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Happy New Years. I want to share this message with you today and keep it real with you… Things will either get better, or get worse. They will never stay the same. I wouldn’t feel good with myself if I don’t tell you the honest truth.

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Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, the #1 sales trainer in the world, and an internationally renowned speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. His 5 privately held companies have annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Forbes named Mr. Cardone #1 of the “25 Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2017”. Grant’s straight-shooting viewpoints on the economy, the middle class, and business have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter. He regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC, and writes for Forbes, Success Magazine, Business Insider,, and the Huffington Post. He urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, and obligation. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two daughters. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

hey grant cardone here and I hope you’re
doing well here at this new year this
new this pivotal time in your life and
in my life where you can either make
things very very different you can try
to keep them the same or they’re gonna
get worse
and I come to you today to share with
you that in my life I just want to keep
it real with you you know not not the
Instagram shots of the plane and the
cars and the money in the 19 countries
and the sold-out stadiums but what it
really takes to to become that to become
that and do those things so if I could
keep it really real with you the reality
is most people don’t make it most people
today around the United States
and even around the world or just
suffering you look at third world
countries where people won’t even like
the kid get food today they can’t get
water they can’t get toilets here we are
in America toilets food water all that’s
like we complain because the food’s not
warm or didn’t come to us fast enough or
the uber driver didn’t deliver it in
time so I just want to go back a second
because this year this new thing this
pivotal moment that you have in your
life for the next year or ten years
however you’re planning out it could be
very very different it could be the same
and the very very different can go two
ways it can go very very different good
or very very different bad and I’ve had
the experience not a bad experience but
I’ve had the experience of having life
really really bad and I tell you that
because that experience when I was 15
years old 17 years old 19 20 21 23 it
felt like it felt like like the longest
period of my life and I was using drugs
every day I didn’t like who I was my
body was sick
I was physically ill was addicted to
drugs my environments my my surroundings
were terrible and and I had to change
now maybe that’s not what you’re at
today you don’t have those kind of
problems your problems is not like some
drug addiction bottom that you’re
looking for which is a shame by the way
because for most people to change they
gotta hit bottom and I would like to
tell you that I have been some super
smart guy that changed before I actually
needed to but that’s that has not been
the case with me over and over if I look
back in my life I changed way beyond the
point of where people would say do this
time that guy changes I had problems in
school and problems showing up I was
getting beat up I was fighting with the
other students couldn’t stay in class
today if if that was if I was doing that
today in the educational system they
would put me on drugs they’d help me
with the psychiatric counselor would
probably get thrown out of the
classrooms I was destroying halls
hallways and the exterior schools
throwing graffiti on properties damaging
property in the afternoons man I was
lost that was at 15 or 16 years old that
would go on 17 18 grades got worse by
the way everything got worse nothing got
better everything got worse and that’s
really the message today look changes
happenin to you and me everyday things
don’t stay the same
they’re either going to get worse or
they’re gonna get better nothing stays
the same it is impossible going into
this new year this new decade a new
business a new relationship he moved to
a new city get new friends join a
country club get a new car that car is
going to get worse probably worse or
it’s gonna get better you can go buy all
the watches you want you can buy the big
gorilla put them in your studio you can
get a new girlfriend a new boyfriend you
can move to a new city you can get a new
job your.light see they’re gonna get
better or it’s going to get worse I wish
somebody told me this when I was
fifteen years old something you meant
better or worse won’t stay the same
now again I’d like to tell you that I
changed before I had to but I didn’t it
would be I would be 25 years old I had
overdosed on drugs four times literally
like like I was probably 15 minutes 20
minutes for maybe death when somebody
interrupted me some some God sins some
person that walked into my life and said
get up there get up get up and woke me
up my mom did it once my brother woke me
up another time I’ve got me out of it
once I was in my apartment by myself and
it was like it was terrible I’m telling
you that I’m telling you that not to
share with you some some awful drug
story or history but why wouldn’t I
change 20 years old 21 years old I could
look in the mirror I knew I had problems
I had no money
couldn’t keep a job fired from seven
jobs in a row caught with drugs on me at
one of my jobs wrecking cars working in
a car dealership wrecking cars every
other week I hadn’t had a car wreck in I
don’t know five years six years seven
years I was wrecking I couldn’t go 14
days without wrecking a car and this
isn’t funny by the way there’s nothing
funny about it I know some of you could
be watching this right now kind of
chuckling there’s nothing about this was
funny to me and I was oblivious I was
oblivious to the surroundings now every
once in a while I would get a little
peek in the mirror and myself and and
think this was almost on a daily basis I
get this little peak this little
reminder like like like some some angel
