Is Colin Kaepernick Serious About Playing Football?


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Colin Kaepernick flew into Atlanta on Thursday to get ready for his NFL workout — and our sources say he’s already in game mode. Kap touched down around 5 AM in hopes of getting through the airport without fanfare — and he pretty much did. We’re told he was with a very small group of people and the person who shot the pic tells us, “He looked like he was focused.” Of course, Colin was decked out in Nike gear — no shock considering he has a deal with the Swoosh, which has stuck with him through everything. Next up for Colin … showtime on Saturday — when roughly a dozen NFL teams will have reps at the Atlanta Falcons facility to evaluate the 32-year-old.


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Hey Star report ak8 star in the morning
Friday very early how are you how are
you um folks I was headed out to the gym
this morning as I do I fixed my way
Baalak shake took a b12 shot and I
started thinking about this Colin
Kapernick circus that’s coming to
Atlanta I live in Atlanta I have to be
there this Saturday uh Chuck no joke and
I were texting as I said on last night’s
show last night and this morning we’re
now in seek of press credentials this is
gonna be a circus I’m not interested in
any type of afterparty I’m sure there
will be after parties but I’m doing a
little research right now and I’m gonna
be late to the gym hopefully I’ll get
there like around 12 noon yeah but um I
just want to explore a few things here
as you know I don’t like to do
conspiracies but I’m starting to think
this is some type of combined effort and
what I need to know from some of you or
anybody who has knowledge of the Atlanta
Falcons what is Matt Ryan’s a contract
looking like Matt Ryan the current
quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons his
Colin Kaepernick coming to the Falcons I
mean that that would be the fly nigga
shit I’m sorry
Atlanta is poppin in case you don’t know
all the big conventions all the films
are being made here we recently just saw
their revolt conference I myself went to
the Bronner brothers hair show that was
here back in August Tyler Perry studios
it’s crazy here all the big conventions
and all the the gatherings here of
Candace Owens just had the blech sick
whore blech sick event here a couple of
Sundays ago
why Atlanta for Colin Kaepernick to do
his work out why Atlanta and I’m combing
through again as I was heading
out the door to go to the gym
and they posted a picture last night on
TMZ at 12:50 a.m. of colin kaepernick
walking through the airport so now we
have paparazzi hanging out at the
Atlanta Airport 1 o’clock in the morning
or is that some type of plant you know
the photographer oh and he’s got there
the cool Nike logo yeah he did the old
Nike we know that and he’s he’s carrying
some book what is the book and the book
is it’s very neatly placed so you can
see the cover now I can’t see it my eyes
Roberta what’s going on here I hate to
do conspiracies because if I start going
in that direction then I’ll be talking
about hey they’ve been living on Mars
for 20 years already phone lines open
hang on a sec let me make sure
everything’s working here I was
literally out the door out the damn door
and then I just I said wait a minute
yeah joke and I need press credentials I
have to be there Saturday here in
Atlanta hey good morning in the live
chat how you guys doing I’m sipping
coffee hey hey okay
golde was popping he says pimps up Laura
red say Laura what’s in there fresh
veggies that name fresh veggies um
speaking of veggies guys I may need to
seriously find some type of vegan either
restaurants or some type of a market
here in Atlanta where I can eat more
veggies and stuff like that last night I
had some I’m embarrassed even say it
some sweet and sour pork disgusting I
ate half of it and threw the rest in the
yard for the guy damn the Fox and the
stray cats I’ve got two stray cats now
that have been coming through the yard
and I’m feeding them your same anyway um
yeah the Colin Kaepernick circus coming
to Atlanta this weekend
and the story on TMZ says that he flew
in at 5:00 a.m. but yet they have the
picture here post it at 12:50 a.m. am I
what rappers are going to be in town
this weekend and the hit piece on Dame –
that was a hit piece I’m sorry you know
last night I touched on it and and and
again I’m I like Dame talking about boss
moves and things like that you know
being independent but was that designed
to tear him down
TMZ came right at his neck POW he’s
broke he needs help
maybe I’m reaching maybe jay-z and Colin
Kaepernick are at odds but people are
already saying jay-z helped organize
Jigga man’s Illuminati let’s not play
that game is dig a man down with this
will there be a concert we were joking
last night about a concert in Atlanta
this Saturday hoes in town let’s go to
phone lines early
hey good morning 7 1 8 I’m just doing
some research about the Colin Kaepernick
circus oh you have to speed seven eight
yeah I’m up to speed it’s a the aka me
yes yes sir good morning good morning
how are you yeah it’s a distraction I’m
up to speed it’s a full distraction I’m
like you see everything that’s going on
with the peach man you ever seen it’s a
new year coming up 2020 that’s it saying
if you look at what’s going on 20 20
years a year of clear vision you got
20/20 vision the year 2020 so that a
spiritual things about the going on you
know so saying it’s a clear distraction
style you could see you’re growing like
Ricky something you to see it well I
pride myself on saying I have a third
eye but I mean I have not been keeping
up with the NFL I don’t know the real
ins and outs of what Kaepernick has been
doing but you know according to multiple
sources here especially and FL
comm he’s going to be speaking
so now all of a sudden he’s talking he
hasn’t been doing any interviews Stephen
a Smith was chasing him for an interview
no I don’t want to talk about Network
but now he’s talking come on but when he
got the settlement didn’t they have in
the settlement a gag that he couldn’t
talk like he couldn’t be like the
Malcolm X II was trying to be so now
that he got the money and he’s getting
back in
he could be Malcolm again see it’s a
we also say it’s a huge distraction to
get people to stop thinking about the
reparations the impeachment and
everything that’s going on in the
government that they don’t want you to
really be focused and okay you’re on I
mean because you know sports and
entertainment you know that’s the it’s
the world to play you know saying if you
read the Quran or whatever this is this
is a devil’s playground yes it’s a world
of play to keep you distracted I mean
there’s a lot of spirits you think going
