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Today on Young Hustlers we’re talking about keeping the main thing, the main thing. What does that mean? It means FOCUS on what matters and moves the needle. It means getting rid of stuff that DOESN’T help you get closer to your main goal. What’s your main thing? Comment below! <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

oh my god man do I have a big
announcement for you my friends my 10x
friends from around the world boys and
girls raised by a single mother yes
that’s me
grew up with a daddy that wasn’t there
for him yeah that’s me super massive
success after starting a career selling
shoes yes that is me and a major
proponent of the 10x movement yes that’s
me but it’s also one other person I’m so
proud to announce Kevin Hart movie star
comedian I say his name and you know it
Kevin Hart I invited him to be our 10x
growth conference got confirmation today
that he will be there and let me tell
you why I picked him okay guy comes from
nothing used every every team against
him turned it flipped it to make him who
he is today
name is known worldwide tremendous
energy tremendous discipline tremendous
work ethic new Kevin Hart is a bad bad
bad man and I’m so excited to have Kevin
Hart in the 20 20 10x growth conference
see in Vegas
hey what’s going on everybody this is
Jared glandt I am joined today by the
lovely Natalie hello Jared it’s nice to
be here we are doing another episode
here of young hustlers on the cardones
own this is the first episode of the new
decade Wow yeah and you know we come
here every Thursday noon East Coast
Standard Time we’ve been doing the show
for about seven years now and every week
we come with tips and strategies on what
you can do to get where you want to go
faster the right information has the
ability to give you what you want
quicker easier and with a lot less
complication and so this year we’re
committed to doing the very same thing
continuing to live you great information
and so I have a topic grant you know I
walking into the to the studio had all
my show notes prepared I had everything
laid out and and grant comes in and he
goes don’t do that you’re gonna talk
about this keeping the main thing the
main thing and for us we were just
coming out of this meeting we were
sitting over here
Natalie by the way is what you’re
rolling card on Metro is the director of
organizational development for Cardinal
ventures and so we were sitting down
talking about card up ventures and the
license program and growth con and you
know all the things we have on the table
for 2020 and and with all of those
things moving around and all of these
you know possible opportunities it’s
really easy to get distracted and start
running down pathways where you get lost
and so Graham was like dude hey got to
keep the main thing the main thing how
are we gonna keep the main thing the
main thing in 2020 what will distract us
from keeping the main thing the main
thing well one thing that we do hear all
the time is we look at it like what fuse
is lit you know like what what thing is
the closest thing up to us like right we
went through this whole meeting about
what’s gonna happen over the 2020 year
and then grant goes this weekend Phoenix
San Diego 10x West Coast tour we got it
we got to get 10,000 people there so so
or 10,000 people registered for us so
you know we go through that big thing
but then it comes back down to like what
can we what what do we need to kill
necks like what is the next thing that
we need to do so you know we try to do
some of the big-picture stuff to kind of
keep us focused and moving for
but it always comes back to like what’s
the play that we’re running today mmm I
think that’s always fascinating because
in these meetings you do think coming
them to 2020 we need to have this big
strategic plan we have to plan out all a
q1 all q2 and what’s gonna happen and
people get lost in the planning process
because then it just becomes
overwhelming without much organization
needs to happen and how many teams need
to be communicated instead of just
saying okay this is great we have the
session awesome we’re gonna be on the
same page about the future but let’s get
going today and the same thing happens
with people I mean you may be watching
this show right now and you’re like I’m
not an employee I don’t have a company
like I’m I’m a 22 years old and I hate
the job that I’m in and you’re trying to
figure out what to do this year to make
sure that it’s a great year so so the
same thing the same thing that’s a
little that’s a little love it’s a
little fresh I think that’s a little
fresh reach right there so so you may be
like 22 years old and you don’t love the
situation that you’re in and and you try
to go you know cuz we’re talking about
goals right now like everybody’s goals
new years what do I do and so you go to
all the things that you want to get and
it gets so big and it gets so it seems
so detached from where you’re at yeah
that you don’t walk it all the way back
to like what’s the next step forward
that I need to take today and so you
know really that’s that’s what you need
to focus on right now and not get
overwhelmed in details whether it’s a
company like we just experienced this
going through big things all these
different lines of business it’s and it
gets overwhelming and then you got to go
all the way back down to what do we need
to do today you’re you’re trying to
figure out you’re making 50 grand a year
right now and you’re trying to figure
out how to go to 3 million a year and
you’re like it’s such such a gap like
how do I work through it and then it’s
like okay what do I need to do today
yeah to move forward so I don’t know I
mean I think that’s probably the most
important thing is just coming back down
to you know that next thing that you
need to do what what is it how do you
how do you handle it cuz it can be a
little bit like because you want to have
long-term vision and you want to be
focused on strategy and all these things
but then how do you how do you go
through it my natural default is
organizing everything like all of a
sudden my email box needs to be
organized I
I step into this mode where instead of
focusing on the thing that needs to be
done today it’s the structure and the
process for everything to be done
efficiently with the team for every
hiring process to be absolutely flawless
and that prevents getting in the groove
of actually just getting somebody on
board and figuring out and fighting the
fire once it’s there so I think there’s
a nice balance that goes in where you
can go in between the two mm-hmm but my
biggest tip is stay off the Inbox
like don’t even there’s nothing positive
that’s going to happen yet organizing
your inbox like so many people give tips
and strategies for how to organize your
inbox or yeah the best way to manage
it’s like just just figure it out just
manage it but do business off of it and
don’t use it as a tool for catching up
on everything that you need to catch up
on in life well yeah cuz it can you know
one email comes in and another one comes
in and another one goes in you start you
start running away with it you know and
I think that you know if you the most
the most exciting thing about this
conversation for me is when you start
seeing results like because when you
have momentum that gets created and you
start moving forward it’s encouraging
like whether you’re an organization or
an individual like progress in in these
little wins along the way there are the
things that actually create the momentum
that allows you to do the next thing
again and so I would say for the people
watching the show right now like what is
that thing for you you’ve hopefully
already gone through you’ve kind of set
goals for the year 2020
like what is that first thing that you
need to do if you set a health goal like
where do you start today if you set a
income goal where do you start today
like what is something you can do today
no matter how big or small or seemingly
