Jagmeet Singh On Canada’s New Democratic Party Resolutions, Revamping Health Care + More


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Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ
envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we
are the breakfast club we got a special
guest in the building yes indeed jug
meat sing did I say that right yeah jug
leg hug
alright jug Lisa choke me sing that’s it
you got it you say you know I very
interested you say you don’t drink on a
plastic box you won’t get to who you are
yeah yeah bottle I don’t I don’t
ok a single-use plastics man is one of
the things that is including the the
oceans and to me it doesn’t make any
sense that we would use something for
one-time use that will never
disintegrate like every single plastic
toothbrush you use as a kid it’s still
around Lassa does not break down so i
went to the west coast of Canada where
plastics are a big deal and a bunch of
activists raise the issue like why are
we using plastics for one use single use
and then from that honors I made a
commitment I would I would never drink
out of plastic water bottles and I and I
try to never use plastic bags I try to
use reusable bags just a simple thing
that we can do to reduce produce plastic
usage yeah it’s the reason like when you
go to the beach they don’t give you
plastic scrawls no more lipstick or
something maybe that’s an issue I didn’t
want to write sometimes when you’re
waiting to do something and you have
lipstick on they give you a straw but
they also have metal straws now soon
yeah those are in the metals residue
yeah let me introduce Jack meat saying
he’s running for Prime Minister of
Canada correct and you’re a lawyer and a
politician correct and you what is it
the new democratic party that’s right
okay what is that exactly so it’s like
the it would be like the AOC Bernie
Sanders type of Democrats where were the
the progressive kind of the Left Party
of Canada third largest national party
and yeah I’m the leader of the party I
hear about you a lot from my guy home
with a boy and I remember a video went
viral you maybe maybe a month ago maybe
a long a little longer with it would a
white guy was telling you to cut your
turban yeah yeah there’s about a month
ago you’re a terminal yeah but the thing
is the guy didn’t just
like hey man you know maybe you should
take your turban off unless you said you
should cut your turban off just kind of
a violent way to say it – she yes but
but the thing is is that well I just
said he’s like you know this is what you
know Canadians you know you look more
Canadian if you took off your turban or
if you cut it off and I say you know
what Canadians look like a whole bunch
of people
Canadians look like all sorts and that’s
a beautiful thing about this place you
know I think people should look like
however they want to look and and in
that moment you know I didn’t I didn’t
take offense you know it is kind of an
offensive thing to say but he was an old
guy I think he was trying to give me
advice and I tried it I tried to see you
know I have this belief my mom always
taught me that we’re all connected wrong
one so I try to see him as just a fellow
human being that was trying to give me
advice that was wasn’t the most positive
advice so I tried to come back with
positivity and then that moment went
went viral during the campaign well it’s
a political climate in Canada like the
political social climate is it a lot of
racism and there is I would say where
we’re not as divided as the states for
sure there’s there’s more like it’s it’s
actually very easy to say to people we
should have like we already have a
universal health care system and I’m
trying to say we should include
medication coverage in that and that’s
wildly popular like it’s not yeah so the
next thing I pushed for his dental
coverage and again like there was very
little resistance that people believe
that’s the right thing to do Amber Alert
of a girl that was missing yesterday I
don’t know why they just put out now
maybe funny young lady rocks yet okay
okay no no that’s important that’s
important everyone should should check
that it check that alert out this is
gonna not air at the same time so it’s
like I make any sense no no so yeah so
that someone that sense with it so
Canada is pretty far along the idea
wanted to take care of your fellow your
neighbor take care of the person beside
you I think we’re further along in that
way you could go to pretty conservative
people and say hey shouldn’t we include
dental care and shouldn’t we include
medication coverage and people would be
pretty down with that so it’s not hard
to pitch that whereas I find something
as basic as saying hey shouldn’t we all
have health care coverage in a countries
Rich’s Canada or the states in the
states I find it it’s it’s a little bit
harder to make that that argument people
kind of push back which to me is a bit
weird I mean I think
where to because it’s a huge debate here
about healthcare I feel like everybody
should have help yeah because I think a
basic you know necessity that we me
that’s the reason why people end up
having financial difficulties also a
trillion dollar business though yes the
people’s profits yeah so that’s the
thing well that’s the pushback on the so
people like the idea of medication
coverage but who doesn’t like it as big
