Is Star Okay? (A Moment of Clarity)


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Nick Cannon’s feud with Eminem just got intensely racial. Nick just dropped a new diss track called “Canceled: Invitation” and he pulls old lyrics he claims are from an unreleased Em track from before he made it big. If it’s really Eminem … they’re pretty indefensible — he rapped, “Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb.” Nick keeps it personal too … using other old lyrics from Em, ones where he called Mariah Carey a “whore,” “slut” and “c***,” and labeled Nick a “f****t.” After setting the stage with Em’s old words, Nick says he’s sticking up for all black women. His point — which he spells out in his lyrics — the black community let Em be a guest in their house, but now he’s canceled.


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hey hey
good afternoon star report troy terrain
on the check-in how you feeling
yeah lovely day here I’ve been having so
far season’s greetings
happy holidays you know I’m in a great
place during the holidays for those of
you who you know have been following the
journey alright um I need to have a
moment of clarity with myself
you can listen in if you like but that’s
what this is a moment of clarity I had
to go and get myself a brand new cigar
hot cup of coffee and chop it up with
myself um I was up at the Kennesaw mall
earlier you can google that if you like
and then I found myself at Steak and
Shake now I have no business going to
Steak and Shake if you live in the
Atlanta area you know what’s taking
shakers about uh-huh they have the old
beef hot dogs and I ordered the
number-10 ol beef hot dog and the French
fries and the dr. pepper and found
myself in a conversation I want to tell
you about that shortly but just give me
a minute because again I need a moment
of clarity and I want to ask myself
nigga are you okay on the screen you
will see Troy or star you okay
yeah star you okay but in my mind nigga
are you okay
okay all right
feeling good feeling good also on the
screen the House Majority vote to
impeach Donald Trump oh let’s talk about
it I reached out to the homie number
nine aka Jean Richmond he may call in we
may touch on this today but truthfully
I’m also looking at tomorrow
or this weekend I want to give it some
time to marinate Trump’s my guy as you
should know if you don’t he said he’s
not worried so let me just start right
there he said he’s not worried he wants
to get it poppin and crack and he has
already already responded on Twitter
he’s the clap back president and Nancy
Pelosi is delaying to get the
impeachment documents to the Senate for
lines to be open if you want to discuss
that but right now I need to ask myself
nigga are you okay I need a moment of
clarity so I’m at Steak and Shake I
ordered the number 10 the young female
who takes my order after I said no
ketchup on the hotdog but extra mustard
I hear a slight giggle I don’t think
nothing of it I pull around now mind you
I only go to Steak and Shake maybe twice
a month and I shouldn’t be there I know
this so I remind her as before I get to
order no ketchup on the hotdog she says
I know I remember you I know I remember
you now we’re talking about a young
female of age and she looks like that
what’s that singer’s name from Brooklyn
is it Justin or Justine Skye hello sexy
motherfucker pardon me if that’s your
daughter or your your grandbaby looks
just like her with the she had chipped
fingernail polish and giggling so I’m
asking myself nigga are you okay why are
you at Steak and Shake number one
enjoying the conversation do you need
why is this a topic of your day
highlight of your day the giggle the
exchange and then when she touches my
nigga do we need to get you the fuck up
out of here are you on that Charlemagne
bullshit oh shit
let’s take it slow no mind you this
young lady is of age but we had a
discussion she reminded me that she
remembered me threw me off balance
I started stuttering that got the bag of
I still got part of the hotdog right
well suck it shit look at that as I
start to pull off there’s that awkward
silence and for those of you who know
what I’m talking about the awkward
silence is more it can be more dangerous
than an actual verbal exchange I look at
her she looks at me I said I haven’t
just like that have a nice day she says
doesn’t see anything
does anything now should I go back will
I go back should I keep it pushing and
never drive 13 miles to that Steak and
Shake again phone lines open if you like
to call in but I do need some time to
mentally massage this and talk to myself
also folks holy smokes Nick Cannon has
just released a third diss track
invitation canceled are you up to speed
if not please go listen to it and call
in i’m not trolling i really think this
one is fire it’s already on he
pulled the race card
Charlie Clips is not on this track hit
man holla not on this track conceded not
on this track
Nick Cannon by himself let me look in
the live
good afternoon yet it’s just are you
eating garbage facts nigga are you okay
star Troy Troy you okay do you need help
Troy haha Oh Lord Jesus
um Nick oh it bugged me and and the
Nick Cannon pulled out Eminem’s old
lyrics black bitches what are the black
bitches as stupid black bitches are dumb
oh the loop is it’s fire I even think
that his bars are kind of hot am I crazy
call it in let’s see what you think see
what you think other things we can get
into folks um that’s a couple of stories
you know just bubbling but I just I’m
talking to myself so I just want to take
the time to really process this why is
this so entertaining to a man of my age
I’m out of my caliber shorty giggling it
and the giggles sometimes the giggle can
be more dangerous than an actual
conversation because you then start to
possibly slip you know say something
crazy like hey I’m I’m going tomorrow
let me pick you something up not that I
would I thought I would but you start
thinking like that yeah is it Justin or
Justine Skye she was at the BT Awards a
couple years ago oh she had a sexy dress
I went to her website she had some song
build if I could build it nigga and then
I said what am I doing here am i
watching something under age and I got
the fuck up off her page but that’s who
she looks like is it Justine or Justin
Skye can you help me out in the live
no I’m not a trick I’m a pen had I went
and brought something and then took it
back then I’d be a trick so that dumb
shit down yeah okay also I have a few
cash apps that I forgot to get to from
the other night okay today’s Thursday I
did not do a show Wednesday I was
actually with family all day yesterday I
went picked up one of my cousin’s from
the airport we then wound up buying sand
king crab legs chicken wings you know I
just I did the family thing so here I am
g98 good afternoon start pick up a 3-2
want to talk about impeachment and your
health and the giggle hello okay sit
tight I’m coming to you a 3 2 just give
me a second I’m just I’m really mentally
massaging this nigga are you okay are
you okay are you okay are you okay nigga
55 years of age I should be married to a
fat bitch you know what they’re a pack
of Franks on the back of her neck
hammer feet you know a gut stretch marks
I shoot me reckless eyeballing
somebody’s daughter at the drive-thru at
Steak and Shake fareed good afternoon
sends in a super chat okay I see you sir
just bear with me if I read and let me
just throw this on the table uh with
regards to the president now being
impeached and the Senate will control
the hearings the Supreme Court can’t
help him can’t save him
not that he needs that because if he’s
dirty let’s get him the fuck out of
there but truth be told they’re all
dirty all the presidents have been dirty
to some extent going back going back to
Ronald Reagan you know the selling guns
him it Oliver North when I was my guy
Reagan yeah we got money during the 80s
didn’t we
and let me just also throw this on the
table it does not affect me directly at
this point in time the president my guy
being impeached doesn’t affect me right
now you’ve heard me say before as long
as the president his administration and
Congress protects my rights and you do
not stop me from getting money it’s all
gravy I don’t give a fuck where you
sleep what I don’t give a fuck what you
do on your own time and and I don’t have
to come down on Barack Obama form a
president you know to to strengthen my
position as a independent an Objectivist
I’m not a Republican please slow that
dumb shit down for those of you you know
you don’t really know my history like
that I’m not a Republican I’m not a
Democrat so it doesn’t affect me
personally right now just don’t stop my
you know stop me from getting the bag
and protect my rights and it’s all good
okay somebody’s trying to get at me just
slow down I’m just I’m talking to myself
so stop all the oh I’m trying to call in
slow down great day I’ve been having
here thus far I was uh as I said uh path
you can I saw mall I ordered a pair of
um Air Max Plus that they no longer have
you know because they’re an older
they’re all do about a year and a half
old you know and slow to footlocker huh
they’re always playing profanity-laced
and words in the goddamn in the story
you got miners walking around they don’t
give a fuck footlocker
am i old is that just like you know some
old person are you playing here put that
Gucci Marx good afternoon I see you
store are you familiar with the movie
lobe Lolita I’m not sure sir can you
