’s got some fire
tracks and I like his flow saluton a
young man respect go ahead a lot of you
that he does his pro music but he also
when he gets in as bad he could really
make quality music right so anyway aka
presence is somebody that used to be on
a Queens flip show called the callers
right and he was such a huge impact on
the show of talent but once you know you
know keep it real what can the piece
that fell out he was lost and I seen him
right so I said you know what I’m gonna
take this guy up even though I don’t
have any experience ever manager
somebody I’m gonna do whatever I could
do in my power to get this young man arm
pop it okay so long long story short you
know I don’t want to keep dragging off a
long story short we’re currently working
on one of his biggest hits right now
Paul body like Nicki okay ever gonna do
a short film surrounded by that song so
right now I have half the money right
we already raised up twelve hundred
dollars for this film if you’re doing it
GoFundMe um you know a page let me know
so I can help you promote that okay all
yeah also again man I want to take the
time to say thank you but um with
regards to moving forward I don’t wanna
get in the middle of what you guys are
going through Shampoo appreciates you in
his own way his own way he appreciates
hopefully you guys one day can I bet the
I bet the disagree I’m sorry okay you
got it you guys work that out but um my
my thing is you put in a lot of work and
I want people to know that there was
things that helped that platform at that
particular point in time because I lost
money and the show it plateaued and I
wound up paying people 40% of the super
Jets and that’s fine that’s fine
I wish everybody the best I helped
launch certain things by with social
media careers but I just want people to
know that you put in some work and that
you are a good businessman go ahead yep
so basically what my show is behind the
bar on YouTube behind da ba RR YouTube
and pretty much what I do star is I
really I do a lot of things I interview
people and I bring the news as far as
what’s going on in the YouTube community
really do I actually talk about hot
topics as far as trending in the news
but I could do that as well but what I
really known for behind the bar arm is
the I’m the guy who received as you know
this is the generation I receive a lot
of people a lot of people respect me in
the Milkman’s because every time I say
something I back it up with the receipt
I’ll back it up with the proof so that’s
why a lot of people respect me but a lot
of people hate me at the same time and I
remember you say this yo you said if you
don’t get at least three death threats a
week you’re not on your Jo B right I
finally understand what you I finally
understand what you mean because ever
since I’ve been doing this thing and
exposing a lot of these frogs I’ve been
getting death threat I’ll be getting
people wanting to come fight me I didn’t
get people just just threaten pretty I
mean in my damn and
person I mean it’s been crazy but you
know I refused to back down from anybody
you’re not I mean like there’s a saying
that goes on my show hb2 and he’s a
supporter he was gay he had hb2 and good
man good man good man and his song he
says shout out mean the milkman the man
with no fear Queens flips miss Donna for
the whole year it’s a catchy song ok
it’s a catchy song right so basically
he’s saying that although there’s a lot
of people out there that really want to
get me out of here whether it’s taking
that my youtube channel or pulling up on
me and trying to hurt me I’m still
refuted oh wise man once told me this
don’t let him up that you know when who
said that so again hang on man I just I
want to make sure that you know we
promote your page tonight folks and
we’re gonna put the link to mein de milk
man’s YouTube channel after at the top
of the comments so um again man salute
and stay on your grizzly with regards to
business I wish you all the best and and
and again I wanted to let it be known
that I see you as not just someone who’s
talented but a businessman you have to
be a business man in today’s game I I
love the way rich from ruckus radio has
developed into a businessman his channel
is growing organically and and I just I
think you’ll be fine man yeah don’t
stress people interviewing you just keep
doing what you’re doing you know
interview yourself have you ever thought
about interviewing yourself but have you
thought about you working final cut yes
what do you I incorporate my wife or
some of my shows that’s a good idea I
might have my wife is not interviewing
but do you work in final cut what is it
what do you chop of video footage in me
eyes what you are I mean I had the
iMovie sometimes YouTube editor remember
but besides that no I don’t I don’t use
the arms the protein whatever you
talking about I never use that before
I’m that close final cut
again in my my opinion man you interview
yourself just you know just have main
the milkman asked main to milkman
questions I mean don’t stress other
people you know putting you on you are
enough of a talent with the words do the
editing and what you did with shampoo
put on time interview yourself man
alright respect beginner let’s go my
team and want to promote your team come
on come on yeah okay HP – and he’s one
of the guys that behind-the-scenes that
helped me out a lot
also Houston management who’s under
management on Instagram as a guy that
helps me even books or in interviews
even on the tail beat I have a interview
right now on my page it’s somebody that
was familiar platform it can we not
promote that I don’t want to get in the
middle of that okay people can go to
your page you know I mean I wish
everybody the best and you know okay go
okay also Mike from Boston is also
somebody that the men’s support me as
well the man behind the bar I am super
fat podcast nice you know he’s been he
believed in me when I believe me he
believed in me when I mean you said me
he sent me merchandise and everything
like that to promote his podcast
everything like that though man I want
to thank you hang on a second you’re in
Philly do you know gulley from gully TV
you know gully I don’t know I don’t know
I’m personally no I don’t you got some
real heavy weight social engineers in
Philly you have Monte woodgrain he does
great fucking content you’ve got good
did you yeah yeah he’s putting it down
put it down and you have gully TV who I
spoke to earlier man so listen I mean
you know I think that you’ve got a a
future ahead of you because again you’re
doing a lot of things that you know
younger people are doing but we have
editing audio and stuff like that and I
think you’ll be fine man thank you so
the next time on my youtube channel
behind the bar I’ll be going live and
but those are listening right now in the