insignificant it may be like what can
you do today so like is it you know
extra intentional time with your wife or
your you know your family is it or your
husband is it is it you know coming in
and and doing the math and breaking down
targets for activity that you need to
hit today to get your big goal and then
going out and doing that just one day
calling the one customer right right the
one deal done you can’t get to three
million from 50,000 until you call
people and so just
making the call and getting the progress
moving forward because a lot of people I
mean this is the second day that the
year already and they’ve already given
up I almost gave up on my goal yesterday
on the desert goal almost yes my my goal
was to not eat any sugar and I’m not
gonna eat any sugar until grace gone I’m
not giving up the whole year yeah but
yesterday I really wanted this piece of
chocolate and I just like sat there and
I stared at it it’s like I’m not gonna
eat that I’ll give you this for 50 days
I can absolutely do this it was funny
because this morning I worked out in the
gym with my trainer and we walked into
the gym and I fully expected like when I
pulled around I mean I was at the gym at
6:45 in the morning like that’s not
super early but normally there’s you
know the parking lot is somewhat full
like people are in there moving around
it’s a gym in my community so it’s not
like a public gym like 24-hour fitness
or something but I walked into the gym
and literally nobody was there and I was
like this is weird like fit health and
fitness is always one of the things that
people put on their top of the list so
there’s something that you can actually
do today and that’s interesting for sure
big goals mine making a three million
when you’re at 50 grand that’s it to me
seems like okay January 1 nobody knows
what to do January 2 nummy knows what to
do it’s health and fitness it’s like I
can do that
how’d you score the gym yep and and and
the truth is like everything that you’re
gonna do for your business goals or your
income goals or anything like that I
mean I think it’s safe to say at some
point most everybody is either tried to
do something about their health or their
appearance or their fitness or their
diet or they’ve at least given bought to
it Yeah right
and for those of you who’ve given
thought to it and actually tried to do
something about it like what you know is
that what you do today will not get you
the result that you’re looking for it’s
what you do over a period of time that
will ultimately take you to the result
that you’re looking for and the same
thing applies with your money and the
same thing applies with business and the
same thing applies with your
relationship like yeah you can say
something to your husband or your wife
that makes them feel good today but what
are you going to do tomorrow and then
the day after that and
after that like to where you build up
over enough time you’ve done this action
or this activity to the degree that it’s
actually shifted there’s been a paradigm
shift in the relationship and something
massive has changed but it doesn’t
happen because you decided today to tell
your wife she looked prettier that you
appreciate her that she’s a great mom or
whatever it is right well that’s
interesting when it comes to keeping the
main thing the main thing some of our
actions cannot align with you think that
you’re doing the right thing but you’re
really not focusing on the main thing
it’s like a sub thing what what is the
thing that is going to make the movement
on the main thing that you need to have
changed for the year in order to make
games or have some sort of change for
and so it’s like like for me it’s just
boiling it down that’s why the second
piece of the goal conversation goes to
targets so like you know if there’s five
main categories you have health and
wealth and fitness and you know
relationships and whatever spirituality
let’s just say and you have goals for
each of those which i think is what
where people get to and they they get to
and they stop they they first of all the
big fail as they just do it once a year
that getting in the air but but then
they never come back to it and and so
the next thing that happens after you
set the goals so that you stay on track
keeping the main thing the main thing
because that’s actually hard yes like
with the distractions of life it’s
actually hard to keep the main thing the
main thing unless you know that the
actions you’re taking everyday are the
actions that will move you closer to the
thing that you’re trying to do so you
have to take the time to go back through
and reverse-engineer how to get what you
want like for me like if I show up and
I’ve got and I’ve got like a list of
everything to do that day all the
actions that I need to do that day that
are gonna get me closer to the big
target that I want the the the success
rate that I have in that day may not be
a hundred percent but the success rate
of achieving what I was supposed to
accomplish in that day goes up tenfold
I mean 10x like literally it because I’m
not focused on the big thing at the
weigh end and I’m not focused on the
scroll over here I’ve got the main thing
the main thing and I’m just like okay
what do I need
do today just today what do I need the
phone call I need to make the axe I need
to swing the ass I need to kick like
what is the thing that needs to happen
yeah or kiss or kiss it could be right
so so let’s go to the let’s go to the
phones here this is going to be I think
that’s going to be interesting to get
some feedback from people here not only
do we got Patrick from Texas
welcome to young hustlers Kovalchuk
wrong Jared I’m very sorry speaking with
one of your old representatives actually
yeah forgive me for that well the it’s
probably you probably know it’s not an
easy last name to pronounce but you
probably know cuz you’ve been calling
you so much yeah calling me an email my
man hey so let me ask you what what are
like your what’s the biggest goal that
you have focus on for the coming year I
would really love to meet Grant Cardone
himself and just look him in the eye get
my hug telling me thank you for all the
knowledge the time the inspiration
managed I really appreciate mr. Carbone
and you’re all team they’re just the
knowledge to just just to just put that
out there to really make a difference in
the people of life not just about money
but about the liberty and what money
enables you to do for other people I
appreciate that man that’s that’s
awesome so you’re in Texas what part of
Texas you in I’m currently in Houston
Texas Houston Texas okay so goal has
been set meet grant card out there
you’re Patrick is in Houston Texas right
now what do you like you you’ve actually
taken a step towards your goal by making
this phone call today right correct yes
sir okay so what’s the next step well uh
doing everything I can to hustle and
brawn to get some money together to get
a diamond ticket for the upcoming TEDx
conference my man how close are you
right now right now I’ll just be
completely honest with John pretty it
pretty broke but I’ve got a lot of
endeavors I’m getting into I’m doing
list driving I’m looking into some
mosquito authority for insurance here in
the pearl in Texas area I currently sell
cars so I love selling cars that’s what
we love
called the capitalist hustler Tom
putting together an event at the gallery
is do a Johnny diamond giveaway we’re
gonna be doing a concert as well so just
just putting my hand into everything
constantly networking making contact and
just just anything I can just to get out
there and help other people and prosper
them so what’s so give me let’s just
take one of those things for example
let’s take the the the event that you’re
gonna do yes sir yes sir all talking
about what’s the plan today what are you
gonna do today to move closer to the
goal of doing that well I’m currently
seeking sponsorship from different uh ok
right there stop right there okay you’re
seeking sponsorship it is its 11:14 a.m.
