Is Sammy "The Bull" Gravano A Mafia Hero?


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Salvatore “Sammy The Bull” Gravano breaks silence after 20 years in this exclusive sit down with Patrick Bet-David. Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano (born March 12, 1945) is a former underboss of the Gambino crime family. He is known as the man who helped bring down John Gotti, the family’s boss, by agreeing to testify against him and other mobsters in a deal in which he confessed to involvement in 19 murders.

THE STAR REPORT is hosted by Troi Torain aka STAR. Torain rose up through the ranks of WEA (Warner Elektra Atlantic) as a Marketing Rep. Torain was also a contracted writer for the SOURCE Magazine and hosted the Beat Suite on MTV. His popular radio show Star & Buc Wild is often given credit for inspiring todays podcast generation. In 2011 STAR was inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time.

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okay star report Friday night come on in
kids daddy has to go to work huh yeah
feeling so good yesterday I had to
decompress and had to handle some
business in the daytime for those of you
who follow me on Instagram
you knew that was up to anyway all right
tonight we’re gonna talk a few things
going on first the first title is Sammy
the bull Gravano a snitch or a hero
Sammy the bull just did an exclusive
interview telling again about his time
with the Gambino crime family most of
you should know who’s Sammy the bull is
he’s still alive and I have some notes
here just in case some of you don’t
born and raised in New York but um
pardon me born in Brooklyn New York 1945
still alive maybe a Sammy Gravano real
name Salvatore you know for those of you
who care and we’re telling again now by
today’s standards and we’re gonna look
at Takashi as example Kurt Sami have
done the right thing for himself and his
what say you times are different huh
now me I’m 55 years of age you know this
if you ask me Sammy did not just take
down the Gambino crime family he took
down the La Cosa Nostra in America how
many days was he understand do you know
let me look in live chat read me how you
guys doing huh might roll babies how
many days was Sammy the bull on the
stand talent early 90s yeah it was over
six days I’ll just say that and I’ll let
you chime in and took down dealin of
Cosa Nostra nationwide and of course of
other things the RICO statute other laws
that were implemented but
according to that system of living if
you ask me he should be taking a dirt
nap but again I’m 55 so you might see it
different anyway phone lines open cash
app super chat and we’ll talk about and
I’ll take your call shortly also on the
screen just a random topic how long
before the lovin goes bad
how long there’s a female that I’ve
known since maybe 2001 she was married
for about six years she’s got a son now
going through a divorce and we always
had great sex good times
I think she’s like 12 years younger than
me and you know she’s trying to
reconnect I don’t know if I want to
reconnect you know sometimes it’s best
to just move forward I mean we were
never like you know seriously dating but
that’s just a random question how long
before the lovin goes bad are you in a
relationship where you’re just you’re
just there you know it’s not really a
pleasing to either one of you talk about
that also holy smokes
I’m just gonna touch on this tonight
Charlamagne duh God AKA Lonard McKelvey
big man which star are you up to speed
me look alive chat huh big man
oh thank you to the a couple of people
who tagged me on instagram Charlemagne
went on TI’s a podcast wherever that is
get the star DJ aunt bee’s family and
I’m not like him I say damn nigga where
you going
oh did you see it big man I don’t know
if the entire interview came out or if
it was just a little clip so I’m not
really gonna focus on that tonight but I
may have to tell you what’s going on
behind the scenes you know I don’t lie
on the microphone um let me think
because I had a very powerful meeting
yesterday at the Westin Hotel here in
Atlanta about six or seven people
power/power house people and we’re
talking about a television show
I was contacted over a year ago by a
major Network and Charlamagne got quite
wind I’m sure oh I’ll break it down they
just give me some time I want to make
sure that I don’t say the wrong thing
and you know fuck up any business but
yeah I guess he thinks he needs to do
what he has to do to to Durell it well
it can’t be derailed but uh that’s all
I’ll say for now anyway all right I’m
also hang on a sec I get a bunch of
notes here Pink Palmer slides is is this
a national thing or or is this just in
the south I saw a nigga today wearing
pink Palmer slides is that a southern
I mean please tell me they’re not
wearing pink Pullman slides not Gucci
slides Pullman slides up north that’s a
question for you also um oh the
Christmas lights are coming to Lake
Lanier I’m excited I want to talk about
that as well and I may not have a coast
and I sent Ronnie a text I think she’s
either moving shaking and popping or
she’s just not available anyway give me
a second I want to talk about some
things tonight and again pull my notes
did you see the interview with Sammy the
bull Gravano I came out early this
morning thank you to uh Lenise Cellini
says a young lady who sent me an email
and she said yeah I thought you might
want to you know check into this and I
watched some of it you know as much as I
could I just really wasn’t interested
homeless second guys let me just get my
by the computer hold on a second
I couldn’t watch the whole okay so there
it is and the interview was conducted by
hold on a second
Patrick Bette David okay there’s his
information for those of you who are you
know you’re not the speed okay yes so
right now it’s got over a hundred and
seventy six thousand views premier
thirteen hours ago Sammy the ball breaks
silence after twenty years do you give a
shit I think we should at least discuss
this because again people are looking at
Takashi as you know well here’s a snitch
but not really or it not being a big
deal and how many people did Sammy the
ball actually kill how many people did
he admit to let’s see if you can put
your Mafia caps on tonight okay alright
give me a second I wanna fix my cocktail
and get down for the get-down
so what area code four zero one good
evening for one are you there or oh yeah
good evening how are you sir all right
did you see the Sammy the bull interview
today I didn’t see it but ii-i’ve been
listening to what you’ve been talking
about ed sit since uh since he snitched
there is no mop in it no we’re right he
destroyed the whole mafia period he took
down other families not just the Gambino
crime family because yeah he took out he
took out the whole northeast yes he gave
it up sweep
give it a sweep hang on a second by
today’s standards you know you have the
younger generation they see Takashi as
just doing what he had to do to save
himself he’s already got a supposedly a
ten million dollar deal on the table
it’s gonna come home back to business
what do you think about Sammy the bull
well I think that I think the culture
that that is around right now that’s
just within the code sir it’s been
embedded throughout all coats of that
snitches get away with it now you know
there’s no there’s no repercussions
anymore you know what I mean
yeah he was supposed to go hide and keep
away from everybody but he came back out
orders on TV all the time yeah yes they
were really really about that you know
how could she be on TV just live in our
best life you talking about Karen
what was that Mob Wives or some stupid
shit I couldn’t watch then I don’t know
what it was it was on some of those
channels but I saw her and I’m like I
can’t even believe she’s sitting here
strutting around and her dad’s a rat
I mean how I don’t even it’s like a
oxymoron you know yeah but when the hang
on a second stay with me because the
reason why I’m asking is he a snitch or
a hero is because he was talking in this
interview about doing a podcast I’m
serious as colon cancer I watched I
watched enough of it and I said look at
this you people are giving OJ Simpson a
hard time for being up on fucking
Twitter he beat his goddamn case and hey
you got this piece of shit but he’s a
piece of shit let’s keep it real talking
about a podcast yeah yeah yeah and you
know what people are gonna listen to it
thank you oh yeah I’m silly tonight and
I’m as serious as colon cancer his Sammy
the bull Gravano a snitch or a hero and
for those of you if you did not see the
interview you don’t have to know the
details of the interview you know his
story huh
he was a proud dog as as he said out of
his own mouth for John Gotti huh and
he’s talking during this interview as if
he’s um wait he references you know
doing business with people in Hollywood
now what is he 74 75 years of age I
forget born in 1945 okay and he’s
talking about or in this interview that
he didn’t want to necessarily reference
who he killed now
now now he’s thinking about the civil
lawsuits you know let’s go back to the
phone lines
area code nine to nine good evening nine
to nine is Sammy the bull Gravano a
snitch or a hero nine to nine yeah oh
okay hey how you man hear me that’s a
little crazy we come from trap house we
yeah okay okay what do you did you see
the interview today on the boy I did not
