Is Uber Eats Really Worth It?


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Many new UberEats drivers find themselves asking a very simple question: is UberEats worth it? Uber has a well-earned reputation for disruption—though, not always in a positive context. Recently, Uber has offered its drivers a new way to earn an income: delivering food. Drivers who operate under the UberEats banner work via the same app and basic conditions as any other Uber drive.

And that setup seems enticing. UberEats claims that their drivers make, on average, between $8-$12 an hour, which seems to make the service competitive with other food delivery services. But there is some question as to whether the economic prospects for workers employed by UberEats truly improve. In other words, is UberEats worth the time, the training, the fuel, and the mileage?


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okay I’m in the building this is the
star report Tuesday night
I am Chucky with a friend you do not
need alright welcome to the show that
never ends my triple butter calm my
sponsor I just put some of this on okay
all right I’m very charged I had that
nap earlier you know that old nigger nap
on my black the frock out on him just
let you know right now
tonight’s topic what are the topics is
over eats worth the risk
yes I know it’s a new day and time
Uber’s yeah yeah yeah it’s it’s very
convenient I know it’s very very uh chic
sheshe foo-foo but folks I’m a man of a
certain age and there’s certain things I
just do not partake in it doesn’t mean
that I’m not willing to accept the new I
just can’t fuck with uber easy I want to
talk to you about that because um I
truly believe that most people are
hateful nasty spiteful vindictive and my
food going through the hands of whoever
however whenever I just cannot accept
that but bullshit Ronnie will be calling
in she has a totally different
perspective I welcome that she’s younger
she’s popping she’s gonna you know
assist me and tell me why this is a
great thing a great thing but before I
get into the discussion I just want to
say this topic has been inspired by a
conversation Ronnie and I had a couple
of months ago and then this morning I
watched a video by a young lady named
munch Kim on YouTube mu n CH k ym she
did a very very nice detailed video
called is ubereats worth it there she is
I’m using your uh your picture Kim hope
you don’t mind and she gives a great
breakdown her website I’m not gonna give
that out right now but she talks about
the pros and the cons of ubereats and
there’s other apps as well hold on a
second got my notes here did you do
GrubHub food Squier all this flying shit
you know did she get your food now yeah
and I just it was so great not not me um
again I think people just by nature are
hateful nasty Oh could you imagine
somebody bringing you some tomato soup
fucking coffee and spitting in your
spitting in your soup picking their nose
wiping their finger on your your
sandwich or your pizza or farting in the
vehicle farting is the gas that would
get into your food if they don’t close
the bag oh not to think of them
parasites and other things you know
people playing in their hair and
anything that could get into their back
oh they could have a dog in the vehicle
the dog could lick something that you’re
gonna then put in your mouth I just
can’t do it anyway phone lines open and
let me just okay see Bostick Ronnie
hangar Ronnie I’m coming to you I just
can’t do it I don’t care how convenient
it is it’s too much of a risk I’m a man
of a certain age fifty-five proud of my
age and I listen I’ve seen people die
from going down to Mexico coming back
and within two weeks some type of
intestinal parasite from some shit that
they drank down there kill them kill
them and you know just again like the
drivers or if someone who’s driving the
car for uber eats they have a friend
who’s with them and their friend hands
are dirty sweating touching your food
that you’re going to consume I can’t do
it anyway
I’ll bring Bostic money and shortly
she’ll talk about it I’m also on the
screen hang on a second whoa I’m gonna
be silly tonight had that nap give me a
second good evening in live chat hey you
guys doing did Trina get a nigga wake-up
call huh
Treena very nice young lady I
interviewed her years ago pretty as a
motherfucking person you know fat little
ass on her she was giggling at a good
time but you know a video popped up I
think two days ago most of you saw it
Trina in a Walmart screaming her Sadie
games eighty games and again to uh I
guess an older white woman now according
to Trina the woman called her mega bitch
according to Trina and another video
came out today on I watched it I
guess some of you did as well or I’m
sure you did
Trina’s telling the story that dumb she
was in Walmart and this woman was crying
Trina went up to her and said are you uh
are you okay this is what Trina is
telling Harvey Levin from Tim Z
according to Trina the woman looked at
her and said leave me alone nigga bitch
now Trina says she was shook at first
and then she looked to some of the other
people Walmart and they said wow she
said that yes now Trina took her L to
her credit and she she left the the
scene of where she says this happened
when they get to the register one of
trainers friends associates lackeys
whoever she says you oh my friend an
the woman doubles down and says leave me
alone and that’s when we see the video
pick up it Casey says say it again say
it again now do you think just do you
think that the woman just looked at
training and just dismissed her and said
nothing or did she say something that
was not you know that vulgar as nigger
bitch maybe Trina’s add some songs to it
phone lines open I want your thoughts I
think she may have looked it up and down
and said get out of here I’m on the
phone handling some real business hey
you want stand in here you know with
split ends
looking tore up from the floor get out
of here anyway
also um hold on a second Colin Kapernick
he will be in Atlanta GA this Saturday
working out for NFL teams to come down
and to see him working out so I may go
to that this weekend if anybody else is
going please reach out to me and I want
to talk about delicious wasn’t showing
that show with the flava flav years ago
is she bleaching – she looks better now
than she used to I got to be honest with
you looks totally totally better but
we’ll get to that as well all right let
me get Bostick wearing the line talk
about it Ronnie are you there boss chick
Ronnie hey star hey good evening how are
you pretty good in yourself okay so you
and I have been talking and again um the
topic is ubereats
worth the risk I just think that’s too
much too much of a risk for me
personally it’s not that I’m paranoid I
just think that people are nasty there’s
all sorts of things that can happen to
your food you see it totally totally
different yes yes and I mean when you’re
talking about risk and any industry
that’s going to be employees who go
against the grain and do what they’re
not supposed to do so I think it’s
irrational to not use the app because
you think a random stranger is gonna do
something to spite you but you don’t
also refuse to eat out because you know
the work is that those restaurants might
feel inclined to do some of the things
that you mentioned and even really the
good you buy yourself from the
supermarket the FDA allows for them to
be contaminated with maggots and insect
body parts and rodent poops and hairs
and mites so and we’re talking about
spices condiments you know things that
where you can’t really distinguish and
tell that that it’s contaminated so I
think risk is relative yeah I have saw
I’ve seen a lot of videos where people
are eating the food they’re reaching
into the bag they’re you know doing all
kinds of things they get caught on
camera but you have to look at the scope
of things I mean this is
almost a trillion dollar industry so if
there have been a handful of incidents
that’s really you know you’re talking
about less than 1% okay so you’re
looking at it from the corporate side of
things as opposed to the individual
you’re looking at it for the greater
good of society we’re a faster-moving
society it’s convenient you said
yourself that you you’re big on
convenience yes well we all are we are a
nation of consumers and so when you
combine that with the per listener the
the proliferation of the internet it
creates like an endless amount of demand
of people who want their stuff faster
immediately the next day but so the
technology creates the the ability to
supply that demand and so here we are I
mean it’s not just food delivery you
have person-to-person ride-sharing you
have Home Sharing that’s air B&B you
have you know so many different options
available to you right from your phone
hang on a second I just want to say I
appreciate your perspective you’re a
younger person you’re in the the
business world but just me I’m more
concerned about myself as an individual
and it’s not paranoia you know most of
my life when I go into let’s say a
pizzeria if someone is on the register
handling money and then they go to grab
my anchovies or pepperonis to put on my
slice and they they try to grab my slice
without using a spatula I say whoa whoa
excuse me excuse me
can you use this bachelor or I’ll even
say excuse me can you wash your hands
now that causes a little friction in had
as I’ve been doing that for over 30
years I don’t give a fuck I don’t want
my bacteria just you know getting into
my body the night that I can prevent so
I and again I get it with with regards
to going into restaurants you never know
but mean we’ve got situations I just saw
a video of um somebody at Popeyes making
the chicken sandwiches on top of a
fucking garbage
Candace did you see that yeah I I did
see that and but that’s the reality of
it now you as a customer you wouldn’t
see what’s going on behind the scenes as
far as the sandwiches you know on top of
the garbage can so you’re you’re tough
you’re speaking about what you witnessed
yourself and that’s what I’m saying
there’s a lot of things that you don’t
see and that you won’t see and so so you
don’t mind rolling the dice long story
short you don’t mind it’s what it is
unless you’re growing your food and
growing your spices yourself
bingo you are assuming some sort of risk
so all right I’m gonna bring you some
colors also before we go in that to the
calls with regards to the topic did you
get a chance to look at that training
video yes yes I saw the video and my
thing is this she said that she saw the
woman way across and another section
boohoo crying why are you going up up to
a woman who’s crying inside of Walmart
obviously her a white woman at that yeah
did she have the mammy complex are you
mammy complex maybe the white woman you
know called her mammy what do you want
mammy what do you want go worry about
your edges never mind me you know and
Trina could be telling us something
different right so of course this woman
had no idea she probably is looking at
Trina as if Trina is some sort of hood
rat you know and not not the woman that
she is but there was a lot of bravado
both in the initial video of the
confrontation and then also with the
follow-up with TMZ and Trina said you
know this is not the 1800s you will get
your butt whoop so it would have been
nice to see the lady gets lid but that
didn’t happen and you know we just got a
