Is Irv Gotti Still In Love With Ashanti?


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Hip Hop Mogul Irv Gotti returned as a guest on The Drink Champs (Friday November 29th) and had Ashanti’s name in his mouth again. In the opinion of most Irv has now reached a new low by describing sexual activities between he and the former princess of his musical empire.

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Queen & Slim is a 2019 American romantic drama film directed by Melina Matsoukas (in her feature directorial debut) and written by Lena Waithe, from a story by James Frey and Waithe. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith, Chloë Sevigny, Flea, Bokeem Woodbine, and Indya Moore. Described as a modern day take on the legend of Bonnie and Clyde, the plot follows two African-Americans who must go on the run after killing a police officer during a traffic stop gone wrong. Queen & Slim had its world premiere at the AFI Fest on November 14, 2019 and was theatrically released in the United States on November 27, 2019, by Universal Pictures.

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hey good evening boss hogg back from
Thanksgiving had a great holiday
yesterday I had some technical
difficulties earlier but never mind that
we proceed to give you what you need all
Friday night feeling great and before we
start talking about the topics I need to
come clean with you guys I’ve got more
Puerto Ricans in my family than I had
been admitting to in the past yo there
was about five half-black half-puerto
Rican females very beautiful in their
mid-30s my family my cousins and we had
a great fucking time all right so and
they told me to pull back on all the
Puerto Rican you know slick remarks
anyway all right um tonight’s topic is
Irv Gotti still in love with the shanthi
I’m going there I’ve got a good man and
in case you don’t know in case I didn’t
let the cat out the bag he’s one of the
people that totally are going to give me
that six-figure check back in the either
2000 or 2001 helped me by all those
trailer parks and all that land out in
the Pennsylvania so I might be a little
biased tonight I’m gonna try and be
objective but a good man he and his
brother Chris took me to a lunch some
fly-ass restaurant and he came on my
show a few times shanties but on my show
as well good people I like them and I
try not to like people but I have to ask
the question tonight is Irv Gotti still
in love oh he’s been in love
he had a shanties since she was a baby
you know back when her breath smell like
Similac you know jumping around giggling
and to my knowledge Ashanti has not been
you know spilling the tea and talking
about the relationship back in the days
of Murder Inc you know herb on the other
hand has been talking in his feelings
Michonne she’s probably you know and
still got the fire couch in his mind you
fire pussy let’s go there tonight I
don’t know if herb God has ever done
drugs but more than likely you know he
was doing some type of buzz that shit
him and John was talking about back in
the days I got girls keep him drugged up
off that ecstasy was probably poppin II
eating shanties Bodhi I what he called
the groceries and joking his tall
something well I don’t know the feds ran
down Lee see if I can remember the
timelines the feds ran down money
laundering yada yada yada
he was probably lying to her
respectfully telling her he was gonna
leave his wife that didn’t happen she
then went to the arms of Nelly that’s
the homie know Lee herb gotten his
feelings but Ashanti to my recollection
she was coming to the trial she was
coming to the trial she and she was up
in Canada some goddamn where she was
flying back and forth and Irv was still
in his feelings the reason why I’m
laying all this out right now is because
oh he violated I think it was weed TV
I’m gonna have Dana with the smoke call
in Boston Ronnie are you there I need
you let me just see if I can remember
some of this stuff and I want to talk
about the other topic as well Queen and
slim movie reactions I did not see the
film folks so I will not be spoiling it
for you tonight like I always do um so
herb we TV growing up hip hop I’ve never
never seen that show but oh I saw the
clip and he said this bitch here’s to
suck my dick and I said whoa whoa
anybody else I would tear him apart for
being an old nigger you know spilling
the tea
men don’t talk about sexual activity if
there was a female involved you know
once upon a time that’s what females do
but I liked it guys so I’m not gonna go
in unless you send in you know a good
amount of super jest and I light him up
like a Christmas tree but anyway her
violated and then I think you went with
the Wendy Williams Show prior to that
talking about the business again and it
really just somewhat sort of just
attacking Ashanti’s character if you ask
hi you guys wouldn’t live chat and my on
point here let me just check on my troll
babies am I getting my timeline right
and here’s where I have to say about
Ashanti I’ve met her a few times came on
my show she’s a sweetie she’s got a
great personality she’s a fun girl oh
she’s got a sexy giggle you know that’s
probably bribe would have had that nigga
open you know when he first met her back
when she was a baby of age you know it
was probably a high on that shit
allegedly telling Shante or I think they
should call her Shani I’m gonna leave
wifey don’t worry assume me me and you
we got we’re gonna move down the sand
from a canary islands you know autumn
Nichols was balling back in days yes
they were okay it’s coming back to me
but again here’s a good guide man I mean
I pretty much know for a fact he’s the
one who told Leah Cohen to cut me that
check let’s just all play nice check
came in I said bow oh I’ve never been a
comedian I the only think I’ve ever
wrapped in my life was a sandwich I
never carried nobody’s uh creative
records I said well what’s this for and
Laura said you figure it out yeah man so
that’s one of the topics and also the
movie Queen and slim but who is the the
female she looks like a
females looks like a a female with an
attitude got the ball head she the
writer what is her name
do we call her ahem Sherm that nigga
what do we call me doing a whole lot of
interviews over this film I’m gonna go
see it I was trying to see it today on
the on the free movie website
let me bring dinner smoking and then
I’ll get running in line Dana’s at you
dad are you there hey hey good evening
hey good day you boys thank you for
being patient you helped me get this
phone system working along with bullshit
Ronnie Ronnie I see you two sit tight
I’m coming to you um Herve Gotti this is
a an ongoing travesty I think he is
still in love with Ashanti can you jump
in on that dinner before we go to other
film Queen and slim uh well agree with
that I think he I think he’s he is in
love with her and he probably want to
date her now that he’s divorced but
she’s not she’s not feeling huh I think
she’d been stopped feeling home she’s
not she’s you know she I don’t think she
returned his phone calls because he said
it he has a spoke to her in a couple
mm-hmm okay you’re an older woman I
don’t wanna say your age but you’re over
40 yes you’re seasoned a couple years
over 40 years true love never dies I
think herb was riding around the Queens
back in the days he may have even went
you know and picked the shanti up from
high school I think she was a Glen clove
it’s all coming back to me she’s from
Long Island that nigga was driving out
there for the coochie and he’s already
said that they had some type of sexual
relationship I think if you ask me and
help me out you know the woman I think
Ashanti is a rider she don’t do no
talking women like that are rare she
could be given all the cheese that Qatar
Sheikh a lovely tea she could be talking
she ain’t talking Earth is talking I
think he’s in love come on still no yeah
I mean that he’s a sucker for running
his mouth yeah
he ran on Wendy shows that clean it up
because I’m pretty sure she sends her
lawyers on him but you know with the
disrespectful comments he made on that
weed on growing up hip hop yeah but why
are you talking about it you know and
and then you want her to be a part of
the Murder Inc reunion tour but she’s
not gonna be a part of that so I think
he’s upset because you know if the
reunion tour is not gonna go down at the
shanties not there she don’t speak to
him and now you’re running your mouth
being reckless if you ask me she she’s
not speaking because she’s mad she’s
disappointed being mad and disappointing
there’s two different things daddy I’m
mad at you
I gave you all this good all this good
young pussy got up in them heels
standing on top of your head you were
sniffing to blow jerking your tool why
are you telling dad he taught me better
than that
nigga star while we pay attention come
on again she wanted I know this was
years ago but she has her own record
label she was an independent artist
she’s not under major record label but