read it can you tell us about the book
is he trying to romanticize things is he
acting like you know he was under some
some some type of fucking a spell he
couldn’t get out of what’s he saying in
that book I would read that shit it’s
not a thing basically he was a huge debt
he was down for people they got he tried
to put a hit out on him sweet so he said
John Gotti tried to put a hit on him
that’s a sin so Sammy said yeah danm
place later state form about daddy you
know talking on the phone back whoever
the fuck is in Queens whatever man you
know you try to get him it you try to
get him it
you think he’s out of control right yeah
okay I remember that but but now here’s
the thing at that point they were both
locked up they were both locked up and
and John Gotti was actually giving it up
he was going down on a whole bunch of
other charges if you ask me I figured a
lot of this stuff but now according to
that that that way of life La Cosa
Nostra that way of life he should have
accepted his fate if you asked me
accepted his fate and not fucking me in
the complaint what do you say about that
I don’t know about that man I was I’m on
the plate there’s no rules involved oh
boy somebody else is this lawyer you
being this lawyer trying to put a hit
out on me it’s no longer you know more
can I ask how old you sure he’ll do 45
45 you said yeah okay now listen not
respectfully let’s not Cape for the
Mafia tonight according to their way of
life our thing that’s what look cosa
nostra it represents our our thing
according to that way of life you
intercept your fate and that’s why they
had the rituals it’s deeper than just
you know and I hate to say it’s deeper
than just niggas in Harlem come on man
come on if you look at there like that
you guys got killed in jail yeah take it
take it take you for the team thank you
for the team I’ll take the two in the
back of the head like you’ve been giving
other people that’s that’s how we do it
but but you you need to accept
responsibility because the boss needs to
be back on the fucking block I’ll give
it a last word all right yes sir okay
slow okay I don’t want to do too much
tonight in the microphone but don’t give
these filthy let me not start using
Italian slurs don’t give them a pass
tonight don’t do that we sit here we go
hard african-americans we go hard it
Hispanics we hard Asians sometimes do
not give them a pass tonight Sammy the
bull never mind what I say if you say
now star he’s a you know a hero
call it in cash have super jet hold a
second got some other notes here Tamron
denies dealing cocaine according to the
griot calm the fuck is this about hold
on a second
Tamron Hall whose new daytime talk show
has taken hold in the ratings is in the
midst of controversy after she allegedly
admitted to facilitating a cocaine drug
sale with her Co her college boyfriend
okay then she’s a how old is she she’s
like 50 how old is she
according to People Thursday
Tamron Hall issued a statement
explaining I never adult drugs and that
the segment in question okay talking
about her daytime show had to be edited
out due to legal reasons oh shit
her statement comes in the wake of a
report by the Daily Mail that claims
producers were had panicked and made a
last-minute edit yeah they okay yeah
Tamron hall Wow huh steering sales
allegedly also oh man rapper the game
Wow Jesse on Taylor oh ass nigga never
met him lied on me his appeal was thrown
out he’s now gonna pay that girl seven
million huh Lord Jesus what wasn’t he up
on the breakfast table talking I’ll
never pay yo yo yo yatta so the appeal
was shot down Priscilla Rainey who’s
that she’s just a bitch who’s now seven
million dollars richer and he’s not
gonna be able to file if you asked me I
could be wrong but he’s not gonna be
able to file oh god what’s the term
forgetting bankruptcy I’m sure he’s got
other things out there that have been
making my disabled a weed business and
we looking live shirt dozen you have
some type of weed business going on or
something like that and you know she’s
probably gonna get get a fucking court
order yeah to go up in his whatever
businesses he has and if you try and
hide shit what hole then you really got
problems well if you’re trying to hide
it here in America and I don’t think
he’s that smart to hide things overseas
alright I’m coming back to the phone
lines hang on a second and then why do I
have this written down we merit and
Benjamin Crump okay I’ll come back to
that all right um sort of area code four
seven eight good evening four seven
eight did you see the interview with
Sammy the bull Gravano telling again
foursome you know you there hey hey
because yeah hang on a second if I can
just jump here because again I grew up
in New Jersey Scotch Plains to be exact
Colombo land Colombo crime family to be
exact and that system of living is very
different from how we see rappers of
today you know today you see the rappers
that become famous they buy the crew the
team they buy them Jordans and slave
chains in the in the la cosa nostra you
buy the boss presents and gifts he give
you shit you feel me yeah so Sammy you
should have already understood and I I
don’t buy the bullshit with him man you
know he was gonna write on me
that’s bullshit I leave in shame I’ll go
I’ll jump out the fucking window and say
right now to show respect you know hey
man thank you for the call ooh thank you
so much okay guys all right I’m a little
extra tonight had that day off yesterday
yeah Charlamagne big man would store not
unless I’m I’m just maybe I’m
speculating but why would he go on TI’s
podcast and say and star DJ an B’s
family and alia he’s trying to throw a
wrench in a motor give me a second let
me just say you know hey pop McCauley
here for a second so I’m in Atlanta I’m
in the gym working out bleaching my
teeth you know get ready camera-ready
hint hint hint talking to people for
over a year I don’t lie in the
microphone with
you believe me or not and um again the
meeting yesterday that we had writers
producers people like that one of the
people was surprised that I was never
find by the FCC number one never lost a
lawsuit never paid nobody
and I’ve had some lawsuits thrown out a
couple of suits a judge today the fuck
you know and in reality some lawsuits
you pull the trigger just to like you
know slow people down with dumb shit but
now why is Charlemagne looking all that
a pocket I mean again it was just a
little clip that I saw and with gi’s
podcast and somebody educating me please
in a live chat what is uh his podcast is
it expeditious least like that
what is it called I don’t know whatever
is go anyway he’s a chance and star call
me by name star DJ Andy’s family I was
driving this turbo whoa shit okay thank
you expeditiously yeah mister please get
these uh bullets out my hand DS a man
that’s a t I said uh when he was on my
show anyway for a second yeah so I just
want to put that out there
hold on somebody’s doing too much up in
the lives here please please bring the
smoke okay just bring the smoke all
right anyway so keep me posted the
people I’m talking to the people I’m
working with they don’t give a goddamn
Charlamagne with regards to you DJ envy
they don’t give a shit if you really
want to know alright but let me just say
this I mean last thing I’ll say about
this effort tonight Lonard McKelvey was
not exonerated with regards to the rape
Jessica read 2001 leonard McKelvey was
not cleared
he took a deal the the samples that they
took DNA samples and blood samples were
inconclusive he was not cleared he was
not exonerated so so yes sir he’s gotta
wear that that rape charge and the fact
that he took a deal our Kelly took him
to trial and beat it he copped out so I
guess that’s what he’s mad about I just
want to say that that’s the only thing I
can think of maybe he caught wind of me
talking to somebody about a fucking
television show yeah I stayed talking to
people about business just wanna say
that all right so area code 4 1 3 good
evening talking about Sammy the bull
Gravano did you see the interview today
good evening I see that Energy Star give
a shit about send me there should be
dead ok ok um I’m kind of perplexed at
how anybody can even feel sorry for a
motherfucker who signed up you know for
the dumb shit this is what you wanted I
think it was shit if you want you dead
you don’t body motherfuckers take that
charge take yours to jail the fact that
he survived in jail I don’t understand
that either but um I want to get it boy
Solomon he crazy man did you see the
snippet I’m talking about on Instagram
somebody tagged me I appreciate that you
see what I’m talking about yeah and why
don’t I will you be screaming excuse I
mean in reality I’m flattered but it’s
like oh are you ok I’m thinking myself
are you ok my nigga really he just
opening the door for him to get exposed
I mean I’ve never met him I don’t care
about him and honestly I just I don’t
care you know I don’t listen to The
Breakfast Club but it’s not it’s not
some hating shit I’m just I’m too old to
listen to that type of you know black
programming it’s programming in the
morning I know he’s worked here but
don’t listen so he’s doing too much but
guy you were saying breakfast was real
silly shit but we won dumped on that I
wanted to get into the arm how long
before the love goal day please please
all right so real quick so my brother’s
in a relationship would do girl who