what have you done today to try to
secure a sponsorship for your event I do
a lot of social media posts promoting
our website how many how many how many
how many have you done today yeah at
least half a dozen I’m still working
Facebook to figure out my limits because
I’ve been muted before and like they
shut me down for like 7 to 7 to 14 days
at a time
look at that did I do so many posting
somebody yeah ok so so you’ve got you’ve
got you’ve got a post on you’ve got some
posts on Facebook okay how many people
engaged with those posts in any way well
just being on the phone with you right
now I didn’t tell you but I usually you
know I’m still building I’m still
building the audience just was just with
my automotive group I have a have an
audience of approximately around 800,000
but I’m adding to that every day at the
adverts yeah so so how many people if
you had to guess have engaged with one
of the posts about your event like
comment aid anything like that
but just down average right now take a
guess maybe 10 to 12 10 to 15 right now
okay have you reached out to those have
you things like have you reached out to
those 10 to 15 people directly and ask
them about sponsorship yet I have not
because I’m speaking monster ship from
businesses okay so how do you know that
they don’t know in businesses I do not
yet and I do you think they do you think
they know do you think they know
somebody in Houston that might own a
business they probably do also you just
need to take it you
you just need to take it down to that
next level of granularity like you did
the action you thought you threw out the
post people engaged with the post
because there they’re not going to give
the post on Facebook money to sponsor
your event right right but they reacted
to it so that means they liked it they
they think it’s a good idea maybe they
want to do it maybe they hate it and
they just wanted to make you feel good
or maybe they know somebody who’d be a
good idea for something like that but
you need to go to the next layer down
now and be like okay I want to reach out
to these people and say hey thanks for
acknowledging the post you know is this
something that that you’re in a position
to consider for your business
no no no I’m not a business owner okay
great who do you know okay just take
like the next the next step down because
that’s gonna get you the sponsorship
which is gonna get you the cash which is
gonna get you the ticket which is going
to get you to meet grant yeah absolutely
and that will happen let’s go one time
so let’s do this we’re gonna end the
call right now I want you to go back and
hit those 15 people up and figure out if
you can find a deal in there yes sir all
right brother you got this Patrick thank
you all y’all have a great day god bless
you yeah you too next caller hey soos
from Tampa welcome to young hustlers
yeah what’s going on not much more to
give you guys a quick holler
you guys have helped me out a lot man
you guys have any time the business is
slow and sales are down I can’t you guys
Don me and all of a sudden I get a 300%
increase man it’s like men though and
you know what it is it’s the energy
brother it’s the energy that’s
transferred through your both your
podcasts or your videos on YouTube and I
just want to say thank you man I was at
my job 10 years I was the car sales in
the different dealerships quit my job
started my own business and any time I
passed well any time I needed a little
kick in the butt I will just go ahead
and crank you guys on man and all of us
I’m chasing I’m thinking I’m hiring guys
I’m selling services and I’m rocking and
rolling man oh thanks to you is great
bra appreciate you guys yeah man I love
that hey hey soos what’s what’s your big
goal for 2020 my big goal for 2020 is to
one cruel I have a personal life
this automate one crew and have them
produced 150,000 dollars in revenue on
their own without having me show up to
guide them on what to do love that so
let me ask you a question you’re in
Tampa it’s noon what have you done today
to move closer towards that goal so
today I got up at 4:30 in the morning
I’ve got my spear right I think my
meditation is my workout when they had
got my supplies got my crew and I’m
working at a job right now that I’m
gonna make a little you know although
gee wait I’ve been doing about 2 or 3
hours like you guys yeah so so how does
that how does that how is that gonna
move you closer to your goal of
recruiting a team of people like you
what’s it going to take for you to get
your team a team of people doing that
business without you having to be there
to do the work how to do the work the
way I want to do the work be meticulous
with attention to detail how to talk to
the customers so I’m training these guys
so that they can be on their own at one
point yeah so let me ask you this let me
ask you this hey Suz what did that look
like for you today so you you you them
you have a job today or you did a job
today no no I’m right now okay what are
you doing right now have you started
working or no yeah okay so what did you
do when you started the shift or the job
that’s gonna make sure that the guys
that you’re doing the job with
understand that your intention is that
they know how to do this on their own
and what have you done so far today that
made a big enough impact that they’re
gonna be like I’ll never forget how to
do this and hey-zeus has my back and he
wants me to have opportunity to do more
here so so what I’ve done what I’ve done
is I’ve been leading the way I’ve do the
work I’m doing I’m doing the detail work
I’m showing them as I’m doing it you
listen this has got to be this way and
the reason why I’m telling you guys this
is because our customers are picky and
when you’re on your own you got to be
able to keep up that high level of
quality so they don’t have to keep
coming over here and checking on you
guys I don’t want to be up your body you
you guys all the time so please make
sure you do things this way so they’re
doing them and then I’m letting them do
it themselves you know for example
putting standing papers I show him how
to do it and then I let them go ahead
and roll with it and give them a little
responsibility and then check over their
work and today I hasn’t had to correct
many things so they’re actually
advancing and I remind them every day
hey listen guys I want you guys to be on
your own I want you guys to be motivated
I want you guys to have opportunity I
want to pay you X amount of dollars
motivate them with money I want you guys
to do X amount of dollars per week
motivate them with a bonus I supply them
with chips that’s a plan with lunch on
Friday I want to keep you fired up I
want them to love Neal and them to keep
loyal to me and I want to treat them
with the respect is there a man and show
them how to do again just my biggest
thing is I don’t want you guys to be
fast I don’t want you guys to be slow I
don’t want you guys I want you guys to
do this quality we’re charging quality