she wanted her gotti to release her
would call it the rights to her music so
somehow some of the music that she wrote
he owned some of it and she wanted to
buy it back and he won’t give her the
masters I think that he had some of her
masters so that’s another reason she
probably don’t talk to him
okay I’m gonna bring boss chick Ronnie
and I want us to discuss this before we
get to the film and guys if anyone has
seen the movie Queen and slim I’ll let
you call in talk about it I have not
seen the film you know i watch
everything on the free movie website
Danny he went to the theaters to see
this film you said it was a great film
yes yes American classic yes is it
better than Hustle & Flow
that was my shit with the Terrence
Howard I wasn’t worried
yeah don’t disrespect Queen Anne like
hold on a second let’s get bossy playing
all right
area code seven three two Ronnie are you
there boss check hey hey hey how are you
welcome back we had some trouble earlier
good to hear you boys yes yes am i
coming in loud and clear loud and clear
loud and clear so listen I’m a little
extra tonight I’m gonna try and be
objective but truthfully I like a good
guy man he and his brother Chris took me
out to lunch we spoke like man they
weren’t talking slick and reckless I
heard them out and then you came on my
show with the paperwork against 50 and I
just I saw the paperwork and I said well
now 50 is my guy let me just say that
for those who don’t know there’s a lot
of history with me and all those Queens
guys 50 cent used to be my cousin sweet
teas hype man so I’m trying to be
objective but and I’m not trying to
clown herb I think he’s still in love
with Ashanti and I I even have a theory
about how he can get her back on tour
with the Murder Inc reunion and they can
be cordial Ronnie what do you want to
jump in well you know I don’t know if
he’s still in love with her he might
still have feelings for her she might be
the one that got away but what I can say
is that in all of the instances where he
has spoken about her it was in reply to
a question that was asked now of course
you can say you can say well dodged the
question or refused to answer the
question or you know you know dance
around it but the truth is these are
questions we want the answers to when I
say we I mean the general public the
people who you know we’re fans of the
murdering music at the time and you know
like the music and was wondering what
was going on we want to know the answer
to the question and he gives it he gives
it every time well you and I spoke
earlier Ronnie and I’m and I said I said
you know it bothers me that a guy of his
caliber is talking about
this you know the younger generation yes
they want the tea you said you want the
tea you know guys don’t guys don’t tell
about smashing women when they were
married even though he says they were
separated from his wife so on and so
forth but um I would like to see them on
tour together and I have a way that I
think it can happen so you were saying
what else money yeah it probably could
happen if he would stop speaking about
their past and if he was like Dana
mentioned give this girl you know her
masters sell her masters to her and stop
being petty there was one incident
actually where he revealed and I think
it was on a big boy or Nick Cannon’s
show where he said that Ashanti had
asked him if she could use the studio
that he had she wanted to record some
music and he told her go ask Nelly yes
go go call he said go to dirty something
some production studio named that of
Nelly certain dirty something yeah yeah
dirty ent yeah and he’s now admitted
that you know he was being petty and he
was in his feelings so you know it’s
safe to say he might still be in his
feelings okay okay Dana your thoughts
before we again go to this movie Queen
Queen and sling is he in love and give
me a theory about how you think
Irv can patch this up because I think he
can patch it up Dana well if he wants to
patch it up he’s gonna have to give her
her masters because I wouldn’t I’m not
gonna go on over you in your toy you
holding up my money because it was we go
on this tour the radio station is gonna
be playing the music that you own and
you’re gonna making more money off it
you know and I wrote the song so he
should give her her masters let her pay
him for the Masters and just not running
his mouth because he appears of your
generation to where y’all don’t run your
mouth but he’s running his mouth so you
sloppy yeah well I’m 55 how old is herb
do we know he’s sad being his forties
he’s not quite 50 I don’t think can
somebody confirm
I’m trekking now okay and Ronnie do you
have any idea or theories on how herb
got he can patch this up with the woman
that he loves I’m saying he loves her
he’s 49 okay okay
any theories how he can patch this up it
might be like the point of no return
just because of the fact that it I mean
just within the last year you have three
separate instances where he’s spilling
the tea and when a woman moves on the
last thing she wants is for a man to be
saying oh yeah back in the day you know
it’s you know I was you know I was
eating the groceries that’s exactly what
he was saying on the interview on during
chance he said yeah this was my ecstasy
days and okay now I was just guessing so
he did say he said he was gonna eat back
in those days yeah yeah actually on his
first appearance on the drink chance he
revealed that that whole entire like
error where they were putting out you
know all that music he said they were on
drugs the entire time oh my god I said
something I know the coochie was fired
in his mind right now at 49 he’s
thinking back to when he was on e eating
the groceries you can’t get that out of
your mind yeah probably not no okay so
do you think he can patch it up I think
you know he’s not gonna give just give
her the masters he might give her some
of the a bigger percentage of the
residuals or the mechanicals what I
forget how that goes but he’s not just
gonna give her the masters but aside
from that you think he can do something
to patch this up and we can get a shanti
on growing up hip hop throwing a pepper
no I don’t think he can patch this up
the reason I say he can’t is because the
one clip from growing up hip-hop where
he speaks about her he really kind of
spoke about her in a disparaging way he
basically said like she was just
somebody that was there for me to have
sex with and I’m you know he said to
suck his tool let’s be real that’s what
he said yeah yeah yeah and you know if
if I were shot at yeah there’s no way in
the world I would do any business with
you again okay okay let me just give my
theories my theory ladies
earth can pass this up he’s an older guy
now he’s got kids that are teenagers I
think what if his son’s name is JJ I saw
a part of that on um the drink champs
he’s no longer married to his wife
ex-wife they’re on the show together but
truthfully and I say this with all due
respect the the cootchie that you may
have went to high school with or that
you may have wiped once upon a time it’s
like an old shoe it’s comfortable but
it’s not something you want to wear
every day you know I’m saying this you
don’t want to wear anymore that shoe if
Sean to you again as I said he’s got it
in his mind when she was young back when
her urine was clear I wasn’t even yellow
yet I’m wildling just bear with me folks
they used to call her the the murder
murder ink princess earth can get down
on one knee apologize call her the
murder ink
Queen now and I think she will at least
entertain his conversation any thoughts
on that Dana get down on one knee and
apologize and film it so we can see it
film it let us see this new day and time
film the apology make it sincere and I
think she will entertain the
conversation Dana if she was in a
reality TV world yeah no she’s not gonna
get on a reality TV until that nigga
gets down on one knee and apologizes on
Instagram or YouTube then she’ll
consider that
go ahead yeah but you want him to do it
in front of her while the cameras there
yeah and she honestly she’s above that
okay she’s above that okay no I wouldn’t
do it
running your thoughts on my theory herb
got he gets down on one knee with some
flowers apologizes baby you were my
everything we need you John needs you
who gives a fuck what Vita and Charli
Baltimore think you were the baddest
bitch I’m sorry
I don’t see it happening and even John
Lewis said that he’s tried to convince
her to go along with the you know the
reunion tour and she’s just not into it
okay handle ladies let’s bring in a
couple of calls guys every code 83 –
good evening or either a three – hey
money how are you I got three ladies
we’re in chatty patty mode come on join
what do you think of my theory model
Marty forgot he gets down on one knee
Shaunie I’m sorry I’m sorry Shaunie I
don’t think that she’s gonna even accept
that to be honest like he talked about
her like a dog I just don’t know any
like real men who just said you know on
TV and just discuss every woman that