send me a link maybe I’ve seen it I
watched a lot of movies on the
movie site some of them I remember some
of them I don’t last night I watched is
it uncut gems with Adam Sandler trash
that’s trash Kevin Garnett was in the
I’ve never liked Adam Sandler all his
whole catalogue is trash to me and I
watched that film last night I said ah
this is gonna be trash and then I tried
to give it a chance but thank you for
your donation Anthony all right aka
Gucci Marx alright somebody else send me
email just give me a second folks I’ll
get you in a minute the phones aren’t
working all um I’ll reset them hey a32
you there 83 – Yes No maybe okay okay I
believe I just want to talk to myself
you know it’s not always about the
phones I appreciate you guys calling in
sometimes but I just this is a ranch
session or or or a a mumble mumble of
sorts you know and what’s going on with
the rapper rich the kid something with
him and his baby mama I don’t to promote
that sort of thing is his baby mama okay
he had the money phone out smoking that
gas they get to hustling why do you do
that on camera
well why are you showing everything on
camera if you know you can catch a
charge and I think he got arrested
partly not arrested somebody stopped his
ears together a couple of months back
some niggas ran down niggas doing too
much as always hang on a sec let me see
if this phone line is working give me a
second guys I just wanted to ramble you
know a moment of clarity star are you
and also uh with regards to um Nick
Cannon this is his third diss track
against Eminem now before you start
calling mccannon trash
how many diss tracks did Joe Budden
release directed at um
Drake Drizzy Drizzy Drizzy ever
responded and he just say something
about pom pom pom pop it up never even
responded me Nick Cannon has pulled the
race card out and if you ask me Eminem
he has to say something now it’s picking
up traction was it four or five diss
tracks that Joe Budden put out directed
at Drake Drake didn’t even respond yes
no maybe a three – give me a second hey
what’s that meant oh yes sir yes sir hey
what’s up man I’m having a moment of
clarity trying to find out if I need
help come on yeah I just want to talk
about the impeachment man a lot of
people were wrong on Twitter celebrating
like the Democrats I really learned
something in you know I’m not worth
thinking like you know nothing’s changed
you know it has to go to the Senate they
not gonna say yes obviously because this
run by Republicans so we just spinning
our wheels people getting excited for
and you know at the end of the day he’s
still gonna be President and not only is
he impeach he’s probably gonna win in
2020 so let’s gonna make it even worse
okay are you a Republican conservative
independent Democrat what do you serve
you all I’m eight also okay um I used to
be a Democrat I voted for Barack Obama
went off 18 okay and I was my first vote
ever I didn’t vote for him again in 2012
because I was like you know he got sit
in the bag I mean the Hillary deal came
around you know I voted for her I
shouldn’t have you know I realized that
was a mistake
she lost anyway oh well I’m pretty much
done with the Democrats at this point
you know I saw a video of people I think
it was like in New Jersey
illegal immigrants celebrating giving
getting driver’s licenses and stuff like
that that’s what the Democrats are on
now they’re not about black people no
more well here’s the thing I mean this
is America we have the right to voice
our opinions to celebrate to go over the
top and I welcome that
I mean I’ve stated my position on
multiple occasions so yeah people are
celebrating the president has responded
and I will open up the the discussion
more in detail either tonight or
tomorrow but yeah people are celebrating
and they want to see him out for
whatever reason so I’m not mad at people
for celebrating but that’s my god
I’m holding down as much as I can oh
yeah you know people gonna celebrate you
away but I’m just like how they gonna
feel when I figure out that you’re not
getting kicked out you know I’m just
like I don’t know what the celebrating
is for it make any sense people like I
live in Austin there was a rally
downtown you know the Liberals got
together and they were rallying marching
downtown and I’m like so why are you a
college man do you want to talk about
the the amount of money that Trump has
given to the HBCUs do you think that
he’s given too much to do you think that
that that’s something that may have an
underlying concern with Democrats and if
we’re gonna do a deep dive why are we
found they want to they want to do
something for black people they go
straight to HBCUs you know I’m a
tradesman you know okay I didn’t go to
college so you know that don’t affect me
I’d rather then just cut the check and
let’s get the reparations wrong if you
got all this money you throw at HBCUs
all the time man just go ahead and cut
the check cuz all black people aren’t
going to HBCUs they’re not gonna go to
colleges you know I’m going to trade
school my job is paying for me to go to
school so I’m not worried about any of
no I was asking do you think that that’s
too much of a concern or a big concern
with the Democrats me yeah he has done a
lot for HBCUs I didn’t go to college
either but I respect the fact that he
has you know pumped money into those
historically black universities but I’ll
give you a last word about bringing a
he’s on the line go ahead no it’s not a
bad thing at all I’m not against that at
all we need our education and we need
money you know in there so I’m not mad
at him at all about that it’s actually a
good thing but yeah I just want to call
about that thank you call me have a good
one thank you a moment of clarity is
what I’m more concerned about right now
myself Troy are you okay and when will
you go back to Steak and Shake I’m going
back the wave caught me sucka shit hey
Jame Richmond are you on the line oh
shit wait a minute that’s the homie the
man who helped me start star in the
morning along with DJ alias gene
Richmond are you there sir yeah yes sir
aw arm here Troy are you okay yeah I
don’t know good to hear your voice man
do you boys good to hear you yeah yeah
what do you want to start you want to do
a deep dive now or should we come back
to this you know it’s people are kicking
up dust and rightfully so
um Trump’s your guy you’re gonna vote
for him the next election yes absolutely
um you know I I just want to give a
brief analysis on it I mean we all are
aware there’s the biggest news in the
media in the last 24 hours
but what we do have here is what we’ve
seen the Democratic Congress has
indicted the President on the two
articles of impeachment which is abuse
of power and corruption now the main
question is not now this was spearheaded
by mr. Schiff from California Jerry
Nadler out of New York and of course
Nancy Pelosi but the main question is
what everybody’s asking right now why is
Nancy holding out on sending the
articles of indictment of impeachment to
the Senate right and I think I think we
all know why because Nancy Pelosi knows
that she doesn’t have legs to stand on
when it comes to this impeachment thing
and also and also she knows that you
need 20 Republicans
the Senate to convict the president upon
removal that’s not going to happen
according to Republican chairman Mitch
McConnell he said that this indictment
is DOA upon arrival and Lindsey Graham
confirmed that Lindsey Graham was on
Tucker Carlson and was chuckling he was
chuckling because he saw this as a dog
and pony show yeah hang on a second in
nine if I can jump in the president
Donald Trump said today he said I got
impeached last night without one
Republican boat being cast with the
do-nothing Dems on the continuation of
the greatest witch hunt in American
history he then went on to say now the
do-nothing Party want to do nothing with
the articles and not deliver them to the
Senate but it’s the Senate’s call to
champion what you just said go ahead
well I mean and and all in all this
whole thing is a smokescreen they’re the
Democrats are hiding something because
what a lot of people don’t know there’s
a 1.4 trillion dollar package that being
that’s going to be trying to push
through Congress for the next year and
and in this package of a trillion
dollars of taxpayer money on the
spending bill they want to have a
pathway to citizenship for liberian and
they also want to pump four billion
dollars 4.2 billion dollars in the exact
to this failed afghan war which the
money is just going to go out there
somewhere and end up in the wrong hands
and it’s not going to do anything
beneficial on top of this you have
states like New York City New Jersey and
Connecticut that are pushing initiatives
to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses
and to fund them for college resources
and housing right so this is what’s
actually happening right now and that’s
not what they want to talk about they
want to talk about this fraud of a sham
of impeachment this is going to backfire
and Donald Trump will be president again
I think so as well and again you and I
spoke briefly today and I said if you
want to touch on this and then we’ll
come back whether it be tonight or
tomorrow let’s let’s do so are you going
to relaunch anything by we have the
freedom hour or are you doing something
when your check
specifically what is it that you’re
working on right now well there’s a
couple of things I’m fishing on I’m
doing some work with some people I