on not the same starters it’s all the
kids all the tenders to hell you know
what it is now hang on a second Matt
Ryan do you know what his contract looks
like because you know contracts are made
to be broken
and even if Colin comes in as a backup
the whole you know Atlanta connection
you know that would be that would be
kind of hot I think I don’t want to see
Kaepernick start they want cab drivers
but you’re not gonna want this Ryan you
do this campus whatever Caponigro he’s
gonna have to start so well with the
starters gonna take the back seat it’s a
distraction maybe maybe not the first
year but let’s get him in there you know
let’s build up the hype the crowd and as
I said man Atlanta Atlanta is popping up
and I take back what I said about him
going to the Miami Dolphins last night
no okay he’s coming to the Falcons maybe
as a backup and I don’t know what Matt
Ryan’s contract looks like do you know
you know football no no but no but I
know one thing if you don’t take a knee
it was all bullshit let me go on record
now and say he will not be taking a knee
no those days are gray exactly I didn’t
know that from you I’m guessing I don’t
know for certain I’m just saying no he’s
not taking to me start if you don’t
think of me if he don’t take it first
game it was all a distraction to keep us
from thinking about what we need to
think about my name is Moe Miller
up in the South Bronx Thank You Man I
thank you for the coral good brother
okay okay I’m not your brother man but
thank you yeah he’s not dead in there my
brother I met at a my matter folks I’m
doing research this morning anybody know
what Matt Ryan’s contract looks like
from the Atlanta Falcons hold on a
second maybe donal research here
Matt Bryan a hundred and fifty million
according to the falcons have
agreed to terms with quarterback Matt
Ryan on a five-year 150 million dollar
contract extension with 100 million
guaranteed that’s nothing compared to
what they will make off of Colin
Kaepernick if he comes to the Falcons
that’s nothing that they’ll give him his
has guaranteed money and say hey you
know just we’re going in a different
we got Jigga man down with us now any
concerts in town this weekend
anybody got time to Google him looking
at Matt Ryan’s contract and how his
numbers his heat rash anybody know
football that has time to : or what are
his stats and where’s their record hold
on a second
what is their record when the Falcons oh
my goodness what wait a minute
it all makes sense now
I’m sorry it all makes sense I’m gonna
go to the phone lines he’s coming to the
Falcons guaranteed yeah the Falcons are
trashed this year let me get area code 7
5 7
hey good morning I’m doing a little
research good morning talking about the
the Kaepernick’s always good morning
good no easy
look my Ron is for sure get out of there
Katherine e needs to take over that
Brian is trash man he dumps the juice
man ok ok now listen don’t follow my
lead I’m looking for you guys who know
sports to educate me I’m just you know
I’m a dropout and I’m trying to figure
this all out but I was heading out the
door this morning and I said yo it’s
gonna be lift this weekend here in
Atlanta is really my favorite football
team ok Matt Ryan is really trashed he’s
old he’s washed up trash so captain kept
coming there and he’ll break their
walk supposed to be to this team but at
the same time it’s gonna be a lot of
backlash from there also if he doesn’t
take a knee might other guy was saying
well jay-z already said it’s time to do
more now jay-z sat down here with the
Commissioner they were sitting around
here at the table you know jay-z was
doing that whole passive-aggressive
thing what do we do now what do we do
now right and then he said we’ll be
we’re past or beyond kneeling jay-z said
that right yeah what are we going to do
now those gone
I have no idea sir I have no idea
no idea yes I’m in work man I gotta let
you go now thank you so okay so thank
you okay two and seven that’s their
record trash two and seven they’re at
the bottom of the fucking NFC South the
Saints of seven and two the Panthers
five and four the Buccaneers three and
six the Falcons two and seven
oh and the hit piece on dame – why now
huh are they trying to to get Dame out
of here huh
and somebody left a comment hang on a
second I’ve got a whole lot of screens
here someone left a comment in
yesterday’s show that said um jay-z said
either to Dame or in an interview go
ahead and make another hole can someone
confirm that in live chat please jay-z
say that to Dame – in the interview go
ahead and make another hole hmm okay
wavy was popping wavy he don’t get ready
he said okay that’s a song lyric okay
was he talking to Dame – DJ get on the
horn and tell Harvey Levin listen I’m uh
I want you to slander that nigger get
him the fuck out of here
he’s now sitting down with culture
vultures Adam 22 now I’m not calling
Adam 22 or culture boats
coach you’re vulture but you know DJ get
on the horn and say trash that nigga get
him out of here he’s broke huh
look Nick Nick is living in my vapor
trails get him out of here game has over
he clap back and say that that’s a
bullshit article I believe game I
believe game
hang on a second mm-hmm um good morning
good morning
okay D hey Thank You D for your super
chat guys if you can’t get through in
the phone lines you at work I get it
it’s early Friday you can send in a
super chat I read all super chats I’m
doing research this morning so I’ll take
my time kaepernick coming to the fowl
games how you gonna have the most pop in
black city and you got a white boy at
the helm being a quarterback it doesn’t
make sense anymore for Matt Ryan time to
here’s your guaranteed money time to go
hey listen coach texting me okay oh um
let me talk about that later psyche L
good morning sir sends any cash Evan
mm fake activist cap baddest TI probably
downward TR thank you for your donation
uh psyche L good morning sir
okay somebody else sent me a an email
correcting something that I already
posted on my okay I’ll get to you later
please folks I’m 55 I came to all that
extra shit please when you send an email
please take your time get it right the
first time so I don’t flip the fuck out
please Hey evany come on in dollar look
at all that sexy chocolate hey girl
sends any cash yet she says good morning
I’m ready for the lip Kat slave
exhibition yo folks I need press
credentials for Saturday look on the
screen right there choke no joke and I
will be down there was is that gonna be
at the air State Farm arena Mercedes
Benz everybody recall that thing I need
press credentials
I told choke ice to listen I don’t even
if we can’t get in we have to be outside
with the camera no microphone just
talking to people this is gonna be a
monumental as ebony just said slave
