Is T.I. Doing Too Much As A Father?


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T.I. is facing backlash on social media for saying he goes to the gynecologist with his teenage daughter each year to “check her hymen” is still intact. The rapper’s controversial comments were in response to a question about whether he’s had the “s*x talk” with his daughters. In a Tuesday episode of the podcast “Ladies Like Us,” T.I. was speaking with hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham about parenting, when the question came up. The rapper, who has six children, brought up how he handles the discussion with his oldest daughter, 18-year-old Deyjah Harris.

“Not only have we had the conversation. We have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen,” The rapper told the hosts that after the teen’s 16th birthday party, he put a sticky note on her door that read, “‘Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30.'”


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okay star report
I’m your host Troy terrain pique a star
on a Wednesday night all right welcome
to the show that never ends I’m gonna be
a little off-balance tonight my back has
been killing me since this morning and I
took about six Aleve – you know to help
me with the pain
I have muscle relaxers but I didn’t want
to you know take a muscle relaxer
because I wouldn’t be here tonight but
anyway um 12 tonight I got a second let
me get everything together here let’s
talk tonight um first topic on the
screen TI rapper TI is he a creep is he
obsessed with his daughter her name is
deja very nice looking young young
female I’ve only watched that show on
vh1 maybe twice at the most so I don’t
know too much about their relationship
is that Tiny’s daughter tiny who is TI’s
wife still to the best of my knowledge
anyway TI was on a podcast let me make
sure I get the right name of the podcast
ladies like us I’m sure they’re doing
the damn thing and the audio has been
really just um picking up traction today
TI said that he takes his daughter
Dasia if that’s her name to to get her
hymen checked yearly to make sure she’s
still a virgin
is that invading her privacy
well she’s 18 years of age she’s in
college go ahead girl you know um is
that a creep move or is he just being a
good father I don’t know I’m not a
father of any any girls and I’ve raised
a few with different girlfriends but I
can’t say that I’ve ever had to him to
worry about that particular area you
know most of them were younger is he a
good father was he just joking around
is he serious you know the hymen if I’m
not mistaken that is
well you know what well let me not try
to describe what the hymen is Bostick
whining will be calling in she will give
you the breakdown on that but TI goes
with his daughter yearly to the
so says he to make sure that her hymen
is still intact if I’m seeing that right
if she cool with that I don’t know he’s
the breadwinner of the family to my
knowledge so maybe he’s a they you do
right I got you covered you know anyway
um also tonight folks I’m conducting a
manhunt for the popeyes chicken sandwich
killer you know I have my company snitch
network you can go to snitch
and I do have to put in work behind the
scenes as I do so I’m really looking for
the killer alleged killer I don’t want
to put the picture up on the screen but
the police in Oxon Hill Maryland they
did release a photo yesterday slightly
before 3 p.m. and they have a picture of
a female as well a co conspire she’s got
almost a million key are looking slides
nasty extensions so yes I’m looking for
the two of them and if you know the
whereabouts of these uh these killers
holler at me I’ll then holler at the
police I’ll take the pressure off of you
okay yes but um I’m conducting a manhunt
tonight as well
all right good athlete nning in the live
chat how you guys doing good evening how
you feel
let me just say hold on might roll
baby’s okay there’s someone at outpost
shit yeah yeah yeah star detective I
wish I was speaking of Alpo Martinez do
most of you know that Alpo is Puerto
Rican he’s not african-american do you
know that do you give a shit so he
probably he had no uh no concerns about
putting rich Porter down like a sick dog
no anyway all right also holy holy
smokes I need to talk to the live chat
just give me a second guys I’ll come
back to everybody okay guys have you
seen the new freaky London video up on
worldstar somebody got
they’re shit robbed black man with some
locks anybody see that video where is
that video from hopefully it’s New York
anybody know I’m talking about and
sometimes I’d jump on things too fast is
that the new freaky London guys a shit
robbed and somebody somebody threw a
some type of sofa chair at a white chick
I guess because his man was getting his
shit rocked okay most no what do you
mean no no you haven’t seen okay
somebody said yes who is that please
email me where that video happened
hopefully it’s New York but uh freaky
London in case you don’t know that is a
guy who I think was back in 2015 he was
down in Arizona and he had had his hat
on backwards he throw some white boy
shot my dick you know suck my dick and a
white boy rock to you shit straight up
one on one knocked him the fuck out
please keep me posted if you know where
that video is from all right also uh
what’s going on with Nicki Minaj is
Nicki okay
damn booboo can you just you know go
hide for a little while you just got
married what is she doing now up on
Twitter talk about white people treat
her better no they don’t Nicki there’s a
story I picked it up on vlad TV huh
Nicki Minaj gets backlash over white
versus the blacks tweet Nicki are you
confused does she think because why
people don’t come for her neck that they
actually are better to her no boo-boo
take it from me born and raised in the
beautiful suburbs the white people on
social media if that’s what you’re
talking about they just don’t give a
fuck enough about you to comment and
come at you you know black people in
their own way they’re showing you
appreciation not necessarily love
appreciation thus the reason why don’t
have admins in my my live chat I want to
see the appreciation we’ll talk about
that later and then hold on a second oh
holy smokes some white guy got his shit
rocked in a Popeye’s hola that was a
beautiful video
thank you to the five people who sent me
that some white guy I don’t know where
it is when we get to detail shortly up
and a Papa got his chicken sandwich or
sandwiches and starts hurling the n-word
and then he I think he was gonna like
you know rush somebody 12 seconds later
oh they rocked a shit outside yes they
did huh you salute the black mob
violence wait a minute
Cheers yeah rocked his shit I need to
know where that happened as well okay
all right um other things I will touch
on this evening Kevin Durant is he
slipping is he is he dating Joe Budden’s
old Seema receptacle is her name send
something KD please don’t don’t go out
like that my nigga that’s Joe buttons
old doormat now I never took shots at
her because they have a beautiful you
know see together but don’t go out like
that my nigga please
hopefully that’s just a rumor okay all
right let’s get Bostick money on the
line so we can talk about this some TI
is here creep is he a good father what’s
going on
bullshit money are you there area code 7
3 2 hey hey how are you good evening all
right all right
thank you for helping me out early
because I’ve got no biological daughters
or none that I’m claiming and T I went
on this podcast and he said that he goes
with his daughter yearly to the
gynecologist with regards to her her
hymen she’s in college he’s 18 years of
age were you creeped out or is this not
such a big deal it’s all over the place
this is trending yeah it is sort of it’s
very strange very it’s weird it’s creepy
you know but a lot of people seem to be
turned off by the fact that you know the
privacy rights because you know as he
said he accompanies her to these
appointments actually if you
you know listen to the audio he said he
makes the appointment himself right so
you know he goes with her and you know
when the other women at the podcast
asked him well what about you know her
privacy rights he said you know I saw
them she’ll sign whatever so she does
have certain privacy rights as far as
her medical information so in a way the
mare in which he unpacked how he’s able
to go around and sort of circumvent
those privacy rights it comes off to
many people as controlling and
manipulative and toxic masculinity quite
toxic well you know it’s not only the
issue here isn’t only her private
medical information but a lot of people
see this as sort of policing her body
because he’s not going to see you know
are they testing her for you know some
sort of cancer cervical cancer or you
know urinary tract infection the hymen
yeah he’s going to make sure she’s not