basically she just uses them she don’t
fuck them he paid all her bills he do
anything for she was using the word okay
this man Monroe driving the truck you
know a month and a half he come off the
road she ain’t giving him no pussy I’m
telling us sir please pull back on the
profanity in the vulgar language please
please all right okay I told him she got
to be messing with somebody else it only
makes sense but he’s trying to stick in
there cuz you know he just want to have
somebody well I’m telling him to love
bet went bad three four years ago but
she still ended trying to you know just
trying to keep something rekindled in
this Bureau telling you she don’t even
want you okay so a lot of dudes don’t
realize in women to a lot of people
don’t realize that when it go bad you
just gotta keep it moving
stop just wanting to be with somebody to
be with somebody and keep it pushing are
you yourself in a relationship how did
you become this type of expert on on the
lovin when it goes bad I got some
successful relationships are married now
been my oneness is known only seven
years good and its problem you know are
you married sir there’s no merit yeah in
July Oh congratulations yeah she changed
still early but you know she’d been the
same person she’s been since the first
day we her started kicking okay alright
I thank you for your call sir have a
good one okay so he’s married better man
than me I’m trickin shit hang on a
second guys
super chat mmm blade on the check and he
says Sammy’s a hero store snack sammy
snitched because that loudmouth
neapolitan gaudy just like you got
caught on wiretap implicating him in
murders that gaudy ordered him to do
yeah folks I’m half Neapolitan not
Sicilian please get that right for those
of you
new viewers thank you for your donation
blade Bush kid on the check and he says
Obama endorses Justin Trudeau okay
despite blackface scandal disrespecting
black people shakin my damn head
Trump 2020 make America great again okay
hang on a second man you oreo I emailed
you about okay hey a firestarter what’s
up man he says hey star you oreo I
emailed you about buying your old
plaques respond nigga are you trans
attracted to trannies in the ATL like
Malik Yoba no I’m not but I am going
Hollywood I am going Hollywood the
meaning yesterday was really really
great um I can’t say too much but we’re
gonna be shooting a pilot at some point
you know and that’s all say thank you me
thank you for your super jet firestarter
bubble Kwan’s on the check and he says
why is everybody trippin about a pastor
speaking in tongues on one of his okay
that’s very vulgar his followers CLI t
okay church folk can’t thank you thank
you thank you now who are you talking
about Bubba corner I’m not the speed
somebody sent me an old link of some
black people fighting or trying to
trying to brawl in a gospel radio
station not sure what that was about
alright thank you for your super cherry
kill seven seven eight screaming seven
seven eight are you there what’s the
music holder I can’t do music YouTube
algorithm area code eight zero eight
leaving how are you hey hey yo yo does
yes sir good evening how are you
there hello sir good evening good
evening good evening come on man
Oh ready salmon bull book it’s all right
he needs to sleep with the fish man I
got a bum
flat out right so uh why do you think
your tires get more loved than the
progress back east what’s the deal why
hang them did you see the interview
we’re talking about me it’s it’s
trending like crazy did you see it let’s
start there please after reading this
book I got no time for him he’s a
fucking bomb you killed too many I mean
he just come on he the guy’s trash I
read some book I’m over the guy okay
yeah come on man you know all the kids
that you know ain’t gonna see their
father because what this guy did just
running around being grimy and greasy
and all the pomp
well according to that lifestyle that
way of life those fathers knew what they
were doing knew what they were in you
know involved in I mean I can’t sit here
and shut up fucking to you for them you
know what why don’t you buy the book
let’s start there also why’d you buy the
book well what were you interested in Oh
came out man I had to get it you had to
get it are you Italian yourself your
book report on the whole thing you tell
you what’s up are you Italian oh no no
no I
Irish Jewish and German okay okay you
know your bloodlines all fucked up yes
bloodlines fucked up all right so so
yeah so it’s a interviews trending and
I’m just I’m chopping it up tonight
is he a hero a snitch snitch snitch he
needs to be in the bottom of that Lake
Lanier my friend Norman okay
what about the second topic you mean I
know it’s a little crazy but how long
before the loving goes better you
married you engaged what’s going on with
you uh you’ve been married divorced we
get along now better or never okay
on the joke tip as soon as I smell them
taking a shit it’s over sir what were
you doing what are you doing
let’s get him out of here let’s take
these new language please
you see when edits are done on the show
then it knocks out the live chat in case
you don’t know when edits are done on
the show it takes out the live chat I
don’t want to have to do that you know I
mean I don’t have to pay somebody to do
that and that’s that’s what happens
hold on a second area code six four six
good evening
six four six are you there how’s it
going hey what’s up man not much for
calling about the top of the guy here
about a swim in a bowl see this is a
really unique piece with when it comes
to him because what if if my information
is true from what I heard
gadi wanted him or wanted him to be
so yes ditching or someone who wanted to
kill you
is that really snitching was that saving
yourself I’m yeah I’m listening God I’m
listening God he did the Gottis they
told him to go out there and commit
those crimes which obviously is wrong
now when the feds brought Sammy in I’m
not mistaken they played him the tape
that they had on gaudí of him calling
out the order to have him killed
now is that really snitching it or is
that self preservation well how will you
sir how old you are boy okay okay now
what you’re saying on a civilian street
level sounds great what we’re talking
about an organization an organization
built upon parameters rules and
discipline so so it’s all that civilian
shit that does not apply here you see
see tonight we’re talking about the
and I will talk about the Matthew it’s
cool it’s fun to dump on black people
hahahaha now we’re talking about a group
of individuals again parameters
discipline tradition and order you forty
years of age come on oh yes but you
swore an oath and how is your boss gonna
have you taken out like that now your
boss has got caught on a wiretap saying
you see his accuser have you whacked
that’s kind of its kind of suspect right
there I don’t I don’t agree with
snitching on them yeah I would agree
with maybe we tell you back on them but
you sorted out to this family and then
feel me turned their back on you and
gonna try to have you clip I don’t I
don’t know that’s kind of shady Island
look yes sir is very shady it’s called
the fucking mafia were you from I’m from
New York bro okay I think I think he’s a
snitch myself but I kind of see the
level of crap he was going through
because if your bosses have you whacked
for for them for you committing crimes
that he told you to go out and do like
what what is that it’s called an order
it’s on the order yeah me going out
robbing banks yeah giving you the money
yeah as you drop go rob and kill on
behalf of the Brotherhood I’ll give you
last word no go ahead
oh no I totally respect you I didn’t
want to say one thing you never did I’ve
been following you for years back on
when you were writing for the vision
source and your public access show
but recently like a couple years ago
like last year you never gave the whole
story about what happened with the jay-z
and Nas beef that you were gonna go but
the whole gonna have like one show
dedicated to it but you never really
came through with that are you ever
gonna do nigga shit gossip so I hate to
say it like that you know
do that undo that yeah I would suggest
you go listen to nori he’s a great guy
listen to Joe Budden listen to people
who sit around and talk about ya yo back
in the days uh rockefeller yada I don’t
give a shit about that stuff that that’s
never been my forte and if you’ve ever
listened to me you should know that’s
not what I do but I thank you for
listening tonight
I was curious get outta here how can you
listen to me for all those years and
think that I’m gonna okay I’m gonna give
you the details with regards to the
shooting in front of hot 97 I didn’t
give a fuck then I don’t give a fuck now
I had a book deal what was that book
deal I had with them
who’s that woman’s name um oh god I’m
forgetting they gave me $25,000 Judith
Regan and the book was called raise your
own fucking kids I gave the money back
because when I handed in the manuscript
the editor at the time felt that it was
not enough you know gossip in tea and I
said well that’s not what I do
you should go holla rate you know the
other people in the station at 107 at
the time who do that sort of thing the
fuck at him yeah jay-z the inside story
you know who I spoke here that spoke to
part of me the other day
the homie DeHaven we had a great
conversation was like damn near 40