I so agree
who is this somebody talking about a cap
made the night stock go up so the NFL
wants to use him to get more people to
watch I believe it I believe it okay and
someone just sent me some vegan
suggestions yeah give me a second I’ll
get to you after the show my dumb ass
ate some fucking sweet and sour pork
last night
help me Jesus help me Father area code
702 hey good morning do a little
are you there 702 yeah how are you sir
I’m trying to figure this out help me
help me figure this out hey well I
wanted to say real quick you asked about
a lot of shows in Atlanta tomorrow
13:49 the band I know you like rock
let’s focus on hip hop and R&B
Kaepernick is coming to town he’s gonna
sway the black the black audience you
know hip-hop is popular people well that
rock and roll shit is dead my nigga I
like rock but rock is dead it’s out of
here who’s performing this weekend is
Magda stallion in town race women
performing okay you need to go see kick
me perform it – it’s a lot of people
down there before this weekend okay
you know they got a thing and everybody
into that Kapernick shit I know tomorrow
night gonna be nothing it laughing yeah
magic city’s gonna be poppin I mean I
wouldn’t go because I don’t throw you no
money at horizon– heels but you know
magic city is gonna be lit oh yeah and
then they got a update out there too
after after the cone shell with
Kaepernick that’s gonna be terrible man
they’re gonna be terrible so this is
gonna be an Illuminati show not a coon
show all right everybody
everybody’s gonna be on on the same page
and on code buzz let me echo for this
but are you in Atlanta where you calling
oh yeah I’m uh I’m actually he’s gonna
be right now bow down to Planet
okay you might want to jump on the plane
of a train to come on up because it’s
gonna be poppin in Atlanta tomorrow
thank you for the coal thank you oh okay
yeah who’s in town even if they’re not
scheduled to perform at State Farm arena
or someplace like that who’s in town I
don’t have time to be checking people’s
IG pages but uh what’s going on a big
Andre 3,000 T I was talking about huh
folks in case you’re just now joining me
I’m doing research Colin Kapernick
touches down in Atlanta for NFL workout
that’s on a picture of Colin
posted at 12:50 a.m. they’re saying he
arrived at 5:00 a.m. but yet and still
this was posted at 12:50 a.m. the
picture has him with a fro the knapsack
by himself
I need press credentials I have to be
there this weekend no if ands and buts
hey good morning
a43 are you there a43 no yes good
morning hey I want I called it last
night to talk about that uh happening
but then I thought about it but the only
team has desperate enough to own a few
teams that desperate enough is Miami
Dolphins because they didn’t even let
rules and come in the Ricky didn’t even
let him play all the other teams that
they let in the rookies play and I don’t
think the Falcons are going to get them
because because he’s gonna have five
year contract like he’s like an expected
year of a five-year contract business
big nights just gonna do away with them
and bringing Kaepernick and it has to be
a squad that don’t willing to deal with
the media also so they need as many
tickets in the seat I mean see baby but
you take your time take your time list
and I’m looking to you younger guys I
think I remember talking with you 27 I
forget I’m 31 31 okay I remember talking
to you last name don’t follow my lead
I’m just I’m
I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs I’m trying to
figure this out and again this morning I
woke up and I said you know Atlanta why
Atlanta for the press conference
oh yeah with yeah with with that yes
I don’t care about Matt Ryan look Hank I
don’t care about his contract because
the contract may not have one of those
that would non free things so they can
give him the other clause they can give
him his one hundred million dollars
guaranteed and say hey man listen we’re
gonna get Colin into this system I’m not
saying cap rates gonna come in and start
that would be that would be too much but
they might be you tell me who the backup
quarterbacks for the Falcons do you
really know football I think it’s Matt
song I’m pretty sure it’s Matt Shaw are
you sure sir are you sure I’m 90% sure I
mean I play DFS sports so I’m pretty
sure it’s my job but yeah that’s it as
far as the workout goals being in
Atlanta yeah that was the publicity
spike yeah yeah use of the black city of
the NFL yeah to bring college pop and
black city everybody else thanks for
calling man have a good day
thank you okay yeah pull in a second
guys I’m coming to the phones if you
can’t get through on the phones if
you’re working I get it to send in a
super Chad I see haters enough give me a
second smokescreen polo 1200 bush kid
I’ll get you guys hold on what is Matt
Schaub if I’m saying his name right what
is his contract like hold on a second
why Atlanta okay according to the sport
rack sport AK whatever this is spot act
calm Matt Schaub signed a two-year deal
for three million dollars with the
Atlanta Falcons including 750,000
signing bonus that’s pennies pennies
three million dollars they’ll give him
that and say hey it didn’t work out
thanks anyway and then they give
Kaepernick I saw something holistic I
don’t do a lot right now I saw something
about Kaepernick wouldn’t take less than
12 million so you give this guy his
little his little almost 4 million Matt
Schaub where his name is something yeah
you bring in cap let him ride the bench
everybody’s happy it’s a win-win
hold on a second we ever you could 804
hegemony 804 dual research are you there
yes there is a brother moment of
check-in hey what’s up how are you sir I
got you a thank you thank you
word up you know I was a hundred percent
with that that’s that’s Falcons
conspiracy until I saw Matt Ryan
contract Lenni Lenape them in 100
million guarantee man my playing on the
web man okay ain’t going nowhere Colin
Kaepernick is going to the Carolina
Panthers man on torn god okay on garbage
police walk on God come on the Panthers
Black Panthers half frozen let’s get
let’s get it pop let’s get a pop that
would be hot come on
that would be five because what’s his
name he’s that he’s out of here what’s
his name depends I forget his name
quarterback okay I’m new now they can be
doubted he’s name is out and he’s got a
bad attitude after they lost the Super
Bowl he’s sitting there pouting a
crybaby man he had a produce medicine
four major five years of foolishness man
straight up cam cams a bum man it’s over
for what state you come from mo I’m
coming I’m calling from Philly by way of
EMS I’m a fairly male pair with the
ratchet man which would appear in a will
be destruction yeah yeah you guys had
something happen out there did somebody
