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you know someone wrote a comment
justinian deception and sort of laughed
that I was in fear of traveling in mind
automobile and he’s actually blind him
he’s so light about it
every time I hit the road hit the public
highways and travel in my automobile
which is almost daily to the shops to
the normal runs I live in fear because
and this there’s no question about it I
mean anyone that dumb that makes sort of
a stand against any form of corruption
especially the depth of the corruption
that we live in in this society it’s
biblical goes through the churches
anyone that that doesn’t live in fear of
it would be crazy and I admit it openly
every time I’d get into my automobile on
that bike
– motorbike
it’s always in the back of my mind is
where I’ll be pulled over have my
property that I’ve worked hard for so
much of it that’s just been taken
impounded and then debts clocked up
racketeering of our property locked up
against us and put her into a state
where well they assumed that we owe them
all this money they create the debts
just like that David Wolter did the same
thing he was some retired police officer
and a good one very honorable man and
served his career without any incidences
as a lot of them do get involved in what
he did was he devoted his time helping
people and what the government did to
him is they charged him something like
three hundred thousand dollar fines for
helping other people in the court and I
put that against his home now David had
all of his home paid forth he owed
nothing on it his rates were up to date
he didn’t go against the government and
yet the government didn’t like what he
was doing so they slugged him with a
three hundred thousand dollar charge and
what his friends did open the tab lens
which is very honorable for them to do
this all of his neighbor’s got together
and put in the $300,000 and bought his
home off the government in order to let
David live the rest of his life in his
own home
of course they owned it but they all
agreed to buy it for him and leave David
there which is something that this
government through this fraud and
racketeering had done had created a
three hundred thousand dollar debt
against David because he made a stand
against the corruption he questioned the
corruption being a police officer he was
diligent in finding what he did find and
he found some frightening things to the
point where a couple of his cases are
one in particular that I was there the
magistrate advised the prosecutor to
stand down because of what was being
exposed in the courtroom and then that
would if if the prosecutor didn’t stand
down on that then that would be a
precedent would be forever
everyone would be having the right to
look at it to look it up
so the magistrate was very clever in
closing it down or or asking the
prosecution to back down that it didn’t
have a case
so dealing with the corruptions of this
society is a frightening thing and the
crazy thing is this society operates
Babylon and a lot of people don’t know
the difference between common law
English the language of common law
English and the boat the babylonians
language of the Roman administration and
like we all believe that Babylon ended
thousands of years ago but Babylon never
ended it’s been heal all the time
it operates in a hidden in a hidden
system in plain sight it’s hidden in
plain sight
and these graveyards are probably the
biggest place so I’m going to show you
soon we’re going to go we’re going to go
through thee through the cities and
we’ll have a look at the language of
Babylon how it is absolutely everywhere
but you don’t see it but these
graveyards hasn’t everywhere they root
everything on this tombstone sign afire
signifies that this person died at birth
lived his whole life in some form of
purgatory in some form of death until
they finally reached the grave these
signs here this is not English this is
the language of Babylon these signs
confirm that this man John Gerard
that’s not his name his name is John
Girard and he’s of the Boland family but
this is to confirm that John
Gerard of the Boleyn family lived his
whole life in a form of purgatory in a
form of death until his body finally
expired and then they let him rest in
peace and this language here on the
tombstone is the language that he
assumed he could read it’s the language
that you probably most of you assume you
can read and it’s the language that is
through all the cities of the Western
world and what it is it’s Babylon
speaking to the Babylonians
it’s Babylon speaking to the Dead and
when you can read this dead letter text
then you can be assumed by Babylon that
you are dead you are one of them you
died with them
now something is going on with John
Boland in a technical in a legal form
and it’s very clever there are two
trusts here well it’s three actually but
John and Gerard were birth these two
offices this is not a name and no name
can be written in all uppercase texts as
a sign and even in sign we have the J
and the G and the B which were our
larger font size to the rest of the
words which breaks the jurisdiction of
that were reader Oh HN that will read
hard and that will read öland in a
grammatical sense using the grammatical
rules of English and the grammatical
rules of sign and the grammatical rules
of lattice so this tombstone has been
created as an absolute total fiction so
this person almost never existed but on
the birth certificates two things have