minutes man there’s so much that I could
talk about from that time period 80s and
90s but that’s not what I do you know
anyway let me go to super check good
evening to uh transcendent music sends
in a super chat make sure you look for
fine print on that TV contract before
you sign star they’ll get you with a
clause that’ll have you on all fours hey
can I talk to my course
is here for a minute those who know
stars about the bag stars not selling
out he sold that long time ago and I
want to be very sensitive and very
careful what a beautiful meeting I had
yesterday again western hotel
one of the people you would know who
that is I’m not going to say his name
power player flew in just that just to
meet with me television they just want
to know can they sell you can they sell
you to the off to the audience point me
we were talking about target demographic
we’re talking about female viewers and
other things and we’re talking about
building the show again these
conversations have been going on for
well over a year this is a slow build
nothing happens POW overnight you know
and um to come out of the barrel it has
to be right it has to be right so anyway
I’m here in Atlanta I’m excited I’m
doing things that are beneficial to me
of course and I’ll keep you posted
that’s it I’m not gonna stating just you
know spit everything up but thank you
for your super chat okay hang on a
second Bubba Kwan was this a super chat
bubble corner or email what is this if
interested salute okay I don’t know what
this is about Pastor David Wilson I’m
confused is everything okay in the black
in the black church if you want to call
in about this bubble qualms please do I
appreciate you spending scroller sir I
know nothing about this nothing at all
soon every Co six one seven claiming six
one seven talking about Sammy the bull
Gravano is snitch or a hero six one
seven Haywood good moment of clarity hey
what’s up man how you spoke before okay
oh very good um oh yeah I watched it I
liked it
good good Sammy the bull Gravano
interview you watched it yeah what yeah
so I sent you an email a while ago
before and I mentioned the guy John he
like he worked close with the with that
family too and he I recommend any
listeners check out John G life because
he speaks on all that things but he was
the Mafia oh yeah I think I don’t think
he was a snitch I think it was like the
other caller said he was so preservation
because John Gotti like the other mafia
man John Gotti said on his interview
with the city was on the same platform
that same that same guys platform
Patrick whatever his English you know
yeah he said that John Gotti was being
thinking about himself and doing shit
from Stoke and leaving him out to dry
so when went anytime is so pretty to
figure this out he was like he was like
to get him I’m on top of myself now
because he was so loyal so what he
follow the rules although he follow the
rules of all the years all the way up
until like he said himself an interview
feels like I look at Doug I was I was
faithful like a dog until I found out
John Gotti’s really intentions where was
his own agenda and like all I know how
you feel you’re saying in some colors of
things yeah you know what he snitched
but the point what a hanger second I
appreciate you calling him because you
watched the interview never mind my
position I’m an older guy I’m gonna see
a different feed from you and that’s
fine that’s fine
what I have to ask you the question
because if we’re now you know taping for
a bunch of lowlife murderers scum of the
fucking earth
snitches yeah then I don’t know where
we’re going as a a society okay you were
saying yeah the thing though the Mafia
yeah they did have their rules that are
like the Bible the thing was that other
that johnny-light said who was also him
and he said no he’s none of them
nobody’s following the rules he said
that’s why he even rolled over to he
said nobody’s following the rules like
like it was that up decades before them
does that make it right that nobody’s
now following the rules does it make it
boom John Gotti was there was a head guy
with that team and he wasn’t even
following his own room so you got think
about it I could see their point
once I saw both of the interviews okay
yeah it’s like you’re on the Mafia
storage do as I say not as I do
never mind the fact that I’m over here
fucking your wife apart my language
never mind
you know I’m sniffing this blowing yo
and I’m throwing fucking 20,000 at these
you’ll go do the job that they’re
supposed to or else we’ll have you
fucking whack that’s the Mafia but guy
you say that point I see that point but
I’m more than Johnny liked and famous
and Sandy’s point I’m today where they
were faithful until they found out that
their own balls aren’t you but I’m gonna
jump on my jump real quick the other
ones on so um how about like callers who
anybody was listening joke no joke I saw
a couple days ago mr. homie doing but
yeah he’s doing a think I follow choke
he’s investigating baby which automates
it allegedly did this thing – well sir
the girl was raped you talking about
Jessica Reid there’s no if ands of
fucking abuts the South Carolina Medical
Examiner’s Office determined she was
raped now if Charlemagne’s
big mad at me that that’s fine he can’t
stop nothing if you ask me he’s salty
now he stole my name round you star
Galia he looks crazy
it was crazy yeah I’m listening I just
realized I didn’t know I didn’t know
that he was on you guys think and I
check out you guys think so yeah I’m
gonna check that out keep it on it
sounds sounds good oh yes no joke so
joke is working on something keep going
up the South thank you Miss looking with
the girl thank you
okay yeah all right yeah all right yeah
man they hated mrs. nothing you know
I got nothing against Romi and
personally never met the guy you know I
know he’s gonna have to uh you know give
Takashi some brain or some top don’t
sloppy toppy to cut
Takashi shoots coming home sort of cash
yep hang on a second I’ve been slacking
tonight Elvis the chef Rosenberg
greeting sir he says uh saw new dolomite
hashtag fire must-see really I don’t
know man I just Eddie Murphy’s okay yeah
I was never fuckin with dolomite go back
in the days it’s too weird for me DJ
Bober sends in a cache Adam
start him on every co2 six seven ok hold
on a second homie yeah tonight’s the
night I want to hear from you with
regards to Sammy the bull and the Mafia
look cause I know stroke don’t be scared
tonight people so quick to jump in you
know you go at black people the n-word
yadda yadda yadda let’s talk about these
Italians tonight huh unless you scared
area code 267 DJ bober’s good evening
sir how are you I’m sorry
oh you man I’m not clear
you thought you said okay how are you
sir how are you I’m good man you know
I’m a retired officer we talked offline
in the email and I just want to say
something about these civilians
commenting and on snitches all the time
please that’s not your world that’s not
their world
I’ll see more see people snitch they’re
civilians every day when I meet people
when I used to be a cop pleased to say
you know I’m a cop you know I’m officer
they say I ain’t fucking with you but
she’s my language I ain’t messing with
you all right actually with you and I’m
like you work at Target relax
are you asking with you you want your
these are cool with me you know I want
to be hopefully and they snitch I saw a
guy snitch for a homicide or freakin
Snickers bar yeah come on a Snickers bar
come on they’re innocent civilians
that’s always talking about this
snitched on you know street cars don’t
even care you you guys troubled all I am
snitching is making you might even to
the street that’s nothing when you do it
when they do it right always yakking
about snitching and talking about the
CAHSEE I’m not your world
you did not qualify the call from our
youth Nick but now you want to chime in
on the other topic how long before the
loving goes bad I’m just being a little
silly tonight’s Friday you know once you
think you see something better
runnin kids you may have your favorite
toy and you say you are a retired
officer yes you’re retired how long are
we on the job since our 21 12 years 935
now nice thank you for your service man
thank you thank you yes sir how come you
want to you want to chop it up about
them are you through yeah I got two
email address I’ll hit you behind the
scenes I’m gonna need you for some
police work I love you okay thank you
yeah okay thank you all right Friday
night folks
little loose hold on a second let me
just check something here oh and uh just
in case anybody was curious about the UH
this little mark on my face
that’s from shorty kickin me with the
stiletto I went to some type of beauty
supply store today to get something to a
to clear that up can anybody recommend
something in the live chat that’s about
two weeks ago when I get
I had that fire coochie you’re sure sure
they kicked me with the clear stiletto
and I fucked around and tried to like
you know just shoot me an email please
if you have any other suggestions I’ve
yelled hey man thank you for your super
chat he’s on the check and he said story
I dropped and cracked my phone so I
can’t call and talk my shit tonight but
lo what is this little Kim her verified
account just followed me on Instagram so
I’m still lit okay who is this little
kimono who is it who is that sir I have
no idea