try to use a baby to defend himself
against uh yes I mean uh I’m embarrassed
I mean I won’t anyone talk : but you’re
right you’re right I’m doing research
let’s take our time let’s not be
insensitive towards the baby
is the baby okay he’s a baby deceased do
you know uh uh no it’s no comment no
comment no I’m just embarrassed all
thank you for the support man salute
have a good day thank thank you hate if
they answer okay salute yeah I saw that
Strad I don’t want to touch on and hold
on Wow Philly
taking a hard L where did that happen
okay Philadelphia man used eleven month
old baby as human shield during a
shootout Lord Jesus tell me the baby is
okay hold on a second the father of an
11-month gives his child Tim was it
against the police or was it some type
of drug situation okay he was using
counterfeit money to purchase drugs
allegedly knowing that counterfeit money
is something that is very upsetting to
drug dealers okay Wow
oh wow so they started blasting at him
and he’s using the baby is the baby ok
the milking live-chat
don’t have my contacts in there talking
reckless is the baby ok you know what
let me let me not look in there because
every time you say something
the first thing they start doing a live
chat is saying alright even if a person
is alive they say r.i.p yea me let me be
a story alone um let me go to super chat
hey there’s enough good morning sir he
said so our Dame should follow Jays lead
and sign cap over his access to fresh
fresh laced night airs and produced
Kanye /d nation concerts at Joel
Osteen’s sports stadium ok so you’ve
just said a lot you just said a lot
thank you I was kind of crazy but thank
you smokescreen good morning yo store
Vlad TV just posted a picture of you
Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooding
Gooden sitting at a table in studio 54
doing lines what year was that hole in a
second I got time for the bull shit yes
I do
hole it is
okay don’t seen it in Dowell strawberry
that was cute though that was cute come
back today
polo 1200 good morning sir he says r.i.p
mason rudolph helmet cap going to the
Pittsburgh Steelers okay there was a
fight last night if I’m not mistaken
Pittsburgh Steelers and the Browns :
yeah but I saw that the video footage
ripped the guy’s helmet off and then hit
him with it
Wow probably some type of roid rage okay
and the Steelers lost Wow Cleveland
niggas putting it in huh there’s the
video yeah thank you for your donation
polo 1200 bush kid good morning he says
peace star three-judges drunken
drunkenly fight at a Indiana White
Castle leaving two shot now they’re
suspended Wow okay that’s a crazy
hashtag I’m not the speed I’ll have to
check that out black judges white judges
and somebody call in and break that down
what happened what the hell it’s gonna
area code 201 good morning 201 talking
about the Kaepernick circus this weekend
we have to speed the real thing is it’s
not it’s not the this whole thing with a
meeting and doing all that nonsense the
real deal is if he gets on a football
team is he gonna take a knee somebody
mentioned that earlier that’s what the
real because if you don’t take the knee
you’re supposed to be defiant so yeah to
the last to the end you caused me to
fire it’s not about you getting a
check-in and you weren’t about your
money you’re supposed to take that knee
right and you see what what happens from
there because what’s going on is bigger
then you get in getting your paycheck
you didn’t pay by night and this whole
thing this
thing is a farce anyway Nike probably
set that bullshit up you know just to
see where we go jay-z I mean who cares
if Daisy has some to do with it what is
other than me Jigga me as a shot-caller
big baller shot caller and i hear what
you’re saying I agree he’s supposed to
take a knee even if it’s symbolic you
know but do you really think he’ll agree
to that because I don’t know what the
his a settlement or agreement whatever
you want to call it with the NFL by way
of his case against him I don’t know the
details of it so do you think he’ll take
a knee when he gets signed I’m already
saying he’ll get signed to an NFL team
would it say you I think he you know I
think it’s good sign and I think if he
does taking me I see hard abandon is
that they all in it together because it
all produces rating it is like that
fight that broke out you know you
supposed to cut to a commercial you guys
want to show that type of stuff but the
reason why they do morally I mean you’re
not supposed to show it but they showed
it because it’s ratings just like when
wasn’t a Metta World Peace when they had
that big huge fight I have to correct
you I have to correct you back in those
days he was known as Ron Artest he
became Metta World Peace yes commercial
or blank screen or whatever the case may
be going to the go to the you know the
commentators they show it because it’s
going to produce rating and then when
you really think about it who was up
there fighting anyway you know that’s
why I think that’s why they show all
that stuff that was savagery when I got
pull that pull that guys are helmet
often hit them with the helmet like
that’s some GI Joe WWF wrestling
nonsense you know why show that on TV
well hang if I can jump in and I
appreciate your perspective but how old
are you hold you I’m 45 perfect perfect
okay so no I’m not gonna say that that
was savagery that’s what they want us to
take a look at these animals
we give them all this money have you
ever watched hockey I’m a longtime
hockey supportive going back to the 70s
when I was a kid and and the NHL games
they purposely enhanced and promoted the
fighting in hockey yes of course they
did because well the reasons for
allowing the hockey fights to be
broadcasted and suppressing the NBA the
NFL fights as two totally different
reasons they want you to see you know
back in those days you know the white
dominant bro yeah we gotta let him work
it out just everybody just sit tight
they’re gonna work it out and it was the
highlight hard you get in their 70s and
the 80s but go ahead right in the
waiting cup the way they compensated it
is that’s how you resolve the issue and
it’s the hockey when when they do it
with the other guys with the football
and basketball is oh my god this is a
shame listen to what they do they pay
them and they have these really deep
conversations while they’re actually
fighting and oh my god he just hit them
in the head with this and now it’s yeah
it’s propaganda propaganda yeah and
hopefully hopefully I want to see him go
out there taking me I actually want to
see him go out there and not taking me I
just want to see which way for been
which ways for foam which way he’s going
crack you know I appreciate the call man
thank you
absolutely hello yes sir thank you okay