definitely want to bring the freedom
hour back live and color for 2020 okay
I’m also doing some stuff with I’m also
doing some stuff with Dana Friday Night
Live okay that we’re gonna do out of the
studio and New Jersey nice and there’s a
couple other things I have interests in
so are you you will you you people will
definitely be seeing me in 2020
okay live and direct hey Matt good to
talk to you let’s chop it up tomorrow at
some point early and see if you want to
arrange something by way of you know
some type of custom promotion for you
anything else imparting or what well a
party you know I hope you know you get
your life together be these young we’re
going down that path you know sometimes
I can ask a friend like yourself and I
consider you to be a friend am i okay
why am I at staking shake in the
afternoon first of all at the
drive-through entertaining is someone in
giggling and then mentally massaging it
am i okay
as a friend well I’m wondering the same
thing I saw you on the computer screen
and you look nervous I don’t know if you
got rolled I don’t know I don’t know
what’s happening with you shaking in my
boots I don’t know if you’re giving
women money
I don’t know that not doing that not
doing that well I want to say you know
people people want to be and also for
the people who keep diem and me me and
you do not have any kind of beef you
know you’re a good friend of mine and
also I want to tell you want to
entertain that listen let’s name waste
time on that because as history has
already stated and we’ve been over this
me you and DJ alias constructed star in
the morning once upon a time we promote
each other and we don’t have to talk
every goddamn day or you know
communicate via social media that’s not
what being friends is about alright
let’s let’s same entertain it man yeah
this is not going to be where help me
and you have a falling out and I end up
on YouTube and make I hate easy easy
easy let’s not go in that direction oh
no we don’t have to it’s not yeah yeah
yeah yeah all right man absolutely not
absolutely but we’ll talk later
I’ll talk later okay man thank you for
Adam yes sir okay Kim Richmond number
nine the chicken yeah this is his time
right now if you asked me by way of um
the political climate possibly bring
back the freedom out or just do
something different with the freedom
hour give me a second guys I’m coming to
the phone lines I’m gonna put the rest
of this hot dog in the fridge yeah nigga
are you okay
Ozzy Osbourne a check-in via super chet
he says yo star Nick Cannon
his new diss track is fire okay and also
I ran into Mo at Bath and Body Works
while shopping for my wife he works
there part-time hashtag DC that was cute
man mo was from North Carolina and
you’re in DC but thank you sir who was
just here did you do Mac Mac Millie it
awaits into the cash at star admit Trump
is a criminal hating ass nigga well so
if he is okay well then he’s been
impeached I’m nobody’s parrot you know
this about me I’m a businessman a
capitalist all of the presidents to some
degree abuse power not that I’m excusing
Trump but uh do you hate him is there a
personal hatred there the orange man my
father taught me years ago when I was a
kid back in the 70s don’t you ever shed
no tear for a you know the word I’m not
gonna sit here in there talk crazy on
YouTube it’s a different day but you
know if they get him the fuck out of
there they’re getting the fuck
and and hopefully the next person will
come in and you know again protect my
rights and not stop me from making money
or if I make too much money don’t
penalize me that’s my concern
okay thank you uh the punk in twenty
three for your cash at start go back and
crack that crack that young thing I’ll
keep you posted
what is this someone sending me
something David
got your email sir not now something
about black Wall Street mass graves sir
there’s black african-american graves
all over America I produced the
documentary years ago called the NY
youth suicides and the director
discovered that as Washington Square in
New York City that’s where they buried
hundreds if not thousands of black
slaves Washington Square I’m not
mistaken Washington Square Park for me
Washington Square Park you would never
know that and unless you do the research
but thank you for your email okay hang
on a sec let me see if I get more phone
line it’s working here I just want to
ramble you know nigga are you okay do
you need help Troy area code 401 good
afternoon 401 hey da my nigga
hey what’s going on no he’s right yeah
man I’m doing good man are you okay are
you okay stop are you okay I don’t know
how will you tell you I’m doing good man
as from the cesspool Providence Rhode
Island oh okay how old you sir I might
need your advice 35 35 do you have a
girlfriend or a wife
no no wife no kids man I’m gonna like
you a man I’m breaking spits back down
tender take it easy with the language
take it easy please it’s a different day
a new oh I’m sorry I’m sorry man
I’m sorry I’m just enjoying my life man
okay okay do you ever find yourself at
the door
the drive-through you know giggling or
not you giggling but somebody giggling
it it’s weird I mean this isn’t the
first time this has happened and maybe
I’m the joke to her maybe she remembers
me be killed I’m a widow a lot a weird
old man is this about it is how these
women are experiments are you know
specially this younger is now you know I
bet you she’s over 18 you know she’s
work tonight to shake and bake those
gentle life together
she’s of age I do want to clarify that
she’s of age good exactly exactly
okay she’s looking for sugar daddy I
know you need to take a role take it to
the the dollar menu or something you
know you know take a road trip a row you
know lay down the pipe if you be all
right you know it should be all right
and then to come back to you
when I listen honestly I don’t think
they’re all looking for sugar daddies
and truthfully I’ve never been nor will
I ever be a sugar daddy that’s I don’t
move like that I don’t know I’m not
draping jewels you know trying to
impress somebody I mean I smoked a
Skywalker Skywalker og once in a while
I’m not the sugar daddy time you know
and a lot of these young girls I mean
they’re they’re just looking for a smash
out or they’re getting money on their
own you see that’s why I like about
today’s newer generation of females even
if they’re scamming they get money on
their own more so very most of them the
girls from 20 30 40 years ago so they’re
not you know i holla at you with their
head and a hand up but that you say and
I totally agree style you know nowadays
these women are attention whores excuse
my language you know their honor the
social media take a picture want
attention you know 30 stitches told your
friends all right
you know no attention nowadays so be
careful man you know some girls did not
know good you know just leave down the
pipe you just all your way no but my
advice is just lay down the piping go
your way don’t affiliate with her man
you know women are up to no good now
they stop trust me man and I’ve been a
fan sent back I do we go and Elias no I
think drinking I pour my song with your
mouth so you go back to the days of
King canal ski and uh all those guys yes
yeah ice money dad put that hated on you
know when you spoke that that cushion to
hydraulic couch coozy
busy you know it was alien og let’s
let’s forget about that
hey man yeah I appreciate the call man
but not very man that blueberry Kush
yeah I appreciate call me thank you
welcome thank you okay yeah it’s not
always about you know laying the pipe I
think that’s where the lines are getting
blurred it’s not about just laying the
pipe you know give me a second let me
just think think the folks I have more
notes on the president in the
impeachment if you want to discuss that
and feel free to get up in the comments
and and go after the orange man feel
someone says pick up 401 who are you 401
did you send in a cache after a super
chat I show preference to those who
support the machine in case you don’t
know I don’t charge people to call him
but you know I’m a businessman you know
the capitalist mmm-hmm if you’re not
spending scroll I’ll leave you in a hole
for a minute or two pancake man
good afternoon he says fu star for
voting for Trump if Hillary would have
won if you would have ended police
brutality racism and Atos would have
have gotten 200k and to white women
you’re trolling sir thank you very much
I don’t do hypothetical say no Hillary
wasn’t gonna win shit if you’re serious
maybe you don’t know that Hillary’s
husband former President Bill Clinton
who was also impeached put more black
and Hispanic people in uh in the
penitentiary than ever before a record
number mass incarceration and can we put
some respect on that young black females
name who ran down on Hillary Clinton
once upon a time and got at her at would
four guards to her comments about super
predators do we know her name Lynne
looking live chat if you ask me she’s
the one that really tipped the scale on
Hillary got at her about super predators
what is what is that young Queen’s name
now that’s the queen she got out there
with no fucks given and they escorted
her out a my know her name so here you
go five one eight good afternoon
why wait are you there hello hey what’s
that man can you come closer to the
yellow-star what’s going on there we
have I’m just talking about this
impeachment okay I really don’t think
that it I really don’t think that it’s
