Jason Mitchell Speaks On Misconduct Allegations, Leaving 'The Chi' & Lessons Learned


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Jason Mitchell drops in to talk the sexual misconduct allegations that widely affected the former The Chi actor to the point where he’s been looked at as a bit of a pariah.

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#JasonMitchell <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

breakfast morning everybody is DJ envy
Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are
the breakfast club we got a special
guest in the building yes indeed Jason
Mitchell welcome back brother
oh man thank you thank you thank you I’m
very glad to be here this morning how
you feeling my brother you good yeah man
I feel like The Lion King right now
explain it what I mean I just feel like
you know I’ve been through so much
lately but it’s it all gives me reason
to smile man you know what I’m saying
I’m not gonna lie to you like through
these these last few months I just
became a single father I got full
custody of my daughters mm-hmm you know
things are still going good my life at
home is good let’s start from the
beginning of course the last couple of
months there have been so many
allegations right back in game
they said you were fired from the shy
and Desperados I said you ta management
dropped you right as a client so um
what’s going on well so what what
cuz they say allegations and we first
heard this right we was when we saw that
everybody just back away like that when
everybody drops you I’m like okay what
the hell are we about to hear right way
what the actual allegations well to be
honest I’m not 100% sure what the
allegations themselves were but I can’t
tell you what happened what happened was
um with Desperados we were in
pre-production and I went out with a
co-worker of mine and she got drunk
mm-hm and you know being the person that
I am I felt responsible you know to make
sure she got home because we’re already
telling us like don’t take the ubers
don’t trust these people don’t jump in
the cab don’t do any of that you know
what I mean we’re in Mexico City I’m
wearing a foreign land and we should
stick together so I was like okay this
isn’t where I leave her you know so I
made sure she got home and the next day
it was it it kind of all slapped me in
my face you know what I’m saying because
I’m not sure if her and her significant
other had a situation because I did
FaceTime her boyfriend to figure out
how to get there and you know how to you
know go about getting her home you face
up my boy for good she wasn’t doing
anything with her but she was like bro I
need to get home where am I going
exactly I actually had a girlfriend at
the time too as well so you know I felt
like I was doing the right thing but um
the next day you know they they canceled
rehearsal and everything and they came
to me and they were like Jason you know
we need to talk to you about this
activity that went on so you know I told
them my side of the story but it still
felt as if you know I don’t know if
there was something that I missed or
something that wasn’t said but you know
what activity did they say when it went
on like cuz if you just brought a home
what could possibly happen exactly they
weren’t exactly specific with me about
anything you know and I was a little
baffled by that but they did pay me in
you know before I left so I was like you
know so they never even told you what
you were yeah no no no they didn’t and
you know with that being said I just
want to jump out there and say like you
know for anybody who’s ever been around
me they know that I’m one of the most
loving sweet people in the world but if
I did do anything say anything make
anybody feel any kind of way you have my
deepest apologies like honestly my
deepest apologies because that was never
my intention to make anybody feel any
sort of way you know I’ve definitely
never put my hands on somebody or
anything like that but um I think it was
just sort of a series of events that led
to things kind of being weird between us
if that makes sense to it to the young
lady right and um you know I think that
that Netflix just kind of made an
executive decision to send me did you
drop her off to her boyfriend off um no
actually her boyfriend wasn’t in town
yet yeah and we were we were like kind
of staying in different places or
whatever so you know I just made sure
she got home but you know nothing really
happened what about with the scheie
situation with what Tiffany boom well
it’s crazy because there was actually no
situation with Tiffany boom
shout out to Tiffany boom by the way too
because she is um she was put in a
position you know because this lady I on
the floor David she did come out
goto deadline and made a statement for
Tiffany Boone also I guess said some
things about Desperados and she had a
lot to say but she was the only person
that ever made a statement at all so um
I was I was a little taken back by the
whole situation that happened but the
actual reason that I got let go was
because that Disney saw what was going
on with with Desperados and they just
bought Showtime so they decided not to
pick up my option and of course you know
I’ve been on the season for I’m where
I’ve been on the show for was about to
be three seasons I was nominated for an
award so you know I was asking for my
money and all these different sorts of
things and they just they weren’t down
to do it Ayana she was shot sober honest
she said that everybody including leaned
away from is well aware of your
misconduct long before they let you go
you know and what misconduct is people
keep saying misconduct but nobody ever
says what it is which is baffling
because you can’t let somebody go and
say it’s miss condom and then not say
what it is and not what Zac give
somebody a chance to talk about them
exactly exactly because I was like the
way I was raised I don’t know about
everybody else but the way I was raised
it was like if if me and shun ain’t got
a problem
these are envy sits us both down and say
hey you know what happened get both
sides of the story and that way you can
assess it like that but when you’re
dealing with HR it doesn’t work like
that at all you know they’ll never pop
out and tell you oh this is what was
said by that person said by that person
so you never actually get the luxury of
finding out exactly how somebody felt
about something but there was a