one-person show
so you would have liked to have seen
Trina like you know a tap that woman’s
jaw well what I’m saying is that if
you’re going to posture as if anyone who
uses that word towards you as a slur and
so you’re going to put your hands on
them put your hands on them don’t you
know show them the lesson don’t talk
about it if you’re if you’re going to
carry on like that and cause a big scene
is what I’m saying
then do it get physical okay okay folks
phone lines are also open for the Trina
video and if you saw the the interview
with Trina and Harvey Levin what are
your thoughts what are your thoughts I
like freedom but that ain’t got shit to
do with shit and she was looking kind of
dusty did you see her she had on some
some look the slides look kind of
rundown that she had on some pajamas
that’s regular Walmart attire so you
know that’s why I said the woman
probably was looking at her like who are
you anyway okay hang on let’s go to the
phone lines let’s take a little time
here guys were talking about uber eats
this evening good evening
area code 7 5 7 o night down please in
the background please 75 70 yes sir how
are you yeah America the market upbeat
obesity with them grow up crap a while
come buy them food right come on are you
from yard we from sir you know burn 10
cent Angeles Kingston I’m cool I’m on it
on my family this have you ever used
uber each so as you just said GrubHub
are you disrespect my limb thing’s gonna
they’re all you don’t know it you know
use them things that man and things
awfully as people but really actually
things these people and be careful can
get our own and understand but these
young ones them using it and abusing it
it’s a good source you know don’t get me
wrong ya understand
lately one them atom abuses it’s still
like elderly people can really move
wrong especially the white people and
with them kids mover from them you know
I mean they were not different steered
from them and can’t nobody say you know
I think just as many black people that
feed into it and again I understand it
but I just you know listen I can’t take
that chance with my life with someone
you know just being a fuckwad and
spitting in my goddamn 7up and I’m
thinking it’s a joke you know a lot of
people do shit like that
yeah for the 400 giggles yeah I
understand user user original barking a
TPS – car you said scene giggles use a
foam piece and then they film that shit
put it on YouTube biting into a meatball
fuckin hero that’s that somebody was
picking their feet and putting the
fucking uh the toenail clippings in the
gun Ronnie am i making something out of
nothing running this is a billion dollar
industry or billion yet star this is an
800 billion dollar industry and at one
point to become a trillion dollar market
within the next three to five years you
know so essentially people throw away
almost a trillion dollars merely for the
convenience of having food delivered to
them okay okay hang on a second Ronnie
uh so woof on the check-in via super
chat Chicago mothers tell their kids The
Legend of the nigga who once lived to
live to 40 oh that was cute
who once lived 240 Wow okay hey how’s
little Reese to him by the way he’s
still alive he got shot in the neck
according to multiple reports soo–oop
also sends in a super jet New York
niggas think a Jehovah’s Witness is
Simone someone pardon me who went to a
jay-z concert okay thank you thank you
someone sent that one in a couple days
ago thank you see what you spelled
someone wrong but thank you so much
Bush kid sends in a super test or did
you see the black school bus driver toss
the kid off the bus in Brooklyn
everybody flipped flipped on the driver
come to find out it was a grown man
shaking my damn head your honor you sent
me that video right yes I thought that
video is hilarious because originally I
was like oh I can’t believe this guy
threw a kid off the bus because he threw
it off the bus the lunchbox first do you
call them little people or you know you
don’t say midgets anymore you don’t say
Dwarfs what do you say little people
what’s the correct terminology you know
it changes all the time they’re almost
as bad as you know the you know who’s
but I guess Little People is appropriate
now although if I were a little person I
would prefer a midget instead of little
people little people just sounds like
I’ve heard people refer to their kids
with that you know yeah yeah hang on a
second money uh full blast radio on the
check-in DJ tiger
how are you sir he said story if you
keep going to the same restaurant
complaining about your food trust that
they’re going to give you a special
that’s not on their menu
hashtag booger burger lol you’re
absolutely right but you see here’s the
I don’t you know make it a habit to go
back if someone you know violates what I
consider to be a health code if that’s
how you get down in a
I say something and then you you’re
agitated because I say can you use this
bachelor clearly you don’t give a fuck
about me so then I’ll get my food and
I’ll never come back I’m good for
keeping a pushing I’m good for just you
know taking the El thank you I’ll spend
my money elsewhere lived its ends in a
super chat start all food service
locations should have screens showing
the food prep why are people against
this question mark Ronny any any
knowledge on that I don’t know it’s
probably not it’s probably not a law
that you have to do that right good
point yeah not as far as I know and I
don’t think companies would want that
because then it would force them to
always be on point and it would be sort
of like a liability there’s a I don’t
want to say the location but out here in
Atlanta I I complained to Ana I’m not
going to say who I complained to but
someone was wearing locks or they had
locks and they didn’t have a net I think
I mentioned this on the show maybe a
month or so ago they did not have a net
over their logs and I was concerned
because I buy soup I buy sandwiches from
this little Dulli area so I did say
something to one of the managers and
then when I came back a couple of weeks
later that person was wearing a net so
yeah I speak to fuck up
imagine eat some guy damn well that is
something that is are you saying that is
something that is definitely regulated
you are supposed to you know cover your
facial hair and your hair if it’s
hanging there should be a net or a cap
on of some sort so you and you know the
supervisor on duty should have I
remember that incident but the
supervisor should have said something
listen the reason why I spoke up is
because after going to that place three
or four times I said wow this this
person is making sandwiches and all
sorts of stuff and I do not see a net on
his head anyway area code for one for
grieving are you there
for one for you know good evening
good hey can you speak up yeah can you
hear me yeah screaming no no Duke Duke
who are you I don’t know you you join
the conversation my name is Carly okay
how can we help you Cornelius you join
the conversation I worked for over Duke
okay let’s talk about educators please I
don’t feed it into Ober eats Ronnie
thinks it’s a great thing what say you I
mean there’s regulations for all that
stuff now we can’t we really are we keep
the food space man I actually I / I’m
bike Duke okay sounds great I just know
I think that most people are just nasty
I’ve seen videos with people who work
for uber you know violating people’s
food are you trying to say it never
happens I’m not saying that’s what you
do but I mean that’s a reality
you can never have like are wearing Tim
and makers with Tim’s can’t even look at
food with a sideways eye unless they
listen to biggie dude you’re annoying
and corny let’s get them out of here
it’s corny biggie
code nine five nine five won’t leave me
good evening star good evening Ronnie
how are you Frank oh yes
how you doing good I want to tell you
something I want to tell you something
pertaining to overreach please you of
always you have always been about yes
trailer you have always been about that
I’m not going to tell you the idea I
would just email you a nice peak off
here it’s so it’s beyond no crimes cause
please don’t do that please don’t send
me ideas I’ve always said to people if I
have something similar to what you’re
thinking about then you’ll come back and
say he stole my stuff don’t send me
ideas no no no known if you haven’t
pappan and it’s on youtube send me a
link but please don’t send me ideas you
wanna join the conversation flores
respectfully respectfully if I had
Millie if I had millions not even
millions if I had about a hundred grand
right now um it there’s room for me so
it’s nothing if I tell the world it’s
something that that it’s it’s billions
of dollars it’s billions of dollars in
it don’t sleep on it even that that
cover one that’s called post and
potently crime so listen to me I hear
you and again don’t send me ideas I have
had people throughout my radio journey
drop off music at the radio station
somebody else comes out with a track a
month later or a year later and then
it’s yo I gave my shit to star he
somebody stole something so no don’t
send me an idea the last time now join
the conversation no problem
yeah but I saw that Trina incident but
it’s dope you know this is never stop
you know what it is yeah you already
know what it is it will never stop she
she they they they they have to get
checked she had to go check it is what
it is okay
this Trina live in what area I would
imagine that somewhere in Florida
because she’s on Love & Hip Hop so I
don’t know the area you know Miami what
Miami Miami okay any comments on uber
eats skills who eats like I said it’s a
great thing like I said no negativity
like um it’s a great thing I have
nothing negative to say about it whoever
think it’s its foolishness like her
laugh at there is so many ideas there’s
so many money to be made store here it’s
money out here man this is America man
the land of greatness and opportunity
thank you and what you doing man respect
thank you so thank you okay yet crime
skills on the chicken
I’m not sorry that I have to say that to
people throughout my journey I have had
people like you know send me an email yo
I got this idea and then somebody else
comes along months later or like I said
a year or two IDEO you stole I get the
eff out of here
don’t send me ideas I’m I don’t have a
production company
I’m not soliciting for you know ideas I
somebody sent me a contract today for
the goddamn television pilot god I can’t
show you oh yeah
must have me a contract today you know
me you see all the stuff I’ve got
circled here about intellectual property
all this other stuff send me no goddamn
ideas I’m trying not to get sued yo yo
okay you want to speakerphone come to
the phone oh no my headset let me take
it off you know I had an odd – damn I’m
a little edgy come on I want to say uber
each is very risky
most of them niggas have felonies and
shit and I can’t trust them the other
day at Popeye’s motherfucker at 3
o’clock in the morning you watch your
language how many times do I have to sit
here and say slow down with the
profanity it’s not your bed how many
times I have to tell you never mind what
I do you call into the show don’t follow
my lead even if I say something crazy
come on oh my bad my bad
I’ll respect your platform my bad bro my
bad guy continue on please how often you
order goober eats are you a supporter of
the function I mean of the company mr.
