Is Helping People Really Worth It?


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Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts. According to psychologist Linda Sapadin, talking out loud to yourself helps you validate important and difficult decisions. “It helps you clarify your thoughts, tend to what’s important and firm up any decisions you’re contemplating.” Talking to yourself means that you are self-reliant. Like Albert Einstein, who “was highly gifted and acquired early in his life the ability to exploit his talents,” people who talk to themselves are highly proficient and count on only themselves to figure out what they need.


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star in the morning star in the
afternoon the nigga that shines so
bright star
how you feelin alright alright Wednesday
and I just wanted to UM jump on the
microphone nothing really planned I was
out and about this morning moving
shaking and poppin and you know talking
to myself as I always do as I have for
decades going back to the 70s very very
notable people throughout history have
spoken to themselves and they do now
whether you know it or not whether you
think that’s crazy yeah I was talking
myself and I have great conversations
with myself I come to conclusions as
I’ve always said and one of the topics
that I did want to put on the table is
helping people really worth it
that topic we’ve had this discussion
over the years I think every two years
we do this same exact show for those of
you who might be saying didn’t he do
that show before yes
four years is helping people really
worth it
I myself an Objectivist a person who
does not support tribalism ego-driven
narcissist I do help people I like to it
gives me a personal satisfaction and I
don’t give out you know turkeys in the
projects I don’t do is that the Toys for
Tots salute to those who do I do
something different snichlt
some of you should know that I get fuck
niggas off the streets get fuck niggas
off the streets that’s a charity and and
I help people so um I enjoy helping
people whether they realize it or not
whether they have to come back years
later and say you know I jumped the gun
you were helping me my bad whatever you
know I enjoy helping people so I want to
just lay some of this out as I was
talking to myself earlier because I was
enjoying the conversation with myself
fresh new cigar huh and um for those of
you who do talk to yourself like I do I
think the first time my mother noticed I
was talking to myself I was maybe seven
or eight and I was playing with my a FX
and Tyco cars in the den and she came
into the Denis she reminds me of this
from time to time and she said hey what
are you guys talking about you guys and
I responded by saying there’s no one
here I’m playing with my cars now had I
have said oh we’re talking about
such-and-such that may have meant that I
was talking to different people could
have been some type of disorder but I
said to her and again she reminded me of
this she said I said there’s no one here
I’m playing with my car so she said okay
and that was that um anyway I’m gonna
ramble I’m sling you know right now
sipping black coffee this show might be
a throw away I like to ramble and figure
things out but anyway with regards to
the topic and the second topic I’ll get
to it shortly why do people reject the
holidays helping people we now live in a
different era where you can help someone
and they don’t understand what you were
trying to do or what you did for them
and then they go on the attack
and I think that now more than ever it
needs to be understood by some people
that when you go on the attack
people don’t give you the chance to
apologize because you have shown a
characteristic flaw a flaw that shows
you were not worth helping in the first
can I get an amen in the live chat
that’s nice I’m a pretty slow mover
always have been I’m slow on the pussy
I’m heterosexual but you know I just
sometimes I hang out with a girl for two
months and she says hey you gonna knock
this down or what then I’ll see
oh my bad I’ve been busy I forgot put
your hands behind your neck
let me run up in you so I’m a very slow
mover and sometimes I just get busy I’ll
get busy people take that being busy as
haha you know I fucking with him no more
and mind you let me just say this right
now this conversation again this topic
that we’ve had over the years is a
general topic a general discussion no
one affects my life to the point where I
have to single someone out I can give
you 20 examples of people back in the
days who used to try and come up to the
radio station you know just people from
the block they wanted to get out of
wrapper and because I wouldn’t let them
come up to my place of work and to get
at the wrapper they then turned out to
Yatta star be funny style he hatin he
ain’t trying to help a nigga eat and to
some degree that’s why I started saying
fuck you fuck you block feed yourself or
off yourself
remember that feed yourself or off
yourself I should say that four years on
the microphone
can you ever do enough for people and
this conversation comes from a good
let me just say that a good place a
place of not just reflecting but a place
of moving forward truthfully I will
always help people because again it
makes me feel good inside I will always
help people been helping buckwild all
his life
some of you say damn stop helping me
nigga let the nigga take a swim but you
know my parents helped me tremendously
you’ve heard me talk about my father
before my father if I can just ramble a
little bit more before I go to to the
phones and cache app and stuff like that
my father was a very loving man never
never hit me never beat me mom’s gave me
that work gave me to work but my father
would always say you know when I would
ask him about building a clubhouse or
fixing a mini bike or a go-kart
building something in the backyard he
would say the tools are in the garage
figure it out now of course I watched
him you know when he was on his
construction company sites he owned
construction companies and he would be
up on the scaffold and he would yell
down to the other guys hey Marv over
here for those of you who lay block you
know what I’m talking about when you’re
up on the scaffold you’re lining up your
block and you scream down to the people
to bring over the cement
hey mud over here so that was his way of
saying figure it out anyway
so yes um the topic is helping people
really worth it that’s what I’m gonna be
mentally massaging right in front of you
I had a great conversation with myself
this morning about this again for those
of you know who know that Einstein and a
host of others is to talk to themselves
nothing to putting myself in that
category but you know some people need
to figure out things in their head first
so I want to just revisit this
particular topic and see how you feel
going into 2020 is helping people really
worth it
social media what would lead you to
believe it’s not I’m hopeful I’m hopeful
that’s the reason why I try to teach
people how to fish you know teach them
how to fish hopefully they can go catch
some fish come back at some point
bring me some fish bring me some fish
you know
sit tight guys I see you on the phone
lines again I just wanted to lay this
out revisit this old topic this old show
concept that I always have a general
conversation some other things we can
touch on this afternoon I don’t know how
long I’m gonna be here again this might
be a throwaway show the Yankees now have
a female batting coach you know I shot
left-handed at X right away he hole he
hit me back – huh woah such a
knowledgeable man I really with regards
to sports that’s my go-to guy he and
loose cannon because they just they’re
always up to speed you want to talk
about that you’ll have to educate me I
just I saw the headline Daily News calm
also with with
to our topic is helping people really
worth it
what’s going on with MBA young boy and
Kevin gates oh now he’s taking shots
Kevin gates and I don’t I don’t want to
put a a narrative of color out here you
know because there’s other cultures
other groups that take pride in watching
the demise of their own so I wanted to
say that if you have had some personal
experiences you want to call in I’ll
hear you out but I’m just coming from a
place of a general place you know is
helping people really worth it and what
is the payoff what’s the payoff I I can
tell you my years of doing radio and
media the big payoff for me is young
people or people who were young at one
point in time they’re older now they
have families they have careers not just
jobs they come back and they sent me an
email and say hey mr. terrain star um
hey man you opened my eyes thank you if
you ever need something I’m a city
council person I’m a doctor I’m a lawyer
that’s the payoff I said Wow okay so
this person remembered something I said
about the Copernican Revolution this
person remembered something I said about
science you know Galileo or something or
I’m a high school dropout but you know
certain things I studied I researched my
younger days when someone comes back and
says hey you taught me something about
the Spanish Inquisition and it really
helped me when I was having a
conversation or a lecture in school
that’s the payoff for me personally
I let that live-chat rip because I want
to see younger people whether they’re
talking greasy or not I want to see them
and I want to see some of the people
that I have helped and I’ve helped a lot
of people I want to see them be hateful
and spiteful and there’s only a small
group of those but I want to see it I
want to feel it I want to taste it
I may not focus on people who from my
past who are in the live chat and who