David ever you know ever had a sexual
encounter with I guess whatever you know
I mean at the end of the day like he did
he’s worse than a chatty fatty he’s
really acting like you know garden tool
you know innocent really
now respectfully Marty uh the first guy
that smashed you does she ever holla
back the first guy you know what
happened the first man or teenager
whoever who had your ankles behind your
neck does he ever holla back and say hey
just checking on you but has he ever
hollered back and I’m trying to play
something out here
um I mean I read something I’ve left it
on red but yeah just an attempt yeah you
see when that coochie is young and
tender and a low and a low life gets it
at that at that point in time he’s
always gonna holla back if this is a
hair you know listen I was a piece of
shit just want to make sure you okay
okay I can’t but like regardless of you
being hurt like honestly in this
situation with him going on TV and
talking about her not used to onyx to
call one of her cousins like pokey or
something and just like something I’ll
pull up on you know president like yes
you’re calling him a ho ass nigga mati
come on I heard you said garden tool
basically but at the end of the day is
he gonna realize that you love yeah herb
I’m trying to help you nigga like you
help me once upon a time or anything you
got me a jack big jack money have you
seen the film queen and swim we’re also
talking about that have you seen it
actually I’m on the way there I have
some like cousins who like I’m gonna I’m
actually about to go down like the next
like 20 minutes of the movies okay
really good honestly like bringing back
black power in the sense of making
everybody appreciate being black and
like you know I mean thank you for
checking and you’re in you’re gonna cry
you’re in Houston you said right starts
on the jalapeño tension okay talk to you
soon okay
Marty only check you know guys
Friday night guys I had a hell of a
Thanksgiving yesterday beautiful time I
was in East Point Atlanta about four or
five and maybe even 6 of my half Puerto
Rican family beautiful time Dana
anything you want to mention with
regards to um
a film you want to take some time and
lay it out I did not see it what do you
wanna start okay so let me just you know
do a brief description of the film Queen
and slim so is and that’s not there
that’s not the character’s name you
don’t know their names in the movies in
a movie anyway is just a title so the
title is clean and slim so they were on
a first date they met through tinder and
after the date it takes an unexpected
turn when a policeman pulled them over
for a minor traffic violation and the
situation escalates with slim he takes
the officer’s gun and shoot him in
self-defense and now they’re labeled as
cop killers in the media and now they’re
on a run you know they have no choice
but to go on a run and and then a video
the the cam – video of the cop being
shot goes viral no so you have these
outlaws that become symbol of you know
grease paint Rama and just so this
movies want to take you on a journey of
the black experience here in America now
I saw the trailer I saw somebody saying
power to the people
so I somebody in the trailer said power
to the people when they were talking to
these two when they were on the run yes
no yes
give me a spoiler Dana do they kill any
more people no they do not
no they don’t okay no because then
they’re not killers you know so they’re
not killers but they don’t kill any more
no don’t say whether they die and not
because that would be giving too much
way don’t say that but can you can you
give us something that made you cry what
made you sit there and just you know
start sobbing boo-hooing so alright go
kill the white people what made you say
that I came home and I did a 14 minute
video that I’m a blow tomorrow and
obviously what I took away from that
movie what made me cry I realize that
this is why I will always choose black
men and it made me fall in love with
black men again it did it you talk about
black love black masculinity to struggle
and just be having your father died so
it is a love story to me but if the love
story is about legacy everything that we
want in life but because we black all
the obstacles not all of us hang on a
second Dana who’s the writer what is the
writers name she’s doing a lot of press
is she calling herself he was that
person’s name I forget Mon Elena no she
her name is Lena wait man she is a she’s
a phenomenal writer she created the shot
at on Showtime she is a lesbian she she
don’t do no non gender she is a woman a
she lesbian is now an offensive term
it’s defensive term lesbian she’s gay
she’s married she just got married you
know but she she’s a woman you can say
bull dagger fur burger eater but don’t
say lesbian that that’s that’s almost
like slander okay hang on a second
Ronnie any interest in seeing this film
Queen and slim I’m asking for reactions
tonight from people who have seen it
Ronnie yeah I mean based upon the
trailer I really want to see this movie
I I’m not gonna lie I did try to pull it
up on my my fire stick but it wasn’t
available yeah Wow Wow Ronnie but I have
to see this movie this movie from the
trailer like I I just I have to see it
it I don’t know how you can see the
trailer and not want to see it it looks
like it’s gonna be really engaging it
looks like it’s gonna be very climactic
I you know just from what they showed in
the extended trailer I have to see this
and let me just say this they’re they’re
that they’re saying they trying to it’s
like the Bonnie and Clyde of 2019 see
the trailer is going to make you think
that because they don’t want to give
away too much it is and I understand the
Bonnie and Clyde theme of it but it’s so
much different so much more well hang on
a second dinner respectfully not now the
writer what is her name let me write
this down again what’s her name how do
you say it Lena Lena wait Lena she did
an interview with Gayle King and she
said that this is not a Bonnie and Clyde
type film she was very clear she said it
is my it’s not that type of film she
said she did go back to look at that
film to make sure that she stays away
from that direction
and there’s another film that she
referenced I forget exactly yeah but
people people are throwing this Bonnie
and Clyde thing around but I am gonna
see it I don’t know if i’ma go see it in
the theaters but to my understanding she
said that it’s more than that go ahead
yes it’s more than that because that’s
what I’m seeing the trailer and in the
description you’ve got to automatically
think binding a class as they kill a cop
in a on the run
no when you see this movie you you’re
not going to make me think about no
Bonnie try is some stuff that’s on
another level and it also it’s a love
scene and and she even said in an
interview she did recently like when was
the last time you saw two black people
dark-skinned making love in a movie on a
big screen we can’t think of it because
we haven’t seen it and it was so
important to show that and I’m sorry
Daniel is so fine and and Joanie she’s a
breakout actress I’m Jody some if she’s
beautiful black woman you know so
intelligent she is a lawyer you know so
and he’s he’s a red look working man and
they don’t like each other but they end
up falling in love okay now if I can
just also jump in and say respectfully
there are dark skinned people in films
that are in prosperous relationships we
we maybe don’t take notice to that here
african-americans because we are so
entrenched in what you know white
Hollywood does but you have African
films you have Haitian films you have
Jamaican films and we always seem to not
consider them when we’re talking about
you know great film work I just want to
say that hang on a second let me go to
super check I’m talking about making
love that’s I’m talkin reason why I said
I know this is because in Brooklyn I
lived in Brooklyn for years you could go
up Nostrand Avenue and there were so
many independent films from these
countries I just named and and and they
don’t get any traction here in America
anyway holistic bent Remy good evening
sends in a super chat star the cam –
video question mark dyslexic Dana booked
on Phonics falling in love with black
men again based on a movie question mark
get this bird the frock out of here Dana
you won’t respond to Benton Remy did you
say the cam – whatever they call it what
is this the video that gives the the –
the camera knock on the police – hold on
a second Bush kid on the check and be a
super jet he says star Kaepernick said
blacks should not celebrate Thanksgiving
I say we shouldn’t celebrate a violent
day called Black Friday hashtag stay out
of Walmart okay thank you Bush kid NC
edge says a 50 dropped Instagram yeah
what’s that like a week ago he he
dropped in I think he’s back on 50 cent
anybody know if I follow 50 oh no yeah
you say he’d be activating his account
but day he activated it nope
he’s trolling that’s what he does yeah
now I’m leaving that shit alone then he