pharmaceutical companies and insurance
companies so on that end I’ve been
pushing it and getting blowback from
them they don’t like it which I don’t
really care if they don’t like it
because it’s good for people and and my
focus has always been what do I do to
make life better for people and I chose
a path which is the harder path like
normally in Canada the two parties that
win inform government are either the
Conservatives or the Liberals and they
kind of are the status quo the old boys
clubs of politics and and the new
democratic party we’re kind of the newer
party but also pushing things like let’s
actually go beyond what we have and try
to do something bigger dream bigger can
a human rights activist really be a
politician oh I believe so I am yeah
they should be yeah they should be
percent understand I think the the chart
the challenge is is that there are
there’s a lot of there’s a lot of
barriers if you want to do the right
thing and for people who are just
seeking to be in power then yeah it’s
probably tough to do that but if your
goal is just my goal isn’t I’m not just
trying to get in power for powers sake
I’m trying to do something meaningful
and if I can’t get into a position to do
something meaningful then what’s the
like I don’t want to just become prime
minister just because I want to do it
because I want to change things I want
to fundamentally change the way things
are and I know it can be done what’s the
first thing you want to do if you if you
come in office besides plastic board
about what do you want to do when you if
you make it all well I want to expand I
want to mean do a lot of things I want
to expand our healthcare system so I
think that you know kind of the Bernie
Sanders idea of head to toe health care
coverage that’s that’s my dream I shared
in my book my dad went through a lot of
tough times with with alcoholism he
lived with pretty horrible outlaws my
got really scary at home things really
tough a lot of scary times violence and
and he was a doctor so he was pretty
successful he had access to private
insurance so he went away to rehab a
couple times got better but then he hit
rock bottom and lost everything lost his
ability to practice lost he lost her
home we lost a lot and we didn’t have
any any money and at one point he had
gone to the hospital bunch of times and
the hospital the doctors were saying
listen you’re gonna die if you keep been
doing this your body can’t handle it he
was at end-stage alcoholism where you
stop eating food and you just drink and
that’s your body can’t actually accept
food at one point so he had dropped down
and wait and he just by chance you know
sometimes it happens when you hit rock
bottom you decide you had to do
something different with your life so he
said I don’t want to die and we tried to
find a Center for him and there was a
publicly funded rehab center in the City
of Windsor fully publicly funded we
found a bed for him and you know if
someone wants help there’s like a small
window of opportunity any anyone’s ever
dealt with someone’s dealing with
addiction when they want help if they
don’t get it at that moment you might
miss that window of opportunity so he
got to help because of that public
funding Center and so that’s why I
believe like it shouldn’t be that you
have to have private insurance to get
into a rehab center or you have to be
lucky enough to have money to get into
one like I’m only here today my family’s
only here today because we’ve of
publicly funded services like that rehab
center that my dad went to he’s healthy
now he’s practicing again he’s turned
his life around and it’s because of that
so so I really believe in you really
universal health care that covers
everything head to toe I want to see us
I really believe that you know young
people are afraid of the future because
of the climate crisis and I think we can
do so much more so I want to I want to
tackle the climate crisis like we want
to win it not just say the words but
actually do something about it so that
means reducing emissions that means
creating an economy that’s more
sustainable so like we can create jobs
while we reduce our emissions first
people of the land I want to make sure
they’re treated with respect
indigenous people continue to have basic
human rights violated like I don’t have
water that’s messed up Canada is a rich
country America is a rich country I
don’t know how it is in America with
drinking water but there’s far too many
communities in Canada that do not have
access to clean drinking water and we’re
like 2019 we can solve this problem you
get a lot of backlash for that I say for
the money you’re devoting the spending
in order to give those indigenous people
that clean drinking water why so much
back left I don’t know some people don’t
think that base
human rights should be should be some
people feel like if it doesn’t affect
them they don’t really care it’s yeah
yeah but I I make you know if I got
similar a lot of support for his well
cuz I raise the issue like so let’s say
you know I give the example of Toronto
kind of like New York if there was a
drinking water issue in Toronto
would you ever wonder would you ever ask
the question how much is it gonna cost
to clean the water it’s like you just
got to get it done so many people live
we’re gonna make sure that people have
clean drinking water so I was raising
