Is Snoop Dogg A Trick?


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On December 23, Celina Powell, 23, who has previously been linked to rappers Chief Keef and Offset, said that she hooked up with Snoop Dogg in 2018. Powell alleges that during one of their encounters, in his “spare apartment” in Los Angeles, he snorted cocaine off of her breasts during intercourse. After the liaison, Powell said she was given money to go shopping. Around this time, Powell said that Snoop invited her to go to the BET Awards but that she declined. Powell said the pair would hook-up again but that she was given no money and was left at the side of the street by Snoop’s bodyguard.


Earlier this week, Jahna Sebastian, a singer, went at Swizz’s wife, Alicia Keys, in a lengthy Instagram post for “forcing” her 9-year-old daughter (Nicole Dean) with Swizz to call her “Umi,” which means “Mother” in Arabic. Additionally, Jahna had other issues with Alicia for allowing Nicole to have her own iPhone – which Jahna believes is inappropriate for a minor child. She still wasn’t through. She also accused Alicia of overstepping her boundaries as a stepparent by registering the minor child on the social media app TikTok.


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bolts holding the building good evening
Sunday night feeling so wavy feeling so
got that napping today so let’s get down
for the get-down all right
Sunday night um if the title is a little
too rough just let me know and I’ll
change it up is Snoop Dogg a coke head
yes snoop dogg snoop lion todd a father
snoop whoever the fuck that niggas is he
a coke head trick and let’s put some
respect on lovely tees name early you
know lovely tee up on YouTube this T is
what piping hot
oh she was getting that snoop about a
year ago with regards to some other
things he was doing and recently she
posted a video beautiful execution as
always with Selena Powell IG thought an
exposing Snoop Dogg for allegedly
sniffing coke off the titty huh cocaine
shit I’m gonna be saucy and silly
tonight let you know right now who’s in
little bellies yeah lovely tea came with
the receipts as always the DMS between
us Lena Powell and Snoop Dogg folks
supposedly he gave her 20 racks now this
is the man that claimed to be a pimp
years ago the folks I don’t know nab him
now pimp that would ever give a whole 20
I know pimps that would rather go to the
penitentiary than to give a hoe five
thousand dollars let alone 20 thousand
well Atlanta open let’s get to the dumb
shit early good evening how you feel my
troll babies good evening I see you I
see yeah and the second um title just
give me some time because I did not want
to put Alicia Keys
name in vain I’m not you know I am cloud
daddy but I don’t want to do that to her
Alicia Keys has regulated a homewrecker
from the UK yes she did and we had to
put some respect on impressive her
YouTube channel because I watched her
her child this morning as well hello
everybody I love her voice oh and she
broke down the whole the messy messy uh
things that are going on with regards to
uh Swizz Beatz that’s my guide and
Alicia Keys and one of Swizz Beatz
babies mamas well the one in the UK not
the one that has his oldest son and now
you got this alleged uh you know well
I’m gonna say alleged homewrecker talkin
reckless she’s all up on social media
reason why I’m asking the question can
baby mama drama be avoided because you
know most people from what I hear you
know argue with the baby mama over money
that money clothes jewelry and all that
oh type is shit but we have Swizz Beatz
old jump off oh she’s a jump off from
the UK and the reason why I’m calling
her home records because she claims she
doesn’t or didn’t knew when Swizz Beatz
was married to mashanda who I met years
ago fine as a motherfucker um but if you
ask me she knew all these heifers no
tengo secondly fix my drink
they all know all these heifers are
jealous of their own shadow and when
they see a man and they know he’s
married what do they say are you happily
married yeah and Alicia Keys is
regulating no I’m not emailing with you
I’m not texting with you none of that
silly shit Stan you’re lame bitch you
get a check and that’s that okay I guess
that classic Bailey’s anyway so um yeah
Alicia Keys regulating the former
jump-off now baby mama over her daughter
and and you know something with the
iPhone I got to
give me a second because impressive did
a very detailed breakdown on her YouTube
channel yeah beef and / iPhone because
of Alicia Keys supposedly bought this
girl an iPhone but then Swizz Beatz says
no that was my iPhone but the point is
it’s over an iPhone so it’s not money so
that’s why the question is there can
baby mama drama be avoided I don’t know
I don’t claim no kids never paid child
support Bostic wanting said time bring
in Ronnie in early because they’re her
and I were on the phone this morning and
this afternoon talking with all that is
silliness yeah folks it’s Sunday night I
want to be silly what a beautiful day I
had you know just catching up catching
up on all the dumb shit
please please don’t don’t ask me about
the tyrita night she’d clap back at
Yvette Carnell and tone talks don’t ask
me about it if you want to call in and
talk about it feel free to all smoke who
smoke that’s all I say but I still rock
with Yvette and tone and I rock with
Tyreke as well but I just you know
listen we have to get up on social media
and we have to laugh sometimes they
can’t just be all serious hell of a
goddamn reply so maybe I’ll ask the
question did they take an L and also a
salute to the to the one person not a
whole lot of people one person who sent
me an email with regard to Dame – he was
streaming live yesterday and I’m not
gonna clown game for how many people
were watching his live because everybody
doesn’t have a whole lot of numbers and
that doesn’t mean you’re not putting out
great content but there were six people
watching his life and he was
interviewing somebody and a Wirecast the
Wirecast watermark kept popping up on
there on the screen let me look in the
live chat you guys know what that means
when uh why I cast keeps popping up on
the screen give me a second
the demo version I use Wirecast yes
absolute slow to the UH
to the female who sent me that email but
job alright phone lines open I got a
whole lot of shit to talk about tonight
yeah fuck the algorithm I got shit to
talk about
saucy Santana hey girl no honey you will
not be down into 305 you know dropping
down and getting your Eagle on up in
gentlemen’s clubs and then talking
no boo-boo they don’t play that down
there you can take your big doodle maker
up north and and out west well maybe not
even out west but in 305 girlfriend they
riding around with the Rockets and I’m
not trying to clown uh saucy Santana but
I’m also up to speed now I saw the video
footage on somebody’s YouTube channel
maybe that was a impressive as well so
you can call in and talk about that and
Keyshia Cole and Frankie Lord Jesus
watch it money are you there on a Sunday
good evening boss chick Ronnie Ronnie
Ronnie hey hey hey hey how you feeling I
am doing pretty good in yourself
I’m toasty I’m not saucy yet but I’m
toasty and um you know I just I’m gonna
hash out some yeah I want to hash out
some of this stuff you and I have been
chopping it up earlier um let’s start
with um lovely cheese so much respect
for her and she’s fine as hell she did a
very detailed breakdown and she’s the
one that that really has all the
receipts because Selina Powell sent them
to her so where do you want to start
with regrets of Snoop Dogg I’m asking
the question is he a coke head trick
Selena Powell says he was sniffing coke
off the titty and the coochie what do
you want to jump in absolutely he is and
I mean this latest round of drama that
he’s having with Selena Powell he really
brought it on himself
Selena Powell is on house arrest so in
her own words she’s home and she’s bored
and she’s looking for ways to
troll and get clicks okay so she troll
she trolled her way into little Duval
DM and he reposted it basically you know
making fun of her which she said she
appreciated but then she saw a Snoop
Dogg she saw snoop in the comments
laughing and she’s like how dare you you
were just powdering your nose off my
you were just sending me money through
cash app yeah and he sent a twenty
thousand dollar a bank transfer to her
according to her according to her so all
right so yeah so so lovely T came with
all the receipts I did not get a chance
to read all of them because I was
driving and I was looking but dumb
so now Snopes wife hang on a second I
got some notes here
Shantay Brodus she has responded up on
the gram and at first she was you know
would appear to be taking shots at
Selena power but then she shifted gears
and she said no I was talking about a
different family member so we’re gonna
clown Selena Powell now what hang out
we’re gonna clowns leave it out yet
within a clown er but but I’m concerned
about Shante as well jumping you were
saying what well Shante was doing damage
control those messages that she posted
were clearly shots at Selena and just
for reference she said she posted a meme
that said you ever watched somebody you
love turn into somebody you don’t know
and her caption said where did where did
we go wrong
that had nothing to do with her son that
was her doing damage control because
people were pointing out look you’re mad
at this girl meanwhile your husband had
to side babies on you and you stayed so
this is par for the course right now
here’s what I was saying yes we know