been created John Gerard that was
birthed the date of registration and
Boland was birthed on the data that John
was born on the date that John Gerard
was born he took the Boland name and
they put that well that was like the
account in all uppercase they tied that
to his fort or his toe his ankle and
then on the registration date or a few
few days after his mother created the
john Gerard his name and then probably a
month two after that in this case this
John Gerard was then registered so
there’s two registration points here the
date that Boleyn was registered was the
day that he was born in the in the
hospital that was the first creation of
Boleyn because john Gerard did not exist
on that night
and then at some time later on the
registration date John Surratt was
created and what they did was they
created two trusts Jean Girard into
Poland and the minute John Girard of the
Boland family’s assumed his name was
John July colonists that became the
incorporation of two entities Jean
Girard on the registration date and
Boland on the born date and in a minute
John Gerard
Boland or John’s rod assumed he was john
Gerard Boland he then took the born date
as his birth date and celebrated his
birthday this birth of the Bolin trust
on the date he was born what he should
have done is celebrated this state of
john Gerard whose true real name broke
his name broke away from the bolan but
he sort of celebrated his john Gerard
name on that birthday which was the date
of birth of John Surratt
was the date of registration which was
published a month or two after he was
so this tombstone sign afire signifies
the death of this incorporation john
Gerard Boleyn and it’s always put in
stone as a statute as a statue because
the stone is an image the imagery the
engraved or the graven images here they
are on stone
set in stone and I guess you could say
that this man never found his way back
to the Garden of Eden he never found his
way back to his real names his only name
his true name was John Gerard
he went to the grave as john Gerard
Boland under this date of birth which
was the born dates leaving John Gerard
with the state handed no presumption of
death while he’s presumed dead or what
happens to the estate of Jean Giraud who
is the owner of all the lands the births
right ownership of the lands goes to the
government and if the government is not
the real government of Australia but a
foreign administrator registered to the
United States secure as an exchange
Gulshan Washington DC and that would
mean that the mineral and energy wealth
of Jean Girard the truth
granted Dominion that was granted in 126
of genesis of the bible that estate that
belonged to John Surratt went to the
so for every one of these graves here
that happens the birth rights of these
estates I’ve gone back to the one who
administers these in corporations and
all in corporations which are fictions
and faults which are the lies which is
Babylon goes back to the owners of
Babylon and the owners of Babylon is the
Vatican and that’s how the Vatican takes
the harlot of Babylon that’s how it
takes the Dominion of the world of the
people of the world
and that it leaves all the people of the
world dead slaves with no rights only
with the terms and conditions or the
privileges of the statutes the words
written in stone the statues
Michael Brown Michael is his true name
Brown C’s surname or family name what
Michael did ashamed himself to be
Michael Brown
well go and have a little look at all
the signs through the cities of Babylon
to show you that not one of these signs
are written in English or make any
formal sense and even most signs because
they put on a square or have a bordered
a border around them a seal border then
contains the signs the language of the
of Babylon contains it within the sign
so it doesn’t escape on to thee on to
the public that belongs to you and I the
real monster John Girard and the reason
why are these signs have got to have
these were on squares or on a sign or on
a plate or on a plane seperate to the
land is to save their ass or to save
them from possible it’s it’s to save
them from being sued from the real
people it’s to keep them separated a
Babylon must be separate it floats over
the top of the layers of the earth it’s
it’s the law of water and that’s why
they call United States and all of its
jurisdiction flooded lands because
Babylon operates on water so what it is
is these are really all ships in dry
dock because these water corporations
that operate on water are sitting on
land so they must float above it and it
floats above that in a form of a fiction
where they make everything so it doesn’t
exist nothing exists
the only thing that actually exists on
this stone here the only thing that
makes any sense is this we are . . i . p
which really means rest in peace but in
the grammatical standing of this if it
had to follow the rules of latin to make
John and Gerard and Boland come together
as one you would have to – it – ate it
so this is actually speaking John and
Gerard and öland as three separate
officers three separate trusts but we
the ignorant the ignorant masses the
illiterate will read that is John to
write of Bowland which is the great
mistake and we have then fallen into the
world of Babylon so let’s go on over
look and just see all the signs of
Babylon I can see all the signs of
take a ride
a trusty machine more plants safe go
through the city where no one can harass
us because this is not registered to any