are in my comment sections never
addressing the topic always trying to
take a critique or a shot at me I
probably won’t address them because they
weren’t worth the time that I put into
them once upon a time oh there’s a
couple Odessa there’s a hoe ass group of
people from the 90s I’ll just say the
90s black and white and again I’m not
gonna do a color thing here people who I
help them feed their families walk them
into corporations corporations and said
hey this is the person he and/or she can
do the job get my check get my check I’m
not gonna dress those people today but I
see them I see them in the comment
section I say oh wow shit are you mad
because I’m still alive did your life go
from sugar to shit or are you mad at
your mother and your father the way
you’re coming at me are you mad at the
that gave you that degree are you mad at
their professors who gassed you up oh
they gassed you up filled up your tank
and put you on the highway are you mad
at them
are you mad at the loan officer who gave
you what you thought was a great fucking
deal on the your tuition hits where all
that goddamn interest I’m gonna have you
working for the next 25 years to pay
that shit off get to them another time
um what else I’m gonna put on the table
here as I ramble folks it just give me a
minute I’ll come to the phones I just
said a ramble again I was having a
conversation with myself this morning a
beautiful conversation enjoying the
holidays love the holidays and matter of
fact why do people reject the holidays
can we touch on that is that some type
some type of psychological dark place
this is America land of Bulgari you know
what it is consumerism we fight and we
show we do drugs we turn up on the dumb
shit it’s not a beautiful place isn’t
that a beautiful place if you got so
much goddamn culture you should be
living in in Europe somewhere Germany
Japan Switzerland this is America yeah
man happy holidays season’s greetings
but why do some people reject the
holidays is it a family issue do you
hate your family do you have a family
well if you don’t have a family make a
goddamn family make a family do you hate
your Ellington’s do you hate the fact or
the sight of your relatives do they know
you maybe it’s not your relatives maybe
you’re the problem maybe your relatives
come and look at you and say you know
this this this chick is still a piece of
shit and a loser maybe you don’t want to
face the truth
let me sit blow oj coffee’s got me going
can you tell
I love the holidays great times great
memories I think about my childhood
truth be told I mean you’ve heard me say
this before I need to start either
making some babies or taking care of
somebody else’s babies and give them the
childhood that I had hmm all sorts of
shit Christmas Day
come downstairs oh look at all this shit
Thanks thank the parents and just go get
right to it
Oh ripping shit open
why do people reject the holidays I
wrote something down here hall a second
are you a social engineer with regards
to some of the people that are out there
you know just because you got YouTube
and these other platforms that will
allow you to get up on there and to show
your your raw ass
are you a social engineer I’ve had to
learn over the years how to harness my
ego and how to be more of a businessman
yes Freud terrain is a businessman you
know Troy training gonna sit here and
tell you about the fucking bars and the
beats off of some of your favorite
hip-hop albums but I’m gonna tell you
about the mechanics and how the deal is
structured and how to save your ass if
it comes down to a legal situation but
are you a social engineer this game
right now is a game of business more
than ever before business business over
bullshit remember it’s just say that
business over bullshit
if you don’t make dollars that don’t
make sense remember that many people
used to say that back in the 70s and 80s
if it don’t make dollars it don’t make
sense do you know how to take the wheel
and get you some scrub up off of this
thing called social media and the
DJ alias and I were texting this morning
saluting each other appreciating each
other so much respect for that man he’s
part of the a big part of the reason why
I was able to learn how to play this
game of social media and how to get the
bag remember me and DJ alias 2014 or
2013 actually talking about donations
some people say donations as nigga must
be broke now look at the babies yo if
you like to show the cash once upon a
what does that nigga talking about
PayPal I’m rambling pardon me if you’re
new to this show this might be a
throwaway show these are the
conversations I have with myself in the
morning just like this out loud
I don’t mumble like somebody keeps
sending me emails about Jersey City well
what’s going on in Jersey City there a
black revolution hmm so niggas getting
down for the get-down
and get to you shortly I’m doing me
right now enjoying the holiday season
asking the question is helping people
really worth it and do they come back
and say hey thank you do they come back
and say thank you rarely do I see
someone in my comments of the
rebroadcast saying yo that nigga Starr
helped me once upon a time not that once
you’re sucking my dick it’s a horse job
I got a horse for that but rarely if
ever do I see someone in the comment
section saying yo that nigga helped me
get the bag once upon a time is helping
people really worth it
let’s go to the phone lines she was
shaking in the world good afternoon
have you a coat 9 5 4 are you there 9
are you just listening yo yes sir good
afternoon two years
oh okay I’m 20 I’m 20 Colorado on
Broward County okay 305 yes sir how can
we help you
so I thought the first one right I
already do all that Alright helping cuz
I R so I go to school and um in the West
High Chronicle made out the little
whatever right and like I come back my
mom telling me my friends i suicidal I’m
like yo I watch out for I ain’t trying
to you got yourself okay so are you are
you in a good place right now at 20
years of age or are you trying to figure
it out still there’s like half and half
okay I got much reject three I mean I’m
in videography I do freelancers though
okay but like no I’m saying exactly
struggling this to you said niggas is
always out here struggling or you who’s
struggling not they like okay um
referring others right I’m not like I’m
not I’m going upwards biggest oh here
doing the same shit I’ll be right by my
old high school I see things I graduated
with on they bikes in front of the front
of school right
okay wait hang on a second now you don’t
look down upon them do you because you
know a lot of times people leave a
certain area or hood as you just said
and then they come back and they look
down upon people you don’t look down
upon people do you it’s like if you’re
not doing nothing
yeah but if you if you if I see you make
an effort then you know saying I’m a see
you as an equal
okay well I personally don’t look down
upon people I mean I always find myself
you know being intertwined with the
bullshit or those that may not
necessarily be of my caliber and and I
enjoy that because if I can help them
then I do but now at the same time I
don’t I don’t take it to the extent of
risking my life you feel me but you’re
20 years of age you’re 20 years of age
and you still got a lot of growing to do
right now so there’s nothing coming
there’s nothing wrong with coming back
to the hood as you said and see a nigga
smoked and Reggie and turnt up off the
lien they’re trying to find themselves
you know try to find themselves yeah
it’s like you got a you got a tryna get
this hit by like 25 so you don’t be 60
pushing carts out public well you’re
from a different generation and you’re
not gonna figure it out by 25 no most
males in my opinion don’t figure it out
until they’re close to 40 so you’ve got
some growing to do in my opinion justice
enjoy your life and uh don’t look down
upon people but that means anything to
you okay all right thank you and salute
yes okay young man 20 years of age yeah
the direction of the discussion here
this is a discussion it’s not to look
down upon anyone as I said earlier I
will always if I can help someone even
though my mother said to me well you
know what let me not with people my
parents said to me because it’s
different during time and let me not
quote my father either nope not today
somebody sent me an email about Jersey
City black Israelites getting down for
their crowns okay okay
I’m not the speed I’ve just focused
elsewhere this morning but if someone
wants to call in that’s fine Jersey City
New Jersey huh
okay okay more emails about Jersey City
and the kosher deli ha Oh
sookie sookie now huh sounds like that’s
a story within itself 7:02 pow
good afternoon sir sends in a cash yep
salute boss nigger coffee on deck okay
yeah I go with black coffee you know
what once in a blue moon I’ll put some
cream and it you know one sweet low and
in the coffee usually I go I go with the
black coffee because my father drank
black coffee always and the black coffee
pushes me over the edge you know
start having too many conversations
throughout the day hey Linda thank you
so much
she says brilliant minds think aloud
thank you darling thank you for your
cash at you appreciate it okay and
another article on Jersey City okay guys
I’m gonna spend a little time with that
Jersey City stuff and maybe we’ll
address that if I do a show this evening
grand finale
good afternoon sir he says the best
conversations I’ve ever had is with
myself yes I’ve been saying that for
years my mother gave me a couple of
books back in the mid-80s with regards
to linguistics and things like that that
really helped me throughout life you
know and talking to oneself mr.