Manning come on
do as I say not as I do goddamn
algorithm is serious
maybe we should even take phone calls
and Ronnie do just want to have a
conversation we’ll bring in two people
in that’s it
try not to be a so what do you want to
go back to with regards to this topic
again I respect what you’re saying but I
personally will not use ubereats
regardless what someone says to me it’s
so convenient it just it doesn’t work
for me I’m freaked out by the thoughts
of someone doing that to my food but
you’re not concerned about the food that
you purchased from the supermarket or
the food that you purchase in a
restaurant where you can’t see what
they’re doing in the kitchen I mean it’s
really just a matter of convenience I
understand what you’re saying about the
food is in the car they could have a
friend in the car they could be on the
bike like the the other troll that
called in you know because that is an
option and this other guy saying they
could be selling they could be selling
but so what if they’re selling that
doesn’t mean they’re gonna mess with
your food they’re probably the last
person to mess with your food because
they know how it feels to be worried
about having your food messed with so I
want to answer your question yes I’m
concerned about everything that I
consume but I’m not gonna let that be
the trade-off because because you know
it could all be bad for you know I’m at
a certain age in my life where I do have
to be very conscious very carefully I go
to the supermarket now I have to read
most of the stuff that I’m looking at I
have to look for the sugar content
whether it has a sugar substitute and
all that sort of jazz so it’s not that
I’m just you know saying oh well you
know it’s only the over eats sort of
jazz that’s bad for all of its bad but I
can’t let that be the trade-off and say
okay well you know what I’ll get the o
beats and I’ll just I’ll roll the dice
or you can you know cook all of your
food and you know it’ll only go to
places where you can see but that’s you
know this is we’re going into 2020 this
is what it is now
you don’t have to leave your house to do
anything I can go on Amazon I can place
an order it can be here the next day you
know some things I could even get the
same day it’s just convenience is is the
number-one thing these days so we’re
sort of like in a microwave era where no
one can we you know faster faster faster
and this is why you see the retail
department stores going out of business
it’s like a mass exodus nobody’s in the
stores anymore yeah you and I have
spoken about that in the past with
regards to retail stores or I think you
call them brick-and-mortar that that’s
the term that they use and yeah I get it
I get it but people are posting videos I
saw a couple of videos today that that
were just gross and disgusting and again
this is the only very good information a
munch Kim on YouTube she spoke about
some of the pros and cons what are some
of the the cons in your opinion aside
from what I’m talking about you know
just being concerned about people being
nasty what are some of the other things
but we have double billing or orders
being canceled or people delivering your
food eating your food and then lying to
you what are some of the other cons um
well besides someone tampering with my
food for me as a consumer I can’t really
think of any cons because if there’s a
mistake with the billing that’s just a
matter of the company correcting it or
my bank correcting it you know whatever
have you so I probably the other con
would be sharing my data with them as
far as my credit card information they
have it stored in a database even if
they say they’re only capturing it for
that one transaction and they’re not
storing it des storing it so and then
you know they get hacked which a lot of
companies could have then you know your
data is out there
so other than that somebody tampering
with the food I’m taking that chance any
time I go to a restaurant okay okay hang
on a second Ronny um that money blue
sends in a cash Epps’s yard-man lip
shush okay thank you for your donation
Sola Sola says Byron Allen versus
Comcast any thoughts store I’m not fully
fully up to speed I know what’s kind of
so much sort of going on I have not read
the reports or the details of it I do
know some of the things that have been
in the press but have I done the
research no I have not done dug into it
too deep thank you for your cash Ronny
lived it says despite ingredients and
odd meat choice in New York City you
both noticed that Chinese restaurants
are nearly nearly the only places with
observable kitchens okay right the brain
Bush kid sends in a baby yeah yeah Bush
kid sends in a super jet star your boy
Eric B got a nigga wake-up call he was
arrested on a 17 year old warrant in
dirty jurors second and Alicia Keys
racist friend is being sued by the cook
hash tag Mills yeah that was that came
out like last week Alicia Keys friend
that woman who said she can use the
n-word because of Alicia Keys yes
someone sent me these story about Eric B
earlier I didn’t give him a call I
didn’t want to like you know hollow out
of me cuz oh he got arrested you know
thank you for your donation pancake man
sends it a donation start you a hater
the feds racist rate race baiter
narcissist and a sellout yes I told you
this I’ve told you this
over the years what are you saying thank
you thank you okay
can I read that one by full blast video
let’s find another call here it’s
bringing area code 202 breathing – OH –
are you there yep
yo yo yo girl with you started yesterday
somebody call from DC talking about one
of their peoples Cameron back in the
days yeah yeah I did also I was watching
Iraq TV and I saw that out what our four
workers was on there he was saying about
how a camera I got shot because some
people in DC didn’t like his character
that he portrayed in the movies right
that was the video last week on M Rex
Channel yes it was last week I saw –
yeah nothing I didn’t know he did one
today it’s like a for my interview with
erect like a side-by-side came out the
date and he brought that he boarded up
about what camera guys chatter he
thought it was because of that but
that’s not why I camera got shot for
real we could all say what happened was
this is what happened
Karen was that coming couples coming
club he pulled up to a life artist came
out he was a street dude but he was an
artist and he wanted to give camera his
demo CD okay he got up to cameras window
to give a camera on his demo CD pedal
camera to roll the window down camera
reached like he was reaching for a fire
arm and then the other guy pulled out
his firearm and he shot he fired awful
camera that is exactly what happened
anybody hit him some DC they know that’s
what happened it didn’t nobody – no rock
sign up and all that nobody did and
anything like that
he’s trying to give a little CD and
camera I went under the seat grab my ax
like he was pulling something the guys
are smiled awful care and let it do a
paid in full
and then to do with that that’s a fact
yeah because I heard the story back in
the day it’s something about they’re
thrown at the rock signs
so you’re saying Cameron reached under
the seat and somebody else thought he
was reaching for the blam er and that’s
why they hit him Hey
yeah camera just do that in there
because he was beaten with Jay Z at the
time I guess he wanted he did a video
with the Cass or like yeah I’ve seen
they throw the right side I was in the
south side that was yeah total and what
was he driving wasn’t it some type of
pink Maserati I forget oh no it was it
was it was a it was a pink Lamborghini
there you go it was a pink Lamborghini
near here he pulled up at the light what
happened so did the artists ever pop off
well he just said he fainted away into
oblivion who’s not yeah yeah he never
popped off no he’d never popped off at
all he was just you know he was hi he
said Karen they just kept left from the
UH from the club and he said Karen he
could he just walk up to his window and
give him a CD demo what hit him with a
couple of shots love is love it’s all
pardon me my nigga right yeah yeah one
thing I will say about Kay yeah some
people in the area were looking for the
guy or whatever but they know who we
yeah that is just you know it went and
went down like that but I want I wonder
uh by the way how you doing Ron if I use
but by the way how you door yeah I
wanted what I wanted to talk about the
uber ease thing right please please so
every Saturday and Sunday morning wife
you don’t cook on the weekend she’s like
you know chill out for a minute she cook
all during the week she worked on the
week anchor on the cook so you know he
order ooby eat so with uber each though
its pros and cons to it please the pros
pros Elise is like Ronnie said it’s just
the convenience of having your food
delivered to you you can just sit there
and your baby and your food was cut your
food come to you and you know you that’s
that’s the that’s the pros to it
not having to get out to be like we
we we normally order aha you know in the
morning Saturday morning I hop Sunday
morning uh-huh
you know we can lay in the bed chill get
to our breakfast board truth there now
now the cons to it is you know they
always I mean almost every single time
we ordered and we still order but
they’re always easy but get something
out your food or when they when they get
there you might come outside they might
it may take them a long time to get you
some 45-minute wait time for them to get
to you and then also they charge they
give you a delivery charge a delivery
charge they charge you taxes of course a
delivery charge and and a driver shop so
it’s like you may be paying thirteen
more extra dollars in fees period stay
with me please what you’re saying is
makes a lot of sense and and the whole
weighting factor I mean is it really
or are you psyching yourself out to
think it’s more convenient because I did
read I mean I have some research here I
have something here that says yeah some
people sometimes they have to wait
sometimes the the driver cancels the
order because they can’t find the guy
damn apartment or house so is it really
convenient yes yeah so it’s convenient
no gonna hop on a Sunday you know
searching all these data I have is
jam-packed up in it yeah so if there is
some convenience let me clarify it so
service me and it deliveries me that’s
what I’m going to say a service fee
delivery speed intact but if there is a
convenience because only you don’t want
to get out your bed you want to lay up
and take it easy so I can respect that
but what other things oh this is another
thing right here you go get your food
right you can follow the map the outside
I’m in DC man you might pull up you pull
up you know I pulled up the driver that
you pat you might be another person in
the car can windows stay marking on you
they looking at you all crazy
if I get my food they girl come out the
car and come bring you your food but I
have experiences when they come they
pull it up in the car I also take the
brownie with me what are we really
holding that over some guy damn I hop
crazy yeah and then the last thing is
the tamper with the food I don’t know
about you know where you have Ronnie in
Jersey but when they come bring the food