going to matter man I mean like you just
like Bill Clinton he’s gonna stay in
office I’m not going to get him out of
there and you probably will be reelected
in 2020 so everybody’s getting high
fuck up about it and it’s really just
probably inflaming his base and giving
them more strength to to rally around
this shit because that’s what it seems
like it’s happening
okay but now hang on a second you see I
can also be objective and say he might
be power drunk he might be power and
therefore the impeachment might be a
good thing to slow him down might be a
good thing you tell me yeah no I agree
with that he’s a maverick he he doesn’t
give a fuck he came in talking about
draining the swamp build a wall yeah
some of that shit some of that shit was
like I don’t know ma’am but but the
impeachment might be a good thing to
slow him down he even though the whole
rush inclusion was a big nothing burger
even there was a black guys named van
something even he says a big nothing
burger you know and all the the witch
hunt and the red herring you know just
but sometimes you got to slow the white
man down right or wrong right absolutely
do you think in your opinion is Butte do
you want to see do you want to see him
be reelected would you like to see it
you think he’s the best choice moving
forward sir the economy is thriving I’m
gonna say it again this country here is
about money right right one of one of
hip-hop’s greatest philosophers he said
get money
what was that man’s name he was that
man’s name this one respect on it
big big yeah Christopher Wallace so
listen I voted for him and I will vote
again but if they get him the fuck out
of there oh well just get somebody else
in there to protect my rights and don’t
stop me from getting money and don’t
penalize me for getting money I’m
getting money sorry I’m oh hey get the
bad last word a hey hey so I wanted to
know like as far as we ran ran in the
kind of philosophy that you were that
you were inspired by that along with
from a couple other people like
really fuller like we ever do a show
based around like some philosophical
kind of stuff because I know yours in
the undertone to that and that’s where a
lot of your your your lawyer your
magnetism has been coming from over the
years at least for the people that are
in the know you know me well it’s ein
first of all okay okay and you
referenced Neely Fuller who put out the
dissertation that dissertation part
years ago we have had extensive
political philosophical discussions you
know sometimes it works sometimes it
I have a lot of respect for my audience
and I pulled out the analytics numerous
times they are homeowners they have
careers so we can do that we have a
small amount of lowlifes and and
non-productive people but for the most
part I know who I’m talking to
I talked to them never down to them and
and I appreciate people like yourself
calling in speaking your opinions giving
your position so so always feel free to
call in say what you want to say and I
think that’s the best way that I can
approach political discussions all right
well I’d like to put I like to say I
like to pay to it so we can maybe set up
a show where you’re talking about those
topics because I know that you
referenced you you’re over people’s head
a lot with that kind of stuff with their
you know the theory of the objectivity
and all the kind of philosophies that
you’ve been having weather and all that
like you know I don’t think I’m over
anyone’s head again I try to be
respectful to other people’s systems of
living my homey who just rolled in Jean
Richmond number nine listen I’ve let my
money I’ve let him you know get loose
from time to time talking about politics
and other things but but now keep in
mind I’m a businessman YouTube will not
let you put Trump’s name in the title
you can’t monetize why a show with
Trump’s name so it’s a catch-22 and you
know but again feel free to send me an
email and we can maybe set up that type
of custom discussion all right yeah but
today I want to focus on a moment of
and nigga are you okay haha not the
impeachment nigga are you okay
give me a second let me let me just
thank you for a minute and what is the
correct pronunciation of that young
females name is it Justine or Justin sky
looks just like her are they talkin
reckless up in the live chat yeah uh uh
I’m not gonna be those send that in
super chat and cash at that real real
crazy talk whatever you call four seven
eight good afternoon for sent me are you
there hey how are you sir wrong with you
everything help I can’t clean it all man
black blitz and highly favored okay you
would take a couple of shots at the
orange man what do you think what’s
going on give a shit oh I mean it’s not
me it’s no neither aiming at oh you know
invisible target with so many words okay
it’s aimless its aimless you know light
like there are you a Democrat Republican
do you vote who you sir who am I talking
to this is rich fatherhood yeah check me
out on Instagram ants with a rich father
oh yes and I do your vote or what is
your political ideology I don’t vote I’m
not a voter my time at the polls I don’t
waste my time I mean I know you see I
know you hear they’re like wait I’m true
believer that waste of my time at the
polls bro right sir do you vote on a
local level people in local level what
do you mean elaborate do you vote for
you know city council people and Oh
light light like oh the city county your
community do you you sure yes sir
yes sir yeah I vote locally yeah okay
it’s nickel I pay attention but um what
I was gonna say like the 20 votes like
on a Republican side are we trying to
get I mean that they trying to get it’s
not gonna happen he’ll be in office
again and I mean so yeah I don’t get
route though I don’t get riled up about
that now
it’s a smokescreen so are you a downward
you don’t we’re thinking no I hate it no
definitely not
I wouldn’t say that I wanna say that I
mean it’s just reality man it is what it
is okay what do you think well I mean I
know you supporting I know you
supporting the guy honest man and all
that and I mean I respect it it’s just
it’s just not my thing
so I’ll vote for a tranny I don’t give a
fuck anybody kept in that White House
and allowed me to do what I do and don’t
penalize me keeping your bag secure the
American Way
this companies this country’s about bags
and bitches and living good let’s not
get it fucked up right say that stay
thanks man American Way may look my skin
American doesn’t vote he called him a
for good man but you come on man if
you’re not part of the solution then
you’re part the problem
yes no maybe and if you ask me African
Americans I’m gonna assume he’s
african-american you have to vote now
more than ever because all the Hispanics
are putting their foot down aren’t they
it’s a little too my old homie King toe
King tone you see him up on Flag TV
talking balls talk mean that man work
together and the MTV mailroom salute to
that man a more that a last time we
spoke with 2012 he called in to my radio
show down in Philly 100.3 to beat always
showed that man loving the support you
got a vote now his manner expanded
Hispanics are getting together that’s a
good thing
Tony for five three good afternoon thank
you for your cash up I do not see a
message who sent in the email about
passing email along who are you what are
you talking about I don’t see a cash
shop for nothing leaves hokum oh hey
Betty boo is this Betty boo from
Brooklyn New York former police officer
black lives matter protesters can okay
here you go yeah thank you darling
Ashley Williams hey let me bookmark this
Thank You Betty boo Ashley Williams a
member of black lives matter that’s the
one who got at Hillary Clinton put some
respect on that Queens name back in 2016
February to be exact if you want to
Google this guy’s we bookmark this
yeah got at her about the 1994 crime
bill oh and they escorted her out she
didn’t give a fuck
thank you so much Betty booth with your
email darling you are appreciated okay
we bring a call here area code 702 hey
good afternoon I’m turnt up on the dumb
shit are you there
702 hello hello hello yeah yay
good afternoon how are you what’s good
mister oh man last class how about
yourself yes sir
god is good sir all the time hey I just
want to say we appreciate you man you
look good dude I don’t agree with all
your opinions but I appreciate your
character Thank You Man always you want
to comment on Nick Cannon the third dish
track if you ask me sir fire oh do you
want to talk about the president being
impeached what do you want to go uh I
just want to tell you we appreciate you
man die with our legs and stuff all them
people be trying to get at you about I
just want to tell you you appreciate it
but thank you man straight up I
appreciate the cold salute and I’m
always listening and i truly appreciate
how you stand up and you a man you know
i mean and that’s what we need out here
so keep teaching bro thank you man have
a good sir
respect respect on my name I appreciate
folks if you’re just now joining the
show I’m a little a little amped a
little charged I started out talking to
myself as I do I was at the Steak and
Shake drive-through I didn’t get caught
lacking I was all balanced you know I’m
pretty dog skin thing giggling I pull up
ask for the number ten that’s the hot
dog and the fries and the soda she said
I remember you see it’s taking shape
they put hot they put ketchup and
mustard on the hotdog so I asked you
know if you put no ketchup on my hot dog