good afternoon sir he says I sent an
email okay give me some time I will get
to that right now I’m enjoying this fine
cigar and a conversation with myself and
the camera just happens to be here in
front of me but I’m really talking to
myself and have some of you noticed you
know years ago and uh I’ll be talking to
someone and then I’ll I’ll push the
button on the mixer and I’ll say
Snickers Wow and pay attention or
something something pay attention pay
attention that’s really me talking to
myself and you’re witnessing that and
when I see other people do that I smile
I say they’re affected by the hate not
affected infected by the hate objective
ate ok mr. Rosenberg says Christmas is a
watered down version of uh okay it was
the purge of its time okay there was a
time when you were able to have sex in
the streets murder people and freely
exist for 12 days hashtag 12 days of
Christmas yes I’m not very religious but
in Jeremiah the Bible speaks okay okay
sir do you want to call in with regards
to that
the history of Christmas yes the history
of Thanksgiving the history of Halloween
and there’s history yes and the history
has been twisted and misconstrued we
live we also live in a land of
propaganda not taking away to get away
from what you’re saying sir but the
babies don’t need to know that history
respectfully the babies just need to
come downstairs and see all the goddamn
lights the shit beaming and gleaming
it’s a yeah or whether it’s Hanukkah
Kwanzaa the black folk still appreciate
Kwanzaa anyway mr. Rosenberg thank you
for your long email if you want to call
in you know you you you uh you’re always
welcome he was talking about rejecting
the holidays and he gives a nice
breakdown of the history
hey Evan he sends in a afternoon cache
absolute holidays were and are still the
ish to me yeah consumerism you know
truthfully I’m I’m still a Toys R Us kid
Toys R Us Oh back in this 70s Lord Jesus
damn nearly have an orgasm going up in
that place all these shelves in the
bikes 702 pouchette store have you seen
the Netflix film yardie question mark
it’s not you need to and it was a sci-fi
type film
I don’t know yo D I’ll google it is that
the film from this the late 70s 1979 I’m
thinking of something different do you
want to call in 702 pal I’ll google it
but off the top I can’t say yes I don’t
want it you know just say something
that’s not true I’ll Google is sir okay
let me a second um let’s go to area code
nine one seven nine one seven – OH – I’m
just rambling about helping people
voila are you there yes sir
going on vitamin out of Brooklyn hey
yeah what’s going on man yeah I want to
speak on this holiday thing man I have
to keep it real
um this year I actually rejected the
holidays um I rejected the holidays
because I realized that one you know
this is the season to spend you know
this is where people start getting loose
with the money right so spending
unnecessarily whether it is dinners
drinks people start feeling extra jolly
start buying people drinks at the bar
right people you don’t even know why you
would drink
you know I mean because it’s just a
season and and they say that this is the
first year that the spending has gone
into the trillion dollar path the
trillion dollar mark terms of how they
shopping okay so you know I I realized
that you know every year this this year
comes around you know and if you’re like
the head of your household you’re the
man or whatever you start getting
stressed up because you have to you have
to you know make things to given things
given has to be lit you gotta you gotta
spend all money on things give it then
you got to spend money on Christmas in
the new year’s come you got to find a
near party to be it it’s like um it’s
like a never-ending cycle put on you
never exactly it’s like a stress that’s
put on you during the holiday season
that you don’t that’s just put on you
and you just feed into it every year
yeah so this year I made a conscious
decision not even to do nothing on
things given not to nothing on Christmas
and probably not doing on New Year’s
what I mean don’t even don’t even watch
the ball drop just go to sleep caucus a
normal day wake up to 2020 you know I
mean you’re a straight hater I’m
fighting straight hater no you know what
it is this is the first year you know
what I mean cuz in the past years I
spent the money right I bought the gifts
I did all the sly stuff and then it’s
like when it blows over
everyone goes right back to normal and
if you want to tie that into not not
appreciating help people don’t care you
know people they don’t remember um two
years ago he bought me this or three
years ago she bought me that it’s just
like it’s temporary happiness for the
seasonal time and now that I went back
to the same old stuff so
okay if I can jump in if I can jump in
are you married do you have children
I know I’m not married but I don’t have
biological children but I have little
brothers that I hold down and you know
for them okay hang on hang on now you’re
talking to a man 55 years of age I’ve
got a girlfriend off and on I like her I
like her she likes me am I in love no
but I like her
if she’s got two kids and whether
they’re my biological kids or not it’s
it’s great to see those little life
forces who at this point in time their
minds are not polluted it’s great to see
them just smile and say yeah
PlayStation that’s what it’s about I
that’s not about you is that about me my
mother and father my father was a
hardcore hater I’m not gonna go back
into his his philosophy and who he
didn’t allow in the house but you know
Christmas let’s get it poppin see the
popping I completely agree with you when
it comes to the youth you know what I
mean and it goes to you know I did all
that I did all that flat stuff I took
the young’uns to Rockefeller Center and
saw the tree get lit up I Whittemore
took them the go see well don’t stop it
never stops you should do it until you
die until until you’re in the fucking a
fucking coffin how dare you stop keep
doing it for the young ones young ones
for myself I’m not psychologically gonna
keep feeding into this because I know
what it is you know what I mean well
serve respectfully maybe it’s time and I
say this with all due respect maybe it’s
time to put the Mossberg in your mouth
when you don’t want to help others sorry
I let you speak I’ll let you speak I
don’t mean to be crude but when you get
to the point where I don’t wanna fucking
help these people if people are beneath
me yeah
it’s time for you to suck that Mossberg
yeah well it when it comes to helping
people I help people a lot you know I
mean in any way that I can I try to help
people you know what I mean but one
thing I realize about helping people is
that a lot of people don’t really go
back and pay they don’t care they you
know you could have been the one to give
people they start their break because
you could help someone with a ride to
you could help someone with many things
you could have put money in people’s
pockets and people money well when it
comes down to it no they don’t care you
know people don’t have like a
revisionist history
they feel like they did it all what was
so respectful we’re talking about two
different things here why do people
reject the holidays and also the other
topic is it really is helping people
really worth it but but in terms of the
children I don’t think you should ever
stop you know because again those little
life forces they’re looking to you to
guide them love them and protect them
okay it might take some more calls of
course Thank You Man thank you no doubt
yes sir absolutely yeah I’m rambling in
case you’re new to the show might be a
throw away I just wanted to get some of
this out hold on a second something else
here I stumbled upon this morning
Joyner Lucas threatens to unleash Jay
Cole Kendrick on Nick okay we’ll get to
that later on Nick Cannon get to that
how’re you guys doing in the live chat
good afternoon
Cole babies on deck was popping huh
happy holidays store I can’t speak on
kids cuz you don’t have any now hell I
don’t I got thousands of kids they’re
called trolls the hell I don’t
I see myself and a lot of people and I
love it I love it you you’ll never hear
me Sade stole my shit that’s being in a
sunken place I see the babies and I say
ah nice
nay’s especially people and I say this
respectfully especially people from the
inner cities the hood the projects when
I hear them mimicking something star I
said on the radio over the decades I
said ah look at that
look at that and I love it
I’ve got thousands of kids area code
four seven eight
season’s greetings happy holidays happy
who is that four seven eight you already
know star salute hey good tell me how
you figure rich okay doing all right man
yeah man is this this is a rich
fatherhood man on IG and sort of man
check out that page your own about about
rejecting the holidays I feel it’s about
like how you was raised higher household
raising I mean how your parents is I
mean brought up but on the points we
made it with the lad brothers I was on a
line I totally agree like you know let
the kids be kids like you know enjoy the
holidays being experienced in your the
lights you know I’m saying you know
that’s what it’s about at the end of the