they normally have the it being a paper
bag and it’d be stapled on all the way
across and it has a receipt stapled on
it if you can’t really see if somebody
opens your bag if you can I overeat
summit area of course in the plastic bag
like you know you can never tell I
wouldn’t even order movies for a carrier
I’ve got to be like a restaurant Fridays
or major restaurant a Buffalo Wild Wings
was last week and we did and they stick
with your bad clothes here in this
Marion DMV DC money but they stay for
your bad clothes so you already have to
worry about somebody you know you sell
might be missing out the bank and they
put it in other than that you straight
after you he’s straight I see I thank
you for calling me I appreciate you
giving me some more details Thank You
Ronnie you’re born and raised in Jersey
you’re still in Jersey I was born and
raised in Jersey I live in Atlanta now
do you think that maybe I’m a little too
uh untrustworthy of white people I’ll
keep it real with you
I’ll keep it real good I if I was going
to use uber eads I would I would trust
black people delivering the food over
white people losing well what about the
video that we saw today where they
canceled the order right when the woman
was standing right there
you know they didn’t look weight to me
so any if some of them mess with your
food they didn’t mess with your food a
second you’re talking about the the
guy and the black woman that was eating
the popeyes chicken sandwiches yes yes
hang on a sec okay so they’re eating the
food I got no problem if you jerk me and
eat the food and maybe this sounds
racist and you know what fuck it I think
that way people having grown up around
more white people in New Jersey I’ve
seen them do some really low shit to
people’s foods I’m talking about the
school cafeterias and just restaurants
so maybe I am a little biased with
regard said but the reason why I’m
asking is because you’re from Jersey and
you live around mostly white people yes
now yes yes I’m not I mean here your
driver could be anybody your driver can
literally be anybody and it’s not like
with uber or lyft where you can say I
don’t want this person for your food
it’s selected for you and so you can’t
choose but like Ozzy said your bag is
gonna be filled so how about that will
you order then listen again I’m a man of
a certain age I will take certain
beliefs of mine to my grave I don’t care
how the younger generation thinks how
they move I just have certain things
that I think about and I say wow you
know somebody could give me give me some
coleslaw and you park up a loogie and
put it in a coleslaw and there I am
fucking lapping it up anyway hold on a
second dakari thank you for your cash or
should somebody now correcting what are
the odds set with regards to the Lambo
that Killa cam got shot in store the
Lambo was Pepsi blue not pink DC niggas
dumb nut Ronnie you’re a bigger a big
Dipset fan you didn’t know that the well
according to this person what the Lambo
was Pepsi blue not pink okay I got shot
in I thought I was on I thought I was on
mute but he
took a picture and he’s pictured in
front of that the blue car the one that
he was driving on the night that he was
shot and I never thought that it was
jay-z I don’t think anybody really
seriously believed that when he said it
it was just it happened to be a
you’re going to add it with him and at
the same time you get shot in DC it’s
not like he sent shooters to DC for what
oh hang on a second T sends in a super
chat ronnie caping for uber eats if uber
comes comes out with uber cigarettes
next year with tank forward slash Wesley
Pipes look-alike drivers Ronnie’s box is
going to explode you know what actually
I have a friend a mutual friend who came
up with the company it’s called go puff
and you can get anything delivered from
tobacco to an aspirin to you know
whatever you might want from the store
so and now even the grocery stores are
doing that you don’t have to do your own
grocery shopping I’m very up to speed on
Walmart I think last year Walmart rolled
out that whole thing that they will
deliver your groceries to your home and
then put the groceries in your
refrigerator I’m cool with all of that I
get it it’s as you said a multi-billion
dollar industry call me a weirdo I don’t
give a damn I just think that people do
too many things to food you know just
playing around maybe maybe is because of
how I grew up and I saw things that make
me say whoa I’m not taking that chance
but anyway hold on a second I lived it
lived it sends in a super chat star and
Ronnie the birds calm has the skinny on
uber and rolling out drone food delivery
next year your thoughts question mark
I’m that speed Ronnie the birds calm
nothing about that um did he say cloned
the birds calm has the skinny on uber
rolling out drone food delivery next
year grown food Oh drone drone I thought
you said clone like cloned meat well you
know I don’t think they will do it
before Amazon and Amazon has already
been working on that for several years
drone delivery so I think if anybody’s
gonna roll it out it’ll it will be them
first but I’m all for it however you get
it to me I really don’t care
think about one of the jobs this is
creating for especially for people who
normally can’t find you know other work
or work that suits their schedule yeah I
mean listen I’m a capitalist so I’m not
saying it’s a bad thing I’m just saying
I’m a weirdo I can’t do it it has
nothing to do with somebody like you
know not liking me as they’re delivering
the food I’m just something I suspect
everybody of being a fucking creep
Arturo shadi sends it a donation store a
food temperature is an issue I need hot
food respect yeah I saw in the report
running that we’re talking about hold on
a second and this comes from mass a bunch of stuff food
temperature is an issue a lot of notes
here so I get it with regards to how
convenient it is the dumb ish says y’all
start every time I order from uber the
food gets to me cold
I’m talking about melted cheese gets to
me as solid as a solid block that’s
another con shaking my head okay
diplomat to 81 says so we don’t do all
that sort of jazz Thank You Man thank
you diplomat to 81 Thank You Man
okay maybe a couple of calls in any code
301 hey 301 good evening talk my uber
eats is it worth the risk
are you there 301 me yes real one maybe
code 301 how are you alright hi star how
are you I really enjoy the way you run
your show I think you have an excellent
program and you run it very well and I
must tell you I am so impressed with
Ronnie she just seems to be a very good
debater and it’s very enjoyable the way
you guys interact between the two of you
I I absolutely agree with you star there
is no way in the world my wife and I had
this discussion not too long ago there’s
no way in the world I’d order anything
from who reads I’m very in fact when we
go to a restaurant I always told the
person of the server I am a good tipper
and I and I will I believe in shipping I
I let them know upfront and I’m a good
tipper and please do not do anything to
my food I just I am just so paranoid I
and I have I’ve had friends in the past
who sent stuff back you could give I
could order a bloody rare steak and you
could bring nothing me crispy I’ve just
burnt to a crisp and I will not send it
back so I agree to there’s no way and I
understand what Ronnie’s saying we’re in
an era of convenience people are they
wanted now I get it but I’m like you
storm emanuel a certain certain age i
work on a website and i write checks
you know what I mean I just it just it’s
just one of those things I think it’s a
generational thing and if I can also say
that I appreciate Ronnie standing her
ground and she’s got notes and and uh
you know she believes what she believes
and she’s younger so I like to hear the
younger perspective you know because I
don’t want to just be absolutely I don’t
want this I don’t want to be some relic
some dinosaur but you know there are
certain things that I do know by way of
just you know health that could could
affect me as an older man I mean growing
up in the 70s my father would not let
our family sit near a bathroom because
of the bacteria because of the bacteria
you know that could come out of the
the bathroom onto the goddamn breakfast
table or dinner table go ahead you’re
absolutely right when you flush a toilet
those the bacteria you say jumps like 10
15 20 30 feet I mean it did stuffs all
over the place if I could if I could if
I could have just a couple of Liberty I
just a Liberty just ask you a couple of
housekeeping questions things I’ve been
concerned serious about now I like the
way you run your platform as I said
earlier I like the fact that you don’t
allow profanity and all the rest but I
have noticed you said you can’t say
certain things then you’ll see that same
thing I just wondering what is what is
the difference with the uber Albert
algorithm that you’re so concerned about
that you could say that but but you
don’t want the caller said well I study
as a content creator way as a content
creator I study everything that comes
down the pipe by way of YouTube you know
the algorithms and the different things
that they will not and they will accept
and having lost YouTube channels in the
past myself and DJ Elias I have learned
the hard way so if I if I say some
something some profanity word you know
you have to wait a minute or two or you
have to space out because well as I’ve
said before within the first 30 seconds
of a live stream or rebroadcast if
there’s profanity that little green ball
that if that’s in your dashboard it’s
yellow when when the when you finish the
stream so I try to space out you know
some of my language I don’t like to sit
here and use profanity but sometimes if
a caller just just starts bombing
f-bombs and mother-effer and all these
other things just say bam bam bam say
hey slow down I’m not saying you can’t
hurts it all but just slow it down you
feel me okay no I like this Ronnie one
other question and now and I know you
got close I’ll let you go may I ask you
any question is Ronnie there still money
is it I try you left I think I’m here
okay what right here’s the question I’d
like to ask you and sorry if you don’t
mind if I could go back just a couple of
shows what’s not going to ask
who are you and no please don’t go back
please don’t go back who you okay okay
I’m comin I’m in DC but you see a 301
area code yeah but I was going to ask
you about the spanking but that’s fine
start again thank you so much for your
programming I’ll let you ask one
question about the spanks but you don’t
go back that he’s right there I
appreciate it
Ronnie your arguments on spanking were
right on point I I was very impressed by
them but you were debating with a guy
from the south and I think it’s a little
bit different from the South people from
the South they come at it at a little
bit different perspective than people
from the north and I was wondering if
you factor that in I forget the
gentleman’s name that you were debating
with do you factor in Geographic when
you when you consider spanking and when
should you spank a person or not do you
understand what I’m saying right oh yeah
I the numbers show that it happens