hold on somebody just sent in a crazy
cash shot yo Rob Lowe good morning sir
he said to the cash and he says star cap
going to Atlanta it means he’s gonna get
down on both knees that’s the cash app
of the morning thank you sir yeah will
he or won’t he take a knee and let me
let me take back what I said last night
he’s not going to the Dolphins I mean
that’s a possibility
but I say he will go to the Atlanta
Falcons and yes Matt Ryan’s got a 150
million dollar deal 100 million dollars
guarantee but that they can sign cap as
a backup let’s back up a second what did
I miss here hey also salute to the homie
DeHaven another one of his videos popped
up on vlad TV i actually arranged that
for those of you who you know pay
attention to vlad TV Vlad’s my homie and
I reached out to him couple of them
actually a month ago because DeHaven and
I were talking I know DeHaven from Marcy
back in the days and I said hey man I
said you know um have you ever thought
about going up on vlad TV and at first
he was like how do that man you know
people might look at me like um you know
doing too much i said i mean i said i
think this will be a good look because I
was gonna interview him here you know
just to talk about where he is now he’s
in a great place as and as you can see
for those of you who saw the interviews
with him on Vlad TV he’s smiling he’s
you know he wants to continue to talk
about his journey where he’s at now and
where he’s going to anyway so I reached
out to Vlad Vlad said absolutely so that
was a month ago and those interviews are
just now being posted and the reason why
I’m saying all that is because them
DeHaven is looking to do a podcast if
anyone in the Brooklyn area cuz he’s in
Brooklyn if you have a table in a room
and some microphones and you can help
him reach out to me or reach out to him
I was thinking that he and two other
people to other oh geez could get
together and do something similar to the
the the gangster Chronicles Mob James
Reggie right jr. they’re doing the damn
thing and so he said he’s with it okay
DeHaven that’s the homies if anybody in
the Brooklyn area again if you’re a
producer or you want to do a a start-up
project a podcast
DeHaven is ready and he’s got a great
personality I will say that let me go to
area code three three six
good morning three three six talk about
the Kaepernick circus
this weekend are you there please store
these how are you alright man alright
you know I don’t think I don’t think a
panic on this on anyway to be honest
with you okay to start off with
they gave him one date and that day was
on a Saturday so when this people
reached out and when I yelled can we get
on the Tuesday I don’t know if you know
but on Tuesdays all teams are off so
they were trying to get the higher ups
the coaches or what else GM’s to come
out right to be a part of it now on
Saturday everybody’s half of the team is
traveling so I think they set them up
because they don’t really want cap back
in the league but they’ve been suffering
financially do so uh the strikes or
people like you know boycotting the NFL
so this is their way to let the public
know and those boycotts know look we’re
trying to give them a chance
see we set this up and I think they had
an Atlanta just because of the
importance that Atlanta has in the civil
rights movement and all that stuff
they’re trying to cash in twice okay
okay I also don’t think that uh jay-z
had nothing to do with it I think people
just grasping at straws because they
want people they was hating Jay when he
first came out and you know I’m saying
is fine with the NFL can they be like a
hypocrite but you know everybody go back
on their word they trying to give them
an out like oh well JD’s in the mix so
he had to have something to do with it
right all think is good for Jays
business because Jay he got a UH Indian
bad well Coomer too and cackles was Nike
and I don’t think that’s good for pool
of businesses Jay get involved in that I
think this is the NFL trying to look
like they’re not racist no more you
don’t saying those I hear you loud and
clear and I appreciate a different
perspective because I have not been
paying attention to the NFL’s I don’t
know the ins and outs I live in Atlanta
now I know that Atlanta is pop and every
weekend I’m doing something I’m like
bird shit I’m all over the place I’m I’m
going indoor indoor skydiving I’ve been
ice skating horseback riding Atlanta is
lit so Mona so whether it’s a Tuesday or
a Saturday it’s going down so now as you
as you pointed out and somebody said
last night as well when we did a show
last name so the the higher-ups may not
this Saturday but it’s a different day
in time now people can be there you know
livestreaming colin kaepernick you know
somebody who’s not a executive and the
executive can be in fuckin Malibu you
know watching
Kaepernick work out you know and it’s
that’s a fair point
yeah I still don’t think I think they’re
just doing this for show man don’t
nobody wanna also the trade deadline man
the trade deadline was like a month ago
okay so who gonna pick him up and like
so let’s say he could sound like the
next week or two right because now he’s
going to the workout but he also got to
go and sit with the team and work out a
deal and all that stuff man so he’ll be
coming into the league around week 11
week 12 when all the teams are starting
to clinched a playoff berths and all
that stuff so you don’t go to a sucky
team for a couple of weeks or maybe not
play at all it just don’t make a dude is
off the show you’re not gonna sign them
and to speak to your homeboy caller
that’s a homeboy but one of the calls
that came in I’m a Carolina Panthers fan
off from Carolina bro we do not want
Kaepernick in North Carolina hang on
hang on respectfully respectfully is Cam
Newton still your guy all that crazy
dressing all that real metrosexual
manscaping stuff is that still your guy
yo Selene like came as a Bama but he was
balling so I don’t care what he wears
longer seem to bring it home W but I
hear you sir but now hang on I hear you
but is that still your guy he went he
went to the big no to the big table he
lost and then he had an attitude now so
you got to answer the first question no
kami my dude and I and I’m sure he’s not
gonna put on uh he’s not gonna you’re
not gonna set up no more for the
Panthers man we got a new owner like two
years ago they came out of Pittsburgh he
was a minority owner for Pittsburgh they
David supper and when he first got here
the year that cam was playing he said he
wanted to sit cam this season for the
entire season
I didn’t think that was a good look okay
and so Pam went out they sent cam out on
the on a preseason game that he didn’t
want to plan you could tell you they
want to play in it and he messes foot up
okay so they haven’t sittin and we in do