getting plowed like a field and it’s
really sort of foolish if you think
about it and he actually made mention of
this because he goes specifically to
make sure that the hymen is intact now
he even said that the doctor advised him
that you know the hymen can be broken in
other ways you know sports as athletics
and he says look she doesn’t play sports
just check the hymen and give me back my
results expeditiously that’s the word
forward quote from him so tensing gives
me back my results sort of implies some
sort of ownership over her hymen okay so
let me jump in now before we get to the
uproar that clearly is trending I have a
New York Post article all sorts of
different platforms how do you feel as a
young woman do you think he’s invading
invading her privacy or is she okay with
this I’ve only watched that show on vh1
maybe once twice at the most so I don’t
know the relationship is what are
personally I think this is completely an
appropriate she is allowing him to do
that but then again you have to
understand the dynamic that’s your
father you know he is the breadwinner he
is you know and as you mentioned before
this isn’t his daughter you know was
tiny he has several children with other
women but this is not Tiny’s daughter
daughter no this is not thanks no this
is not his biological daughter with her
is a young child so this order is with
someone else but you know it it it is
inappropriate I think it is crossing a
line but she is allowing it but then
again that’s her father so she probably
doesn’t want to say no or go against
them right now her name is uh Dejah from
what I can see day via Harris and again
nice-looking young woman she’s in
college maybe she has an agreement with
ti you know listen I’m a I’m a stay pure
in a sense and you keep breaking me off
and we have an agreement do you think
that’s a possibility that maybe we’re
overreacting because if you look at the
history and I hate to go so far back but
you know Royal Family’s trying to
preserve the bloodline and so on and so
forth you know it’s very common for the
parents and the uncles and aunts to be
nosy as to who you’re laying down with
who you’re receiving its own and so
forth well the thing is and this is the
point I was sort of alluding to before
with respect to what the doctors
themselves advice and which is that you
know her hymen whether or not it’s
intact she could have had sex and her
hymen could still be intact that you
know although it’s very rare that could
happen and it could be the reverse
situation her hymen could become you
know broken and she hasn’t engaged in
any physical
intercourse so you know if we can have a
dildo under the bedroom or in the top
dresser dolt dresser drawer pardon me
yeah well listen the other thing you
have to consider is okay maybe she’s not
having vaginal sex maybe she’s not doing
that but she has up their option so it’s
like what do you know what are we doing
this for
for what phones like phone lines are
open pardon me guys
I took six Aleve today so my speech may
be a little slurred I just I’m trying to
get to him trying to get it together
here um and also hold on a second why do
you care about Nicki Minaj you get the
speed she’s uh getting backlash or did
you not catch up catch up on that story
just doing that out there on Nicki Minaj
you said yeah yeah so with regard to her
comments of comparing black media at the
white media if you’re not the speed what
will keep it pushing we’ll come back to
I’m gonna put too much into by just
asking since I did see it but what I was
going to say is that no you were my
phone was cutting out but you know I’m
not surprised by this one was that
incident when she had no button to Queen
radio was that two months ago maybe I
think yet I didn’t hear the whole thing
okay whenever it was that that happened
she made mention of that in that
interview as far as her you know opinion
that she’s treated differently and also
leading up to that interview I think
maybe a few days prior
she went people were commenting about
her now-husband she made a comment a
post saying black girl tragic she used
that hashtag basically to describe the
people who are coming at her and there’s
a there is an entire movement of that
name black girl tragic dedicated to
black women who have been killed and so
when it was brought to her attention she
doubled down on it and said now I’m not
taking it down a you know
said what I said and so she then at that
time also made comment saying you guys
are the only people who you know
attacked me white people don’t do this
just it’s only you so that’s because
white people don’t care about Nikki I
mean if you ask me she might be under a
false delusion
I mean sometimes why people can say you
know I like your music but I don’t
really give a fuck about your life you
know right right right I mean I just
wanted to say it okay Ryan we’ll come
back to that just give me a second okay
we’ll come back to it
all right I’m going to the phone lines
and also hang on a second something else
I want to just put on the table folks is
Kevin Durant dating Joe Budden’s ex what
is her name sin if you’re into sports
yeah please call me in the name of Jesus
tell me Kady has not moved to New York
to play in the Brooklyn the Brooklyn
Nets and now taking Joe Budden’s old
leftovers area code 301 good evening how
are you 301 mister mister please get
these on my head yes sir good evening
did he hang up okay he just wanted to
say that thank you for calling sir he
just wanted to impersonate ti for those
of you who don’t know years ago MTV’s
Punk’d anyway so there you go for one
for hey good evening for one for you
there we’re talking about ti
he and beating his daughters privacy as
you should what’s probably sure yeah
yeah what the ti situation honestly I
don’t think he was like me like that I
serious I think I think he was just like
you know how he over exaggerated just
like when he talked and it’s like he’s
from the south so it’s like he goes he
go say things like the hymen
and things like that but I just think
it’s cuz I got a father and like he make
little jokes like that like growing up
he would make like jokes like that but
he was never like seriously like on me
is like we was like who you having sex
with but I just think it’s just a slow
news week and like that audio came out
well Brandi this audio is trending
everywhere New York Post New Delhi news
TMZ now hang on a second respectfully
Brandi when did you first start having
sex and are you talking about your
biological father will you stepfather
right my biological father like he would
just make jokes like that growing up
like and I think you know he’s t oz on a
podcast so it’s like though the way that
he speaks and like the way that he uses
his words other things a lot of people
took it out of context I don’t think
he’s like going to the OG be lying with
her every single time and like getting
the result no no did you listen he does
he said he makes the appointment and he
takes her yeah well did you hear the
audio Brandi are you just calling in and
give us your two cents yeah like on the
blogs and stuff like that and listen to
the full podcast no so I heard
everything that you guys heard it and
you’re from the south or the Midwest I
forget were you from nowhere
well respectfully Brandie like you know
men in the south will say something in
jest but there’s really a deeper meaning
to what they say you know my father
could say something but in reality he
meant like you know something much
deeper if you understand what I’m saying
so I do believe that Ti is serious and
I’m not saying it’s a bad thing just
asking the question do you think that
he’s invading his daughters privacy so
if he was or if he is serious do you
think he’s invading his daughters
privacy that’s the question yeah she
doesn’t have any privacy that still his
daughter I’m at the end I think it’d be
18 you need 22
still his daughters like until she’s
like her own breadwinner I don’t think
she has any privacy is from you know
from his standpoint yeah but instead I
said an icky thing like it’s fucked up
where like she just keep like digging
herself in his deeper fucking hole I
don’t know like if she was going through
like a like a midlife doing too much or
like what it is but yeah when I thought
I said I’m like really Nikki like that’s
like why like I don’t understand it at
this point I really don’t either get
back in the bucket with the rest of us
Nikki were you going man and it’s life
isn’t supposed to be like we love you
come on back in the bucket that’s black
people I just like where Ronnie was
saying with the black girls rising shoot
so yeah okay thank you brandy good to
talk to you darling thank you Dave how
are you sir good evening he sends in a
super chair he says salute star how you
doing white girl I mean black girl
I mean Ronnie okay thank you sir Paul
Picasso on the chicken he said star I