live chat in the rebroadcast you’re
going to want to tune into this
particular episode I don’t want to say
too much on the line right now but I
guarantee on Saturday night you’re gonna
be you’re gonna be going to enjoy what I
have to say it’s gonna be a real good
show on Saturday night okay
oh thank you salute man have a great
week and we’ll talk soon all right all
right okay
mein de milkman from behind
debar folks guys am I forgetting anybody
let me look in the live chat I’m sitting
here sipping some gin and juice big
Spanish global media I forgot to mention
him partly he put in a lot of work logic
what was that logic was working on with
shampoo is it the Sham stirrers Union
you had evany a B’nai Who am I
forgetting guys I’m forgetting I don’t
have my contacts in someone said
especially yeah special special case the
homey yeah we are we always mentioned
Bronx Pacino Bronx Pacino legendary okay
someone said an ASUS yet we call it
Nace’s every name that’s the same person
so much respect for ebony you know okay
okay i iced money goes back to the days
of um DJ alias when we first started
doing star in the morning um up in
Scranton PA myself and DJ alias ice
money called in okay now ski grab daddy
crab daddy loose cannon give me a second
folks we’re just I’m talking to the live
chat Oh Josie Carter yes miss 21st of
August of all or goddamn miss Toya deeds
if we’re gonna do all of that
alright alright thank you so much gadget
Craig yeah okay um okay a Bostick Ronnie
sit tight let me go to some of these
super chats and cache apps and we’ll get
back to the show hold on guys whoo all
right mein de milkman I will not get in
the middle of anybody
tension there’s no need to let them work
their thing out you know and they will
they’ll work it out they’ll work it out
I know they will
no no mad Nick hey no mad Nick what’s up
man he doesn’t send any message I
haven’t spoke to that guy in a while
I’ve tried to UM stream the other last
Joshua vs. Ortiz but then I didn’t so
I’ll get back to Nick okay I gotta talk
to Ronnie about Love & Hip Hop New York
hey good evening – a Gucci Marx mm start
a camp kill a can and still crying over
juju do you blame him question mark
maybe she’s got the fire coochie I don’t
know respectfully she she’s a hot chick
let me bring Ronnie and hold a second
cuz I’m not fully fully up to speed
Ronnie are you there boss shit Ronnie
hey hey hey hey Jojo is still on Love &
Hip Hop New York yes I saw her in the
trailer yeah but I don’t think she’s
gonna have that much of an appearance on
there he just might see her here and
there that’s pretty much what they’ve
done she’s never been like a huge
feature of the show yeah sit tight Rick
Hayes grieving so he said salute Boss
Hogg I personally am offended by Liz Oh
shoving her big bones and high blood
pressure on us put those rolls away mama
leave something to the imagination okay
thank you sir Rick Hayes thank you man I
got your email thank you so much for
your support
RJ p MC LLC support Liz Oh gets a pass
from me she’s original okay okay we have
a a cash app that says Liz oh is
original Ronnie now are you up to speed
on new
were you just not really feeling her
because of the antics and her appearance
I mean I’m really sort of turned off
from her like I said first impressions
last a long time and it’s a shame
because you know she can sing and she
does you know she has a couple of songs
that are alright but I’m just really
sort of turned off with the gimmicks and
I do feel like there is a huge huge push
behind her yeah yeah do you think if she
gets gastric bypass surgery white people
will turn their backs on her no because
you know we’ve seen a lot of people have
you know huge weight loss and it didn’t
really affect them in a negative way
precious Gaby I can’t pronounce her last
name either you know she actually lost a
lot of weight and it didn’t hurt her I
didn’t see that it hurt her in her
negative ways in terms of her career
well she’s no longer at the pet white
people’s pet respectfully I mean she’s
gone Empire but she’s you know she’s not
she’s not up on TNT no more like you
know nobody cares what she eats for
breakfast or where she gets her her
Starbucks you know white people have
kind of abandoned her but yeah
Sal G 102 thank you for your cash
absolutes Algie 102 who’s this okay
Thank You Sal and he’s on the line nine
eleven seven sit tight buddy I got you
bring them in a mirror Thank You Amir
for your cash chef he says lizzo will
twerk for a neck bone salad hold on
before I go to the coals full of hate
good evening sir my baby’s stuck me up
without bus and a shot
h8 DS okay thank you so much okay let me
bring in a Sal area code nine one seven
Sally there sir hey Sal Sal
Sall g 102 pick it up pick it up sow
pick it up sound yeah hello hey what’s
up man down then I sit down turn that
motherfucking shit down hey Ronnie can
you remind me to speak about crystals
before the show’s over I’m getting into
crystals now okay oh my gosh I will
remind you because I have to hear this
so where are you so come on man what the
fuck Sal is so unprepared
Sal’s doing the line he’s he sounded
like yo hold on pick up the goddamn
phone what’s up man how are you good
evening yes hello yeah you just did a
bump right you did a bump keep it real
Sal don’t lie oh my for mr. Starr how
are you today hi Ronnie good evening sir
what’s going on hey hey oh cool cool
cool cool cool my for my for all kind of
speakers going on back here I just
wanted to set you know there is a little
jump off we really don’t want you I
really don’t care about that man she was
like buggin out with our butter hanging
out and all that but that’s not what I’m
calling about
I’m calling about what makes you happy
within a happy place
okay how do you find that happy place
Sal how do you find it all right well
makes me in a happy place is just doing
good for others man every day of my life
okay you know I’m saying
holding the door we’re not saying
helping a lady with a bag Oh some things
like that saying thank you you’re
that’s the thing that made me in a happy
place okay okay and that make that a
love that allows you to move forward in
life and to not necessarily harp on the
past it did you have a rough past life
I’m sorry I couldn’t really hear you
which is a puppy did you have a rough
past life were you internet internet
dependent entry were you doing stickups
what we
no no no no no no I never had a read
past life me I had a good life man my
good life is good
it’s just something since that’s
something that’s in true you don’t
saying cuz I’m a Taurus like you but I
know you’re not into that your logic but
I’m a good person so you know say like
thank you you’re welcome hold the door
for somebody hope somebody else that’s
what makes me in a good place I’d be