that you and I know that but she’s
denying that those those Instagram posts
were directed to snoop she’s denying
that now yes
gray and cardi told us that offset was
hacked I mean this is damage control
right but the point is she’s denying
that they were directed towards Selena
power okay guys
the phones cash app super check shortly
running I have just a little more
talking to do here okay so it has Snoop
Dogg or Todd or snoop lion whoever the
fuck years as he responded to any of
this or is he just you know doing that
solution that he does up on the grim I
have not been to his page yet um it
doesn’t look like he’s responding yet I
mean she pretty much she has receipts
and you know this is the second time
that she has receipts on them before she
had them on FaceTime and text messages
and you know I mean if you’re dumb
enough to get caught out there with
Selina Powell you you really sort of
deserve whatever you get okay now in my
experience and in my opinion shantae
knows what she has she might be living
in denial living in denial she might be
living in torment she might be suffering
inside she may not want to face the
truth and tell us the truth because it
will jeopardize her her family structure
the month the money will you know slow
down have we considered that Shantae no
because they were married in 1997 and
this is really sort of you know before
Snoop Dogg with who he was now so she
would be entitled to you know a
considerable amount I don’t think she
would just have to move into a homeless
shelter if she did decide to leave him
so it’s not like she doesn’t have any
options and I’m not even suggesting that
she should leave him what I’m saying is
is what a lot of people are saying is
you know what you have on your hands why
are you taking shots at this girl online
leave that nigga Shantae I’m saying she
should leave she’s been with snoop who
according to Wikipedia they’re claiming
ya know they’re claiming he’s 48 years
of age if I remember correctly that
nigga is 52 now but anyway so they’ve
been together since high school you know
that that’s all Gucci you know you
you’re used to the look of it the smell
you know it’s old so so I’m not I
wouldn’t doubt that he’s out there you
know putting coke on titties and you
know smashing them raw
doubt that you know wouldn’t doubt that
I mean but that’s just disgusting if
you’re if you’re a married man and
you’re dealing with a known industry
thought somebody who is literally lied
on people and created babies out of thin
air just for clicks and views
you should at least you should do is
protect yourself so that’s just you know
playing blackjack with your life there
rolling the dice what you’re saying
sounds very rational but we’re talking
we’re talking about cokehead shit I did
coke for a decade from 81 until 91 you
know and and you don’t care you know
when you’re sweating turnt up you know
geek and tweaking doing all that crazy
shit you know smoking salem cigarettes
oh okay yeah you say oh one thing I just
remember that she was talking about in
the video was like she was saying that
when he was getting high she’s basically
saying he’s gonna high every 20 minutes
and he kept insisting that she played
with his nipples I thought it was every
five minutes very she said be five
minutes every five minute she was going
to get the bag and he kept insisting
that she played with his nipples and you
know he basically had like I don’t want
to use the B word but he had like those
sort of tendencies because he wanted to
lay up with her let’s go there tonight
Ronnie come on let’s go there she said
basically like he was acting you know
like a bitch like she’s used to guys she
said kicking her out after they’re done
with her but he wanted to lay up and
he’s like you need some money to go
I’ll get you an outfit you want to come
to the Beatty Awards folks can someone
get Don magic Juan on the line tonight
please that’s the old homie Don magic
Juan pimping Ken they used to run thick
and thick together and I remember his
snoop it was one of those interviews I
think it was double XL this is back in
the days hey Snoop said he fell in love
with a hoe and that’s why he couldn’t
really be a pimp
all right folks I’m turnt up tonight I’m
silly and again we have to put some
respect on lovely cheese named she
brought all the details all the receipts
in we’re gonna come back
to the second title a little bit later
and Alicia Keys is bringing some calls
Ronnie let’s bring in every code 201
good evening 201 are you there on a
Sunday night yo hey Ronnie all the way
from work okay my hometown Scotch Plains
come on baby baby come closer to the
bone please come closer I want to hear
every detail
anyway I’m with both of them right right
mainly Tariq okay so I’m not going to be
disrespectful to either side but I will
say this come on Tariq uh-huh come on
come on come on turn about because to
read to me has more of an influence
right now in the black young conscious
community and we need Tariq we need
event we need young fellow
we need polite we need God Netta we need
all of them that are bringing positivity
to the community we need you to in a way
we’ll take care for you but let’s get
right out of here
folks it’s Sunday night I’m not trying
to heal that positive shit today we
talking about Selena power we talking
about Snoop Dogg is he a coke head if
you want to call it and talk about talk
about our weakness she’s clap back let’s
go there
miss meal all that walk shit tonight
we’re talking about who’s this other
nigga uh sausage Santana come on you
feel the vibes running you still there I
am okay folks I’m turnt up I had a nap
earlier I’m charged area code for losers
good evening falling six let’s get it
let’s get it hey how’re you man what are
yes sir good evening good evening can
you hear me loud and clear let’s go sir
Sir are you speaking sir where were you
going let’s get him the fuck out him
folks please right here yeah don’t play
with me tonight please I’ve been
enjoying my Sunday I’m up to speed on
all the tea lovely tea impressive
I’m calling it that silly shit tonight
yeah hang on a second one second we love
Hip Hop Network good evening I got your
super chair thank you so much
star you missed two super chats last
week star calling in now from the four
one six we out here
hashtag we love hip-hop Parkers hey is
that you four one six good evening
okay who are you sir how can you like me
loud yeah this King bank here babe yes
sir how you doing man
peace I’m doing good I’m doing good
what’s that number to call for the
snitch Network what’s that what’s that
shit right there cuz I heard Troy was
trying to adopt we gotta put it into
that shit like yesterday this is the
network a race-neutral cisgender as well
in there what was going on somebody
trying to make any into a true story but
no no see Oh pussy oh let me go ahead
and shut this coke oh you know whatever
you know you don’t do it off me imma do
it of you it’s a party it’s a party as
long as there’s no cocktails involved in
I ain’t going to Cosby
so okay it is what it is okay now hang
on a second stay with me stay with me
now in one aspect what you’re saying is
that’s fair that’s fair
but now if he’s not telling his wife how
he’s moving shaking a pop and that
that’s something I can’t rock with you
see I’m very honest you know and I tell
my girlfriends from time to time listen
I might have to go smash this one of
that we’re just for business purposes
and you don’t hide this we’re talking
about a man in his 50s nope is 52 if I’m
not mistaken fuck all that 48 shit 40
years old shit
Burt so his wife it’s in his in her
jump in but I mean you talk about the
longevity of a marriage
he deserves a couple step outs you know
I’m Stan you get it if you’re gonna be
with it from high school I heard nothing
but about five I went to prison
I went to prison for like five years I
didn’t miss out on all type of new
clothes really so I gotta go ahead and
step out a couple a few times I’m
raising ikeda
yeah I’m being a reciprocal dad I’m not
here coaching him up you hear what I’m
saying I need to go outside outside you
should respect they should honor that
could be like yeah he did what he did
you know I’m saying I’m gonna go ahead
and play damage control and when he come
home you don’t said I’m running some hot
water through there nigga took care of
us okay but when I hang up we’re talking
about a different generation I don’t
know how old you are but you know all
all these little girls today is is
playing with the fucking iPhones the
galaxies they’re up on the gram so you
have to think before you start doing all
that that crazy shit you know about YP
that’s all I’m surprised like you the
last word that I’m surprised at Wayne
see Snoop when it would a good day I’m
tired of nose fell asleep on a couch
thank you Miss Liu thank you yeah yeah
oh I would love to see Snoop Dogg us
smoking the glass dick
folks let’s go there tonight it’s Sunday
hang on a second somebody sent in a
super jet folks you can join the
conversation if you can’t get thrown the
phone lines there’s cash yep super chat
it’s all under the video
is this for 1/6 the we love hip-hop
Network good evening
what up stop stop hey Timon for 1/6
I want to chime in on that Snoop Dogg
yes Polina power yeah
is he a coke head trick let’s go there
that’s a question first of all yeah okay
she’s been there for like what 15 20
years he’s smashed down maybe about a
hundred hoes he ain’t going nowhere okay
leave the facts okay tell us about your
network what is the we love hip-hop
Network come on educate me please
do we love kpop network at the podcast