situation between me and miss Ayane and
basically what happened was um my friend
God rest is so young greatness he was
killed on October 17th I believe it was
and on that day like I got the call and
I was I was torn apart you know I mean
this is somebody who I grew up with
somebody whose career I thought sort of
mirrored mine you know what I mean like
growing up in New Orleans it ain’t it’s
not easy to be able to get out and to do
things that are actually productive to
shake the world
so where he was shot and killed I was I
was torn up about it but I was sort of
using it at work because I had five
scenes right and like four of these five
scenes I got a cry you know what I mean
so I’m like using it and um I walked
back to video village and she she asked
me was I okay and I was like nah you
know I’m I’m not really doing so okay
she was like well we just want to make
sure you okay because we don’t want you
to go home and self-medicate
so I wait you know I mean so um there
must’ve been rumors that you had like a
drinking problem or a drug problem I
don’t I don’t know what she had heard
I’m not really sure what she had heard
but I was like I don’t know you know you
know when you have those moments like
you feel like you know what so I mean I
do best by just not saying nothing right
so I took that to Lina and Lina took
that to HR and as a result she came back
to me and pulled me to the side and was
like you know we could’ve talked about
this before the entire situation and I’m
like look ma’am I’m not five years old
you know what I mean you can’t just tell
me that you that you were checking on me
and you don’t know me from a can of
paint I know what I’m saying like either
you’re talking to somebody else you have
some sort of you know preset notion of
Who I am
you know what I mean you know you don’t
even know me you’ve never seen me under
the influence of alcohol or any kind of
drug so when you said that yes it
offended me you know what I’m saying
and um it sort of turned it into a
heated discussion and then I just walked
off right but um when she went to HR
about that situation so now she went to
HR about this heated discussion right
and was fired she was fired right
because she wasn’t supposed to approach
you after a HR exact situation exactly
and as a result I think she sort of felt
like me and Lina tried to throw her
under the bus you know and I feel so bad
for Nina because at the end of the day
no matter what went on like I was the
person in question not her you know what
I mean and Lina has done nothing but
create opportunities for us all you know
what I mean and she wanted to put a
black woman you know who she
like could handle the situation in
charge you know so it was just painful
to watch you noted to see Lina have to
try to save her brand from something
that went on with me you know what I
so I don’t know man shout out to Lina
wait you know she’s still always gonna
be a good friend of mine and a person to
my heart well yeah it was it was it was
troubling to watch for the people was
there was there uh in complaints about
your misconduct before they let you go
like well did you have a record I guess
the first thing people thought it was
sexual but all the sexual harassment is
going on it said he must be sexually
harassing somebody at the workplace
right right to be honest you know and I
really hate to say this because I’m all
for the me to movement I have two
beautiful daughters who I would like to
be in the business so I’m all for the me
to movement but I think in this
situation Ayanna tried to use it as a
really really ugly weapon you know what
I mean because Tiffany Boone left the
show because she she got a better job
basically you know what I mean she put
in two seasons with us and she moved on
to get a better job but she didn’t let
you know like like it wasn’t like she
went around and told everybody hey you
know I’m leaving the show I got a better
job they made it seem like Tiffany left
because she couldn’t take it with you
right which is completely ridiculous
because anybody who knows Tiffany Boone
knows that she is I guess for lack of
expression to me um like the epitome of
a black woman you know what I mean she
has no kids she’s super successful and
if you try her she will get you together
right then and there you know what I
mean emotion she not taking none at all
right and um you know I encourage people
to be more like that because having me
and Tiffany ever had a situation where I
don’t know I’m she might have felt
sexually harassed I can bet my bottom
dollar that she would have told me about
in that moment or Lena Lena wave called
up in and she said that there were
workshops in several meetings the the
mediate your issues with Tiffany moon
well no there wasn’t any workshops um
that went along with that but at the
beginning of everything they always do
like it Oh HR workshop you know what I
mean that’s
for every pretty much every production
yeah I would believe that every
production does this you know they have
somebody come in and they teach you all
about the workplace and teach you how
you’re supposed to you know handle
people and talk to people and all this
so there was no actual workshops between
us but me and Tiffany have never really
been the best of friends
mm-hmm so season one maybe like Episode
three or four we we just told each other
like this is we just have a we don’t got
a laugh kick it
skate none of that you know they were
made about that conversation you know me
and Tiffany have our our different views
on things and that’s pretty much
holidays we’re both people who that are
very opinionated
you know hear me and if we sit down and
have a conversation we could go back and
forth all day no matter if it’s about
politics or about the job or about
whatever it may be but our our spirits
don’t don’t Jam you don’t mean like
we’re just to sort of bullheaded people
when it comes to our our opinion on life
you never made her go she actually went
to HR on you because no no tell me has
never went to HR Tiffany’s never made a
statement Tiffany’s never done any of
those things and how did that story come
about that y’all had an issue and
Tiffany was complaining about you and
y’all had to be sat down and mediated
well I would I would assume that it came
from my own the Floyd Davis so that
never happened you weren’t if never had
to have those not we never like like I
said Tiffany will stick up for herself
you know what I mean she doesn’t need