she said I remember you
somebody’s baby of age of age pimp-juice
jr. on the check-in via super jet he
says season’s greetings to everyone and
remember if you feed the homeless on
Christmas Eve Christmas Day
you’ll be shoveling piles of shit off of
the sidewalks yeah let’s go man thank
you sir
who’s this check-in Reaper I know
exactly what you mean young girl of age
smiled at me the McDonald’s
drive-through we can be conversate it a
bit I left went back numerous times do
you think that’s some type of new
training that they do they tell them to
to flirt she was flirting with me I mean
you know across America they tell people
to address address everybody by the
first name do they not that’s like a
policy in certain places hold that
customer by their first name to make
them feel more you know relaxed now I
don’t go for that when I’m talking to
people and they say oh it’s mr. terrain
mr. terrain but you know in person
sometimes you know just shit can be a
little different okay good Ozzie Ozzie
is enough power bottom with the bullshit
okay free that’s an old cache up from
farid sorry pardon me they are I Peter
Popa Wu again in case you missed you
know the episode where we put some
respect on his name good man Papa whoo
and for those who don’t know I I don’t
know where lieutenant Klan would have
been without his guidance and direction
he’s saved a lot of conversations if I
can just say that you know without being
disrespectful because
they came right off the streets wu-tang
clan I mean just and I say that in a
very respectful way they didn’t give a
fuck and I remember they were banned
from hot 97 it had something to do with
a Summer Jam they they were cursing out
hot 97 on the stage if I could ramble
for a second just bear with me and they
were banned from coming up to the
station as a unit Papa who reached out
to me and the station program director
traci clarity at the time and she said
hey you know um can we bring wu-tang
clan through the storm buckwild show as
a whole team because we let them come on
the show the station separately but not
together since they did that dumb shit
on the stage let me look anybody know
what I’m talking about
wu-tang clan being banned from hot 97
back in the days and I said absolutely
Papa will reached out we chopped it up
hey mastermind X good afternoon sir yeah
anybody remember when I caught Ghostface
Killah lacking on the mathematics of the
day oh please God when we come back you
you’re gonna give us the mathematics of
the day right he said hey nigga start
doing too much spring an area code 201
maybe a cup I want you there yes sir yes
sir hey star what’s up hey Hawaii man
what’s going on I was calling in to say
thank you for everything you’ve been
thanks much appreciated thank you okay
the topic about trust and teach me is
just a stage in him getting his power
removed so he can’t do certain
like deploy the army or screw up the
economy even more there’s not yet what
what are you going scooped economy the
economy is thriving do you listen to
Bloomberg News in the mornings that’s
from Obama that’s not from Trump haven’t
done anything to infrastructure you have
two years of him not building
infrastructure you know that even if
Obama and I listen I’m not one to dump
on Obama
even if Obama had something to do and he
did do certain things I’ll give him that
credit because the economy is thriving
so why drill it now over a fucking a
witch-hunt why that’s my based on the
statistics from last census there are
more kids at five kids that turned
eighteen between 2010 and 2020 it’s way
more kids now that’s what his basis does
when he’s saying that oh I have always
African American jobs that’s where it’s
coming from
it’s not from actual facts they didn’t
go out and count people yeah well hang
on sir hold on slow it down slow down
yeah youyou want to deny this man has
been giving money to historically black
colleges do you deny that that’s what
the Hebrew colleges because they
couldn’t get States from the federal
grant because most of the kids are sir
black historically black nevermind
Hebrew you’re gonna say no you’re gonna
say no it didn’t happen he gave no money
to black colleges what are you saying no
he did give money for black colleges but
he just made it certain they can get the
financial aid because most historians
are trash you know there that’s that’s
fine that’s moving that’s a fact that’s
a place but they don’t get the full
grant go ahead that’s a fact as opposed
to Obama who did the my brother’s keeper
initiative yes this initiative yes that
was good it’s a way of building you have
to start now everybody’s gonna run to
college like number nine says
everybody’s not going to go to college
not everybody’s qualified to go to
college some people do really need to
take a trade job but what he did pretty
much was ensured that they’re gonna have
more debt coming in we’d have to take
off the loans it’s going to happen sir
most the debt is agreed to go to buy
colleges that’s a great thing what’s not
act like you said but but then I’m gonna
hear what you say
okay but no the economy is pretty much
still on Obama soon see every all the
infrastructure Obama placed and answer
the government is still there’s nothing
new he’s added he hasn’t sat down with
anybody but his last I think one of the
last offices he was saying he still
wants to talk about the infrastructure
like it’s been two years with no
infrastructure that means it’s going to
be a huge drops coming up so I’m letting
you speak so in your opinion he’s done
nothing and you want to see him removed
yes not removed I just want to make
certain that my kids are gonna have a
future that’s the way I have voted my
family’s always vote it because I mean
it’s going to be a situation when you
vote it’s going to take a few years for
the gears to grind away bureaucracy
right it’s not going to be one two three
that’s impossible right that has never
happened in human history it takes about
five years for you to get that
trickle-down so that’s why he was go for
the second president I would say three
years but you sing five okay to me no
go ahead all right and I’m gonna go with
you three but he hasn’t been in office
for three years has been – right right
so now do you both of course I don’t
know Republicans but we didn’t vote for
Trump because we’re a new jersey wait
wait so now you are a Republican voter
even a book for him this time around
again what I can’t vote for him he owes
me money
come on now it’s we had literally has
been taking a bunch of toxic waste to be
buried all over the place because he
didn’t pay his taxes when he was running
the casinos yeah he did do a good thing
in Atlantic City but have you seen it
letting City lately
I don’t want America complete shithole
stay with me stay with me I was down
there two years ago a complete shithole
and the bottom has fallen out
I even drove down to a Wildwood while
would is is a fucking cemetery but but
now hang on a second you mentioned New
Jersey he hasn’t been in Atlantic City
and doing business in over fifteen years
so we can’t really blame him if you’re
gonna talk about New Jersey you have to
talk about Governor Christie and all
that corruption alleged corruption okay
I can talk about Christie all day
because we were on his ass trying to get
him pursues me I’m sorry about that he’s
trying to get it back here
but Trump really they he never pay the
taxes so there is this big
that’s owed so they have to cover it up
by taking these other little side jobs
because there’s still a builder the bill
doesn’t go away Stacy tax debt stays it
doesn’t go anywhere so him hiding his
taxes meaning that it’s going to be
harder he really does own York City like
a billion dollars in taxes yeah I got no
problem of that but I think you know no
idea but at least pay something on he
hasn’t ate anything like he was trying
to hold up China with the trade embargo
because America was trying to twenty
trillion dollars from the Iraq war it’s
not going to happen okay so the hang on
a second are you concerned about your
children you said so uh do you think
that the impeachment will slow him down
or do you think that it will get to tell
him more focused with a bunch of the
future of your children what you had the
last word um he’s not going to change
who he is
you know mega level mill he’s never
going to change who he is okay that is
who he is so I’d be like that for the
rest of his life okay thank you for
calling all right wait one more thing
okay Oh continue dating bro just don’t
even bother settling down because now
these women are out here pretending and
I mean acting up and doing stupid shit
are you trying to rescue somebody now
from a senior citizen home his wife’s
turned them into because she’s only 33
he’s 65 mm-hmm yeah I’m ashamed to admit
it I I had a great time at that rides
right I pulled off when I said holy shit
nigga are you okay always girl in the
car a Spartan because come on you know
what kind of cars you throw it up in
come on you did not ride up in some easy
easy don’t son snitching don’t sausage
but thank you man I appreciate the call
okay thank you me okay it’s gonna matter
yeah to hell with what I Drive give me a
second give me a second
somebody just sent me a text how was
buck while texting me from inside jail
slow that shit down slow that down okay
okay folks I’m just rambling in case you
joined me late talking to myself asking
myself the question nigga are you okay
but on the screen it’ll say star are you