you started about three years ago we
interview to Ronald artists whether
they’re legend nice whether they’re
up-and-coming artists we interviewed a
former guest or former calling of yours
J bar that’s the homie Dre bars yeah
he’s about that action yeah he’s about
that action oh three three bars by the
way paned right now he is down right now
a shooting charge no doubt you inspired
thanks Ari streaming live on my on my
youtube channel thank you man um I’ve
been accepting super chat and all that
and yeah I’m developing my own voice I
ain’t gonna lie and say anything a few
techniques from you you mean but listen
I’m flattered I’m when anybody says it
or I borrowed something from snow or I
think they did I’m flattered
you know I’m not a god I stole my shoe
you’ll never hear me say that but go
ahead good you know that’s all I got to
say you know I mean um as far as that
mashanda Swift thing I don’t know about
all that man okay I don’t know about all
that angle are you from Toronto there’s
six were you from exactly uh up there I
downtown right in the middle of downtown
Toronto and I’m saying originally from
Montreal but I’ve been living in Toronto
for like 22 years okay I’m an older man
sir I’m okay I’m up age 44 my favorite
band is from Toronto you know who they
are yes which one is that the who know
man from Toronto come on man Rush Geddy
Lee Alex lights and Anil peered rubbish
man well yeah shout out to all the
people out there who well we’re doing it
big lookout for a lot of Toronto coming
out in 2020 okay I wish you the best on
your podcast man thank you for your
super chat thank you respect yes sir
respect okay four one six on the
check-in whoo okay guys hang on I’m
coming in super chat cash Shep sit tight
what else would we have to and put on
the table Ronnie lovely tea gave so much
information on her YouTube channel with
regards to Snoop Dogg Selena Powell the
receipts what else are we forgetting she
also went into she broke down a little
bit about the side children that he has
and then one son who has complained
about the fact that he’s basically kept
out of the spotlight we don’t allow him
to appear in family photos they
basically try to downplay his entire
existence because it’s you know it’s a
dark mark on their marriage and the fact
that he stepped out to have these two
children okay and what was it something
about cloud chaser some type of show
snoop was supposedly coming out with
lovely T spoke about that as well what
was that called so there was never going
to be a show basically the first time
that Selina outed him he tried to play
it off and say that she was just cloud
chasing but she even had receipts then
she had him on FaceTime she had text
messages no no no snow dog was working
on a show supposedly something called
cloud chasers that
that’s right we T said you never
materialized and he claimed he was
coming up with that show immediately
after he was outed by her so it appears
that it was an attempt to do damage
control because we’ve seen nothing
materialized of what he claimed he was
working on how hard is it to produce
that show there’s people cloud chasing
24 hours a day if I can jump in and say
my son and I’d say this respectfully DJ
DJ academics that was his concept that
wasn’t snoops concept when I was at
everyday struggle academics was talking
about that show cloud chaser so I don’t
know how the fuck snoop you know in 2000
or whatever you started talking about
that show anyway alright so those are
some of the other things we spoke about
guys and then I’m going back to the
phone lines hang on a second Ronnie I
want to say this also uh can you google
saucy Santana oh well I want to get to
him/her it Sherm whatever at some point
you know saucy santa i can google it but
i’m up to speed okay okay alright hang
on a second let me go to a area code
five one eight good evening five one
eight are you there well Sunday night
hello hi hey what’s going on with you
are you there hello hey are you up to
speed we’re talking about the Snoop
Dogg’s Celina Powell Alicia Keys
regulating a homewrecker are you to
speed whoa okay baby I can’t hear you
five one eight you gotta take off the
the African headset what have you got
going fix your phone give her a second
hello hello hello hello everybody can
you hear us can you hear us yes no maybe
I can hear you okay I mean I can hear
you yes what do you want to talk okay um
let’s talk about saucy Santana
oh no let’s go oh my god so much you
have you listened to watched his music
videos walking like a dog and he has a
new one
bruh him being shot baby I was watching
lovely t and impressive this morning I’m
up to speed on all this shit I saw a
sausage Santana up in the strip club
some some extra tight clothes doing all
this crazy shit twerking and then later
on that evening some nigga shot up the
car he was in some niggas uh I’ll just
stay in the 305 I’m gonna speak come on
she’s a hot mess a beard and nails and
yeah he looks like Rick Ross like
honestly no okay so he’s got that song
called walk it like a dog yes walk like
a dog that’s yeah okay okay okay so now
for the people for the people who don’t
know let’s paint the picture of saucy
Santana it’s not just that you know he
sort of resembles Rick Ross it’s he’s
got the lashes he’s got the full face so
when the ladies say they get in their
face beat he’s got the full face be he
gets his nails done he carries a
he’s got the you know the septum ring
yeah Jesus yes he’s one of those okay so
what do you want to say drawing no X is
more popping than Andrew what’s his name
card well as he more popping in him oh
no he ain’t like that right now
not yet there but he’s just so like what
did you expect if you go to a regular
gentlemen’s club and they’re strippers
don’t nobody want to see no no man and a
beard like showing his underwears and
doing all that extra shit yeah like did
you think something was not gonna happen
and then he goes and then he goes like
the very next day – right
songs talking about how he didn’t get
shot or whatever like now did he get
shot because people in the car got shot
I thought he I thought he he caught a
slug – no I think he just got dreams I
don’t think he was like really I don’t
think he was really injured but he did
go to the studio to make a track thing I
saw the video he was crying
he was crying crocodile tears and niggas
trying to kill me
homophobia anyway then when he was gay
when they went when the incident
happened he was outside sorta like the
police like I’m a celebrity I’m a
celebrity like celebrities get shot –
everyday be yeah regular shit I thank
you for your call darling do you want to
mention anything about Alicia Keys
regulating that homewrecker yep to speak
um no not really but talk to you later
thank you darling okay all right she got
the kids in the background thank you for
calling her in darling Ronnie hold on a
second we’re gonna go to cash app super
chat and then I want you to bring me up
to speed on academics claiming that
Selena Powell ate his groceries sit
tight right blade good evening blade
sends in a super chat says start I
reconnect sheets clap back was the
business I completely lost my shit when
he said Yvette was sitting up there
looking like Peter Gunn looking like
Peter Gunz blade also sends in a super
Chad ever since super head published
that book bitches be tellin unless let’s
not give her any credit is her name
Corinne step aside interviewed her years
ago she walked out on my interview I
hope that hater brought the heat to her
you guys saw the interview brought they
hate tour and you know she she hasn’t
done much of anything since but we have
social media now so yeah everybody’s
telling that’s why I got the snitch
network snitch
thank you for your donation blade blade
also says number 9
is the illegitimate bastard son of a UN
peacekeeper of up a UN peacekeepers
soldier that was stationed in Haiti
probably oh wow thank you sir probably
Congolese okay thank you so much honey
it wasn’t the check-in hey man how he
says a lucania got scammed by Tariq nice
sheet allegedly remember all of them
fakes are using clickfunnels marketing
scripts exploiting black pain hey Luke
is that Luke Haney located where are you
are you on the line hold a second let me
see if he’s on the line I think it’s 909
someone claiming to be Lucania said
story of black people we’re ready for
war Zimmerman would be wouldn’t be
walking today and Muhammad Gaddafi
wouldn’t have been killed by NATO okay
thank you so much full blast radio on
the check-in says our lucania holding
the phone with his feet because his arms
were hacked off from stealing another
man’s pet flies that’s DJ tiger full
blast Radio guerrilla zone the chicken
says Lou Wow where are we going tonight
guys are we doing all this coming at
Luke a nice tough hold on hold on let me
get some super cash apps ready hey Emma
dieppe Anu says Alicia was the
homewrecker respectfully um okay Ronny
there was talks that Alicia Keys was an
alleged homewrecker once upon a time
when Swizz Beatz right was married to
mashanda yes there was talks of that yes
all you have to do is the math she was
pregnant before their divorce was even
finalized I’m saying Alicia was pregnant
before his divorce to mashanda was even
finalized and at the time she was very
vocal I mean they’re doing this whole
co-parenting thing now but originally it
was very rocky because there was some
overlap and there’s overlap also with
the child that he had with the woman out
you know the British woman John yuh
so he’s been overlapping this entire
time even with mashanda there was some