Ben ball in the new guy that we got cow
Alan do you been winning in spite of cam
being out we got we five means for but
that’s not what we thought was going to
be without camp okay but they waited
until week eight to tell cam he’s on
injury reserve now when you’re going to
injury reserve you out for eight weeks
so they wait till week eight and there’s
only 16 weeks in a season to say we’re
putting you on IR so in the grand scheme
of things the owner got exactly what he
wanted you got camp out of here and I’ll
take camping back yeah yeah well me
personally I would have to say if
Kaepernick does not go to the Falcons I
would love to see him on the Panthers
I’d love to see it I mean again but I
will drive to North Carolina to see cam
to see yes I will thank you man
I will drive up to North tackle akka am
i doing too much am i reaching and let
me just say this with regards to um you
know jay-z Puma
Kaepernick Naik they all sit down
together and break bread at some point
you know is Bohemian Grove still open
let me look in live chat do you guys
know about Bohemian Grove if you know
the Illuminati you surely do Bohemian
Grove still popping huh jig a man be up
in there ah ok ok I’m will hey give me a
second let me go to super chat and cash
yet whoo
that’s something has nothing to do with
what I’m doing
hey Doris thank you for your email with
regards to vegan suggestions yeah baby
I need help I really do I gotta stop
eating Firehouse Subs and sweet and sour
pork and just foolishness
someone says with the season half over
capital only get $250,000 P if he signs
or went by me when he signs to an NFL
team he’s gonna give 20 endorsements
don’t make twenty million off the RIP
but thank you for your own cash chef
good morning Eric he says uh star I’m on
the phone area called five seven one
hang on a second where are you
Eric is that you sir how are you yeah
good man
hey man look call a cabinet of his
powers this power play is winning back
in the day like but well like right now
you got Lamar Jackson who’s gone crazy
he went off right you got a man of the
shower Watson he’s going crazy right so
what the coaches are doing now this is
what I see you know the coaches now are
adapting to the spread offense to the
college offense for athletic the best
basically the best athletes are becoming
quarterbacks now and they’re tailoring
the offenses in the NFL to the college
offenses okay Colin Copperhead capita
had a lot of success when he’s with me
when he was with 40 miners because they
tailored the offense to Australians okay
once Harbaugh left he’s got another
coach and a coach wasn’t tailoring the
offense he was trying to make basically
a round picks fit into a square hole
right now you know so Carla didn’t do as
well so so what I see happen right now
is these these coaches the NFL is
realizing hey this is what’s working
let’s give some of these teams the
opportunity to take a look at this guy
so they can have some success so we can
have better ratings this is just what I
see I don’t see like a conspiracy I mean
you know what this always a conspiracy
underlying somewhere but that’s what I’m
I mean because look at the Chicago Bears
right that guy sucks you know Mitchell
true Biscay and right now they need to
get as many looks as they can because
the draft is you know the draft is a
long ways away but really it’s not and
they need as many looks as they can get
so they can make their decisions to
improve the league if I can jump in and
if I can jump in and champion what
you’re saying or at least I think I can
champion what you’re saying yes I agree
with you because Lamar is it Jackson he
plays with the Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Baltimore right he’s worried
about his motherfuckers on the field
right now but if you listen to him speak
and I say this respectfully he’s not the
most eloquent speaker
nobody from down right but but he’s a
bad no fuck it and I agree with you that
they have built the team around him and
I saw him speaking he had he had two
braids and he was talking about how his
mother wanted him to play quarterback
fuck with that wide receiver kid you got
to be the main line trigger you know
that’s what that’s what it is right so
like I said the NFL is coming to
realization hey know what we need quote
these look these guys are winning you
know in the Grayson NFL four years
they were sticking to that pocket passer
type office well this is little no
pocket passion does work but you know if
you get a great athlete you know you can
teach them how to be a pocket passer and
you can use the skills to get that first
down or when it’s that third down you
know said he was late and make it happen
you know like my man Cam Newton you know
sound like right now he’s a little
gun-shy cuz he was taking some massive
hit he never really developed as a
pocket passer I don’t think he had the
appropriate coaching to develop at that
point right now he has like a north
turner as his uh his little he’s off as
a coordinator for the Panthers I believe
okay and you know he cheat coach pocket
passes like Troy Aikman and them guys
like that right you know and even like
Jason mr. Troy Aikman put some respect
on his name Troy Aikman you use my land
hang on get Troy Aikman man sir sir sir
sir so Detroit you cannot forget Troy
Aikman he
stay in the pocket take a shot take the
concussion and how many Super Bowls did
he win oh he did one for Super Bowl it’s
a minute how many Super Bowls did Troy
sir you know football how many Super
Bowls did Troy Aikman win I know the
risk is one like three we went there
like sir
sir you please don’t dance was that good
how many Super Bowls that Troy Aikman
win come on man
okay Troy Aikman he won three Super
Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys now we
but he’s still Obama he still he still
looks crazy I don’t matter that’s why I
love art well anyway okay man I’ll let
you finish up come on you had the last
word though okay I have to say I
appreciate the donation thank you salute
thank you okay that man spent some
school he knows football I just you know
once once you start trying to kick dirt
on Troy Aikman whoa slow down shit down
that was a bad white boy can I get an
amen in the live chat huh Troy Aikman he
was not on that Dan Marino Scheid author
quick release Marino Troy Aikman would
eat the fucking ball fall down yeah
let some respect on his name okay give
me a second hold on guys
KDH I’m coming to UC via super check
give me a second I see you KDH hold on
let me get you in the queue KDH hang on
I’ll be right there
sit tight KDH Oh grand finale good
morning sir he said start check your
email assault with the coffeepot I had
grand finale we spoke about that last
night I can’t talk about that no more