across the board regardless of the you
know the race or the economic background
so also that would be you know the
geographic location because you know
other cultures and other countries do it
so it’s I don’t when you’re debating a
gentleman who was from the south I
forget where it was when you guys were
at the program and you’re debating he
was from the south and he believed in
Spain you do not and I was wondering if
you understand and I agree with you your
arguments were right on point in my
opinion but but coming from the south as
I was born in the South it’s more you
need to get your children’s attention
more at least when I was coming up you
did I was willing if you could
understand where the other gentleman I
don’t know his name was coming from I
said let me finish finish this up and
then let’s I gotta move on money yeah
and last one
fair enough I I understand the reasoning
that anyone puts forward for you know
why they’re making this the decision to
do it I just simply don’t agree thank
you okay on a second guys
somebody texted me about some business
very important
hold on Ronnie’s so much sent in a super
chat four and four I’m on the line Star
team door – wait a minute what’s this
about have you code for and for you
they’re falling for hello for one for
good evening
you sent in a super chat hello hey
bullying falls at you
yeah good hey what’s up man cool I
worked over Duke
yeah can you can you give me a break
with the trolling you called in earlier
it was it was fun it was cute yeah yeah
I mean what do you want thank you thank
you thank you
hey Tay Tay sends in a super jet star
almost exploded when he heard he could
get I hop on Sundays probably gonna
gonna change the title I’m a little
confused I hop on Sundays are you
talking about by way of uber I would
never order overeats but thank you t if
I understand you correctly I went to
IHOP maybe two months ago I have changed
if you ask me in terms of its food I
just I wouldn’t go back there it was
kind of nasty last time I went it was
just it wasn’t what it was or what I
remember it to be let me say that right
T also says okay I read that Ronnie
keeping hold on a sec Ron let me make
sure it missing anything super chest in
your second bush kid got him pancake man
lived it sue okay we bring an area code
eight five six greenie eight five six
are you there hey five six good evening
so good evening
he’s dragon is hi yo its bringing every
killed 908
good evening 908 are you do talk about
uber eats is it worth the risk not only
it was going off stars do I’m good do
you know people are still sending me
email or a couple about you say what was
that you said you called Sammy the bull
Frankie the bull was that you saying
thank you to both and a couple of other
things you say the people from time to
time they always remember the mess-ups
anyway how are you dear what’s going on
man I’m doing good man
um regarding the topic I actually do
lift on the side I’m I’m a good driver
as well but I don’t do I don’t do I
think it depends on if I mean people who
are going to do it I think it really
depends on the location they’re going to
but you know I can live not too far from
that Oxon Hill Maryland where the where
the person got stands at the top I
thought I actually lived like 15 minutes
away from there so don’t recommend
people doing uber according to multiple
reports they know who the stabber is now
from that Popeyes killing he’s on the
run but he has not been apprehended but
then who he is supposedly police I mean
both oh they got they they ran the way
you ladies if I remember correctly okay
there ain’t no waitlist but uh yeah
you’ve done he’s done I’m shocked I’m
shocked pick out is if they still went
back to the Popeyes with actually still
opening the next day after that stabbing
we live in that area may do you have any
any further information there was a girl
also who was in the picture with that
guy any thoughts on that
mmm was she the getaway driver I don’t
know you got to be honest
you don’t know I don’t know Theo you
live around there would you say 15
minutes from that place I just I catch
the the updates but in terms of the
local news I don’t know well all I could
really say is man people get caught they
got the guys defamation I mean I’m sure
there was probably a video of it so you
know unfortunate it’s an unfortunate
situation but you are the second before
we let you go any thoughts okay you said
you’re a a part-time uber driver or lyft
would you say I forget
okay so you’ve never delivered food yet
you don’t you’re not looking to go in
that direction is it it does one pay
more than the other or is it all based
upon traffic and regions oh we are to be
I don’t know for sure if I don’t know
what live does I won’t think there’s
something I think there’s a such a thing
called levees to be on with you I didn’t
only Hoover that does that okay yeah I
don’t know either but like I would say
that uh from what I’ve been told there’s
more benefits for overreach okay you
know I’m gonna list I mean let this is
pretty good because like on certain
times you get they pay you like like $50
extra if you pick up three people at a
certain time or whatever hang on a
second Ronnie does lift deliver photos
that there was that trademarked I don’t
know that world I know that there’s a
GrubHub you have food Squier there’s
post mates
yeah post me yes post mates there’s
literally like 15 different companies
but uber each has the largest market
share and they are actually only
penetrating by one percent the market so
they did eight billion last year but
this is an 800 billion dollar market so
a billion with a billion why does it
lift deliver food or do they have a
company under them that does
maybe they do joke I have no idea but I
don’t know if you saw that in is
beautiful where a TK Kirkland said on
black DVD no the uber jawbridge that
make 2k o weeks okay no I haven’t seen
that one book Tim good to talk to you
anything else went up on the table about
tell what you’re doing a while since we
spoke I mean focusing on school you know
John go back you know I’m cramming
school be a therapist and everything so
you know focus on Lamar crime how’s your
energy did you ever get those b12 shots
I was recommending to you I’m good now
I’m good I’m definitely good man I’m I
told you I broke up with my girl okay
I’m good now
okay now are you good because you don’t
have to something to get ya know yeah I
said he had no hard feelings
yeah he got that worked out you know
good guy he admitted that he had that
that that issue
you know I was about to show him what to
get because I would like to hear I would
like to hear from the woman in his life
if because he said it had happened with
two different women and then he said it
was he blamed it on them he said no it
was just them right two different women
so I need to hear from your current
woman that there are no problems before
I believe that yeah I got a brand new um
bottle of b12 right here hold on a
I got so much stuff on my desk bring the
bottle right there
brand new needles anyway oh hold on a
second bring an area code nine to nine
good evening 99 we’re talking about
ubereats is it worth the risk nine to
nine Craig on the check-in how you been
Craig daddy voice man all right okay
okay get ready for the winter up there
you and money earning Mount Vernon ready
for the winter I’m good I’m in Atlanta
it’s cold and rainy down here man I’m
kind of enjoying it actually can enjoy
it yeah have you spoke to alias as of
late whose last time you spoke to DJ
Lee’s no no
but while doing okay he’s on the run
still you know same oh shit I spoke to
him two days ago he said any rocks till
I drop you said he can’t turn himself in
well listen man enjoy your evening Rick
always good to hear from you man enjoy
your evening right you do okay Craig day
one hey I got a save Craig’s number hey
I had his old number okay let me go back
to cash hey Jasmine Jasmine sends in a
cash Shep she’s on the line where you
area code nine three one he’s sick guys
jasmine is that you 931 hi hey how are
you I’m good how are you good thank you
for your cash yeah what do you want to
jump in yeah in hi Ronnie
good evening um so I wanted to chime in
on the uber eat I use it a lot when I’m
traveling for work so I do have a bias
in terms of using the app the only
complaint I have is that there are
orders that I’ve done that are missing
items such as like drinks but other than
that that’s what I mainly use it for I
haven’t had any bad experiences properly
filled or loser drivers have been really
nice if there’s someone riding shotgun
it’s a little weird but they hand me my
food so it’s been a positive experience
can I ask how
you Jasmine or Union 20s 31 that say
exactly how old but what generation are
you sure sort of I’m my early thirties
and I actually live in Atlanta okay so
this is your norm now ubereats this is
not something like you know from a
person my generation we look at I don’t
know it’s you you’ve been conditioned
into it yes I have been and I will say
this if you really think about it you
are taking a risk if you do consume food
outside of home period so someone’s
making your food I mean if someone does
not wash their hands or use his gloves
what’s the difference in the driver
handing you their food so I mean I don’t
want to call the other people calling in
hypocrite but I’m just man like you know
you do take that litt risk if you’re
eating out failure I mean there are
certain restaurants that do require the
cooks and the other employees to wash
their hands I mean but you know just
overall I don’t think you in America and
correct me if I’m wrong you or Ronnie
Ronnie if jumping if you like I don’t
think that proper food preparation or
culinary conditioning is a big deal here
in America for the most part we’ve got
fast-food workers and no disrespect to
them but the turnover is so fast so who
really cares about you know washing
their hands or doing something that
would not be of a health risk to
consumers weight think about that
no I fully agree with you and of course
everyone should be following those
regulations there are regulations in
place but I mean who’s really following
them that’s just the risk that you take
either getting food delivered from a
pizza driver or uber driver GrubHub or
eating at a restaurant at the end of the
day so that my to think yeah
Brian you went jumping on what the
Jasmine saying morning I mean I
obviously agree with everything that she
said and
to continue to use the service one thing
I did leave out which Ozzie Ozzie say
was that you know using the services as
a lot of money to the final bill versus
if you were to just go get it yourself
there’s a you know this fee that the you
know so a regular order might cost you
like ten fifteen dollars at the very
least and what it really should so you
know that’s a downside but you’re paying
you know you’re you’re paying for the
convenience of not leaving your house or
wherever you are okay Jasmine thank you
so much for your superjet thank you and
can I add one more thing really quickly
oh so a couple of years ago you had a
show where you were discussing how black
women should actually be going to black
owned nail salons and I sent you an
and you pass it over to Dana and her and