had to get on that nigga shit and do in
a scuffle in line to get a goddamn
chicken sandwich safe to say I made it
out alive
hashtag sucka shit okay thank you sir
UK Dogfather 89 says star salute from
England can I recommend a series called
the troubles it’s about the IRA versus
us the proud British savages I don’t
know so I mean if you want to call in
from time to time and bring us up to
speed on the IRA and you know the things
going on with you guys abroad it might
be interesting thank you for your
donation let me go to uh Adam how are
you sir he says a chicken sandwich one
murder Charles Manson zero murders mmm
well Adam Charl
Manson did orchestrate the murders you
know la Bianca’s if I remember correctly
and uh Sharon Tate and those folks he he
was the planner you know he planned it
out so but thank you for your donation
Sal gee 102 good evening sir thank you
for your cash yep okay what is this year
Danielle hey Danielle I’m not sick
someone me see if I said their name
right Danielle for a second I see six
one oh I don’t see 601 did you give us
the wrong information
Danielle from DC hello
Leviticus hey 21 let’s go verses 13
through 16 come on
and he shall take a wife in her
virginity a widow her divorce woman a
profane or a harlot these he shall not
take but he shall take of birds in of
his own people to life another man yes
very well said you see let me break it
down for you all
now did you call a second ago are you
clumping the same number with the Rusted
taking the bullets at the hand that’s
you yeah no no sir I’m not no come on
he’s lying
break it down to the folks who don’t
understand oh you see that’s the
scriptures okay but if you take it if
you take Western civilization out of the
a lot of cultures still has something
called honor killings honor killings yes
meaning we got a family we got a team an
organization a unit and if you do
something to disgrace this family I
don’t give a fuck if you’re my brother
Mike can you please watch the f-bombs
I like what you’re saying but just
Florida alums continue continue
pardon me pardon me I will smoke that a
SS watch my language I’ll smoke you for
this honoring the family’s CI is doing
what a man supposed to do because here’s
what you got to prevent come on let’s
say that his daughter days oh she goes
out into the streets she’s partying she
goes in and an ass a bum ass and I got
my master right now now in soils the
bloodline fear back facts now this bum
that smashed Dasia if he sees TI in the
street he now has the rights it’s a
clown CI right over the stack that I put
my wrench inside of your precious jewels
yeah your daughter had you baby’s ankles
behind her neck and she was loving it
and I’m a bum so see ya okay so CI is
only doing what a man supposed to do
okay what you want from the guy he’s
doing what a man God is do aren’t you
hey man I appreciate the cold you want
to say what state you’re calling from
call that a Philadelphia Pennsylvania
the 6 1 / 2 or 5 Thank You Man sleuth
have a good evening
ok I appreciate the call yeah he broke
it down with regards to how some people
think about a hole in a second is this
Danielle am I saying your name right
area code 601 Danielle you have the flu
what says Danielle sir this I don’t know
guy continuing Billy their way so we can
you come closer to the phone sounds like
you’re in a speaker phone can you come
closer please oh yeah yeah yeah
can you say hello yes sir yeah it’s
crazy this story ain’t called in in a
minute and I hadn’t had a chance to just
be with the show like I normally about
you know donate to the Machine holiday
but it’s crazy you’re talking about this
one incident
oh we’re not incident but situation with
GI his daughter because that shit is
crazy you know an unfair but this is a
trending topic I mean it’s it’s all over
the place you know I had to get bossed
you trying to help me out because I’m
not a father I don’t wanna say the wrong
thing you know I’m saying if you ask me
if you ask me it’s all business and if I
haven’t said it I find nothing wrong
with what Ti is doing you have to cut
deals with these where what these young
people that listen you give me what I
want I’ll give you what you want you you
want a brand new c-class well you got it
you want some diamonds you want some
okay Gucci Bags you got it
but you can’t be letting a bum nigga up
in his family truth that’s my thoughts
good I was gonna actually I was gonna
ask you what did you feel like he was he
was requiring of her you know giving the
resources that he gives to her as his
daughter I actually I’m not in Atlanta
but I have our friend in Atlanta okay oh
he actually seen Dasia kiosk daughter at
the ATM and star she was at ATM that
they don’t like like money money money
daddy put his Mac down let’s not
disrespect her but but what are your
thoughts yeah you know disrespect I’m
not disrespecting oh yes
and no and this DISA thing that I feel a
lot of men that be womanizing and I’m
being very respectful I’m not gonna use
no profanity it’s not hopefully these
words that I used a lot of Mir well
especially when they in high levels they
be running through so many women and
then you run through the women and being
you don’t want nobody to run through
your daughters so he’s being very strict
and evasive
like I’m gonna make sure my daughter
don’t do this but you really can’t
control it but he is trying his hardest
to make sure he controlled it hey you
remember that because we’re jumping all
around and I can appreciate what you’ve
you said in reality like you know who
would know better than a man who has
travelled the world been on stages but
smashed all sorts of females listen baby
girl here’s what’s out there here’s
what’s out there
hey daddy help you because more than 95
plus couple of references more than 95%
of the males on the planet are not men
like you last word guy yeah that’s real
you remember the movie Robin Hood and me
and in tights no sir I don’t
and the well Robin mean entice the the
girl that was the prince that she had on
the chastity belt okay and then you look
at and I’m just telling them this real
quick and then you remember that movie
there Martin deer called Black Knight no
sir I don’t know black films like that
please we’ll we going can you just
finish up like it was a thing it was a
scene in black right no sir I don’t
remember you give me you want to talk
about paid in full let’s do that you
look how rich bodies does the audience
remembers that scene and black night
when so you got 20 seconds I’m dead 20
seconds finish it please kill me also
you were talking about the arm the
resurgence of the papaya chicken
sandwich TI trying to make sure though
nobody eat dishes so nobody get a piece
of that chicken thank you sir
thank you donation okay I appreciate the
call I don’t remember films like that
you know oh you do you remember what
someone so said in belly with DMX and
no I don’t remember hang on a sec Ronny
I’m gonna hold this up in the screen
give me a second folks in case you don’t
know the young man that was killed at
the Popeyes Chicken in Oxon Hill
Maryland he was he was
eight years of age Kevin Terrell Davis
there’s his picture huh very sad
police even saying he cut the line and
within 15 seconds somebody hit him with
a double O 7 knife there is video
footage in case you don’t know I saw the
video footage today out in the parking
lot I saw him laying on the ground very
very sad and so there is a manhunt right
now there was a press conference and in
Maryland they’re looking for the killer
they have a picture of him but I don’t
want to put the picture on the screen
because it may not be him it’s a
surveillance footage from inside the
Popeyes and there’s a female with him as
well if you know anything sent me an
email or whatever I’ll reach out to the
police on your behalf you know I’m with
the snitching if it has to do with
somebody being killed and a senseless
I support snitching I don’t give a fuck
about drug dealing all that stupid shit
and you know things that don’t really
have anything to do with hard-working
taxpaying citizens but we are conducting
a manhunt tonight yes we are hold on a
second Ryan let me go to a cash brother
Mohan he says ti protecting his child
thoughts wouldn’t understand okay okay
liquid snake says officer Harris is a
weirdo hashtag hashtag check the hymen
that Hollow
good evening what’s up star what’s up
Ronnie hey girl LOL r.i.p grandma okay
thank you for your donation and Raheem
Raheem says uh it was so cool to meet
you at the Popeyes in Decatur okay do we
meet there you listen I’m on the set man
I don’t go to Popeyes anymore ma’am I’m
working out I’m trying to get in shape
for some business next month I have to
be on camera but yeah man I miss Popeyes
what’s that
the other occasion rice oh that shit was
bangin have been in a while but thank
you donation Rahim Rani have you seen