the question about clean drinking water
and then you know I got a pushback
saying well it’s gonna cost a lot you
know maybe we can’t afford it and I said
well would you ever ask that question if
drinking water you’re talking about you
know the capital of the country would
you ever ask that question if you’re
talking about a major city no you
wouldn’t so we shouldn’t ask that
question when it comes to the first
people there – they gotta get clean
drinking water marijuana yeah we did we
did it yeah well I want to go a step
further though I
I really think I was a criminal defense
lawyer for a long time so I represented
a lot of people that were hard out you
know in a tough way they were folks that
were marginalized folks they didn’t have
money and I represent a lot of kids and
a lot of people that were charged with
criminal offenses just because they
possessed an illicit substance they
possessed some some controlled substance
and I looked at the people that
represented and they were dealing with
poverty they were dealing with mental
health issues they were dealing with
addiction and criminalizing people
they’re dealing with addiction is the
most nonsensical thing to do it makes no
sense at all
so I’ve been saying that what we got to
do is we got to stop treating use of
drugs as a criminal problem and treat it
as a health care problem that’s an
addiction problem and that to me makes
way more sense putting all that money to
putting people in jail let’s put that
money into rehab into health care into
supports I think that’s a much better
solution you’ll it’ll make our society
better so that’s something I would do as
well it makes no sense to treat the
dealers to say where you treat their
fiends yeah you have a problem one
hundred percent like the tail is the one
that’s doing the criminal yeah so yeah
so people were pushing it like you know
the big dealers yeah for sure they
should be criminalized but not the user
users someone who’s struggling with a
lot of things like whether it’s like I
said either it’s addiction or a
combination of all three addiction
poverty mental although so I mean it
just it’s never you’re never gonna if
your goal is actually to make life
better for people and and to solve the
problem it’s not gonna be solved by
putting folks in jail who are dealing
with addiction there’s gonna continue to
have those addictions right so so that’s
something I push for that was a bit
controversial but I think the evidence
is there for for the healthcare experts
is not controversial at all anyone who
knows the system knows and it makes no
sense at all to continue to do the same
thing hoping we’ll get a different
result so I believe you know the war on
drugs is it’s also a nonsensical war it
doesn’t make any sense if you want to
make society healthier make people
healthier then let’s treat the root
cause which is those three things that I
mentioned yes I have such misconceptions
about Candida cuz I look at your website
and it says you’re building a fairer
more just Canada where everyone can
realize their dreams like I feel like
Canada’s already about free college yeah
health care but I’m clearly missing
something no no so we got a massively
rising tuition fees again really really
expensive I shared kind of my personal
story when we we lost a lot in my you
know my family went through a lot of
financial difficulties I was the eldest
was my job to take care of the family so
I was trying to figure out a way to get
into a professional you know job a
situation where I could take care and
support my younger brother and sister
and take care of my mom and dad so I I
went the route of getting an education
and when I went to law school I went to
one of the best in Canada and it was
like eight thousand year eight thousand
dollars it’s not free college no no no
so I was eight thousand year when I was
I mean it was not too long ago but you
know I got some grace was a little bit
ago when I went to school but now that
same law school that I went to was
almost thirty thousand dollars a year
tuition so in that same economic
struggles that I was going through when
we didn’t have much we don’t have a home
to live in at that time I would have
never have been able to afford three
thirty thousand years that’s like a
hundred thousand just for the tuition
fee so right now in Canada they did a
survey ask people where the right
economically I found that half of
Canadians are just about two hundred
dollars away from not being able to pay
their bills so like half the whole
population you meet people on the
streets every second person you meet in
has so many so many bills to pay and
it’s so unexpected happens yeah exactly
oh yeah how expensive I mean maybe not
as bad as as Manhattan but up there up
there like really yeah so so yeah like a
lot of Canadians are struggling things
are like tough out there for people yeah
what do you think about the current
prime minister Justin Trudeau you had to
obviously you have a relationship with
him and you did yeah we debated you know
during the campaign and we we’ve we’ve
yeah we’ve we’ve kind of gone gone
face-to-face toe-to-toe but we also have
I’ve tried to work together on things I
think that how do I put it so I think he
says a lot of the right things I give
him credit for that he says some nice
things but it’s very different when he
says publicly and what he does privately
