Is Tom Brady leaving The Patriots?


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After the Patriots’ playoff loss to the Titans on Saturday night, their 42-year-old star quarterback Tom Brady said it is “unlikely’’ he’ll retire after 20 seasons in New England.

Brady becomes a free agent on March 18 and speculation has run rampant about his future. If he doesn’t retire, he either stays in New England or signs with another team to play elsewhere.

This much seemed apparent after listening to Brady after the game: His final pass of the 2019 season was not the pick-six he threw, which former teammate Logan Ryan picked off to seal the Pats’ fate. It was the verbal pass he threw to coach Bill Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft after the game, leaving it in their respective hands whether or not to bring him back for a 21st season in New England.


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hey good evening this is the star report
on a Sunday Sunday evening right I’m in
the building I’m feeling good charged
sipping some coffee tonight had a
beautiful weekend and I had a very good
lunch meeting today on a Sunday put me
in a very good place you know so I’m
wishing you all you know with that
positive energy okay a few things I want
to discuss tonight and I’m gonna be
doing a research show if you’re new to
the show there’s times when I just you
know sift through a lot of notes take
calls and talk to people if I’m not you
know fully fully up to speed and in the
loop Tom Brady what are the greatest if
not the greatest NFL quarterbacks ever
now I’ve had my personal favorites over
the years even though they didn’t win as
many Super Bowls as Tom Brady but you
know I would have to say you know hands
down and on paper he’s the greatest the
best to ever have done it some would say
Joe Montana from the San Francisco 49ers
I would say Terry Bradshaw oh that was
my guy Terry got four Pittsburgh
Steelers right and there’s a host of
others as well but um Tom Brady the
question tonight is he leaving the New
England Patriots and before we start
talking about the stats and the rumors I
want to throw something at you because
I’m not fully fully in the loop of
what’s going on I don’t know what Bill
Belichick’s contract looks like Tom
Brady is now a free agent and in case
you’re not the speed the Patriots lost
to the Tennessee Titans yesterday so
they have been eliminated from the
playoffs and they finished what the hell
of a record though 12 and 5 in the
Titans 10 and 7 ok but I want to throw
something at you early for those of you
you know really deep dive sports
aficionados without knowing the
intricate details let me just throw
something at you and and please
entertain me on this and
pay me on this I say that there’s a
strong possibility I don’t know for
certain but there’s a possibility
because of the fact that Tom Brady has
he has given the team discounts over the
years he has made it so that they could
pay other players and risking his own
financial salary and/or benefits that’s
a fact is there a possibility that the
Patriots will pay Tom Brady I don’t know
50 million a hundred million to retire
with the Patriots and then move him into
the front office is that a possibility
what do you think to me that makes sense
let me tell you why Tom Brady has a
great demeanor a great a great
personality I mean a great not just an
organizer but he’s a team player I’ve
never seen Tom Brady blow his stack he’s
always been about the team and winning
what say you is that a possibility that
he will retire with the Patriots and
they will bring him into the front
office I’ve seen other people over the
years uh John Elway for instance John
Elway lost a lot of Super Bowls he won
two but he lost I think three or four I
forget how many you can correct me in
the comment sections but because of his
great leadership and his demeanor they
brought him into the front office he
retired a Denver Bronco and it was
probably one of the best things that the
franchise could have done by bringing
him in because he he did help them you
know a years later of course win with
Peyton Manning they won a Super Bowl and
they’ve just made some great decisions
by with his leadership so is that a
possibility that they will bring Tom
Brady in and give him a shitload of
money it’s hey you’re gonna be the
general manager I don’t know all right
and I’m I’m sorry
also other Patriots have 20 free agents
now that’s a lot 20 free agents so
there’s gonna be some changes with that
team and and he may not want to
stick around and I’ll put another
possibility on the table shortly just
give me a second when I bring Bostick
Ronnie in and we’ll talk about the city
girls Pao are the city girls hooked on
cocaine I don’t know if they’re on
cocaine but there’s a video circulating
a couple of you sent me the video I saw
hahaha cokehead shit it appears to be
coke head shit that was my notes JT this
is somebody’s daughter I’m gonna be
sensitive she’s a baby born in 1992
Jetta via hey girl
hey boo boo yeah all up on the ground
doing this and a little a little extra
carrying on and she has since responded
and said y’all got me fucked up y’all
better stop playing with me
I don’t know coke I hate drugs I’m gonna
start blocking people and she’s even
claiming that somebody took the video
and added audio to it so that we could
hear you know shit like that shit like
that shit like that but I’ll have to ask
the question as a man of a certain age
are they hooked on cocaine I know
nothing about young Miami who I think is
the hot one in the group but listen you
know I did coke from 1981 until 1991 and
birds of a feather flock together
anybody that hung out with me from 81 to
91 they were on coke whilst running out
with you any girls that I dated they
were on coke you know takes one to know
and of course you know the story my body
got sick and tired of being sick and
tired and I stopped doing coke in 1991
but there’s certain things that you know
you see and you say oh oh oh that
person’s groove when I was some coke
anyway the videos out there have you
seen it I would like for some of you
young city girl fans to call and it
educate me I don’t want to dump on them
I somewhat sort of know their music
I think young Miami if I’m not mistaken
she’s in the video with Layton green and
PMB Rock which I like that song
I forget what it’s called
No can you guys help me in live chat
what’s that song with Layton green the
one I like hello fine ass okay someone’s
spelling my name s T ARR please you’re
new to this show it’s one hour you know
what is the name that so late and green
p.m. beer I like that song
leave him alone yeah I like that so so
is that young Miami young lady’s got
some bars jjz trash I hate to say that
about younger people but anyway she’s in
a halfway house Bostic wine he’s gonna
give me the details and the notes and if
she is on coke is it a big deal these
load niggas are now up on the gram in
case you haven’t noticed getting pegged
by girls these girls are wearing strap
ons and these little niggas are getting
pegged in the ass and they’re throwing
up gang signs looking into fucking uhm
looking into the phone so if she is on
coke is it a big deal again I don’t know
the music I am I checked out some of
their music with the videos and I said I
honestly said one of these chicks
Trina’s daughters oh they sound just
like Trina but respectfully Trina had a
better flow am I wrong we look in the
live chat again didn’t they take Trina’s
music for Mom what song is that the
baddest bitch and and they did a
half-ass job anyway phone lines open
that’s what I’m talking about tonight
other things we may get to I’m gonna
talk about Tiffany Haddish Oh French
Montana and 50 cent please call me with
all the monkey shit where we going where
we going
Ludacris we’ll talk about him Jason
Garrett being fired from the Cowboys
let’s get a crack in tonight boss trick
Ronnie are you in the building good
evening a 1/2 or 1/2 give a minute fear
hey how’re you – thank you for joining
me tonight
alright are you good good good I want to
start with the city girls we’ll come
back to Tom Brady is
he leaving the pages but let’s talk the
city girls I saw the video you saw it
and then you referenced that JT did
another video which I watch as she’s
saying y’all got me fucked up where do
you wanna start
what do you thoughts okay so you know
just full disclaimer I’m not a city
girls fan I really don’t like their
content to me it’s like like prostitute
rep it’s like dealing with men on a
transactional basis okay and you know
it’s almost like they are like the spawn
of Trina but she was better and you know
that was a different time now it’s like
you’re setting women backwards by
pushing that that sort of content so I
don’t really care for it now in the
video I saw the video and multiple
people took screen screen records of the
video so it was alive so over the course
of the live there was multiple times
where she bends down and you hear her
nothing and when she comes up and as you
pushing the glasses up crazy shit
come on come on yes so the other the
other member in her group which is who
she was on live with the entire time
she’s looking at her like you know as if
to say like you know we can see you you
know and it just it just shows how but
now she didn’t say that you’re adding
that she didn’t say well did she I
didn’t hear that point no I said she
looked at her as if to say that but you
know of course that’s her friend that’s
her group member she’s not going to what
can you say when you’re looking at
somebody live face-to-face and everybody
else is watching okay it’s gonna look
like you’re checking her so you know
now let me ask you a question you’ve
already said you don’t care for their
music you think they portray a bad image
are you hoping she’s a cokehead keep it
real it certainly would not surprise me
I think that’s just previously that was
looked at as something that people did
you know older people right but now it’s
like you have people in their early 20s
that are doing it so that would not
surprise me she’s in the industry she
then you know she obviously is easy
access to it so it would not surprise me
and I know what I saw so it’s not she
can say whatever she wanted to say in an
effort to try to clean it up but we all
saw what happened multiple times now she
just came home from jail or dependent
entry she was a convicted of scamming if
she living in a halfway house I’m not
fully fully up to speed again I just I
look at them as Trina’s kids and yeah I
don’t go backwards in time she and a
halfway house yeah so I think that’s
another reason why she had to do try to
do a little bit of damage control is
because she is staying in a halfway
house so she could be you know tested
that might be part of the stipulations
of her release and like you said she’s
just released from jail for prison for
you know credit card fraud scamming yeah
regular shit oh yeah okay now hangout
folks let me just say right now this may
sound crazy but I’m a man of my age
having seen artists die over the decades
hip hop rnb
rock you know I don’t want to sit here
and just not address this particular
topic and then this young girl dies from
some type of alleged their overdose and
then we never tried to approach it from
a rational manner if she is on drugs
somebody needs to stand up and say
something even if she’s in denial and I
can tell you when I did coke Oh
in denial I would come to work sometimes
I used to work at record labels or the
MTV mailroom I’d be sweating cold
my jaw moving and people would say are
you okay oh yeah I’m fine just make up
any and all fucking excuses so I do want