other foreign entity it was bought with
fare um with their money I was bought I
guess so outside the system there’s no
record of it but what I do do on these
some on any equipment that I do buy
they’ll have to pay their military
script for is I take a the serial number
of everything and I file it with the
court and with the Registrar General so
that the Registrar General is aware that
the items are guests that are hold with
him or that are recognized by the
Registrar General
and that if anything happens that there
is evidence it is it’s been identified
so to speak so let’s go have a look
first the first song we can have real
colors this one here we have what it
assumed to be Cannes City Council
but that really reads if you can read
this sign language
it reads cans and city and council
because when you’re using debase Latin
which has really been created or
perfected by Walt Disney and the Sarah
witty documents which was a document
that related to illustrative text and
creating fictions and the reason why
Walt Disney had to create a fiction in
cartoons was to create a system of
absolute fraud or not not for but
absolute freaks are fiction so that
anything or everything that was
happening on cartoons had no
jurisdiction with any form of fact so a
cartoon and you see these some
newspapers a lot of it they are boxed
which is a boxing room in here
boxing rule this one’s got to be boxed
because you actually have some English
written on it some proper English but
it’s joined with the all uppercase
Babylonian texts by order chief
executive officer is what it’s assumed
to be read but that’s actually Donald
Duck writing or um Walt Disney writing
because Walt Disney created the cartoon
or the satire which was the jurisdiction
of a joke the jurisdictional fiction in
order that no part of that fiction can
be entered into any form of a fact and
therefore all cartoons whatever happens
within the the realm of a cartoon the
realm of the fiction can never come back
at them as a fact or before speech they
sued for anything that its editor as a
joke and what’s happening here is these
signs are being used operating under the
Sarah witty grammatical rules of satire
and illustrative text in order that all
of this becomes a joke all of this
becomes a fact that you have entered
into this cartoon takes this debase lat
you’ve assumed it to be real but the
minute you you find out that it’s not
real and you step out you’ve got nothing
to see them you can’t see them because
you entered into them into this Sun the
realm of satire the realm of fiction the
realm of cartoon the realm of the city
of the Sara witty document and the realm
of Walt Disney
that’s probably why he had a lot to do
with the setting up of the pictorials of
the Federal Reserve Bank pictorial
sutter the debt notes the the Bills
Bills of exchange I’ve all been done in
in a way that it’s so it’s it resembles
a fiction a cartoon and even though they
look official these science look
official I operate under the Walt Disney
cartoon text system now this one is very
interesting too not only it is sealed
it’s it’s a sign or we have the Kansas
City Council written up the top here
which is Cannes and city and council we
have Cannes and cemetery but because
it’s been all italic
the word italic means the text is
removed or from another document or
removed from the page it’s also
underlined also means our talent so this
sign is actually saying absolutely
nothing and all the parts that is
written in proper English that can be
read is italic which means off the page
and then to top it off down here it’s
gotten by and order and chief and
executive and officer which reads
absolutely nothing but the things been
made a fiction
because of the language of Babylon
Babylonian text that’s been used to
create that fictitious sign so that’s
just the first sign and now we’ll go and
have a look at some of the the road
signs and have a look at all those just
to show you what’s been happening with
this Babylonian texts the Babylonians
Babylon speaking to the Babylonians and
are you the Babylonians well let’s get
on find out it’s I’m not saying that we
should disobey the road signs Babylon is
like any other Society it’s um it
operates it operates under a safe system
as well it’s gotta keep the people in it
safe especially Babylon because it’s
administering the people so it does have
to make itself look like it’s doing the
right thing and being safe so we’re not
criticizing the rules of Babylon at this
point or what we are saying that all of
the rules of Babylon are written in such
a way that they only speak to the
Babylonians and they do not speak to the
common man or common-law English any
common law English is void from these
so as you see
so as you see the
sign is everybody languages sign
languages sit in the language of Babylon
all solids straight lines
everything it’s as if Babylon has taken
over everything and it’s been
administered by the Masons the
Freemasons masonry administer the
symbols the signs
Freemasonry is a an international
organization which is not national
so therefore
it derives from the see international
International entities
have no lens they can’t have any lens
it’s a bit like the margin of a document
it’s a same
Marxist for document
is the administrative part of the
document that’s why the written language
in the margin of documents is never
written in English otherwise our talent
or of a different font size it’s too