life is good let me not give off the
impression that you know there’s any
issues or any great concerns maybe
sometimes it’s a little too good you
know maybe I’m a little too too relaxed
tube too enjoying the flow of the day
you know I frequent all the malls here
in the Atlanta area North Point Mall
Lenox Mall Cumberland whatever that
Cumberland Mall Kennesaw douglasville
I’m all I’m at the moles I play the food
court yeah you slow down GMT war you
good afternoon
start I hope Nancy Pelosi French kiss is
the Mossberg and does the Lord’s work
stupid bitch
she looks like she’s about to to check
out I say that respectfully but you know
that’s crazy okay hold on a second
4:03 on the check-in sISTAR what the
fuck you doing eating hot dogs I need
you healthy
so my unborn scan meet their grandfather
respect yeah I already said I have no
business eating hot dogs at Steak and
Shake I think subliminally I knew that
when I started driving in that direction
you know because again I talk to myself
and I say what are you doing where are
we going you know because there’s a a
Salvadorian if I’m saying that right
Salvadorian restaurant that I go to
sometimes all they have the fresh
lettuce the fresh tomatoes and they make
those nice steak sandwiches with the
chopped um
I think it’s steak or whatever it is
onions I thought about that and then
something just said Steak and Shake
maybe in the back of my mind I I was
hoping she would be there
suckers shit can you show me some hate
in a live chat
I like my troll babies to get at me keep
helps keep me on point look at some hate
in our live chat can I say that right
Salvadorian okay I read pimp-juice
jr. 403 on the check-in says star what
are we doing for the holidays hater thon
question mark I’m not sure yet I’m not
sure you know I was really really
thinking about going to a Jekyll Island
for well not Christmas but you know
either right before or right after I’m
not sure about the hata thought I’ll
keep you posted
we got a couple of days before we you
know get into that
Hey blitz 19 sends in a cash at star
support is a must
thank you sir or ma’am folks my name is
star with one are not to ours
star which stands for strange thoughts
and revelations one are pleased that
Wade’s me out sometimes when people send
me emails with two R’s females spell
their names of two hours please who is
this Sarah Kay 43 just got a 700 credit
score I’m I’m 28 am i behind I wouldn’t
say so I wouldn’t say so 700 credit
score in your 28 years of age what are
you gonna do with that credit score are
you going to to treat yourself to
something are you going to are you
married you have a girlfriend a child
death can be a good thing
don’t look down upon being in debt
depending on what your business moves
are you know sometimes your credit score
can be high but you don’t really have
anything that shows that you’re active
but thank you for your cash yet being a
Rico 7 5 7
hey 7 5 7 good afternoon talking to
myself 7 5 say how you don’t sir I’m
doing sir how you doing sir
I’m good good I’m fine I’m a man I’m a
man with certain age I’m just tuning in
okay uh but uh trunk trunk man he’s
gotta go bad I know he’s not gonna go
because of the way the system set up
he’s not really for this one’s self okay
his record speaks for itself
nearly fifty years from now your phone’s
going in now can you make some
adjustments I wanna hear what you’re
saying you said Trump’s for himself
you’re 54 years of age continue please
yeah and I think we gotta step it up
Eddie Meyer there that I know when they
do the thing next week or next month
he’s not gonna they’re not gonna take
him out of office
I know that for a fact so we got a step
to the voting booth and get getting out
of there
who’s we so when you say we who you
talking about was we I’m talking about
all the citizens of America sir
okay do you represent a certain party or
certain group yourself myself I go with
whoever is gonna help me in mind okay I
don’t I don’t really cosign any uh
Democrat Republican you know I’m going
with whoever’s going
whoever has something my platform that
that’s gonna get some change in and
you’re 54 so you’re not in your 20s 30s
or even your 40s you you’re thinking
about your future I’m like you know yeah
man of a certain age I don’t know you
don’t like me I don’t know you but now
um so you want him out of there
quote-unquote you want to matter there
he’s not for you not for your long-term
exactly okay would you mind telling us
what field you’re in are you a homeowner
who are you that you want him out a
homeowner uh truck driver professionally
by trade okay
thirty year mortgage wife kids college
tuition what four four four kids groan
okay uh get college tuitions you still
got a mortgage Oh married so what years
married okay happily Congrats in
mortgage yes sir I said I said that
first okay okay and you want him out
he’s not for you he’s not gonna help you
do a damn thing and you you want what a
Democrat in office to make you feel more
in tune with Society of what like I said
earlier I’m not gonna I’m not gonna say
Democrat I’m I gotta go through the
platform listen to the spiel okay do
some research and then see what hits you
know what it’s for me and mine okay okay
regardless of the party you know that’s
where my vote to be going now hang on a
second you’re 54
years of age if I can just ask you did
you grow up in a in a white area a mixed
area a black area because you know
people from our generation I’m 55
depending on where you grew up you know
we grew up around racist and I’m not
putting that on on the president but you
know we maneuver better with racist
where’d you go yeah yeah yeah yeah I
keep her yeah we know how to maneuver
better with a blatant racist and I’m not
putting that on him I have issues with
covert racist
I had miling in my face and stabbing me
in the back I don’t want some cynical
cockiness bag
yeah some cynical condescending liberal
piece of shit you know thinking that
they’re gonna help me when in reality
they’ve marginalized me and and they’re
they’re trying to keep me up under their
foot fuck that you be like I hear you I
hear you sir oh man I love the show and
I’m I’m a longtime listener thinking
I’ve supported before and you know keep
doing what you do sir thank you man
salute eight if you ever if you ever in
south georgia Fairburn area holler at me
okay I got lunch lunch on me thank you
okay does that make sense to some of you
younger people I’m 55 I grew up in a
town called Scotch Plains New Jersey
I know racist white people I maneuver
better with them I’ve told you before I
think I was maybe seven years old and
went to my little friends house I’m not
gonna say his name and his mother said
to me with a straight face I rang the
doorbell she said hi Troy I said hey she
said would you mind waiting across the
street for Robby and at the time I
didn’t you know my father hit you he put
things in my head so I didn’t I didn’t
think nothing of it I said sure she’s
okay she said because you know it’s just
you’re a good kid but you got nothing
good in you
and I don’t want you influencing Robbie
with a straight face wait across the
street you can’t come in and I don’t
want you on the porch now years later I
thought about that I said wow okay she
was she was a hardcore racist but that’s
what I appreciate again I’m not putting
down on the president but I’m just
saying if we’re gonna talk with eyes
races got him out of there I appreciate
those type of people more so than
somebody who pretends that they fuck
with me go to area code two one zero
good afternoon are you there – no how
are you sir Nick Cannon did you bring
the heat tracking them the third
district tell me you heard – please Nick
Cannon okay is this it starts Dominion
apologies that they have out there like
black brakes I really like that pretty
much man this whole concept and I think
it was over a lot of people’s head
looking for this last this track that he
came out with I think that was pretty
cool but hang on a second you really you
heard the third one it just came out
today it’s called invitation cancelled
he’s wrapping by himself
Nick Cannon yeah I think it’s fire do
you think mm will respond because he’s
got the the the hook is Eminem’s lyrics
from when he said black girls are stupid
black bitches are dumb is something I
forget the exact quote but you know and
it’s already on he pulled out
yeah and he’s gonna have to yeah
I hate phones going you know thank you
sir thank you for the call folks if you
have not heard the new mm or the new
Nick Cannon discs going at M&M please do
send me an email and stay strong want to
call in and talk about it I’m not over
hyping it I’m sure the lyrics aren’t on
social media just yet but he said some
he made some references I said hey Rico
585 grab the new 585 are you there
yo what up hey Hawaii cooling how are
you I’m good man what’s poppin we’re
talking about a few different things
here this afternoon
you you late though responded already
know you’re talking about some some
clown who was pretending to be Eminem a
couple of days ago or last week that
wasn’t Eminem the one is called cannon
for Nick when did that come out just
hearted today
mm this is Nick Cannon
send me the link I didn’t hear that okay
there was a guy who’s on YouTube is
called cannon for Nick well hang on a
sec let me look in the live chat because
I didn’t hear that they’re saying that
that’s a cloning you should eat a dick
that’s what they’re saying not me