overlap with the woman he was with prior
to mashanda okay so now we can’t or I
can be mad at Alicia Keys but now you
are are you defending Alicia Keys
position I forgot because we spoke about
this no really absolutely I’m not going
to defend her because originally when I
you know saw the headlines about the
situation I assumed that
okay this baby mother out in the UK
she’s just basically kicking up dust and
you know she’s bitter whatever but when
I looked into what exactly was going on
I completely have to agree with her one
of her main problems was the fact that
they have the child calling Alicia mom
and that’s just not appropriate you
don’t have your child like she said she
would never lose calling her oweme oweme
to be exact
umi Lumi and arabic translates to mother
so it’s essentially the same she would
never she said if she remarried she
would never allow the child to call the
stepfather daddy or father and so
likewise she would like the same respect
alicia has continually been overstepping
her bounds she did not want the child on
social media and using these apps she
allowed the child to go for a visit when
she got the child back the girl’s
addicted to tick tock and Instagram you
know an eleven-year-old child should not
be on Instagram she did not want her to
have a cell phone they gave her a cell
phone they gave her a tablet they gave
her access to all these different apps
and and doing so they were able to log
into the woman’s her drive so they had
access to all of her personal pictures
and videos and her location so this is
what for me again impressive has on her
channel oh I watched all of this this
morning I was I was in the bed I think I
rewound it wash it again the you and I
spoke so um evany just sent in a cash
app if she says Alicia she was a
homewrecker so even if she was I’m gonna
say allegedly I don’t have a problem
with her regulating another homewrecker
or someone who’s trying to be a
what do you say about that well there’s
a saying you know how you get him is how
you lose them and Duns what happened
with mashanda it hasn’t come to fruition
yet with Alicia but she should be very
careful because you know like they say
what goes around comes around so you’re
stepping on this woman’s toes today and
overstepping your boundaries and
disregarding her wish her wishes as far
as how she wants her child raised could
be you tomorrow
gotcha okay salute to a brother Moen to
check in he sends in a cash app he says
where’s the Eagles hat at nigga hashtag
bird gang how are they doing this year
the Eagles I have no idea but keep me
posted and thank you brother uh mo for
your cash app he sends another one
saying snoop sniffed Newports ashes off
of Ronnie’s boobs
ho-oh folks we going here tonight we’re
going here today evany sends another
cache app she says Shantae ain’t going
nowhere cuz of that bag period do you
think that in your opinion Ronnie you a
younger woman much younger than me do
you think that Shantae knows how snoop
gets down and all of this that we’re
seeing on Instagram was just her pump
faking saying something because if she
doesn’t say something then she look like
you know an idiot do you think that she
knows and she doesn’t have a problem
with snoop you know doing what the fuck
he does I think by her responding she
has extended Selena’s 15 minutes of fame
because if you remember like the
situation with Nicole Murphy and Antoine
Fuqua little Rashawn never responded and
so that story went away right people
quickly stop talking about it now with
Shante putting up those posts now you
basically inserted yourself into the
situation although you know she’s
technically already there as his wife
but now you’ve you’ve made a comment so
now people are coming for her but I
think she knows what
she has and who he is look I mean look
look at the way he presents himself yeah
so Shantae are you okay
Shantae are you okay are you okay
Shantae I’m being silly give me a second
so two area code 905 one can’t go
nowhere though she’s not leaving okay 95
one good knee are you there 95 one mask
are what’s going on with you hey
greetings so how are you what color is
that woman to be advised in the civil
and calling it Club our home Ricinus and
home like a delicacy are you talking
with one green okay the one on the line
right now she’s right there talk to it
what color is she I’m green well you
know what hey I want to know what coming
is I’m saying all these home breakers if
you’re talking about black moon you know
what I’m gonna tell you like this I
heard and then about no type of no women
at SLAC and Melanie talked about on this
show at all Kincaid and far as the
topics you’re already talking about none
of the topic that’s affecting everybody
else community y’all taught my our
community pairing our community down no
sir what community are you talking about
opening your show you’re talking about
your topic listen calling us home
liquors and things like that y’all come
on well what community are you speaking
about sir look yummy no no no it’s not
look and you asked me a question you
made a statement I’m asking you what
community are you talking about I’m
talking my black vote okay this is not a
black show sir it’s not a black show no
bunch of oh it’s not a black know I’m
color neutral
come on no sir I don’t fuck with you
nigga this war thing I don’t fuck with
you nigga let’s get it let’s get it
straight niggas don’t call my goddamn
show run a regular business working on
my pocket nigga fuck is you get out of
my tax bracket my niggas 122 bitch nigga
now what do it like you for good talk
about how you too
behind anything to move you nigga suck a
dead dog’s dick his Sunday they got more
in the bowl should get y’all get your uh
your Walker’s up out here don’t catch
somebody here nigga hook a hole make
your turn I’m pimping nigga I’m pimping
you right now don’t hang up don’t hang
up bitch nigga stay with me this in a
black show bitch nigga did you tell Lisa
keys pondered in that bitch to talk
about Alicia Keys on the show you know
what obviously ether yo ass okay well
reach out to her and see what happens
Alicia Keys ain’t fucking with you your
bum ass hood nigga get off a hot maxi
pad you know what she wanted it she
wanted most accomplished women in
Hollywood successful and her husband
accomplished that’s black cowardice
black pride you what color is you I told
you I’m green are you retarded or slow
you know what hey you ashamed of
that’s what you is you ashamed to
yourself or you hating on us as the
black revolution is over niggas is
wearing Gucci slides what a fuck you
been know what you need you come on st.
await you anymore say will cover you I
did what I do I’m green agree to believe
in 2020 anything I want to be hey you
need to be you need to get some green in
your pocket then you won’t be talking
about black know what I have in my
pocket what do you have Shante are you
Shante okay are you okay Sean Tuohy be
well I’m a you mad at me I’ll put you
all blessed talk about down okay are you
doing is talking about us but you can’t
talk about us around us I’m talking
about you your mom and your cousin too
if you like your talking on a show you
talk it over the police around that okay
hang on stay with me stay with me now if
you talking all that woke black onyx and
neighs okay yeah I’m asking questions
the last look
so now putting you in check
so don’t worry you’re checking is my
scrotum bouncing off you off of your
chin okay so did you see Toby come back
so I’m ask you a question you can Tyriq
nice she’s clap back with a tus since
you’re so walk would you think what that
Tommy hey Tyreke Nasheed’s clap back on
a TOS what do you think since you woke
what do you think listen tarik mushy I
know that he went it that that other
cool Nast nigga oh what’s his name Tommy
so other thing is is there you kind of
in there so Tommy’s my guy slow down
Tommy’s not in this conversation that’s
my guy we’re talking about Tyreke
nasheed responding to Yvette Carnell and
and tone talks stay focused stay focused
wheeze I don’t see his response I’m
familiar with
can you go watch I’ll put you on hold
listen to me I’m not hanging up on you I
love it a good throw Loker I’m gonna put
you on hold can you go watch it try
because she’s response I’ll put you on
I’ll come back to you you do that okay
and it’s his response to wolf is
response to okay I’m gonna try to take
something out about it but I’m familiar
with the Brisbane I’m gonna put you on
hold nine five one stay with me don’t
you go nowhere nigga okay Oh crikey
you’re okay okay I’m gonna put you on
stay there go watch it responds and
bring you back I want your opinion oh
girl you got it fucked up stay right
there go watch it bring it right back
okay nine five one homeless and I see
folks someone I’m on that monkey shit
tonight huh stay stay with me don’t you
dare call up in this motherfucker and
try to run hey a king Bankhead Bey thank
you sir for your donation he says fu
star and thanks for putting me on you
needed it okay thank you
hey darlin she says straw why’d you hang
up on me hold on his second run this is
the female from earlier hold on baby
baby I you’re calling back let me see if
she’s on the line she called in if she
was talking that old black power shit
a baby a Sunday night we turned up on
the dumb sheet you calling here talking
about that was that peace love unity and
having fun it didn’t hit that dumb shit
tonight good evening uh Tony for five
I got your donation thank you so much
thank you so much
Elvis the chef Rosenberg art as to homie
wait a minute where are you sir Elvis
the chef Rosenberg is that too slow mr.