to be rational I do want to try and
approach this but at the same time let
me just say if anyone wants to help her
now’s the time all right
also Ronny with regards to um hey
Melissa can I get some notes here did
you do so you also don’t like if I can
just cool up for a second you’re not a
fan of Megan D stallion because she does
similar music similar vibes yeah did you
say that he does but you know she has a
couple songs that I like and I guess
that’s the difference you know she makes
music that is better I think then they
make sonically is what I mean by that
but with them it’s just all like you
know take his card I need the number to
your bank account you know I mean I
ain’t fucking for free right right
you know I need this I want that I just
to me that’s like with a baguette I’m
not into that okay okay folks phone
lines are open cash app super chat if
you can’t get throwing the phones you
can look under the video and that’s
where the link is for stream labs and
cash I see a few people give me a second
grand finale 100 here’s something else I
want to mention about Tom Brady just
give me a second guys because again I’m
not fully fully up to speed on
everything that’s been going on over the
last couple of weeks you know sometimes
a man just wants to move on and I’ll use
angle running up put your home for a
second I’m gonna use a relationship as
an example and that’s what Tom Brady has
had with the New England Patriots a
relationship you know but the Kraft
so on and so forth sometimes a man just
gets tired and wants to move on you know
you can be married to a woman for ten
years I mean not that I wouldn’t I would
know except I’ve been married but you
know I’ve been with girls for like five
years and I’m a little too
straightforward at times especially if
they start wearing their mouths I’ll say
hey you know I’m just I’m tired I’m
tired Tom Brady could just be tired you
know sometimes the pussy fits like a
fucking a worn-out shoe and it doesn’t
matter if you put a new sole on the shoe
or if you polish that shoe it’s still
the same pussy this is crazy analogy
just give me a second sometimes a woman
can can try to give you a new hairstyle
put on a new dress but you’re just tired
you’re tired of the smell you’re tired
of her little annoying fucking wood
idiosyncrasies you just tired death Tom
Brady could just be tired of the
Patriots he just wants to move on now if
I’m not mistaken he’s from somewhere out
in California hanging where my notes I
got some notes here was he from because
I remember the San Francisco 49ers
wanted to draft him or so they told him
they did not and then and then he he was
liking that was it the fifth or the
sixth round please remind me I forget
and um okay so he’s from California did
you where is it what place in California
Michigan maybe the man just wants to go
back to California I could have swore he
put his house up for sale in
Massachusetts I could have swore he
purchased a new home in California and
there was talks of him going to the San
Diego Chargers okay Tom Brady was born
in San Mateo California August the 3rd
1977 he could just be tired he’s 42
years of age now Reilly bring a few
coals and then we’ll ghost got some cash
a pin super jets go to every code for
zero one good evening for one are you
there going on hey how are you sir
good huh Tom Brady ain’t gonna know
where he’s staying in New England
they’ll probably sign up to like a
two-year contract for like probably
between 15 and 25 million each year okay
and I’m pretty sure I heard you say he
sold this house in Boston I’m pretty
sure he bought a house and grants to be
honest with you no mother I don’t have
the exact details I know that he had his
home for sale did he actually sell it in
Massachusetts he sold the one in Boston
yeah he’s so born in Boston and he
bought one in Greenwich okay oh okay
he’s gonna he’s always gonna have a
house in California you know what I mean
that’s where he’s from but his ties with
the crafts are way too tight
he’s thinking about generational whoa
okay past past football past all that
stuff okay
so he’s not going anywhere I put a
scenario on the table or upon me a
possibility that they’re gonna pay him
to retire a patriot and then bring him
into the front office and he thoughts on
that yeah I mean I see that as a
possibility but I also see him trying to
to do something else in other businesses
that craft is a part of okay you know
like real estate stuff like that he’s
looking for the long game he’s not
looking for a long you know being off a
head office guy in New England
well he also said he wants to continue
playing that came at his mouth he said
oh yeah it’s not a play he’ll play he’ll
play as long as he can I think
personally I think he’s got another year
maybe and it’s he’s gonna just you know
44 years old it’s hard to play in the
NFL about to play when you’re 35 right
right never mind 44 got you okay any
thoughts on the city girls you think
they’re on coke or do you not give a
shit if you dig about it every 21-year
old 20 in their early twenties I don’t
know what Ronnie talking about all those
girls doing coke one one way or another
say that but you know coke
is the one drug that will never go out
of style never know let’s go Ryan do you
want to chime in or just let the caller
had the last word
I was bothering Roni I mean I for me
when I was in my 20s I didn’t know
anyone personally who did that so that’s
why I’m saying maybe things things
obviously have changed
ya know I mean I’m talking even the 80s
90s early 2000 I mean the other drugs
change like it goes Mali
whatever ecstasy the new drugs yeah well
coke has always been there for the women
that’s the means I see no strip club oh
yeah thank you salute okay thank you for
the call all right is Tom Brady leaving
the New England Patriots that’s our
topic tonight also um I got a couple of
other notes here I just want to chime in
on on a on a Sunday evening it’s go to
area code someone a good evening are you
7 1 8 hey hey dreaming going on started
ok president’s body like Nicky that you
know that’s one of my top 20 favorite
tracks right now definitely means a lot
coming from you
okay I go for it man I definitely knew
you Starbuck wise so I definitely knew
you four minutes okay so I was just like
dang like one out you know me you know
both man slipped we everything is
squashing good okay but I was like shoot
I you know trolling and went after
everybody on the platform as you should
everybody you know sample having fun
with all of them and shit like that I
was like well I know that Queens book
really you know stars as mental about
like you know what you know stars the
next person but you want to you know
just how
let me out of out of nowhere you know I
mean well listen I pride myself on
paying attention to the younger people
but now I don’t want to go too far left
I wanna stay on topic tonight tell
people where to find your music because
you and I chopped up your email last
weekend and I got the mp3 body like
Nicky I really I really liked that track
I reached out to Maine to milkman and
told him that you know I’m gonna get a
whole bed yeah what do people find you
ma’am they can find me on a que presence
they gon cak presence and then presence
on there you know yeah they come look at
look me on YouTube they could find me on
their board okay you know that’s just
you know I’m rocking right now and where
are you from what borough that I don’t
know where you from exactly I’m from I’m
from Queens okay okay bigger yeah home
of the legends from the legends home of
the legends people say not not tonight
listen let’s just stay focused on your
music I’m gonna get back to my topic I
don’t wanna deal with the only thing
that you know brings any type of a you
know drama – what is that day or takes
away from what it is that you do but
listen from the box and all that that’s
what I mean like because I know I know
my boy I cares one had to let everybody
know I hit that lyric still hit me ever
since I was young
we brought III Berkeley computer making
it in Queens keep on faking me get me a
banner man and I definitely will give
you some promotion I appreciate you your
calling in all right thank you take care
okay aka presence on the check-in some
of you may know him from Queens flips
platform on YouTube I like his music I
think he’s a good producer it’s go to
area code sick part me seven six five
good evening are you there
7 6 5 hello nope seven six five good
evening Yes No maybe okay
it’s gonna area code 305 odds is that uh
Miami on the check-in 305 good evening
Lolo 305 pick it up pick it up okay
they’re moving loose low Ronnie I’m
gonna put them on hold for a second I’ll
be right back if they pick up can you
see if you can get them on the line okay
305 I guess they’re gotten you uh do it
bitch is on the check-in via super chat
my brother talked to me did you see
Pharrell wearing a dress on the GQ cover
question mark
he on some Tyler the Creator shit what
the fuck as always it’s on site okay
you’re talking about was that like last
month last movement or um do it bitch it
was some type of yellow gown you know I
think he’s been showed up now by Billy
Porter but thank you for your donation
that’s amazing on the check-in
that’s amazing says has anyone ever said
Ronnie looks like Paula Parker Paula Jay
Park who is that Ronnie Paula guy Park I
don’t know okay hey 305 did you pick up
if not I gonna get you out of here it’s
noise in the background they didn’t pick
up running no nothing okay let’s get him
I do maybe a few more super chances they
don’t come back to the phone lines grand
finale hey good evening grand finale
says is Ronnie indirectly calling the
city girls whores question mark please
elaborate on dealing with men on it on a
transactional basis it’s a question if
you ride from grandpa Nellie um I would
certainly say that that is the lifestyle
that they are promoting is basically
just scamming men taking from them I
need your credit card number I need this
and that before I can even take you
seriously it’s you know you’re basically
selling yourself that’s why I would say
it’s prostitute breath or
they’re selling a fantasy I think it’s
degrading okay okay
they could be selling a fantasy because
listen there’s more tricks on the planet
than real men you know and no I’m not
saying there are certainly men who are
down to do that and there’s you know
certainly women who can appreciate that
sort of lifestyle they certainly do have
an audience I’m just not a part of their
audience got you okay okay Thank You
grand finale and that grand finale if
you want to call and I think it from
area code 201 please do a he’s a sports
guy always gives great commentary 305 is
back on the line one more time 305 are
you there
305 give somebody from the Miami area to
either defend the city girls are not
gonna fuck out here one last time
area code five six one good evening five
six one talk of my Tom Brady and the
city girls are you there five six hey
Hawaii okay are you doing the
conversation no I’m just trying to get
them out of here don’t talk about like
just saying down energy
fuck it a43 their gleaming good evening
8:43 all right tell him I’m here what’s
going on time bring a topic is the topic
the UH the city girl a coke allegation
is that deep topic that could be one of
the topics did you see the video we’re
talking about JT look like she was
taking a couple of bumps you know like
in my city look around that in
Charleston okay the girls the woman who
listen to that kind of music they they
are deep into drugs like deep look I’ve
been to Korea you know house parties
even in the club like I’ve owned the