comes back hold on a second I also want
to go Elvis the chef Rosenberg good
evening sir he sends a TAC a Shep thank
you very much rondell how are you sir he
says a salute to Ronnie with her DMV
smokers voice thank you uh hold a second
John blaze on the check and he says
while knocked
Rony blows oh wow what is this symmetric
Oh rings Wow
thank you John blaze okay any response
Ronny he says that blows symmetric Oh
you said you don’t blow our rings right
no I I did twice by accident and I could
never do it again I don’t know how I did
it okay thank you
Sal good evening sir he says Queen and
slim was Firestar okay I am gonna sit
and I might take the time to watch it
tomorrow if it’s on the free movie
website I just I don’t think I’m going
to the theaters is that wrong Dana for
me to to take that position you
recommend it go get dinner because I’m
pretty sure that Lina and Molina who
directed a movie they probably made sure
that it wasn’t going to be bootleg just
yet maybe Monday is gonna be on a free
movie link or whatever but I think we
should just go and pay because it’s
worth it okay if you don’t like it I
will catch up you a refund I have to
find time you know I mean I got plans
tomorrow I’m not sure if I’m gonna have
time and a Sunday I had a lot of work to
do but a hold on a second we have
another cash Oh Ronnie John blaze coming
at you again he said he says Newports
Ronnie’s lips resembles Whoopi Goldberg
at 6:46 a.m. okay thank you John blaze I
thought we were cool why does John blaze
talking to me like this
well I have to say that this is how he
shows love I mean he’s he’s from the Bay
he spent his scrilla you know Sal
greetings sir he sends another kashyap
he says never trust a nigger from
Florida with gold teeth okay did we miss
somebody a movie okay okay hey speaking
of Florida
anybody you see uh what would appear to
be Trick Daddy did somebody said trick
one of trick daddy’s cars on fire I saw
the video today anybody what I’m talking
about no no I didn’t but in other
Explorer the news I sent you the
Jamaican guy that shot the guy that
pulled the ak-47 on him did you see that
well he claims he did that I didn’t see
the video footage you’re talking about
the guy with the van he was in the van
with his son and his wife and then
somebody came to the van and he took the
barrel then he shot the guy you talk
about that guy yeah you don’t believe
them no I don’t believe them if we can’t
see the video footage I’m not giving
niggas props but like you know wrestling
the egghead at somebody’s hand
you know I don’t believe it because they
didn’t have a man handcuffed right right
why did yeah they would have asked some
questions later but they would arrest
him he would have been a handcuffs for
easy depot and five cents in the cash at
saying I heard the lead female in that
movie queen and slim was a tranny oh no
is the lead actress what is her name I
forget Dana
um Jodi Jodi Turner Smith she’s a
unknown actress so this is her first
breakout role is she married to another
no but she is dating a white man okay
puppet Island niggas dogging around hey
girl get your swirl on hang on a second
ladies area code two five six believe me
we’re talking about
I’ve got II still being in love with
Ashanti and the film Queen and slim are
you there – five six leaving
well hang on sir how old are you let’s
start there how old you have you ever
had some fire coochie keep it real
everybody has fire coochie coochie make
you talk crazy you threaten a bitch I’ll
kill you no come back I love you bitch
I’ll kill your father okay beer I’m
sorry just right I just wanted to touch
on the movie though I feel like we
needed this kind of uplift the movie if
Danis talking correct you know I
definitely want to see black masculinity
cuz I hadn’t seen that in a long time
you know I mean I hadn’t seen a black
man be a warrior and and forever you
know you gotta go back to the to the old
gangster you know Billy was the last
time I seen a mayor ride for real this
is what a cause yeah I just wanna
connect all your curve balls or a curve
ball you might be too young for this who
is one of the greatest black heroes on
the screen ever Sidney Poitier comes
close but I’m talking about the greatest
bad black motherfucker
Darth Vader bad is black motherfucker
ever all right so this i’m wallet thank
you for call go see the film thank you
okay okay Irv I got you back matter of
God if you need me holla
I think he’s got me a six-figure check I
can’t sit here and heat on that man
you know he’s in love he’s in love
Ashanti had the fire coochie and Ashanti
has not been talking that that’s a
that’s actually a dedicated chick who
has not been talking to anyone jumping
in me yeah yeah yeah
you know what I love what it’s auntie is
doing right now her career she looks
fabulous you know and if and that’s why
he’s thirsty because you know she you
know she’s she’s beautiful she’s in
shape and when you look at you know his
ex-wife you know she’s ladies I think I
have to close my window
one of my neighbors is shooting down the
hill hold on a second gunshots Jesus
getting back in the building alright so
Dana um I like your new banner that’s
nice with the glasses yeah yeah I gotta
get a picture up but thank you
Dana what else about this film before I
let you go are they to want people to uh
to think about to uh look for when they
go see it you highly recommended this
you told me earlier you say you have to
see it have to see it I called you when
I walked out of the movie theater I
wiped my eyes you know quite a little
bit of crying first of all when women go
see it they’re gonna want to slim
they’re gonna want a man to be a slim
but honestly I want people to walk away
for me it I walked away acting myself
what do I want as my legacy
hmm you know I’m saying it especially
especially for black men you know and a
black woman just black people if you’re
gonna have to walk away with that
question because you’re going to hear
that word throughout this movie legacy
and family okay so I walked away saying
what is my legacy what do I want my
legacy to be and that’s very important
and that’s and honestly this movie is is
so open with a whole bunch of different
dialogue for us to just have a lot of
different discussions you know and the
director Melina Matsoukas yeah we have
even spoke about the director angle
before you go who is the director all
we’ve been talking about is the the the
the writer who’s the director so she was
a video director for many years you know
she worked with Rihanna Beyonce she had
you know a lot of awards and her name is
Misaka Misaka you sure she’s from the
broth good m-80s oh you ka s so her
father is Greek Jewish so that’s we
should get the last name from and her
mother’s Jamaican raised in a broth and
she yes she is she’s executive producer
she did a phenomenal goddess her first
and input her background is music video
so okay she’s made the transition made
the transition yes they’re both
excellent visionaries you know just
given the visuals of this movie is so
important and because it’s not a period
piece it’s about today but it just takes
you on the historical journey of America
that you know that’s leading up to why
these two people were in the situation
they are in today now both of the actors
African American I heard that there was
some rumblings about either one or both
of them is not from here any knowledge
of that or what no they’re both from the
UK Daniel Akula he’s from the UK via
Rhonda Jody Smith she’s from the UK via
Jamaica it doesn’t matter they don’t
have to be African American he did great
research for his role at slim you know
developing Ohio accident and yeah so
they you know what it’s Dave you don’t
know that they’re you from the UK and it
doesn’t matter because they’re black and
Nate we all go through some type of
disenfranchisement you know the black
experience good or bad when I hang out
Danny because you are Atos you’re saying
that this the story is is above lineage
in terms of black African Americans
getting work you say it’s it’s above
that yes well this story is about
lineage you know but that doesn’t mean
that a black person who is not from just
because you’re not American but you’re
blessed you know you shouldn’t be denied
employment so the people who play these
characters the people who play these
characters they’re black and you know
and they did an excellent job right
they’re good at their job so why would I
deny another black person who claimant
in their craft because they weren’t born
in this country okay
hang on a second dating before you go um
Hakeem 365 says Dana are you still
living in north New Jersey if so I want
to holler at you Hakeem 365 you tell him
to go go to the real Dana on YouTube
find out yes Dan on YouTube and send me
an email at annoyance aware but come on
my channel and subscribe
all right Dana thank you for being
available I’m gonna get back to herb
Gotti being in love with Ashanti we’ll
talk tomorrow yes but if somebody call