dead in my life okay you know I’m saying
but what really makes me well what
really makes me um in a good place it’s
like like going back to the traveling
yesterday I know you don’t like to go
back to copies like yesterday but what
I’m saying that you know when I was a
junkie oh you know saying I had an
unhappy kids you know saying and usually
don’t say they come when I had a child
support custody is whatever they went or
whatever when I had two kids these come
four or five so after black four or five
year take care I’m I say oh I’ll take
care I think it’s a great adventure in
the trail and I tell you to Coney Island
and things like that they never had no
money like that cuz we know he wasn’t on
we wasn’t rest but he was good so I
should care them and then it’s like 16
17 18 years later they see me in a place
and he says you’re over jr. what am i ah
thank you for so much don’t you serve me
the great adventure should we get
applause – with a pump to position that
you know Technica’s and that’s what
makes me good feel good no I’m saying
like six you know that that there’s 16
17 18 years later they bigger than me
now you know see them they like six feet
tall they say Oh jr. was sound for Sarah
and that’s what makes me feel good how
can I jump in respectfully and I’m not
gonna clown you yes you’re slurring your
you’re slurring your speech a little bit
yes yeah yes it makes me feel good
that’s so not how it’s a you’re slurring
your speech a little bit yes okay hang
on riding hole in a second Sal are you
Ronnie uses so you know Nene apology
what are you who are you from I’m sorry
after day you saw your Sicilian
you from was your family from up on a
box Viet okay you’re slurring your
speech are you are you on that shit no
no I’m never that man never that man
so we doesn’t make you slow your speech
we doesn’t make you sorry you’re
slurring your speech what’s going on no
I wasn’t so loud man you know I would
Sal Sal you’re slurring your speech
what’s going on I was nervous I was not
because I was nervous to talk to you man
okay Ronnie a smoke question there
Ronnie hey Ronnie nigga feed it I want
Sal what is the plural version of the
word picnic what is this what is the
word I’ll take the plural version of the
word picnic the plural version uh-huh
anything going perks pay attention sorry
though you know I was nervous man oh no
no don’t be sorry
I appreciate you me so you take you take
care of your kids and your nieces and
nephews I salute you man salute yes sir
yes so when it come true it comes six
using a pseudonym six comes to the house
every other weekend for purchase our
we’re gonna go to everybody back three
verses back first I’ll deploy the true
gotta take care sick thank you for your
cash that man have a great evening
a good evening man Thank You man love
y’all man keep up the good work
love y’all thank you yes please got a
lunch sir but thank you love hey Janet
nine eight nine sends in a cash at
Ronnie is smart and how is your son
Thank You Janet daddy is my alleged son
he called in to the show was it
yesterday say Thursday either yesterday
or I didn’t do it show Tuesday today
Ronnie either yesterday or I think that
was yesterday yeah that was yesterday
yeah he called him yesterday he’s doing
good he sent me an email of his his
muscle cars he’s doing good thank you
Janet do you want me to forward you
forward your information to him he’s
divorced now
all right let me just make sure we go
through these cash apps and then
superjet hey uh
charlton thank you so much Charlton says
star support is a must
Thank You Charlton for your cash Shep
okay and and then Felton says Sal a trip
the live chat clowning him like crazy
he’s having a good time said Sal’s
turned up he’s having a good time I
appreciate sell and full of hate says H
HDS Happy Holidays old Nick huh
thank you man full of hate hey Ronnie
before we talk about on Love & Hip Hop
New York did you see that email I sent
you of that young woman on twitch she’s
got the Tourette syndrome and she was
see same did you see that no I you know
I didn’t even click on it I didn’t see
it but it’s just from the headline on
like let’s leave it alone YouTube is not
playing a game let’s do that talk behind
the scenes about that alright but you
have to see that you have to see it all
right you have to see it I can just
imagine it probably sounds like migos
you have to see it let me just check on
super check then we’ll talk about Love &
Hip Hop a New Yorker trailer hey gem
star gem star says another stroll down
memory lane keep it real with us how
many months did your doctor give that
Korean liver before it hits
factory reset button Gemstar there is no
there is no do you call it done
reset there is no timeline on a liver
transplant which is what I had back in
2008 you just you you go you go you go
when you go and if it gives out you’re
trying to another one you know but thank
you for your donation Wesley Pipes on
the check-in via super chat says my
happy place is when Ronnie walks in my
hotel room with nine inch stilettos and
a long white t-shirt with the pocket
square and nothing on underneath okay
the pocket square
I guess Wesley is gonna be very unhappy
the truth good evening the truth star
you have never begged for an interview
he is a grown man crying because he gets
no support kids reviewing toys is more
entertaining than maned milkman okay I
appreciate the donation I think and I
don’t have to disagree with what you’re
saying I appreciate the donation again
Maine is not just talented he’s a
businessman I respect that about the
newer generation they’re businessmen and
you know I don’t say you can just ramble
on and go down the list but there’s so
many young people that they know how to
edit videos they know about audio
editing whether it be audacity they know
how to use Photoshop they know all of
this software to put their their their
their machines in motion they’re trying
to build brands I respect it you know
he’s figuring out thank you for your
donation Clark
cunt on the check-in says Luke a knee
turned the sink on and off in
astonishment he’s talking about Luke a
knee for mother Kongo Luke a knee turns
he forgot that as turns that sink on and
in astonishment and Moe has pictures of
chili cheese fries with pastrami meat as
his screensaver okay thank you thank you
thank you let’s bring some calls in and
then I want to talk about love and hip
hop and the crystaled only me forget
money okay
area code 7:07 now maybe in 7-o seven-oh
you there John blaze on this job blaze
on this guy’s I can’t what’s up and
let’s get to it I’m a man look man I got
let me take my time real quick I don’t
take too much of your time
the little issue the little issue bother
me man and correction she – she’s too
big max shorts of the gastro bypass if
when you look at the gang we I was I was