club but I’m seeing these girls who
listed as kind of music like with a
cardi B where you came I’m not saying
all fans who would study to do these
things but that percentage or I guess is
a population of girls who lived that
fast life who was innocent girls many
love popping pills and coke man he loved
it and for what Ronnie said about what
she didn’t see it growing up and whatnot
Ronnie females love the snow they love
it if they’d love it it brings them
alive it’s a blast he loved it he loved
it it’s not as got to the hood the hood
rats canal and there are men who love
those types of women let’s not pretend
that is just the females you have guys
that thrive on these scandalous
disingenuous you know a life suckers you
know you just you wanna have a night of
freaky behavior and then go home to your
fat fuckin life right wrong yes you can
you can toss it out there and like
hungry hungry hippo is like no
disrespect to fat wives but you know say
yeah but what’s the other topic what’s
the other topic Tom Brady is he leaving
the Patriots you a sports guy I need a
sports at fishing on our time yes yes
yes yes yes come on I I do not think he
is leaving if they get those weapons if
they get the wire receivers that they
could have got like Emmanuel Sanders
they let him go they gave him a second
round pick the guy Demaryius Thomas was
washed from the Broncos the I don’t know
who’s making all decisions to get him
the weapons or lack thereof but the man
had nothing to throw to nothing Julie
element has been hurt if they get
weapons around him he’ll be
that if drop comes back he’s coming back
comes back he’s coming back ok so now
what about Bill Belichick some contract
and does he have equity I would imagine
he’s gotta have some type of equity at
this point Bill Belichick do you know I
college so I don’t know his contract but
a college of some interesting about that
but he said it in reference to crab
family and Tom Brady I believe that that
circle that web is so tight and it’s a
fixture that they had they will stick
together for financial benefits they
will I think he has no belly said he’s
not just a football coach walking down
the field he has way more power and
decision-making influence well that’s
what masking does he have some type of
equity I have not kept up over the years
but the two of them have gotten huge
championships but but again I think
sometimes sometimes it’s not about the
money it’s not about you know getting
the new weapons get any more
championships you’ve done it all people
consider Tom Brady definitely the
greatest so maybe it’s just time to move
back out west and just play a couple
more years on the Chargers or whatever
team or you know and and then just call
it a career I’ll give you a last word
though yeah that just sports fans or
commentators or just people on the
sideline what comes the music isn’t
celebs or anything we’re not in that
position and he’s done what he’s loved
to do for 20-plus years and any job is
hard to walk away from that because he
doesn’t I can understand it but if he
does it’s the right time all right Thank
You Man thank you okay spring an area
code 218 204 we’re talking about Tom
Brady is he leaving
the New England Patriots what up star
I want you believe me do you know
football sir yeah I know football man
Joe Tom Brady’s the goat man just like
that man that did so much for the game I
the comebacks either did you got to
respect what the land be yeah no no if
ands or buts but they’re talking about
the possibility was my first go yeah
this dude came back for three but I
think it was a super fun way they had
three in the other team here like twenty
five or twenty one or twenty eight this
dude came back and won a championship
yeah you gotta give it to we don’t have
an argument there we were on the same
page but now the the talk is will he
leave or will he stay what do you want
to jump in on that I really I think he
gonna stay Peter that’s what he built
him you phones doing it now sir can you
make some adjustments I think he’s
looking for again he’s looking to build
continuing listening continue looking to
build for the future man he’s looking to
build I don’t even think he’s gonna be a
part of the team if he is gonna be a
part owner in the team he’s been working
no Oliphant know him okay
you know he may have already gotten
equity a few years ago I don’t know that
but I do know that he has taken a salary
cut over the years so they could bring
other you know key players in I respect
that about him oh yeah I don’t think
they wanna championship when they had
them was when they picked up Randy ball
that was magic when they hear brandy
and you hear them going against the
Dallas Cowboys with tio
so it was Romo and seokmin versus Randy
Moss and a time Brady man that was
special that was like the Super Bowl
down here okay okay so you’re saying
he’s staying that’s it he’s gonna
reassign some type of deal and he’ll
play another couple years right right
right Thank You Man
thank you okay they’re gonna work it out
figure it out
I personally would like to see Tom Brady
retire a New England Patriot but
sometimes you have to just let people
you know do what they want to do towards
the latter of their career what did
Jerry Rice go didn’t Jerry Rice after
the 49ers did he go to the Raiders and
then was Marcus Allen after he played
with the Raiders he went to the Chiefs
and he somebody who knows football hit
area code six for six are you there good
evening six for six
hey good evening how are you
not much Dillon playing video games okay
well we’re very discussion right now you
would join the conversation or you want
to go play your video games and get back
to you yeah I think JT is playing with
her nose you know as all young people
doing no experiment with drugs okay and
they use with success and money you have
access to a better and stronger things
you know okay okay so did you see the
actual video we’re talking about oh yeah
she was doing a little pink thing and
you know didn’t give a fuck who’s
watching you know yeah how about
yourself keep it real you ever did a
little uh little nose candy
well booger sugar oh no not smoke weed
who no no no it can be from New York
people sir
sir being dessert and please let’s let’s
have a conversation here
you’ve never took a one-on-one you did
never been in a club one of those
fucking a brave clubs
somewhere you know just be oh no no no
no I never cared to try you’re saying
none are now real fast I haven’t even
finished a goddamn question say Nana
choose their sign you know respectfully
you know a sign for West are someone who
has indulged give a pop pills let’s have
a conversation sucky young no mostly we
– psychedelics psychedelics okay how old
you yeah hold you
I’m 24 just turned 24 last month Ronnie
do you want to jump in this is a very
young man 24 says he plays video games
psychedelics never did coke there’s
poster quality are you us are you a city
girls fan no isn’t my type of music but
I do know a lot of young ladies that
love that type of music are those your
type of ladies that you like oh not
really but they do know how to have a
good time they’re influenced to enjoy
themselves and you know get to the bag
they not getting it for me but you know
whatever scent they find in the streets
you know more power to them Ronnie you
should try you know getting to the bag
you know finding us in through the door
now maybe stop this independent stuff
you know get your glass pour on Don King
you know starts it’s only 20 strong yeah
thank you and have a scammer you know
treat you to some nice dinner so you
sound like a young pimp on the come up
on opening now if I could also just say
this you know I think young females that
listen little bougie said it perfectly
if he had a daughter he’ll teacher so
you know trick like you know most men
are suckers and sometimes you gotta
teach them gaining thanks thanks I was
just about to say most females that you
know feed into the city girls music I
wouldn’t classify them as ladies you
know because they don’t do ladylike
things or they don’t conduct themselves
in a ladylike manner but we can call
them phenols my give it a last word
they’ll go ahead
okay I’ll actually encourage more
females in this decade to be more
independent entrepreneur like whether or
not that means you know something like a
whole Hal Ronnie says it’s all the mind
state you know either way they’re gonna
get it might as well get it the fast way
that is what this generation is all
about you know fuck school and people
just want to get to a bag okay as you
did start yeah I wanted to bag now not
later yeah this is the line of
capitalism you know there you go people
died so we could we could just die every
day regulation dying so we could keep
making this paper in this great country
very well said thank you for the call
man thank you
like Trump said he can’t wait to try out
the new toys have a great evening
you too I now can think okay young man
on the check-in hey Elvis the chef
Rosenberg thank you for your cash app he
says city girls will be okay coke ain’t
the same hashtag Fugazi okay but now
here’s the thing
Elvis the chef Rosenberg a lot of drugs
are not the same now and I don’t not
only are they not the same but there’s
counterfeit drugs there’s drugs that the
we what is that spice and k2 that shit
drives people crazy people are sniffing
uh oh god what is that
flakka we’re doing something they
utilize Flocka but uh it might be more
dangerous if you ask me yeah bath salts
don’t forget that killed asshole yeah
tranny chaser on the check-in via super
chat shout out to them trannies who
accept that cash for that bussy Jesus
pussy over pussy pussy we’ll have you
out here acting like a crackhead okay
okay thank you
tranny chaser okay and I got grand
finale give me a second guys let me just
reload some of this gem star hey gem
star mmm super jet star you cannot own
equity in a team
and play in the NFL at the same time
this isn’t all money
in all money out records okay what the
fuck you talking about
I have no idea as I said with regards to
Tom Brady’s contract but there may have
been some type of clause with regards to
him retiring and then the the New
England Patriots get the first right of
refusal to renegotiate with him or to
offer him or to offer equity it’s not
always about you know well he did he
have equity at one of those negotiations
renegotiations over the years that may
have been a promise down the road and
again sometimes a corporation such as
the Patriots can ask for a first right
of refusal
thank you for your superjet so area code
nine to nine good evening oh you there
nine to nine oh sorry hey how are you
I’m good man so I just wanted to chime
in on this it’s time buddy living the
Patriots I know I don’t think it’s gonna
happen okay so I just want to bring you
back to 2016 like so Tom Brady get
suspended for the first four games or
the inacol season right and this guy you
know this was backup quarterback Jimmy
Garoppolo he comes in right and he’s
playing efficiently rather you know I
want to say he was off the wall but no
politics from professional human being
his replacement and probably wouldn’t
have nothing on a none of that shit now
I hear you go out to winners you know
two more Super Bowls like it secures
legacy right but since then since our
time you know he’s already been traded
to the 49ers I believe that Tom Brady
wanted to you know keep on playing but
in the NFL you know there’s like there’s
definitely a UH an exploration bid on
talent but coaching acumen you can’t you
know that could go for a long last time
and Bilborough saw that he could that
with Garoppolo who’s killing it right