in to try and bash the movie can I call
back in if you want to stay on the line
I’ll just keep you there in the queue
you don’t have to go I just thought you
had something good okay sit tight Dana
stay right the atrani will come right
back to you hold on mmm
right dan is in the queue put this
writers name in the in the top
I like the writer I what is it Lena if
you’ve got a nice demeanor about her you
know I mean I I know very little about
her her come up was she from me see ya
Ryan do you know who the writer is Lena
wait she’s from Chicago I believe she is
35 years of age born in 84 okay yeah
Chicago she’s from Chicago master of
I saw something she was doing acting
with them okay what is her name
the what’s woman’s name who played a
Tina Turner in the famous film Angela
Bassett yeah I think Angela Bassett was
playing her mother she was telling that
she was gay and some diner or something
like that yeah yeah okay yeah just bring
a few calls in and guys thank you for
your patience tonight I got off to a
late start
Steen hey Christine thank you for your
cash yep she says I’m Thanksgiving broke
I’ll put put me in the queue hang on a
second me see if I can get you in there
that Christine grieving three-one-seven
Christine hey how are you how are you
I’m doing great
well thank you donation what do you want
to start I want to start with our body
please because he is hurt he is broken I
mean if you have a guy that constantly
sweats you constantly talks about you
for years he has to be hurt yeah I’ve
had guys like that in my life and I
didn’t mean to hurt Almighty Mina you
know put him on blast but they still
talking about me hmm so I know he’s hurt
you got the fire coochie come on and say
Friday night come on I say all right so
do you think that there’s a chance he
can patch this up I’ve already laid my
etherial you know as an older man
sometimes we have to we have we have to
write the wrong and the wrong has been
talking about that situation I give her
a lot of credit for not talking you know
because a perception of her has been out
there that she was some sort of you know
a homewrecker
you know you know I’m saying and I’ve
interviewed her a few times and I have
to say she’s got a very nice way about
her I mean a nice dish shit on Murder
Inc back in the days I used to get it
all them on the radio and she came on my
show couple of times never rolled her
eyes never was you know sucking her
teeth she was laughing and it just you
know handling business rider yeah you
could tell she’s not she’s not hurt
behind anything because if give that any
kind of energy people are going to say
oh yeah there’s something to it but
she’s hurt she’s bitter but she’s not
she’s not even feeding into all of that
so that’s kind of what I like about the
whole situation and I do know some men
who get hurt by a female and they just
can’t let it go it doesn’t matter what
relationship they get into they’re gonna
always talk about that girl from the
from back in the day how they work hurt
and how they was mistreated you know and
it’s like they won’t you the treat feel
like you their mother or something
and I can’t get with that no have you
seen the film Queen and slim oh do you
plan to see it the film Queen and slim
have you seen it or do you plan to see
it because you know people just talk all
day long people bring their kids you
know too much so it becomes old Netflix
or if it comes on you know some other
type of you know YouTube or whatever you
know I may watch it but what would you
like to see a Shanti on tour with Murder
Inc and I mean I think herring ja Rule
do shows from time to time I’m not sure
I forget but I don’t think they really
have any tension would you like to see
that Murder Inc reunion show but it kind
of reminds me of what Omarion a little
food is kind of going through my yeah if
we could get herb out of the picture and
just let Murder Inc just do what they do
you know I think it’ll work but I think
it’s just too much this is too much I
mean you got JLo and I don’t know
Turner’s kind of you know squash their
little beef but it’s just too many
people who are who have disagreement
with Irv for it to work so okay he has
to stay
out of it okay thank you for your
donation darling have a great weekend
okay take care all right yeah she sent
me a nice no she said I spent a lot of
money on Thanksgiving nigga but uh I’m
donating here you go
Oh Ronnie John blaze coming at you again
do you want me to send these to you to
read them or do you mind me reading them
Ronnie whichever I wouldn’t mind reading
them except to you he keeps calling you
pigeon-toed keeps a Newport burnin
thank you John blaze right and I don’t
have one burning right now Justin how
are you Justin sister are you missed my
super chat from the first stream tonight
receipt below okay hang on a second just
let me go back you sent in scroller was
it under the name Justin I don’t I don’t
see Justin I see malmo is that you now
who says Mary J was courtside at Knicks
game tonight maybe the alimony isn’t
killing her too much shout-out Dana with
the smoke where’s the smoke I’m sorry
where there’s smoke there’s fire
okay well somebody could have gave the
tickets nc edge says I’m telling my
grandchildren that star is Walter
Cronkite Thank You Mia salute salute
bush kid talkin reckless he says please
tell dumb Dana black men do not I repeat
do not want that old okay he’s talkin
reckless I’ll just say washed-up punani
hashtag Dana okay thank you sir for your
donation people I was only checking good
evening Eurostar how about the guy that
went nuts on the London Bridge straight
slash and fools okay so um Ronnie I sent
you that video did you see the cops
shoot that guy on the on the bridge the
London Bridge yes and that was an
alternate angle one that they’re not
really showing because that angle looks
like an execution
it looks like they pulled someone off of
him just so that they could execute him
right yeah yeah yeah I have no problem
with that well I mean it’s it’s the UK
so it’s not the United States where you
know you’re entitled to something called
due process I don’t know if they have
due process over there I’m sure they
have some form of it probably not called
due process but you know at the same
sentiment well to my recollection the
the bobbies or the peelers in the London
district area they do not carry firearms
they have them in the glove compartments
and they have special units that can can
bring guns but they do not carry them
like the police here in the United
States so when you’re running around
slashing people you are a threat not
only to civilians but to yourself as
well therefore we must put you down
because you are either sick or you are
mad so again I don’t know what the
particular laws are with dealing with
someone you know who was clearly clearly
you know killing people or slashing
people but to you I saw the video thank
you for your um Kashyap who’s it Aussie
oz Thank You Man
spring smoked coals and area code four
six nine give me four six ninety there
nope testing test how are you honey
what’s up man good but I did see an
interview with Lena wait the screenplay
writer right on that breakfast breakfast
show okay
she said that author by the name of
James Frey
had come up with the concept right for
that movie right and she wrote it it’s a
white dude okay so my only point being
is that you know the dude the dude from
The Breakfast Club asked her that she’s
also been said that she’s not a writer
thing people around Hollywood right and
he gets credit on the movie as a writer
okay she’s a screenplay writer so my
point so let’s not give too much credit
to the black chick let’s show the white
man some respect yes not necessarily my
point being is that while I haven’t seen
the movie my whole thing is looking at
the movie from the outside looking in is
that it might look cute but we know that
self-defense when it comes to the police
is not a realistic concept there is no
self-defense I mean you get shot down
and that’s how it goes so I just wanted
to put that concept out there as far as
she you know she’s not really
responsible for the inception of the
movie Agron said this dude she even said
in that interview and I’ll just finish
up here is that he told her at a party I
have a movie that I can’t make right
right yeah but I have no problem with
what you’re saying I mean um you know
we’re talking about a film a piece of
art a fantasy a creation that is
intended to to touch the masses I mean
if you want to get technical you know a
film that I that I really really enjoyed
Amistad know Steven Spielberg was behind
that I think Steven Spielberg was an
upload system the purple color
he was also behind that so um the color
purple and and you know had white white
writers for various television shows
throughout you know American history of
television so uh you know I have no
problem with that but good
come on come on I heard that interview
and the only thing that he that she took
from him was his idea that a black man