the video I think we spoke about that
the guy that I’m calling the new freaky
London he had the locks the white boy
robbed – shit did we find out wait what
that’s from no but like you said I mean
I I really think that that was New York
just the surroundings and how everything
looks so I look through so many comments
on the video trying to figure out where
exactly this is but you know this is a
classic case of someone jumping up to
get beat down let’s go to area code of
seven one seven believing seven one
seven his ti invading his daughter’s
privacy every code seven one seven no I
don’t hey what’s going on fear me how
much yes good evening good evening
that’s my sir thank you I’m salutes to
this machine and all that thank you um I
want to kind of key in on what you said
about my man my man said earlier about
the whole King ti is always called
itself the King of the South right and I
mean a European history people have
always try to make sure that the family
kept the bloodline clean I mean the
Rothschilds been doing it and they’re
very obviously we want to go all into
that button I think it’s deeper than
that music I think we’ll then bridge
down to it he already knows that he has
a brand and he’s trying to not just
create a legacy but he’s trying to
instill a sense of value within his
family he understands that where he
comes from that his family is not like
everyone else you know they’re in a
gated community he knows that that chain
could be broken real easy
yeah as soon as she starts acting like a
mochi it’s cousin cop in the locket
come on plus she’s in a city where the
HIV rate and the STD rate is through the
roof and he already has issues with a
messy wife and envy and messy he just
feel like he can get in front of it and
if he knows that none of his kids are
going to be in stem cell research or
build a rocket at the very least he can
control their sleeping around patterns
and say I’m funding this operation
this is what some won’t go down yeah not
mad at that do as I say not as I do knit
nevermind and I got you know 20 kids
across the nation do as I say
alright Venezuela I can respect that
yeah I can respect it
it’s an again I mean you have people who
say it’s intrusive and shut out the
Newport Ronnie make sure that you ask
and then astray and not on the floor
you know I’m saying don’t put no more
holes in the carpet Ronnie on you then
I’m gonna speak for you who’s running
there I didn’t hear that was pretty good
thank you I appreciate a Miss but uh
let’s see you listen we touched on that
the manhunt for the chicken v sandwich
killer yeah I mean I mean black folks
act a fool I don’t want to just put on
black folks let’s just say ignorance of
fool because it so quickly they’re
saying oh this happens of black
neighborhoods but it’s probably like
some like Chicken Shack and like bent
armpit with Tennessee we’re too sloppy
why people were wrestling and drooling
over each other row bucket agrees what
white folks are scrap it and brawling on
a regular but you know they don’t get
you know publicized and put on a fucking
evening news as much as black people so
you know you know but that you saying
that’s part of the game no but that’s
part of the game but I’m saying that
that’s it and then it closed out
propaganda Buganda this is propagated
and as far as Nicki Minaj goes like I
don’t really think like she’s out of
pocket because she’s got on by being out
of pocket and I always think white folks
really do give a shit about her at the
end of the day like when you’re in like
because she has money but she doesn’t
have like oil tycoon Japanese whale
investor Rothschild money so at the end
of the day like Bill Gates of the world
they don’t give a fuck about her it’s
negative thing he’s like you like to say
well yo you know enough me thank you man
try to stay away from them another a
scholar’s talking off slow salute god
bless Ronnie gobbler
thank you miss Lou okay thank you for
your donation all right seven one step
on the check-in all right again
folks I’m doing a manhunt for the
popeyes chicken sandwich killer any
information please contact me or you can
go to snitch I say again
or that or all information will be
confidential okay holistic warning
something else I want to ask you about
was it having the line here does anybody
give a shit about Whitney Houston’s
alleged gay lover coming forward Robyn
Crawford did you see that yeah I saw
that and you know there’s been rumors
and speculation for years so it’s like
you know why are you telling us now you
want to check you want to write a book
you want to do a press conference you
know like this is pretty low I have no
problem with her coming forward and if
she’s if she’s being truthful I would
have hoped that her and Whitney could
have had a deeper relationship instead
of wouldn’t he being with that bum ass
Bobby Brown so I don’t see Wow and as
her cloud chasing I just like Jesus
Christ no Whitney really hit rock bottom
fuck with Bobby Brown most people would
agree what see you well he has his own
version of the story his version is of
course that you know she was already
struggling with you know a form of
addiction when they got together so you
know but the point is Wendy isn’t here
any longer to challenge
Whitney not Wendy Whitney then I think
you said Wendy did I say Wendy Wendy
okay I’m sorry Whitney is not here
Whitney is no longer here to challenge
her version of the events or to speak
her own side of the story so I think
it’s really low for this woman to be
coming out now what what no one cares
literally yeah I don’t think anyone
cares okay okay let me bring in a few
more calls all right then I’m gonna ask
you about Chris Brown’s yard sale if you
have your speed okay let’s bring in area
code 7 / – good evening sevinor – are
you there
talk mighty eye tonight 702 yeah hey man
I can you hear me there yes sir evening
yeah yeah chime in on the TI topic there
I first heard about this today
yeah and I gotta admit my initial
reaction was that’s unhealthy that’s too
good I got two dollars in myself and I
think there should be bound reset at an
early age I would never go to the
gynecologist with my daughter mmm what
the fuck is that
that’s the mother’s role I’m gonna ask
you to watch the f-bombs please YouTube
is back they’re gonna serious ugly go
ahead I’m not condemning t.i I actually
like the brother but again my initial
reaction was that that’s too close
that’s unhealthy kind of reminded me of
Sigmund Freud’s stages of psychosexual
development where the the daughter
competes with the mother first that’s
right the attention from the father it’s
just the opposite in this case you know
I think he’s being a little I don’t you
might be even experiencing some some
vicarious sexual incest
it’s mine honey one two jump and run he
ain’t gonna help me I got two daughters
hang on Ronnie wants to jump in hold on
a second we have a conversation Ronnie
go ahead no I was I wanted to cut in
because this is actually what I said to
you when we discussed this earlier that
this is sort of reminiscent of you know
the Oedipus complex but in Reverse and
this is exactly what when he’s speaking
of the you know psychosexual stages of
development that is a part of every
child’s development
you know the tranny will compete with
the mother I’m sorry compete with the
father for the mother’s attention and
vice versa so that’s why I said that’s
another reason why I say this is really
sort of creepy and weird okay yeah yeah
and actually this one when when when the
daughter is competing for attention with
the mom for for the father’s attention
it’s called the Electra complex but I
was trying to think with it I just
wanted you said incest I’m not saying
interests that’s a stretch but I mean
there is a such thing as someone
vicariously sort of you know you
be having some psychological impulses in
him I mean going to your daughter your
gynecologist appointment what’s going on
in your mind I don’t even think that way
but again I draw very very hard lines
women should be doing that with the
girls and the man should be doing that
with the son period have you ever heard
this the term homocysteine homocysteine
no I don’t know what that means I love
you thank you thank you
Ronnie want to jump in what a caller
saying he’s spitting some awesome
knowledge here well I want to ask him
now he said he the woman should handle
the mother should handle you know the
gynecologist visit with the daughter
what is your responsibility in your role
as far as your son or your sons in terms
of their sexual behaviors or prevention
or what-have-you
for example I can tell you a real true
life story my brother was a late bloomer
okay and I’ve never heard of the term
blue balls until this occurred but he
was he was in his late teens alright and
he was he one day he was screaming
yelling and he was limping and he was in
it right oh you know it was there was