now for the 49ers was the guy from the
grudgingly you know fast for 2017 they
traded them to the plate man come on you
know Gothic
I don’t think I over them
doesn’t matter because an intern also
well support camp so so now you know
we’re looking at Tom billion of words
are going to go is it gonna be this
happening hang on a second because there
was realistic talks about the set upon
me San Diego Chargers a couple of months
back and they were having some
quarterback changes or was that just
rumor and speculation
I remember those talks uh I don’t know I
think is this woman speculation I don’t
think they have to talk yet you know I
just think you know they just putting it
out there okay
the team is definitely interested in Tom
Brady over this this other guy are
Philip Rivers and wasn’t much of
anything in the playoffs but they want
to sell tickets in a new arena but I
don’t know man I think I think with all
I look at comedies in some way I look at
their Jeter like booking hankies do you
see him wearing another uniform that’s
hard to picture you know because he’s a
lifer to me good point good point again
I would like to see him retire a patriot
and move into the front office
I think that his personality his
demeanor his proven leadership he would
make a great GM you know I mean that’s
my thoughts
I’ll give you last word yeah I mean
because I don’t think they see eye to
eye you know in my there might be some
conflict of interest there you know if
he’s gonna be at a GM role maybe some
football operation type of thing
maybe recruiting players you know I mean
to start out but but I’m saying
eventually I see him in that position
making those big decisions because of
his track record
thank you for yeah yeah thank you for
the insight man yeah thank you another
polymer like any okay oh and I’m not
your bro cash app hold on a second
Christian on the check insist or can you
pick up 301 absolutely we’re all your
Christian is that you every code 301
yep I’m right here how are you sir it
was good Mexico on the target yeah okay
okay Mexico what’s going on with you
I’m moving back there what that really I
have dual citizenship okay yeah man this
the whole I mean I don’t know if you saw
the means for World War II and shit that
that’s funny in shape but right there’s
I think there’s actually gonna be war
whoa wait a minute wait a minute so now
you’re concerned about World War three
with Iran that’s why you’re moving back
to Mexico yeah yeah yeah okay I’m again
so we’ve always had issues with Iran
this is nothing new we have social media
now so it’s intensified but we’ve always
had issues with Iran I mean that’s why I
Jesse Jackson when I went there years
ago to bring home some hostages okay you
were saying no no no no yeah that’s what
I thought were like it’s intensified I
don’t know like I thought all the
meaning shit but but I think that’s
experience bro I don’t know about you I
mean you’re older than me so so how do
you look at it well listen if you love
this country as I do we have to go down
with the ship if it’s time to fucking
start World War three
then this time start World War three but
now you’re talking about moving back to
Mexico are you moving back to a scale
area were you going down in Mexico I’m
gonna land of corruption and murder
again I’d rather be there than here okay
amen any thoughts on Tom Brady is he
leaving the Patriots oh he’s gonna
resign what are your thoughts on that
bomb crazy man yeah I never liked it the
bomb trading pros and there were legacy
you lost me would you say Tom Tom Brady
were you talking about
yeah over here we call him Barbrady
because he throws a bomb that says into
the touchdown so okay Barbrady yeah man
I don’t know I don’t think
but I don’t think that’s too much
thinking for you how about the city
girls are they coked out or are they on
some other drug let that move father to
you oh no they’re coked out they’re
coked out well probably Molly okay
probably Molly to levered up Molly
good to talk to you man thank you viva
viva la meheeco or viva mexico i don’t
think i don’t think it’s viva la I was
just Viva Mexico I’m gonna say guys
Shabazz King peace I got you Kashyap he
says good coke disappeared when the
Mexicans took over hmm that makes sense
I don’t know the timeline but that that
makes total sense holy he just said
something Ronny that triggered me the
last caller
did you see Ludacris got got dual
citizenship and his family in Africa did
you catch that Ronnie or no no I didn’t
know that but his wife is African oh I
knew that okay do you know what part I
just have Ludacris and family granted
dual citizenship it’s just a power mover
business movers he just happy to I’m
gonna go back to the motherland I’m
gonna check I’m gonna check but I
believe his wife is either I think she
might be from the Ivory Coast okay or
the Congo more specifically but uh let
me check okay I’ll bring it right back
in a second sold to people in Africa who
sell packages to African Americans to
come back to the motherland they sold us
and then they got pissed when slavery
for the most part was abolished Africans
were pissed I mean we’ve had that
conversation before but but what are we
doing here more back to the motherland
why salute to Ludacris I know nothing
about his uh his details
it’s got area code 904 citizenship now
no for you there good evening 904 hey
hey what’s it a how you Tom
do you care as you leaving the Patriots
where’s he going I need a football guy
like like a normal layer so it’s the
rest okay okay so so for them like come
on yo my man is you see how he went out
he went out sad last night he they got
to protect that leg they got to protect
that legacy if not anything goes cuz if
he come back yet you gotta think it’s
way too many young guns out here like
it’s a whole new generation dudes that’s
out here doing it right now he’s not
that guy anymore you know I mean when
the hangar sir are you a Patriots and a
Tom Brady hater because the record was
12 and by 8 or 12 and 5 so it’s not like
you know he went out on a three just
winning three games or five games not
the whole season 12 and 5 we’ll be
talking about
I’m a patriot hater but I respect
reading to the utmost I used to hate his
ass mmm I just hated that thing out
there now I’m saying I’ve seen him do
things that I’ve never seen other
quarterbacks pull off so I gave that I
get that man it’s respect who’s your
favorite team and one quarterback my
favorite team right now is the moose my
favorite quarterback is Lamar Jackson ok
the bills and the more Jackson from the
Ravens so you’re you’re undecided you’re
undecided you’re not even loyal ok but
now you like a team and a different
quarterback so you’re not really a you
know a team supporter Lamar Jackson
plays with Ravens crackers for man it’s
all entertainment that’s what I asked
you know stadium bear is a sin because
they do some that man did you bless so
and getting
somebody will crack it crack that man
chest wide open drew bledsoe did it to
himself so he got injured and that was a
wrap but I think if you call thank you
okay if you’re a patriot I hate or : I
want to hear you I want to hear your
thoughts you know I can go back to the
days of Steve Grogan and the Patriots so
when they were losing and getting beat
like over ginger slaves I appreciated
them I’ve always you know spoiled I
spent a lot of summers on Martha’s
Vineyard Island so I’ve always liked the
Massachusetts teams the Boston Bruins
the Red Sox of course the Celtics and
the Patriots and how many Super Bowls
did Tom Brady win let’s keep it real
tonight area code six one seven good
evening are you there six one seven hey
hey good evening how are you sir
it was going on my listen Tom Brady’s
out of here man come on he’s out of here
he’s 42 years old
he’s doing the same thing LeBron they
look Brown went to LA towards ending his
you know a retiree out there his with
Tom Brady’s wife’s a model man she’s
gonna you know get her gays do her do
her thing out and they’ll a raise the
kids out there it’s a wrap man he’s out
okay are you a football fan I need
somebody who really knows pooping I
don’t want to just you know throw things
out here and not necessarily have people
to bounce them back off of me yeah yeah
Belichick listen fella technical fight
for credit for years now like people
don’t know who to give them more credit
to if it was Belichick who’s more
responsible for the Super Bowls or if
it’s Brady
so if Brady leaves it he goes to the
charges and you win the super room big
in him
it’s gonna be like it’ll be the go for
that he’ll be he’ll be over Joe Montana
he’ll be the greatest all-time he could
go to another franchise with super would
another franchise that hasn’t
I think he’s over Montana now I mean
truthfully and Joe Montana was the shit
in my book yeah but Martina went out on
top though he went out he Brady just
little pick six and he’s out of here you
know what I mean like this last game at
home the Pats – lost
home and their last 10 games you know he
this is this is the first time in the
last nine games that had lost the
postseason into less failure okay so he
just went out crazy but listen Jade see
the the girl from city girl she’s listen
Cole maybe Bennett’s wife she said it
twice on the stream and her homegirl she
FINA she didn’t say she was with it for
this is what I’m asking you because you
know birds of a feather flock together
and clearly exactly her friend should
have said hey hey hey uh hang up call me
back yeah you same comin yeah see like
if my girl had a friend of like you
can’t not fuck that you can’t fuck with
a girl late if you want wife you can’t
have her friends can’t be like that cuz
it’s like you said a fuckin fella fly
together so if one girl’s doing but
other girls better before you know maybe
she’s not doing enough she’s on a break
and our whole got the kilo as she’s
doing it yeah – Melissa we provide ain’t
that Susan now that jay-z just cracked a
billion he cracked the bill now he
wanted to try to come get a piece of
that’s how it always is man if I try to
come get a piece of you of your partner
fuck something shit yeah but y’all so
whilst I was a kid man Thank You Man uh
take care box okay all right
Ronnie I didn’t watch part 3 of the new
docu-series did you watch it I watched
parts 1 & 2 and part 2 was just trash it
was just all you know rehashing shit a
whole bunch of quick edits about the
first season did you watch it Ronnie
last night
no I didn’t at all and at this point
it’s pretty much just overkill I feel
like they are doing everything they can
to reach out and grab readings you know
obviously the part one the first part
was you know a huge reading success for
them and I think they’re just trying to
read up on that and I don’t get the
feeling that other people are really
tuned in like that I think people are
just over it he’s in jail he’s not
getting out it’s over he’s out of here
did you find anything on Ludacris and
dual citizenship him and his family yes
so the country that she’s from is I
don’t know really how to pronounce this
but it’s G ABO one okay so there’s I
think the Owen you have to pronounce it
a certain way Gabon and is he now a
Gabonese dual citizen I’m not fully put
into speed but car you were saying yeah
so that’s the actual country that she’s
from and he now has dual citizenship
with that country which makes sense so
that he can travel back and forth and
probably you know enjoy other benefits
that only the citizens are you know
eligible for okay okay so maybe he’s
doing some type of business deal back in
that part of Africa maybe he’s going to
donate some money over there no they’ll
give him some type of title will be