shoots a cop that was it and she said
I’m going to give you credit for that
idea everything else I’m coming up with
myself so the mere concept of a black
man shooting a cop
I mean that’s not much to go off of she
wrote an entire movie around that
concept so it write this this is the the
product of her brain and her work Dana
are you back on the line Dana yes she
come off that let me piggyback off that
because I saw another interview with
another bornus show and she made it
clear this movie was not influenced in
any type of way by gay white men and she
made that very clear and that’s very
important because that’s all Hollywood
is filled with now like Ronnie said
first of all I don’t never take what
somebody say second hand so I didn’t
hear that that video so I will go back
and listen myself and not take what
you’re saying as you know face value but
here he probably gave her that one idea
but her she said this is a black
experience so nobody else could not have
written it she wrote that whole movie
and she presented to Molina and Molina
got back to her three months later to
say yeah I’ll direct it so we’re not
giving away clean credit on this one
around the bank it goes around the
nine-minute mark in that interview with
the breakfast slop okay my last point
being is I didn’t know that if she wrote
the part about if this white dude said
okay a black dude shoots a cop if she
came up with the premise of self-defense
and they go on the run and now they’re
like I don’t want to say glorified but
as like Bonnie and Clyde like I like the
story I like the concept I’m good I just
think it puts certain people in danger
and by that I mean
people of color Wow when now now we’re
sending a message to where this might be
a reaction when we’re pulled over and
all I’m saying is there is no sir are
you a black man a man of color who are
you sir you just said when we are pulled
who are you sir I’m Mexican Oh Graham
American of Mexican descent
I consider myself Mexican but I’m not
going to disagree with your point you
just made but you have to see the movie
for you to know what you just said is
kind of correct because you alluded to
something with that perspective that did
happen in the movie where other people
who see them as heroes but it’s a dark
side to it so why that’s one thing it’s
not a Bonnie and Clyde it’s not a Bonnie
and Clyde but you have to go see it
alright thank you for the cool show
thank you that wall what you say Ronnie
I said what are you going blade leaving
sir blade sends in a super chat a black
man shoots a cop and then goes on the
run question mark might give people
foolish ideas this Queen and slim movie
sounds like it’s gonna get niggas hurt
okay thank you sir for your donation
King Bankhead Bay on the check-in
actress from UK sounds like it’s part of
the agenda
okay you might be right sir I don’t know
okay okay super juice okay let me let me
go back guys hold on a second super
juice says I missed his super chat was
that from today or yesterday super juice
today pardon me so we jus said um tell
boss chick Ronnie there are pornhub
premium lifetime memberships on sale
today for $300 Wesley Pipes hashtag
Black Friday Ronnie you there yeah I was
on there earlier and I did not see any
deal like that being advertised though
he’s lying
thank you super juice let me see if I’ve
missed anybody else hey hey LA says yo
Starr a happy b12 day
Zoom Zoom boom boom here in LA peace
Thank You Man
transcendent music sends in a super chat
Ronnie’s on a Puerto Rican burner phone
she uses to set up meet meet and greets
with Wesley Pipes okay okay I got that I
got super juice thank you so much super
juice let’s bring in area code two to
six good evening
two to six ru they’re talking about Irv
Gotti in love with Ashanti what say you
yes sir good evening so you talking
about the topics please don’t come in
and try and steer this show down a
different path the topics first always
is he still in love I’m saying he’s in
love you know I’m sure he loves his kids
he doesn’t want to hurt the mother of
his kids but you know he’s got to write
this thing in my opinion what say you
you know what I think he still is you
know what here’s the thing I don’t I
don’t so much think that people you know
move on and you know love each other
I like I think you’re still gonna have
love for somebody after 20 30 40 years
okay you know what I mean even even if
you do go with somebody else in the
meanwhile I don’t think you really lose
the earth God he’s not the only one he’s
one of many millions people right right
how old you are if I may ask hold you
I’m 25 okay you’re very young man ever
had any fire coochie in your lifetime
you know what you know what I’m I’m
actually I’m not trying to brag but I
just had some 50 minutes II mean it okay
you’re gonna see it again you know
you’re gonna wait for what are you gonna
do 15 minutes ago
you should still be under some type of a
you know spell Bob the cop man who me
Bob I begin I possibly you remember he
was using the one Bob uses those apps I
never had any luck you know just I’m too
much of a prick I just meet up with
different women
okay do they all have vaginas the women
you meet up with I’m being respectful
you guys you move different man I mean
you guys would you no not you I’m not
putting this on you but your eyes I see
young guys up on Instagram they’re
getting pegged man I mean and they’re
looking dead into the fucking camera
it’s it’s nothing to you guys you know
just asking you know what start here’s a
difference between me and I don’t like
I’m kind of kind of what you would say
like I’m an almost oil the world saw my
guide with the music I listen to stars
the music you listen to like I was going
to rock him you know kool Moe Dee
Grandmaster Flash I was
I don’t listen to old school hip-hop sir
I really don’t I don’t from time to time
but honestly a lot of that shit reminds
me of doing blow
back in the 80s me I listen to listen to
the notion I wasn’t a trippy red blue
skies man I don’t hear that old shit I
don’t want to hear 112 in a new edition
and Earth Wind & Fire that’s old shit
man but listen thank you for calling me
thank you
okay he’s making me have flashbacks
Jesus oh shit
Oh Ronny John blaze on the check-in via
super chat again he there Ronnie he says
wild knock-kneed Ronnie smoke unfiltered
Newports do you smoke unfiltered
Newports Ronnie
no I would die okay
no I can’t do that okay you smoked a
regular menthol yes
regular Newports shorts gotcha okay hold
on a second guys
Bush kid on the check and he said star
did you see the black woman who beat up
three cops and put two in the hospital
hashtag some someone call 911 you send
me a link is this an old video a new
what’s he talking with mine do you know
you saw that video funny no I am
googling that right now Dana your there
was dining with the smoke black woman
beats up three cops I’m not disputing I
haven’t seen it I don’t know why I don’t
know what’s that that’s an she’s still
bring it area code four zero three 403
is Irv Gotti still in love with Ashanti
403 oh look yesterday evening yeah
come on oh no I got I got double play so
your phone sounds a little crazy can you
pick it up what are we doing baby phone
drop down I tried
let’s go to area code 73 – good evening
73 – are you there hello hello 732 732
Yes No maybe so 3 1 6 3 1 6 good evening
are you there
what why do you stop Hey from Kansas
City Congress but let me talk about this
yes sir
I shot he is like we – boy that’s the
old school but that’s that man I’ve got
a man what’s he doing on that did you
see the interview he just did with the
drink drink champs I only saw a little
piece with him yeah talking about game
day it was uncomfortable when he talked
about his wife coming in knocking on the
door of the hotel room when he was doing
what he was doing before that um what
what’s that the one zone there were that
they were doing with guru why I cry I
cry yes yes okay I’m like wow so I’m
like wow but let me tell you this no
ma’am I like I’ve got it on cuz he put
everything out there like that okay he
don’t you know he just lays everything
on the table though you a young man yes
and I like it you young man okay so
where you from respectfully what state
what country are you from
oh yeah Congo okay okay well listen yeah
we’re here in America you know the
to not talk about a female if she ain’t
talking about you now I’m not gonna
disrespect her again I’m trying trying
to be objective but I like the guy the
g-code is to not talk about a female but
I’m saying he he probably still pussy
whipped whipped sometimes he’d get
whipped I was with the once upon a time
back ladies
knowing good and goddamn well the girl
gave me chlamydia I was burning leaking
she called me the next day and said hey
what he doing I said hey I want to see
you she came back and gave me a double
dose I was what fill me come on yeah I
mean I mean I don’t see this my
experience with this type of situation
not like I’ve got it on his level but
from my experience and you 100% right