something going on with his genitals my
stepfather came into the battery he went
in there he told him what he had to do
he had to go in there yet but basically
you got a you got a freaking Jack you’re
so calm he’s easy easy so you cannot use
sexually graphic we can’t use sexually
graphic conversations or YouTube will
you know well react I understand but my
stepfather had to go in there and
basically in that time of crisis explain
to him this is what you got to do there
is no way in hell my mother would have
gone to that bathroom to show my late
teenage years hey y’all know that was a
you know an older male who knew what was
going on in that time of crisis you go
in there you tell this is what you got
to do a little bro okay ask your your
or religion excuse me your culture or
religion what is your background I’m an
african-american live out here in Las
Vegas grew up in right outside Chicago
Illinois okay look I appreciate the comb
in it up and thank you for chiming in
thank you thank you okay Hannah second
ball shift money
mm yeah that’s what you were referencing
early ronnie was that term again because
I I didn’t know that term so when is the
boy when is the Sun and the mother it’s
referred to as the Oedipus complex
specifically when it’s the girl and her
it’s the Electra complex but they’re
they’re both you know referred to
generally as part of the Oedipus complex
because one came before the other so and
the Electra was second and it just
touched on more about the dynamic
between the daughter’s relationship with
her father money before I started
focusing on snitching and and the
manhunt I don’t want to you know include
you in that conversation too much are
you have to speed on Chris Brown’s yard
sale did you see that or no I’m a huge
yard sale yeah so I mean he has over 80
million followers yeah he told everybody
to show up and so they did and they did
the police tried to shut it down he he’s
selling cars he’s selling clothing and I
said you know I said look at that go
ahead breezy because I mean I’ve always
loved over the years yard sales garage
sales and I still do go but I just I was
I was it man I should sell a lot of a
lot of this shit that I got and I have
over the years you know plaques and
different stuff like that but them did
you see any of the footage on TMZ or
other sites yes and it’s like was
complete pandemonium I even saw a video
where because it wasn’t supposed to
start until I think like 10 or 12 but
people were showing up in the middle of
the night just to get online he
and I honestly think that he is trolling
his neighbors I think he doesn’t like
his neighbors and what better way to
piss off your neighbors then to have
thousands of people show up I think he’s
just getting getting rid of a lot of
shit because you know he just he travel
the world and a lot of that name-brand
from his house yeah a lot of that
name-brand clothing that you purchase
over the years it loses its value the
fucking companies that you know um or I
should say those styles of clothing it’s
not like you know people want to wear
that shit like you know 10 15 20 years
later so I think it’s a smart thing he’s
having a yard sale that’s all a few more
calls in there and then I’m gonna shift
gears rinds bring in area code 647 good
I’m sorry no a hole in a second yeah six
point seven are you there six four seven
no hey good evening yo what up well how
do we help you sir what oh yeah what up
good evening sir
I’m speaking join the conversation let’s
get them out of here come on let’s not
play that game please hang on Ronnie
I’ll be right back stay right there whoa
bullshit good evening sir thank you for
super Jay he’s the star black woman
stabbed a 67 year old black man on the
New York subway train with the stiletto
in the head for singing Kirk Franklin
gospel music and said stop singing
really can you send me a link please I
love to see that and also folks please
stop sending me links to the grand
report comma I go to that site daily I
don’t need someone you know who keeps
sending me grand report links I think oh
let’s say for years I probably put you
on to it the Thunder sound sends in a
donation says the Mexicans that Popeyes
went today
mrs. written horribly the Mexicans at
Popeye’s I went to to to day we’re back
there sweating they proclaimed as they
tossed those beautiful orange white bags
up okay thank you so much folks I
struggled with you bonnets please I
spent most of my life learning the
King’s English
that’s amazing says Nicki Minaj is a
first generation immigrant she is not a
foundational black American multiple
times she has shown hatred for black
Americans hashtag ados hashtag FB a
salute attareekh machine somebody tagged
me on Twitter today and I saw something
too I recognized something Tyreke now
she tweeted out that that’s my homie uh
we’ve never met in person but I support
him some some FB a from saying this
correctly was slap and they should have
an African wow wow wow who saw that
video let me look in the live chat
anybody see that
why did you see that video today Tyreke
nasheed tweeted something out sometime
some type of little African he was
bucking up to the American African
American smacked him all around okay uh
hey Don Dom Pacino says yeah I saw it
who died was a beautiful video I’m
looking it up yeah okay and I think
that’s most of the super chance I got
them hey thank you to whoever sent me
something about man disease Harris is
expected to be released from prison
within the next two months okay that’s
uh what is that yandy’s baby daddy or
yandy’s husband home okay man disease
went to jail a couple years ago or maybe
five years but I forget and he was
putting pressure on somebody in debt
setback Moody’s was it Jim
somebody he was I shouldn’t say that I
mean if I don’t know maybe it wasn’t Jim
but uh well he did do a video with
Cameron where he was basically starting
with Cameron this is back when remember
when Jim Jones cried on you know in
various interviews about his
relationship with Cameron so then
Cameron did a video with mandeecees on
the phone where you know he gave his
side of the story and he sided with him
okay I remember that badly but there you
are a big Dipset fan yes Rani okay all
right so so mandeecees is coming home
according to other shade room comm did
he serve his time or did he snitch to
come it’s nice to come home well his
name is pronounced mandeecees mandeecees
and I used to call him man disease on
the back the dais DJ alias gay so you
know I don’t think he was projected to
get out this early so I guess you know
stranger things have happened
what could be I do less than a year a
year maybe and you know he was caught
with an arsenal
so stranger things have happened got you
okay Elvis the Shep rose the burg
leaving sir sends in a cash app he says
show me your friends and I’ll show you
your future yes sir
very well said King how are you sir he
says supporting the movement half
original ass nigga
thank you sir salute you Shabazz King
that is thank you for donations sir hey
Vanessa Vanessa says pick up six for six
hold on a second Vanessa what’s that
Vanessa who I just spoke to don’t think
so I’m gonna get her back
that person was excited oh I think
Vanessa dropped that Vanessa I’m so
sorry I’m just now seeing your um can
you call back for this I will pick up
I’m gonna take a screenshot if you have
time okay I apologize
on hold for a few minutes and I get
swamped let’s go to area code seven
seven three cribbing 773 we’re talking
about TI tonight is he invading his
daughter’s privacy we have to speed a
little bit a little bit star and you
know the way I say that because he
should trust her and he really raised
her right he’ll be able to trust that
she was gonna hold it down until the
proper time okay he scared that she off
on that internet and he off you know
he’d be out of town and she got a little
bit of his blood up in it you know like
she gonna do you know that’s his
yes he knows she capable right and the
Freak that’s in him is in her and he try
to suppress it as long as he can but
it’s gonna come out one day good point
good point sad you know I’m saying and I
just sent you a cash out Thank You Man
you gonna get to in a little while it
was talking about how I actually started
new for Iranian niggas is running with
it I’d like to say thank you
come on come on you know thank you I’m
sorry but I didn’t know it take off like
this y’all want to go get the t-shirts
poppin if I go get this paper anything
were running bumper sticker copy yeah
yeah yeah but you know it’s uh until you
you know take your last puffs it’s gonna
be before running and then move that was
ideal writing when you stopped we
stopped I will be sure to let you know
but like nigga from DC stole my kids
stole my daughters from me right I
really um I don’t you know always think
what I would do if my babies was around
as a negative still I would probably try
