Jayz and Beyonce Life Is Boring


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Being rich is awesome but being famous is dangerous and boring. You are not normal no more. You can’t escape from your fame not even to raise your kids. You are under a microscope for the rest of your life.


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let me tell you something so many of us
pray for a different lifestyle than the
one we live and we want the money we
want the frame we want success we want
everybody to know we got the money right
we want everybody to know who we usually
walk in the building right let’s see how
bad good good for some time the people
that got the money and the fame sometime
the people that got into some sense it’s
just praying for the influence that you
got sometimes the people that got
everything that you’re praying for they
praying for what you got cuz they can’t
do what you can do no more they can’t do
that no more and see that brand meat it
is sometime your influence turned boat
weight their money and fame and that’s
why they envy you takes a point jay-z
and Beyonce like got to be born like it
got to be bored cuz I’m gonna tell you
what you ain’t normal normal okay
everything you do in life it’s under
investigation sure they got morning
certain a key is set up for the rest of
a life and they got success but really
think about it it go break the ice
occurring when she when I can say she
missed having the attention of me she
jealous on her old husband they have
attention because he famous see you
start to think she’s like man I want
somebody that give me attention and tell
me I look good sometime you married to
the best shooter in the world but you
going broke people to shoot they shot at
you you won’t mess around a little what
you got but sometime a woman or a man
that successful don’t care by losing
what they got you they wish they never
had and once they got it they realized I
could do without it this ain’t what it’s
all cracked up to be
so sometimes you’ve got to really think
about it man like jay-z and Beyonce like
got to be the most boring this simplest
life in the world that took a little cuz
they can’t go nowhere you can’t do
nothing you’re not normal no more
everything you do is being watched by
man by investigate hey Bob paparazzi Oh
piers can’t go to regular school don’t
you can’t take your peers to go get our
ice cream for an ice cream truck you
can’t take your peer to the local park
play with girls and just be a regular
mama jay-z and daddy Beyonce
you can’t do none of it you know why cuz
you’re famous and not your kids when
they come out the house dangers blue.i
real whatever the other one name is you
know what they either say jay-z and
Beyonce kids so not everything they do
is under investigation
yo success but come yo yo greatest enemy
many kind of really suck to beat jay-z
Beyonce make Emma tell you something man
you can’t even go to your little bus
with you famous without a puff of
Russian taking pictures you can’t come
on you can’t go nowhere
it ain’t nowhere you could go that dang
don’t know you ain’t cuz somebody don’t
report it then yeah it got to be real
you can’t even vacate that get away you
can’t even take a vacation to get away
from the manifestation that true dusters
you done brought it to your life
understand what I remember that time
cardi B when offset they played like
they was going they they broke up and
they went on vacation in some private
island they thought it was private and
then that paparazzi support them on the
back of a large XQ together somebody
would they spit up and all this stuff
and he owned up they’re gonna say sorry
but then the paparazzi put it out there
and shoulder – tensley and everything
just went down you know why because when
you are famous your success gonna take
shots at you your paparazzi taking shots
at you everything you do become under
surveillance somebody watching you
because they wishing to be where you
went all around where you got where you
where they want to be at you want to be
back where you was at because you
realize it ain’t cracked up to be what
you thought it was gonna be
that’s why so many celebrities do so
many trolls they something for
loneliness they such an escape this kind
of lifestyle they live and they can’t
even do nothing regular no more they
can’t go out to the strip club but just
be by they self no more they always
gotta be accompanied by entourage they
always gotta be escorted by bodyguards
man I got to be the most low Diaz life
in the world man I don’t
like I don’t want that like that’s why
they do so much weird stuff and cry for
attention because they begging to get
the regular life they just wanna be
whatever Beyonce real name is Beyonce
knows she wanna be Miss knows man she
don’t wanna be Beyonce all the time that
got to be a hard job every time you wake
up you gotta be jay-z you got to put on
the makeup you gotta be the best rapper
alive you got to be the billionaire dude
everybody looking at you they ain’t
giving you a regular little they giving
you the best version and I’m hoping you
acknowledge them because you’re who you
want they’ve got to be real fake that
got to be the most unhappiest feeling
you can ever feel in your life to be
jay-z and Beyonce you can only step out
at big events you can’t even go support
show friends stuff because of who you is
all that stuff don’t matter no more my
friends made up jay-z and beyonce
Michael guess what if I pull up you like
charge more money to get in the dough
even though you’re my best friend we
grew up together everything become a
business once everybody know your
business understand what I’m saying
that’s why most of you celebrities kill
a silly that’s why mostly so let me do
so many drugs and weird stuff cuz they
lonely they depress look at Kevin gates
he stopped off for a depression and I
know the guy he suffer from depression
because they were gonna escape of who
they they can’t go nowhere they can’t do
nothing man listen man you think faint
mainframe is a troll hey man cool man I
just stopped to be jay-z and Beyonce
they got the suck to be Kanye and kill
card – I seen a train last night what
comes again Kim K we’re walking a
daughter from eternal and the daughter
Northwest ain’t no kitchen no pictures
she tied the paparazzi’s not for bitches
it got to suck the leader their life man
you can’t raise your kid the way you
wanna raise okay yo kid get out of line
you can’t whoop de behind you know why
cuz you go get a jail sentence and I’m
because of who you wheels you ain’t
regular no mo you can train joke kids
the way you arrange you gotta raise them
under rich and famous and they only
wanted kids don’t even know nothing
about that they just want to be tears
that gotta suck man
yeah they got this up man that’s why you
gotta appreciate the position that God
gave you cuz maybe God I don’t want you
to experience that maybe God don’t want
you to go through all these burdens that
the celebrities go through and all the
crazy stuff that make them change it to
a whole different person
and some of us think that a lot of women
be chasing me that got money and fame
and success but the truth is a lot of
women won’t low keep man they don’t care
know about those cars or no Rolex is no
Theory no life they want a man that
gonna treat them right they want a man
that get them some money come home and
don’t nobody know who he is or what he’s
doing ain’t no investigation
he’s so low-key don’t nobody know he
don’t nobody know huh she could be
posted on his Instagram don’t nobody
know him better so here we even got
Instagram that’s what they won’t happen
this stuff man
so man listen man sometimes we look at
jay-z and Beyonce we look at Michael
Jordan or LeBron James I think man look
man this must be life but truth be told
they looking at your life like man I
wish I was you I wish I was a fan
understand ain’t nobody know where I’m
at where I stay I can’t do nothing no
more be careful for what you wish for
be careful for what you pray for cuz God
might get you that position because that
position you praying for man ain’t
available for you cuz you might go crazy
in that position understand what I’m
saying man listen I don’t want to be
chasing and I don’t want to be Beyonce
I’m fine
with whoever I am I’m fine where I’m at
in life man and you need to be fine with
it to understand what I’m saying man
yeah we can pray for money and all that
that’s cool man but you know what come
with money every time you get a new
dollar or new a matter of bein my
success guys worth everything come
the good the bad and the ugly be careful
what you wish for it got this up to be
jay-z and Beyonce I pray for you Jay Z
and Beyonce I know your life suck right
now you can’t do what I could do right
now I’m free as a bird I’m free I don’t
care about having all the money in the
world I’m just free as a bird I can’t
jump off this thing right now it’s still
before you can’t do this you got to stay
up in that house so all you ears is a
rich prison understand what I’m saying
that can’t be happy we do business

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