they’re saying this nigga get them up a
name like em to be yes that’s a clone
man you got to go back and listen that’s
the Columbo thank you for calling man
Eminem Stan : here is Eminem gonna
respond oh yeah can we put some respect
on Nick Cannon’s name let me just say
that right now again on the third dish
tracked by himself he said something
about let me put my turban on makes the
reference to n oh I
I respect the fact that he came at him
by himself I see I respect that it mmm
used to be my guy if Eminem did respond
send me an email right now the tractor I
heard sounded like an M&M clone hey
Terry thank you for your uh your cash up
she says has to look you have to love
Buckwald yeah I love him but yo that was
that was a text from buck
we just make sure yeah
that’s buck he always says what he says
what one Top Shot that he calls me top
shelter unless somebody else text me on
his behalf
uh is that mo fax nine one nine mo fax
oh yeah your dorm star hey hey good
afternoon good evening now how are you
mo what’s popping man now I’m doing
pretty good I was listen to the shower
you don’t call in during the day but I
had a lot of people who complain about
Donald Trump bro come on and then the
truth is they want to be coddled and
person like Donald Trump is honest with
them it bothers them even one of the
parties give a rat’s ass about us even
in any way okay and I’m you know I’m a
firm believer is and today on the
Democratic Party or the Republican Party
ready to cut that chance and he’s the
one I’m getting our vote but I
appreciate a person like Donald Trump
because he’ll easy honest to where he’s
coming from but he lets you know how he
feel about you and a lot of people are
triggered by that you understand because
most of time you do is raised by their
mamas you’re saying ain’t never dealt
with a strong man like Donald Trump is
just a saying sound a lot like my pops
my father’s more racist than Donald
Trump if we even gonna put that on Trump
and I’m not putting that on him shit –
my father used to say was by today’s
standards crazy crazy right that’s what
this law said then why he don’t bother
me and then like you have people ready
to run out here and give their vote away
to a party they ain’t been there for us
and we don’t gave them 90% I’ll vote
you’re saying four for God and God knows
how long so that’s a bunch of BS you’re
saying so I mean that’s why I’m standing
it on that you’re saying seven lockdown
ain’t going to no no we’re 45 seven
ain’t going nowhere you know saying he
gonna be back in there 2020 because they
were saying everybody sworn we came
looking lovely
you know said anybody have a great
Christmas you know I mean cuz I work at
a company before Donald Trump got in
officers they were about to lay out
people okay now they building a three
three billion dollar expansion you’re
saying people are saying the arm the
Chinese would nurse and tariff that he
putting on people you’re saying they
were stealing our intellectual property
they’re saying he put me putting the
brakes on that you’re saying I’m seeing
on the front line I’m not the dog show
apologies anything he not giving me that
I’m not giving him my goal right but I’m
gonna treat the same car the same way if
you ain’t giving me nothing you’re as
far as you’re saying what you owe us
you’re saying as far as reparations I’m
not giving you my vote and we had to
stand in unison on that put the pressure
and i’ma Trump is that pressure if they
hate her so much cough up that one
trillion dollars when I hang on a second
I just want to go back and say that I
don’t expect the president or his
administration to give me anything I
just don’t want to be stopped and don’t
penalize me for making more money but
with regards to what you’ve just said
okay let me clarify when I say give me
some let me clarify what I’m saying the
Liberal Democratic Party say Donnell is
the worst thing he’s you’re saying
you’re a threat to the democracy in the
Union and all this one trillion dollars
in reparation
you get them up out of there yeah but
the other saying they don’t want to put
their money with our mousies so yeah
I’ll live with him now let me ask you a
question mode do you think that Trump is
enough of a maverick
to say hey maybe we should have
discussion about reparations I mean he
says crazy shit he doesn’t say grazie
he might say you know let’s at least
have the discussion I mean Barack Obama
didn’t even say that after you know what
after he um get reelected
ain’t nobody that’s what scared
everybody they don’t know what he gonna
do his days don’t know when he you’re
saying we don’t have to say nothing
it’s in the cleaners base anymore they
worry a lot of people because he might
say something like rear claims like you
just said just to piss off you’re saying
cuz he hate Obama let’s be honest yeah
he hate Obama so if he can do more for
black people than Obama did you’re
saying just to rub that in his face and
no telling what that man might do wants
to get reelected yeah I mean cuz we went
and saw them for criminal justice
we saw what he’s done for his hair HBCUs
the same HBCU they are Obama wouldn’t
even meet with maybe 100 let’s go let’s
go missus look at you know saying sorry
it’s just what I’m saying is man I’m
talking to black man right now
stop being so trigger pull your panties
up you’re saying stop there so trigger
when a real American the man tell me it
ain’t about money it all makes sense
that’s what he’s telling you
get out here you’re saying he just made
it he made it easier for us to start
businesses we’re saying that the economy
booming invest and that’s why they ought
to be booming say from when they were
saying economy crashed and you can buy
more stocks that’s how you play the game
you’re saying but ain’t nobody ain’t
nobody taught them that you’re saying
I’m here to teach them that you’re
saying you know you need a real strong
man in your life so that’s yeah
heimo can ask you out with regards to
your platform anything you want to
promote are you doing any shows coming
up that might be of interest with
regards to this particular discussion
impeachment also I’ll become I’m
starting in 2020 I’m gonna be covering
that the the election war I didn’t want
to burn out you’re saying about doing it
too much man too early okay well here
it’s answer but as we did soon you’re
saying more sort of narrowing down the
candidates and toward the general
election I will be doing more political
or hang shows but it is mo e fa CT Z and
like to say it star you know Sam hey
lowers your pockets though is if y’all
make money you don’t make sense give
this money thanks good you talk to you
know Hollis Lou thank you okay
mo facts on the check in did I mention
that new Adam Sandler film is trash
trash let me Google it hold on a second
you know he’s like one of the most
annoying people
in my book ever is it unate was that new
film called Oh God uncut gems now you
might get faked out if you see kevin
garnett you know in the film mm
something here about jay-z this jay-z
music video helped secure Adam Sandler’s
role on uncut gems that this might be
objectively speaking this might be the
role that takes him into a different
direction just like um when Tom Hanks
did that film Philadelphia with Denzel
Washington because you know prior to if
memory serves me correctly prior to that
film Philadelphia where he played an
aged see a lawyer I forget he was he was
a goofball Tom Hanks am i right guys
milking live chat so this film might be
the one that they praised Adam Sandler
for all he’s arrived you want to talk
about a catalog of bullshit Adam Sandler
never fuck with him even he when he was
an mtv and SNL
and you know you know what fucking I
miss boiling thank you for killing him
at the end Wow
oh he was annoying in that film uncut
gems and why would the weekend the
singer the weekend why would he take a
role where he’s sniffing coke with Adam
Sandler’s sidechick well why would he do
that role I know he used to do coke or
according to him the weekend well how
did he take a role like that anyway and
I’m just I’m rambling that’s what I do I
ramble NS global good after a good
evening it’s evening now store the third
track is the only one I’ve heard it’s
good okay Nick Cannon
yo Nick Cannon brought the heat he
brought the heat to mmm okay I’m gonna
have to check on this cannon for Nick I
don’t know if that’s that’s real or not
holistic guys let me turn this down
choppy greenie choppy he says can you
speak about Takashi 6:9 getting two
years who gives a shit man and part of
me yesterday didn’t want to do a show I
mean I was hanging with family pretty
much all day and that’s I don’t wanna
talk about to Kashi in two years who
gives a fuck salute to our AG TV and
host of others they they caught
Takashi six nines biological father he
hasn’t been in Takashi’s life over 15
years he was at the courthouse and
that’s a good thing you know his he came
to support his son or his biological
seed I don’t care my man I’ll keep it
real with I appreciate your donation
choppy I just I don’t give a shit about
Takashi yeah they’re gonna sit him down
for two more years I think well some of
that be time served
I don’t know just silly shit you know
bring me on the check in good evening he
says no fax sure love him some strong
men Thank You Ben Remy full of hate good
Jekyll Island salute to capitalism altar
sacrifice yeah I want to go there and I
think that the holiday time is probably
the best time to God oh man I could just
I could walk on the on the sand smoking