somebody to jump in and be like oh yeah
you know what
you know like she doesn’t she doesn’t
need it to be media she definitely
doesn’t you know what I mean but um yeah
that was I feel like it was a thing that
came from Ayanna you know what I mean
like I said she used this me to movement
as a really really ugly weapon and I
think you must the cursor on our crazy
or thumb not a discussion discussion
yeah and she and she said that she felt
threatened by me right but being from
New Orleans let me explain okay like we
are the most loving kind people you know
what I mean we definitely address the
world with open arms
hugs kisses when we enter the room we
come in with those kisses in love I’m
sure you saw a Birdman walk in this room
he said no he’s from the wall
exactly exactly that’s what I was
jumping see how somebody could take
that’s your idea of loving I guess yeah
somebody could take it out of context
exactly okay that’s what I was sort of
getting that you know the fact that
there’s this there’s this thing that we
have this light switch in us you know
what I mean because I mean people die
every day anymore literally you know
what I mean so when you come from an
environment like that and then you have
this sort of culture shock of jumping
all the way in the Hollywood you don’t
really know how to communicate that well
you know what I mean and that’s what I
really had to work on I had to work on
my communication skills I had to work on
how not to let somebody get under my
you know what I mean because I think
even in that that heated discussion that
I had with her I feel maybe I might have
unintentionally sort of intimidated I’m
sure you and I could take that I could
take that air they say ah you know what
man we gotta be cautious how we talk to
women don’t say like me and Evie I can
curse Envy out all day he can have a
problem with me and talk crazy to me and
I’ll talk crazy back to him but I can’t
do that Angela cuz it wouldn’t look
right exactly don’t I mean but and this
is a button not to say that you should
talk to anybody but if she said
something to you that offended you which
was I didn’t want you to go home and
self-medicate right which which is which
is disrespected with your friend dying
if she said that and then you have an
altercation about that or a conversation
and the conversation gets past normal
conversation and somebody raises their
voice I don’t understand the problem of
that because me and you can raise our
voice at each other man but me and you
can even raise our voice at each other
the next day it’s cool but that but
that’s what uh in my opinion is what
teamworks about we’re not gonna be all
be on the same page I’m like no man you
look nice today yeah but yeah we can
talk to each other in a way that’s not
disrespectful but that is still getting
our point across I don’t see a problem
with now or now and I can see how if you
heat if you’re a guy and you heat it and
I’m sure you was emotional cuz you and I
yeah you might be your voice might be
louder you might look more yeah I’m
talking with my hand
see why she would feel that exactly you
know and she wasn’t supposed to talk to
him anyway because once you go to human
resource the first time and it supposed
to talk to me once I go to human
resources and I say there’s a problem
you’re not supposed to address me at all
exactly you’re on the same saying you’re
supposed to go to the human resource
officer exactly exactly and that’s
exactly how it works and I think part of
the problem with um the miscommunication
between the fans and what actually goes
on is because people don’t really know
these things people don’t know
that’s how HR works they have a know
like they have a policy that they
they’ve no retaliation whatsoever
correct you know what I mean you’re not
supposed to talk to this person about it
you’re not supposed to bring it up with
other people all of that is is subject
for termination and that’s why I honor
lost her job terminated but um you know
for me I could I could definitely take
my air and say you know what I could
have handled that better you know what I
mean there was a time where I could have
just walked off I could’ve just walked
off I didn’t have to say anything to her
I didn’t have to respond and exactly
exactly exactly
now if you did absolutely positively
nothing from what you’re saying you just
had conversation you drove in a start in
the stall because he said he had a
property with the Human Resources she
was supposed to talk to him I didn’t do
anything necessarily wrong in the
desperado situation just drove the young
lady back home made sure she was back
home safely right in this situation all
you did was have a heated conversation
and that was it right why aren’t you
suing the pants off of every network for
what they’re saying about you because
it’s stopping your job to stop in your
business you have two kids they’re
killing everything that you worked so
hard for if you absolutely positively
typically did nothing why haven’t you
take legal action on any of these people
well because at the end of the day I do
have to take my error and say you know
what I made myself subject to these
had I not went anywhere with this with
this lady and had to drop her off home I
wouldn’t be in the situation
had I not responded to anything that
went on with I honor I wouldn’t be in a
situation you know what I mean so
I feel like you open yourself
accountable yeah I’m definitely just
holding myself accountable and saying
you know what I don’t feel like like
people don’t want to see me successful
you know what I mean I think people want
to see me do better and the only way I
can really do better is to change my
actions you know what I mean I can tell
anybody you know your coworker was drunk
I can’t fraternize I just can’t hang so
so you taking a home is wrong you take a
home you make it well memories in
Jamaica right and it was just girl she
was drunk in the pool some drunk my
homeboy 6:4 she was all over six four
two right right take me back Martin back
my room six four when you got a woman
you wouldn’t at Angele eat he said turn
the camera me and Anjali follow him back
to the room and he dropped her off in
the room with our friend and left well
FaceTime with a boyfriend
that’s if nothing happened that sounds
that sounds like a human we see a young
lady that’s drunk and you say I just
don’t want to leave her here because I’m
her co-worker and I care bro we know the