okay okay Bubba wants a story there is a
viral video of Texas Pastor David Wilson
performing sexual acts on a girl who has
been trying to expose him and extort him
okay so maybe I should go back and look
at that video what you think sure
should I pause this show pause the show
and go watch the video whole in a second
uh guys it’s Friday I got time for the
silly shit if somebody can send me that
link again because I can’t find it who
is this here someone sends in a cache at
hey Michael how we use her he says star
is wiggity wiggity wiggity Congrats on
Power Move so I haven’t done anything
yet just take it easy I don’t lie on the
microphone I talk to my audience I let
them know you know when I feel the need
to you know but let me just say I’m
coming from Wendy Williams I’m coming
you know like a Puerto Ricans coming for
the flat screen at 3:00 a.m. I’m coming
you know shit guys so real I called
Tasha Kaede today we was on the phone
gossiping that’s my girl
uh hang on a second ago to area code 770
good evening
okay music Jesus Christ please do not
put music through this thing here
YouTube has not played that game area
code for seven zero good evening are you
there for seven oh hello you gonna speak
up sir
it’s not like you’re in a closet
somewhere touching yourself get out of
here man
area code seven five seven good evening
Friday night kind of live what’s going
on with you get three two one zero bye
so every code 908 I think I know this
numbers 908 I’ll creaming are you dear
no no wait no no no way yeah hey how are
you sir hey hey what’s that minute
Rosewall uh yeah this one of the chimed
in on the fuck statement of all he’s
gonna snitch spoken I just want to try
then ah no when the love died thanks I
think the love is over away
I guess when when when a guy gets too
used to the bosses when her with her
mouth kind of out leaves how did the
boxes like I think when you get that you
missed that equilibrium
it’s out the window I mean personally
that’s what I think I think they all
have the mouth is you just put it you
know and it’s really it’s really how
much you allow them to use that mouth
because at some point if you’re not on
your game
they will then decide to become your
mother are you married yeah we marry or
not marry I’m single
okay hold on no no signal no kids how
old are you oh okay do you live with the
girl do you have your own place my old
spot okay
so I mean honestly I really feel like I
have the upper hand and just overall
marriage this seems like this contract
that’s like you kind of like you’re in
the negatives you’ll really with that
marriage contract so I feel like you
know the love dies unless you’re in shit
you’re you’re you’re committed by the by
the state or by law the love dies to me
when they win the box
no on the boxes in this bill or she
doesn’t become as creative as she she
was before open minded he becomes like
you know she starts to become a key and
you know so well
stay with me III like where we’re going
so now what state are you calling in
from what statement from Jersey man I
school or hockey Dana that little smoke
that day oh okay perfect okay so you’ve
got your own place you’re in Jersey are
you renting or do you pay tax the
popular oh okay okay perfect perfect
are you like myself you know after you
smash I mean I rarely bring tricks in my
place but after you smash do you say hey
I need you to leave by a certain time
are you that hardcore oh you know it has
to go down like that I kind of I kind of
chalked it up to you in a church I
always create places I got in coaches
you know that means that you know in the
morning and stuff like that but usually
kicks are once in a blue moon I’ll bring
a chick to my place and I always say you
know just it’s kind of fucked up as hey
I need you I need you to get you shit
and get out by 7:00 a.m. now once you
say something fucked up like that huh
they’re looking at you like oh you your
piece of shit
what do you see you’re getting into a
relationship I know you talk about you
do you see yourself actually like is it
possible you think that’s possible for
yeah I’m in a relationship now with a
girl from California oh she sends me
cute little videos that she spits Nicki
Minaj videos you know we’re taxing all
that celery should have been my
relationship thank you thank you I mean
I’m in Atlanta Atlanta apartment
handling business but I’m in a
relationship I haven’t spoken to her in
a couple of days you know sometimes she
gets a little weird she’s got a
boyfriend you know I’m busy but it’s a
relationship you know we have an
give me a second guys I’m coming back to
cash at super chat this video of Sammy
the bull Gravano I watched it and I
won’t talk about this this tonight I
want to talk about this because so many
times people are quick to – – to take
shots that will there be the hip-hop
genre or as you say culture and you
overlook or you don’t think that star
goes ten toes down when it comes to
other cultures below Cosa Nostra the
you know American name for the evil Cosa
Nostra mafia John Gotti was Neapolitan
not Sicilian as you’ve heard me say this
before Al Capone was Neapolitan not
Sicilian are you gonna give them a pass
you got you get Sammy the bull talking
it goes against every rule every
parameter every tradition
why are you not lighting him up like a
Christmas tree on Sunday morning Aaron
Aaron sends in a okay he sent me the
link to some pastor well you guys want
to talk about this also the black pastor
what is this here pastor Wilson oh wow
okay this is Crazy Horse in guys
oh here’s a video hold on let me turn
this down hold on
did he know he was being filmed yeah
should we put this in the title you guys
want to change it up hold on a second
I’ll change it up oh wow okay he’s he’s
going here he’s going there not just
knee-deep she was totally deep when she
did the freak with me Frank Wow okay
past them let me change the title then
if you guys won’t talk about this
pasture soon yeah okay all right so now
is what’s the problem the full video of
pasture Wilson Wilson testing the
microphone as the speaker moan for open
Oh folks I struggle with Ebonics I
really do okay so okay thank thank you
who sent me this hey Erin thank you so
much man thank you
now what is the controversy okay is he
claiming to be God what why is this a
controversial video good evening coke
votes at 3:00 a.m. who cares about a
greasy head caved while a rat okay let’s
hear let’s hear it for the okay for the
cartel they don’t fold bend or break
America’s nostrils can’t wait are you
talking about El El Chapo’s son yeah I
saw that they arrested him and then they
released him because uh the the cartel
the cartel was bossing him yeah cartel
had too many mm too many guns on deck so
the area code 347 good-evening 347
talking about few topics and I are you
there 347 hey what’s up man how you been
we’ve been have been working I need you
to watch your language watch your
I’ll get you the fuck up out of here I
don’t own YouTube you’ve heard me say I
got no alien listen people go to these
white YouTube shows and they mind their
fucking manners you want to come here
and act like a fucking savage and angry
knock it off slow down I’m blacking out
and those days are gone read it now I
can’t Joe Pistone right now yeah the
show I met you Swedish midget who can
renew I’m Joe Pistone from Donnie Brasco
enemy so they’re okay but it was a in
the Mafia you talked about undercover
forearm lefty Lucky Luciano got him in
there II was thinking ever saw Nestle
before is that the guy who’s got the
real fucked up boys he’s got the big
belly he acts like it’s 1979 set that
piece of shit yeah anyone wants every
biography channel going also in this day
and age mrs. K which is how I look at it
up we will talk about six minded but the
Italians are not shown on this list
you’ll be up in a lot and there they do
whatever they want to do when did the
rubbing go away from your palm I know
you talk about that even being like in
you singing oh when did the loving go
for your parents cuz I’ll know you spoke
about that baby I’m separated when did
the love and go but the second time okay
how long before I don’t know about my
parents in there fucking sex life what’s
wrong with you what are you a freak
Thank You Man thank you fuck a fire
started a good guy he sends in school of
sex like me except my own fuck um I had
a said guys I just spare the life after
seeing this video Wow okay somebody send
me something about the grand report I do
not see a cache hey Michael how are you
man he says I’m on the line area code
six one seven um hold on Mike hold on
they get you on there every killed six
one seven Mike is that you area code six
one seven good evening good evening as
it goes hey how you been man
pretty pretty year there I just was
watching some of that that interview
with with family to go and I thought I
thought I find a lot of these guys you
know there’ll be the psychopathic guys I
find their interview you know I find it
it’s crazy how they can you know it so
matter-of-factly talked about you know
the some of these you know the things
that the dads and you know and
completely remove themselves from the
situation as if they’d you know they’re
free of any anything to do with their
like they’re telling a story you know
specifically when he was talking did you
see the part where he was talking about
the situation with Don King his dealings
with Don King yeah I saw that I mean