he’ll become a diplomat or a statesman
you know give him a bunch of property
you can see what he’s doing
what’s that it would be interesting it
would definitely be interesting to see
what he’s doing I have no doubt that
he’s doing something on a business level
and it’s good to see people like him and
ACON you know on the different business
ventures that especially a con has going
on over there because if you look at
what’s happening to Africa a lot of it
as being like colonized by China you
know they’re moving in and you know
they’ve taken over a lot of stuff over
there so are they taking over or are the
Africans welcoming them to that
continent and selling ship
they are Africa is the land of resources
let’s not get fucked up I saw a
documentary about a month or so ago and
I don’t remember the name of it but
there was a black woman highly educated
from Africa and she said that whole live
a thing that America did back in the 80s
she said
that was laughable you know the whole do
they know it’s Christmas and Christmas
in Africa and snow and shit like that it
was it was hilarious anyway I just want
to say salute to the Africans selling
packages so African Americans come home
my brother my brother come home another
thing too we do like maybe he feels like
you know if things get too crazy in
America I’ll just go over there you know
he could be looking at it like that
area code seven eight good evening we’re
talking my Tom Brady and the city girls
are you there seven eight hello yes sir
good evening hello hello hello hello
it’s me how are you sir how can we help
you so it so Tom Brady I don’t think
he’s retiring
um he’s too old to start over um what
they created their the legacy the system
is too comfortable okay uh I don’t see
him being willing to learn a new system
all that all you need to do with games
with new weapons over there in New
okay so we’re all kicking that dust for
we’ll just gets a lot of dust you know
what play the game
he might even take some meetings you
know just to pull a Power Move a little
leverage move and make it seem like he
might do something okay
but ultimately he’s coming back to the
Patriots no no man at this point of his
careers on it he doesn’t want to do that
okay and Tom Brady still a great player
so all these people saying he’s washed
up they don’t know football Tom Brady’s
just didn’t have weapons look at the
bumpy Yeti
they led the league and drops his best
his most veteran receiver is five nine
he led the league and drop personally
the rest of their player the like third
for the most part okay so I don’t see
them yeah you sound like a man who has
knowledge with regards to the Patriots
is there any tension between Tom Brady
and built and Bill Belichick well Tom
Brady you say get Bella checked the fuck
out of here and I’ll resign but crap
Kraft and Brady are like good friends
who crafted crap the only Brady or like
they have a great relationship so
ultimately ultimately I’m just asking
the question it’s a hypothetical
I don’t do hypotheticals personally you
think Brady won’t wants like crap Bella
check the fuck out of it I’ll resign get
his old ass out here I’m the reason why
we won these Super Bowls yeah he might
want the jacobi did he shot both no they
accept came together and make no sense
they’re not stupid they’re just prideful
sir I hear what you’re saying hang up
stay with me I hear what you’re saying
but Kobe told the Lakers get this old
fat negative fuck up out here and I’ll
get you a couple more rings and he did
how many more rings and Kobe get without
Shaq agree but that’s the way Kobe had
more rings left mistake he was a younger
player okay he was a younger player
Brady Brady is a little bit of older
play at this point I don’t think he has
the same leverage okay and and that was
a player this is a system built by
Belichick that’s a different situation
right okay similar situation now JP JP
in the city girls yeah did you see the
video are we saying what concern that
they’re doing coke what’s the big deal
they all doing drugs I was in I was in
Colombia recently okay
actually I just called him the other day
about the 21 year old okay but I
couldn’t my my headset kept picking up
so I dropped out anyway I was in
Colombia a couple months ago on a
bachelor party okay they’re doing some
over there called two feet did you ever
hear this no to see educate me so barely
the fuck I don’t even know all the
component honestly Ronnie Ronnie can you
Google to see please okay so you say
it’s a pink card I think it fell to tu
it’s a pink powder right and I believe
it’s a good cocking of cocaine Maile and
one or two other drugs I’m not exactly
sure okay anyway that all the young
people in Colombia hooked on this but
the girls you’ve given the to see over
there and they turn it up the last two
look they love it they don’t even
message the coca Colombia the girls they
mess with the truth female so you go
into a club and you got girls in the
stall they open up the stalls and they
they pour some out on their titties and
they say to you come here sniff this
what’s the big deal young girls they see
she came out she was doing that role you
know just came home he had the bundle
dripping okay I’m a man of a certain age
I have to ask the question and be
somewhat concerned otherwise I would
look crazy okay
don’t stop I hope from get money is what
you’re saying
don’t stop by hoping getting Thanks
all right Thank You Man thank you for
eyes look yes sir salut yeah I’m not
trying to stop a holding game but him
just you know shit if she owned that
nose candy Ryan would you get anything
from to see what is that yes actually
it’s actually to see B to C n yes and
it’s also called like pink cocaine
because the color and the texture of it
so it’s similar to MDMA that’s sort of
hi it’s what I see and it’s very big in
the UK it looks like it’s getting bigger
over here and you know
Wow the club drug club yeah yeah so much
happened to me back in the 80s in clubs
you just that was before it became
really popular you know uh metrosexual
Weesa go to certain clubs the red pirate
a rock-and-roll club called tracks at
the Palladium and shit like that you go
into the bathroom and then would
literally be females in the goddamn
stall doing blow put a little bit in
there and say hey come here
snip that one lick it and you say yeah
sure you just walk right in crazy shit
108 cords good evening sir I got you’re
a super Chet he says salute star shit is
starting to buzz oh gee thanks I need
that marketing deck j.t takin Hoover
sniffs the baby out here taking dudes
pants off Yelp punking businesses honey
Acre Woods Ronnie and I watched this
weekend a documentary about yelp call
those the boys a bully was that again
where I forget the name of it
what’s that million dollar billion
dollar bully billion dollar bully did
you see that um hunter Acre Woods great
documentary hold you we’re not trying to
talk about that maybe tomorrow or Monday
plumbing tomorrow’s Monday Monday or
Tuesday that documentary but Thank You
Mia hunter acre woods aren’t
transcendent music says Lucania is
currently hanging from a tree Brent from
a tree branch by his feet shooting
poison darts at all the black Americans
flocking back to Africa he’s hatin okay
Butchie poppin on the check in scissor
the topic shouldn’t be are the city
girls hooked on cocaine it should be is
starring ATL hooked on buzzy respect to
my nigga Jonathan who’s Jonathan’s don’t
know that is but thank you for your
big aqua me checking says of course
she’s on it
it’s either
bisher pills now lol story you were uh
one of those with the load local LoJack
LoJack jaw and shades in the nighttime
or inside the house now I wasn’t wearing
those sunglasses wearing type of people
but was I in the house you know acting
weird sure you knows I mostly hung out
with females doing cook I didn’t want to
do coke good guys you know sometimes you
do too much coke and you start thinking
shits on you shit like that
Ronnie give me a second I want to bring
you in this conversation but I get so
many crazy stories with a girl one time
we did so much coke and she thought well
so she said she had a gram of coke in my
mattress and I said what she said yeah
do you have any scissors gave the bitch
some scissors and she cut a whole
fucking maybe like three feet of my
mattress digging in the match was
looking for grandma coke it was never
crazy shit toke a shit Xavier good
evening sir stalking you pick up area
code six one seven yes sir where are you
I do not see six one seven just yet I’ll
come back give me a second maybe I’m
picking up too fast home right let me go
to cash at South Dallas good evening
find another QB with six championship
rings callers on drugs yeah sex man you
notice there’s some people that say that
because I mean not me but there’s some
people say that because of the new the
new game of football Tom Brady was able
to achieve those six quarterbacks where
as opposed to you know when Joe Montana
and Terry Bradshaw each won four Super
Bowls it was a different game it was a
much more brutal
punishing game and even going back to
when Jim Brown was a running back that
was a different game certain things you
could do
spearing with the helmet clipping and
other stuff like that that was a brutal
fucking game I’m not gonna discredit Tom
Brady in any way shape or form but uh
yeah SiC some such championships I took
nothing from him okay I don’t see area
code six one seven just shit let me go
to uh someone’s on the check here is it
labelled the bells calling in let me see
if I can find the Bell or bring them in
shortly let’s go to area code 707 in the
meantime good evening 707 ya John blaze
on this goddamn check hey I think you’re
protecting a little bit of your time
let’s go sir how would a little bit
please just a little bit amen fuck Tom
Brady Hey look hey look hey hey look I
watched the game hoping I can see
somebody cracking goddamn skull at least
take his kneecap out as I send my body
here and I’ll walk them out the door
okay these callers forgot about the spy
game okay and now let’s go back to this
quarter let’s go back to spy gate with
the rain come on all right
or let’s go back so let’s go back to spy
gate with the Bengals okay all right
they now have spy gate with the Bengals
in 2019 and nobody had brought that up
nobody went had brought up that there’s
going to possibly a loss of pick because
they went ahead and practice the same
thing they was doing okay back you know
forth okay Tom Brady has an asterisk at
least two Super Bowls based off a kicker
Vinatieri who want him to got them both
the same year to where he was accused of
being useless by getting sent stealing
signals to which they already stole from
the jet okay Tom Brady can go to hell
and it could ride his nuts all they want
that’s all I know
okay Tom Brady might be a goat we ain’t
no goat my book okay I’m not gonna go
ahead and slurp on some dude who got a
two asterisk and and it’s a part of the
these so-called these so-called the
fight game he got to be a street fight I
was just about to say with you gotta
talk about allegedly deflating the
let’s go let’s go John blaze B he was
the crating footballs to with the
child it was facts so they went ahead
and punish the tape now let’s go ahead
and keep it real though Tom Brady might
have wants some Super Bowls but the
Commissioner found that it was factual’s
that they were deflating balls to which
he didn’t want to give up his cell phone
at the time of the investigation right
let’s go back to that huh let’s go back
to what he didn’t want to go ahead you
participate in event investigation of
those before the footballs so you look
at the history of Tom Belichick you look