in terms of his policies versus what he
says so he sounds as though I don’t
think it should be those I think give us
some examples
all right some good but there’s no
action yeah it’s like so so he said that
you know the environments the most
important thing we gotta protect the
environment which I agree then he went
out and bought a pipeline like he spent
our public dollars to buy like we own
the Canadian government owns a pipeline
which is losing money and and doesn’t
really make sense to have done that then
so that’s a big contradiction he held
himself out to be this big
environmentalist but I don’t know of
many countries that have popped like
used public dollars to to buy base the
national nationalized pipeline it’s
pretty well he said that you know health
care is really important and he promised
to do this small thing that would have
lower the cost of medication but he met
with his government met with the
pharmaceutical lobbyists like hundreds
and hundreds of times and it is a small
change it was he just changing the list
of countries that we compared to when
we’re setting the price of medication
and after four years in government he
didn’t do that thing it was a really
simple change just that the the body
that sets the prices said hey we can set
better prices we just need you to pass a
law that gives us a new set of countries
that we can compare to we can drop the
price in four years he didn’t do it it
was a pretty simple thing that’s another
thing I didn’t know about Canada when
you think free health care you just
assume that the medication
so I mean Xiaomi that means a lot of
sense because we’re the only country in
the world the only one in developed
nations in the world that’s got a health
care system that doesn’t include
medication because when you think about
it what happens in Canada this is like
makes no sense so you could go to the
hospital it’s completely covered it’s
free which is amazing like I’m really
proud of that but if you go into a
doctor or a hospital and you find out
okay you’ve got to take insulin or you
got diabetes you got some illness you
can’t afford the insulin can’t afford
the medication can they charge anything
no no the prices are okay
I mean they are now going out of control
a bit but they’re much more affordable
in the states but the problem is is that
when people go in and get diagnosed with
whatever it is they can get diagnosed
you can find out what’s wrong with you
but then you can’t pay for the treatment
so what happens is people would you know
like if you take the diabetes example
you know even type one where people are
born with it so they know what’s wrong
with them they know they got to take
insulin to stay healthy they can’t
afford it and what happens when you
can’t get the medication you get more
and more sick so they end up in the
worst case where their kidneys fail but
then dialysis is covered and which is
the most expensive procedure cuz you got
to go in regular you got to go in
everyday for hours and hours so that
dialysis is covered which is the most
expensive procedure but that could have
been prevented if they would have the
medication in the first place so that’s
why we got a push for that is it makes
no sense that’s why I really endorse
what Bernie is saying like it should be
the healthcare system should be
head-to-toe coverage like it should all
be included and yeah there’s gonna be
pushback from the insurance companies
and the pharmaceutical companies but
like at the end of the day we’ve got to
be have the courage to stand up to
people who are just trying to make a
profit off of people we gotta say we can
make a decision that helps out people
that make gives them a better healthcare
system that gives them a better quality
of life and and like we’ve got to draw a
line somewhere and say yeah we’re
willing to push back against folks that
don’t care about the well-being of a
fellow human being you’re absolutely
right very hard to do in a cap in
capitalist societies it’s tough it can
be done though it can be done it’s been
done like we did it we had the same like
when we brought in universal health care
in Canada all the same arguments right
like there was all sorts of companies
saying oh you can’t do this
we had medical
little community pushing back all sorts
of folks push back but then we you know
we won that fight and we got universal
health care now we’ve got to take it to
the next level I think how do you look
at Donald Trump oh man
I got in trouble before cuz I was a
little too blunt about it but I gotta
say I mean if you look at what a leader
should do what you’d expect of a leader
he is the exact opposite right a leader
should be bringing people together he
continually tries to divide people a
leader should be finding ways to lift up
the people around him he’s finding ways
to tear people down you know the
treatment of people seeking asylum
ripping babies out of their mom’s arm
given trillions of dollars in tax cuts
the wealthiest people instead of helping
of those who need it most I mean every
single decision he makes he’s making
life harder for people is disrespecting
human beings and it’s just wrong I mean
that’s why I look at it how do you and
your crew get viewed when y’all walk
into you obviously we got a lot of loved
it here especially in New York man yeah
your business loved I mean beards are in
or something man so we gotta be strong