Rosenberg Hawaii listen I put my foot on
the gas
oh yeah i’m saucy santana hey girl
go ahead chicken
you remember Goldie from Midtown in the
day eighty Goldie
that’s the doggie Goldie think about it
Goldie from Midtown you have gone around
and all that all those limousines
up-and-down x squared all that he was
just like this dude without this without
he was real gangster but he had a whole
team around him he was he was possibly
being in the whole city okay okay sounds
familiar but I left midtown Manhattan in
1985 I just I got off into something
something different but go ahead
but yeah yeah so yeah he was popping for
my 84 to like 91 okay and then you know
for he’ll be home soon okay cool yeah
you know how it goes you know the system
only lets you work it out for four or
five years and then it’s your way and
sit you down okay this system works what
but it reminds me of bogey well Mitchell
because this guy used to go to the strip
clubs and I thought about it I’m gonna
hang Elvis I don’t mean to cut you short
man but with we’re going 200 miles per
hour tonight the question on the screen
is Snoop Dogg a coke head trick lovely
tea brought the receipts she brought the
information and I want to get focused
did you see the video uh okay okay all
Elvis good to talk to you man I’m
zooming good to talk you man salute oh
okay some type of African headset so
Ronnie Celina Powell said that my son DJ
she ate his groceries what happened I
forget yes and it actually caused a rift
between academics and Adam 22 because it
was on Adam 22 podcast where Selena
basically went into great detail about
how he likes to have his groceries taken
care of so academics was angry that Adam
22 didn’t edit that out and you know put
that out there well listen academics is
my guy regardless of what anybody else
says we
work together now I don’t think he was
angry because Adam 22 put that out there
I think he was angry because he didn’t
get the exclusive if it was loot
academics so lean upon hey listen I mean
look if that’s what he’s into that’s
what he’s into but you just got to be
careful who you’re dealing with
I don’t understand why these men
continue to get caught up with someone
who runs for the shade room every time
you know she catches someone on her hook
okay okay all right Ronny hang on a
second I got a slowdown let me sip some
water sure it’s the Bailey’s I haven’t
written Bailey’s in years okay all right
feeling great tonight folks Paolo in
case you know what the fuck see where
who um folks and also the city of Dallas
Dallas Texas dismissed the wrongful
death lawsuit in the both and John
killing the federal judge do you say get
the fuck out of here the federal judge
Barbara Lynn ruled on December the 23rd
which just passed in favor of the city
of Dallas and dismissed them from the
lawsuit with prejudice according to the
judge’s decision now that’s a different
judge that’s not uh Manny whatever her
name was I forget Manny
yeah Manny so um Ambra Geiger who killed
both of John she’s in prison right now
but um the judge has said no you’re done
do you think it had anything to do any
if I can just you know throw this at you
real quick do you think anything to do
with both of John’s younger brother and
his father forgiving Ambra geiger making
a spectacle of the the courtroom you
know with the hugging the shooter I
forgive you
Manny can I hug her please Mattamy do
you think had anything to do with that I
mean that you forgave them so why push
your case for well
I’m going to say yes and no I’ll say no
because technically the official reason
given for why the city and the police
department were released from the suit
with that she was off duty at the time
of the shooting
so that allowed them to release the
department and then in turn release the
city so now she’s the sole defendant and
she doesn’t have a deep pocket you know
or deep as the city or the police
department and I would say yes because
you know that sentiment of forgiveness
and you know moving past with what
happened Sutton
it definitely said an undertone to the
situation that it’s not as serious as it
is and I have to be honest with you when
I originally saw the headlines that the
city was going to be released from the
lawsuit I didn’t even care to look
because my feeling is this
look your brother stood in court cried
and beg to you know hug the woman then
practically slow dance with her please
mammy mammy please do not hug her hug
this cracker bleach-blonde cracker and
then you have the father saying I would
like to be friends with her someday I
would like to visit her so you know if
they don’t care I don’t care they should
just drop the civil suit you can’t get
blood from a stone she doesn’t have any
real assets and you know there you have
it yeah all right hang on Ronny let me
bring in my mangry caller from earlier
nine five one of you there sir nine five
one I’m a man of my word yeah man what’s
up yeah what’s up we’re still in the
building with calories I’m still in the
building man look i’ma tell y’all
hangman says slow down slow down where
you calling from can we we confirm
please man I’ll call from Cali in an
empire so Cal the building okay okay did
you watch part of Tyriq machine
clapping back at 8:00 hashtag Atos
Yvette in tone I mean I watched a little
bit but you gotta understand is where
people with especially people like
Bhavani or whatever the hell her name is
this outside the culture they see people
like to read and they think he speak for
us because they confuse they coded votes
so people like CC laughing because
listen well people I heard do it they
study us all day they try to be us want
to be like this entire music then come
on talk about it like hey oh okay you
just listed off a whole bunch of topics
you the study in all day about us can’t
say a damn word reflex for the show you
should try it it’s called the issues
that are relevant for black people so
what I’m gonna tell you this the issues
that relevant to black people how would
you know until you hear computer lightly
write your podcast and get up to date
I’m calling it to yo Parker tell me okay
right cuz you got it okay so can I ask
how old your let’s slow it down
how old you hey hold you okay let’s go
I’m 31 years old
okay listen listen listen can you send
me an email I want to get you back on
this show I want opposing views
everybody on the same page send me email
the hater one nine six four
back on the show man I’m with you shits
right no doubt no doubt now definitely
you know I’m saying it he’ll help Ronnie
get some info on you know it knows I
don’t need you to help right I need you
to stand on your squares and then a link
to your podcast sending us all right all
so I so that we can have a healthy
conversation but that but hang on a
second you 31 you’re a very young man I
say that respectfully so now I’ve been
through it all okay you been to the
penitentiary yes I’ve been around the
no I’ve been to the pen but I’ve been on
many things like it before we know also
the thing is that it’s good to have
conversations with coach your actual
coach at individuals instead I am the
culture vulture you hear me did you know
that said sir under coach
I’m the culture vulture we’re real for
real give me a sec wanna give me a
second misuk sir you told it what you
said we said we don’t got a culture but
you’re talking so listen have a
I’m the culture vulture look star at
least you a semblance of black you wish
hella lights give which is to your
detriment it’s not in your favor at all
sir are you listening around it a little
bit okay send me yeah
send me email I want to get you back on
the show but please do me a favor watch
that entire clap back of Tyreke Nasheed
at Atos I want to get you back on the
show I want your opinion on that man he
he brought the smoke I’ll do there and I
fuck all right I fuck with uh event in
tone but Tyreke that’s my guy
he brought the smoke it was all smoke
all right okay I’ll bring the smoke is
you best yeah Thank You Man
assalamualaikum assalamualaikum
alright so near school I said ah some
alaikum how do you respond he knows
nothing about the culture he came back
on the show yeah get your hand on my
pocket John blaze on the Cheka via
cassia bleeding sir he says Roni snorts
Newport tobacco off of her left kneecap
John blazing the check it hold on a sec
oh wait a minute folks we own that
bullshit tonight Hey Baby you called it
earlier yes
are you code 201 you sent me a sexy
picture yes I did Hey Baby hey baby
hey no baby you listen listen listen
listen I do what I can I’m a man of a
certain age there’s times when I want to
have these deep dives political
philosophical conversations we can talk
about Apostle Paul we can talk about
Jesus oh brother
oh pardon me older brother James and the
split we can talk with all that shit but
tonight I’m on that bullshit you call it
and talk him out black power
ungawa and unity that’s not we doing
tonight no okay all right okay I feel
you I can’t mask your energy I’m not I’m
assuming where you are but I will say
this I listen to the entire Tariq rant
yeah the reach is a fucking clown and I
mean that in a good way that brother is
so intelligent
he’s so cerebral that it’s hard to hit
him it’s hard to catch him you know what
I mean I went in on her a little bit too
good she can
back her retort was okay she’s cerebral
– but Theresa he wins hands down he’s
you know get a champ he’s a chip listen
I’m not a man you have to take Tyreke
nasheed side listen I’m objective I’m
nobody’s fan
ya know but we’re talking about the clap
back the clap back was smoked yeah I had
to listen hey tone honks hey girl
yeah yeah hey girl you referring to
tarik sexuality no no no tarik Nasheed
said and I don’t want to do all this
tonight he said can someone someone send
me a picture of tone talks with a woman
and hop sing you 500 dollars come on
babe yeah that was fire he was doing the
Southside and when he was faced oh god
damn three on the bridge deciding shit
he jumped from the Leopards well but you
can’t go up against tarik machine unless
you have some real real you know you
can’t okay Ronnie I’m sure you have two
three did you hear it yeah well this I
don’t want to focus on that tonight
tonight we’re talking about is Snoop
Dogg a cokehead trick or you have to
speed on everything that’s going on with
Selena pal and the the the video that
she put out on December the 23rd you up
to speed
no I am NOT okay please go to lovely T’s
YouTube channel this T is what
piping-hot and she breaks it down I’m
one that’s Alicia tonight okay but go
check that out and I appreciate you
calling don’t I thank you
so much thank you okay hold on a second
Ronnie Miguel how are you sir Miguel
sends in a cash up he says the last
caller is soft as Charmin what a lame
okay Green Kings on the check-in slew he
says supporting the Machine respectfully
peace man
hashtag green kings hold on Ronnie who