watching the game Sunday and it was the
Timberwolves and the Lakers we wanted to
go ahead and see what karl-anthony towns
do because they go ahead and The Temper
wasn’t looking okay in the league we
won’t see what they’re gonna do with the
Lakers she my son came to me to show her
Instagram pros her going into the tunnel
before the game and she knew what she
was gonna do she wants to go ahead and
fell the most wretched woman that you
can ever hear and then I was like oh go
figure so like I said man the woman is
it was god-awful because I’m sitting
there with my lord eleven year old boys
right and then we want to see something
more appealing to the eyes and something
natural for a grown man want to see
something till it’s a tie not something
like that he should have known better
man because she’s representing even
black woman itself so now we looking at
her or modern-day Sarah Baartman that’s
what she is a moderate say Saturday
Bartman to where she is a affect achill
for white folks to go ahead and say look
look there that’s what we see as our
modern-day colonial Sarah Baartman
that’s all it is man you know and I
don’t feel that she’s doing something
that even representing black folks and
he’s in a positive light and turns and
something that’s beautiful I mean come
on now I’ma be real with you something
that’s about close to 285 pounds nothing
beautiful okay now hang on John plays if
I can jump in if I can jump in
um black people loved to tons of fun
once upon a time do you know they who
they were or are two tons of fun Ronnie
can you Google two tons of fun John
blaze oh I don’t – tons of fun I never
heard of okay okay
black people loved and supported
Jennifer holidays
so I’m not sure if if you know Liz oh is
doing anything wrong
I mean white media is loving her right
now she is talented and I’m trying to be
objective here so and and I don’t know
her catalogue I don’t know her cattle
but I’m not just gonna jump on the hate
train you feel me but glad you were
saying hey look like I said man two
things and before I preface my comment
on the go further on that come on the
problem that you were had there is for
one you know she’s gonna CPAP machine
and then she got a problem when there’s
no AC in the goddamn house look you can
go ahead and you can you can look at her
as a representative of Sarah Baartman
because they would have had to place
emphasis on her large buttock when she
was dancing on the side of the sideline
it was a it was more or less than
Europeans was looking at her as more of
an entertainment night and her talent of
playing the flute on the stage of her
sitting on that sideline making a
physical spectacle of herself that did
not represent the beautiful heavyset
black woman that I see on an everyday
basis they do not come to work like that
and they know better they not to come
work like that because they’ll go ahead
and be put on blast man Hey look over
here stay there John blaze going to hang
toes down stay right there don’t go
Ronnie if you don’t see to it if you
don’t see two tons of fun google the
weather girls they went by two names
yeah stop Sylvester called them two tons
of fun but they were also called the
weather girls find anything yeah I have
so wow those are the ladies from that
song it’s raining men okay I remember
and one of them sang on one of the
biggest dance hits oh my goodness I’m
forgetting anybody know what
it should be there Ronnie in the
information one of the girls was it dumb
oh man I’m forgetting I’m forgetting
Manya Martha wash Google Martha wash
he’s saying I wanted the biggest C C’s C
& C company I think that was it so the
point is you know we may be a little too
hard on Liz oh because again we have
social media now that will put
everything out there to make it look
like you know there’s a Coon train going
on and you know we’re not paying
attention to the talent and I myself as
I said earlier I’m guilty of you know
looking at someone and getting a
perception of them and saying I don’t
hear their music they’re doing too much
John blaze back to you sir well you know
well I look at is heard more or less
being an oddity for on display for white
folks she is at the Lakers game to be
put on display on a prior game
everybody’s tuned it into so when we
look at her physically we can go ahead
and say fine she is a beautiful heavyset
black woman but when she turned around
and displayed a feature to where we
don’t find a pleasing because it looked
like the backside of a lasting grizzly
bear that’s not something that we want
to see so when we go ahead and look at
the wall and pay attention what’s
appealing and you got to be objective
about it and what’s the appeal and you
could be honest with it go ahead and put
the Beyonce on display go ahead and put
Jennifer Lopez on display you go ahead
and put something like that on display
seeing with a backside we won’t go ahead
and say yeah I want to see more of that
but you can’t go ahead and say you go
ahead and celebrate with a woman who
look like she’s prone to diabetes she’s
prone to eating the hallmark in the
chitlins every goddamn fucking New Year
Eve hey my bad John let’s take it easy
with the F word slow it down
slow down I won’t my back stay there
don’t go stay there I want I want you to
finish him Ronnie what did you find
Martha wash was a cnc factory I saw
someone live chat yeah and I Zora
Armstead also they were like the
the best-known lineup Martha wash yeah
and eyes or Armstead yeah
they were huge once upon a time with
they were the backup singers for
Sylvester and then they were did their
own thing yeah so their song you are my
friend with their biggest hit oh yeah
all right John blaze you had the last
word surges police take it easy on the
effort always like hey I will man I love
the show you guys doing a great job and
I’m ending on this breath and we look at
it as in in terms of her being a Sarah
Baartman to achieve and you look at in
this context Sarah Baartman was taken to
London where she was displayed in a
building in Piccadilly 3 that was full
of various oddities okay okay and this
was the same settings where everybody
congregates to be put on display he was
put on display at the Laker Stadium as
well as she was sara barba put on
display back in what 17 whatever the
hell it was
she ain’t nothing but something I look
at and discuss I never want to see it
again at a Lakers game hey job late
piece Oh John blaze going ten toes down
that man really helped me on my twitch
page good man from the west coast take
takes care of his kids in the Bay Area
to be exact
thank you so much John blaze I’m trying
to get into crystals Ronnie do you know
anything about crystals
I think crystals all of that you know
it’s I think it’s pseudoscience hmm I
think it’s like I’m just I don’t believe