you know so it’s cool my brother when we
roll up we like to wear kind of colorful
turbans – today I’m kind of went a
little bit subdued but I know people
kind of like – look I think people
appreciate a little bit of fashion out
here in New York okay so I think but
more important I think there’s I don’t
know I think there’s a lot of I people
give New York it kind of a hard time
saying it’s a bustle city so people are
kind of like a bit always on the move
remove so they’re not really trying to
like chat with people but I’ve always
had really great experiences in New York
I gotta say maybe you know once or twice
we’ve had something negative I come out
to Newark probably like twice a year and
maybe once we had some folks saying some
yelling out Osama or something like that
right how about in Canada I know you’ve
gotten comments about your turban
obviously because it’s visibly people
can look at you and say yeah yeah and we
saw that viral video but in general how
do people receive that I would say in
general is its warmth you know a lot of
love a lot of positivity I mean one of
the things that I I’m gonna
I’m gonna be honest with you when I was
a kid I would never being honest the
whole time no just right now right no no
the whole time but I mean as a kid I
would have never imagined that I would
ever be able to say the words I’m
running for prime minister of the
country I live in
like that’s wow that’s the key I never
saw anyone look like me in that position
so that mean doesn’t make any sense but
in the middle of the campaign what we
just happened what to me was even more
mind-boggling as they were looking at
the polling was coming out and they were
saying who was the most popular leader
right now and I was the most popular
leader and all the major polls I’m a
bearded turban brown skin man be the
most popular leader in a country that is
not I mean it’s a diverse country but
it’s still not much it’s been it’s not a
majority racialized country to be the
most popular leader to me was like wow
that gives me a lot of hope and I and I
gave a lot of people a lot of hope lots
of kids that would like you yeah well
that’s a beauty you know when I would go
out in the campaign I would go to
communities and like little kids like
smiley kids would come up to me like you
know thank you for doing this you’re
doing it for me
you know Asian kids would come up to me
you know kids from different backgrounds
indigenous kids would come up to me and
to me that was really special that that
kid is gonna grow up feeling like
someone that kind of can relate to what
they’ve been through was running for
prime minister and at one point was like
leading it’s pretty exciting so if you
didn’t see yourself as being able to be
a prime minister when you were a child
like how did your life and childhood
contribute to your vision and you know I
guess values as a leader so so I think
two parts to it one is that that idea
that I touched on a bit that my mom
always said to me that we’re all one and
we’re all connected and I say not really
get what she meant by that I’m like
we’re all different we come from
different places like how does that make
any sense and and as I grew up you know
I really saw the truth to that like we
are all connected like we’re in this
together you know no matter how
different people look or how different
people vibe we actually have far more in
common there’s so much more in common
with anyone you meet like even if
someone seems like the opposite spectrum
as a fellow human being you will find
far more in common and I think that’s a
beautiful thing so that’s kind of my
foundation like we’re all in this
together and we’re all literally one
like we’re always taught as a kid to
believe if someone else is suffering
that I’m suffering
and if I’m helping someone beside me
then I’m helping myself out so that
that’s a foundational belief I went
through some struggles like I face you
know racism I used to get in fights
every single day people come up to me
and like violently attacked me for
looking different so a Canada has lots
of racism too but and you know I faced
some some personal struggles and and
whatever what it helped me realize was
that I wasn’t alone like just because I
went through some tough things a lot of
people are going through tough things
and so I’m hoping I hope that I could
use that I tried to use that experience
of having gone through some of the
struggles that people go through to
connect with them like you know what
other people always are continuing to
face these problems like not being able
to pay the bills or having gone through
you know violence as a youth or having
faced you know difficult childhoods or
family you know stress or no I mentioned
I was a survivor of sexual assault when
I was a kid you know a lot of people go
through these horrible things and and
and part of what helped me I think be a
better leader was to use those
experiences as a way to connect to other
people that have experienced that as
well now do you still get attack now to
like you when you um he was having a
debate or something and somebody was
heckling you and that’s when the whole
love and courage thing yeah yeah yeah
yeah a couple of the the first time it
happened was about two years ago first
time I went like and went like viral
across the world at one point yeah so I