folks I had it not today in case you
don’t know and when I when I when I have
an app in the daytime my energy in the
evening is is out of control
hey Terry Terry sends in a cash app she
says only star can get a hater to do
research lmao
listen I enjoy having conversations I
don’t try to clown or disrespect nobody
a punk nobody on and I’m no tough guy
you know but uh you know I don’t be
ducking calls you know Bush kid good
evening sir he says snoop not scared of
giving his wife an STD hashtag shaking
my head Oh
according to Selina Powell he smacked
her raw no condom in the video Selina
Powell in case you guys did not see if
she says snoop was smashing her he got
up to go what she thought was going to
get a condom but he came back with a
little bag a bag of blow
I put the blow on her titty you know
cokehead shit I’ve been there and then
he’s you know every five minutes he was
taking a break to go get coke and then
put the coke on her coochie yeah Bush
kid that’s crazy right I’m taking the
STD or the the was that the chlamydia
home to wifey Bush kids he sent me an
email hang on run he sends in cash up
she says Baltimore police recorded the
homicide of the year Saturday what it
what is this okay do you want to call in
Bush kid oh no you’re talking about man
we’re talking about Snoop Dogg tonight
hey Stefan Stefan says Brock you store
okay thank you sir thank you
Tommy’s my guy Tommy suta my your okay
thank you sure and that’s it for couch
apps and super Jess right now all right
let’s go back to the phone lines Ronnie
well guys I got notes here Oh before we
get to the phones right did you see
Keyshia Cole she’s got a brand new show
called one on one something and she
interviewed her mother Frankie did you
see that or no yes and I felt like the
entire thing was a train wreck because
here’s the situation Keisha’s mother had
always told her that her mother was
Italian guy that she hooked up with and
her days of prostituting herself her
father Keyshia Cole’s father that right
she told her that that was her
biological father
Keyshia met up with the man thought that
that was her father it turned out it
wasn’t him it was some other very
well-established businessman who’s also
sort of involved in the industry a
boxing trainer to be exact a boxing
trainer and they did a DNA test so they
did J Prince linked them up yes right so
her father is actually a light-skinned
black man ahead you saying right but the
problem with this interview with Frankie
is that Frankie is still insisting that
the white man is Keisha’s father so
because so it’s like they’re having a
therapy session and they’re trying to
work through the issue and she’s still
insisting no that’s your father she
wants her father to be white so bad so
it was it was really weird and you know
he shouldn’t really push back too much
on it even though she has the evidence
that this other man is indeed the father
yeah I know hang on a second if I can
jump in so my point is this
Keyshia Cole oh I love her as a singer I
met her one time I interviewed her I
hugged her and I tried to put my hand on
her lower back and she said and I quote
get off me you repent but we laughed we
had a good conversation and I liked her
I loved her song heaven-sent oh that’s
my shit and I don’t know why is she
still dealing with her family Frankie
and what was her sister’s name Neffe
Neffe the sister there was a Neffe was
one sister there’s an entire gang of
sisters her sister Neffe wrote like sort
of a tell-all but you know she’s done
show up to show after show and I think
it’s pretty much just a check thing I
really just want to hear her music
because I a very big fan of hers I love
her entire catalog I don’t really want
to see her it exploiting herself and her
family drama anymore yeah so anyway so
my point is if there is a point she’s
got this new show and she interviewed
her mother Frankie and Frankie was never
really in her life Frankie’s got some
crazy uh no nose ring
and she’s got on a wig and there’s
nothing wrong with that with having on a
wig but if the wig looks younger than
you are in reality hold on Ronnie I’m
not trying to see these old bitches with
young wigs so case you do your thing I
wish you the best that’s all I can say
whoo hold on let me go to super chat
running I’ll be right back sit tight a
vacuum and leave me he says why he needs
to retire after caller just ended her
career thank you thank you sir for your
donation RJ supreme on the check-in says
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revolutionary sandals
oh yeah and fuck
umar polite and strong jaw wow he’s he’s
going crazy
big big ox salute me I thank you for
your donation Mike from Boston good
evening Mike says uh Ronnie have you
ever thrown a lit cigar upon me a lit
cigarette out your car window only to
have it fly back in and burn you yeah
yeah I yeah well he says to burn your
leather seats that happen no day again
no he said have you ever thrown out you
windows burn bright and then it flies
back here and it came back in yes debris
that’s happened to me several times also
another thing that happened sometimes is
you strike the match and the white part
like at the flame it flies back on you
that’s happened to me awesome okay Mike
from Boston thank thank you for your
super chat and if anybody gives a shit
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young girl amina she was 21 at the time
this may be three years ago we were
riding in one of my classic jaguars and
we were blasting some freestyle now she
was very young so she didn’t know the
lyrics to songs like yo no se no well in
other classics but we were turn to fuck
up and she put her cigarette in the
fucking toward the roof and burned a
hole in the goddamn room I said yo now I
had it repaired but you know and I did I
didn’t come down on her because we were
you know we were sipping and having a
good time but Tim I just thought of that
thank you Mike from Boston pimp juice
jr. in the check and he says mo facts
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his cat when his scalp itches sir
sermo most out of the line tonight the
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transcendent music says star you missed
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yeah blade on the chicken says nigger
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facts yeah okay I got we love hip-hop
Network okay move back to area code
three one three good evening are you the
door three one three hello hello yeah
I’m here
yeah I’m here on the check-in how’s it
going it’s going man how are you man
everything’s lovely I let her show
first-time caller
Thank You Man his Snoop Dogg a coke head
trick that’s the top let’s go out there
please all i’ma say about uncle snoop is
this not seen a few of his uh episodes
from GGN when he was getting hired with
a couple of those guys and you know he
smoked one of them kids and they were
gonna suck mold I don’t know no weed
that do that so I’m gonna have to say
maybe so okay little 51 action like that
yeah a lot of those old niggas you know
that they lace the blunts you know they
lays the boys absolutely yeah absolutely
a little that baby powder on the green I
wouldn’t know sir I gotta stop doing
blowing 91 I wouldn’t know but you know
did you see the video with Selena Powell
talking about you nigger was uh out of
control gave her 20 racks a week later
via a bank transfer to the video I
missed that video but I wouldn’t doubt
it it’s Hollywood you know how they get
down yeah all right if you get a chance
to go check out lovely T on YouTube
she’s got the receipts and all that shit
will do hey hang a second before you go
hang before you go oh yeah
Alicia Keys regulating a homewrecker
yeah but speed on that yes yes sir come
on here’s the thing about Alicia Keys I
think Ronnie spoke on it earlier with
her sex yes Alicia Keys you know did
that video coming out about the the boy
and getting his nails painted and all
that stuff man she really set herself
back man you know she lost me with that
one I’m not gonna lie okay you know she
lost me with that one okay you know but
this whole thing of like baby mamas and
dealing with you know these superstar
celebrity guys I think we really need to
address that like Gabrielle Union for
instance when she uh went up you know
when she went with the Dwyane Wade son
and taking them to the parades and all
that other stuff like that parents tend
to be a little more you know you have to
question like if she had a son would she
do that
with her son you know or vice versa like
when I hang on a second you’re talking
about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz actual
child that’s their their their child so
that the whole getting their the nails
painted oh I didn’t know that at the
nail salon that’s their child you’re
talking about Gabrielle Union and she’s
the stepmother to Dwyane Wade’s but that
month former son he’s now female
according to Dwyane Wade good ah got it
either way some superstar families you
know I don’t know really what goes on in
their minds with that whole
intersectional raising I wasn’t allowed
to play with Barbies unless my sister
forced me and even in that was a fight
so you did play with Barbies at some
point your life Barbie dolls yeah I was
the canned out okay straight like that
how old are you sir
now but I really want to come hold you
I’m uh 31 okay
31 so now did you dress up the Ken doll
did you what’d you do with the doll yeah
man you know
yeah the Kin dollars you know they had
you know they had everything but a penis
you know they had like they own
convertible tops you know what I’m
saying they had they dressed in shorts
and flip-flops you know so I never
played with the Ken doll I had GI Joes
with the kungfu grip I’m a plain old Ken
I had a cup I had a couple of them –
okay actual figures got you yeah
are you have to speed on saucy santana
from the 305
305 doing all that extra carrying on
thank you for calling thank you you said
oh yeah no problem else no yeah I wanted
to comment on the tarika see they come
on come on come on come on Atos 8080 Oh
West in the building man I feel like
what let’s go nigga say like let’s go I
feel like – I feel like to read mushy
you know he started off kind of digging
up on on the low you know kind of trying
to slide in there he put some he put
some information out kind of digging up
Trump I know that’s your guy so I’m not
gonna disrespect it but it was you know
wasn’t in alliance with what Atos was
about he got checked about it I think
his ego was too big to take an L so now
as you know we got this whole you know
torch earth kind of shit that’s
happening with him I feel like with this
whole L thing everyone is talking up and
we pull a receipts out what tarik we got
pictures of him you know in you know
fake leather coats and mascara and lip
gloss and makeup and shit man you know I