dollars we need to make sure we’re
delivering quality service and you guys
could be on your own dude that sounds
that sounds like that sounds like you
got a button it you got it buttoned up
what I got what I want to make sure that
you’re doing is that you’re packaging
that so that each and every day you have
something that’s replicatable that
you’re doing with your people when
you’re how you’re showing how you’re
telling them what needs to be done how
you’re showing them how to do it how
you’re coming back to inspect what
they’re doing to make sure that they’re
doing it the way that you want you
wanted it to happen right and then what
you’re doing to continue to engage them
and motivate them to want to learn more
do more be more within your within your
organization right so the only that I
can think of right now that I could do
to improve as far as that goes is
actually have a handbook have a manual
which I don’t have for them to reference
while I’m not here love that or to go or
to go to prep for a job that you’re
or to review or to study or to enhance
what they’re doing on a job you’re
currently on that you know maybe it’s
not a quick job maybe it’s a two-week or
three-week job you know but you could
also do you can be creative with it when
you teach them how to do something if
you’re not the best at creating process
yourself what you can do is you can say
this is what I do walk them through the
process and then have them send you what
they learn in a step-by-step format and
you can create that template from that
exchange and then you can use that to
train all the other people going forward
so it’s not adding work to you it’s
making sure that they have clarity on
what you’re asking them to do and then
it sets up a training process for future
hires so that you can not just have one
shop like this you can have five shops
you can have ten shops and when people
when people like like regurgitate the
information when people like come back
at you and you said this is exactly what
I want you to do these are the steps of
the process now tell me what I just told
you and when you can get people to like
they say that the best way to learn is
to be able to teach right like like you
should be if you truly understand
something then you should be able to
teach it yes so then maybe maybe you go
out there and then you bring another guy
into the job that’s new and you have one
of the existing people that you taught
how to do the thing and you have the
little write-up on how to do the thing
you have them teach somebody else how to
do it and then you watch the interaction
and you watch how the works done and
then that way you’re replicating
yourself through somebody else see the
opportunity to make more money because
then they’re sharing their skills with
new people that will allow you to grow
and scale so it’s having that goals
conversation with them to say hey if you
learn how to do this I know you’re the
first one I’m actually technically
you’re the first one right now if you
learn how to duplicate what I do and
then you then duplicate other people
multiple people you can have opportunity
to move forward with whatever the goals
are that they’ve specifically stated
with you 20 20 get that money bro 20 20
get that money all right man thank you
for the call appreciate you watching I
wish you the best year one more let’s go
let’s go one more
Brian and Santa Rosa
you got JG and you got Natalie here
welcome they seem like you you get JG
and I get Natalie NAT NAT NAT attack
nice I like that okay yeah okay great
yeah hey Jared um thank you for having
me on and uh I really appreciate you and
Grant Cardone
you guys have been awesome he’s gonna
teach me a lot of information that I
think is honestly really hard to find
and it’s it’s very it’s specific it’s
details and it’s it’s real and yeah
that’s awesome what do you what do you
do for work Brian no right now I’m a
personal trainer I’m a personal trainer
at crunch fitness and seniors it just
started it so it’s pretty good it’s like
in comparison system of the other gyms
and they look in our location it it’s
probably like the second choice for a
lot of people a lot of the population
here so I just started there I’ve been
booking orientations and I like what
you’re saying about the reverse
engineering so if I have like a goal
right so I’m because Grant Cardone says
you know like set some of these goals so
like if I had a goal for like a million
dollars I know that’s probably probably
not going to happen this year at that
job because I mean the salaries and
wages are not enough but I I had a
question in regards to how maybe I can
go in like towards progressing and
scaling because you know in personal
training you have to get your own
clientele as well it’s the same similar
to car sales to PhD car sales to a team
doesn’t you at Volkswagen and I know how
Grant Cardone talked about that you know
he was like yeah 25 and everything else
bro those debt and I was like man that’s
crazy how you got addicted drug
but yeah you guys provides such genuine
information so I just have like a lot of
a thing well here let me just let me
just let me just tell you this the most
important thing that you have on it on a
daily basis is confident confidence in
what you need to get done like exactly
what we’re talking about you want to
make a million bucks a year like you
can’t get to a million without going
through a hundred thousand
right so what I would do is is it in
that crunch fitness location that you’re
in right now do you know the trainer
that makes the most money uh yeah his
name is probably actually I’m not sure
okay you have somebody in your mind
what’s their name Tyler Tyler okay how
much money you think Tyler made that
last year that’s a good question but I
think maybe I mean twenty to thirty
thousand a month no no no not I’m fucked
I mean if if if we’re talking to monthly
twenty to thirty thousand I mean then
that that’s a lot okay no I think it’s
like yearly personal training salary can
this the ceiling so that is I mean you
can pie skillet with moral month let me
let me ask you this what’s your what’s
your what’s your salary right now I’m
probably around that like twenty-five
twenty-five to thirty
so your salaries twenty five thousand
dollars a year do you get compensation
or bonus based on selling personal
training yeah so there’s like there’s
supplements that we can sell in store
there’s also there’s like deviations
that you can do do you get paid so like
the twenty five thousand is that what
you get paid to show up and work with
people or do you get that to show up and
then when you sell training packages to
people they pay you more yeah that they
would pay you more you probably get you
could probably scale it all the ways it
may be like thirty five to forty
thousand once you get more
certifications because then your pay
still increases maybe about four to
eight dollars per hour but right now
it’s like a regular wage of twelve hours
and it’s a when you’re training a client
