Listen To The Moments After French Montana Heard About Nipsey Hussle's Passing


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Breakfast Club yes so angie martinez is
until stories of hip hop i was on again
last night I think that was the last one
for this season right yes I believe so
this was definitely okay if I’m not
mistaken so let’s get it renewed if it’s
not already but French Montana was on
and this is really sad because while
they were filming
that’s when Nipsey Hussle passed away
listen to French Montana and I’m not
sure if this is gonna happen today or if
we’re gonna have to postpone this but
he’s just rocked by the news like
everybody else
he’s known up C for ten years let me
just see if he’s okay
French we try it we do whatever you want
we’re not gonna if you plank sure I came
in believe we’re talking about him in
the past crazy
well I imagine that doesn’t really said
you’re not know that’s very sad I mean
that would be difficult to even do an
interview after after hearing that that
one of your boys and friends have passed
away you know right and in addition
ice-t was on last night and he talked
about his beef with LL Cool J you had a
20-year long beef with LL Cool J this
would happen LL came out and he said he
was the best I basically said nah you
not now what happened was he just be on
the break of dawn what he said something
about my records to the bathroom though
I think this is old
nobody even had beef I didn’t know
either I had no idea in addition he
talks about being held at gunpoint and
here’s what he said happen it was
and my daughter how old was he 18 so
this is knock on the door my boy big
rich went to the door and three guys
the rapper’s he let him in one be put a
pistol to his head
who how many people are back there the
other two cats came back one had a
machine gun the other one had up this
put this into the kitchen and I thought
we were gonna be executed and they posed
to turn our back I didn’t really want to
turn my back so I went down on one knee
looking at you staring him in the eye
with all them guns what are you gonna do
my daughter was crazy times well you
ever held a gun point you know I’ve
never been held at gunpoint why I know
you have been right didn’t I did a nice
pull a gun on you
I mean Naz pulled the gun on me and
somebody tried to rob me in the city one
time so and they pulled the gun and they
actually shot at me that’s so scary and
then remember you almost got carjacked
you had all kinds of somebody shot at my
car one time they shot I hit my car four
times with bullets um I was waiting like
two three years ago it’s a dangerous
area let me tell you the gunpoint
somebody she shot he actually shot at me
I was stupid I taste him no I caught him
no but that was dumb as hell I don’t
know why I chased him
my wife was mad at me my kids were mad
at me my pops and moms was mad at my
dumb bug getting shot at I walked out
the room laughing we’re talking about
iced tea on Angie Martinez his untold
stories and hip-hop and someone peed on
him no I know I was saying he got he had
um somebody held a gun at him and I was
like I remember the time when somebody
shot at me and I was like it’s a scary
situation but the first thing you want
to do is is well what I wanted to do was
I wanted to find out who was trying to
rob me so I chased him and I actually
caught him and everybody was so mad at
me but I was like it was one of those
things I couldn’t stop myself it was
just like I just wanted to do it hmm
you know the direction right now yg has
said how much he loves Kalani after some
footage surfaced of him with another
woman now I do have to say it didn’t
look like anything crazy but I love
Kalani on his Instagram story he said I
would never so there was some footage
that the shade room put up and it
appears to be him having a conversation
with a female fan outside of a nightclub
in LA she approaches his car and leans
in and then he opens the car door and
she actually sits on his lap and he said
according to reps that that was all just
a drunken moment he was drunk he got
carried away it was very regretful for
putting himself in that situation and
hurting Kalani he has
no romantic connection to the girl just
a drunken moment carried away yg would
never put himself in a crazy situation
he would put himself in a Brady
situation there you go
there you have it but yeah I did look
like that story does look like it adds
up because if you see the footage she’s
walking up to the car but you know you
got you can’t do stuff like men don’t
cheat all right Travis Scott his next
Air Force One collab has gotten a
release date so for everybody that wants
to get those that’s going to be out on
November 16th that’s kind of soon other
ones just came out yeah that’s very soon
it’s gonna be like a big hit for
Christmas for all the kids so I know a
lot of parents will be looking to try to
get those all right now Travis Scott has
also regretfully pulled out of
headlining a festival in Vegas the day
and night the day in Vegas does that
connect have those Air Force Ones you
just relax let me finish it’s not all
about you know Custer I was thinking
about what Travis got said to you know
when the fan was complaining that the
rail fans can’t get the sneakers because
it’s all the people that are selling the
sneakers that are getting them and he’s
got to figure that out so sorry MB I
might hook you up though but he said
he’s not gonna be there he said to all
the rages at the day in Vegas 2019 I’m
sorry that I can’t pull up but I promise
to be back so soon on gang you know he
did it dislocated his knee so perhaps he
needs to relax that’s right for a little
while and not injure himself any further
but I’m Angela Yee and that is your
rumour report and

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