was was pinging me man you can do better
ping you’re not supposed to be a drug
addict pain look at me you don’t have
any color in your face pain look at your
pain what are you doing up staying up 48
hours I mean even pudding pops that was
my my food of choice was like pudding
pops and
Kraft macaroni and cheese I opened my
refrigerator there was nothing in it I
couldn’t pay my rent $275 a month and I
couldn’t pay my rent I was so disgusted
with myself no self-esteem spiritually
bankrupt physically bankrupt and I
didn’t change
no money no awards don’t have good
grades can’t keep a job I have nothing
to hang my hat on I don’t have a fancy
studio I don’t have artwork I don’t have
a fancy watch I don’t have two pairs of
shoes I’m not living in the condo you
guys got to understand that where I’m at
today is so different than where I was
and where I started from when I was 23
years old angel I think the devil
actually not the angel was dinging me on
this one guy comes in my house my
apartment beats me up with a 45 caliber
pistol put 70 stitches in my head and
face I don’t know if you can get a
close-up on this Johnny over this I
don’t know if you care to see it but
probably not enough like man this size
banged up the right eyes banged up okay
there’s a scar
literally if you ever meet me in person
you see about three-inch Scott two inch
scar right over there’s another one over
this over my lip 70 stitches my head and
face from the back of a 45 caliber
pistol left me on the floor for dead
there was blood on every wall in this
room every wall like everyone if you
look around this room key can you just
paint it Johnny it said too much trouble
this room was about the same size of
these three walls every single wall had
blood on it the floor was a puddle of
blood there was a briefcase that I had a
bunch of stuff in in the briefcase when
I went back three days later after I
spent the hospital the briefcase was
filled with blood the ceiling which was
probably a seven and a half foot
eight-foot ceiling it was one of those
old 1950 duplexes the ceiling had blood
on it okay what the ceiling wasn’t this
high Johnny I didn’t have a good
apartment and so here I am 23
years old I go to the hospital they
stitched me up I go home I’m with my
mother I go to my mom’s house when my
mom when I went to the back door it’s
20th Street I think my address was 23 14
20th Street across from Oak Park
Elementary School I went in the back
door there was a little alley and then
there was twentieth Street and friends a
little bread brick house probably I
don’t know sixteen seventeen hundred
square feet three bedrooms it was me my
mom and my twin brother that lived there
and I knocked on the back door there was
a screen screen door I opened the screen
door knocked on it must have been two
o’clock in the morning 1:30 two o’clock
in the morning my mom comes I’m coming I
can hear my mom little four foot eleven
Sicilian woman she comes to the door
opens the door and says where she went
hysterical man started crying
where is my son where is my son I’m like
I am your son and and do you know that
it would be two years before I would
quit drugs like you would think that
would be the moment this guy would
change this will be the thing you know
if you’re dead if it doesn’t kill you
makes you better not not always true
sometimes it just kills you I’m lucky to
be alive today so here as we move into
this pivotal time in your life in my
life you know maybe you’re 20 years old
and you’re like hey what’s what’s 20 to
30 gonna look like maybe you’re 30 years
old and you’re starting to settle down
thinking less about going out on the
weekends more about your money 30 to 40
maybe got a little bit of money and now
you’re like I want to protect my money
now how do I do I buy a house now am I
going to settle down and have kids am I
gonna move from a job to a career look
the change you’ve got to change and the
other thing is this you got to keep
you can’t not change you know I started
this off by saying that I wish I could
tell you that I changed without hitting
rock bottom without being under a threat
without it being an emergency that I’d
have some wisdom and say I need to just
keep changing I know that I consciously
know I’m supposed to check
my whole life I have waited too long to
change I’ve waited too long you know I
and when you see me pushing and pressing
today it’s because I’ve made so many
mistakes over the last 40 years I waited
too long to change I was in a bad
relationship took me four years to get
out of the relationship
guess what got out of that relationship
got into another bad relationship took
me five years to get out of the next one
and I knew in both of them both of them
there was no way the relationship would
work why did it take me so long to
change you know what why in 2008 when
the economy crashed and I knew I knew
probably four or five years before that
I knew that the space I was in was in
trouble I knew the business I had wasn’t
I knew the money I had and was making
was not dependable going forward but I
started backing off playing golf three
and four times a week joined a Country
Club acting like a hotshot buying cars
bought a house got to have a house I
knew it wasn’t a good investment
but I couldn’t walk away from it and
then 2008 happens oh my god and this
like told you so maybe that’s an angel
maybe that’s an angel pain wake up man
look just because we got a new year here
doesn’t mean it’s gonna be better for
I just want to keep it real there’s your
boy uncle G
keepin it real with you just because
it’s a new year everybody’s all pumped
right now new year resolutions there’s
gonna be the best year ever be ye next
decades gonna be unbelievable not
necessarily it probably won’t be better
for most people to change you’ve got to
change and you got to keep changing
nothing will be the same this is the one
prediction I can give you without being
Nostradamus or Nostradamus or whatever
his name was I don’t need to be a psych
to tell
you this it’s either gonna be great it’s
either gonna be better or it’s gonna be
worse won’t be the same if you’re in a
relationship you got a kid right now
it’s gonna be better it’s gonna be worse
every day you got to be decide and what
am I gonna do
what am i changing right now or what am
I going to reinforce right now so things