like here’s my thing you know he’s
trying to romanticize things now so that
you know people won’t see him as the
piece of shit that he truly was and
still is I saw that yeah he was talking
about they were gonna kill Don King
because Don King didn’t want to do a
he said he’s smiling he’s chuckling and
if you feed into this bullshit you’re
still entertaining you know the
low-level mentality of a fuck illusion
he’s a loser Sammy Gravano oh I was in
grad school I had to study just about
every the blue the worst Psychopaths
we’re adding in history get all of them
and they all have the same tree
of this kawin a superficial way of
interacting with people they you know to
dump people with it makes it seem like
they’re a gregarious person and they
almost have an attraction personality
but really underneath it all they are
masters and manipulators in they are the
lowest form of human life really those
mob guys you know the lowest if you
don’t get any lower than just being able
to go around and do they did now I
understand that you know America we like
to entertain you know the the bullshit
sometimes I call it monkey shit but in
reality it’s the bullshit and I’m sure
if he does a podcast he’s gonna do well
I’m sure sure people will tune in to
hear him talk about these old stories
and act like he’s some type of fucking
you know a guy who finally woke up and
yet because his life was being
threatened he did the right thing I
don’t buy into that I don’t buy into
that no no guys guys in cold blood
killed all the people that he killed I
mean he never doesn’t have any remorse
he never rings life you know one ounce
of guilt for anything and people seem to
forget that like that’s not that that’s
not important when you know that to me
is what the most important thing you
know they make him two people a piece of
garbage trash if he should be it should
be the printer I never understood how
these mob guys like you know my wife
always talks about all I love you know
the Khronos talk about the Italian like
they’re attractive and I’m like what the
fuck are you talking about
well well most females like a bad guy
read Rome a bad guy yeah I mean I get on
all brings any of those day look I
remind her of the long way schools that
they are it did make me sick
anyone will be exercise you know these
these will be lowlife individuals yeah
anyways I found that incorrectly and
yeah thank you Mike thank you for your
support man thank you
oh my god alright Michael McKean alright
hold on a second did I meet um hey go
okay that was uh okay he’s just saying
our support Thank You tego chat yeah
make sure you check out Solomon on TI’s
podcasts start DJ andis family
Galia and ntic yeah man that Ilia thing
was crazy man was crazy does t I read
books I’m I’m not gonna dump him he came
on my show we had a good conversation I
think I had a hoarse voice that day I
had the interview on video though and I
said to his face I said T I um who’s
this mr. please get these out my hand DS
a man that was from an old episode was
that Punk’d on MTV yeah I don’t nothing
about his podcast I wish him the best
you know psych l greetings sir sends in
a cash yet he says hey so I’m on
haricots nine one two oh shit
psychos at you sir good evening psyche l
what’s up pain how do you men I’m all
right now I want to go ahead and run
this thing down quick is Friday yeah
feeling good a snake man what’s up
alright first of all I love in this zone
you no longer control over bringing if
you’re not bringing in that chick that
reckon to you you know saying y’all they
got no kids together
hey she got her friend to break you know
I mean that’s when the loving go okay
you know yeah
nice party 74 thing he might as well
become a raffle you know saying look at
the end of the date yeah I get some of
that ten million dollar deal with your
cock did you see the interview
did you see the interview the Italian
types you let you have side with the
rest of them strucker’s always be called
like the rat tanks or so you might we’ll
get down with them data deal with
Takashi then go on to our podcast you
know well sir I’ll keep it all the way
real I don’t f with there you go I don’t
f with you with the Neapolitans on my
mama’s side however them my father
wouldn’t even allow them in the house
unless they called ahead of time Great
North Carolina may not bother in that
white box in the house unless you call
that a time F with them why pose come in
a house a touch in looking around man
holy whites what we see with the
Charlotte self minute so we could I let
it man cha-cha don’t you boy don’t you
touch that door crackers coming here
looking around I saw a preacher doing
you know just a sexual act I don’t know
what the backstory is though I’m I’m
trying to figure this out wasn’t doing
the show you can’t bet you can’t play
your way may be able to pray that a week
hey babe one more thing man you know got
a boy tell God boy if your lungs showed
me character flunk me and I’m down here
in the time with him maybe if you want a
longshoreman K yes yes sir okay good
evening guys I looked at the video with
the pastor who what’s going on what’s
the controversy
well let’s see it hmm star the DJ envies
family alia yo why does it nigga mad at
he caught winter I’m talking to a
network Charlemagne I had nothing to do
with you and HBO that deal dissolving
ooh hey a Bonet she said alia was your
come up box yeah if I started talking to
reckless than I am was shut this shit
down uh-huh
let me go to super chair who’s that uh
Ozzie Ozzie say hey what up homie he
says yo star rayful Edmonds was in court
this week guess who’s coming home me you
lying you lying
yo ho can somebody either : and
confirmed Ozzie odds were you at man
rayful Edmond give me a second guys hold
on hold on I know I’m doing a lot
Wow rayful Edmond American former drug
trafficker in Washington DC in the 80s
he’s coming home
okay he’s 54 he apologises two days ago
the Washington Post hold on hold on I am
sorry for everybody I heard Lord Jesus
say days Oh October the 16th 2019 Wow
niggas are writing the judges begging
for mercy
yo a generation of fuck niggas Compton
Japan calm people got a fuck the police
mentality when they kill civilians but
say thank you to the military that do it
on a much larger scale
hypocrisy sir fu fuck as you talked
about the military does it to or to to
to allow us to live the lives we live so
that your bitch-ass can out you can go
out there and have a job and have a
hustle on the side it’s called
capitalism fuck along Jimmy thank you
for the donation but I’m calling you
talking reckless about the military yes
we are terrorists proud terrorists
move your ass to China if you don’t like
it here fuck along with you
propane que 1982 star did you see the
video on worldstar of the Brooklyn nigga
snuffing the cop three times for
roughing up his man’s and getting away
with it
shot free question whoa I didn’t see
that hmm
chic the Freak salute star the lovin
goes bad when I leave he gets stale if
I’m not
err to keep it cheesy and greasy okay a
woman is fortunate to give this
milk-bone okay a woman is fortunate to
to get this milk Bonaparte me a woman is
fortunate to give to smoke ball okay go
ahead big nigger go ahead if I don’t
know for Friday night folks I’m just a
little reckless Wang Wang sends in a
cash at every coat 8:44 pick up holistic
away where are you man
folks please be mindful of your language
you know just if there’s too much
profanity then we have to do edits in
the show and then that knocks out the
fucking tie the live chat come on slow
area code 44 is that da Wang good
evening Wang hey what’s hit me how you
good man one thing about that sir music
will man not forgetting about our who
sheddeth Thomas Thomas philosophically
shudder he was the swiss first our mafia
boss man the split you know I mean okay
before all of them he was like the first
one you know so it didn’t new with Sammy
the Pope’s flipping or switching
whatever because the big guy from back
in Italy you know immediately I remember
he ran you know I mean I’m eating
killing they tried to kill him he died
on his own you know I mean and he
snitched on the family that no
precaution so I mean this family the
whole thing ain’t nothing you know
because you talking about a guy well sir
if you ask me Sammy took down the La
Cosa Nostra nationwide it’s not what he
used to be you know I forget the name of
the guy from the Gambino crime family
last year you had some fucking civilian
recruit him in front of his house in
Staten Island in Staten Island and then
run over him with the fucking car
no respect
all I’m saying man is they’ve been doing
it from the beginning
you know when think this stuff they’re
ready to flip it ain’t like you said man
do you guys know if they got parameters
but it’s like to me it’s nothing that
you know they don’t mean shit sorry you
don’t they don’t mean you know anyway
that’s what I wanted to say we’re call
from sir what state
yeah Allentown Wow
Bobby’s been yo yeah Bob espanol do the
Puerto Rican still own that town it’s
infested had a Puerto Rican girlfriend
named diamond out their fire coochie
fire I’m not into Dominican chicks girl
thanks for calling me thank you thank
you okay
I’ve never met a Dominican check that
knew how to get money never I’m sorry
Porto Rican chicks know how to get the
bag do we slow down Porto Rican chicks
know how to get the bag Dominicans mr.