grammatically say this is the margins
this is the marginal text there is no
part of the document but if you’re not
grammatically aware of that and if they
assert the marginal text into the actual
main body of the document
now if they usurp them the marginal text
into the main part of the document into
the main body of the document and you
can’t tell the difference between the
marginal text and the text within
and you might build like the era of
reading the marginal text as a part of
the document and if you make that
then you will miss read the document on
its side you may assume that it signs
something that it’s not
and the maximum the maximum of
presumption is that a presumption as a
fact the gates a presumption which means
if you don’t know the fact and you’re
operating under the presumption
well that will exist as the law until
the fact it appears the thing is with
the factors
that if it’s your own stupidity and your
own ignorance but you assume something
then you have no one else to blame it’s
a bit like the cartoon Walt Disney
created if you assume the cartoon to be
real and more fully more fool yes but if
those pictorials in cartoon form if the
same rules are used in creating a
pictorial power bill or council rates
bill but it’s been used under the
grammatical rule so we do some little
medical rules of satire fixing Mickey
Mouse and Donald Duck if you believe
that bill to exist
the thing is when you realize it doesn’t
exist and the agency that’s trying to
issue you the bill believes that it does
and the ignorant idiot is the agency
that’s trying to enforce the bill
and this is where
any chance
and this is where I become so frightened
that’s where I become so frightened of
because all the Babylonians believe the
sign language and believe the Mickey
Mouse cartoons and the dollars from Bach
are saying they believe they’re all real
and then enforce the laws of satire at
the point of a gun they become the
ignorant ones they become the criminals
and then when it’s pointed out to them
in a court that it’s all the fiction I
don’t like it
so let’s go and have a look a few more
signs a few more
but the language of Babylon the satanic
world of Babylon let’s go have a look
as you can see sign language every way
the way you look
it’s on every way you look
it’s on and the same writing
that’s on all the street signs
everywhere you look
Babylon it’s not English
it’s a father and son it’s a military a
military jurisdiction that’s why
everyone’s mr. mrs. miss he’s a military
council got nothing to do with the
people over the English system or it’s a
common law system which is the Christian
system and every trust has two sides the
side of the dead on the side of the
creditor they have to make up your
what side you want to be on and that’s
why when the police pull you over they
ask what’s your name and date of birth
I want to know I used on Henry or are
you doe when you say John Henry doe
I need to know the date of birth of John
Henry or the date of birth those are two
different dates of birth I need to find
one of those States the data of the
dough the birth of the dough the minute
you do that then you have consented us
to be in Babylon to be subject to the
Babylonian language The Satanic language
of the Dead or the purgatory where you
are birthed where you were born
living birth to birth to death birthed
into an assumed death and then when you
finally reach the tombstone I put two
trusts on the stone the John Henry and
the dough for the closure of that I’ve
got a counter that dinner
Babylonian or satanic
this is where I made one of my first
videos I think this tombstone will be
here for a lot longer than all of us
because our death has been recorded in
and stone the head the headstone babylon
the language of babylon the language
through all the cities
you’ve been converted from a creditor to
a debtor you didn’t know it you didn’t
know the difference between the language
of the data the language of the creditor
which is really the language of the the
main body of the text on a page the
language of what’s in the margin which
is administrators and if you can read
the language of the administrator and
you’ve consented to it because it can’t
be read it’s Donald Duck it’s Mickey
Mouse it’s Walt Disney it’s been
constructed on them it’s been
constructed on me
Stahl’s manuals of Sarah witty
the style manual of the illustrative
text the text that is the symbol of
symbolic text is the text of pictures
the text of symbols but not the text of
descriptive writing text of the
descriptions it’s not that so when you
read it an assumed it to be English then
mixing with the English language
well you’ve only got yourself once I
said you ran it yourself to blind it’s
ignorant it doesn’t because Mickey Mouse
and Donald Duck dis fiction the power
council writes notices
they’re pictorials
it’s not writing a pictorial is an
it’s a graven image tits engraving the
textures the symbolic text it’s not
writing the whole thing is a fraud but
while you assumed it to be real and
before the presumption has been proven
then the presumption will remain as the
fact once it’s been proven
wrong and the fact overrides the
presumption it negates the presumption
then you’re left with nothing nothing
but a foolish idiots that you’ve been
for believing that those documents Maria
when I just Mickey Mouse Tommy Walt
Disney Sarah witty
the art of satire fictitious text the
system of Babylon

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