Leave Them People That Bring Drama , Hate and Negativity In Last Year ( LET THEM GO)


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*Hold a glass of water
For 1 minute won’t bother you

*But if u hold on to it for 30 minutes your arm will start to ache

The weight of the bottle don’t change
What changes is the length of time that I was holding on to it

*Let go of everything that happened to u
Leave the part in the past

*This my last year settling for less than what I deserve.

*Less friends more business partners

*2020 will be the Same as 2019 if u don’t make adjustments mentally , physically and emotionally.

*im not arguing with nobody this year
I will ignore u like a scam likely call

*theres no room for unsupportive friends in 2020

*i don’t care who cut me off this year
As long as it ain’t the gas , water , electric the lights or the phone company
If y’all ain’t them , y’all can kiss my ass

*make a plan and stick to it

*Stop skipping the gym
*Stop eating fast food
*Stop skipping your medication
*Stop putting yourself down with negative talk
*Stop dealing with people who half way deal with you
*Stop selling yourself short
*Stop being a victim of your environment
*Stop letting your emotions control you
*Stop trying to live someone else dream
*Stop avoiding the hard stuff

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let me tell you so if you owed me any
kind of money keep that money only there
and you got any kind of beef with me
money boy I’m tell you if you have a
problem with me I don’t have a father
with you you can keep that I ain’t
holding no good I’m moving forward cuz
I’m looking at everybody like a glass of
I see what you kind of think about when
you hold a glass of water if you hold
this glass for a minute it ain’t gonna
bother you maybe even five minutes it
ain’t gonna bother you but if you hold
this glass of water for about 24 hours
you’re gonna get off the writers in
their hand so y’all got to let the past
be the past cus i’ma tell you something
the club ain’t gonna never change
yeah but the time you holding on to
these garages the time you holding over
this club yeah that’s what’s making yo
all get paralyzed let that go like the
pants be the parents cats playing I
don’t need you no vote understand what
I’m saying it’s my last kill Sunday for
less than I deserve if I came forward
I’m coming to get into this show I’m
talking about everything that I said I
wrote it this your Hill
I’m doing it I’m sticking to it that’s
what I say it mine listen Mike I don’t
need no boat dreams
I’m gonna finish part and we can’t go
into business together me lose my number
main commentator right now
I ain’t all getting with you I may
ignore the call like a scam like then I
just like I do like I’m gonna enjoy your
call just like that don’t call my phone
if we turn the corner business with me
and wait get no money
I ain’t cool with you stay over that
fool cuz you spill on that sucker and I
ain’t know that gonna play the suck
though thumb in the corner look at the
wall and gonna play Go Go Power Rangers
the one y’all realize your mind listen I
need less friends and more in this point
I’m trying to get some
like I got so worried I got you teared
they gotta eat I got some people I gotta
feed and I got some people that depend
on me and I can’t keep looking around
somebody I wanna hang guy ain’t doing
that don’t look man let’s keep what I
realize is to 2020 I’ll be just like
2019 if you’ll make the adjustments
mentally physically and emotionally you
need to go to the next level in your
life you got to change your part you
gotta check everything you said you
gonna do you got to do it until by
mentally emotionally physically oh I got
the Train man I argue with nobody
right okay listen man open and evaluate
everybody in my life man
listen ain’t going through my contacts
I’m going to my car lock the McCall
loggers who I talked to that my dog the
context that just waking face
I don’t need your my phone in my face
understand what I’m saying cook me up
yeah I don’t care who cut me out this
you coming tell you something and long
get the games go bold go let your other
light for the phone company still a mess
with me and y’all ain’t down y’all so
kiss man
I don’t cuz ain’t got no more room for
unsupportive friends and this new girl
come I’m going to the top baby
I won’t everything that girl got for me
man I’m making a plan imma stick to that
whenever I said imma doing my doing this
show I’m gonna stop skipping out on the
jump I’m gonna stop eating fast food and
eating out late I’m gonna stop skipping
out on my medication I’m skipping out on
vitamins that the doctors inspired me
humping and stop putting myself down
with negative talk hopefully stop
dealing with people who have way deal
with me nothing to stop selling myself
yeah I’m gonna stop being a victim my
mind by a minute I’m finna stop letting
my emotions control me I’m gonna stop
tryna live somebody else dream I’m gonna
beat me up and stop avoiding the hard
stuff because I gotta I gotta go through
the hard stuff so when I get through the
hard stuff like become easy but I gotta
go through it to get to it
I’m free to stop all that often and stop
procrastinating it’s a new year baby and
this is a new me and I ain’t breaking
the old me in a new heel
Happy New Year baby
Pinu you made it to see here we lost a
lot of good soldiers then she arrested
peace Mac Miller rested peace Nipsey
Hussle rested peace the older people we
lost last your main that was great I’m
gonna tell you something you made the
sea hill and make your mark on the world
that they can never remove Happy New
Year baby
we depend this

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