day it’s about the children you know but
as they get up age you know it’s better
that we break it down so I’m little no
like this was really going on it’s not
really what you thought it was as a
child right no you know break it down to
and one day wants to get of age I’m
saying right I date women from time to
time and if they are religious I let
them do and say what they feel is the
best thing for their children even
though I’m a non-believer I’m not gonna
try and spoil the fucking moment you
don’t say that if you want to you know
put some religion on your door that’s
your child I’ll sit down and we’ll hold
hands we’ll pray I do that with my
mother and other people you know I’m
saying just enjoy the goddamn moment you
know no dough no dough and I like the
holiday season man you know like no low
snow hand there everybody in the holiday
spending money enjoying you know you
know it’s that time of the year America
that’s how we brought up and I enjoyed
it you know getting up early in the
morning I’m wrapping a gift
you know and also we have to think about
you know what you could put it into that
child’s mind later on in life they will
either respect you forgive you or
remember what you did for them or did
you do for them and then they will pass
that on you filming me my father was
hard core man I mean I’m not gonna go
into all that right now but you know he
let certain things go by that didn’t
necessarily connect to him when he was
raised in the south but he let me enjoy
the moment being raised in the north
you feel me Thanks yeah yeah and I got a
bit of both of like I was born know born
and raised Brooklyn New York for green
okay downtown but um I’m in Atlanta
right now so okay I got the best of both
worlds no I’m saying nice yeah yeah man
so yeah it was a good blend man oh the
culture shock at first but I got it just
you know price of living is cheaper less
pollution less traffic less assholes you
know did you bring your lady down here
oh you with the female down here from
down here now I’ve met my baby moms down
here what a mother my child let me take
that back I met the mother my child down
here in Georgia in Atlanta yeah so um
it’s kind of hard for me to leave that
down self right now being that my son is
here so you know and of course my son is
the inspiration you know for the whole
brand rich fatherhood you know I mean
he’s a whole inspiration floor so
everything you do now is for him to you
to learn everything thanks thanks my
life is over wait a minute about him
thank you back okay appreciate you
rambling on Wednesday afternoon hold and
sick let me get to some of these super
chats I appreciate the support
mmm how beautiful is that that the
admitted hater gets support by way of
super chat and cash yep you know you
have to learn how to turn the tide
if there was super chat and cash app in
the days when I was on the radio hot 97
and power 105 people that said hell no
I’m giving him nothing but to now turn
the tide and and the newer generation
who doesn’t know about those days nor
should they care they now send in
donations for the ISM and I appreciate
that hey there’s enough good afternoon
he says the holidays are meant to be
enjoyed every year from Thanksgiving to
New Year’s Day I cut people off that
don’t know how to be positive Church I
had a beautiful girlfriend from st.
Vincent she was in her mid-20s at the
time I think this was like 2010 and we
went we went out on was it Black Friday
oh do we have fun she had the fire
coochie – but you know just I wasn’t
gonna be a screwdriver people you know
fighting over shit oh we had fun
watching people brawl over the you know
carrying shit and and you know she she
enjoyed it
GMT warrior sends in a super jet I love
the holidays where I’ll buy into
consumerism and praying to a god I don’t
believe in so so I can feel all warm and
fuzzy inside
suckers shit okay like a blood clot
zette sends in his super jet a friend
kept complaining about his $10 out $10
$10 an hour job
what’s that so I got him a different job
in Manhattan ask how it’s going me and
he said it sucks and he hides in the
bathroom okay I don’t say about that but
thank you the monkey sure on the
check-in says it’s only worth being and
helping people who make the effort to
help themselves if a person doesn’t want
to crime no need to give them a boost
hashtag drop the mic very well said the
monkey shit
Malmo says Luke boss
what is this shout-out to Dennis
Rod’s illa ok I think that’s from
yesterday isn’t it
let me scroll down here some of this
something I’m missing cash okay thank
Oh 702 Pao Aegis Elba yardie no I don’t
think I saw that good film Christmas is
for the kids even if you personally are
not into it take care of the kids I
brought my son a Nintendo last year with
games over five hundred five hundred
dollars just sitting around
he don’t touch it he wants a ps4 here
isn’t that beautiful you worked hard to
buy him something that he played with
once or twice and then it’s and now it’s
in the fucking corner what you should do
in my opinion is save it or take a
picture and 15 years from now show it to
him hey remember I brought you this
thing here in the box you didn’t even
touch it I got all sorts of shit from
the 70s and the 80s still saved Thank
You 702 pal I did see a movie with Aegis
Elba he was playing some type of African
rebel I don’t think that’s Yuri though
but uh Thank You Man for your suggestion
I’ll try and check it out oh here’s badi
my alleged son
he says pops do you like American muscle
cars question mark okay check out my v8
you know daddy you might be my
biological son I remember your beautiful
mother’s face and yes I’m very much into
muscle cars I have I have several cars
from the late 60s and 70s in case you
don’t know they’re in upstate New York
they’re stored away that’s what I prefer
classic cars I’ll never again buy a Benz
or a Beemer I go for the classic cars
Thank You vadi and season’s greetings to
you hey uh Michael hold on a second sir
he’s on area code six one seven we see
if this is him right here hey Michael is
that you six one seven hello yeah hey
seasons greedy
yeah yeah yeah I like I like this topic
a lot man
you know I’m I’m someone who you know I
you know I you know I get a lot out of
you know helping other people and you
know whatever long my experiences and
you know I’m almost 38 years of this
planet is you know most of the time when
I help people I you know I I don’t get
something in return you know and and I
feel like that’s the case most of the
time but that that that’s not really the
point for me I mean it’s you know I you
know if I’m not able to to pass on or to
do something that can help someone else
then I don’t really feel all that great
about myself you know I kind of have to
do these things in order to really
appreciate you know what I’m giving to
this to this world or if I’m you know I
don’t want just be a you know just
someone whose faith in myself and it’s
selfish you know I just never liked that
type of character and a person but you
know I mean there’s a lot of times well
I’ll find myself in a situation where
someone will have you know you know back
that me wherever wasn’t I go well I did
all this for that person you know how
they not appreciated but it would at the
end of the day I continue to do it
because it’s not about whether or not
I’m going to be appreciated most the
time I’m not going to get you know
anything in return but just to my
experiences it makes me you know a
happier a happier guy and a there could
be a better person if you know keeping
that attitude that’s quitter if I can
just jump in for a second Mike and say
that you know there are not too many
true forms of altruism there are not too
many true forms of altruism and
especially today we have people that do
things for clout people that film
themselves doing things strictly
or a pat on the back you know I’m Sam
and I’m not yet I’m not gonna point to
anybody in particular again today we’re
just having a general conversation I’ve
had this same discussion over the years
and you have some people that just you
know whether they get out there and
they’re on a soup line helping other
people or celebrities a lot of times
they do that for clout so that other
people can see them into hell yeah
you’re giving back but if you really
really do it from the heart you’re not
looking for a pat on the back right I’m
sure with the with book wild president
oh you know by the way she runs a number
of fields number of houses that she uses
for women in recovery from alcoholism or
eating disorders and she and that that
part of the the purpose of the whole you
know AAA program is really about being a
better person and in general so you know
I do a lot of you know a lot of things
really just you know at the end of the
day she’s doing it could keep herself
well right but you know it’s still it’s
still like do I still see her going out
and doing things that she doesn’t have
to do just you know just just to help
someone else who who who needs to help
so you know that sounds like you got a
good woman man sounds like you got a
good woman yeah yeah yeah you know I
take a lot from each other but I like a
great topic thank you yes I’ll talk to
you soon take care Mike I’ve had some