it can go anywhere from twenty to up to
like twenty eight dollars to thirty
dollars an hour depending on their
certifications yeah so you can you can
trip you can almost triple your income
as long as you’re training somebody
right yeah so then what you need to the
first thing you need to do because I
don’t is you need to get full confidence
in your compensation plan because it
sounds like you know you don’t really
understand how all the money comes from
or where it works that’s just the
impression that I’m getting that could
be totally wrong but but what you need
to do is you need to figure out if
you were booked training eight hours a
day five days a week you’d be making 30
bucks an hour eight hours a day five
days a week right yeah
okay so that would get you to eight
times 30 is 240 times five equals at
times four that’s 48 hundred bucks a
month okay that’s pretty good so that’s
like almost 60 K here okay but so that’s
fifty seven thousand six hundred right
that you’re almost at sixty K so let’s
have that as the first target now you’re
obviously not there yet so what you need
to do now is you need to figure out the
activity that it takes for you to get
one client you need to so right now you
need to activity is like around one hour
so we do a one-hour orientation and
depending on if my cells is get enough
what’s up the money from grant you guys
do I mean that guy’s ingenious and he
literally he even the general manager
was like well like I didn’t that’s great
so you got it right there you got the
right teacher now what you need to do is
you need to get confidence with what
lever you need to pull every day when
you walk in so what you need to pay
attention to now is if an orientation is
being set up for you then you need to
count your close rate on on orientations
if you are responsible for creating the
orientation then you need to figure out
how many calls it takes to get somebody
to set an appointment and then how many
appointments you need to set to get
somebody to actually show up and then
once somebody shows up what percentage
of those people you actually close do
you you’ve been doing this for two weeks
right been doing it for two weeks so far
yeah he calls to show up and then it
takes about an hour to close one but the
percentage is low it’s like it’s like 10
percent huh yeah that’s just gonna get
better as you get better right so that’s
so that will improve so what you need to
do now is if you know it takes 40 calls
to get one orientation right is that
what you said are 40 calls
get deal yeah that’s correct that’s a 40
close to get one orientation or no that
actually one deal to get one client okay
and then so how many orientations do you
need to do to get somebody to say yes
that’s a good question probably like mmm
well I just need to do like one
orientation but I just have to be better
when I communicate to that well yeah
yeah but how many like how many in the
two weeks that you work there how many
customers have you signed up like two
climbs so far than I’ve had like so time
out going out time out time out
so you’ve got you signed to clients in
two weeks
yes okay how many orientations in those
two weeks have you done well done like
okay like five practice ones maybe maybe
about my 15 total
okay so 15 total so you’re close rates
about 15 percent okay so you’re close
rates about 15 percent so now what you
need to do is you need to figure out if
you get two deals from 15 orientations
then you need to figure out what it took
to get the 15 orientations mmm
that took presentations hours mentis no
no listen listen I did were these did
these orientations did they show up to
the gym and say hey I’m interested in an
orientation or did you know I had a I
had offered the orientation to them I
was like hey my name is Brian you guys
are entitled to one our orientation at
your at your choice Monday through
Friday I’m here and so is this this is
happening this is happening this is
happening over the phone yeah okay time
out time out time out time out time out
okay this is happening over the phone
are you calling a database of people
that they have yeah okay that’s good
that’s that’s it that’s it that’s all
I’m looking for right now so you’re
making phone calls from an existing
database yeah and how many calls do you
have for those 15 orientations
the existing customer database how many
phone calls did you need to make to get
those 15 orientations well maybe around
eight of them were from not the cause
those are just walkins so maybe around
maybe a total like 40 to 50 phone calls
okay so let’s call it 50 phone calls but
then you just added something else in
there you added walkins so now how many
people have to walk in for you to get
half of the orientations for you to get
the other so I’m just I’m trying to walk
you down through all of this so that you
guys can see how important each of these
numbers are and where you need to go
because now if I can narrow it down to
Brian needs to make 50 phone calls to
the existing customer database and he
has to do he has to see 30 customers
that walk in and from that so that’s 80
total contacts those 80 contacts are
gonna result in 15 orientations that are
going to result in two customers those
customers are gonna come weekly or
monthly those customers should come in
weekly like I’ve been they signed up as
like deals or client yes so they sign up
for like how do they come every day
every other day yeah members come in
every single day sometimes we get 600
800 members walk through the door okay
so when somebody signs up for your
training do they do like a one day a
week package a two day a week package or
do they just buy a pack today I’ve
signed someone up for one day a week I
send someone up for a holiday deal which
is limited time time maybe a couple more
days but we have we have one day a week
two days a week three days a week so
let’s say this so let’s say this so
let’s say let’s just go bare-bones
minimum you sell somebody and they get
one day of training per week now in
reality there’s going to be customers
that want to come in two days a week or
three days a week or maybe even four or
five days a week right but let’s just go
all the way down to the most
conservative number possible of one
visit per week now if there’s 10 hours
in a workday you take an hour for lunch
let’s just say so you got nine hours of
workday you have nine open slots to
train people right yes okay so nine
lots times five days a week is 45
clients is what you can manage if people
are coming once a week okay so so you if
you get a full book of 45 clients you’re
working with is that right yeah nine
nine clients a day five days a week and
that and then that just and then they’re
gonna come next week and you’re gonna do
it over again so you got to get to 45
customers that are paying you weekly
before you want either run out of hours
in the data train or you got an ad you
have to add another day you have to work
six days right if you decide you want to