I’ve been in contact for the past couple
years so I just wanted to tell you thank
you for doing that and she’s amazing she
had a really great show this evening
nice and it was a pleasure speaking with
you all this evening okay thank you so
much all right thank you bye night
Jasmine Dana with the smoke Dana are you
out there let me go to niconico sins in
a cash at star camp got caught reaching
in the Pepsi blue lamb okay what was he
reaching for the blammo Ronnie do you
remember what was he reaching for
something that had nothing to do with
you know I was in the radio during that
well his version of the event at the
time was that he was stopped at a red
light and you know the guy pulled up
next to him or or walked I believe he
said that they pulled up in another car
and he said I saw him flourish Baraka so
assigned blah blah blah you know and but
like I said it I don’t think anyone
believed that
that’s what happened of course he was
shot and at the time he was on probation
he wasn’t even supposed to be where he
was so I think he actually got in some
trouble over that didn’t he get shot
through both arms as he was because he
had his arms up I thought boy that’s
what he said right I forget the exact
details but I just I remember we were
talking about it and just you know
something about the Lambo or the fucking
or some weird shit Thank You Man for
your donation lung butter sends in a
cash at start uber eats fire Ronnie for
putting apples in food I think that’s a
shot at your potato cell you put apples
in your potato salad
remember quickly yes yes that’s a shot
and it’s amazing if you haven’t tried to
try it
priest sends in a subjet uber is a
testbed for driverless deliveries hmm
any thoughts on that Ronnie uber is the
water guru I’m gonna said I just hit
delete a testbed for driverless
deliveries priest yeah he’s gonna test
bed um well people say the same thing
about the self checkout and also use it
if the line is shorter there than a line
with the cashier look the robots are
coming we already have the the AI
technology it’s already here we already
have stores where you know there’s more
self checkouts than there are with
cashiers so it’s here you can’t put the
cat back in the bag the genie back in
the bottle it’s here now years ago I saw
speaking of what this person priest just
said a testbed for driverless deliveries
I saw something I don’t think it was a
drone or some type of little box and
some remote control thing
that could take it a couple of blocks
and you could then take your food at
that have you ever seen one of those no
no could you imagine your foods coming
and you’re you know you’re sitting
somewhere and and and a dog sees that
box and then urinates on the box it has
your food in there
and then the box oh my god the box
continues to you you have no idea the
dog urinate on it and you grab it and
you bite into a oh my gosh you know
where I did think was very creepy was I
was in the supermarket the other day and
I was in the supermarket and a robot
almost bumped into me it was a robot
just going around the store and I was
like what is this thing a night you know
I read it and it said it had a sign
attached to it that said like I was just
like a safety thing like meet our newest
employee and it’s like some spots pills
or whatever but that was just to me too
creepy you know was it a human looking
robot machine looking thing what was it
it was a machine looking like terminator
looking robot like obviously a machine
but like like a person so like a robotic
person almost and now that was weird
because it almost bumped into me and yes
you know so and it said excuse me
it spoke also it said it said that quote
unquote yes yes it speaks and it talks
yeah you could ask a question what aisle
is whatever so but the official it had a
sign it said like this is a safety
something whatever another but I’m sure
it’s recording and just like there’s
cameras in the store anyway so I think
the next level will be synthetic
life-forms that patrol the the mall
complex areas and that they will scan
your face to see if you
you know I’ve been to that mall before
to see if you’ve ever been caught
stealing at that mall and then based
upon that that information they may then
follow you see if you’re gonna steal
again well you know there used to be a
time where people were afraid of certain
things like you know they call it the
mark of the beast right well you get the
chip and now it’s like what the way
technology is going most people would
say yeah if it’ll make things easier I
don’t have to carry a cash or a card you
know like are we headed to a cashless
society where you just scan your retina
you know and all your information and
your data is right there we could be
there so in the past we have worried
about being profiled and marginalized
now you’re gonna have these robots or
synthetic life-forms that that will Zone
in on you and they won’t follow you but
based upon your traffic hang on a second
Ronnie let me go to a dark cocoa kiss to
sends in a cache yep thank you darling
she’s sexy she says salute goat love de
lion’s hat we ain’t shit though okay
thank you darling yeah I don’t know how
how the Lions are doing this year I do
know that the San Francisco 49ers just
lost their first game Elvis to Shep
Rosenberg hang on a second where are you
sir get you on that line every code six
for six mr. Rosenberg is that you
good evening I’m happy good
so I was thinking about the topic of
course and I would you know I don’t
really have the data like I would like
to have presented a little better I had
a but here’s the thing this is a what
they refer to or what I would refer to
as gig culture you know and it’s
everyone is working thinking they’re
working but it’s really a gig it’s not
really a job there is money to be made
and a gig where what happens is time is
gonna keep on going while you
gigging it and get 30s and 20s they’re
gonna go by and you’re not gonna be
worth much when that kickin is all done
and people need to wake up to the
reality let me just say this to you
everything that I’m involved with we all
use these services okay so you know I
see the people I see the people that are
coming up and passing out their phone
and we scan their phone and we hand them
a bag right and it’s kind of sad that
half those people are very hungry that
are delivering this food to people so
that’s a that’s a reality especially in
New York City others places people at
least have to have a car but New York
City’s you got people just walking
around fingernails a dirty hair zone you
know and they’re scratching their
booties on the elevator on the way to
giving you the food right scratching
their crotch they may have crabs or a
urinary tract infection or a yeast
infection so I’m not crazy to think like
this right else I’m not crazy
no no not at all I had to tell the
people not to send this particular girl
because it was obvious she was on heroin
so you know I don’t want a person on
smack that’s living under a bridge to
pick up my Wendy’s and drop it all right
Ronnie jump in here Elvis the chef
Rosenberg is spittin facts right I
listened there’s nothing I can say to
rebut what he’s saying I don’t want a
heroin addict with like open sores and
scabs you know that stitching and
scratch from delivering my food either I
don’t but it’s happened already
what is Ronnie in your defense I don’t
think you have to defend your position
you have a great position again I get it
I understand where society is
everything’s moving fast I’m just one of
those weird ones that just you know
I’ll take certain things to my grave and
I just I pride myself on being a
productive member of society but just
some of this stuff managers I’m like no
I can’t do it I’m sorry I can’t Oh Elvis
any thoughts on Trina did she get her a
wake-up call did you see the new
interview that she did the Harvey Levin
with regards to the woman that she
claims called called a nigga bitch yeah
I don’t see the Harvey Levin I just saw
the the worldstar clit and the house you
suppose that you owe my friend an
apology and that never happens she goes
she got hit with the reality that yes
you are a star in your bubble in in your
world but outside of that no one is
saying yes to you are me no one is
saying sure we can get that for you and
have that done that’s not how it’s not
part of your writer when you in Walmart
there are no writers in Walmart I listen
I’m the Walmart heavy and I’m not trying
to to clown Trina but my thing is
according to her according to Trina when
she spoke to Harvey Levin in this new
interview that was posted today on TMZ
the lady was crying
Trina went up to the lady and said are
you okay now you can say well she was
just being a good Samaritan it’s not
that deep but maybe she maybe she
invaded that woman’s space maybe that
woman said hang the fuck out of my space
I’ve got real problems here you are
looking like a straggler you know then
you turn them again and again and again
that’s crazy yeah yeah like we want to
catch it on film too late she said bitch
you didn’t catch it on film
keep him over you moving yeah yeah and I
think the police refer to that as she
made contact
she initiated contact so you got what
you deserve yeah good you talk to you
man I feel nothing for ya thank you for
you donation thank you I was saying hey
okay hold on Ronnie
bullshit Ronnie before we finish up this
top of what else is it that you want
from the table I know you pulled some
notes some research and again I’m just
I’m one of the weird ones I’m always
thinking about people going to different
places eating some food or some fucking
rice milk in one of those countries and
then they get parasites and they die
what else is it that that you want to
put on the table about the pros of
ubereats or you know food being
delivered in today’s fast-paced society
anything you know I talked a lot about
the pros I’m gonna say one other thing
that you there are some instances where
you know drivers have done things that
would make you not want to ever use the
app again but that’s and I think you
actually a couple of them one occurred
in New Jersey please tell me now I’m
listening coincidentally enough so this
guy was charged with masturbating and
his vehicle directly after making
delivery you see come on and you I send
you another article where McDonald’s
actually had dropped Buber eats because
of the amount of complaints they were
getting about food orders being tampered
with so again we’re back to you know
it’s the chance you take if you know if
you don’t want to just go get it
yourself now I guess you know you good
good I was gonna say you know at some
point I may very well invest in
something along these lines mean because
again I am a capitalist but I’m just
weirded out okay you were saying yeah
I’m now thinking about this a little bit
Ronny’s stand your ground stand your
ground don’t follow my lead stand your
I got to get off of Google you know it’s
like you never want to ask Google about
a symptom because they’ll have you
thinking you’re about to die and so now
I’m looking at like complaints about you
know these food delivery services and
I’m like oh my gosh I mean I need an
opposing view stand your ground hang on
a second Ronnie every code seven six
