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Dealing with the occult-fraud of foreign corporate banking entities.

In relation to the: “Entertainment Only” My family and I received threats from the head of CIB in Cairns: (McLeish) (And other warnings) warning that if I maintain the work that I do, “I won’t know what hit me” and he went on to say that anyone else involved with me will get it even worse. So for this reason, I publish all my work as “Entertainment only” leaving it up to you in order to do your own checking in relation to such subject matter within such videos. Australia is now governed by the UNIDROIT treaty of Rome, under “PRIVATE-LAW” (Foreign corporations and their foreign grammatically debased written language) so all I want Australians to do is wake up to the reality of what the so called “Australian Government” has done to the¬†people of Australia by selling us out to foreign corporations by way of stealth.

The system of “consent” in relation to private contract law is complex and cunning and in order to comprehend such complexities, one must understand the “concept” of how private contract law (Corporate governance) really works first and once you comprehend such a concept, dealing with it starts to fall into place… remember this, the public standing is the highest political stand, the “private” is the lowest rank in the military! so if you claim to be “private” you better know the rules of how the PRIVATE-SYSTEM works or you could loose everything you thought you owned…

The world of PRIVATE-CONTRACTS is the world of the DEAD and the Bible is the warning in relation to dealing with such dead entities. The VATICAN, being the serpent in the garden of Eden, holds the “copyright” over such a DEAD world and its written symbolic language. Adam and Eve, is a hidden code and probably the most important code to comprehend in relation to understanding modern day corporate foreign governance. The “Creditor” and the “Debtor” …. The political standing: Public or Private.

Thanks to all the good people from all over the world that care about our God given rights and freedoms and our public political standing… Romley Stewart. <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