good women over the years you know I
would be a liar and a fool to sit here
and say I didn’t have some good women
most of the relationships I fucked them
up you know
most of the women say you know just
you’re too much you know
you’re turning me into something that
I’m not or you’re you’re bringing out
something in me that is long gone I’m
good for that you know dig down deep who
are you baby
mentally massaging things here in the
mornings I don’t talk to myself too long
it’s usually for like an hour as I’m
starting my day you know sometimes I get
about the Ben say oh just like that I
just oh well it’s not for no reason it’s
kind of good charge you know like
putting some battery cables on your
nipples and that helps me it helps me uh
Johnny Storm atl was poppin said thank
you for donation so he says when you do
things for people expect to get slight I
think most of us expect something by we
have a negative you know reality shall
we say but that doesn’t stop me you know
a lot of times I look at people and I
say you know he or she doesn’t get it
right now maybe they’ll come back maybe
they won’t those who don’t then they
just don’t and you you have to find
comfort within yourself and say hey you
know hey I tried I tried tried to help
there’s my alleged son vadi sending me a
cache and he says good afternoon pops
Thank You Betty he’s doing good too from
what I hear Phillip grieving good
afternoon party they reject the holidays
because they broke
you know I didn’t want to say that but
yeah there’s a lot of people just you
know man fuck this holiday shit it’s a
smoke screen because they don’t have
money or they don’t have a partner
whether it partner be a male or female
who doesn’t necessarily look to the
money aspect of the holidays you know
there’s a lot of people out here that
you know don’t necessarily have to put
money into the holidays and they still
have a great time I’ve dated girls over
the years who were not into diamonds or
red bottoms or furs and shit like that
they just wanted to you know just recall
that you did they wanted to go down to
UM Rockefeller Center hold hands go go
ice skating and shit like that those are
the gems those those are the capers
thank you for your donation
Shabazz king peace she said starts
freakin on Christmas buying dollar tree
toys sir what’s that old saying
it ain’t trickin if you got it thank you
for your donation
my parents tricked on me a heavy and I
loved them for it and I you know I I did
everything I could before my father
passed away
tricked on him you know it’s a beautiful
thing man you know thank you donation
hey Satsuki sama six she says great
topic for the holidays helping people is
worthwhile and the payoff is that you
remained true to your nature after
dealing with my share of ingrates over
the years and contemplating pulling back
from being so generous and developing a
fuck people attitude from hurt I
realized that it’s simply not who I am
not going to fight my nature on account
of some in grades
after self-reflection and honoring of my
worldview I decided to continue to help
forward slash support people where I can
without any expectations from them okay
instead I walk my path and look to the
universe or God or whoever for the
self-development and provisions of my
needs for a continuous self-development
very well said very well said hang on a
sec let me just save that that’s uh
Satsuki summer six and she’s sent in a
Kashyap thank you darlin
vitamin the governor says vitamin on the
check in nine eleven seven let me see if
I can get that young man in here where
are you sir area code did I pick up your
call already maybe I did I don’t I don’t
see you in the queue nine eleven seven
or did you mean nine one for Missy nine
one seven second guys maybe I picked him
up with did you let me go area code two
one in the meantime hey Jill one you
there good afternoon
2:01 hello yeah what’s up what’s up how
are you what’s going on alright man
hanging out just listening ok listen to
you somebody’s uh crazy so she was doing
but I’ve decided to call in on the help
help joint arm yeah you you you should
help people but you have to be I guess
decisive on you’re gonna help that
everybody deserves your help and not
everybody who helped in it is really
asking for help the asking for a handout
right yeah you gotta know the difference
right a lot of people are are helping
people because they trying to get some
kind of payoff in the end if I do this
God gonna save me or I’m going to heaven
or or just niggas gonna let me date his
sister or you know just some whatever
whatever they think the payoff is and
then when they don’t get the payoff then
they want to curse helping people right
which is
not the gist of why you’re supposed to
be helping somebody that’s you’re
supposed to do it without looking for
any payback but you know in terms of I
gave you this now you give me this you
know that’s what people are looking for
that’s why the world is uh screwed up
but that doesn’t mean it there’s not
good people out there right and that is
not good women out there or good men out
there is what you choose to settle with
or which choose to look for what you’re
looking for most of the time what people
are looking for is the wrong thing for
them because they’re looking for some
type of gratification it’s my right like
if I can just jump in and say you know
sometimes I help people get the fuck
away from me let me help you right right
get the fuck from around me you’re
asking to borrow a hundred dollars but
I’m gonna give you 200 let me give you
two yeah I don’t loan money and they
give you two and and hopefully you will
duck and dodge me over there’s 200 right
yep let their own shame to them and say
ah but stay away from get away that’s
what makes the world go round it might
as you did on a tow foot that’s what I
won’t buy you know Jordans but I’ll give
you 200 and I hope that you you’ll say
something crazy I die nigga funny style
and I want that to cry I want that to
come back to me so I can see yeah well
hey you ripped me off my loss you know
facts yep yep that’s the truth all day
long all day long the holiday is – the
same thing with uh with the topic that
you’re talking about what the holidays a
lot of you know it is paganism and do
your own research once you are old
enough to it older didn’t know the truth
yeah when you get older like my parents
did on the Santa Claus and Jesus and all
that nonsense but I grew up and I found
out what it was what it really was but
you know for the children sometimes look
man children need to be children until
they’re not supposed to be children
anymore all that
is acting like little kids are supposed
to be grown little man man nigga four
years old man timberland boots and
dancing and little girl twerking like
all of that then niggas one of a just
want to be mad at you when when things
are not how they thought they was
supposed to be when they were younger
you you fifteen years only you talk
about you want to take your life but you
want to take somebody else’s life all
because you was acting like a grown man
when you were seven years oh I do have
to jump in and I do have to say that I
have had a few just a few girlfriends
over the years they were very very much
into like you know putting Gucci and all
sorts of fly shit on the kids when they
were very very young and I used to I
used to amp up the set and I wouldn’t
buy that type of stuff for a baby
because of course the baby or toddler
wouldn’t know you know Gucci from Prada
and all that other shit but you know I
would amp up the sense of girl we have
you you you you you have to work harder
this we can get more shit for the kids
more shit see if you start what you
talking about is is that see when they
young and they fly the girl right man
they getting they getting money from
other people they not experiencing the
worth of a dollar and they got their kid
in Gucci right so then when they get a
little bit older and he not as pretty
and the kid is getting older because
what you do is kids grow out of clothes
and sneakers and shoes really really
quick when they’re young right so now
the kid is getting older now he got the
size of a foot of a man and not him that
was $90 it’s now over $5 you’re not
pulling it in and now you want to blame
somebody for you not understanding the
worth of a dollar and this nonsense that
you out here buying and you don’t turn
the little kid into a man got him
looking like a clown got your daughter
looking like a clown or else some of
that shit look clownish it looks crazy
it’s not meant for some of it you know
let you get away with the red black and
the green but you can’t get away with
them turnt up shoes with the pointy with
the Bell on the tip like that she look
crazy you know but I hang on a second
because now times are different and
dunno a girl that she specializes in
clothes for toddlers babies and infants
and shiri sells them online so so she’s
making some money back and she’s making
money off of other people’s stuff she
goes I don’t a block Lauper out her I’m
her business but you know she goes to
other people collecting stuff but for
Goodwill you know it’s really sells it
look so all that sounds good but when
you live when you will you live in