cigar and really just take it in you
know k43 Amerson sends in a cash at the
Chinese owned soybean fields in Iowa
facts I wouldn’t doubt it I wouldn’t
doubt it
and the Chinese own I don’t have the
numbers I don’t have let me just I’m
how much of Jamaica do the Chinese own
right now I know they’re over there
heavy in the factories I’m taking jobs
how much of Jamaica does the Chinese own
and I know that they also Jamaica if I’m
not mistaken the beaches are shrinking
and Jamaica last I heard hmm are the
Chinese over there trying to play games
with the Jamaicans you know absolutely
people in Jamaica do they still do they
still believe in duckies slow down boss
nigga slow down let me look in a live
chat do they still have a concern in
Jamaica with regards to duckies you have
to be Jamaican to know what I’m talking
about huh anybody know what I’m talking
about a duppy this is stop it stop yeah
oh I had some fire Jamaican pussy well I
have over the years but you know back in
the mid 90s and she said I gotta go home
my grandmother she she has a duppy not
in the house but on the property so I
got a duppy I said what yeah
big op good evening sir sends in a super
jet salute just heard of it I’m sorry
just heard it mm shit was one minute and
with four minutes of talking uh and
rebuttal of the white woman is the prize
is coming hunt his way lol what are you
talking about sir I’m confused you just
heard what you just heard Nick Cannon’s
new um diss track he’s getting that mm
hard body karate pulled out the race
card on him but thank you for your
donation big och 403 on the check and
says that when Trump gets reelected he’s
going to be acting like he finally got a
job okay thank you sir thank you I don’t
know if that’s about just notice on the
check and says never mind Donald Trump
and Eminem why is Kim Kardashian dressed
like Diahann Carroll knowing black women
is going to come for her neck question
mark so I’m not in the loop can you send
me an email what’s going on mm what do
they call that is a transitioning or
what what do they call that there’s a
term is she trying to channel is she
trying to channel Diahann Carroll oh are
you serious
please send me that email the hater one
nine six four yeah Tim Kay
trying to channel Diahann Carroll really
I’m not in the loop snake Holly
good evening sends in a super jet piece
for the remedial liberals in the
listening public if Donald Trump is
there bad dream then Mike Pence is there
nightmare hashtag a fool’s errand okay
yeah we haven’t even had that discussion
yet about if they get Trump out you know
well Mike Pence be even more of a
problem number nine called an earlier in
case you don’t know uh okay today’s
maybe we’ll have the real discussion
Saturday or Sunday I don’t think
anything really is gonna move right now
and an in case you’re not in loop Nancy
Pelosi is uh she’s pumped vacant she
hasn’t sent the articles over to the
Senate just yet he competes my articles
and the president has already said you
know he’s not worried
Rick baying from DC good evening Eminem
somewhere relapsed and depressed Nick
Cannon is the truth right now regardless
of his soso flow okay I’m not I’m not
even trying to put sauce on it
I think this third District from Nick
Cannon I think this is this is the smoke
this is the smoke pulled out the past
race card he’s on the track by himself
I gotta respect it even if you think
always trash star get the fuck out of
here I respect the fact that he he did
it by himself you know Charlie Eclipse
is that on the track conceded on the
track Hitman hull is not on the track
and again in case you’re joining the
show late
how many diss tracks did Joe Budden
record going at Drake wasn’t it for four
or five who cares if Nick Cannon wrote
the lyrics not who cares the execution
is what’s important someone says impeach
Eminem that was kind of cool
somebody say Joe Budden body Drake I
don’t know about that and Joe’s my guy I
don’t have you I didn’t though so the
area code um two five four
good evening a few more calls to five
for you there hello hello yes hello
hello how are you sir hey good evening
how are you I’m well sir
I’m just calling in I wanted to talk
about the impeachment okay please oh you
know I’m one that kind of got on the
Trump bandwagon a little bit later like
at first you know I was like everyone
else like you know Trump’s a hater I
hate some but then I started realizing
like you know once he got in office and
I started seeing things movement as far
as jobs opening up for us and and you
know I’m seeing like even some guys
around my area like getting small
business loans you know it I’m already
seeing like he’s doing more remapping
Obama did in his whole eight and I voted
for Obama mmm okay you know you know I
just want to say like you know as far as
the impeachment man you know it’s it’s
gonna be the same thing as Clinton you
know there’s gonna be a whole it’s gonna
be a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors
and then at the end you know they’re not
gonna I mean he’s not gonna you’re not
gonna leave Austin or you know ten she’s
not gonna come in okay there’s going to
be him so and you’re gonna do another
four because I’ll probably vote for him
the next time okay let’s go you know
even though I’ll say even though I’m in
Texas so Texans you automatically gonna
win sex and so I don’t you have to vote
and text is gonna get his vote though
but yeah I recommend that everybody
boasts because you know you you want you
want it on your record that you do vote
you know now more so than ever because
we live in a land now where if you don’t
contribute then you could become a POA a
person of interest no go why don’t you
vote what are you hiding you feel me
yeah yeah that’s true it’s like you know
I mean yeah you know they die for the
vote so I agree with that but um also I
wanted to talk about
the Canton with the home I tried I tried
like I’m not an imminent fan you know I
think he’s overrated
okay and I’m trying to give McKenna in
the chance I listen to all your might
come on Nick you know I’m trying to
sleep but they’re all super duper
dumpster juice trash you can’t rat come
on I’m sorry it’s like I give him an A
for effort man it’s like yahtzee’s porn
is hard but like like jay-z said I don’t
believe you need more people man that’s
why you went and got try Lipson now okay
so now you did hear the third track came
out today yes yeah yeah matter of fact
um you would use mention it earlier so I
went and listened to it you know you’ve
mentioned it early in the show and I’ll
laughs I mean like I said I give you for
effort but I haven’t liked Nick Cannon’s
rapping ability since you know I’m a
gigolo with our Kelvin and so okay you
know I give him chief after go sir got
you right Thank You man salute all right
yes sir okay salute wash Shabazz King
peace he says reminds me when big was
scared to go back at Pok mm okay okay
folks keep please keep me posted if mm
does respond and someone called in
earlier saying oh he already responded I
coulda swore that that was it
mmm clone if Eminem would have responded
it would have been on TMZ already if you
ask me and thank you for the email
someone sent me who’s this hey Darius
Thank You Man
Kim kardashian-west tweeted at 11:43
a.m. on Thursday some of the 19th
okay is this the Kim Kardashian I’m
sorry this is Kim Kardashian channeling
Diahann Carroll oh listen I mean she
gets black people out of the
penitentiary she’s got biracial babies
maybe we should just you know cut Kim K
some slack you know he’s cut her some
well thank you uh for the email Darius
okay okay okay now I get a couple of uh
okay she’s channeling old Hollywood for
a new shoot people calm okay thank you
thank you it’s it’s not that deep to me
it’s really not pictures an attachment
let me make sure I didn’t miss any super
chats what time is okay I’m gonna roll
out of here soon
that’s amazing when the chicken says
Kardashian coochie so good
the dad had to get one okay okay
that’s amazing also says the Kardashian
troll black people because they know it
will get attention the Kardashians are
basically a live-action black dot con okay big ox says via soup jet
Nick Cannon was on his show saying white
women are the prize okay and symbol of
success Eminem is gonna use this and the
track was okayish okay so was he joking
around Meccano did he really mean that
okay thank thank you for the heads-up so
that might be something that mm flips on
him if that is the case and I believe it
is thank you big ox for the information
did you lived it says star keep mo there
for a quick convo calling in if you’re
if you’re on in 20 minutes
no I’m not gonna be only 20 minutes I’m
I’m gonna roll out here shortly but
thank you lived it okay all right I
think we’re done I just had to ramble
and ask myself a question here don’t get
a moment of clarity Nick are you okay
are you okay going through the
drive-thru you know young girls giggling
catching me off guard I’m in Atlanta
having a great time I got to be careful
we don’t cameras everywhere
everywhere I’m sure there’s cameras
right there
you know she’s touching my hand giving
me the change back I’m done with the
hey I’ll see you guys tomorrow not
tonight tomorrow enjoy what’s left of
your evenings be safe and imparting I
used to say may all of your children
speak proper English and may the gates
that surrounds your property keep you
safe from common ghetto trash take

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