the g-code is not to talk you know loose
lips sink ships yeah but I’ve got Itoh
he is he’s capita chopper top guy you
know and and when he kicks on that type
of you know I shot you at one time was
bigger than Beyonce at one time she was
complete and not bigger I mean I’m sorry
I mean compared to the odds at something
was that that thing you know and she was
his his pride and joy I don’t know if or
ghostwriter for JLo but he think that in
a in that interview with Dreamcast it’s
a big big deal yeah it’s a huge deal
have you ever had some fire kuchi
yourself sir that’s the question
absolutely okay what was his name what
was his name
where’d you pause
in my village they burn you they burn
you if you do that so I appreciate the
call thank you so much thank you I he
had to think about it
Mahmud sends in a super chant hold on a
second guys start if shanti was looking
chunky and sloppy Ghani would have been
trying to simp Nicole Murphy or Tracee
Ellis Ross or somebody like that
shoutout boss Ronnie
okay she still looks good man
she looks great anyway let’s go back to
this particular after you know let’s
shift gears a minute here Ronnie um you
and I spoke earlier according to page
six page six comm Dame Dash claims jay-z
had a crush on Aaliyah why are we going
back and forth now Dame Dash who I saw
him on the the breakfast slop a year or
two ago somebody sent me a link and it
was cringe-worthy because at first it
was n via one of those guys who were
asking him about jay-z and he went on
this whole thing you’ll stop asking me
about jay-z right Ronnie do you remember
that yes yes yeah
so why saying page six talking about
jay-z and alia what’s going on is he
damn – you know this is really weird in
spy comparison jay-z has said maybe one
sentence about him he said he’ll be okay
he’ll figure it out right right that’s
it one sentence ended like 10 years name
just now this latest statement he gave
to page six is just going above and
beyond and doing the most why are you
telling us 25 years later that jay-z
wanted Aaliyah the man is married with
three kids and she’s dead yeah you know
I forget the
whole thing but the homie joke no joke
he called into this show here months ago
and he said that Dame was trying to
holler at Beyonce that act that story
went viral for those of you don’t know
if you google joke no joke star report
because nobody had thought about nobody
spoke about that and I don’t want to put
chokes business out there but joke has
got some video footage that he’s sitting
on that would be crazy and I just find
it kind of weird that Dame Dash is now
talking about this and did page six
contact Dame or did he contact them
Ronnie how’d they get to interview the
way the article was the way that the
article was written it looks like he
reached out to them for press and that
doesn’t surprise me because he reached
out to Adam 22 and asked her to do that
interview and then doubled down went
back and asked him to do a weekly
podcast so it’s like how low can you go
you know I like team for his business
acumen and you know when he talks that
boss talk but man you’re out in the
streets looking really pitiful at this
Dana any comments did you see the story
on page six do you care Dame Dash claims
jay-z had a crush on alia Dana I heard
of it I heard about it but my thing is
you know I think he he just wants to
stay trendy in social media but I didn’t
catch one of joke no joke video that he
posted from back in the day where Dame
and a couple of other guys was looking
through one of those gossip magazine
when Jay was on vacation with Beyonce
and it’s like a bunch of girls hollering
out a newspaper looking at their former
you know partner chillin on a crisp
Riviera and every other but Riviera like
ever but I’m just like men and I walked
edited women yeah that’s just what I
take from with this whole thing like men
very petty he said he just upset say he
had to drop 400 K on his back child
support and I’m glad they got a money
shit screen every code 403 grieving 403
his Erb got he’s still in love with
Ashanti what say you for 300 he’s deep
in love deep in love okay I mean you you
even go even go as far as someone asking
you hey did you smash that girl and you
you answer that with a knowing that grin
on your face you already took it too far
yeah dry snitching right I feel like I
feel like what he did some real sucker
shit and then I can’t help myself
I got a excuse my language I know the
algorithm all that come on I got a speak
on that last Banshee boy you had called
him my boy had a father he wasn’t sure
he had been exposed he wasn’t sure it
you took my the guy from the Congo yeah
he wasn’t sure if you if you wanted to
let the truth out or not have you seen
the movie queen and slimmer and he plans
to what are your thoughts buzzing right
we want to check it out but I definitely
want to check it out but I haven’t seen
it yes topic definitely want to check it
out but I in regards to what they were
saying like I gotta agree with that
perspective in regards to like you know
like people people got to be careful
with how they view it how they take it
you know you know you don’t want those
type of things to be taken the wrong way
and and add and add more to the image in
a second because you know I haven’t seen
the film and I don’t want to try to push
a narrative that this film could be
harmful to society I mean in reality you
know art art imitates life so if we
start getting to the point where we’re
trying to censor art because we’re
worried about how people may react you
know based upon that’s not that’s not
cool I mean what was that film that came
out years ago uh Natural Born Killers
with the Woody Harrelson remember that
movie did you ever see that
I’m under a rock apparently that white
boy was out of control
Ronnie Dana anybody ever seen
natural-born killers so what about the
live chat watch it what’s that
the other thing I tried to watch it I
just couldn’t get into it too much white
craziness yeah I remember there was a
whole lot of press behind that film
saying hey this is our everybody just
calm down so I don’t want to push it in
that but answer I thank you for your
call have a good evening
I just want to Lou you first of all
thank you and then second I wanted to
salute Dana for picking up and learning
from your pimp and I’m the last person
she told to subscribe and and donate if
they wanted to hook up there you go yeah
thank you
I had a shout-out cuz I thought that
you’d be learning from the Dana get that
bag thank you sir
okay okay all right so ladies I’m gonna
say good night to both of you I’m just
I’m gonna black out here I don’t want
you guys to you know be a part of where
I might go I mean I need to really talk
Irv Gotti ashanti I need to get a little
vulgar Ronnie thank you for being
available available I know you’ve been
up very early this since this morning
anything you want to say imparting or
anything you want to mention or promote
you don’t get your Twitter page no yes
my Twitter page please follow me
the real Ronnie that’s th EE so two E’s
real Ronnie and Dana was a pleasure
speaking with you tonight I will I will
definitely see this film this weekend
and I look forward to watching your
video breakdown after I see it because I
don’t want to be I don’t want any
hang on Ronnie John blaze sends another
kashyap he says Ronnie has the sultry
voice of San
paper hashtag new Portland okay what is
he gonna say when I quit but don’t eat
right now
enjoy your evening
have a great night you guys take care
good night
Dana let’s get you to promote your
platforms before you go
I appreciate you hanging out with me
tonight yes please subscribe to the real
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James small it was a great individual
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definitely everyone go see this movie
clean and slim so and I want you to
start please be out cash up your refund
I’ll find some time this weekend but
more than likely it’ll be on the
internet but I’ll keep you posted
alright okay take care oh wait Bostick
Lonnie and Dana with the smoke yeah I do
want to see the film I just I’ve got a
very very busy weekend planned
oh also let me just say two things
before I forget I’m looking for someone
that may want to do some video editing
some type of barter deal if you have
time just it’s just chopping footage
it’s not doing a whole lot of stuff with
images and you know no extra work but if
I can assist you I will also send you my
marketing deck so you can see uh by way
of my analytics how I can possibly help
you if you help me also um big
announcement big announcement buckwild
is back home he called me yesterday and
he called me today let me look in live
chat you guys know what I’m talking
about right he’s back home he said he’ll
come out and play with us late at
another point
time later I’m talking about in a second
he’s home yeah he’s back in jail he said
tell everybody hey he’ll keep you posted
you know it’s wintertime he’s getting
