Judge Sides With Hospital In CONTROVERSIAL Case of BABY TINSLEE


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what’s that family a Texas judge has
sided with the hospital that plans to
remove an 11 month old girl from life
support after her mother disagreed with
doctors who say that the little girl is
in pain and her condition will never
Trinity Lewis at axe judge sandy Bryan
Marion to issue an injunction in Tarrant
County District Court to ensure that
Cook Children’s Medical Center doesn’t
end her daughter Tinsley Lewis’s
life-sustaining treatment Texas right to
life an anti-abortion group that opposes
the 10-day rule and has been advocating
for tensley said the girl’s mother will
appeal the judge’s decision doctors at
the Forth Worth hospital had planned to
remove Tinsley from life support
November 10th after invoking Texas is 10
day rule which can be employed when a
family member disagrees with doctors who
say life-sustaining treatment should be
stopped the law stipulates that if a
hospital’s ethics committee agrees with
doctors treatment can be withdrawn
within 10 days if a new provider can’t
be found to take the patient hospital
officials have said they’ve reached out
to more than 20 facilities to see if one
would take tens me but all agreed that
further care is futile groups including
Texas is right-to-life have also been
trying to find a facility to take her
Tinsley has been at Cook Children’s
since her premature birth the hospital
said that she has a rare heart defect
and suffers from chronic lung disease
and severe chronic high blood pressure
she hasn’t come off a ventilator since
going into respiratory arrest in early
July and requires full respiratory
cardiac support deep sedation and to be
medically paralyzed the hospital said
doctors believe she’s suffering but her
mother said that Tinsley has likes
and dislikes describing her as sassy she
also said that the little girl likes the
musical trolls and she cries when it
she said that Tinsley doesn’t like to
have her hat brushed even so the mother
is clearly convinced that her daughter
has a lot of living to do and she
doesn’t want to take her off life
she said that she wants to be the one to
make the decision what do y’all think
about that this is a hard one for me
y’all this is very very hard and I
talked it up to a personal choice had it
been me and I know this is a big if but
if it was me as much as I love my son
and my daughter had they experience that
much trauma and pain in their early days
we’re talking like since birth and
subsequently 11 straight months and the
doctors were like look her quality of
life is not that it’ll never be there
and we don’t even foresee her making it
we don’t foresee him making it I could
not live with that I would not be okay
with that I would have to say my
goodbyes I don’t believe in people
living in pain for the sake of others I
don’t believe in it even if it was me
I’ve instructed my family do not have me
Lana and some type of vegetable state
you know if all hope is gone you know
say your goodbyes
I’ll be at peace with that
that is a very difficult thing to go
through and I think sometimes we feel
like if we do pull the plug
somehow will be the blame for that death
that’s a tough one that’s a tough one
because I’ve actually seen people come
out of life support come off that life
support when a doctor says it’s over and
told the family look okay y’all need to
start just trying to decide what y’all
gonna do and half the family was for
half the family was against when I say
family I mean the children for was for
for was against and perhaps a week later
mama raised up now she was dead a year
later but they got an extra year with
their mother an extra year of being able
to ask those tough questions and create
memories but one could also argue that
their mother had an extra year of pain
so it comes down to a personal choice I
feel sorry for the mother the rest of
the family they going through that’s a
tough one right there that’s tough no in
any event what do y’all think what do
y’all think should happen here man
to the family salute over here
prayers going up no mo top

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