at the history of Josh McDaniels who was
the offensive coordinator he got caught
he left to go coach the Denver Broncos
so the history of cheating has always
been with the Patriots they can ride
they nuts as long as they won’t but
nobody could go ahead and bring up the
goddamn truth fuck hambre hang on a
second John blaze stay with me Josh
McDaniels they’re saying that he’s ready
to leave the Patriots yes that’s the
current offensive coordinator yes
absolutely absolutely and Josh McDaniels
is in the heading for the head coaching
job for the Dallas Cowboys
write him himself and Marvin Lewis all
those are the first two candidates who
are who are now in the running for those
two head coach job we already know
Johnny dang don’t get it cuz he’s a he’s
a cheater it ain’t nothing alleged about
Bill Belichick Tom Brady and drop the
game they are they are the worst of the
worst when it comes to John blaze going
ten toes down pay attention hey goddamn
thing Bill Belichick might be the
greatest coach in the history of the
game you got to remember Garoppolo
Garoppolo that was going it was the next
in line become the UH the next
quarterback of that goddamn thing what
did Tom Brady do he pulled a goddamn
same thing Brett Favre did with your boy
Aaron Rodgers he said I’m not going to
be this guy’s teacher he’s gonna get the
hell out of here or golf so what
happened they say Garoppolo and trading
nobody is not gonna be no fool to Tom
Brady because Tom Brady and the NFL are
colluding one another because let’s go
back to the Raiders and uh Tom brain of
2004 okay
the tough rule okay calibrating is No
and while he should’ve won that damn
championship so they created the tough
world because they wanted to protect the
quarterback Tom Brady is the epitome the
epitome of what the NFL won’t the
beautiful tall six for white board with
a cliff in his chance go ahead and beat
the idea to be romanticizing is this
beautiful quarterback super where some
goddamn championships for those goddamn
championship was won with an aspirin if
I could just jump in for a second I have
no problem with what you’re saying but
with regards to Bill Belichick I would
not consider him to be the greatest
coach we can never ever forget Vince
Lombardi Wofford a lot of the structure
of the state structured the game the
plays and and the the mindset the
philosophy and the ideology of football
they’re still working off of his
blueprint would you agree on that
I would agree on that and then you also
look at bill on Bharti he was one of the
head coaches who started bringing in
black player Vince Lombardi been
somebody that spoke and bringing some
black players yes okay
we can we can talk about the history of
the Patriots in the history that will be
discussed about the would not be the
championship but how they how they won
those campuses which threw people
everybody know right before you go hang
in a second John please um Jason Garrett
just fired from the the Cowboys uh he
was there for a decade he never went
away he never won a ring I don’t he won
I think two rings as a backup for Troy
Aikman but he’s out of there now the
Cowboys that’s official yes he he that
is official he’s out but he’s one of
Jones’s boys that’s why he kept the job
for ten years but okay there was no
reason for him to have that job in ten
years but it’s that good old boys system
that the galaxy boys I’ve always
practiced for years so they finally
realized that he can go ahead and have
somebody who’s going to have a windless
playoff record for ten years to keep a
head coaching job they was already
talked about firing Mike Tomlin from the
Steelers and he did a phenomenal job
without being Roethlisberger but as a
Negro you ain’t go get static lake where
you ankle get that you ain’t gonna be
put on a pedestal like that but there’s
white boy who’s over there in Dallas
he’ll keep his job for ten years and
then you got the rest like Marvin Lewis
who didn’t win nothing but they won’t
even give him a second chance
so the game within the NFL is nothing
but a bunch of trickery that’s all it is
I don’t believe it in the moat its flag
football now it’s black football
very well said John please Thank You
Mandy hey hey much love man you’re not
laid out my boot
okay all right John blaze always going
hard in the paint I appreciate the call
Ronnie was there anything else we needed
to mention uh I know a few things okay
Oh Ronnie I’m gonna come back to shortly
about French Montana 50 cent let’s go to
area code 9 are you there is that kb9 oh
wait hey take a beat yeah how are you
sir thank you for your donation what’s
poppin watching this documentary about
quitting smoking cigarettes I wanted to
keep that up I don’t know what it was
about down that path are you trying to
quit smoking or you’re just giving
running support I’m confused
no no Ronnie are you there this man’s
trying to give you support you want to
talk to me no it’s actually at an audio
audio version of a book okay definitely
words just keep that up definitely
supporting you for that thank you
yep sounds like we ate a bad headset sir
can you make some adjustments to take
the headset off only hear what you say
yeah hello yeah good you see yeah so I
want I’m from Jersey so I used to be a
big Tom Brady hater like that but I
respect him winning his six
championships and goal what’d he do but
just like all the greats I think it’s
time you know it’s just time we got a
part way
I’m in coach Belichick have been like
especially this year haven’t been seeing
eye to eye so about one of them has to
it’s about time for one of them has to
go so either he has to leave or a coach
knowledge I have to leave like it’s just
it just come to that so and and every
sport the sports it’s just that time for
things to change and it’s just for the
Patriots they had a good run with the
six championships and it’s just the time
for change so that’s pretty much like
what it what it comes to with that so in
reality I don’t think that they’re gonna
get rid of Belichick I mean I was just
throwing that out there earlier I don’t
think that whatever happened yeah so I
think what they’re gonna do is so what
Brady wants to do is go to a different
team and show that you can win without
balchik and what Belichick want is ready
to leave so great so bad as you can show
that he can win without break right so
it’s kind of late going hand so it’s
like it so I think I think that’s what
that’s where they’re at with that so III
definitely I definitely I definitely
think when I hear all the rumors is that
Brady’s gonna go to San Diego Chi thank
you so much out there in California so
I’m like out that area or whatever so
he’s gonna go out that way but it but to
me I think that like like I said the
dynasty is kind of just comforting I
just had a good run it’s about that time
for later not coming I would say they
had the best road in terms of modern
football the Patriots best room I would
give them that I think I would say that
they have the best I think that they are
the Chicago Bulls of the of the NFL best
in modern and modern football I don’t
want to go back to Vince Lombardi and
how many how many how many championships
the Packers won prior to the two Super
Bowls but you know you could argue or
someone who’s a really really a football
fanatic you you can’t discard Vince
Lombardi and the Packers but guy I’ll
give you last word no I watch you like
football back and I’m from I like the
modern era definitely I I can care less
okay for them to lose anyway but cuz
they want like everybody everybody wants
what they happen cuz they want to see
they want to see who’s going to prove
the right
it’s Brady better than balichek or as
balichek better than Brady they want to
say everybody wants to see that I want
to see which one can win without the
other and then which one kikuno so I
pretty much sorry it’s gonna be it’s
gonna be a big night what do you thought
so no city girls are they doing blow JT
doing blow what’s a black girl talkin
artist and I couldn’t watch it hang on
sure slow down slow down sir you said a
bunch of black girls talking nonsense
and then you turned it off are you
yourself black or no you just you don’t
see black girls no I’m 100% Jamaican
Jamaican yeah okay and you’re not
interested in silly black girls just
talking jibber-jabber you said I’m out
of here fuck this shit
yeah I’m pretty good I tried to focus
for the first I’d literally because I
wanted to talk about to that to when I
call it in okay so I watched it 10
seconds in and I was like yeah I can’t
do this they were just shouting and
screaming and how old you say and what
type of girls do you date okay and I
don’t want to I mean I date it doesn’t
I’m not like that type to say I think
anytime like I won’t date this I want to
that but definitely black girls are kind
of I’m a little nervous around that I’m
a little nervous around Wow like right
that’s niggas keeping it really even a
code that black shit and I’m coming from
a good I’m not coming from a bad side
I understand black women and they get a
little – a little too hectic a little
you know I mean are you married do you
have children do you you say your
mother’s black you married yeah no not
married no children but you got to
understand my mother’s to make it so
I’ve seen the worst of the worst when it
comes to black
she’s I love her to death but you know I
mean I’ve seen the craziest of the
craziest oh I’ve been around a whole
night so you love your mother but in
reality you don’t want a wife someone
like your mother
there’s not one saying that definitely
you hit the nail on the head
exactly that’s it sorry I thank you for
the call have a good evening thank you
no problem no problem and focus spoke
his piece Who am I to be saying he what
he shouldn’t shouldn’t say hold on Ronny
you still good do you have to bounce you
good we could still hang up okay all
right before I go back to the phone
lines French Montana and 50 cent is
there anything here that’s other things
trolling I mean I saw some of the some
of the thumbnails going back and forth
fifties my guy in French Montana and I
actually met he came on my show uh 2012
I think he had a good conversation is
there anything here is it just a bunch
of trolling should I think that 50 cent
called the Bugatti dealer to see how
French paid for the car and then on 50
cents Instagram page he posted something
he just don’t like any updates what are
you thoughts do you care yeah he’s
saying that you know French is basically
stretching the deal out for the car for
60 months like saying you know you’re
posting this Bugatti but tell the people
that you’re taking five years to pay for
it and over the course of time the
values going to depreciate so then
French posted like the value showing
that it really doesn’t appreciate all
that much now 50 is accusing French of
faking his dream so French
posted a video of Selina Powell saying
that she got busy with 50 and also like
a photoshopped picture of him I do
believe she says she ate his groceries
let’s go there
Celina Powell said that she ate 50
yeah she did so it’s funny you know for
the entertainment value I don’t think it
speaks bad about French’s character or
you know it’s a light-hearted back and
forth yeah I tried not to be up to speed
on all this monkey shit but 50 also
posted something on his idea about the
homie from Terror Squad Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete was talking my French
Montana back in the days when a fake
jewelry they had to go get him and then
tuck him in say he was a scary nigga
speeding all this is well oh no the part
about Pistol Pete no no I wasn’t
familiar about that they hated mrs.