it you know I watched this this special
I don’t know if I what was the name of
this special where celebrities have like
a therapy session and it was with day’s
lows because you know you like digital
so I checked on it and the therapist
starts off by talking about like the
crystals that he has on the desk next to
him and you know how it can calm you
and I just can’t believe that I’m sorry
okay I can’t okay not that I’m putting
pressure on you but you know um being a
sci-fi buff you know for years going
back to one of my best sci-fi films you
know silent running with Bruce Dern I’ve
always paid attention to the
possibilities yet to come so when you
know over the years they’ve been talking
about using crystals for fuel and I had
a friend of mine he became a priest
actually back in the mid 80s
he was was in school talking about
crystals and he was kind of out there
talking about crystals and how that
could possibly take us down the road of
a time-travel this is a little layered
give me a second folks but I think it’s
delicious ttles I’m older now so I just
I’m trying to just get in tune with
certain things that you know maybe I
didn’t take interest in in the past
anyway crystals anybody got information
on crystals it shoot me an email but
your email is about to explode the hater
one nine six for right Elvis
the chef Rosenberg good evening sir I
got your cash app thank you so much
thank you so much and we have to talk
about love and hip hop as well give me a
second let’s bring an area code seven
eight good evening seven eight are you
there I got two phones okay yeah I know
I called on phone cuz I got it I spoke
to you a couple of weeks ago
my mom co-op okay co-op city in the
Bronx so right so litter so this whole
situation is a fiasco I totally agree
with Ronnie and everything like I saw
this coming like what happened what this
one Instagram Jason Derulo I don’t know
if you saw that picture that he posted
and then they took it down fully clothed
he had one boxer shorts but you could
see a hint of his manhood and the higher
being sort I guess it was you know they
were intimidated by his I didn’t see
that but I’m sure Charlemagne did oh no
I’m sure I’m sure that they were you
know intimidated so that happened and
then all of a sudden about a week later
Liz I’ll post a picture with her but no
song just for playing the sings a crack
of her butt and I was like wait a minute
what is he doing and then I’m like wait
a minute so and so that happened first
I’m sorry Liz Oh happen first with the
but about three weeks ago and then Jason
Derulo posted and they took it down so
what they took Jason Derulo picture down
I was like wait a minute so you saw
Jason Derulo push it down and was he was
fully closing and and he had on boxer
shorts and he had a strong and shaped
body but you’re letting this big black
Lake girl young young girl show her out
of shape cellulite but all over
Instagram and it’s okay so not only did
they not take it down did she talk she
kept going with it so now she feels it
went to the Lakers game looking crazy
with a loose song like who would wanna
be sit in her seat I know she had on
some net stockings but it was just
disgusting like I’m not if I can jump in
and I can say I agree with everything
you’re saying even though I didn’t take
notice to that Jason Derulo picture you
know America America has always had an
issue with the you know strong black
masculine figures and during the exploit
yeah during the exploitation film
everything was a film with Ken Norton I
think was called mandingo I could be
wrong right yeah so so you know there’s
things throughout history here in this
country and the propaganda that that
does not want to let black males be
masculine and strong and I remember are
you right in the New York area we’re
from I see someone named yes I’m from
the Bronx Perth right perfect your coop
see perfect perfect have you ever been
down into a Time Square area do you
remember the other the cowboy the white
cowboy with the guitar we’re out there
in the fucking punk panties you know I
didn’t frequent 40 dudes back in the
days I’m 47 my parents will let me out
the house when he was down there for
years what was his name is he played a
guitar in Times Square with a cowboy hat
wearing some fucking fruit of the looms
and some some cowboy boots people would
tip him this was his hustle he was on
Good Morning America and it was all
gravy okay
it was all gravy right and then you had
a black guy who got out there and some
leotards doing something similar to what
he was doing and they arrested his black
ass oh yeah I don’t remember that but
I’m not questioning it I absolutely
believe you yeah I’m saying like the
whole situation is out of hand like she
the naked cowboy Thank You Matthew in
the live to is the naked cowboy I’m
sorry you saw any okay and then I wanted
to point out that j.lo and hustler I
watched I saw the hustler movie
Lizza within that movie she’s showing
her little little saggy titties just me
I’m sorry breath
and all of that and and JLo didn’t show
any part really of her body like she
just showed it was left up to the
JLo she’s not playing no game she has
children and she has respect for herself
like she’s in her 50s – JLo she’s up
there so don’t anybody nurse here but
goes so so you’re not feeling this but
the point is you’re right with regards
to you know them exploiting Liz oh so so
you’re not on the on the wave with her
being this big beautiful woman is that
what you’re saying overall no and I’m
overweight black woman as well I’m and I
think it’s disgusting honestly I feel
like I’m not I’m trying to get healthy
and you’re trying to promote something
that’s not even cute like that’s not
even cute I mean my butt don’t look like
her don’t get in my stuff but you know I
need to you know get in the gym into
whatever but I’m saying like you’re
right it’s obvious it’s just it’s
embarrassing like if she doesn’t get it
because they’re young these young kids
out here they’re delusional it’s a
delusion country now where everybody
thinks anything goes with the whole LGBT
– everything I’m in my car right now and
I’m headed back to the Bronx I’m on a
hunt 25th Street I’m gonna tell you I
was I was just gonna on 57th Street
right so dances dances couple walking
across the street the couple the girl
the lady is gorgeous I’m talking about
she’s tall obviously they were both
white but she was tall okay long legs
sat on this beautiful outfit she was in
and break when I met her boyfriend
boyfriend whatever a husband whatever he
was and they look like a happy couple
these two gay white guys were walking
towards me and I heard them say I’m
gonna take your man hmm
and that’s the thing like these gaming
yo no fuck no fucks given magic it’s
just beyond fathom like you can’t even