I mean this whole thing about him being
homosexual and all this other well so
let’s let’s not put dirt on the man’s
name if you can’t prove that you know
I’m saying you listen wearing uh mascara
and all that so he should be listen I
was doing that back during Purple Rain I
was with the whole prints wave so you
I don’t want to try and clown a man but
so you’re a TLS with you a TLS respect
okay I identify with Atos
most definitely listen I respect tone
talks Yvette Carnell but I can also
respect Tyreke night sheet and black
authority I’m enjoying everything’s
going on right now I’m enjoying it
yes same here you know I’m not up to see
with black authority but the longest I
watched a lot of thicknesses of films
and and even you know supported its
channels for the longest man after this
whole fall out in all seriousness after
this all this whole fall out with him in
Atos and I’m seeing our Petty and
childish he is you know even though I’m
with the bullshit at times I mean it
really kind of threw me off because I
kind of identify with the work and the
real politics and this whole narrative
of getting the actual political agenda
down packed we can bullshit and push
around and throw jabs and it’s not a
third but I felt like you know with Atos
brought forth was a positive new thing
they were bringing back this whole thing
of like you know I remember with uh the
Black Caucus you know those meetings
that Tavis Smiley and them guys were
doing back when Obama was president and
we never really saw that you know
flourished and and become actual thing
with a black agenda so I like this
grassroots thing that I saw Atos doing
and even though I’m you know like I said
I’m with the bullshit and with Tariq
Nasheed has done for the culture in
terms of waking up a lot of people like
I was in quote-unquote as well prior to
his films you know and I got hit to him
in 2012 long time supporter okay that’s
it is I kind of just you know unfollow
them on a lot of shit and I haven’t
really rocked with them since because
you know it’s the same petty old stuff
you know it’s cowardice I appreciate you
cold man but keep this in mind you you
listening you listening yeah I’m
nobody is is pettier than star okay
Thank You mr. Liu yes thank you okay
let’s get them out of here
folks we’re on that bullshit tonight a
salute to impressive on YouTube and
lovely tea I woke up this morning at 8
a.m. and I got right to it I got right
to the bullshit put me in a great mood
today I’m up to speed Ronnie what are we
missing in terms of uh you know just the
details impressive oh she gave so much
details with regards to the Alicia Keys
and the what is this woman’s name again
from the UK she was detained by homeland
security some guy great and immigration
she claims it wasn’t a legal deed
detained attention or something like
that she was there for two months I
didn’t want to call Swiss beads I don’t
want to cause an alarm right her name is
Jonathan Bastian yeah and I mean if she
wanted to clout chase before now she
certainly could have but she hasn’t she
really hasn’t done any press she hasn’t
tried to blast them and blow them up the
only request that she did make was you
know as far as for him to visit with the
child or have some sort of relationship
with the child but she’s not selling her
story to every news media and blog
outlet this is a preteen this is not a
toddler this is a preteen she had this
baby back when uh Swizz Beatz was with
machado how old’s this girl now 19 he’s
11 years old she should not be on social
media Ronnie they’re on social media at
9 we talk about well I’m not saying that
doesn’t mean that they said doesn’t mean
that they should be and if the parent if
one parent is biological parent is
saying I don’t want my child exposed to
social media who is Alicia Keys to
override that decision ooh me and she’s
only yeah yeah my oh me say shine your
light on the world shine your light
I’m forgetting the lyrics hang on a
second Ronnie folks I’m quoting most
death in case you don’t know my oh me my
oh me says Sean you light on the world
Brian give me a second guys in the live
chat anybody know the lyrics to UM
my oh me says by most death they’re
saying star turn the broadcast off
you’re doing too much
yeah most death if I’m not mistaken he
introduced the word Oh me into hip-hop
with that song unless unless ex clan did
back in the days and I missed it you
know okay hang on sick Romani or should
we got some super chats and cash abs and
Daniel with the smokers on why hang on a
second Dana did you do a lie hey good
Eli I got your cash app thank you so
much give me a second I will get to you
shortly Eli hey Tony yo this nigga saucy
Santana had on a training bra you know I
don’t want to do too much in the
microphone tonight folks but listen
saucy Santana was jumping around up in
some strip club down in the 305 and then
niggas ain’t having that shots got to
ringing out that ronnie was saucy
Santana in a Honda Accord with three
other guys when they left the strip club
do you know the story I gotta look up
the car again but I’m not sure that
sounds close to the make and model but
you know he’s leaving out a very crucial
part of the story when he spends this as
some sort of attack on LGBT is that he
was at the club showing off arguing with
security arguing with guys they’re
talking about he has you know I’m gonna
get my homies yeah they’re gonna do he’s
gonna come back and shoot this
motherfucker up that’s what he said
nobody nobody
shot his car up because he carries a
pocketbook and he wears lashes your car
got shot up because you wrote a check
with your mouth that you couldn’t cash
that’s what happened okay
niggas down in Dade County said now you
got to slow that bullshit down up in
here popping your booty bitch nigga oh
shit is that Dana with the slope 973
Dana where are you I’m right here the
real Dana on YouTube let’s go Dana how
are you you wanna promote your channel
first before we discuss anything yes
please subscribe to the road they don’t
want you to we’re trying to hit 4k
before in any way first and also tune in
tomorrow night me and up Nam will be
doing a Year in Review
live in studio so this would be show
number two with me and number 9 so 2
minutes it would be fun ok what do you
want to jump in Dana this I’m I’m I’m
turnt up tonight what do you want to
jump in I know I was listening awesome
dog cuz he’s just tired and I’m not
surprised but with with that but I want
it when you said can you with the baby
mama drama
yeah can baby mama drama be avoided
based upon the young Alicia Keys Swizz
Beatz and the it’s cloud chaser from the
UK based upon that right well why I am a
baby mama and just answer the question
it could be avoided if the baby daddy is
financially doing what he has to do
that’s first and foremost foremost so
but as far as its Alicia Keys yes
sometimes when you do have the step
parent thing or the new girlfriend you
know sometimes they do too much the
third party they’re they doing too much
and maybe with with the baby mother from
the UK maybe that was maybe was building
up and she was just like look I’m
letting all out on social media you know
but Swiss is is messy he has a history
of being messy and it could be a
publicity stunt okay so if he’s it
handle enough money right with the
baby’s mama you shouldn’t have any drama
but he has a history of just being messy
okay okay so if we’re focusing on Ken
baby mama drama be avoided they’re not
arguing or doing the most in front of us
by way of money it’s about something to
do with an iphone this girl who’s 11
years old from the UK her mother which
was a one of Swizz Beatz jump-offs
claiming she didn’t know about mashanda
once upon a time I don’t believe that
but um this is about you know just the
whole Alicia Keys doing too much as she
thinks all right what parents is yeah
well it does the stepmother or the third
party the girlfriend should not be
parenting that Chow is the two parents
the two biological parents should be the
one parenting and that’s the problem as
the children get older and the parents
are not together
kids would try to put parents against
each other and then you have the step
parent trying to be that child’s friend
you know to just give the child whatever
they want so if I think it’s a parenting
issue it’s a discourse with the
Parenthood and she’s Alicia Keys maybe
put on her two cents in it way too much
which she needs to just step back okay
okay okay
now Dana also oh yeah are you up to
speed on saucy Santana done it with
missing stage in a drive-by yeah let me
just say this I don’t know saucy Santana
I don’t like to come after young people
and regardless of what his or her
lifestyle is about I mean I I like to
see the young people come up you know
but doing the most up in the strip club
did you see the video of this video
footage on yeah lovely T’s YouTube
channel yes yes working with no but and
security touchable bada teer you were
upset you stayed allegedly you staged a
drive-by so you could you know turn a
little bit also shouldn’t because your
followers up and promote your music
you’re saying that drive-by was staged
yes I’m sorry you talking about Miami
what Dade County don’t do without here
not missing maybe not won’t Just Blaze
you let’s go Daniel let’s go and you you
up there you up there you happen out of
the ambulance all myself I’m ready to go
I’m ready to go so stupid meso you
wasn’t heard on the stage so you just
wanted you know you wanted to get
younger you follow with up on Instagram
and promote your music because you want
to be in a music industry and if you
want to run behind the LGBTQ
organization agenda to protect you so
it’s like no you don’t too much sit down
Wow girl Ronnie any thoughts on Dana
saying that the drive-by was staged it I
I don’t think that you know this was
staged I think this is a result of him
doing entirely too much you can’t be at
a strip club where you know people are
there to see women strip they’re not
there to see you pulling your pants down
and mooning the audience and pulling a
Liz oh you know he was getting into it
with street guys so and you can imagine
the bravado that men at the strip club
are already have so to have some man
with a pocketbook you know talking
greasy and telling them what he will do
to them or have done to them I’m not
surprised his car got shot up and I
don’t think it was planned well I saw
the tape after he was allegedly shot and
he was kicked he was escorted out of the
so it was five miles of whatever miles
away from the strip club out of sight
and you trying and he was saying it was
a hink crime you know it was it was a
gay hate crime no it was not you know so
I’m saying it was staged looking at the
video and the cops come and ambulance
comedy you just perform it it was all
performance you just got a little glaze
on an arm boy bye girl bye
Dana now are you up to speed on what’s