nothing all right yeah but French French
wasn’t French was around way back then
he was you know the video guy doing you
know the DVDs and a coke boy series I
think Cole boy series Fagin the coke
boys series yes uh-huh yeah okay keep me
posted if it if it gets to you know some
some ratchets poppin then I’ll give a
shit but right now it’s just a whole lot
of monkey shit going back and forth to
trolling you know I think French Montana
he let out something with regards to the
show power did he did he release
something about the show power I saw
that as well it’s just it’s crazy hold
on let me go to arm cash at mal come on
the check in area code 504 where are you
and someone else called and I was trying
to get them on the line let me go to
Malcolm right quick Malcolm way there
sir good evening
Malcolm Malcolm what’s going on how are
you sir what do you wanna start I’m all
right as I’m doing that I want to talk
about carbureted my thanks loss today
bro hey come on my things loss today man
drew Brees
I think he might
it’s that time he might be your next
sociably about there is it time for Drew
Brees to get out of town okay
he was selling us out bruh
he was havin us out big time on dope you
gotta test once again even though III
did not I’ll be very honest with you I
just I was really relaxing today and I
just you know I was powering down but uh
I do know that that the big talk the
trending topic is Tom Brady will he or
won’t he stay up the Patriots okay yeah
well I mean two things happen and I will
break you feel down because I’m
disgusted okay stay on top it with Tom
Brady uh and here dog man here dog I
don’t see grab a craft running him out
of town okay I really don’t know who
they GM is the general manager is I
don’t see Robert Kraft the owner getting
rid of time brave I think he’ll get rid
of better check before it comes down to
town Brady
that is me come on Tom Brady I mean I
know he party party yeah cuz he farted
cuz drew brees for the one so yeah Tom
Brady is 42 sure he’ll be 43 next summer
42 right now ooh I had the bag that was
okay but uh I don’t know mathematically
speaking mathematically speaking if I
were Robert Kraft I would try to retire
Tom Brady I’d give him a shitload of
money I make him retire or try to get
him to retire a patriot and then bring
him into the front office and some some
rolled to work him up to GM in the years
to come but I would not I would not get
rid of Bill Belichick Bill Belichick
even five years from now he’ll still be
a great mind for that organization in
terms of coaching and you know bringing
in the new blood but give you last word
okay uh I feel like as you know his mind
go out last time Brady body yeah
Phil where you going with that thanks
but for the rival crisis they email
about rival crime send them over to
glory do you think it would be better
for Robert Kraft to like put players
around him and try to get one mole one
will go at it you know they’re like I
don’t know if that would be a smart
thing target a smart thing to do because
Brady at this point in my opinion he
needs things a certain way
and if you can’t live up to that then
it’s just not gonna work but you know
that’s in my opinion I thank you for the
closer thank you alright do that okay
all right thank you so much seven five
seven is that labelled good evening
LaBelle what up hey what’s up man I get
you Kashyap sorry for being late what’s
going on with you no doubt tell her man
one timing on a cloud Brady not there
please it’s time for him the gold man
with the NFL’s apparently done with him
they didn’t set everything up so he
could be the poster boy he’s a pretty
white boy not that he’s not a decent
quarterback is so he’s a white boy he
could throw the ball he has 30 minutes
to throw the ball they didn’t change
League rules for this clown okay
everything teams has actually thrown
Super Bowls just so he can you know
stand in the glory
attach the people’s in Atlanta you live
in Atlanta now yeah Atlanta was kicking
their eggs and they got a phone card or
at halftime notice that I have to play
football and it’s like oh my god Tom
Brady those are the kid now Angus are
you in the land to yourself you
mentioned Atlanta now I’m in Virginia
but I’m originally from the Philadelphia
area so you know how I get there okay
okay listen yeah my brain heard you take
a shot at Tom Brady at our white boy
okay but now if what was it Michael Vick
at one one point in his career wasn’t he
that guy wasn’t it wasn’t it all lined
up it was all laid out for Michael Vick
he was de nigger yeah I even looked at
him and said all this this is the future
snicker here’s the truth right
yeah man but not now know how I people
out with these animals man they value
animal life more than putting people
so once he once he got involved with
that dog thing yes that was it you can
kill a nigga but you killing dogs or
hell no to jail you go anyway I’m right
all right man with the tail and
everything and rightfully so I’m a
doggie daddy let it go I’m a former
doggie daddy okay so the question is Tom
Brady leaving the Patriots right to it
yes you know I would say so
wait because I would it’s time to get
out and you know I think I think he
should retire okay and just go out on a
high note
you know everybody still on his dick and
all that so so Bobby I don’t know I want
most of the algorithms but uh yeah
everybody still on the job in the north
but he needs to go out what does you
know cuz yeah Belichick could still
coach until he dies okay thank you for
calling sir thank you so much no doubt
no it’s seven five seven who was on hold
somebody from area code six one seven
six one seven are you there good evening
six one seven well yeah did you send in
a cash app is this services I was
telling to pick up somebody’s : I forgot
hello no six one seven greenie yes no
maybe John – John – blade these nuts
with that shit now who are you calling
from it sounds like is that Mike from
Boston 6 1 7 so it sounds like yeah what
what the hell is he talking about man he
doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking
about Tom Brady is the goat King Go Go
Mike Tom Brady goat people are hating OB
he’s the white boy and there’s that Tom
Brady is the best quarterback we’ve ever
seen give the man his props don’t hate
on him ok here comes the end of his
career he’s in authority that’s winding
down don’t talk about all this spy
ratings are responsible for everything
that the Patriots if you want to blame
weight gained all that greedy still had
to go out there and win those superglue
is a quarterback and he did it and no
one else has ever been able to do what
he’s gone so people are hating on him
way too much I mean Jesus Christ now
hang on a second Mike you’re a little
biased yes you’re from Boston
so you’re saying Tom Brady’s yeah you
saying Tom Brady’s the greatest I’m
saying he’s of the modern era yes he’s
the greatest and I have to go back you
know I’m a man of a certain age and I
have to look at other quarterbacks that
invented certain things that set forth a
blueprint that Tom Brady and a host of
others have worked off of over the years
I don’t know how old you are but you
know there are some people that would
say that Rodgers Starbuck was the
greatest and the reason why they would
say that angriff I can just finished my
piece the reason why they would say that
is because the Cowboys reinvented the
shotgun the shotgun was creative I’m not
mistaken and in the 30s or the 40s and
then when Tom Landry came around in late
60s one of he came in to coach the
Cowboys he and Roger Starbuck and that
offensive team they they reinvented it
they started using it again because for
years they weren’t using in the NFL and
then you had Dan Marino that came along
and he became known for the shock all
the quick release Marino but does the
name Roger Starbuck mean anything to you
in terms of one of the greatest even
though he didn’t win five Super Bowls
Super Bowls point me does that name mean
anything to you
he doesn’t have six rings but I’m
talking about inventing the blueprint of
what people have worked on by way of the
yield of his labor you can’t just say oh
well Starbuck didn’t have as many rings
as Tom Brady’s so he’s not as great I
just I laid out the whole shotgun format
to you got you again
can I tell you one more thing please a
real problem with with witless nomads
Nick giving folks information over over
the floor man it’s getting real bad real
bad good good
did you hear Colonel McGregor last fight
was again he lost he got quick asleep
first of all Conor McGregor fuck could
be the last big thing hanging I’m gonna
look for nomads Nick because he listened
to the Shonan consistent basis Nick are
you in the queue good you’re saying Mike
you’re saying you’re tired of nomads
Nick and the inaccurate information go
ahead okay I don’t see nomads Nick in
the queue usually calls it maybe code
woman five you say that’s what he is and
you know that’s well he can provide shit
okay well let’s say if you want I can
put you on hold and we can see if nomad
Nick calls in okay thank you Mike thank
you so much for your call Ronnie hold on
a second bullshit could be read back
let me look in the live chat for a
second folks the live chat is over here
I’m always looking at cash app in super
chat does anybody understand what I was
trying to say I was just I was talking
the origins of the shotgun and some of
the great quarterbacks from back in the
days yeah they didn’t have as many rings
as the quarterbacks
of today and I’m not saying I’m not
saying fuck today’s football I’m not
saying that but sometimes the number of
rings don’t necessarily mean that you’re
the greatest Tom Brady’s my guy
but you had Kenny Stabler from the
Oakland Raiders I mean that that was
hardcore fucking football when those
guys played you know it’s different game
now Dan Marino never won a Superbowl
he was the choke artist of all time
there’s other quarterbacks who never won
a Superbowl but you can’t say are they
rich trash Archie Manning who played
with the the Saints the father of Peyton
and Eli Manning he was a motherfucker
Fran Tarkenton never won a Super Bowl
Super Bowl but all that scrambling you
know that was Fran Tarkington and Daryle
Lamonica Steve McNair okay Warren Moon
Oh Randall Cunningham yeah he was he was
he was the truth Joe Namath Broadway Joe
say what you want Joe name is say he
guaranteed that the Jets would win the
Super Bowl and he did it
Broadway Joe on a second let me go to JC
no dots on the check-in via super chat
he says yo star this is Jay Jay C from
sports and music lounge on YouTube love
the show happy new you okay JC are you
calling in I’m checking my emails right
now are you calling in I think you sent
me emails before saying you want to talk
to sports tonight’s tonight where are
you don’t you from Vegas or somewhere
shoot me an email the hater one 964
mahmu good evening my loose ends in a
super chat I can’t wait until the old
sorry post Irving friar Prix drew
bledsoe Patriots come back so then so
the New Jersey Jets can smack them
around again okay okay
sir those are the New York Jets the New
York Jets even though they play in
Jersey their office or their franchise
is in New York they’ve always been
called the New York Jets not the New
Jersey Jets the Giants are the New
Jersey Giants Tranter a non the check in
says a star a Stacie Glor who wants you
to make that buzzy pop like Jiffy Pop
right yeah we spoke to Stacy galore
lately who’s got a following on the star
report have you spoke to her lately no
no I not actually I should probably
check in with her and see how things are
going okay okay
mahmu also says via super jet cheaters
prosper in the Western world okay
propane que 1982 says her niggas can
talk that deflated shit all they want
but nobody threw an inflated football
better men lie women lie numbers don’t
ok facts did you mr. flowers says star
could you do a topic next time on is
love he’ll question mark we can do that
topic right now if you ask me yes what
is true love you’ve always always heard
me say it’s the point of selflessness I
care about you more than I care about
myself that’s held to me I hadn’t been