still get I get people come up to me and
say kind of negative things but I always
say it for me people always ask me how I
see so calm there’s no one put someone
comes up and says something really
reckless like one of the first viral
things with someone came up and started
saying oh you’re a terrorist you’re in
bed with Muslim Brotherhood and kind of
said all this stuff and everyone’s that
I say I’m out of Muslim I said hey
that’s wrong but to that person I said
hey listen you know I responded to him
with love and I said you know maybe
they’re going through some struggles in
their life I want to know that they’re
accepted there the love and people are
you know how would you do that because
if I was to say that I was not a Muslim
it would suggest that it’s okay that
that attacked me that way if I wasn’t
with some more to do it to someone else
I’m like no it’s never the right thing
to do and I say in my experience you
know I faced physical violence and so
and I trained a lot and so um I got a
martial arts background so I’m not
afraid for myself is
hitomi I’m telling you humbled me that
you will fuck somebody yeah I used to
get a lot of fights back and then I
trained actually iodine and I’m falling
in love with it so I got a I competed a
lot in tournaments and some stuff on the
streets too but but since I I’m
comforted with myself I know how to take
care of myself I was a lawyer so I
understand how to deal with myself in
terms of my legal rights I’ve been a
leader Paul politically for so long so
when I when I’m confronted with
something I put myself to a different
standard like I I can handle that in a
different way but I don’t expect
everyone to be who’s confronted with
someone who’s seen hella reckless things
to them to then respond with like
kindness maybe someone’s gonna get angry
back maybe you need to get angry to
defend yourself for me though I take
that path of love and courage because I
can I got the privilege to do that and I
know that I can I can change people if I
use love I think the phrase love and
courage resonated so much I mean you
said it a couple years ago why that why
those two yeah yeah you know that I got
a shout out my brother Moe who helped
develop that EBC we went to this like
really deep process asked me about my
life and the things that I went through
and then we were thinking about it said
you know what what you’ve done in your
life is basically a combination of that
like when you go through I was talking
about when you go through hardships
sometimes you blame yourself like if you
have someone in your family who’s
addicted you sometimes think that it was
it was your fault if you would have done
better in school maybe they wouldn’t
have drank that day or maybe if you were
if you were you know the house was
cleaner they wouldn’t have got upset and
started drinking or when you know
someone does something wrong to you when
you’re a kid like salty you think oh
maybe I put myself in that position it
was I was my mistake and so you stopped
loving yourself you started you start to
feel like you know there something dirty
or wrong about you
so I think the first step to be able to
go past those those challenges is to be
like no you should love yourself you
love yourself unconditionally and then
through loving yourself it takes it’s
takes courage to love yourself and to
love others and to want to despite
having been hurt by the world to want to
take care of the world and so that is
that’s me I’m loving courage all the way
like I love the world and I and I want
to I want to change it and and it takes
courage to want to do that to put
yourself out even say things like that
people say it’s cheesy to say things
like love but I think it’s that’s the
most powerful force like you
so even people who are angry at
injustice are coming at it because in
their in deep in their hearts they love
humanity and so they’re angry at the
injustice because they love humanity you
know what’s the Rihanna connection you
know I have to end yeah that was awesome
you know can I tell you the funniest
thing with when I found out I didn’t
know my wife calls me and she’s like yo
this is the best day of my life I’m like
what it’s like Rihanna followed you I’m
like sorry
she’s like this is the best day man she
says it again I’m like how is this the
best day of your life I was cute though
but yeah so I don’t drink that campaign
we were doing a lot of things talking
about indigenous rights talking about
human rights talking about building a
better world and yeah so we got hit with
the follow and then I reached out and
sent a DM message and I said but yeah
then she sent back a really positive
supportive message saying you know keep
doing your doing you know it’s good and
I really appreciated that it was good I
would we get a lot we got a lot of love
like boy wonder whose it was responsible
for a lot of a lot of hit tracks like
one dance made like big headlines in
Canada we got a bunch of cuckoo folks
Gillian air came out he’s from the
states too supportive there’s drinking
involved at all yeah hit me with the
okay yeah it was cool his squad though I
mean ovo forty forty so like you know a
lot of people say the architect behind
the sound right forty is like I don’t we
look at him like that’s the guy he’s the
next level know she beep so he he
reached out and he came to one of my
rallies and man I was saying like Noah