like every gay person think they gonna
turn you out they’re gonna take your man
it just is so frustrating I’m telling
you and then and then and then live out
disgusting with her craziness and she
wants to talk about that turn well maybe
you need to change who you are young
lady because okay I appreciate the call
but not gonna ask you before you go how
do you find that happy place that’s one
of our other questions tonight oh do you
have a happy place are you not happy at
times I mean it’s hard I mean I’m in the
struggle I don’t even know what to say
about that it’s fine everybody’s doesn’t
have the happy place I’m going into 2020
I’m just trying to put some positivity
out there you know if you don’t have a
happy place that’s okay
I just want to say as black people we
we’re survivors
I mean sometimes we may not be happy but
we just make it through I mean it’s like
like Ronnie said it’s a state of mind
you know I just lost both of my parents
recently so I’m happy it’s crazy you
know but are you crying are you all
right are you crying I’m fine I’m fine
I’m not clowning I’m just asking it
sound like you were you know emotional
you real life right life is hard right
out here my game you know I’m saying
it’s a CDS clown-ass you know MF is and
and ni GGA doing all of this dumb stuff
you know it’s just frustrating because
it’s like come on like tell me Prince
that’s a reality do you have miss they
have mental it’s like serious mental
illness like going on out here and they
put it in your face and they want you to
accept the crap are you are you a mother
are you married I mean we spoke before
but I don’t remember everything are you
why you’re like no I don’t have any
children and I’m not married
what’s your Instagram oh I don’t really
have I do have one but I don’t really
have anything on it okay but it’s I’m
Quincy underscore 38:24 Queen T
underscore 3844 listen I appreciate you
calling in I wish you the best if we
don’t speak before 2020 I hope you have
a great holiday and go get yourself a
heart Jake and be happy and I appreciate
the fact that you keep it jolly and see
the tenth of season to be jolly but it’s
hard to celebrate holidays when you lose
and people sometimes but you right you
do need to keep a positive and it’s nice
to enjoy the holidays with your friends
and family so you know yeah you just got
to remain positive and just keep going
thank you do anyway another time take
care now bye okay okay she kept it trill
shit everybody doesn’t have a happy
place you know no fuck these niggas I’m
I’m heated are you happy about nothing
honey can we go back shaggy yeah can we
go back to you for a second um earlier
you spoke about your happy place to be
finished up on that and one just like
you know skirt past it to be do we
finish that conversation sure let me say
um no that’s how I get to my happy place
it’s just talking you know processing my
thoughts out loud and you know I try to
do it when I’m alone
but there are times it’s almost like I
do it and advertently you know and the
presence of others I’m saying okay okay
yeah salute you up
Shabazz king sends in a cash shot you
got a role Liz oh and flour it and find
the wet spot damn folks if you new to
the show you can send in cash apps or
super chats there’s a link up under the
video and that’s how you communicate
with us alright if you’re just now
joining us
we had Maine de milkman on earlier he
was a big supporter of my one of my
YouTube shows store in the morning he
did a lot of great work in terms of
editing and and working with shampoo and
putting out original content and I
wanted to you know pump the brakes and
allow him to promote his platform I
don’t think in the middle of any tension
that’s going on so that’s what happened
earlier and I did speak to rich from
ruckus radio earlier also he made callin
at some point tomorrow or in the next
couple of days to promote his platform
II again some of these younger people
it’s it’s exciting for me to see them
not just grow but they also pay homage
to me I appreciate that
and you know I want to make sure that I
return the favor
and acknowledge them alright okay let’s
go to a few more calls here and then I’m
going to go for one nine good evening
for one night are you there we’re
talking about lizzo
prime magazine’s entity here on star
hey-ho is capping out there okay watch
that F word please it’s a brand new game
on YouTube please I just don’t think
everybody’s at home with a Beyonce or uh
one of these fancy girls everybody at
home got a Liz oh and they know they lie
they do know it they do stop okay right
and there’s somebody gotta be taking
these big girls right cuz when I look
outside I see a whole bunch of dudes
with big girls all day let me get on the
radio talk to you at all I got a bear I
got a diamond they lie and in reality
they got a big booger bear yeah
but they want to get on the radio they
talk about Liz oh I know wrong with that
okay cuz I’m sitting here watching the
game right now with Carmelo I’ll I was
just on power okay so on her big teddy
big pity did nobody care right house
Carmelo doing he won something Player of
the Week or something like that couple
of weeks back
really how’s he doing player we got I
think the NBA just gave him that just
for a story man that’s what I saw
Stephen a Smith and Max Kellerman break
down that he really didn’t deserve it
because his numbers were not better than
two other people right exactly you know
he didn’t really deserve hated misses
nothing be egg the numbers are down but
numbers are down people are not watching
the NBA okay you know but I think I had
to speak on laser because I just think a
lot of people faking the funk man okay
they got it they got a loser at home
that’s taking care of him watching they
drawers but didn’t want to get on here
act like go crazy yeah yeah yeah and
talk so before you go how do you find
that happy place happy place I don’t
start I’m dead inside
come on come on yes I think money solves
I think meaning having meaningless sex
you know I’m in that place right now
start I appreciate you being honest man
because truthfully you know years ago my
happy place was it was a demonic demonic
ritual yeah demonic rituals with females
and I enjoyed seeing them at their low
points and I’m a better person now so
now I smoke cigars I walk on the fucking
I’m a better man let’s just push let’s
just put it like this they start I’m
okay okay thank you for the call miss
Liu thank you thank you yeah all right
let’s unite talk about loving hip-hop
New York and then I’m gonna finish up
here by myself okay so you saw the
trailer Tahiry
what does the other Joe Budden’s and
since and Taylor Joe Budden Safari who
else is on there i watch the trailer and
I just I said I don’t care about this I
just Jim Jones Chrissy fight somebody