whatever happened to our cars but
Garcia’s and Pro Keds for kids
oh sorry you’re talking that old shit
probe cancer come on that’s an old you
money them days is gone
this is listen okay eat no $300 sweater
you know nothing don’t know kid you know
look man Jordans okay but see now the
kids Jordan such is the Ben Jordan fit
back in the eighties very weak yeah like
come on man like weight abilities that I
saw this I’m gonna take smoke calls man
I thank you for calling and thank you a
man to lose yes always a pleasure
okay all right tool wanted to check him
I’m not gonna be here too much longer I
just again I just want to get this off
my uh my chest
I had a great conversation with myself
this morning and for those of you
parents who may have children that talk
to themselves you know there’s new
studies there’s new research there’s a
term now that they they’re using for
people who talk to themselves well it’s
not a new term but you know in third
person so so now it’s now it’s chic in
certain circles you know milking live
chat see does anybody who knows I’m
talking about somebody sit in my closet
is a polo boutique
it’s called crazy star now there’s a
term for it
is it is it ilysm how do you say that I
forget hold on a second you guys are
smarter than me and I’m a fucking
high-school dropout
hold on hold on
ain’t no turn star okay give me a second
google this I ll e is M goggle that I
had a girlfriend back in that was 88
smart mouth cave dweller I’ll just say
that she was going for her PhD she was
going to Columbia at the time and I was
talking to myself
in her apartment she said oh my god
you’re crazy and I said well Einstein
used to talk to himself and she said oh
no he didn’t and no dismissive and I
said well how do you know I said I did
the research Einstein used to talk to
himself in and host of others the black
man says there’s a term for our you know
crazy you’re crazy nigger white man sat
here and said no there’s a term for this
and so on somebody was oh my god really
I didn’t know that I ll e is M Google
that yeah okay cave-dweller coke a bitch
you know sniffing bluff nice little
meanie I mean that go that direction
well that bitch could sniff some coke
huh but when I started like you know
trying to you know add some interject a
little sensibility into the conversation
are you crazy
okay Gucci Marx sir I’m a dropout who do
you will this is something from last
night sir I’m rambling today and talking
talking to myself and the camera just
happens to be here if you know the
definite definition of things much
better than I do
congratulations you probably went to
college sir I did not go I should have
gone my parents had the money I chose a
different path thank you for your
donation I have to look things up so
right I still go to the library believe
it or not you know have you ever been to
the genealogy department sir in a
library genealogy Department you even
know what the fuck that is I know I
didn’t kill Malcolm X or FBI did
according to a jpg that’s debatable
that’s debatable even if even if people
see think and feel different it was a
black man that pulled the trigger
Wow Malcolm I loved the energy of
Malcolm X when he was in the Nation of
when I found out that he was a Taurus
like I used to be I used to be a Taurus
I became limitless in the late 80s I
don’t I don’t subscribe to astrology but
thank you evany the black man pulled
that trigger we can say this CIA killed
and whoever however black man pulled the
trigger huh
okay folks are sending me emails about
the Israelites oh the move okay you’ve
heard me put respect on the Israelites
many times over the years we had great
discussions st. John’s and Nostrand I
used to hide their guns for them
start snitching on the third floor in my
building eight to four Saint John’s
right next to Armstrong funeral home
because the cops kept reading there
their office Israelite so the truth
anybody want to call in who’s Israelite
him Carla so hey darling she sends in a
cash yet Jersey City shootout Blackie
has had enough yeah you know black he’s
now wearing Gucci sli’s so so I don’t
really think there’s gonna be a
revolution you know niggas is
comfortable you’ve heard me say that
before but thank you for your donation
is this Anita
pink five sugar is that Anita who did so
much work with star in the morning
you’ve heard me uh speak about Anita
before she says if that’s her if your
conscience is clear about what you’ve
done then there is nothing to talk about
I appreciate you I think that sir hey
Anita thank you darling for your
donation yeah a concerned citizen sends
in a super chat fuck helping the the
less fortunate
Oh especially when you mistake them for
equals niggas only understand one thing
hashtag no underscore true underscore
altruism okay
vacuum man on the check-in says some of
us with no family rather use the
holidays to sniff blow salute to you sir
I can on it I don’t to go back into that
that time period but I can honestly say
that you know in the eighties I used to
slow down around Christmas because you
know just it was the time to you know
just see family
and I used to meet my father for
breakfast when I moved out of Scotch
Plains New Jersey in 1981 to New York my
father used to come over from New Jersey
and we would meet and have breakfast for
years on Sunday mornings so I had to
slow down and blow cuz I kept me sitting
here with my father you know tweaking
and geek and he would he wouldn’t go for
no shit like that but salute to you
honey quartz on the check-in good
afternoon sir helping others helps you
the key is finding those who are looking
for help instead of trying to force your
ideas on those who are stuck in their
ways fax fax Carrizo I was in the
holiday spirit
until I I heard vitamins depressing call
okay tell that man to jump off the top
of the Marcy projects
you fucking Scrooge shit okay Hades
enough says a couple more dollars for
the machine that Aegis up a movie with
him running around African militia was
best me beasts of no nation yeah no that
was a crazy from home a second me Google
that make sure guys
yeah oh that was a crazy film 2015
beasts of no nation Aegis Elba I want to
speak about some of the things that you
know happen in that film but yeah a
civil war rages in Africa fierce warlord
trains a young orphan to join his group
of guerrilla soldiers crazy film 2015
anybody know what I’m talking about
someone says stars gang was called
shower Posse no sir the shower Posse was
too gangster for me oh I wasn’t built
for that I hung out with them had great
times great memories but they were too
gangster you know for real for real
whoa GTM warrior sir did you ever hang
or do drugs with Joey Diaz in the 80s as
you as you’re both a similar age from
New Jersey no I didn’t I don’t think I
no I don’t know what when you say hang
out nah I don’t wanna keep talking about
this I hung out with females you know I
didn’t snip blow with guys you know
respectfully today and that’s what kind
of weirds me out about the newer
generation you guys will stand around
and and and swipe spit on blunts you’re
passing fronto leaf white housing Dutch
masters to the next man he’s putting his
saliva on it and then passing it back to
you oh oh that’s disgusting
I think that’s what kind of turned me
off about smoking weed back the days you
know niggas a white shit around their
lips snot running down their mouth
coffin licking the blunt and they’re
gonna pass this shit to me hell naw
I remember buckwild and all his friends
back in Crown Heights we used to have
the cookie parties and in the game room
these niggas would have died that the
fucking insides of the White House all
over the goddamn bathroom they licking
his shit and passing it back and forth
early in the morning disgusting but
thank you for your donation I’m rambling
pardon me brother mo says I’ve been
fuckin my money money up all week to see
my wife /kids
and side bitches smile on December the
25th fifth pour me
hashtag fucker Grinch Christmas is
poppin yeah man you know if I can just
be a little vulgar here you know some of
the best pussy is Christmas pussy huh
can I get an amen some of the best pussy
is Christmas pussy damn daddy you bought
all this for the kids let me drop down
and get my Eagle on for you daddy
you want to put it where okay no problem
daddy amen Christmas pussy got it edit
that out okay
area code two five four good afternoon
to five four year there hey hey how are
you sir yes sir
all right you hear me no problem
oh yeah man order Scotty be taking it
from the k-map been rocking which a long
time plate to the top please man about
the helping other people
me personally broke me personally I
don’t mind helping people but I live in
Austin so there’s a lot of bums homeless
people everywhere I will never give a
white banner dollar if I fight ever
okay good so my thing is bitch you got
white flesh that’s at least a honey cake
you mess up your life bro don’t sin if I
were Thomas you wouldn’t help me out
either so I pretty much don’t even
pretty much help my people cuz if the
shoes on the other foot on the other
foot they probably wouldn’t do it to me
so that’s how I fell on that and you
know as far as the holidays I just think
we just live in a culture this world