that that was that was something that
was something
no white man would he went ballistic
with the coffeepot
and one of those white ladies she got up
she went to the to the adjacent table
she grabbed a napkin typed the blood on
her head then she starts throwing dishes
thank you for donation grand finale yeah
so we spoke about that last night man
hey – OH – is that KDH good morning – OH
– yeah good morning hey how are you sir
I’m doing well taking a break from this
goal if key okay okay
the Kapernick circus in town Saturday
I’m trying to get press credentials can
you help me out yeah I don’t think I can
help you with that one I think is uh
it’s a pretty exclusive event I don’t
think they letting everybody up in there
thanks I don’t even know if they’re
gonna broadcast come on
you had the flu come on but oh yeah yeah
yeah I wanted to talk first about that
uh Dame – situation I think I think Jade
is Tim subliminally and the lost one
tracked a while back when he said uh I
heard em Eva’s a name a ho may Jose okay
so make another oh I think he was
referring to Dane – and that little uh
versa right right yeah I was asking that
question earlier I forgot the actual
person what song was that in again it’s
a lost one and I think it’s awful uh it
might be off the blueprint I’m not
exactly sure no it’s off kingdom come
kingdom come you someday yeah so this
Saturday it is gonna be lit here in
Atlanta I’m trying to go me and Chuck no
joke and trying to get down here with
the microphone in the camera you know
just interview every damn body I think
this is going to be a monumental event I
think there’s gonna be rappers in the
building there’s gonna be an after party
and I think he’s coming to the Falcons
I’m jumping out the window
what say you know no doubt I think I
think both gonna come out to support cap
you know regardless now you
warm up to like you know these are I con
at this point and people want something
to get behind and you know where him
sacrifice in the last three years of his
career just you know bring awareness to
police brutality I mean it’s commendable
you know I’m saying so so I hope both
you turned up down there alright thank
you for your donation so have a good day
salut yep okay yes sir alright awesome
guys I just want to see it with my own
eyes I want to see the circus I’m not
hating I want to see it
hey good morning – uh hey Terry
Terry King McKinney thank you for your
donation a great show Thank You star
thank you you are appreciated if you’re
joining me late I just you know I woke
up this morning I was headed out the
door literally I had my protein shake
ready and um started thinking about say
yo this shit’s gonna be poppin here
tomorrow in Atlanta I gotta go so that’s
why on the screen it says press
credentials need it for Saturday press
credentials if ya I have to be in the
building if I can’t be exactly where
they’re doing the damn workout at least
you know somewhere in the vicinity or
the press conference holler at the hater
hey who sends in the cash up here is it
Aaron good morning Aaron he says gotta
put some respect on the gun show salute
yeah the gun show is gonna return Monday
I’ve got to I’ve got some gear coming
again fuck it I already told you
brand-new sussed 300 sust 300 on the way
be juiced up and ready for Monday hey
hey LA says hey star five shots of b12
now I’m zooming and booming down the 405
giving people hell he’s from LA Thank
You Man salute RJ supreme sends in a
super jet cap is no different from the
Reverend Ike
al sharpton and the many others who prey
on black salvation
hashtag respect the pimping hashtag
salute to the machine well respectfully
uh Reverend Ike had the gift of gab
salute to Reverend Al Sharpton good man
supported me held me down and I support
him Reverend Al Sharpton is always been
on the front lines even though he was
wearing a wire one time for the feds try
to overlook that
but Colin Kaepernick to my knowledge
does not have the gift of gab Reverend
Ike is the one and I’ve told you a
multiple occasions he had the flow he
could stand there with one of those
little Rico little easel boards or
something like that and two pieces of
cloth and sell you a prayer cloth and he
would talk about the prayer cloth for 20
minutes that would that was that’s a pen
pen but thank you for your donation
eight one three boss on the check and he
says cap don’t want to play no more he
used black suffrage as a finesse tool he
ain’t showing up in Atlanta tomorrow sir
go to you will see the picture
of Colin Kaepernick it’s right there
he’s got the afro out he’s got the
knapsack he’s got a book in his hand I’m
trying to find out what that book is if
anybody knows oh he’s in town he’s in
town and again the the picture was
posted at one o’clock in the morning and
then in the story they say that he
arrived at 5:00 a.m. so I mean it just
it seems like a real already a
controlled you know setting if this is
not broadcasted on ESPN or one of these
networks then I assure you
jay-z has something to do with it jay-z
wouldn’t let the the press conference
with him in a the NFL Commissioner be a
broadcasted remember okay a red smoke
1,200 D Thank You D and eight one three
boss hold on guys somebody keeps texting
me how long I was supposed to go to the
gym this morning and I had a Ring Pop
for a female at the gym she’s not
wearing the ring so had a Ring Pop ready
I’ll see her at the gym on Sunday okay
let me just say copy someone sent me a
business email okay all right let’s get
back to the phone lines oh and somebody
wait a minute you know I’m sitting here
rambling and zooming off this caffeine
who was that that sent in a comment with
regards to the show that we did on the
comment was in reference to Trina you
know turning up in a Walmart and the
comment if I remember correctly I want
to give this person their props I said
what’s Trina doing a Walmart I thought
she was the baddest bitch it was just
some some troll shit but it was very
entertaining I should have took a
screenshot I don’t see it let’s go to
area code 904 hey good morning 904 the
Colin Kaepernick circus is in town this
weekend are you there
904 okay let’s go to area code nine
seven three good morning 973 oh you
there scoffs porno starts picking up the
car man how are you sir hey was that man
just want to chime in on the whole
everybody corners you know you say it’s
a circus it uh and everything but you
know one of the things everybody is now
missing is uh this man sacrificed
himself I mean you just read a few
things that said uh
some people call him that he’s not gonna
show up it’s a joke all his nonsense
sacrifice himself three years ago
and he was trying to make aware of what
was going on in our neighborhoods and on
our highways and us across the country
he might have been initially if did some