Yandy what are your thoughts do you give
a shit well I stopped watching New York
Love & Hip Hop quite a while ago but I
am really now looking forward to two
storylines first is going to be the love
triangle with Joe sent into hearing and
from the trailer it looks like it’s
going to get very messy because in the
clip you see that since X Erica Erica
Mena is actually playing matchmaker
between Joe and Tahiry so and the clips
in says she says my ex want to put my ex
with his ex it’s all messy so I’m really
here for the mess and second the second
storyline I’m checking for is Chrissy
lampkins returned and Jim Jones will
also be returning with her and I mean if
you’ve seen when she was on before her
and Yandy and Kimbella do not get along
she actually beat Kimbella on the show
before I miss that who became Bella um
Chrissy she beat her up they let the
fight go on this was back when you could
let a fight go on on the shows you know
now they pretty much stopped them they
only let them throw drinks but Chrissy
beat her up and worked her over pretty
good what happened was they were all
hanging out with Emily B it was actually
Kim Bella’s first time meeting
Emily be and Kimbella told Emily that
she had relations with fabulous while
Emily was pregnant so Chrissie took
offense to the fact that she would tell
her that and she just jumped on her and
started beating her up so from the
trailer we see that the beef between all
of them is still fully intact and it
looks like we’re also going to find out
what happened with the house I got
foreclosed on they lost it here’s what I
will say since Santana has got to be
careful because if you ask me to hearing
what will washer Joe wash and I saw you
kind of kick up below dust and then I
saw two hair he said I don’t want Joe
sexually or emotionally something like
that and and Cyn Santana she trying to
poke her chest that she’s that be
careful to hear me a washer yeah she
said I’m not interested in him like
intimately but I don’t know the way that
sin was posturing it sort of looked like
and in the clip but this could be
editing it sort of looked like Tahiry
was like backing down to her almost in a
way I didn’t see that she was
questioning her you see that she was
letting her know listen I don’t want you
man and bitch if you if you jump up and
give it a two piece anyway alright hey
Ronnie thank you so much for helping me
out tonight um soon when I catch up
tomorrow anything else we have forgot to
mention about Liz Oh Time Magazine’s
Entertainer of the Year are we good um
no I think we you know we pretty much
covered it Time magazine as you said
they haven’t been relevant for a while
you know and even the cover story that
accompanied the the article for the for
the award the author concludes the piece
with by bitch so that lets you know you
know they’re pandering they want to get
on to what’s trendy and what’s poppin
and get some Krauts so I see this for
what it is okay all right Thank You
Ronnie we’ll talk tomorrow okay you take
care whoo
Shabazz King pees he says star almost 70
percent of black women are obese hashtag
fax okay what is somebody’s talking
about 69 s coming home next week black
race is grieving so I got your super
chat how far does black racers go
they’re saying he’d go back with star in
the morning did I forget to put some
respect on his name he said star I get
too many I’m sorry I get to my happy
place when you go live so I can take out
all my frustrations out on you I
appreciate that thank you you lowly
you lowlife scumbag sir I’m the lowest
of the low thank you for that donation
again guide to how far does black racers
go backwards with my brand I’m almost
positive he was there to star in the
morning days and let me just make sure I
put some respect on big Spanish name
again huh he purchased the arm wrestling
table he allowed all of us you know to
come into his apartment all he had a
fly-ass apartment fly-ass Benz me Lansky
went down it el honcho rich from ruckus
oh man jean-paul yeah
Oh dubs was popping that so homie as
well okay Larry coyote good evening sir
I got your super Chet he says Ronnie
finds her happy place while staring at
her cluttered smoldering ash tray Chuck
just kidding love you Ronnie gem star
says Ronnie’s happy place is a quiet
room a blunt object a box set of Wesley
Pipes greatest hits okay black races
also says via super jet I licked the TV
screen when Lissa started tweaking right
between her butt cheeks all the women
hating on Liz oh just jealous they can’t
do the same okay
gem star says via super chat any mention
of Wesley Pipes and Ronnie stars
giggling like she’s been poked in the
side keep it real how many videos of his
are saved on your computer okay black
racist said okay black racist says star
I’m sorry I had to call the state
authorities on you first you said you
talked to yourself now you want to play
with crystals obviously you’re losing
your mind well specifically I want to
get more knowledge on is it delicious
crystals I can’t say that I believe in
time travel I don’t know about that but
you know now I’ve got the time to really
focus on things like that I mean I’ve
been you know exploring and researching
space for many many years and that’s why
I’m into science fiction but crystals I
need more information
and if I get some crystals in my home
well that energy helped me in some type
of way anybody know about crystals in
the live chat what is the purpose of
having crystals in your home hey thought
crimes on the check in hell of a YouTube
channel they have great content great
animation thought crimes I see you in
the live chat saloon they do great work
great content I know nothing about
crystals I’m asking the question no I
mean I mean I’ve got a basic
understanding but I I want to know more
energy cleanser and a tractor of things
okay if someone has the time send me an
email you know if I don’t know something
I’ll tell you I don’t know Mike from
Boston cleaving so he sends in a super
chat a salute to the star report mein de
milkman and Queens flip three
entertaining motherfuckers thank you so
much for your donation propane que 1982
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choke has got boxes oh footage that no
one has ever seen from that Rockefeller
uh world damn really needs to Hollywood
joke and say hey man let’s see if we can
do a deal with Netflix or something
he hasn’t even put out a smidgen on the
stuff that he has joke no joke was was
the guy not one of the guys the guy they
always used to be out there with a
camera filming everything and the camera
would just roll you
Tokio cut the camera pci cool and it
should still roll
dame but a holler a joke no joke thank
you for your donation what time is it
guys I’m almost out of here okay coming
up on two hours malmo good evening
salute start my happy place is