to trust what I put up in them you know
the pet and I read
to me thought my daughter had a little
boyfriend on the Internet Oh Instagram
and I was all shook up over that mm-hmm
because they was out of town together
and you know she just turned 19 today is
her birthday can I shut him out my baby
state birthday so we don’t really do
shoutouts but I’ll let you acknowledge
no shot down no I’m just gonna knowledge
my baby’s name acknowledge my twin
daughters okay it’s their birthdays I
love you babies okay and uh and yeah but
see I gotta love these babies the right
way and just know that freak don’t come
out one day and ain’t none you can do
about ya just suppress it as long as you
can top Dylan now hang on a second if I
can jump in and I’m not the father of
any biological daughters to my knowledge
but do you think that you know trusting
them could lead to losing them to their
their peers I mean and I’m not
necessarily blaming social media but you
know if you shelter them too much if you
try and protect them too much when they
do get out there there might go apeshit
you know I’m saying that if you’ve told
them all along listen stay away from
Molly percocets and all that type of
shit in a good for you and then one day
he or she says well you know my father
always said stay away from this but i’ma
try it and then they try this it was
this one I’ve been missing I feel you
but that’s when your parents and gets
exposed when you realize like I grew up
in the era when our planet parents
played a lot of card games you should
then watch the wheeler door okay you
realize you wasn’t really paying
attention to your cricket kid and then
its sexual time and now you try to do
the most you’re like oh shit I’ve been
I’ve been fucking around I’ve been
messing around for years please watch
the f-bomb soon please now I know that’s
why I try to clean it up real quick but
I messed up you know and keep trying to
clean it up in the knife in it and
Sooners because you know he might have
known like she’s getting ready to stuff
is about sexy too sexy time you know me
coming around at times you know and he’s
in an AP I’ve been on a road he’d been
on you know ten epen Ti you’ve been a
freak menage à droite you know he
do all kind of freaky stuff but God
knows what he been into with ecstasy you
know they got caught that X right I
think in time he got coke to ecstasy in
the limo or something goodnight he went
back to jail over that it was when they
yeah you know was when they got arrested
it was actually in time that pocketbook
like a hundred pills of the sex drug
Jesus come on now don’t do with that so
no you know your baby now you think your
baby gonna get the sex drug you try to
stop all it okay sorry I thank you for
your calling I thank you for your input
salute you
yes yes newport rowdy peace now started
there give me my credit okay all right
thank you okay hold on second Ronnie I’m
still looking for on Vanessa Vanessa I’m
sorry I didn’t get a chance to pick up
in time are you calling back six for six
let me just look in the queue one more
time for Vanessa self be self pardon me
okay we just spoke to him he says I
started Newports Ronnie please give me
my credit okay thank you be self okay I
got this one 601 that was Danielle
Vanessa again let me see if I can find
her no Jason what’s up man Jason I’m
gonna tell you one last time stop with
this typing in the goddamn the heading
when I’m just gonna I’m gonna send you
to the spam folder I don’t I don’t read
that that’s annoying I’m saying you this
Pam’s my last time telling you feel how
are you sir he says was that a Puerto
Rican version of uh okay so I I don’t I
don’t go in that direction please man
don’t do that feel of a thank you sir
for your your donation thank you feel
give more second money brother most has
found an Eightball in a lamp shade at
Breezies yard sale
that was funny okay bullshit Ronnie I’m
gonna say goodnight to I’m gonna focus
on snitching with regards to the popeyes
chicken sandwich killer I don’t want to
include you in that if you guys want to
say before I’ll call you tonight
No so that was pretty much it but one
question you asked earlier was you said
you weren’t sure what the hymen is I
know what it is but I didn’t want to
like say the wrong thing me I’ve got
experience with that but I don’t want to
like you know say something
disrespectful to a young lady that I
knew you were saying no no no okay if
you know then you know but I was just
going to give you the literal definition
if you didn’t know come on break it down
for those who don’t know please
so it’s basically just a thin piece of
tissue that partially covers the vaginal
opening right yeah it’s a ten piece of
tissue so theoretically if it’s still
there’s been no entry okay hey also
Ronnie um I know I asked you this
earlier and I hate to be redundant sin I
forget her last name I don’t want to be
disrespectful but is Kevin Durant Lee
dating her Joe Budden’s baby mama now I
know many Santana yeah um you know I
looked at the information that was out
there and it just basically boiled down
to she liked his post on Instagram he
liked hers she put a hard emoji he did
that you know it’s little stuff which
could indicate something but it could
mean nothing so I guess we’ll have to
wait and see probably more will be
revealed this season okay I don’t know
if they’re still shooting or you know
who knows all right Ronnie good to talk
to you have a good name okay thank you
ah I’m so looking for um someone the
coal dropped out let me see if I can
find her hmm did I speak to her maybe I
spoke to her and I got it twisted the
game is rigged good-evening sends in a
Takashi had better protection than Jim
allegedly okay when he got caught
slipping it was an inside job
where were the goons when true-life ran
down on Jim okay well he’s taking it
back to true life okay pops good evening
pop says the fake Puerto Rican girl in
the lion sounded like she had the fire
coochie I’m gonna get her back on the
but she didn’t know any freestyle
claiming to be Puerto Rican what the
fuck I found that hard to believe
black race is grieving sir he says I
have a question after the guy got
stabbed to death like a stuck pig in
Popeyes did they close or keep serving
chicken Wow I’m confused with that part
that I don’t know that I don’t I would
love to know can some if someone can
keep me up to speed
yeah folks there’s a manhunt going on
right now
last I checked Oxon Hill Maryland
they’re looking for the stabber and they
have a picture the picture has been
circulating and he’s pictured with a
female she’s got on some really dirty
looking slides he’s got a snap back on
backwards and the the person who was
killed again 28 years of age he was
Kevin Terrell Davis there’s his picture
police are saying he just some he was
cutting the line you know there he is
is that a gang sign he’s holding up or
what is that
thank you for your donation black racist
and bushka don’t forget to send me via
email or whatever you were talking about
somebody on the New York City Subway
getting hit with a shoe or something
that sounded crazy your eco 201 hey 201
beeping are you there
201 yes sir hey how are you
I am swell TI’s thing real quick please
I don’t know why people would jump up
people were jumping out the window on
this thing
who said that TI when in the rule was
behind the doctor why the doctor has his
daughter’s legs open and was inside of
her cat no more come on
I do this I did the same thing with my
daughter who’s 18 now but before then of
course I go in the room with her I’m a
woman that’s you know that’s expected
but I’m sitting in the back of the
office and I say to the doctor is
everything okay up there and she feels
she feels she feels and she said yes mom
your daughter still a virgin
now T I could be just like I am and sit
in the back of the office I don’t see
anything but my daughter’s kneecaps I
don’t see her cat you follow yeah I mean
why are we jumping out the window all
the TI doing something fatherly when we
have so many young ladies his age that
are without a father
yeah we still want to write okay if I
can jump in and say again I’ve already
said I see nothing wrong with it
what but I would like to throw this out
there do you think that the media is
trying to attack him because
he’s a black father that is trying to
protect his daughter his family and and
I hate to go so far left but we just saw
this horrible film Harriet they created
a fictional character a black guy who
was trying to kill Harriet Tubman and he
kicked out what’s her name is it Janelle
was that actor’s name Janelle Monae
kicked her kicked her to death in the
film do you think that it’s a conspiracy
against the black man I mean maybe
that’s a little too deep or anything
of course I think it is if you look at a
lot of the recent things going on with
with black men the face of homosexuality