enough bro and plus is just like I mean
me as a black man I don’t celebrate none
of this shit to be honest with you I
mean I mean I I’ll keep the spirit up
for my family you know I got it I got a
son I celebrated for him but me
personally on whatever I don’t I don’t
so you’re not a Christian by any chance
then correct you’re not a Christian not
at all okay
not at all right just checking what what
I do believe in a higher power is not
just not what the last minute
no okay I think for the calm and
saluting thank you
I thought I won yes sir my father was on
it like that he believed in a higher
power but you know just certain things
he wasn’t wit you know right now uh
garden boy King 24 in the Czech and he
says boss nigga start on the check in
for lunch break yes sir so
times I’d call this the old nigga at
noon you know proud of my aids part of
my generation start
did you see the Netflix World War two
flick restored in color I’m not sure sir
which one you’re talking about I
canceled my Netflix account about a
month or so ago I watched pretty much
all of the sci-fi movies that they had
and I just I didn’t wanna see you know
you know horror films and comedies and
shit like that so if you can send me a
link I’d appreciate that I appreciate
your donation but I’m not sure which one
you’re talking about in terms of you
know watching things that were restored
in color I pretty much watch the Third
Reich films you know you know I’m
talking about Adolf I watched those in
color the ones the ones that have been
colorized okay vitamin the governor
sends in another cash app let me see if
I get mine did you did I get along yet
sir nine one seven I think I did know he
called an already pardon me vitamin
salute to you man thank you for your
donation what time is it okay a little
more time left here okay and vadi my
alleged son I have to say alleged son
because who knows he might try and Sue
me one day for back child support
hey Mecca Mecca sends me emails she says
federal agents were reportedly tipped
off yeah that that’s a couple of days
ago Mecca uh the the pilot I think juice
world’s pilot I saw that what’s today
Wednesday was it yesterday or the day
before I forget the pilot is the one
supposedly who called the cops and the
FBI and supposedly he was already under
investigation okay Mecca she says their
drugs conducted a search yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah thank you darling
you are appreciated okay now okay daddy
sent me a video Kay Thank You Betty I’ll
check that video after the show
Shabazz King says to some the holidays
are the holidays yeah listen I’m not
saying that everybody should enjoy the
holidays because some people have bad
memories some families get the fighting
and tussling shooting you know all sorts
of shit and it’s it’s a bad memory of
those times
wasn’t there a story let me look in
larger guys wasn’t there a story around
Thanksgiving time a mother shot her
daughter in the chest
anybody heard about that yes sometimes
it’s not good for family to get together
because you know all that baggage from
the past somebody says the wrong goddamn
thing Bob told you stop trying me been
telling you for 23 years stop trying me
you know yeah I remember that shit you
did back 85 bound make your kids our
orphan orphans you’ve got the right one
okay and uh Rick be thanked I got your
email what is just something about okay
I’ll come back to
Sall G 102 holidays can be depressing
when family has passed okay okay I’m
again I’m I’m talking to myself today
you guys just happened to be listening
in you know if it’s not a good time for
you you know I don’t to say I got
nothing with great memories thank you
for your donation Sal G 102 okay so am I
talking about sponsoring the show
area code nine one six
good afternoon nine one six season’s
greetings happy Kwanzaa hey hey hey
happy Kwanzaa Happy Hanukkah happy all
that hold that girl tight if you got a
woman that you love hold her tight
because let me tell you I lost the love
of my life about four months ago and I’m
suffering this is gonna be a hardest
Christmas I don’t ever had so if you got
a girl that you love and you let your
negative energy and your bad energy
getting away you need to clean that bad
energy and hold that woman tight because
I learnt my lesson star I’m alone on
this Christmas come on my woman come on
now what are you trolling are you
serious you serious no no I’m I’m dead
serious I asked he called you a couple a
couple months ago when it happened and
God show advice okay but I wanted to I
wanted to dovetail on something you just
said you said a lot of the women that
you you’ve had a lot of good women in
your life in you and they’ve left you
they’ve ran away because it was too much
I relate to that I recently lost the
love of my life because you know going
onto the show you had yesterday I had
negative energy and it got into the way
in a relationship and now I see what I
but there’s no there’s no redemption
because when a woman is done she’s
essentially done right do you have any
regrets star for the the great women
that you kinda you know the
relationships that you kind of screwed
off honestly no like you look
do I think about some of them from time
to time yes but do I hear do I say I
wish I could get her back no no you know
why do you know why I can tell you why
because because I love myself more than
I ever loved them I liked a lot of them
okay you know I’m saying but just you
know it’s ultimately it’s about my
happiness and if if for whatever reason
for whatever reason you weren’t happy in
my mind you didn’t you didn’t break
yourself enough you didn’t you didn’t
say hey you know what I’ve got to try
harder for this guy he’s a total asshole
he’s a total narcissist but he does the
right thing and and I don’t put my hands
on females in those and I’ll say some
crazy shit to you I’ll work you like a
chicken bone up and Harlem I’ll work you
like a chicken bone up in Harlem
mentally to the point where you’ll start
losing weight and say you know you’re
stressing me and I got to get the fuck
away from you but do I do I miss miss
one of them to the point right and want
to reach out and say hey I want to do
right no no when the woman tells you
that it’s becoming too much that it’s
weighing her down you don’t all ask
yourself what can I do to save this
relationship because that’s the red flag
right there when a woman lets you know
that she’s exhausted you don’t ever want
to shape up no no because I’m the
ultimate man okay well I mean okay hear
me now now it gets a little weird it
gets low weird and spooky I’m an atheist
but I do believe in something and that’s
me I believe in myself none greater none
greater okay
bow down break yourself I don’t need you
kissing my ass I’m talking about in
terms of a relationship with a female
there’s no upgrade okay there’s no
upgrade you could go ahead and get
yourself an NBA player who gets 30
million years
bitch there’s none greater but okay okay
well with that logic
how can a brother like me in my
situation articulate to the woman who
left me that I’m ready – I’m ready to
make it work because I agree with some
of what you said but I feel like a man
he’s in his he’s at his best when he
forms that union with a woman you know
that starless let’s keep it real you
know you know you’ll be lonely some days
oh no sir no sir on your hold on post
hold on no sir am I alone sir I’m trying
wet and have a conversation am I alone
am i lonely no no I I can holler at five
girls right now half my age firm tone
titties that stand up and I can go I can
go cuff them and I can bring him into my
world but but that doesn’t necessarily
mean that’s gonna make me anything
better I’ve already said I’m the grand
prize okay hang on with regards to what
you’re saying
with sir I’m the one what he found the
one I’m the one are you listening I’m on
my own now respectfully okay respect are
you a father do you have kids I’m not a
father and that was part of the problem
you know I was very anti children you
know and I think after her you know
listening to me talk like that for a
while she said you know what I’m wasting
my time with this nigger let me keep it
you know she’s 30 I’m 36 and now I’ve
had these epiphanies since we’ve been
apart realize like that’s wifey that’s
the woman I do want to have children
with but it’s hard it’s hard to convince
her that because for so long that’s I
displayed the exact opposite you know
I’m sick I’m trying to get my career
poppin off you know so I’ve been having
a really hard time juggling all that but
now I look back and I realized damn
that’s wifey that was that was the one
for me and she’s gone because I fucked
up well sir I can’t speak and I don’t I
can’t speak for you I don’t know you
but with regards to you know children
and things like that you’ll never hear
me clown a man who has children because
once again once that beautiful little
life force comes into the picture it
looks at you you look at it it breaks
you you see ultimately that’s what I’m
avoiding I’m aborting that little life
force that’ll fuck you up
now now you say it breaks you
emotionally are you talking about
financially it’s gonna break you every
everything it brings you in half and
these life suckers they know it and