climate were in yeah and see that’s what
I was about to say too because if you
turn it into a situation where it’s he
says she say as a man you’re gonna lose
gonna lose you gotta take the L you know
so instead of blaming somebody else and
be like oh yeah I didn’t do nothing
wrong and you know what if I wasn’t
there you know what I mean because at
the time I had a girlfriend and I’m
excuse me for saying you know everything
I was saying as important as my
girlfriend but I don’t know how y’all
feel about y’all significant other but
when they show up all that stops you
can’t know what I’m saying correct and
I’m not about to be putting myself in a
situation with some other female to
where my my girlfriend show up to come
visit us nice strange you know what I’m
saying I’m not trying to have all that
happen I had the answer to her as well
you know what I’m saying so what about
the thing I was more worried I think
there’s another time he said you you got
into a fight with a woman in a bar like
you slammed a woman on the ground in a
bar or something oh no no that I’m sorry
I’m sorry to laugh but like I don’t read
the media right because I was really
instructed by my management team and my
agents in my PR everybody just delete
Instagram delete Twitter and just don’t
read any of the
articles don’t read any of that right
but I had an incident in in Boston
actually where that’s what you talking
about where this girl actually slapped
me the police came
you know she admitted to slapping me or
whatever and they I didn’t want to press
charges so they just kind of let us both
go our separate ways but I don’t think
she knew I was a celebrity at the time
and by the next morning you know this
video comes out on TMZ or she’s like
yeah he hurt me and he broke my neck and
he slammed me on the ground and all
these all these different things and I’m
like wow why did she slap you because
she was just in my conversation and she
wasn’t sure like who we were talking
about because she was interested kind of
and one of the guys that I was with you
know what I mean I was with a bunch of
other guys who I was working with at the
time and she was interested in in one of
those guys and I’m not sure exactly what
I might have said you know what I mean
but she was she was just listening to
hard you know what I mean and by the
time you turn around she right here
she’s a slap fired from my face I’m like
oh good you caught her out her name was
something that she I think I don’t know
I might have been like you needed y’all
need to check on this you know what I
mean because actually what happened was
I um I gave my young friends a a nice
suite in Boston you know what I mean
because I felt like as young black
people we don’t get to see things like
this you know what I mean and it was at
the ritz-carlton beautiful beautiful
suite but they were inviting people over
and I’m like look man Oh y’all gonna
sweep well we were on our way up to this
like in the hallway towards Carson but I
was telling them I don’t know these
people you know like don’t trust these
hos you know you end up in a lot of
nigga moments Jason oh yes and and
that’s why I’m I’m totally holding
myself accountable and going forward I
have to you know not only control my
inner nigger but not put myself in those
nigga moments you know I mean let happen
with UT a man is because they dropped
you they know your character they be
right before a while and they decided to
let you go right well
Desperados was fully packaged by UTA
right and for those who don’t know we’re
packaging his packaging is when I bring
an idea to a company right and let’s say
Charlemagne write the script and I want
you to be in the film as well and Anjali
to be in the film we bring that to UTA
and we bring that to Netflix and we say
hey um we’ve packaged this off from UTA
and you know Charlamagne wrote it Jason
Mitchell DJ envy edge of the year
they’re all gonna be in the film and
while out we have packaging right so
basically that’s how Desperados came
about everybody from director writer all
the actors everybody was on UTA and i
think when the whole situation happened
in Mexico City everybody expected a
story everybody expected somebody come
out expected come out and make a
statement and so fast we thought it was
gonna be something major right right
and um UTA I think they just sort of
parted ways because they would leave
their self sort of subject to be sued by
their own you know what I mean and um
you know you didn’t fight that though
absolutely not just left and just took
the burden just absolutely I feel the
same way about you know the Delta
situation because UTA also represents
Delta and I was I was told that it will
behoove me not to try to fight Delta
well that situation yeah I cursed him
out because I paid seventy eight hundred
dollars for my ticket and they just told
me to go somewhere else
how were you going for 70 hundred hours
a ticket I went to the fight I went to
the UH the kind of McGregor you’re gonna
take the fight ticket with 70 hundred
out know the flight ticket I’m not was
flying from Chicago but I got like
Chicago Vegas is back with seventy eight
hundred dollars because I got my ticket
sort of like last minute and Showtime
you know they’re a big promoter for the
boxing and they gave me a suite and they
gave me two tickets to the like you know
to sit down there ringside at the fight
so um they told me if you can get
back that’s how you got to do you know
and that’s why I was so hurt because on
the way back I’m like yo listen you
about to put me off the plane right but
I gotta be at work tomorrow I’m not
trying to beat a young black dude that
just went to Vegas and now I’m showing
up to work late you know what I mean so
not only was I mad about the money I was
mad about the fact that like you trying
to put me off this plane and you not
treating me like a paying customer I
just had done a delta commercial and
what did you get the argument about well
wait with them yeah it was it was the
flight overbooked and yeah yeah they
double-booked me and they just told me
to go sit somewhere else and I was like
wait wait wait wait a second you know
you we gotta try to figure this out this
isn’t after the flight figure out type
of situation you know what I mean
because I’ve been double-booked several
times and I was accommodated before I
got on the flight so I felt that it was
imperative to know what I should do
before we left I understand and um yeah