work six days then you’re gonna pick up
another nine customers so you can do 54
customers a week so now we know that it
takes 80 contacts to get two customers
mm-hmm okay so let’s go so 40 it’s 40 40
per per per customer so 54 times 40 you
have to make 2160 contacts mixed between
phones and wine oh and welcome yeah so
you got to make 2,000 contacts out
either to new customers or follow-up
customers or whatever the case may be
I’m guessing that you’re gonna have to
like make multiple contacts to a
customer so then that’s gonna change
that number if you have to make five
contacts or let’s just call it 10
contacts on average to a customer before
they say yes then you’re at if you just
apply the 10x rule 2100 contacts times
the 10x rule means you’re gonna have to
call make 20,000 contacts now you need
to know how many contexts you have to
make in a day right how many contacts
you have to make in an hour to get the
goal of having 54 clients that are
active with you training weekly then now
then that what you need to do is you
need to start charging more money yes so
then you’re gonna go from you know $40
an hour training to 50 or $60 an hour
training and then you’re gonna be like
well I gotta figure out how to get
closer to a million in this crunch
fitness thing ain’t gonna work out I
know how to get customers now then you
go you start your own thing then you
charge 70 bucks and you keep all of it
like that’s the progression of this if
you want to roll with personal
training yeah I know that that’s that’s
awesome thank you because I didn’t
really understand how I was going to get
to that point that I just knew it wasn’t
scalable there okay so you have an
opportunity to learn right now like the
only two reasons you should work
somewhere is number one because you’re
making money or number two because
you’re learning and right now you’re
learning you’ve been there for two weeks
you’re learning a new deal you’re
learning how to get customers you’re
learning how to sell customers you’re
learning the problems customers have
you’re doing all that on somebody else
is done so you’re in the right spot but
you just have to have the right
intention and keep the main thing the
main thing which is what do I need to do
today to get me closer to a million
bucks and in order to do that you need
to master the training game in order to
get clients you have to master the sales
game so you got to bring it all the way
back down just like I did to what is the
main thing what is the score that I need
to make today that it’s gonna get me
closer to where I want to go yeah making
the phone calls I and then getting the
orientation a client and let’s go good
thing on one package dude then what are
you doing on the phone with us bro go
call somebody man appreciate dude Brian
I appreciate your call you guys are
great I appreciate your call bro I
appreciate your call get off right now
go call somebody sell them a frickin
training membership yeah let’s hear it
let’s hear the pitch oh yeah let’s see
okay well on what do you get something
to do you gets kind of okay me that’s a
must humming how much do you want to add
tons okay okay can you give me a number
five ten fifteen pounds 20 pounds
seventeen seventeen and a half pounds
okay all right well first we’re gonna
need to look at your body fat percentage
we’re gonna also take a your body mass
index so you know where you lie on that
scale we’re also gonna take your height
just so you know these measurements this
is what we need to know so then you can
start losing yeah how much is this gonna
cost us how much is all this gonna cost
that’s a lovely question that’s I’m so
happy that you asked that so we’re gonna
make sure that we go over some of these
training options for you so then you
know what you can choose that works best
for you
and you’re like that
what is the average customer that’s
doing training with you paying the
average customer well it really depends
it depends on what works best for that
so give me a number okay great question
so the number may be well since I just
started it really I now say you just
started don’t nobody wants to do anybody
with anything with anybody that just
started you gotta tell them the price up
front yeah
yeah I had a guy actually come in the
other day he was saying the same thing
he’s like yeah well how much does this
cost and I was like you know because I
still was trying to remember all the
prices and then I gave him I give him
the correct prices but he was like
what’d he say to me he’s like well he’s
like okay well maybe we can schedule the
meeting not this week but next week
so right that’s great so okay so don’t
say just started yeah let people know
just be like you know if you’re gonna
spend some time trying to figure out
what she wants you say hey are you
looking to lose weight you looking to
put on muscle she goes I want to put on
some muscle tell me tell me more about
that why you want to put muscle on she
wants like what are your goals like why
do you want to get like like them yeah
like how long how long how long have you
been wanting it
how long have you been wanting to make
this change when you when you fast
forward and you when you fast forward
and you think about like what you’re
gonna look like and feel like when
you’ve got that extra 17 pounds of
muscle like what what is that for what
does that look like for you yeah um what
is that your wife on there Jared I don’t
know I didn’t catch her name
no it’s Natalie it’s Brandon Dawson’s
Brandon Dawson’s girl fiancee fiancee so
Natalie um so if you were to show me a
picture of a woman that you wanted to
look like who would that be
like a celebrity or just like a really
good friend of yours he’s got red bass
like I’ve tried think of any of the
Victoria Secret models names but I don’t
know any of them Adriana Lima perfect
okay Leena name so I would just look at
a picture of her realistically and I
changed I’ve already changed done the
changes on myself so I’m confident when
it comes to that so all I would need
from you is just to come and show a good
you got to get the why bro let me just
tell you something like when you’re
asking people questions about their
fitness you’ve got to ask you’ve got to
figure out what the Y is like you’ve got
to figure out what problem they’re
trying to solve like you know maybe her
thing that she’s trying to solve is
Brandon’s been working out my husband
just started working out my fiancee just
started working out he’s on this keto
diet doing intermittent fasting
he’s lost a ton of weight he’s looking
good he’s feeling good and I feel like
it’s time for me to do something about
it dude she just told you so much about
how you can get her to say yes cuz
you’re figuring out why she’s what like
good it if you don’t figure out what the
real reason is why somebody wants to do
business with you you it will be nearly
impossible to close them this goes for
any business any company whether it’s
mosquito business whether it’s
construction dental chiropractic and