crazy stuff to kind of liked it with the
tick socks and stuff like that I mean
when you’re not happy without things
were going you’re going to and somebody
come to you and you some socks or
something like that you got to go ahead
and kind of like try to drive it home at
first maybe that wasn’t a personal way
of starting it but it became big it
became something that was in every one
of our lives but every day politically
nationwide and him they turned it around
and made it be about the flag and all
that and it just shows you what could
happen in United States when you know no
one cares about the truth when the lies
and it is more entertaining and they
turned us around and to tomorrow would
be a day off him prove himself agent
still playing the league but I hope they
also don’t forget what the message was
but the message was as far as originally
and people were dying in their cars or
dying on these streets and no justice
behind it
and that and that’s what he was trying
to put at the forefront and he had to
lose his world pay job and he’s not
crying because he’s got money but but he
had to lose his livelihood for the cause
and a lot of people make a search trying
to blame jay-z jay-z is smart he’s not
he’s figured look doctor say which I
want to say yeah go ahead and on ramble
off world so if you I want to say at the
end of day I’m bringing this man what he
wants I’m bringing awareness to the
situation and he’s not done he’s also
going to do something else that’s gonna
open people eyes awareness he disses
steps this is in order to make steps to
the top you got to be willing to take
the first step on those imaginary stairs
right if I can jump in and and say that
I respect what you’re saying I respect
what you’re saying and I’m not clowning
kaepernick I’m saying that this thing
tomorrow is going to be on and pop and
this is going to be a grand event and
with regards is someone sending in his
super chat you know trolling and
clowning I’m reading all soup
Jetts whether they clown him troll troll
the event get at me I read the superjet
so you know they do what they do just
like the live chat does what they do but
yes I agree with you to some degree
about him making a sacrifice and I don’t
know whether he’s gonna kneel or not I
don’t know I don’t know what the details
of his settlement agreement new
conscious I don’t know with the NFL I
have no idea but um yeah it’s gonna be a
big event and I’m gonna be there well
I’m gonna try to get in okay honestly
honestly it doesn’t matter if he kneels
again here’s the thing we’ll pass those
steps well pass those steps what’s going
to happen and also keep this in mind and
I’ll say this I’m a Giants fan but let’s
keep this in mind on starless ok close
attention see I’ll tell you attention to
the small things in this thing right do
you notice that the New York Giants and
the New York Jets I sent a
representative to go to what it did
where they had second-year quarterbacks
that’s in place first-year quarterback
for one team is second year for another
that’s in place things going to be in
their organization probably for the next
six to ten years they don’t need a
quarterback of what you’re doing as
damage control in a sense the Giants
owner came out when it’s office these
things was going on and said that he
used to get crazy letters from the fans
that say they want a tender game and
everything and that didn’t make him look
good the Giants are still one of the
only organizations that don’t have never
employed at the same time when a game
start a starting black quarterback and a
head coach being black at the same time
they’re one of the few teams I have not
done that in their lifetime I pay
attention to the small details ok ok
when the hang on now I hear you talking
and respectfully what do you live in New
York we live I live in New Jersey
ok even better ok sir you know you know
you know the 973 yeah they said sir
those are the New Jersey Giants they’re
corporate corporate office is in New
York but they’ve won those Super Bowls
where and New Jersey Jersey I mean I’m
just going by I just go about it if you
somebody bought a government name you
call about a government understand
respectively business while their total
quote that the moniker is nunu your
giant New York just I gotta go by the
brunette one of the greatest Laurens
Taylor even though he was one of the
greatest drag smokers jersey number 56
was the real deal now as I said but
they’re stars let me get this up do let
me get this up so here’s the thing star
they are sending representative right
yes look at the teams I started
representative their Senate
representative because they want now go
back to corner and the market is saying
that they’re in a situation where people
was very concerned about how they was
thinking I was looking you know the
certain things that you got it it’s this
is a Public Relation thing but it’s real
it’s not a fake thing they’re doing
tomorrow they want the guy back in the
NFL they’re trying to build a reputation
affect NFL don’t have a lot of money but
they don’t like to have their reputation
damaged in no way right right I know and
it’s crazy because look at this start
they’re doing this tomorrow and they
thinking that they’re ahead of the game
and they’re trying to get in front a lot
of things not I got to turn around and
deal with this thing that happened last
night with this black guy getting the
white guy in the head with a helmet so
they can well hang on a second if we can
just stay on on Kaepernick I don’t want
to talk about the fight with the
Steelers in the Browns I was trying to
extend a little comparing of why the NFL
are doing what they’re doing if I can
ask you this hold on a second now who is
Eli Manning’s to let the helm for the
Giants I have not kept up she soul at
the helm no he’s not
that’s what I’m saying they got a new
quarterback they got a new quarterback
that’s probably gonna have the job now
for the next seven to ten years that is
Eli still on the team is he’s on the
team yeah he’s still on the team yeah
he’s the 21 million dollar backup right
now yes okay Eli has won how many rings
for the Giants
he’s won two okay
he has served the Giants well it’s time
to push him aside we have not even
considered if Kaepernick will come to
the Giants any thoughts on that before
let you go as a backup
Kaepernick no because you can’t eat
can’t because they got it they got
now Eli is legit he’s going to be at the
quarterback him for the next seven to
ten years the Jets on so that’s what if
you think about it what the let me tell
you let me make this more last point
where the reason why they’re sending
these guys in New York just in New York
giant is because a lot of these

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