they they just stayed with like sirki
please just go sit down he’s gonna sit
down and I was like wow you crushed the
lady up I did yeah and a couple more
people who were standing with him you
think you think you got anger management
issues yes I do because I mean I grew up
in a in a very violent City you know
what I mean and I and that’s that’s
really all I know and I feel I feel like
black men especially like when trauma
happens to us we don’t think that it’s
okay to go to therapy I don’t think that
it’s okay to hug each other sometimes a
lot of us feel like it’s not okay to cry
and as a result we we come off very
regressive you know they’re very very
aggressive in we a little rough around
the edges you know so um and we got a
lot of hurt and pain within us and we
end up redistributed that hurt and pain
to other people exactly exactly this is
cycle you know so I figured this is the
best way for me to work on myself and
I’ve been working with this doctor
Tameka Bob who’s amazing you know what I
mean she’s just a really great person
and allowing me to talk about you know
all that I’ve been through you know what
I mean like people like ask me all the
time like Jason what do you find
pain and I was like well you know my my
dad killed yourself when I was 15 years
old you know what I mean I’ve lost
several friends before high school my
best friend was killed when I was 22
that’s why I started acting you know
what I’m saying it was like a bunch
that’s happened in my life and I mean
like even before I got my daughter’s man
like because no matter how it may look
to other people I feel like God is
definitely working in my life in a
beautiful way because I hadn’t seen my
kids in seven months
when I was doing Desperados it’d have
been seven months since I’ve seen my
children and now I got time off and I
have full custody of my children you
know what I mean so I think I’ve been
progressing you know what I mean I feel
better I like talking about my issues
makes me feel that you just completed
mental health counseling right yeah
they’re like you know it was beautiful
it was a lot of Tears
at the beginning you know I mean because
I didn’t realize how much I was holding
in and how many things actually were
bothering me in you know on my inside
because when you when you blow up like
a lot of people don’t know how to react
to it and most of the time your family
is the hardest people to do it you know
I mean I’ve had family still money for
me I’ve had you know family tell my
house up I’ve had family do all kinds of
things to me that make me feel like wow
like what is really going on you know
what I mean and as a result this my
dream tore my family apart you know what
I’m saying so I think just being able to
get that out there talk about that and
get that same love and energy sort of
reciprocated all in one sitting is a
great thing so good thing I just got to
go back to a couple things and some
things I don’t understand right so um
you pay for $1,700 ticket yes I mean you
understand it happens all the time right
now spend $17 for CT so you sir
go sit in the back of the plane right
why don’t you tell my white man to go
sitting back in the plane exactly and
this is this outfield because this
happened to me if I’m sure he said so so
it’s down
seek my word the way I want to speak my
word I’m now I’m an angry black man
now when the Asian doctor got dragged
off the plane and he was yelling and
screaming did they say the same thing
right cut that man a check right Kevin
quiet cut that man a check so because he
said he has a problem with paying
seventy eight hundred dollars for a
ticket fuck out of it right right and it
was okay I’ll wait till I get back I’ll
just sit here like a nice quiet black
absolutely but what they do is when all
these other stuff start coming out then
they go latch onto that to us remember
he crossed out the play exactly exactly
I told my management that at the time
and I was like you know because I really
felt I really felt played you know what
I mean like they dropped me when I felt
like I needed them most and I was like
you know what I told you guys that this
would happen if something else ever came
out if they would look at that video and
go he’s the angry black man you know
what I mean they’re not gonna worry
about context exactly all you see is me
going off on these people you see it and
it’s very one-sided you know early even
with Charlemagne and I’ve been in
several situation you might be with your
guy and they got a bunch of girls be
like y’all be careful like you don’t
want to have it’s an absolute right and
a girl comes to slaps you and if you say
and everything that you said is true I
did nothing but call the police now I
look like the victim I got slapped in
the face because she went on TMZ and my
management told me don’t say nothing
right like no that’s that’s not right
man yeah it’s crazy this stuff is crazy
but it’s like it’s also the nature of
the beast and it’s what we signed up for
as if you know what I mean because all
y’all know soon as you cross that dough
sale do you have work right you know
what I’m saying that ain’t normal going
to the grocery store you ain’t brush
your teeth and all you got to be
presentable for the world at all times
your success is gonna take a shot
exactly and that’s where I’m holding
myself accountable because I’m like you
know what if I wouldn’t have put myself
in any
situations well aside from I feel like I
I would just I wouldn’t be here so you
need a blackboard now or not absolutely
not you’re still getting acting roles
getting auditions yeah I mean we got we
got irons in the fire
we got irons in the fire but I think it
was pretty important for everybody to
hear from me
you know and hear my side of the story
and hear how I feel about things because
it’s it’s a lot going on you know and
when you hear these words
allegations and all these different
sorts of things you’re like wow this
interview we’re not gonna hear these
women come on say Jason touch me Jason
ha no rape with no sexual misconduct
I’ve never heard it I don’t know no no I
mean I’m not really sure because like I
said I don’t read any of the media so
I’m not 100% sure
with what Ayanna jumped out there and
said to Deadline or whatever but um you
know I don’t I don’t see that happening
I think the biggest thing you’re doing
is holding yourself accountable you know
so when you look back on the allegations
against you you know what what do you