everywhere I go but it’ll become more
enjoyable once we get lizzo out of here
hashtag diabetes hashtag mammy oh stop
it I think she’s here to stay and if
anybody if you’re not at the speed go
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YouTube they’ve got a lot of great you
know artists that have performed over
the years who did I see what’s-his-name
from the from Tribe Called Quest was the
DJ’s name he also plays bass guitar who
was he with anybody no miss said guys Oh
was he playing boom sit down I’m
forgetting but Liz ou can blow she man
she turned that shit up yeah Ali Shaheed
he was playing bass guitar with somebody
else was it with rock him are you sure
I know rock him was on there he was on
the tiny desk series he did his thing
piece of the god rock him alright
alright I think that’s it guys for
superjet if I missed anybody’s cash apps
or super test I will get you tomorrow no
if ands or buts oh here we go
Charlton says star Bronx therapy session
pay attention people yeah I appreciate
that woman from co-op city called him
who is this okay the crystal okay I’ll
get to you shortly a do Mac after the
show or tomorrow thank you for your
email on crystals hey paid paid use
Christopher thank you for your donation
you appreciate it
Elvis the chef Rosenberg all he wants a
piece of the action where are you sir
we’re all you Elvis the chef Rosenberg
good evening sir how are you
good evening star I am here how are you
doing I’m good you know only only caught
really the first 20 minutes of the show
and then I fast forward your live and
then I called in no I was going to talk
about you know the singer who was at the
at the game with the dog are you listen
I was saying how I had a discussion
about yeah I had a discussion with
whyphy about this actually just the
other day okay you know I don’t have a
problem with it you know I think that
our rock stars you know Prince did it
share did it they put there and you know
they’re like that flat ass right exactly
and it just you know it’s people got
upset because there was a lot of
children at this game but there’s not a
child at that game that hasn’t seen a
butt like that shaking somewhere right
so I just don’t have a problem with it
you know I’m a big guy I’m over 300
pounds strong and I am on the road to
bringing that down you know like I
started into intermittent fasting so I’m
doing in a minute intermittent fasting I
even started a YouTube channel about it
just to talk about how I feel about
losing the weight and all that and all
these different hurdles but send me a
baton when you get time and I’ll put it
up on my screen and please all right
cool yeah um my thing is is that there’s
a huge market for people that are my
size and her size you go all over the
country all the mannequins they’re
plus-size we’re like we’re like more
City like you’re you’re in the city now
I’m in the city we all have like this
more people are like healthier they
eating versed
but a long-long this country there’s
more people that look like little didn’t
dull right right there’s more people
that look like me then though I mean my
facial features you know people look at
me they think I’m so kind of maybe like
a Hawaiian guy something like that
sometimes because I’m just a big dude
can I ask how you got to that point was
it unhealthy eating or was it a medical
condition had you with that weighed only
no no no unhealthy eating unhealthy
eating you know I used to where I worked
out from the age of 14 to 29 and then I
slowed down in my 30s and then I just
kind of like let myself go for the last
eight years I’ve been utilizing this
channel to kind of go back and think
back and look back at pictures and see
where they go wrong so it’s been about
eight nine years where I kind of let
myself go eating ice cream too much not
working out not taking care of myself so
you know I went from the size of 40
genes which were pretty baggy at the
time Maggie was kind of cool you know to
having to wear 40 gene you know who you
know I I had a I had a cashmere sweater
the last me 10 years because it was so
bad II when I bought it that I was able
to finally fit into it and they’re not
able to fit into it at all
so you know I’m on the way back down but
well if I can just jump in and say this
respectfully when I had my liver
transplant in 2008 you know they cut out
parts of my intestines because I also
had severe ulcers and I lost a shitload
of weight I mean I was shriveled up and
I had complications I thought I was out
of here and and I had to see specialists
and they were telling me listen your
absorption rate is gonna be different
and you can’t you can no longer drink
milk it has too much fat you can no
longer drink certain juices that have a
whole lot of sugar in it and I’ve told
this story before but one of the
specialists was telling me about posilac
and growth hormone it’s in the it’s not
just in the cows that give us milk but
it’s also in the feed that the chickens
are consuming so we’ve got we’ve got the
oh also the fish we have a farm-raised
fish everything is not wild-caught so
you’ve got the fish that are consuming
this the growth hormone however its put
into those pellets that blows them up
you’ve got the growth hormone that blows
up the chickens and you’ve got the
growth hormone in there out in the feed
that blows up the cattle so a lot of
people are fighting a losing battle it’s
not just oh I’m gonna eat healthy and
I’m gonna lose this we know it’s it’s
really a AAA almost a mutation within
the poultry and the face that we’re
oh absolutely this I I’ve listened to
you throughout the years we talked about
the past a lot and all this kind of
stuff and it’s so true everything that
you say you know it’s truly I let myself
go for the last 8 to 10 years and I’m
over that you know and I know that it’s
taking me not eating to really make the
difference you know that’s why now I’m
doing the intermittent fasting and I’m
an advocate for that at the moment
because it’s working really well for me
ok ok
hey man as always I appreciate you
support man and I wish you the best and
we’ll talk soon all right ok Rosenberg
listen I don’t know too much about
things outside of them my own personal
consumption you know but if you ask me
just in my uneducated views I think
going vegan is probably one of the best
options right now one of the best
options we live in a very greedy society
anyway alright hey guys I think we’re
done here tonight thank you so much for
your support and tuning in I will see
you guys tomorrow at some point and let
me get mr. Schuyler Saunders banner up
first and I will
I will be looking for emails with
regards to crystals any information that
you have I would appreciate that all
right take care and I’ll see you soon

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