can get better for me that is meant
throughout my life I’ve had to look at
my health 1415 months ago I had to start
I was in physical pain every day so
making a lot of money just bought a
plane had a couple cars paid for I’ve
got two beautiful kids my body is in
pain every day Dean no angel hey bro you
can put all the watches you went on you
can pack Richard and paddock and in
Mercedes and rolls and Gulfstream and
you can have all the lights you want on
Instagram and YouTube and Facebook you
don’t pay attention to your physical
body it will jack you up there’s no
escaping this no matter no matter how
much social media influence you have if
you overeat you will pay the price if
you don’t take care of your body you
will pay the price if you don’t take
care of your money you will pay the
price you don’t take care of your
relationships ignore your relationships
and then you’re gonna pay the price of
not being happy I was with a man today
he’s a Jewish dude that lives in France
he lives in my building and he said
something and then he used the word
happy and I’m like happy anything big
work I’ve never heard anybody say that
before this guy’s extremely wealthy and
a good guy really good guy and he used
the happy word he says that’s a big word
and I was like wow it is so you could
have a lot of success in 2020 and beyond
you could have a lot of financial
success you could get you know really
well known doesn’t mean you’re gonna be
happy so I just want to keep it real
with you in this video I’m not always
happy I’m not always changing I’m not
always doing the right thing but but I
am trying and I’m aware I’m aware hey
grant don’t wait until somebody knocks
you down don’t wait to somebody knocks
you don’t need to wait until you get to
the bottom the wise people learn from
the mistakes of others the ignorant wait
to hit bottom and learn from their own
mistakes if failure is the only way
you’re gonna learn anything then life is
gonna be brutal okay most people don’t
make it back from the failures most
people don’t make it back from the
losses most people don’t make it back
from hitting bottom those are just folk
stories they’re they’re heroic stories
the fact that I’m here is like a heroic
story then I have nothing almost nothing
to do with like I look at it sometimes
say what am I even doing here would a
gorilla over my shoulder cuz that used
to be a monkey on my back okay now
that’s my buddy so you’re either gonna
have a monkey on your back and not
change going into 2020 and just have a
lot of excuses I don’t have time I don’t
have money I don’t know the right people
I don’t have the skills I’m too young
I’m too old
color my skin I’m a man I’m a woman
whatever what monkey what monkey you
carrying right now you know when I
flipped that monkey got that monkey off
my back back and I don’t know god I
guess that was 1983 got the drug monkey
off my back and wasn’t the last monkey
I’d have to brake okay
ego laziness there was there was ten
years in my life where I was so lazy it
was unbelievable I wasn’t a drug addict
anymore I wasn’t a deadbeat anymore I
wasn’t a disappointment to others
anymore but I was a disappointment to
myself because I could be doing a lot
more so just want to keep it real with
you today it’s either gonna get better
or just gonna get worse just cause it’s
2020 don’t mean it’s gonna be better
you’re guaranteed nothing I’m guaranteed
nothing so this year I hope that you go
out and change before you hit bottom
change before you need to pay attention
to your relationships before there are a
problem pay attention to them so they’re
not a problem pay attention to your
money so you’re not worried about money
every second of every day pay attention
to the place you live should you still
be in a house
or could your money be serving you
better some other place do you need to
stay where you are do you need to move
someplace this year do you need to take
a trip or you need to go to a conference
you could be very comfortable with your
friends and your family on the weekends
or you could be like I’m gonna change
I’m gonna go give a new set of friends a
new network maybe three or four times a
year have it on your calendar I know I
do this year I want to meet new people I
want to surround myself with new people
new stories new ideas I hope you do and
for me to do that for me to go out and
network with people in March and then
again in June and then I have it on my
calendar September and then again in
November and December next year to have
that already set out there it gives me
like it gives me something to move to so
I don’t just have an idea 2020 it’s
gonna be better and it’s gonna be better
for some people I’d love to know is it
gonna be better for you or is it gonna
be worse because it won’t be the same
just let me know below 2020 are you
guaranteed the best year of your life
the best next decade you should really
be thinking right now not about 2020 but
what’s 2030 gonna be like for you
because what you do this year is going
to determine what 20 25 and 20 28 and
2030 is going to be like pay the price
this year I’d love to know below what
are you gonna change
what are you gonna give up you know
everybody talks about what they’re gonna
do and how great things are gonna be but
if we keep it real what people need to
do is look at what are they gonna give
up I had to give up drugs I had to give
up friends I had to give up environments
I had to give up the country club I had
to give up golf with my buddies these
are things all along the way I had to
give up a house in Los Angeles I had to
give up the weather in California I had
to give up a relationship in a business
I had to give up over like two
relationships with women I had to give
up relationships of my freedom to go
where I want to do what I want anytime I
want when I started having children what
do you want to give up this year
and will it be better who will it be
worse are you willing to give up some
good stuff so that you can have a better
life hope this finds you well hope you
have the best year of your life I hope
it turns out like that I hope you’re one
of the people that’s like best year ever
best decade ever I hope this is a
pivotal turning point for you I hope it
is for me I hope it is for you and your
loved ones wishing you a great 2020 MBM

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