think was inappropriate you know I think
I might’ve just sort of run an
unintentionally intimidated a woman you
know what I mean which is something that
I’m not at all proud of I’m not proud of
that at all and I understand that
they’re going forward I have to have
better actions I have to learn how to
react to things even if it’s the worst
of things I know I have to know how to
handle it mm-hm
you know so um yeah holding myself
accountable and I’m trying to move
forward what’s your relationship with
Tiffany born like now have you spoken to
her since no I haven’t but like I said
me and Tiffany has never really been you
know what I would consider friends we’ve
never actually been that so yeah I
wouldn’t be expected not a question if
you bring up this flight she’s just real
shit like you say okay well what do you
hold them accountable for right hmm
so if I do the right thing somebody
makes me feel uncomfortable right I go
to human resources and human resources
it’s supposed to be a place where I can
go and I can get protected and make sure
my working ability is protected and I
tell this
ladies told for whatever reason what she
did do the Human Resources guidelines we
just took out test that person is not
supposed to come back to me and talk to
me well she got fired but if she does
come back to talk to me not tell her
you’ll go fuck off you’re not supposed
to fucking talk to me leave me the fuck
now I’m aggressive absolutely yeah I
know I know that’s that’s it’s crazy
that sounds crazy but that’s absolutely
how I work
you know what I mean supposed to talk to
me this is a job that’s what human
resources is my friend just died you
come talk to me over a statement I made
and I can’t say go fuck off right don’t
touch me all that shit sound good but
don’t nobody care about legislation when
it comes to the court of public opinion
right nobody cares because the only
story we heard is is is he got fired for
shit we don’t know about we thought it
was sexual allegations but that’s what
we really honestly thought of us that is
wow that nobody really knows what it is
even now right and you know the thing
with HR they don’t they don’t specify
anything to you they just ask you a
series of questions and then they come
back with a result you know and mine
just happened to be being let go but
yeah man that’s what that’s the point I
don’t know because of yet the young lady
was fired for coming to you Wow how
could they possibly let you go well I’m
tomorrow and after um Disney bought
that’s when they made that decision but
I can’t help but feel like you know due
to what happened with Desperados and
even me being dropped by my management I
feel like it was just sort of a domino
effect with everything I think everybody
just play follow-the-leader you know
what I mean and I feel like I was you
know I felt like I got hit by a Mack
truck in this climate Road in this
climate by your admission if you feel
like you was too aggressive and you
intimidated a woman and they’re gonna
take the flight situation showing you
cars not a woman exactly they’re gonna
take the boss situation where you had
altercation with a woman and they tie
all of that together and say yes let’s
sever ties now right he’s don’t exactly
he’s he’s the angry black man and we
need to sit him down but I mean I don’t
feel like that’s the reality of Who I am
as a person and I refuse to let what
I’ve been through
Jade me you know what I mean I don’t
want to be the guy walking around with a
hand connected to a stick having to
shake a woman’s hand from where
over here because now I’m afraid to be
myself because of these situations that
may happen a lot of people I don’t
remember who came in here one day but
you know they gave me a pound and a hug
they gained a pound when it came to he
gave a fist like right by the way I’ve
seen white guys I’ve seen white guys say
it verbatim I when I’ve seen Bill Maher
put his hand in his pocket at me like
nope not put mom’s around the woman
while I’m taking a picture like I’ve
seen him do that behind the scenes on
camera right and you know being a New
Orleanian this is something that’s just
in US bring it in bring it in because
you know we all about the love you know
what I’m saying actually if you don’t
speak to people they gonna get on you
about that when I shot a man I don’t
know it MV problem is but he ain’t been
speaking to me so you know what I mean
like that’s how we are raised and it
feels strange to do it any any different
sort of way I know that mean I’m rather
than I shake a woman’s hand I put my
arms around it my intentions aren’t to
be you know on no sexual weirdness but I
got to protect myself so you know it
might just have to go fist I want us as
men to be accountable for our behavior
absolutely we all were raised especially
in hip-hop we were raised on this toxic
masculinity shit and we don’t realize a
lot of the times when we making women
feel uncomfortable when you’re making
women feel intimidated may be our
intention but sometimes it can happen
right exactly and that’s why I’m asking
anybody out there who’s ever felt
uncomfortable in any sort of way to
forgive me you know what I mean because
I’m definitely gonna move different
going forward but I’m right there with
him like I said I got two daughters who
I want to be in the business and I want
them to be ready in the business you
know what I mean and if you mess with my
daughter I’m I’m gonna lose my foot in
your ass without a problem you know what
I’m saying I will gladly go to jail if
if if something ever happens to my
daughters you know what I mean and I can
only imagine every other father uncle
anybody out there you know raising
females feels exactly the same way so
Jason Mitchell understands why he was
released from multiple projects okay
yeah do you understand why you released
um he get it does it make sense to you
cuz for what you said yeah you know what
I feel like
rather it makes sense to me or not I
still gotta deal with it I got a I gotta
make sense of it in my own mind to not
make the same mistakes you know what I
mean because I have to hold myself
accountable for the fact that I was
there no matter what you know what I
mean if you and your friends jump in the
car they gonna rob somebody kill
all y’all are now being charged with
capital murder correct and it is what it
is you know what I mean even if he was
just in the car and you didn’t do
anything you know you was there you know