your HVAC compute like a dude if you’re
trying to sell anything to anybody and
you don’t figure out what the real
problem is and this is stuff we talk
about like we talked about this at 10x
360 we talked about this at our sales
deep dive we talked about this in the
mentor program which we have going on
right now where people can join and get
mentored by by grant and me and Brandon
and you know some of the other folks on
our team here like you you have to dig
down to the real reason why because the
motivator the dominant buying motive
that somebody has that is creating the
interest for them to answer your phone
call and talk to you without hanging up
on you to stop while they’re walking
through the gym and listen to your your
spiel because of something that happened
they they were home for the holidays and
their uncle said oh man Jarrett looks
like you’re packing it in
and then you’re like aw shit man I gotta
go do something about this yeah so dude
if you figure if you can figure out that
that thing that’ll be the trigger that
gets people to say yes so do you dude
there’s there’s so much ground to cover
for you like the good news is is you’re
following us you made the move are you
on Cardone University right now yes I
just signed up to the new training it’s
only the three one but I went through it
I still gotta go through all the courses
but yeah I’m signed up for like the
three first level dude you got to make
an investment in 2020 if you want to get
to a million bucks like you need to
spend every dollar you make on educating
yourself like we’ve got a ton of stuff
you could spend your money with whoever
you want
I’ll just tell you what worked for me
dude I went deep on grants material
Cardone you specifically like I got to
be mentored by Grant like watching him
seeing the conversations seeing his
behaviors and all that kind of stuff
like I got to use the program I had
mentorship from him I got to build
community between the people that follow
us the people that work here our
partners like I got to build community
like these are all the things that you
need to start bringing into the fold for
you to get the result that you want
that’s why that’s why card on you is
should be a home run for you you should
do it today our mentorship program we’re
for it for eight weeks we actually walk
people step-by-step how to build these
types of plans out it’s why you need to
come to the 10x growth conference to get
connected with people so that then are
like-minded it’s for sure
ask them what they did figure out how
you could spend time with them start
doing the things that they’re doing but
you’re never gonna meet them if you’re
only hanging around the producers and
your existing organization that are
making 50 grand a year like you need to
be around people who are making a
million dollars a year so that you can
start learning from them because your
thing starts changing once you’re around
different people like that was a big
thing for me when I started working for
a number I was telling him this when we
went to dinner for New Year’s is I
remember the first time I went over to
their house and it was there was this
house and I just lived moved into LA I
didn’t really know a whole lot of people
but I knew like when I drove down Sunset
Strip for the first time I was like whoa
I’m driving down Sunset like this is
crazy I can’t believe I live in LA and
then I remember the first time I went to
his house and then I drove
up to his house and you know it was just
kind of hidden in everything because his
bushes and all I saw was a garage door
in this really short steep driveway and
and so I pulled in and then I went
through this gate and there was a big
tennis court then I saw a big pool house
and then I went up these stairs and saw
this massive like 15 foot high door and
the doors open it got too big Great
Danes and then the ceilings inside of
his house were like freakin 20 feet 25
feet tall and he had a pool in his
backyard the pool went into the living
room and then went into the bedroom and
had this bridge that she went over and
you walked out and it had a view of LA
from the snow-covered mountains all the
way to the ocean in Santa Monica and I
was like oh my gosh dude this guy he’s
figured it all out and then and then he
was out there with me and he goes
Leonardo DiCaprio lives right there next
door he said dr. Dre lives right there
like down behind him and I was like dude
like my think changed so much so so like
what I would encourage everybody to do
is this year like invest like grant said
something on our mentor call the other
last week he goes you need to continue
the only thing you need to invest in is
yourself until your money starts
changing so like if you’re making 40
grand a year the only person you need
the only thing you need to spend money
on right now is educating yourself and
investing in yourself and if you’re
broke it needs to be a major investment
of time and then when you get money you
need to go buy things that will help you
learn faster until your money starts
changing until you start making more
money until you go from 40 grand to 150
grand then you can get you have a little
bit more leniency with the things that
you’re you’re opening up to and you’re
investing in but like it has to start
with you because if Brian knew all this
math he knew how to ask the questions he
knew how to drill down with the customer
he knew how to show him the the tour of
the gym or present them training in a
way that they would say yes to because
he found out the real problem he knew
how to overcome the objection if they
didn’t close he knew how to follow up if
he knew all that stuff then he’d be at
pasady fast right he could be at
capacity of a full book of clients of 54
customers in less than 12 months and
then he could get to that point he could
go dude I need to start my own thing so
he’s thinking how do I get to a million
bucks dude in two years you can have
your own gym like you could be on your
way to a million but you have to know
the right thing to do today and that’s
why it’s important not to get distracted
with all these things that are moving
around and keep the main thing the main
thing keep the main thing the main thing
don’t get caught up in bullshit that’s
going on outside with your family or
your friends like if you want to make it
and you’re not where you’re at right now
you need to freaking go all-in it’s
exactly what I did exactly I’m sure what
you did like you can’t you can’t get
that big score that you want until you
go all-in on something and you learn
everything about it and you’re committed
to growing and developing it and just
don’t say that you want to have a
million dollars if you’re not actually
interested yeah because it’s not a real
goal and your confidence in yourself
will just continue to decrease say I
want to make 50 grand this year yeah and
then do that thing don’t say million
dollars but then have no idea and become
overwhelmed the map that we worked out