his skin cleared up with the state soap
and you know just getting that balanced
diet you know Green Kings on the check
in good evening thank you for your
support just a donation to the Machine
respectfully thank you very much Green
Kings you appreciate it
who else is this here the dollar guru
good evening sir it’s obvious Dana drank
nor cled water growing up okay this is a
business email second big shock good
evening sir I got your super chat that
flaming flamingo was suss when he called
in singing a love song to another man
the pause just convinced him lol you
talked about the call from the Congo
thank you for your donation influential
sends it a donation serious question
Boss Hogg when you die who are you
leaving everything to question mark if
no one what happens with it all can’t
discuss that sir can’t discuss that but
I don’t I don’t have biological children
and I’m in no rush you know because your
offspring may not be what you hope them
to be you know I’m saying so I’m not
really stressing having an heir to uh
you know assets and things like that I
mean there are people that I I do
respect people that I like and things
like that and people that I want to help
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Siraj Sutton 78 says save your money
save your money Dana hashtag get an
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it out tonight 704 good evening are you
704 oh hey how are you sir good good
good talk him out – still in love with
Shanti who has the fire acting crazy you
know okay okay okay she there with you
right now she listen no okay okay what
now just you just answer on some G shit
the fire kuchi from back in the days you
ever try and like you know just find her
on Instagram and Twitter not saying that
you’re trying to holla but do you ever
just go look well we don’t think no
further than an anthem hey look what
this is that there’s no phone oh my well
Shanti hasn’t fallen off I think that
that’s the point she hasn’t fallen off
so so this this nigga couldn t get you
know but he’s he’s acting crazy man I
mean I can’t I can’t cosign they’re
talking about
I’m sure they can oh yeah yeah thank you
reality okay okay I appreciate the
support me thank you so much thank you
salute have a good weekend man thank you
okay yes sir okay
homeless in guys let’s check on
something here John blaze man thank you
for your donations tonight salute to you
homie yeah we had a rough start earlier
um I got a new little phone whatever you
call this goddamn thing to stop some of
the the hiss because the hiss was
bothering me I’m in a new location as
you know here in Atlanta and I know
there was the ground or some shit man so
I was at Guitar Center today a guy
really helped me out with some stuff
here we just check oh you know what I
want to mention a hole in a second
it’s creflo dollar’s Church here in
Atlanta is it let me look enlarged
anybody know about what one of his
churches creflo dollar or is he based in
a different state I want to go to his
church I just you know I’m an atheist as
you know but I’m not scared you know to
be around
mystified people and I just I want to
see him put his pimp his pimp hand down
in person it’s he in Atlanta but did he
move okay he’s in College Park really
okay okay all right so is there anybody
who who goes to that church you know you
know his schedule I just I want to go
see him you know put his mat down and
you know who else I I have to see you
want to talk about a a boss and I’m not
gonna put the word pimp on him because
these are men of the cloth I don’t to be
disrespectful TD jakes wears his church
is this church in is it Fort Worth or
Dallas I’m pretty sure it’s in Texas I
gotta see him lay down he has a video
from 2014 if I remember correctly he
says a changed mind is the most
dangerous thing TD jakes
they may know what I’m talking about
you’re talkin reckless Indian TD jakes
anybody know where his church is or one
of his churches is it Dallas is it Fort
Worth and and doesn’t pass dirty deed
Bishop doesn’t he have a daughter who’s
uh okay Dallas yeah thank you
thank you hey auntie Chris thank you so
much darling.i my head down to Dallas
just just to see him in person I’m a
non-believer I just you know I want to
hear his quiet
watch watch him put his uh put his pimp
hand down and and TD jakes has a
daughter if I’m not mistaken me see if I
can just his daughter’s in her mid-20s
and she’s married to a guy in his 40s
I’ll do the research later all right a
few more calls guys I’m I wrap it up had
a late start tonight Darnell good
evening sir thank you for your donation
via cash and he says hashtag salute
hashtag Milwaukee for one for yes sir
the home of pimping can Milwaukee okay
and I got big Ock yes I did
poor me like a blood clot zette on the
check-in via super Chad says salute God
thank you sir
if your donation bent Remy good evening
bet Remy says uh when you die I’m gonna
need a refund some of these donations
just leave a portion for me
salute boss hogg thank you sir you
appreciate it
alright um I really for seven good
evening three four seven are you there
three four seven yeah
how are you sure what’s going on uh talk
my Irv Gotti is he still in love with
death with that coochie Shanti you see
you know you see an hour Irv God is Rob
blacks going to check in by the way
shanthi been looking lately she’s
looking like she got some some some
gravy on them hand come on she got some
gravy on him turkey legs baby was she
looking shiny that oil look like she got
that fresh shea butter that bath and
Bodyworks going all star talk about it
no if I remember correctly because I
asked her once upon a time about why her
legs looked look so hot and she said she
was using something called half-baked
that’s what she said half-baked
I’m not the product yeah I’m not
surprised I was touching myself when I
was interviewing her hot 97 I had my
hand up under the table looking dead at
her shit did you see the black foam on
the motherfucking second okay you don’t
come hosted yeah why would you talk
about this if this year was ten years
ago man I think was longer than that he
got a call back I don’t want to talk too
crazy but he probably knew her when she
was in high school come on man come on
let’s go there yeah she was like
nineteen of something naiveness you
would probably 16 allegedly can you
watch your language please and watch the
f-bombs please please watch Bones so
yeah it was the drink champs no I didn’t
see the entire interview I just I saw
him talking about oh I meant to speak
speak to Ronnie but he was talking about
Dame – did you see the new drink champs
interview I didn’t see it I didn’t see
it but I thought a ruckus you know
online okay okay I didn’t see it
completely but I buddies talked about
her and I’m several other interviews
beside this one this is like the third
or fourth time I saw my Wendy Williams
talking about her right now why he keep
talking about it like what’s going on
he’s open it’s crazy man like let it go
bro will you come from Sherwood State
I’m calling from the Bronx man okay well
the crazy people of Puerto Ricans out
I thought young girl about three I’m
working with a full prom dress I didn’t
know what the hell was easy
okay I’m gonna progress yeah that’s
regular shit up there man but thank you
go little burger thank you you’re hurt
okay all right
speaking of the BX I I know I touched on
this before but I have to confirm now
that the squirrels in Georgia are more
gangster than the rats in the Bronx
I got squirrels zipping zipping around
this fucking property here where I live
and one of them are the other day jumped
on the goddamn hood of the car as I was
trying to pull off jump on the fucking
hood no fucks given now of course
there’s a lot of spiders for those of
you who live here you know that already
a lot of spiders but I just I don’t know
what that’s about and you wouldn’t think
that they would be that aggressive
because there’s land it’s not like the
rats in the Bronx that are you know
fighting cats they’re they’re trying to
get food out of the garbage these
squirrels just come out of the fucking
the the woods and press you I’m being
pressed by some fucking squirrels let’s
go to area code 403 uh you are my last
call for tonight 403 good evening are
you there hello 403 grieving Yes No
maybe okay it’s my last call hey guys I
thank you for bouncing with me tonight I
hope that you have been entertained and
somewhat enlightened I will see you
possibly tomorrow is there any boxing on
tomorrow I’m looking for um some
sporting events this weekend and let me
get Bostick 1yz banner ready and we have
to get
okay I get to buckwild um hang out so
can you figure this out I’m gonna get
buckwalds information he said to
circulate his uh he gave me some
long-ass number you know if everybody
wants to put something on his books the
numbers it’s in my truck but uh I’ll um
I might see you guys tomorrow all right
enjoy your evening and be safe take care

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