so I just have to remove myself from
from those situations all right do you
feel that you’re misunderstood a little
bit a little bit you know what I mean
because I feel like you know it’s crazy
because so many people like try to play
the black card and be like oh yeah I get
it my brother but like not we not we not
the same we’re not from the same place
we haven’t experienced the same things
and all of my experience make me who I
am today you know what I mean and I
think it’s important that people take
that into consideration you know what
I’m saying because New Orleans ain’t
just all fun and games you know I’m
saying it’s not just mighty grand
parades like they have a lot going on
down there that um you know may have
traumatized me a little bit you know
what I’m saying so it I could be very
well misunderstood if you could go back
in time what would you do differently
stay home stay home stay in my hotel
room get in that script you know what I
mean everybody know I do this because I
love it so um I think it’s important for
me to help lead the culture just like I
was telling those guys hey look you need
to be checking IDs and make sure this is
going on and you know there’s a version
of me very well taking my own advice
when it comes to these sort of things
you know and just putting up those walls
around me especially you know in the
workplace what about your personal
behavior you doing too much drinking too
much partying did you get caught up a
little bit cuz you Hollywood Jason now
you know I don’t think I got caught up
because I was Hollywood Jason but I
think I was definitely
myself like I said leaving myself in in
positions that could be looked at any
sort of way by anyone you know what I
mean because I have a lot of
accomplishments to celebrate I mean I
definitely do have a lot of things to
celebrate so I feel like you know in so
many ways you know like when people look
at you and they’re like yo all right I
see this person they’re doing this and
then they’re doing that you know what I
mean like if if you go to clubs or you
do whatever you know what I mean I’m
trying to live my young life but I’m I
mean more to the community than just
that you know what I mean so even if
it’s just an innocent thing of me going
to the club or me doing whatever it may
be like I think it’s viewed a certain
way by my peers and other people out
there you know what I mean because you
always hear people say things like oh
man um well if I was in your situation I
would do this if I was in your situation
I would do this and as much as you don’t
want to hear that you have to take into
consideration that people are looking at
you as the template you know what I’m
saying so even if I was in over
indulging indulging was enough that’s
how I honestly feel
relational like with Lena cuz Lena said
she would never work with you again
which is sad that’s that’s actually a
very sad thing because um Lena and I
actually really good friends in even uh
yeah even though she definitely called
and asked me if I was okay when this
whole situation popped off and you know
she told me if she never need if I ever
needed anything you know what I mean
that she um that she was she was still a
friend to me you know what I mean but I
had to definitely get my stuff together
you know what I’m saying
and um I don’t I don’t necessarily knock
her for making the decision that she
made because at the end of the day like
if nobody knows what happened you have
to do what you feel is right and I
honestly believe that Lena felt that she
was doing the right thing by saying hey
you know I have to sever ties because I
made know this guy
way but if he’s over here doing these
things he might he might be a different
guy you know what I’m saying he might
not be the guy that I know and I totally
understand that but I heard your feeling
when she said that she never worked yeah
they did they definitely did because I
mean I feel like like when I met lean
away right we met actually on there like
step-and-repeat situation and she had on
this dog outfit and I was like yo you
mind if I take a picture she was like I
was gonna ask you the same thing
and she you know introduced herself told
me she was a writer and this was like
straight out of Compton days you know
what I mean so I didn’t know who she was
yeah but she told me that she was writer
and that you know she would one day want
to work with me and all these things so
I was like you know that’s touching
agree on it you know I mean and we stood
right there on the step and repeat and
prayed right there you know what I mean
so for us to go from that moment to
she’s the creator of the show I’m the
star of the show which was big you know
what I mean I felt like it was it was
the universe it was God it was all those
things that we summoned in that moment
and to know that she feels that she’ll
never work with me again mmm and just
hear my soul a little bit I got a
feeling you finally did one kill you off
the shot man I felt like you know I
could I could have took a better route
out you know I was a quick roblem yeah
Brandon Brandon himself actually I
already had it bad you know I mean you
started off losing your brother you just
Brandon just couldn’t never catch a
break and now you better get killed like
he could just you know moved Indiana
lism but uh you know it was management
who’s managing you know who decided to
say you know welcome will come along and
believe in you and push you as an artist
well you know I went I went back to the
home team you know my manager now his
name is Corey Simon he’s been a really
really good friend of mine for 20 plus
you know what I mean I actually rented
his car from him to take to my prom and
that’s that’s how long we go back and as
far as my my aging goes I’m sure you
guys remember
Tasha Mills who’s who came here with me
before um yeah she um she’s she was the
person who who got me out the streets
and introduced me to acting and helped
me get straight out of Compton and was
actually the person that said you know
what if you want to go where I see you
going let’s go find you another manager
let’s go find you another agent and we
did those things together and you know
that’s that’s the person that I trust so
I went back to the home team that’s what
matters most to me do you resent anybody
for these allegations no no I don’t I
don’t I feel like um there’s no point of
me pointing my finger at anybody if
they’ve already done that to themselves