zero wants to check in is that Fabian
are you there Fabian good evening yes
sorry hey dick wanna make on the chicken
Stoller how are you pretty good man yeah
you know what I actually use ubereats
over here when I’m in Tijuana a lot when
I’m in San Diego I don’t use it a San
Diego too much because like ronnie was
saying it is like the other day I try to
order two pizzas for my co-workers and
if I would have picked it up it would
have been probably like 25 and mothers
who talked to me almost like 50 with
like the with the tip and you know the
fucking the fees and all that shit well
these watch the language bring you down
and not you too pleased about that yeah
in Tijuana the fees are super low man so
I’m paying like two dollars per per
delivery when it comes to the fees when
I’m over here and I’ve never had like a
bad experience or anything but a lot of
my places are like mom-and-pop places so
when they do send me the batteries they
send me like the bag is like stapled so
they couldn’t yeah I can kind of tell
that they haven’t been in there but
maybe over overeats or whatever you know
those other companies come up with some
type of feel that they put on your food
you know so that you know if someone’s
been up in there yeah now that I think
about it I think one of the reasons over
the decades that I’ve enjoyed eating
Jamaican food even though I no longer
eat it because the texture is different
the ingredients is different but I could
see them preparing the food right in
front of me I I could see that you know
what I’m saying so I think that
psychologically psychologically that
made me feel better about you know that
food that culture that lemonade
cleanliness of Jamaican preparation you
know maybe I should go back did you make
your food do you ever use ooh breathe so
far never never
I hope if Jason ever orders ovaries to
get the fucking razor blade and chicken
sandwich I appreciate the call man thank
you first are you guys ready all right
hold on hold on hold here
are you code eight one four eight one
four hey good evening it’s the crab
daddy are you doing pops pink mouse key
good evening yo how are you good about
Tommy I switched professions and back
into construction I’m running my own
crew building the houses and I took with
my income I’m back in the drywall nice
yes we do rate it work I hire felons I
have no problem with that
they typically have nicer cars than most
people at least the ones I employ so now
I don’t have a problem with I always
send them little mother than people to
get my food I get coffee
I get doughnuts I get our Cobell all
that fly stuff I’m a boss this is good
to hear man and I’m glad that you and I
can have a conversation and you’re not
just trolling from the start I’m glad we
can have this conversation I said I’m
glad we can have this conversation and
you’re not just rolling thank you so
much man I’m busy man moving forward and
listen you and I have spoken on multiple
occasions in the past I think you’re a
very intelligent guy so I enjoy you know
you jumping in on the conversation and
getting right to it very spiritual as
well and I want to hop on the topic yes
typically and Walmart should not
approach someone and ask if they’re okay
I come home from work I don’t want to
hear it from my girlfriend
I watched podcasts and sports shows I
don’t want to hear the female moderators
and read
search people in that show you’re
talking about Trina Walmart is that what
you representing I don’t want to hear
anything from any female I got money he
was doing good I was little I guess
little Reese got shot he’s indeed they
said verbatim he’s doing good in
critical condition whatever that was
shut the net movies yeah he got shot in
the cervical actually yeah but not all
of them can rap Melissa man good to talk
to you thank you for checking in yes oh
why would I have a question for your
co-host right how do we afford you how
can we make donations I’m not accepting
donations at this time for these would
eat why you do it but I appreciate your
concern I can ask you we’re not gonna
argue she says she’s not accepting
donating on the caller thank you for
calling King can now scan the jacket got
to get him in and get him out you know
good guy he’s been ride with me for a
number of years nice to see that he can
just join the conversation you know hold
on a second money uh let me go to cash
up here Eric how are you man every coat
5 7 1 he’s on the line hold on talking
about ubereats tonight guys I’m standing
firm I’m not gonna do it it just it
weirds me out
okay I don’t see 5 7 1 wait a minute
wait is this some right here Eric is
that you area code 5 7 1 hello yeah you
hear me how are you sir good evening
yeah hello yeah yes thank you for you
doing okay what’s up man Oh ain’t it
yeah man yeah yes oh look check this out
my uber Isla everybody knows that the
people who do that a lot of guys
something without supplemental income by
doing who buries to get food we ordered
man we order
you know some food some proposals man
from the Salvadoran place and we spoke
it like 12 in joints well they got like
nine right and uh like it what’s going
on I caught them up and a manager like
listen you know the managers like listen
that we know what we did we put the food
in there we know how much food was in
there and pretty much you know they’re
still the food you drivers are still of
food so no I would never do Hoover he’s
mad it’s nasty
because singing sing in my pot yep hello
you hear me yeah you saying hello
yeah he was like yo you order the repair
case and actually no yeah everything’s
listening you know I see honest it’s
pretty still this fool you take it a
chance man you know say you taking the
chairs over man the main thing will over
man is uh you know like I said people
are supplementing their income by doing
overheat or anyone like a scam to man
words like they act like they need
answered the door it didn’t break
through your food so you order if you
want something really really nice that
they like it’s gone did we speak about
if the order gets cancelled because the
driver they can’t find you do you still
get billed or is there some type of I’m
not sure I’ve never had a problem with
my order you can track it the entire
time totals you know I will do you still
get billed that’s probably just a matter
of calling the company and explaining
what happened and getting it reverse nah
nah it’ll work like that bad Trumpy you
know you don’t get you look at your
money back you know with Hoover man look
it’s a lot of poor people who’s good it
was going to over you eat you don’t say
they do it do it in tandem to so people
like one driver it might be delivering
the food man so you know they pick it
through the food man so I would never do
over eat again
nothing I’m not trying to stop nobody’s
bag I just want to make that
that’s going to stop a bag I appreciate
that people who can’t get you know or
different types of jobs can deliver food
and they can feed their families I
respect that but with regards to the
building so if as you just said if
they’re scamming and you’re not or they
say they can’t find you you still pay
okay okay check this out
you have to dispute with uber right and
uber they may not give you your money
back you can look all over Google and
YouTube or find stories of people
ordering food like I don’t know like $80
worth of food and they dispute over over
over won’t give their money back it’s
all over it’s all over Google I know mr.
Bharani no sir it’s all over Google
they’re scamming that man yeah you don’t
say but uh how no man is NASA man it
nasty you know like like I remember like
a lot of people don’t know how to be
clean like if these establishments
I’ve seen this one with this one person
there’s one particular establishment so
Manny’s got on the counter and Shorty
got a like a paper towel and wiped it up
like it was clean
you know somebody did something yeah you
know that’s disgusting man I mean people
nowadays just nasty people just nasty
and I’ll never do who reads again what’s
the farm out about that you don’t say
but you know if I wasn’t overreach I
would mess at McDonald’s but they have a
nice little system where they write
little stickers save little stickers you
know say you know you know I mean I
probably do I think that’s the safest
place to do it at the establishment like
that BAM but you know I mean I
appreciate you support me
have a good evening Ronnie hey Duane
sends in a cash at story get Jasmine’s
number from Dana she might be the one
okay machine Atlanta I think she said
she wasn’t Atlanta me mess holler Dana
it’s getting cold out here time to
cuddle up
anything with regards to uh the the as
he just said Ronnie the the billing or
you you have to dispute it I guess yeah
but is there some type of when you
accept the terms are you responsible for
paying for that food even if there is
some discrepancy and then you have to
dispute it let’s polish it morning did I
hang up our money oh man I think I did
would you run his phone drop out a
second when are you back faucet running
Here I am that was me yeah this guy’s so
full of it you have to think we’re
talking about like a huge you know
company it’s the same as with any of
these corporate companies any problems
you have and it’s involving a
transaction on your card they’re more
than happy to make the situation right
if they if it can be proven that you did
not get your food you’re not gonna be
made to pay for something that you
didn’t get it’s gonna credit your
account for this okay so you just say
email here Ronnie from April the 25th
2019 did you address this yet McDonald’s
drops uber eats as exclusive delivery
provider has more assaults by drivers
and cost issues are made public mm-hmm
and that article goes on to talk about
complaints about food tampering driver
delivery drivers assaulting customers
yeah so on and so forth so yeah one
thing we did not talk about was
delicious yeah yeah okay well she looks
better now we’re talking my delicious
boy that show she was on flavor flava
flav years ago I was a flavor of love
yes okay I think you sent me an email
this morning and she looks like she
might be bleaching or she’s had some
work done I responded to you and I said
she looks better now
yes yes you did she’s actually dating
Raymond Santana who was one of the
central part 5 right right so they are
in a relationship and I looks better I
mean her complexion looks off and it
looks different it looks you know yet
it’s that casket ready look you know
when you just go too far and um but as
far as her body I think she looks in
really great shape so well if she feels
better I think that’s the main thing I
mean as far as the bleaching you know
that’s always gonna be a topic for you
know certain communities I’ll just say
that but and I don’t really remember her
I’m not throwing any shade but looking
at some of the pictures from when she
was on that show and she’s got some
other things she does radio she’s done
commercials she’s done videos and yeah I
like the newer version of her if my
opinion means anything yes I mean like I
said she just looks great
so not great gray Widow I mean great
weird it’s it’s a weird I don’t even
know what you call that color gray
that’s the Vybz Kartel Gray hanging mr.
