Kansas cop let go after FAKE claim that McDonald's employee wrote 'PIG' on his cup


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#williedlive #pig #mcdonalds <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s that family a Kansas police
officer fabricated a story that a
McDonald’s employee wrote the words fe
peak on his coffee cup over the weekend
said Harrington Police Chief Brian
Hornaday what’s interesting is Hornaday
is the same guy who criticized the
McDonald’s in Junction City without
having any investigation conducted I
mean he went in on him talking about the
respect they need to have for police
officers and all of this stuff but now
although he said that the officer who he
refused to name has been fired he has
not apologized to the McDonald’s or its
Dana cook the owner of the McDonald’s
said in a written statement they have
proof that it couldn’t have been a
McDonald’s employee furthermore it was
stated that they have the utmost respect
for members of law enforcement and the
military I say fire the chief because
the chief didn’t do due diligence just
jumped out there as you said somebody
else oh my feelings are about to go in
and tell them or what if we don’t
protect them just what we’ll do we won’t
protect them and we’re harassed their
employees as they go to work and come
home we’re gonna just arrest them ain’t
that’s kind of how bully’s doing gang
members and stuff ain’t that’s kind of
an attitude they have he had no problem
calling out the McDonald’s couldn’t
McDonald’s on blast with no evidence I
mean you know guilty until proven
innocent I guess yeah no problem putting
McDonald’s on blast but he won’t give us
the name of the officer who lie who
damaged the restaurants reputation I
mean one could argue that McDonald’s I
already have a damaged reputation via
the food they serve but that’s besides
the point in this situation this is
this is defamation of character I’ll say
McDonald’s should sue they definitely
have a case here and I say they should
not just sue the police department they
should sue the police officer who lied
and the chief for perpetuating the lie
you know for disseminating the lie yeah
he should go to name the police chief
name the cop and his children his
grandmama granddaddy parents they should
all be sued definitely sue the police
chief and his family accordingly take
whatever material possessions that he
have break them up they must be taught a
make an example out of them and
definitely far the police chief this
sounds to me like a pattern I believe
it’s a pattern I say investigate give
him the investigation that he failed to
give the McDonald’s investigate him but
it immediately after they investigate
fire him we need the name of that police
offer that’s officer that line police
officer we meet his name yeah and this
is another situation where they didn’t
say he was fired it just said he’s no
longer with the department which means
they allowed him to resign
any time that they protect the name and
they reluctantly them that means that
they are allowing them to resign then I
find if they won’t give you the name
that means they’re allowing them to
resign so they can basically send them
over to another station can’t you see
how the cops operate now yeah Jaworski
yeah okay
yeah yeah I got uh wings over here we
don’t have to transfer them over to you
until this thing blows over you know
yeah we got a little problem yeah you
know about it yeah right
okay so we’ll send him over that of you
and I tell you what you you got a guy
that’s been in it just got in some
trouble with the community – yes now
what send him over here
yeah send him over here and we’re seeing
you our guy will just make an even swap
okay bad that’s pretty much it family no
consequences whatsoever you know no no
punishment no repercussions for their
no repercussions for their misconduct
just move them around and allow them to
prey on innocent members of the next
community but these are the people that
you call friends no more talk

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