you know what I mean and I feel like I
wake up better when I’m not angry I live
better when I’m not thinking about you
know these these different jaded
thoughts you know what I’m saying I
can’t I can’t live like that I really
can’t live like that I gotta be able to
smile I gotta be able to you know be a
great dad for my children and harvesting
bad energy it’s just it makes you sick
it makes you sick it’s a killer it seems
like the only brothers now that you’re
mad at is yourself um that and possibly
Iona Floyd Davis yeah because I felt
like you know it it was completely
ridiculous you know what I mean you saw
that she made this up over just being
upset and angry that she was let go yeah
you know what I mean because I think as
black people like we tear each other
down so much you know I mean look at all
these rappers out here carrying guns
every day like most people carry a gun
you think they’d do that for the white
people no you know I mean you’re trying
to keep other people off you and to see
what Lina has built and they see it
being torn down by somebody black man
what are you doing you know I mean if we
did have an issue that we could have
talked about it before you just jumped
out there was like she was doing this in
Sydney and Lena was standing there
watching it in like come on man what are
you doing
so I wonder what Tiffany never came out
I said nothing that was true if it
wasn’t true because I mean if you’re
Tiffany Boone why make a statement
yeah you know I mean like what like you
damned if you do damned if you don’t you
know what I mean it’s like why come out
and make a statement at all
you know because Tiffany even said she
bought her boyfriend on set because she
felt so uncomfortable around you I mean
let’s think about it like this if she
felt that uncomfortable around me
you don’t think HR would have got
involved season 1 well that’s what I
honestly did but not nothing happened
no that’s a lie mmm they did not get
season 1 you know I mean like I said me
and Tiffany we had our differences and
that was maybe episode 3 or 4 of season
1 but we hashed that out between the two
of us you know I mean we’re just gonna
be coworkers and this is just gonna be
hit so once you bought her boyfriend I
said did you know why did you know it
for you I mean I don’t think it was for
me I don’t think it was for me at all
she’s brother boyfriend on set several
times like everybody brings family
that’s not a weird thing at all
and I mean I honestly feel like if
you’re gonna bring your boyfriend for me
you might as well go to HR you know what
I’m saying like and actually I’m cool
him too like he’s you know the last time
I ran into him was in New Orleans and it
was it was our love like we have no
problems like that well huh no problem
so so it’s Jason Mitchell guilty of any
of the allegations against him no no no
I will I’m not really sure I’m not gonna
say I’m not guilty of any allegations
because I don’t know exactly what the
allegations are yeah that makes sense
but you know what I mean that you made
some women feel uncomfortable by me all
the aggressive well yeah
I’m definitely guilty of that if that’s
if that’s what’s in question then yes
you know what I mean if I if I um jumped
out and made anybody feel you know some
kind of way or intimidated or anything
like that yes I may be guilty of that
you know and I’m working on that every
day what did you learn what did you
learn in mental health counseling about
yourself what got you close to the
healing hmm that healing
like there’s nothing wrong with healing
you know what I mean like healing only
means that you’re addressing your
problems that you’re not afraid to say
okay this is my issue and this is how
I’m gonna fix it you know what I mean in
the healing process there’s nothing
wrong with that there’s nothing wrong
with with therapy there’s nothing wrong
with talking about your problems and
there’s nothing wrong with having
problems this is all part of being human
yeah I think I think a lot of us are
damaged you know saying that sometimes
we bleed on people that didn’t cut us
exactly and that’s what I even in this
story with you I feel like you just bled
on some people that I didn’t cut you
exactly you know I was already a wounded
dog from you know things that were going
on around me and the last thing I need
is somebody being right you know what
Jason you know what I’m saying and it’s
just you know reactions but like I said
I got to control those reactions in
order to better myself and that’s what
I’m doing we appreciate what’s the next
for you man I actually um I’m in the
process of doing my first production
it’s called free school and it’s
something that I want to do free for the
public because you know you hear so many
people that say you know I have this
dream but they don’t know how to go
about getting there at all and that was
also my issue growing up just the fact
that I didn’t know anything about
Hollywood for real you know even now I’m
still learning on a day-to-day basis
so I feel like you know that’s my way of
giving back you know what I’m saying
just giving people this free information
that could could possibly make them a
star or if not put you exactly where you
need to be because everybody ain’t gonna
be in this 1% of people who are on TV
you know what I mean but like they have
a lot of gears in that watch that make
that move you know what I mean in this
1% is just the face of the watch so
sometimes I I encourage people to to
look in depth when it comes to things
because they got 300 plus jobs on set
and people don’t know about any of these
jobs you know especially not the people
from from our neighborhood and you keep
the next generation from making the same
with that you make absolutely could the
best apology has changed behavior
exactly as long as people
see you growing and evolving and
continuing to work on yourself I think
you’d be I me too me too man I think I’m
ready to take this by storm you know
what I’m saying I’m ready to to grab all
my problems by the balls and I’m
handling anywhere man I think I’m really
you’re holding yourself accountable
that’s the most important thing you’re
not pointing the finger absolutely you
holding yourself accountable absolutely
well we appreciate you for being so
honest this morning yeah good man
preciate you now riders Jason Mitchell
it’s the Breakfast Club good morning

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