should be for 2020 that guy gave a
speech I was so good forty is really
progressive and really cares about
people so
he came out really really solid a
supporting I drink I think his he’s got
you know limitations where he’s at so he
he he did the fall wish I appreciate it
but um well yeah but before T came out
was really supportive and attended a
rally spoken and talked about you know
the idea of dreaming bigger like we can
we can do we can do big things if we
come out come together so what is the
election so elect she didn’t happen
October 21st
so just pass we’re now two months past
but we’re in a minority government right
now okay so what that means is another
election could happen at any time so
we’re kind of back in an election mode
so they already voted for Prime Minister
yeah yeah so he got so the primary she
got reelected Justin Trudeau Justin
Trudeau got reelected but he got
reelected in a minority government so
what that means is he doesn’t have
enough votes for the government to
continue so every vote that comes up
could mean that the government could
fall and we could be in another election
so oh yeah yeah so we gotta vote for you
based upon percent one percent we were
like we’re right now in this kind of
like a pre-election period again and
they say minority governments last
between one to two years so we’re
wearing year one of that sold kind of
like in a pre election again so what do
they do to go would they still got to
get up and go to the I don’t know how it
works you can they got a give and go to
a ballot box yeah yeah so the way it
works is when you vote you go in our
system you don’t vote separately for the
for the Prime Minister and for your
representative you vote for both at the
same time and you can’t you can’t
separately vote for the Prime Minister
what you do is people vote for the party
in every every county every riding and
if you win the most counties the most
ridings then you become Prime Minister
so that’s the way our system really
matters everybody who’s on the ballot
because yeah I don’t like this person
but I like yeah so it is a that that
happens sometimes so people might might
like the local representative from one
party but might like me as a leader for
example so then they kind of have to
figure out okay do I want support the
leader and so I vote for the party or do
I vote for the particular local person
exactly so it’s a bit of a debate
sometimes about you know we look at the
American system sometimes say you know
some of it makes no sense like the
Electoral College kind of
Yeah right I mean some of its kind of
cool like the idea that you can vote
separately for who you want to run the
country that might make some sense today
we need people to go out and vote for
jug meat sing right now you can do that
they they can do it soon you know
potentially in the next you know next
year two years kind of like in the
state’s I noticed people campaign like
way ahead of the election so so I’m
trying to hit the ground running and get
ready for for the next time and so yeah
people come out and vote for me again
soon but I get to sense is bigger than
politics for you though this is about it
is like people you’d be doing this work
regardless I don’t know how you can tell
them and I appreciate that but yet for
sure I am I didn’t want to get into this
into this world be honest I I was
thinking I was a lawyer and I was
helping out people and I enjoyed that
and I would do some community work on
the side but really it came down to it
there’s a lot of dear friends and my
brother that pushed me and said no this
is not good enough you got to do more
and our mom always said that when you
you are surviving you know you just try
to think about getting by but once
you’re stable and you’re trying to
thrive then truly thriving means to give
back to the people around you and so my
brother kind of hit me with that a bit
and said you know if you want to thrive
that means give him back and he kind of
guilt trip me out of being a lawyer yeah
it’s too you know you’re just too
individualistic you gotta help how about
the community so I tried I tried to
resist him but he finally finally worked
and then I caved in and now it’s been an
incredible journey like I I really feel
it’s personally rewarding like to be on
this journey but most important I feel
like I’m helping out people and that
means a lot to me jug meat thing he’s
got a book out called love and courage
my sea oriya family resilience and
overcoming the unexpected was a pleasure
meeting you thank you yeah the jig meet
sing on Instagram or no sorry those you
can be seeing on Twitter and you can
meet sing on Instagram are you fun
Decatur wearing turbans all the damn
time you know I kind of think it’s cool
man he’s like demystifying it a bit you
know I think it’s you know so in in Sikh
tradition we don’t we don’t have we
don’t have any concern about like
appropriation that way like if people
want to wear a turban it’s all good it’s
all love we actually have days sometimes
when I was and I was younger and
University we should do these things now
they still happened where you can come
and get a turban tied on and see what
like and like you can rock it if you
want you know say respective respected
afterwards but yeah so people yeah it’s
cool okay down with it or me saying

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