in love since uh shit maybe mid-80s
right and I hope to never be in love
thank you for your donation 100 Acre
Woods I got that super chat thank you so
much let me make sure they miss any
super Jets hold on a buzzy pop and I got
okay big shock
Xavier Gemstar tranny chaser do it bitch
grand finale okay and let me go to cash
app Trey hey thank you for your donation
Trey tell Ronnie
smoking is unladylike Oh respond to that
Ryan that comes from trade it’s a cache
yep yeah I’m not I just think that’s so
cliche to say that it’s not ladylike can
I ask you a question why not kind of put
you on the spot now sure I did coke for
a decade I always used to say cuz people
would say oh no cocaine is such a dirty
habit and I would use I used to say well
you know smokings even even worse
because we were talking about people’s
lungs and fizzy mand all that sorts of
shit and at that time I didn’t know the
long-term effects side effects of
cocaine aside from Parkinson’s disease
would you say that smoking is is a
dirtier habit than sniffing well no I
don’t think so I don’t think it is
absolutely not absolutely not and you
know people sort of glamorize it now but
I still look at it as I’m talking about
cocaine I still look at that as
something just that you’re dirty if you
do that to me it’s it’s a very dirty
drug and yeah there are people who look
at smokers the same way so I guess it
just depends on who you ask
okay okay Jay beats sends in a cash at
Star JT trying to get over low yeah T
through that powder okay were they
dating woo yah yeah I know that he was
in one of their videos well yeah he was
he at JT dating I don’t know allegedly
he and JT were dating for a little while
she and JT she and JT no I said he and
JT he meaning lil yachty okay point me
you’re right
oh shit hold on a second
for15 is that nomads neck on the
check-in what’s poppin star no man
they’re calling out today
you got people calling your name out and
I don’t want to say the wrong thing yeah
you know what’s going on yeah would you
like me to address it now that’s up to
sure good Mike
what’s his name wasn’t due from Boston
was his name Mike from Boston how you
doing Ronny Mike from Boston he said
that he wants somebody you know yeah was
off on the day but it wasn’t like I was
coming with incorrect information he’s
actually even called in on one of the
nights we call the fight and said how
great of a job we did on a super chat
but so if you need any proof of that you
can go ahead and look at the video
yourself I think was one we did the
Tyson Fury fight so okay whatever you
know some people just like to hear that
their voice being heard you know I’m
saying and when it comes to Ronnie I
just have another quick question that
has nothing to do about the topic last
night well when I hang on a second Nick
if we can stay focused on sports for a
second as opposed to Ronnie
Mike’s also said that you said that
Conor McGregor’s last fight was Nick
Diaz but it was somebody else was he
right or yeah
yeah it was could be we could beat
nurger men off okay yeah but now to be
fair I think when you called in the last
time you said that you were high you
were smoking something doing something
is literally what I just said I was on
the banana sherbert okay she’s still
okay still let me look in the live sorry
the cue let me see if I’m actually Mike
said he didn’t want to talk to you so no
he’s not in the queue I don’t I don’t
blame him
any thoughts on Tom Brady uh no man dick
is he leaving the Patriots do you not
care I haven’t watched a single football
situation since Colin Kaepernick got
kicked out the league I don’t fuck with
Dennis not anymore
SportsCenter Wow okay and you know what
matters back on a Sunday night fuck all
these black people that come on here and
talk shit him talk shit about football
and don’t give a fuck about what
Kaepernick is going through but had an
opinion on jay-z he did dick wah
okay Thank You Nick Thank You Man wow
what the fuck you did Ronnie
that’s that sounded kind of racist but
but he swears he’s black sounding racist
lefties black people what did you do
second Troy on the check in via cash
absolute star Brady will play for the
Chargers in 20 well thank you man for
your cash up again I heard that months
ago and it was just a rumor
so I thought not that I was trying to
push it as you know facts but that’s
what they were discussing I think it was
what was it Max Kellerman a lot of
respect for Max Kellerman unless it was
somebody else hold on a second where’s
area code 504 someone sent in a cache
where are you 504 did I did I pick up
too slow it’s what every code 9 1 9 in
the meantime nine one nine are you there
yeah what’s good hey how are you yo yes
yo yo what’s good that fuck hombre let’s
go him let’s go okay fuck Tom Brady the
football player but the PERT the man
he’s a hero he’s a I gave him rod
respect as a man
similar to myself okay he married a
woman who makes a lot more he does and
he knows how to handle his business off
football field on the football field
no fuck the Patriots you see at least
caught three four times
I don’t we only getting specifics but it
is happened over and over and over again
okay and let’s say this was the negative
running to you and Street star let’s say
that again same negative runs due to
industry let’s say if some dude is
running tune into you in the street okay
all right and
three or four times do try to get over
heels with them with some dumb shit it’s
after the first time you’re done with
them right what when you say get over I
mean I don’t do hypotheticals but I’m
very okay I don’t have a petticoat let’s
put it like this the Patriots got caught
videotaping people running their
practices before the Super Bowl right
and you were not notebook and football
that means a lot and basketball it would
mean so much because it’s a different
kind of game baseball it means a little
something if you can still the the
pitches the pitch the pitch signs and
someone’s doing it fastball you know
what’s coming that’s a little different
in football it means a lot and three or
four times you’ve gotten caught so fuck
the Patriots but in a second if I can
throw something at you I’m not defending
nor Mike aping for the Patriots I’ve
already said I love the Patriots as a
franchise dynasty I was glad to see them
start winning because I go back with
them back to the Steve Grogan days but
if we’re talking about studying other
people’s plays and and if you say that’s
a form of cheating you know Mike Tyson a
lot of people don’t talk about the fact
that Mike Tyson used to study boxing
footage study is not a big guy but he
studied boxing footage and and and what
was the name of his mentor come on Mike
Tyson’s mentor yeah then old white man
put some in spec on his name oh no come
on oh okay
he showed Mike Tyson how to really hurt
people not just what head shots but with
body shots he told them what to look for
in terms of the weakness and and and
when people would bulk up how they would
how they may or may not you know try to
punch a shorter man I don’t know if
that’s really a good amount I don’t know
if that’s a good analogy but I’m just
saying to you
it’s not it’s the terrible analogy to
Allah what does that have to do with
people setting the plays you’re gonna
run on a foot yo if I’m playing the
video game against you and you can see
all the screen plays I’m bout to run all
right you’re gonna you’re gonna be like
yo that’s bullshit man we got it we got
a nigga start reaching we said something
like that that I give you all the props
in the world because you didn’t just
settle for becoming a Super Bowl
champion and getting all that claim in
the place you said you know what i’ma
get not only the baddest bitch but the
one with the most guac that if they ever
catch us cheating I don’t even have to
worry about it so he gets the ultimate
respect than that
but on that field take your wack ass off
pink with Drew Brees use the brothers
are coming Watson mahomes Jackson from
Seattle so the brothers have been here
yeah I don’t know why interview one more
time you’re right you’re correct don’t
know why people act like all the black
quarterbacks are coming Doug Williams
took a gumbo man it’s the fact that I
know that’s what I said that wins but
it’s the fact that the old guard is not
in this playoff run they’re all gone
that’s what it is it’s a little bit
black people also don’t respect their
elders Doug Williams always what respect
his name no Doug Williams is the goat in
my opinion one no the first one of the
first Super Bowls that I saw as a child
like nine years old but his do just lit
up the second quarter and like like no
one’s business but you know I got a run
blank email on the final note you you
need to bring up when you talk about
Durham Frank Matthews greatest black
gangster ever because he never got
caught bring that brother we had spoke
about him along with Nicky Barnes and
hosted by I don’t know no fucking Nicky
Nicky Barnes with John Frank Matthews
made his money and we never saw him
that’s why he’s the goat got you Thank
You Man unlike comm Brady thank you sir
well what was i really reaching hang on
a second money looking live chat hmm
Mike Tyson used to study boxing footage
he said this is I’m gonna get this
motherfucker okay a few more um super
chats and calls sugar G on the check-in
says true love certainly is hell my son
regularly has made sure has me on some
suckers shit before he was around I once
did blow out of a thoughts ass ocean and
vice versa wow that’s crazy okay uh lung
butter on the chicken hey hey hey what
lung butter thank you for your donation
you ever notice how nomadic never says
the N word hashtag get him out of here
and he’ll be calling back to complain
about me laughing Marcus good evening
thank you for your cash chef he says for
beer thank you so much and uh buck ate
Malcolm he says let me call an area code
504 get where I am I’m closing it down
Malcolm I don’t see you sir
did I pick yeah I think I picked up too
late okay Ronnie lets you and I finish
up here tonight anything else we didn’t
touch on I don’t think I ever addressed
Tiffany Haddish I don’t even know why I
wrote this down she’s in a new film do
you know what I’m talking about and we
discuss or I discussed her a year or so
ago whatever that was with regards to
her her film career
do you like Tiffany Haddish money just
uh initially I really did like her but a
lot of her antics are just sort of like
you know
mammy ish to me so it kind of turned me
but onto somebody I do like Kevin Hart
you know he has his docu-series now on
Netflix I did not see that yet you said
you liked you you were enjoying it or
yeah I’m enjoying it I’m on episode 3
okay and it’s really good it’s very good
production and I appreciate it
I like his stand-up and I also like this
okay okay back to Tiffany Haddish for a
second I’ve seen a couple of her films
and I even saw a film with her and Kevin
Hart I don’t dislike her she’s just not
my cup of tea but I don’t know why
people of color and it I’m just giving a
little consensus here people who have
called my show they take issue with her
because she act to get oh I thought that
was the whole point of her approach in
her appeal that she’s ghetto yeah girl
you know a little extra carrying on it
it’s not so much that that I have a
problem with it’s the sleaziness of it
all it’s very you know she’s always
making comments about you know I want to
sleep with this white actor I want to
sleep with this white musician I want to
sleep with you know it’s just very
sleazy okay okay okay Ronnie thank you
for joining the conversation with me
let’s catch up tomorrow okay you take
care take care good night hey boss chick
money helping me out mmm hang on a
second guys let me turn something off
here and then I’m gonna get some banners
up on the screen from some people that
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um I’m not sure about tomorrow today’s
Sunday I’m not sure if I’m doing a show
but I will keep you posted on my Twitter
page at Troy train that’s true with an I
okay be safe take care and good night

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