for Brian he makes for you if he goes
full capacity he makes forty eight
hundred bucks a month okay and that’s
how with the nutrition right how long
are you gonna stay at forty eight
hundred dollars a month with a million
dollar a year target before you’re like
up gotta go yep like you have to be
willing to do those things and so if
it’s you want to lose weight how how
many times are you gonna say I need to
lose weight and I need to be healthy
before you eat right you cut out
drinking you get a trainer you go to the
gym every day like how long like
eventually you have to say okay I’m
gonna give up something in order to get
what I want
keep an eye out for those things like if
you’re writing down goals and they seem
so far away number one focus on the main
thing number two figure out what you
need to give up today in order to get
the thing that you want your sex doesn’t
matter your age doesn’t matter like
literally nothing matters right now
except what you need to do today did
it’s going to get you closer to your
goal my biggest piece of advice would
just be to spend time around people who
have done it but that is the game
changer find people in your community
find people even online that’s probably
the fastest way to do it yep surround
yourself with this content surround
yourself with grants content you don’t
even have to be in person yep in order
to have this change your life you just
have to be willing and able to commit
and show up and learn from this type of
dialogue yeah so I think that was good I
think keep the main thing the main thing
the main thing are you keeping this year
the main thing the main thing I have I’m
like laser focused on an income target
okay and so for me the main thing is
backed all the way down to what do I
need to do today to get licenses going
to get Cardone training going to get our
automotive division going to get
advertising going to get Cardone
University a webinar funnel setup for
Cardona University for individuals so
that that that line gets going so I like
I and I haven’t broken it all down yet
just to be truthfully 100 percent honest
I spent time figuring out what the
business needs to do to get me where I
want to go and now I need to work
through all of the little things that
get me where I want to go like this
doesn’t happen in 20 minutes scribbling
some things down on a sheet of paper
like this is methodically planned out
systemize attack on your targets and
your goals and so again take the time to
figure out what you want how much it’s
gonna cost how much you need to sell to
get there how many activities you need
to take to make the money to fund
everything whether that’s phone calls
emails personal visits text messages
deals close rates phone calls like you
got to back everything down so that you
know on a daily basis oh that’s easy for
me to hit the licensed target we need to
get three deals a day for us to hit the
advertising target we need to get seven
deals a day for us to get the Cardone
University corporate target we need to
get six deals a day right like get down
to where you know all these things and
then like we worked it all the way back
Todd and I were doing this and we know
if we need to get to fifty thousand
leads a month for corporate Cardone
university to hit the goal that we need
now we need to go man with all those
leads we got sales people we need to how
many salespeople do we need sixty-five
more sales people so now we’re like dude
we so work we have created the vision of
what we want to do but now
time to make it real and figure out I
can’t go from zero to sixty five
salespeople today
impossible what I can do though is I can
post on Instagram guys were higher in I
can have grant shut post something hey
we’re hiring send an email out hey we’re
hiring we can run an ad hey we’re hiring
and we can get the process started I’d
encourage ya we’re hiring you know
hiring yeah go to Grant Cardone comm
four slash careers and you can see the
job opportunities that we have available
so like what is the thing you guys need
to do right now we’re done with the show
it’s over it’s time for you to go put in
the work put in the work what is the
next thing you need to do to get closer
to your goals and dreams be hard be
ruthless with yourself don’t like do not
allow any excuses you’ve got to go all
in you’ve got to be hard on yourself
you’ve got to be harder on yourself than
anybody else could be and and then
you’re gonna start you’re gonna thirty
days from now you’re gonna look back and
go wow man I can’t believe the progress
that I made so opportunity’s there for
you all I hope you guys enjoy join us
for the growth conference it’s less than
two months away it’s fifty three fifty
days fifty days away right now Kevin
Hart Magic Johnson Scooter Braun Rick
Ross Marie Forleo Branden Dawson Natalie
Natalie workman Jared Glen Elena Cardone
Grant Cardone Pete Vargas Ryan Deiss Jon
Najarian it’s happening Brad parks get
like dude we’re going this is gonna be
insane an insane event it’s like I’m
confident it’s gonna be the best one yet
it’s gonna be an amazing experience
we’ve got two more massive surprises
that were we may announce or we might
not grant bleep these a few times but
I’m not I’m not I’m not going to do it
here but but get connected in the stream
get focused on the thing you need to do
score today kill something today make
some progress today get the train out of
the station and then get that thing
moving so fast you can’t stop it right
the only people who condemn the hustle
are the ones who’ve already given up on
the house of themselves we’ll see you
next time
what a blessing I’ve been blessed a
hundred times over first of all to do
two things that I always
to do that play basketball be a business
try 212
Magic Johnson’s wedding
I enjoy challenges there’s a chalice at
night to see what I can do
basketball prepared me for the business
room no question about it
you know if it wasn’t for basketball I
don’t think I could be the CEO that I am
and unbelievable performance by Magic
oh my god man do I have a big
announcement for you my friends my 10x
friends from around the world boys and
girls raised by a single mother yes
that’s me
grew up with a daddy that wasn’t there
for him yeah that’s me super massive
success after starting a career selling
shoes yes that is me and a major
proponent of the 10x movement yes that’s
me but it’s also one other person I’m so
proud to announce Kevin Hart
movie star comedian I say his name and
you know it Kevin Hart I invited him to
be in our 10x growth conference got
confirmation today that he will be there
and let me tell you why I picked him
okay guy comes from nothing used every
every team against him turned it flipped
it to make him who he is today name is
known worldwide tremendous energy
tremendous discipline tremendous work
out there new Kevin Hart is a bad bad
bad man and I’m so excited to have Kevin
Hart in the 2022 next good conference
see in Vegas

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