Lil Reese wants BEEF with Uncle Murda for CLOUT


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bula waistband rapper lil Reese
he’s trying to leave this earth a little
bit earlier than expected and I’m saying
he’s got a whole bunch of dudes in his
cap that are gassing him up daily
telling him yo Rhys you are the truth
bro you are the yo-yo time you have
bodies on top of bodies shinies on top
of shinies and I’m saying you are the
grim reaper that’s what his team is
always telling them bro just gassing him
up maybe he didn’t feel a height a man
has nobody’s never punched nobody in the
face nothing dawg the last time we
talked about little Reece the man got up
I know and then
and from that point you should have just
got a job at the nearest 7-eleven
haleh’s business I forget about the
gantry instead the man wants to keep
calling out man’s thinking that he’s a
thug he’s a top dog and I’m saying I
don’t wear tight jeans because I gotta
tuck my weapon roll up on him I started
dumping him right in his night piece I’m
still broke that is not enough is there
a girl oh they’re gassing him telling
him yo Dawg you’re the assassination
King Bob you cannot be killed just gas
in the back row I don’t know what’s
wrong with little Reese but five minutes
ago the man just started a new beef bro
and to top things off you’re gonna pick
up beef with a man named Uncle Murda bro
are you for real are you really trying
to leave this earth a little bit earlier
than expected you’re gonna be fuck I do
just not shot in your neck peace boat
didn’t retaliate nothing but you’re
ready to be for my name Uncle Murda so
it’s a waste man tense bro
now Uncle Murda I don’t have to explain
his name boats in his name already he’s
not gonna let this slide I don’t know
what kind of thugs and gangsters are
rolling with little Reese but I know for
sure they’re not that good bro they’re
not that good they let you get beat up
they let you get shot up you know I’m
saying and still you’re like oh come
outside right now catch that boy outside
doc what’s wrong with you go get a job
go get a job I wouldn’t be surprised if
you hear Hilary’s got it again cuz he
just won’t shut his mouth bro he will
not shut up and that’s what more videos
coming up next let me know in the
comment section below is no Reese I
thought though gangster that’s ready to
go one more around you know I’m saying
or should he just get a job though
7-eleven Burger King talk about they’re
all hiring and I’m saying you don’t
gotta go pick up you for the landing

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