and transits and strands that I think
some of these folks are being paid to
take the fall to be the poster tribe
Malik Yoba that are going to take a tall
tower role that young man he was
probably the best known oz axe
yeah we need you to kind of take these
positions for us and we’ll give you a
bag and you go about your business and
that’s that now if you look at Harriet
which I looked at it very carefully and
I rock what are we – and I’m all
protesting the movie but my dude wanted
to see it I tried to be agreeable I went
and I’m glad I thought because of the
full of bullshit right everybody it was
like go Harry go okay yeah look real
cute that she winning but the fact of
the matter is look how they chopped this
shit up look at the big ass full of ice
they put in there there was a young lady
I keep that don’t remember her name but
she did like a side by side while she
was reading Harriet’s book her phone
write her word versus the movie right
and the shit is its propaganda yeah and
I know you know okay so half for you I’m
talking to but let’s deal with you
black grandmother right yeah I mean if
you don’t see not you star but if the
world doesn’t see that in the United
States right now the black man is under
attack the black family is under attack
the only thing equal to a black man
thing and you know what I mean by that
is a black Jew in what are you very care
if I can jump in because I like what
we’re saying right here because you know
I thought about this earlier and said
you know I don’t want to be a conspiracy
theorist people that Harriet movie it
really rubbed me the wrong way not only
did I not like I thought that the
actress who played Harriet Tubman she
always looked scared you know she never
looked never looked confident and when
you see real pictures of Harriet Tubman
she was not some you know always you
know massive yes man no that’s not how
she was he wasn’t fucking she wasn’t
fucking her eyes right right right
so with regards to ti again you know
maybe you’re doing what a father should
be doing and it’s not that deep and
you’ve got the media that is coming
after him because again I mean I wasn’t
really going to talk about this topic
tonight but I started googling the
people the title and I was like wow this
made the block in New York Post this
made a whole lot of goddamn and of the
Washington Post
it’s the star when every when anything
dealing with a black man happens it
always gets sexualized but it always
gets sexualized listen things are
changing for white America right now
let’s be honest with their birth rate we
all know it’s negative it’s not even
registering on the scale right you got
four categories of people black as an
African brown you know your Hispanics
one a mile above a bus you got your red
which are your
Asians and then your yellow with our
like you know help me
Middle Eastern kind of you know whatever
so you got your four major categories
and then we have them we represent 90%
of the MF and globe right
how does ninety percent get controlled
by Teddy you know how your the military
through subjugation into the white
supremacy if they don’t keep the system
of white supremacy going this whole
thing is gonna blow up and also black on
black hatred we cannot exclude that but
listen I appreciate them send me an
email send me your number via email
don’t say it over the phone here and
let’s have another conversation I enjoy
talking to you mind if my number doesn’t
pop up on the screen okay the call got
you a tour okay I’ll write it down
sorry bro 182
thank you darling okay hold on guys all
right Mario thank you for your donation
sir he says can you pick up area code
three to three
Mario is that you sir good evening how
are you hey I’m a big fan of you mayor I
got no fans never good evening
don’t thank you angels got their fare
homeboy okay you get into the topic sir
nah man yeah yeah Mel just want to talk
about this chicken man it’s crazy man oh
it’s just being passed already man media
it’s the media you know just trying to
like over over overpowering
you know what saying like me you know
it’s crazy that’s it man it’s crazy yeah
how old you saying were you calling from
Los Angeles office we’re late man okay
Mel are you in denial of the popeyes
chicken sandwich craze your denial of it
it’s real yeah I’m done with that man
it’s done man I live right here a
sausage where the line is long man
lately and he’s like a mile long man put
the drive-through heroes in for the
drive-through a mile long man is crazy
as it should be so we’re not over it why
you hating tears it’s all right
everybody you know there that’s peasant
you’re handed like like like little
roaches roaches going through like a
little hole in the wall please don’t do
that man okay yup and you know people
being brainwashed people being
brainwashed over there man you know
saying let’s see people just being
brainwashed man thank you sir thank you
thank you healing saying that but things
are cool hold on a second guys what is
this here this is okay so someone sent
me something about the white guy caught
on video reading his Bible on the subway
train attacked by a very angry person
identified by witnesses as a transgender
woman man okay causing 30 stitches okay
I’ll check that out later I don’t do it
right now did this touch you are you are
you uh are you upset that an older white
person was reading the Bible and someone
attacked the older person do you know
how many black people have been minding
their business for hundreds of years in
America and had been attacked and no one
gave a goddamn who are you to send me
this email as if we should all just stop
and we should all just say oh that’s so
wrong thank you for uh keep you up to
speed them area code nine one four good
evening nine one for you there yes how
are you good things the first thing that
I would like to enlighten you want
be careful with the alley especially
taking stick at one time they are very
very harsh I did not take six at one
time sir
since at one time uh that is what I
thought that you said but um I took a
total of six throughout the day I took
two this morning somewhere around 10
a.m. and then I took two more around 1
p.m. and then I took two more like
around 7 p.m. so I’m a little groggy but
yeah you know I wanted to do that
instead of taking a muscle relaxant that
would put me to sleep okay yeah yeah the
doctor says that if you have pain the
best thing for pain is tylenol that is
not as harsh for the kidneys look back
to would I don’t like tunnels so I’m
tried to halt the use it doesn’t work
okay okay okay right okay but back to
what you were saying about Ti I think
that that’s very very bizarre behavior
for him to be concerned about his
daughter’s vagina or what’s going on
with that for any man I mean you know
and being a father you know I have two
daughters and you know it and putting it
out in the public the way that he is you
know I would keep something like that to
myself you know but that that’s just
very very bizarre I’m not going to say a
whole lot of bad no I just an asshole
you sir and hold your daughters
respectfully I am 54 years old and my I
have a 35 year old daughter and a 38
year old okay are you a person of
notoriety and or your daughters or have
they ever been in demand has anyone
actually you know looked upon them as
being work you know desirable no
well they are very very desirable
they’re very attractive women would have
you but no they are not a commodity or
anything like that but but you know just
saying and whatever they do sexually you
know it’s never I’ve protected their
virginity now as long as I could and I
would inform them about men and games
that men played and stuff like that but
as far as taking them to the
gynecologist then monitoring their
Heineman that’s bizarre that’s pretty
sick that’s what’s up
from my perspective listen I hear you
loud and clear and I’m not you know
taping 40 i but you know we have to be
real with regards to you know can you
really really relate to you know his
type of you know power wealth and
influence and if your daughters and I
say this respectfully are not you know
women of notoriety or that’s women that
someone would actually even give a damn
about you probably can’t see the way he
sees it
I’ll give less word though but Ronnie
said ti has more than one daughter
I don’t know for sure I never watched
that show like that vh1 show I don’t
me neither but the bottom line is guy
has more than one daughter and this is
the only one that he’s taking that type
of concern uh okay what’s up with that
maybe the others aren’t really like you
know where’s this one where many others
aren’t where she is mentally maybe
they’re not even at the age to worry
about I don’t know yeah yeah it could be
a lot of things and stuff still I
wouldn’t be you know eventually somebody
is gonna pop a cherry and then what okay
thank you sir thank you for the call