now when you are borrowing money from
the bank you don’t borrow the money
you borrow the dollar not the money
dollar and the money it is very
different things
my name is the real thing money is gold
and silver or mineral wealth substance
for the dollar is the dead know
when you go to a bank and ask them for a
loan and they give you dollars they’re
giving you the debt of the three or four
hundred thousand dollars whatever you
want to borrow the money’s got to be
created by you they give you a whole
life to create the money to pay a debt
on a house with jewels in the very first
was never their home all I did was put
your home as collateral for their debt
accountant they then gave you the legs
of their account I didn’t give you their
account I gave you the letter of their
accountant it’s their account and they
made you pay pay it off but they didn’t
make it
just cause you’re stupid and a fool
immediately you didn’t know the shit you
agreed to go and pay their account still
there can you become a trustee their
because you didn’t know you’re a trustee
you didn’t work out a compensation bill
bill would you like me to hold your
account that’ll be so much dollars you
want to operate in dollars and you make
the trustee fee greater than the the
ledger of the account of the bank
and stopping
never refused never receive anyone one
of the tricks about gum that’s dealing
with them with a corporate water law the
banks which are the banks that would
control the currency a bank is not a
building a bank is just is a bank it’s a
river or stream on both sides of the of
the the river the banks and what the
bank does is it controls the flow of the
current which is the current the water
flow the current see that’s what the
banks be the bank didn’t create the
current or the water or what flows
through through the banks it’s created
by by something much higher source
God made the water go from the sea to
the mountains which is the highest
source and as it flows from the highest
source down it’s the bank that only
control the flow the direction of the
current it doesn’t create the current it
doesn’t create the substance that’s
created by the real things landing you
had a commercial currency
oh when you hold the accounts of a bank
to apply for a bank account you’re only
holding their currency you’re holding
their property as a trustee he thought
it was yours
he thought the bank was yours wasn’t you
at all
a ledger is a is a debt to dead stain
that sits on top of the tomb Israeli
language for them for the alleges to
find that type of language on top of
terms it’s all uppercase text that
doesn’t follow the grammatical rules of
Latin and it can’t follow the
grammatical rules of English so if the
text that reads nothing to lie if you
look in the Webster’s dictionary a big
Bigfoot big one probably most
dictionaries the word ledger comes from
so the text of the ledger is found on
the tombstones and when articles from
your bank appears in the mail there it
is the same type of text that’s inside
that article that ledger some account
which is the data part of an account and
when you claim and break the seal on
that ledger and open that ledger
you’ve made a claim over the account of
the bank of that Bank which is the
foreign corporation that is parked
itself off as a bank robbery
read the top left-hand corner usually a
legend put on an article appears in the
mail that has a ledger in it
you’ll notice some audiences are if I’m
claimed return to sender or if I’m
delivered which means blind return to
sender did you know that that’s the
because only you have the power to make
a claim there is one you is too if you
want to be or foul want to be a youth
and claim the ledger of someone else’s
account that’s your choice that you’re
right you have that power
but if you don’t know what you’re doing
then you’ll claim the ledger to act as a
trustee of another man’s account it’s
really simple you know one should not
you know it’s really simple don’t you
not have flex
the elite
made to slide
because slavery’s been Apple I can’t get
you to agree to be a slime we’ve got a
rending your equitable title to whoever
issue illegal time
if you don’t know any better and you
think that legal title is what you’re
looking for and they’re only too happy
to hand you over legal title because
accepting the legal title and then the
equitable time you see that’s why in the
Garden of Eden the serpent for your
server was so hell-bent to try and get
Adam to eat fruit be a youth front a
trustee the tree of knowledge because
once Adam accepts the legal title then
the serpent the usurper could be the
Vatican and holds equity you probably
realize that Vatican off of often says
the Pope says I hold the souls of the
dead but not because the soul is the
equitable title
the minute you accept the legal title of
the Vatican of the sea of the currency
you accept that legal title
comes in ledger
you’re dead just like that remember what
the Lord said she ate from the tree of
knowledge can’t eat from the tree of
now the Skull and Bones Society has a
number on the bottom four three two to
the bones
skull and bone is the symbol death along
with the cross cost of Christ is also
symbol death
3:22 you read that in the Bible
in Genesis 3 to 2 in Genesis and read
what it says it’s another warning
they’re basically feeds from the tree of
become the power of knowing right from
wrong Louisville then you can’t go back
or while you hold that ledger we cannot
keep from the Tree of Life
so that’s what 3/2 is all about it’s the
warning there it’s the it’s the journey
into death
the journey into debt is just through
deception deceit trickery
just like in Adam and Eve it’s all the
same when Christ died on the cross for
us you’ll realize that your Christian
name clue is the real you has died
because you’re accepting the name
created by the state which is your
Christian name and your surname joined
together so when you accept the wrong
the real name the one that Christ gave
his Christian name it dies
the villas sign and the cross sign
something under the name that you
thought was your full name because it
had the surname in it but it never was
your full name the minute you do that
Christ died on the cross and the cross
where the bank writes put your name on
the cross the cross is a signature it’s
where the bank signed it they then get
you to put your mark on it so you become
the trustee of them so when of course
died it’s used a Christian name died you
have Christ all along
remember what he said
through my name only
can you be saved
he means it exactly that
if your Christian name only that is the
truth the real name until there is
so when you kill that you killed the
Christ in you you become a trustee of
the state own name because it is only
the state to join your Christian name
and your surname together and that’s
evidenced in Queensland on the
certificate of birth it’s got it right
there I
office of registrar general whoever it
may be at this time it’s David John hold
the full name written in a proper noun
throughout any breaks in my custody
yeah he holds a name so any accounts
that come in that name are his accounts
are his debts but if you believe that
you’re you’re that person if you believe
that that account is yours on it’s not
appeal and then you accept the debts in
the mail
under that name full name in flawless or
and you’re accepting to be the Registrar
general’s better trustee without any
compensation because you didn’t know
your true full name which is only your
Christian name I hope you don’t believe
this because can you imagine if everyone
start to work at 101 course it would be
the end of the system a lot of people
enjoy our living as slaves always did
even when Moses freed the slaves is a
bit of an uproar a couple of times about
it they want to go back to Egypt I
thought they had a better life as a
slave we didn’t have to think I went to
work carried rocks when home had their
weekend or the week off we can go
rafting and had one day off I think we
even get one day off anymore but that’s
it have their little time off I’m not
happy it’s kind of the state and this
little pointy pointy rock houses turns
whether they are
just to get top
one day freedom so they didn’t have to
think so they didn’t have to rely on
anyone I handed it all over to the
states to the big armies and they handle
but in return they took your soul just
like the Vatican stopped today
so really if you are a slave you only
have yourself to blame and if you if you
don’t hold just the Christian name then
you’re not with Christ you’re not in the
public of that system you are the data
of the data in the data of the Vatican
for the third party you do as a toll we
serve without any question
you plead guilty to everything whatever
they want to do if you go against us
you’re already dead when you finally
make it to the grave you’ll be placed
under a slab which is called a ledger
they will put dog latin on it the false
they’ll put your false name on the top
which is a lie or it has been a lie and
for the rest of eternity you will remain
under that slab remembered by your wrong
name it’s free eternal death
and the ledger the grave and the
tombstone is the actual evidence that
you made it into hell you eternal death
very social
was fun

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