jet end fucking dead end I’m sorry
Thank You Wang for your donation hold on
second guys okay somebody sent me
something from the grand report I’ll
check that out later who is a fat fek
sister Armand area code for for homeless
in guys pay our back is that you fek
good evening back Hey yes sir how are
you do a commercial and people go to
jail for you advertising commercial rain
made you do it is your area you put out
an old saying hey call this number y’all
selling drugs
if folks calling this number again hey
folks or jail is that I can tell you
hey that’s a funny thing I saw I saw
some folks hanging around and the funny
thing is people still doing business
with him it’s kind of weird to me I’m
like made a commercial putting people in
jail he playing black folks in jail no
hang on a second are you from the ATL as
the area called for for we from me with
the Lord a little countdown idea with
the top Atlanta rapper hang on a second
you talk about a couple years ago when
they had something with the track music
and they and and and and they didn’t
mention a ghetto mafia you talk my dad
they started go to Gucci Barrow yo
goddamn right ghetto mafia started trap
music I was here back in the late 80s
yeah before okay hey 88 they from my
area Calvin Road Decatur yeah I bought
an eight ball of coke from somebody and
get on Matthew I’m not gonna say who
down at the Double Tree Hotel down there
by the airport Nick you start doing too
much well keep your eye on TI’s podcast
Charlemagne blacked out on me the star
DS and E’s family alia I’m not like him
I don’t know I met him one time I don’t
know him but but keep out he’ll he
Charlemagne in case in case he says some
other shit please tag me on instagram
please thank you thank you I’m doing man
salute yes sir okay yeah he looked crazy
let me look the larger folks am i
exaggerating he looked crazy he had the
so the tongue too big for the mouth and
star and star DJ MV family Charlemagne
two people I’m talking about they don’t
give a goddamn about that shit power
meeting yesterday huh one of the people
said stroke me we need you to lose ten
more pounds I said not a problem major
Network I don’t lie on the microphone no
I don’t I got to get myself a on a coach
with regards to the other teleprompter
you know read the teleprompter yeah I’m
gonna get my my contact lenses a little
stronger you know
guitar shake a up on a set with me sure
sure I spoke to Tasha Kate today in case
in case you don’t know huh a town down
area code 202 good evening were talking
about Sammy the bull Gravano is he a
snitch or a hero – OH – yes yo yo yo
star what’s up this ah ah ah man uh
let’s take you slow don’t hang up on me
what’s going on
DC niggas about to start snitching come
on man tell me some come on man come on
the the women’s basketball team we just
want to tear this year than that we the
wish we brought affected buzzy never
mind that shit get to rayful Edmond he
was in court every Co and he’s
apologizing come on man Thursday was
rayful bout to come home yeah bakit
takasi can cover only get he gets bosses
through HBO we can get all this shit
fuckin even through a parade for Ray
when he come home is back
oh fuck it fuck it stop we go super fuck
it you got your man you got you got a
pull up there taking pictures and don’t
all this other crazy shit if I come home
we gonna do it up big man we won’t do it
up big Hey Wow but uh you must had a
major beating the other day but you were
speeding the traffic and yeah the
rock’n’roll that was just say he’s my
yesterday it was yesterday
yeah that was Nickelback I was blasting
Nickelback he was blasting Nickelback so
you get that you getting that go pro
bono oh oh
don’t let him get a TV show he fucked up
my life but that’s what it sound like to
me I would say you may keep the way he
interjected my name had nothing to do
with the conversation I said what’s
wrong with this nigga I said somebody I
didn’t know somebody at the network must
have told him we’re talking to star you
know something something yadi I don’t to
talk too crazy but you know he just went
apeshit on me do with you and it came
out there oh shit
they calling us though oh no that must
be going I thought about you speeding
traffic i cell yes but yeah it’s a
come-up coming but I’m a you know imma
let you go for all the loot man wait
coming home baby
good talk you man thank you yes sir
salut okay Wow
how’s he awesome DC just said rayful
Edmond is snitchin and coming home
Wow let me look in the live chat real
quick you guys know who I’m talking
about rayful Edmond they’re talking
about Charlemagne up in there folks
please keep me up to speed on what
Charlemagne uh Charlemagne it’s not my
fault it’s not my fault the tests were
you were not exonerated with regards to
Jessica Reid you were not cleared you
took a deal you know come on man
I’m sorry folks I’m eating popcorn I
can’t hit on Sara no more Takashi’s baby
mama you know I’m sittin in popcorn Sara
chews with her mouth open on Instagram
Oh crazy okay okay star snitchin yeah a
snitching you wouldn’t believe who was
in that meeting yesterday you wouldn’t
believe it believe it alright we folks
we talk my Sammy the bull tonight
I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like um
you know the the Mafia you know the
topic we have to go at them tonight we
have to he’s trying to romanticize being
a murdering lying piece of shit Sammy
Gravano trying romanticize hey also poor
me let me slow down um
salute to Paris Milan on YouTube you’ve
heard me mention her channel before
great content oh man so well researched
and her execution is top-notch she went
in on Gina Rodriguez let me just hold a
second give you the date hold on guys
Paris Milan on YouTube make sure you go
to her page subscribe she went ten toes
down she went in here’s why Gina
Rodriguez keeps trying us two days ago
brought out the receipts brought out
their cannon some things about Gina
Rodriguez I didn’t even know you know
but again I’m 55 so I’m I’m not gonna go
there because again when I was out but I
was out there you know getting it JLo
nobody gave a fuck but let me just say
salute to that young lady again Paris
Milan such a brilliant piece of content
she did 18 minutes and 26 seconds please
go check it out huh put some respect to
her name and that’s all all so that’s
all I’m gonna say with regards to uh
Gina Rodriguez you know just go to Paris
Milan and and get it earful it’s gotta
area code um six zero one gleaming 601
are you there good evening good evening
Wow hey Hawaii who’s this wait a minute
are you official DC born and raised here
from Mississippi by Wear Daily
okay okay so now are you in DC now what
why’d you say DC I’m in Delhi that’s my
name Dallas okay okay what’s going with
you me how are you
mess me because I won’t grant him an
interview oh yeah come on sing a minute
now Skaar is mad I won’t grant him an
interview sing the rest of it you gotta
get the lyrics right come on man can you
google it you’re talking about the alia
remix with jay-z said my name
now Starr was mad I won’t grant him
interview yeah can I can I tell you a
secret contain secret yeah yeah I never
wanted to interview him he he just said
that because it’s
sounds nice with the rhyme he came on
the show one time I let him talk to I
think Miss Jones did all the talking he
and I knew each other from Marcy like
you know years before I even got to hot
97 so I mean I wasn’t trying to press
him and groom them you know I wasn’t my
thing you’re doing well you run around
and more food with their Vince in their
no no actually your DeHaven used to give
me credit on the coke and Morrissey
nigga start snitchin yeah yeah hey man I
am looking at this lamentable the
you see I be reading man like the
dumbest smart niggas are the smartest
dumb niggers like man they gotta change
but they really don’t really be going in
respectfully they on they’re talking
about Jesus and all hmm well if you get
a chance just you know just keep your
eye on
TI’s podcast and see how many times
Charlemagne mentions my name he’s upset
because I’m talking about a network he’s
upset about that Hey
him insult him is so shit ain’t there
popular this but you know the situation
you know agreeing with you saying like
give an alcohol to a minor star say a
lot of shit story never get no minor no
goddamn alcohol and a minor got violated
no sir every time I open my door I make
sure that I close and they’re not like a
good niggas tiny they may have right
thank you for the call man thank you for
the cash Shep also sue thank you okay
all right yeah man Oh Charlene big man
fuck okay I just picked him up area code
601 hold on a second guys
what is this here Aaron okay something
about the pastor guys what is the
controversy and why did this go go viral
I still don’t get it I saw the video as
much as I could you know just a pastor
just doing something you know I don’t
get it how is this is how far okay he’s
talking crazy horn what is it somebody
oh okay that that’s crazy okay hang on a
second that’s the home right there hold
on a second somebody just sent me a text
me wait a minute we know what guys give
me a second okay
hey yo Canseco has two homey huh big fax