Khurana five-one-six– yeah is that
lived it five-one-six– yeah how am I
saying your name is it lift they’re
alive dick
Julius Julius place alright lift it let
that’s just for the you Carol’s Jewish
West hey man how are you thank you for
your super chat what’s going on is going
on running yes sir
hey no just on your topic autumn so I
was the one I was trying to say you know
if they get $15 an hour then what’s the
big deal with giving us 20/20 vision you
know letting us see the food get cooked
like the way Chinese restaurants are
like you would say and I would like to
make him restaurant okay I think that’s
I think that’s fair you know what I mean
we’re talking about all of this and
there was something about how the birds
was saying like how they’re trying over
put drones to deliver food and I just
wonder you know just thinking like how
you say strange thoughts and revelation
I’m just thinking how far we away from
people say and you know what since
everybody’s spitting and pissing and
food and all of this just let the
machines make the food you know I wonder
how you know yeah because you know I
wonder how long you know what I mean
that’s gonna take it’s probably right
around the corner
you know um but again my thing right now
is I’m just weirded out I’m weirded out
by the the hatred of mankind the the
foolery and you know people who just do
stuff for clicks on social media I just
I think about somebody bringing me some
food giving it to me with a smile or
maybe not a smile maybe just a very
cynical look there you go asshole eat
this and I’m gonna put put this up on
social media you biting into something
that I hocked up a loogie and spit it
yeah shit ought to be it ought to be
it’s criminal in it
temple someone’s food is addition I
would say so yeah that’s all I had
though thank you I remember something
was uh okay thank you okay
I think Johanna wants to chime in every
code 864 Johanna is that you good good
you want to jump chimed in on our Trina
did she get her nigga wake-up call or is
over eats or the risk
um well I’ll go ahead and say with Trina
the whole situation what it kind of I’m
gonna say this it kind of sucks that of
course we’re not going to see the woman
do anything so it just kind of makes her
look real ghetto I acting up and being
loud like that I got so like it’s being
heard me nods and cardi B every time
something happens like they get all
crazy and loud I get they have money so
they really don’t want to hit anyone but
what was the point of you acting like
that like why did it affect you that
for her to live in the south because I
live in the south as well I kind of feel
like she can get over herself she got me
coins but not that many coins so I feel
like she’s been called so I get I get
why she’s upset but I just feel like at
the same time although I think it’s
disrespectful you walked into that woman
space so if she felt uncomfortable would
you come up to her looking kind of you
know let me let’s be real she what kind
of bummy
so that woman doesn’t know you and again
like I said she’s in Florida and you
know these people are ready like I said
you know white folks in Florida are
quick Oh quick to be disrespectful I’ve
known nettle views yes they are yes they
are so it’s kind of one of those things
where you know she can kind of get over
herself I mean she looks like the ad
clown not the ladies he’s my friend so
and even going on TMZ and talking about
it like what was the point of you
repeating the word on TMZ with you know
these douche bags standing around and
you’re acting like you’re a victim and
you were almost crying like quit playing
you are too ghetto anyway so it doesn’t
matter you want to chime in on uber eat
Joanna is it worth the rest do you use
I’ve never used uber eat I have used or
– and I have used grub hose before
especially like for work because it’s
really convenient because there’s a lot
of like you want to probably freak it
more mom-and-pop stores versus like the
chain so a lot of times I’ve only had
maybe one or two kind of odd experiences
or maybe they list something out I
haven’t ever thought anyone tampered
with my food and I’m very particular um
and at the same time I guess the reason
why I wait it out because I’m one of
those people just like you stars I’m
very particular about things
I guess what kind of got me over the
hill with that was because when you go
to restaurants I’ve had gross stuff
happened to me in restaurants and I
haven’t had anybody do anything gross to
my food having me deliver I’ve been in
restaurants and I’ve had band-aids and
food I’ve seen bugs and food
I mean I literally have met people who
worked in restaurants and they I know
for a fact that people do stuff like
exactly and your food and things like
that so we’re kind of like I get you’re
coming from but at the same time you
know anytime you’re not making your own
food you know slaughtering your own cat
you run the risk your own chickens
growing your vegetables you run the risk
so I get exactly what you’re saying but
at the same time it’s like this person
can deliver the food but people I mean
people get people delivered straight
from the from the restaurant that
doesn’t mean that person couldn’t have
done anything so you’re kind of weigh it
out with everything I mean also at the
same time I guess I look at it like this
I get it like I like the guy a few calls
back he said it’s kind of like gig
culture as far as you you know I think
that was Elvis wasn’t it Ronnie Elvis
the chef he said gig culture mm-hmm yeah
I do like there’s nothing wrong with
supporting it although I although I
really thought they should pay them more
I know
Uber’s had the boycott places like
Amazon has had boycotts and they have
all these places have seriously high
turnover and they don’t pay them enough
but I feel like right now before
everything becomes super automated and
they try to replace everyone I mean I
get that people like the convenience but
I also want to support you know American
people need and dog so yeah I’m looking
at theirs after art put me articles on
this gig economy gig culture and yeah
again I support you know people making
money I’m just I guess I’m one of the
slow ones I’m slow to come on board
I still when I go to restaurants I still
ask for a cup of hot water to put the to
put this over we’re in anybody do that
Ronnie I mean but started kind of like
why don’t you just ask for plastic why
would you listen for decades I’ve always
asked for a hot cup of water and then
and then the silverware that’s on the
table I then put that in the cup of
and wipe her off with a napkin I’m just
you know I’m extra extra I mean I get
why are you going that but you know that
water has to be for that water to
sterilize your silverware it has to be
at a certain temperature so I’d rather
or I carry my own sanitizer or my own
sanitizing hand way so hot water isn’t
going to clean it or sterilize like you
literally need that water to be cold and
hot for it to sanitize so I always
thought when I saw people doing that
that was really ignorant but you know
some people carry sports with them the
sport Espio are they yeah I’m not yeah
why would you know you’re gonna do that
sorry you might as well ask for fasting
or you know get the white yeah well uh
join a good to talk to you do you want
to comment on delicious have you seen
her new look is either I mean crazy
thing is Flavor of Love was like twenty
years ago but she somehow looks 20 years
younger than what she loved the flavor
love and all like her face is completely
different size you’re he’s a different
skin color looks like I don’t even
really care at this point people dying
from skin bleaching so and no one cares
about nine assembly to wash it I so I
mean yes she looks younger and I do
think she’s trying to get it old buddies
pockets but you don’t get how do you
live everybody so a little bit her life
good to talk to you joining thank you
for your support thank you have a good
night take care now alright hold on boss
trip let me make sure that miss any
super chance in cash EPS
before I wrap this up whole in a second
black racist
good evening sir he says store did you
catch the rapper from Cali who dropped
dead in jail after getting arrested for
domestic violence a couple of days
before I know a couple of people died
who’s that to die wasn’t one of snoops
friends yeah I think it may meet that
off yeah I know bad ass bad azz
he died if that’s you talking about
black racist thank you for your donation
the beat 96 I’m sorry the beat 967 ato
star the show is better than ever your
command of topics and flow of
conversation is first-class Ronnie is
amazing co-host you two have great
chemistry thank you sir thank you for
the donation Bush kid says Popeyes
worker making chicken sandwiches over
garbage cans this is why I will never
call uber eats hashtag go vegan yeah we
spoke about that earlier in the
what was it one of you no no I I don’t
remember the state that was in but it
was just you know a makeshift
workstation over the top of the garbage
can yeah and then they went back a day
or two later and they had some type of
little table because I guess there was
some concern and rightly so but yeah we
touched on that early but thank you Jay
Brent Oh three sister I get ambi
skincare fade cream it works well uber
eats is overrated and food tastes like
the container by the time it arrives
peace to dr. Blair
okay really ambi skincare fade cream I
mean right now I’m doing pretty good
with my triple butter calm it’s one of
my sponsors I like this
I don’t just you know talk about it I
actually use it strike a pose you know
but thank you for your donation ambi
skin care fade cream you’ve used it
Ronnie mmhmm yeah you can use that when
you but if you’re gonna get the fair and
white that’s probably stronger than the
Andy so it depends on which which way
you want to go got you hang on a second
okay and I picked up four one four and
here’s the last one
I think I read this one from lib did
okay he just called in actually lived it
all right all right Ronnie thank you for
your time and thank you for your
preparation your research anything else
we want to mention on this topic before
I shut it down
no all this talk and I’m back to where I
originally said I’m gonna look on the
different app you know door – ubereats
and see where I can get like you know
maybe a piece of cake stand your ground
Ronnie don’t back don’t let me influence
you I’m weird when it comes to that sort
of stuff but you stand your ground and I
appreciate your position all right take
care good night
okay boss shit Ronnie yeah I think I’m
just I’m an older guy who’s seen the
more of the disgusting side of humanity
and I’ll even go as far as to say here
in America there’s a big lack of respect
from the food industry towards the
consumers I truly believe that I truly
believe that okay let me shut this down
homeless guys
okay did I forget to mention okay you
know what um this Saturday I mentioned
this very early in the broadcast Colin
Kaepernick will be here in Atlanta GA
working out I think this is a private
workout and some NFL teams have
expressed interest in going to see him
work out this Saturday here in Atlanta I
would like to go if anybody has any type
of access to wherever that workouts
gonna be there’s a lot of stuff going on
in Atlanta oh let me also say salute to
King face some of you should know who he
is King face
either was or still is on Queen flips
platform Queens Flip called in last
King face was here in Atlanta this past
Sunday with Candace Owens he gave a
great speech on stage I was actually
gonna go to that it was somewhere in the
late afternoon evening I did not go but
he gave a great speech and let me just
say salute to him I shot him a DM
earlier via Instagram and he responded
salute to King face I’m doing the damn
thing speaking up with Candace Owens and
I’m sure he’ll be doing more things of
that nature okay alright that’s it I’ll
see you guys tomorrow at some point some
of the some of these are the notes we’ll
just discuss tomorrow okay thank you
guys in a live chat for a turning up as
you do and that’s it good night

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