going on with Snoop Dogg I’m asking the
question is Snoop Dogg a coke head trick
you thoughts on that I would say yes
I mean you know what honestly I’m a
little bit disappointed if that’s his
drug of choice because I know he’s you
know smoked marijuana and now that
marijuana becoming legal in a lot of
states but you know you go to your later
years in life you want to be a cokehead
like come on you do it too much so and
then if the girl said something with the
coke down in the vagina it remind me of
Richard Pryor because he used to do that
but he used to put it on his private mmm
to have sex okay so I don’t I don’t know
you remember that but when he was with
Pam Grier yeah but uh yeah so he’s I
don’t know I’m kind of disappointed that
he’s England resorting to you know
sniffing coke if that’s the case if
that’s the case yeah okay
thank you to all you too old for that
yeah Dana good to talk to you and your
YouTube channel again is the real Dana
you and number nine is doing a show
tomorrow you said yes you need to want
to show tomorrow and I will be
addressing in detail with the Atos and
Tariq Yvette all that oh shit yeah okay
okay I’m gonna be revisiting it yes
thank you
all right good night guys tonight night
Dana all right Daniel under check and
hang on a sec got my notes here Snoop
Dogg aka Calvin Broadus they’re cool
they’re claiming he was born oh I wanted
to tell Dana was that uh hang on a
second why they’re claiming a snoop Dogg
was born in 1971 and there’s a whole
list of information here other names DJ
Snoopy Delic snoop doggy dogg snoop lion
snoop Zilla nemo hos todd and other
names yeah so net worth 124 million
dollars that’s his net worth now I don’t
know how much of that is assets but you
know my concern is that his wife Shantae
is that she’s Oh
okay we can sit here in clown and laugh
and joke about Celina Powell you know
the the IG thought but um it’s noops
wife okay they’ve been together since
high school you know she may be holding
the secrets she might be holding the
secrets maybe she just doesn’t want to
speak up and speak out because she
doesn’t want to you know disrupt the
family and um be some sort of spectacle
like what what is our Kelly’s ex-wife’s
name is it Andrea Kelly something like
that yeah yeah you were saying something
money what are you saying
well I the only reason there is a
spectacle with Andrea Kelly and I’m
reminds me was something I wanted to
mention with regards to Dame the reason
there’s a controversy with Andre is
because of the things that her man has
done lots of people split up and you
know there’s it’s an amicable split and
you know people don’t spill the tea and
they just part ways civilly so they can
have a you know they’ve separated before
for four years she filed in 2004 and
they had reconciled in 2018 so she’s
walked away before okay she could do it
she could do it hang on a second
Ronny Wesley Pipes has sent in a super
jet so it’s a little vulgar little
he says oh my god Ronnie you got my toll
so fuckin swole tonight with that
smartass mouth of yours I want to shove
it off hold her shove it all in there
please don’t deny me oh my god he’s so
in Irvington what is he still doing
there I had no idea what’s the lunar
glider on the check-in says happy
holiday store bitches ain’t shit but
hoes and $20,000 tricks
noop couldn’t pay a ride if exhibit gave
him a car hashtag doggy-dog world okay
mama mama says salute boss sounds like
Keyshia Cole
daddy issues and dudes holler at Ronnie
while playing with Barbie dolls hey girl
okay okay okay
Ronnie I’m gonna finish up by myself
here and just read some of these super
chats and cash chefs thank you so much
for your assistance
anything else you want to mention or a
promoter just address I want to say that
I definitely think that we have to take
back snoops 10th card because a pimp
puts a woman out there to make the money
all he did was check on her and he
overpaid if you ask me even she said she
was surprised by how much money she gave
her basically for essentially nothing so
the guy is a trick that’s undeniable
she’s produced the receipts and he
should never again refer to himself as a
pimp yeah okay Ronnie thank you so much
for your time tonight top some chopped
up tomorrow okay you can take care thank
you okay
bullshit money holding me John’s night
guys did I mention that um Celina Powell
said the reason why snoop gave her
$20,000 was because when she left his
apartment in LA after the whole alleged
coke sniffing fiasco
his driver whoever that was told her to
get out of the car in the wee hours of
the morning and she said I don’t have an
uber account I thought you were taking
me home so that’s where the the rift
took place the driver did not want to
take her home she did not have an uber
she called snoop snoop snoop did not
answer the phone I’m trying to remember
all this because lovely T she broke it
down so eloquently and she got home and
then she she was texting snoop back and
forth and cursing at him yadda yadda
yadda he said let me make it up to you
and then he wanted to send her something
cash app but he did not
had a work cache at now all of these are
in the DMS which you can go to lovely
T’s page and see snoop then says what
can I just sing you some money through a
bank transfer so he sent the money 20
racks and she didn’t know how bank
transfers worked so within the five four
or five days upon me three to five days
of the bank transfer coming
she then exposes him the first time she
then gets the transfer and she says oh
my god I’m so sorry I blacked out on you
and you sent me 20 racks so that’s how
you know this whole thing went down guys
am I am I correct me looking live chat
hang on a second
micro babies will let me know am i up to
speed yeah you know I started to call
Tasha K today but you know it’s Sunday I
don’t want to bother her but you know
Tasha Kay’s Oh salute to Tasha k hunk
going in going in hard on other topics
as well I was watching Tasha K this
morning along with lovely T and
impressive nihilist says Paris Milan who
am I forgetting there’s so many females
that I do watch and I I appreciate the
the content that they put out okay good
evening to a chef Nelson sends in a
super jet star Tyriq created FBA which
is a bootleg version of a TOS he claims
he’s no leader of FBA but asking for
200k for a conference
mink slide – coming soon joke okay thank
you sir just notice good evening sends
in a super jet star Ronnie smokers
throat is showing she seems like the
time to keep her feet chapped so she can
so she can strike matches off of off of
her toes when her lighter dies let me be
that again hold on a second hold a
second just notice says star Rani
smokers throat is showing sees like the
type to keep her feet shot so she can
strike matches off of her toes when her
lighter dies yeah that was crazy
that was crazy on Sunday night rj
supreme says hater Tyreke nasheed is
just repackaging ados with a new name
while Simon simultaneously trashing the
original Black Power is the new drug
game hashtag hustler shit what do I know
so transcendent music sends in a super
jet sync story you up to speed on mo
facts and tone talks working on a winter
clothing line of chinchilla miniskirts
for trans youth hashtag suckers shit
Wow mmm okay Luna go out there be that
Luna glider bitches ain’t shit vacuum
man okay I got those hang a second guys
how we doing on time tonight okay look
we got a little time left mr. flowers
good evening sends in a super chat star
this year will Luke aney go on another
rant this hate athon talking on how
Tyreke nasheed caught him for $500 I
don’t know Tran terrain says star the
particular lake you go to is this where
you meet your mysterious new tranny with
the fire bussy when Stacy galore is not
what I go to Lake Lanier once a week to
smoke cigars early in the morning as I
walk on the sand Thank You Tran to rain
for your donation John blaze on the
check-in via Kashyap he says Ronny laces
her Newports with Benson & Hedges
Wow Benson & Hedges
that’s taken it back Elvis there chef
Rosenberg says I’m rubbing off on
everybody hashtag it’s a hoax okay
Thank You Elvis the chef and is shemitah
hey shmita thank you for your donation
nice name
chanita you’re appreciated okay a few
more calls guys we’re gonna wrap this up
tonight let’s go to area code six five
good evening six five one are you there
on Sunday night hey hey hello hey hey
good work
hey if you think Supes really a trick
I don’t know me he’s been uh somewhat
exposed by Selena power what do you
think sir I uh I’m not really sure I
know Selena Powell’s no no like Adam 22
no she was on vlad vlad you know I mean
must respect to Vlad and much respect to
you but she’s in all the internet and I
academics talking all crazy
I mean where’s I see the receipts and I
look at that YouTube channel like the
link you sent and stuff but I don’t know
I mean snoops got a long history it’s a
mixed history but I don’t know well she
could be a lying whore sir let’s not
listen let’s not give her no prompts I’m
just reporting the story she could be a
lying you know tertiary slithering whore
oh yeah I don’t know but but she’s
sitting there right and she’s recording
herself and somebody’s recording her and
she’s giving what right what we
perceived to be his details I don’t know
right Yeah right uh I mean I guess I’m
inclined to believe her a little bit
I mean that week if we could cast it
like 80/20 I mean I poured for 60/40 I
guess I’d be inclined to believe her
hopefully a little bit I mean some of
these whores don’t lie these wars at
certain times they tell the truth you
know that’s that I so I mean I it is uh
as far as treating the sheet I mean oh
sorry I didn’t I didn’t get all the I
mean catch all the trig stuff can you I
refresh my memory a little bit about
what’s going on with him I’m skip man
here it shows almost over what am I
doing here I’m refreshing your memory
been talking for damn near two hours
hang on a second guys hold on a sec let
me get some of these banners ready what
a great weekend I had guys holy smokes
what a great fucking weekend I had I’ll
talk more about that tomorrow um they
make sure I didn’t miss any cash apps or
super chest before I close out the show
I get mr. flowers that’s amazing good
evening sends in a cash at a bet Carnell
is no go stud he meant to say Negro you
spelled it wrong a Negro stud wench hell
is dark and that crack pipe is hard
Atos is a pussy party okay sir that’s
what you want to say I’m reading your
super chat or cash app I don’t know I
don’t know
okay hey thank you guys for bouncing
with me tonight I hope that you have
been entertained in somewhat in mind I
will see you tomorrow at some point
tomorrow’s Monday and be safe take care
and parting I sometimes say if you want
to launch big ships you got to go where
the water is deep
take care

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