podcast he says Charlemagne’s gonna give
me donkey of the day yeah he’s gonna
have to because the network don’t give a
frog about DJ and B another very shit
story I never lost no goddamn lawsuit
never paid nobody mmm flew to other
homie big fax podcasts on the check in
salute homie
hey soup sends in a super jet star I’ll
never forget when I seen you in Atlanta
mall walking and when you dropped your
you hit a foe blah you hit a full blown
split and got up like nothing happened
seeing you in ATL mall walking when you
drop your keys
okay that was cute thank you what small
because I’ve gone to all the malls
douglasville mall
what is it North Point Mall Lenox Mall I
go to all the malls you know I’m always
in the other food court you know creepin
creepin on people’s auntie’s and mothers
you know I admit it Oh Kirk good evening
sends in a super Chad who’s under more
a young Troy hanging upside down from a
balcony in New York or a girl trying to
keep her eyes open after a drink from a
from Bill Cosby Oh girls crazy that was
hanging upside down from about I was
never hanging from a balcony are you
talking about the the Colombians that
that tried to throw me throw me out of a
window over that drug deal gone bad
I wasn’t was it mid 80s it was 83
actually they tried to get the rope
around my neck and I just I jumped Thank
You uncle Kurt okay let me see make sure
compton japan calm in here talkin
reckless thank you for your donation
though hold on guys hold on okay bush
kid sends it a donation saying Obama
endorses Justin every that one about
Obama endorsing Justin Trudeau
despite blackface scandal disrespecting
black people shaking my damn head okay
I’m not the speed bush kid can you send
me a link via email please thank you for
your support he sent in six dollars and
66 cents the number of the beast
thank you man salute to you I’m not at
the speed okay hey let me go a couple of
phone calls him what time is it guys
let’s go to area code 202 look like a DC
Nam hey – OH – good evening who’s on the
line hey Rachel this is a story about
Rachel he came back to DC to get a
recently because he got like him prison
about the possibility of parole and why
he was in Lewisburg he got an additional
30 years for drug dealing behind bars
okay and then after that he turned
snitch and put over a hundred people in
QP and clearly his girlfriend in jail so
if he gets the sentence for life without
we send it he serves to do the 30 years
since in Pennsylvania people don’t read
the whole article all the way back okay
you know our brothers are right you guys
gonna watch the post so you can checking
yourself well I saw the article and I
just I scanned
hang on a second can ask how will you
sir and what’s your background please
I’m 60 years old the drywall company
okay okay well tonight I want to focus
on that lowlife Sammy the bull Gravano
you know telling you know and and and
here’s the thing you know I mean I’m
half Neapolitan not to be confused with
you know Sicilian trash and you’ll grow
growing up yes the look the Mafia La
Cosa Nostra very very influential very
powerful but it’s over it’s dead out of
here and if you ask me he played a big
part in finishing it off
he didn’t just snitch on John Gotti he
was on the goddamn stand for like nine
days if I’m not mistaken
nine days how long he’s on the stand
I’m sorry are you familiar with how long
he was on the stand nine days yeah I got
my notes um but just as a part of the
game this is the part of the game though
people don’t realize that you gonna have
snitches yeah when they start giving out
those football numbers man people
started to folder me he felt he was done
wrong you know he wanted funny he wanna
fall on the sword that’s a John Gotti
100 year old fall on the sword you
lowlife for the family right don’t mean
shit valets you Jack’s also means that
commands is a formality but he wasn’t a
new jack that’s that’s the point he
wasn’t a new jack come on you know I
mean no no you just said your 60 Sammy
the bull was born in 1945 how was that
make them he’s not a new giant he’s a
low-life and I’m not gonna wish death
upon him because I don’t wanna die
run that you know YouTube community
guidelines you no offense but you know
no no absolutely not
are you last word they’ll go ahead oh
that’s all I wanted to say now listen to
you all the time
Thank You Man I appreciate you so man
thank you
hey when you go come out with the TV
show sir can you just let’s take it slow
there’s no rush no rush you know just I
move at my own pace yeah I’m in Atlanta
enjoying myself I don’t have a wife and
kids I don’t have to answer to nobody I
had a powerful meeting yesterday been
talking to these people for a year now
sharp Charlemagne’s kinda throw a wrench
in shit that don’t mean shit yeah Thank
You Man thank ya he said my name is and
star den DJ and these family you know
Leah I mean you had TRC yeah man that
alia thing was crazy man what the fuck
is you talkin about officer Harris she
was in Atlanta then my show wasn’t even
syndicated in Atlanta I don’t need your
podcast I don’t want to come on your
podcast but send me your invites I’ll
come up there and give you some smoke
I want no tension with nobody in the
microphone I’m being watched as you guys
should know big facts podcast that’s the
homie a yoke and Seiko huh check him out
making boss moves the new video came out
two hours ago this should not be seen by
anyone outside hold on a second me
double-click on that outside of a o
nation ok that’s the homie right there
ao Canseco on patreon check him out he
just hit me via text yeah man alright
let me shut it down soon when I’m doing
too much I know I am
that kid chaos ends in a super chat
hater the Joe Budden podcast be taking
shots at you on the low hashtag pay
attention send me a link I don’t want to
get into that man Joe’s my guy made just
send me a link Rory did me a fuckin
favor years ago you know a big favor you
know I don’t know the other guy mall
I know Paris Milan brought the heat
tomorrow you know got that nigga talking
different but uh I like those guys I
don’t I don’t listen you know too often
because it’s too much about hip-hop
music and shit I mean there’s Joe talk
about politics and stuff I don’t know I
like those guys those who to them
alright the Thunder sound sends in a
donation TI is the worst
interviewer star star he asked questions
and and then answers them himself you
learn more about TI than the guest he’s
one of those niggas ask a question and
answer yeah well you know when I was
doing such and such you know okay hey
one second guys
who every code-nine one for hay nine one
for good evening we’re talking about
Sammy the bull Gravano lowlife out here
snitching again are you there nine one
four what’s up stop hey good evening oh
hey did you watch the interview yeah I
did it was cringe-worthy you know he’s
sitting there twisting shit around
romanticizing shit you know I watched it
too much as I could I saw him it sounded
to me like he was trying to score points
with black people
he said he jumped in for a black eye
when he was in Vietnam
yeah and he fought some guy in prison
over a race thing and he couldn’t even
remember the black guy’s name and older
Bob sir all right then they wanted to
kill anyway you know his daughters a
coal burner right thank you Karen
Gravano yeah so I don’t know if he’s
trying to score points because of that
but he also said that black people we
should start doing stuff for them we
should worry about them in prison and
you and some for them before we do for
Mexican you know right and she shot as
low years ago I just I don’t hear from
him to be honest with you he’s making
money he’s a moron because he went in
and did all that time after he you know
he got caught up in the drug thing but
now he’s now he’s out so he did the
better choice for himself yeah wasn’t he
selling ecstasy pills in Arizona or
something like that I remember correctly
yeah yeah I think him and his son-in-law
and then he they got popped and he did
like like how much time he do for that
to get and I don’t follow him like that
I don’t give a shit I think he did like
20 years right about over 20 years no
but he did about five or six years in
the hole and that’s how he lost his
teeth his hair you know shit like that
piece of shit
every good man probably justifies it
yeah thanks for calling me thank you
those in saying the black thing all
right yeah take care all right yeah send
me the bowl she put the other Mossberg
in his mouth I think with Diane tonight
guys what time is it
let me get mr. Schuyler Saunders banner
ready mmm I’ve yells banner and then I’m
gonna run my GoFundMe banner okay if you
guys want to support the machine if you
don’t send in cash apps and super chats
and you want to check out the GoFundMe
page please do okay um I will not see
you tomorrow I have to UM handle some
business tomorrow I’ll see you Sunday
also uh in case I didn’t mention I’m
gonna go see ariana grande in town next
month I just sing a little Google check
and the Christmas the Christmas lights
are coming to Lake Lanier that’s it good
night be safe take care

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