Iran official post chilling tweet listing Donald Trump's properties to be attacked


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what’s that family if you plan on
visiting a Trump property to protest
picket or throw toilet paper you may
want to reconsider according to the
Daily Mail Hester Madden at scheana one
of the Iranian presidents top advisors
shared a leak on social media from a
Forbes article highlighting all of Trump
properties including his home in
mar-a-lago he also dropped a few lines
on Twitter where he made it very clear
that his beef is with Donald Trump your
president not the American people
HESA Medina Sheena wrote we have zero
problems with the American people we
even achieve deals with previous u.s.
administration’s our sole problem is
with trunk in the event of war it is he
who will bear full responsibility
Ashima s– comments were praised by
Americans who were looking to distance
themselves after Trump’s decision to
assassinate Iran’s general Kasim
soleimani ain’t gonna work family as the
US president goes the u.s. goes if you
have a foreign government who attacks a
US president then they are going to be
American lives lost because America has
no choice but to hit back they got a hit
back to say a face even if it meant a
million Americans had to die they got to
hit back plus it’s just more money more
money more money you know wha-wha-wha
money more money more money so they’ll
get rich everybody won’t die but they’ll
sacrifice a few million if they can make
a few billion so what’s ironic is that
you do have a number of Americans who
love law I mean they absolutely love war
I mean they’re not gonna do no fighting
but they like the idea bullying you know
they love that idea bullying right or
wrong they’re gonna ride with America no
matter what they love that bullying so
they love to see the fight they love
that walk so they’re probably gonna get
it this round I’m certain that they’ll
get what they want this round but again
they’re not going to do the fighting the
people that scream war the most are the
ones who fight the least you know it’s
always the ones laying on lift the
finger talking about war let’s go to
walk walk walk walk yeah my mare – look
dude in the neighborhood he couldn’t
fight the boy he knew how to stir up the
face if Iran were to target Trump’s
properties they may just be doing him a
favor because he has a lot of filling
businesses so I’m sure that if they were
to destroy those businesses those
properties Trump will just collect the
insurance money I mean yeah you know you
have some residents who are dying
visitors who would die but I’m concerned
about that
I can guarantee you ain’t concerned
about that if Trump is sacrificed a few
thousand Americans who would add his
properties and they all got hit
simultaneously man that dude would not
care he would not shed a tear I promise
if he can collect that money he don’t
get paid because that’s all he is really
about I do like the tenacity of the
Iranians they’re not a bunch of empty
threats it’s not like North Korea you
know North Korea does a lot of posturing
and a lot of it has to do with their
relationship with China you know China
say go get him boy
and North Korea go jump out there and do
something and then America say hey and
then knock back up and then China all
the while sitting back like yeah you
better not touching get on back out
there you better not touch him now okay
now listen hi I had no career don’t go
too far I go too far but you better not
touching us that’s how I work
they’re not gonna do anything to North
Korea because they know China coming
with it if Iran were allies with China
they wouldn’t touch Iran they wouldn’t
touch that general cuz they know it
would have kicked off right in and there
I do like the spirit of the Iranian
people they are not going to take it
lying down unfortunately if you are an
American if any part of America gets hit
you got to take the hit – this is why
it’s important to choose your leadership
very carefully starting to like the
Iranian people yeah
starting to Lanco no Motown

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