that’s and that’s why that’s why they’re
they they’re in a rush to give it to you
because they want to break you sir
breakdown you’re 36 you said yes yes
yeah what’s your rush what wait you get
what you get to be 50 that then you can
start talking about with where’s wifey
well it’s not about to be in a rush III
genuinely don’t feel like I’m gonna find
another woman like the one that I had
you know and I really feel the regret
sitting in on my head like a sick crow
you know I really feel it I lost one of
the greatest women I’ve ever had you
know so I’m just trying to if anybody’s
out there listening and they having
problems you know fight for that shit
because once you lose her she’s gone you
know we all can’t be like you star you
know you know I know so I’m not saying
be like me a hang in a second let’s not
do that listen I do that I’m not saying
be like me my happiness is something
that’s totally different from your
happiness you’re happy I have no idea
what your happiness is I can say that
Who I am truly I’ll be a happy brother
right well so what’s stopping you from
getting her back what’s stopping you I
have some things I need to see that she
didn’t feel my love I wasn’t affection
well why don’t you prove to her your
lover damn everything damn you up your
mother damn your your family go get her
back what’s stopping you her family a
lot of shit is stopping me you know I
just I can’t I can’t just pop up on her
you know our trust me I’ve already done
all that you know why don’t you crawl on
your knees
hands and beggar see that works beggar
I would never beg but that might work
for you that might be a philosophy that
we go beggar man beggar no I think that
takes away from my level of integrity
because at the same time I need to
respect the fact that she told me you
know she needs space right sir it might
be time to wake up and smell the coffee
but I got to go Thank You Man thank you
all right I think yeah I I can’t help us
imp respectfully I mean no disrespect I
can’t tell you how how to go beg I never
begged never ever I would never buy a
woman a wedding ring never when I get
married you better believe the wedding
ring will be put on my finger I don’t
wanna start talking crazy we’ve been
having a good morning afternoon here I’m
talking to myself right now I would
never buy a ring where’s my ring
where’s my gold band where’s the diamond
in my ring niggas falling down for the
cootchie it’s just cootchie it’s just
couch he bleeds every 30 days if you
don’t you don’t soak it it stinks I mean
it’s Kochi let me shut this show that
I’m doing too much right now we’ve had a
good time shit hang on a second who’s on
the line 403 on the check in here
somebody sent today super Chad hey is
that 403 on the check-in hello hello
it’s going so good afternoon season’s
greetings happy Kwanzaa and all that
Papa me how are you NoDo season
greetings to your soul star yeah man and
then I decide this last caller has me
dying we’re on two different ends of the
but uh I’ll be coming last man I just
want to break it off my girl the other
night she wasn’t having that shit okay
and I’d be coming home and shit half my
blood that I left in the morning smoke
no dishes done the dogs looking at me
crazy because she ain’t gone out on a
walk I’m like god damn like what am I in
this for you know what I mean okay
so I mean and obviously she got fired
kuchi cuz I’m putting up with this shit
like you said it’s just coochie you know
it’s just coochie man so I like I said I
try to break it off so many times but
I’m in a certain position where I got a
I got a play it safe you know what I
mean but even kids give kids absolutely
not I’m 25
mind you I got a listen I would never
try and clown how the next man maneuvers
you’re 25 you you live with her yeah
yeah I live with her okay well she lives
with me let me let me go oh you let her
move in oh yeah I fucked around and got
too excited you’re under the spell of
the couch he admitted you minded a spell
yeah you you face it every day you smell
it you look at it you deal with it you
tolerate it and that’s and that’s just
what it is yeah how long have you guys
live together ah three years oh I’m
losing track it’s all one big miserable
it’s a big blur are you gonna have kids
are definitely a man I I mean I want you
but I gotta get the bank right first you
know how old is she you’re 25 you said
how old is she yeah I’m 25 she’s 24 mmm
get married now don’t be a coward do it
if you’ve lived with her for three years
listenmi listenmi listenmi do it now
because if you wait another year
you’re gonna start thinking different
she’s giving you three years put a ring
on it man suck it up suck it up man are
you setting me up for some bullshit
I’m being objective here and that’s not
what I would do but I can be objective
and say you’ve been with three years
what else is it you’re looking for we’re
looking for marriage isn’t my thing I’d
rather do a trust fund before I did some
marriage or some shit like that but I
feel like that that stuff is it’s just
too uh I don’t want to say traditional
but I just don’t believe in it there’s
too much business behind it you know
well respectfully you’ve been living
together for three years so clearly if
she doesn’t give a shit about whether
you uh you know are rich or not so she’s
already she’s only giving you the prime
of her life she’s 24 stop being a coward
Mary let’s not get it twisted though
like she’s living with me and she don’t
want to leave because her life done got
a whole lot better living me like I said
like that that half blunt came free you
know you know what I mean them dishes
ain’t clean I clean them dishes so like
I could see why she’s putting up with me
you know I didn’t mean like anyone we
got you cleaning the dishes and I want
to get bogeyman Hey
I wish you the best minute hey my mama
my mama raised me right man you know I
can’t stand around and watch it sit
around you know Thank You Man thank you
for your support thank you thank you
yeah gonna get married man stop stop
don’t don’t front to me ah she puts that
coochie on you and you crumble I think
ooh is that you set hold on a second
hey goo is that you clap too yeah you
got it hey what’s up man you got it
what’s going on man how are you man I’m
not bad man just what I’m good man I
just wanted to thank you man
okay okay you know you want you know I’m
getting a lot of calls that’s yeah I
think I got something I think I got some
good ones you know nice in the hang on a
second if I can just tell some of the
people who are listening who do not know
you and I are associates we’ve hung out
on a few occasions
you are a yeah a consultant and a music
industry expert I’m gonna say expert man
you know how to help people whether they
be writers singers producers artists who
may have had deals and they don’t know
that they are owed money by way of
publishing and what else what am I
missing here I mean it could be
publishing artists royalties you know
things like that money offer features
you know digital world to use from sound
exchange it could be you know different
you know royalties out there no
performance royalties mechanicals sync
money so you know we just try to check
all streams make sure that you have the
proper writer credit make sure that you
know the arm registrations are going
through the duty all those properly make
sure that you getting all your money
right now goo do you have a website or
something I can pin to the top of my
comment section so people could just go
right to you yeah no I’m oh no I’m build
I’m building one you know it’s about
time I got one buys it I’ve had one for
like a year I just have to put it up
okay I got to add some stuff to it so
with regards to your services if people
want to contact you they is there a
certain email address or should I just
forward that stuff to you how do you
want to you know yeah you could just
yeah the same yeah you could use the
same email address and I’ll I’ll contact
them the same day okay me you know
chances are within that with chances all
within hours right and I’ll let them
know if it makes sense that their
situation makes sense or not cool cool
cool cool good to talk to you man I’m
getting young let me slide up I’ve been
here a little too long man but yeah all
right thank you thank you yes be good
okay all right yes the homie gu all
right finish talking to myself and you
just happen to be you know paying
attention let me put my banner on the
screen here
let me put my GoFundMe up here if
anybody wants to you know support the
Machine I promote other people and I’m
I’m glad to promote it other people in I
always will but I’m going to put one
banner on the screen if you want to
support the machine and I will try and
see you guys tonight it’s already close
to 2:30 but I think I got all the super
chats and cache shots hang on a second
vacuum man I got him did I miss anybody
100 Acre Woods hit is enough like a
blood clot zette the monkey shit did you
yes I did okay I’m gonna try and see you
this evening I’m not sure what I got
planned but if I don’t see you tonight
I’ll see you tomorrow which will be
Thursday alright be safe
mmm enjoy the rest of your day
take care

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