we have to be objective or at least try
to be okay bush kid thank you for your
donation he was 79 yo I sent it to your
email left the old man leaking leaking
and holding a Bible shake in my head
okay a white man leaking holding a Bible
okay not I’m trying to be insensitive
but you know how many how many black
young and old black males in America
have been you know pounced upon beaten
shot stabbed leaking strung up set on
fire shot and castrated you know where
we going
Bush kid yeah he was clenching the Bible
I’ll shake him shake my head let me look
in live chat thank you sir for your
donation let me make sure I’m missing
here I’m cash apps as well okay now
there now someone’s sending me pictures
are you have the trend what is this uh
are these videos a black man was
attacked for reading the Bible not a
white man okay well okay well he went
out holding the Bible holding a good
book it’s a little confusing because
someone sent me a picture of some white
man holding a Bible all right I’ll take
this out later thank you so much hey
earlier I never got to the bottom of who
was the white guy that was inside the
Popeyes cussing at people and slinging
it and word I mean he said get out my
way and then when he got outside so Mike
gave Network he was on the ground you
know they gave him that work can we get
the details on that please let’s not
just clown black folks it was a white
guy doing all that extra carrying on up
bys huh we go to the phone lines I’m so
you know Dana is on the line
oh shit Dana with the smoke that you
Dana hey how are you what’s going on
your world I’m good nothing just
handling my business minding my business
but I wanted to I wanted to comment on
the TI cuz I was listening but I wasn’t
paying attention then when I’m like wait
a minute so I was out what he said and
what he was doing
you know what I agree with him you know
I support you know how he’s handling his
daughter and you know her body and
sexuality and everything I think he’s
being a responsible parent okay because
I have two kids and I went through the
same experience with my two kids so you
know because when you kids go to the
doctor you’re not allowed in the room
unless the kids unless the child gives
the parent consent to being alone and so
yeah and so when my daughter was she got
430 she didn’t want me in a room but
there were my son you know he was one to
the pediatrician up to 16 17 he didn’t
mind I was in a room getting checked and
and I’m so and I guess he felt
comfortable with whatever he was doing
what questions that would be an egg’s
but yeah but as for her for the daughter
to feel comfortable with dad sharing
information with dad and being there
they have a great relationship and you
need especially for a female you know
because my father my father was a total
opposite he didn’t want to deal with
teaching me about sex but he didn’t want
me to be outside he wanted me to sit on
a porch to read you know very straight
because he didn’t want to deal with it
but now I’m sorry then you were mother
at 16 or 15 I forget her when I was 16
okay okay
so you were pregnant 15 power and I was
facing here pregnant 15 and had her when
I was 16 and I had my son at 21
so because the with that I was always
open with my kids about sex you know
having a sex conversation for when they
were small so it starts when they’re
small so I support him and I commend him
for that you know he’s a black man yeah
being a parent to his black shirt yeah
this story has picked up traction like
crazy like damn it is what he said that
that harmful and then again it means
like tie in the whole Harriet Tubman
movie movie but we’ve got this fictional
fictional character that never has been
mentioned in Harriet Tubman’s biography
in the past or Commission’s now listen
you got a black man kicking Janelle
Monae ahead of me kicked her to death
and it just made me feel like well damn
me is the black man the enemy all over
again or still you know right and that’s
how media you know all media wants this
between black men as a villain or
emasculate them you know saying that
they’re toxic and he you have a father
who was active in all his kids life
particularly his daughter which he
should be you know he’s just making sure
that she’s making the right choices now
she may be a virgin as far as not
intercourse but she could be doing other
things that she’s not telling him but I
feel as though they have a very open
relationship a healthy relationship and
you have to be you have to be that way
with kids especially nowadays okay I
haven’t had time to check they don’t
think I’m that interested but has his
daughter responded to the the the media
hype i don’t wanna say backlash Dasia
has she responded or she said anything
when instagram to say hey that’s my dad
we have a great relationship knocking
off you knowledge
I was reading New York old almond it
said it didn’t say she responded but
they said she was liking some of the
people comments that was saying oh
that’s embarrassing so that was the only
thing that I read in the New York Post
but I’m pretty sure she knew that he was
going to talk about it you know they’re
they’re in an entertainment business so
I don’t think she was blindsided
oh you know what I forgot to talk to
Ronnie earlier Ronnie said that um TI’s
got a son named is it King do you know
do you watch that show oh yeah
King okay and she if I remember
correctly money said that his son
started having sex at early age and T I
was somewhat sort of commending him or
it wasn’t a big deal that sound right or
no I’m forgetting that was out oh I
won’t believe it because there’s a
double standard because again I have an
older brother and he was allowed to do
whatever you know because I my father
was it was I she wasn’t one so happy
that he wasn’t you know gay and he was
into women so he could gain have sex and
do what he want to do but I couldn’t so
yeah I believe that it is a double
standard okay Dana this is off topic did
you see this new video um Ronnie and I
were talking about this earlier some guy
with LOX guy hey shit robbed by a white
guy and I’m asking people is that the
new freaky Lundy no no I haven’t checked
the mentions yet but I don’t know if
that’s if that happened in New York any
knowledge you know I I don’t have no
knowledge because I don’t know what
freaky ones it looks like but it’s like
you never heard of freaky London no no
no that’s freaky Zeki when you get time
if you get time Google freaky London he
was a black guy from the Bronx was
fuckin around in Arizona I think was
Arizona he was telling two white boys
you know suck my blanks up my blank and
then him and a white boy squared up but
actually it’s freaky London swung first
and then the white board just just
manhandled him some I’m wondering if
this is like the new freaky under
anybody all right
anything else want to talk about it or
are we good no with the Oh
but this is not totally different I just
saw another great movie on Netflix
that’s called the American Sun I would
recommend people watch that especially
over that Harriet movie so yeah but
that’s going in a whole different
direction but other than that that’s it
all right good to talk to you Dan and
have a good night are you okay Dana with
the smoke let me check him hang on guys
um the game is rigged sends in a super
Jay he says star gully TV still has the
napkin Alpo used to clean his lips after
he ate hashtag maker
okay he says hashtag Maga make our PO
great again okay what is this also sure
look Yura wants to know where is the
Glor what no I’m not clear that’s some
reference to Stacey klore
thank you the game is rigged for your
donation alright alright guys I think
we’re done with this topic for tonight
TR and his daughter we check superjet
cash at hey Jennifer how are you know if
she’s underage need more father’s like
that okay
Jennifer I think you sent me emailing
and I haven’t had a chance to respond
yet pardon me but thank you for your
your cash Shep Jennifer no his
daughter’s not underage she’s 18 she’s
in college now in case you don’t know in
case you didn’t hear me say that earlier
in the broadcast the daughters in
college very nice-looking young young
woman let me show you right there okay
TI’s daughter deja maybe auntie I got a
deal it’s not that serious you know I’ll
keep this couch eat high you just keep
breaking me off daddy
and the last hey guys thank you for your
time tonight and thank you bullshit
money for uh helping me out this ti top
it’s trending for some reason it’s just
it’s a big a story
Barney’s banner already and I will see
you guys at some point tomorrow
I was tomorrow with Thursday for me
Thursday let me get the homies banner up
first blue label multimedia day one a
day one on the star report and going
back to the star chamber as well see you
guys tomorrow take care of be safe

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