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This time Rie has been challenged!

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https://www.youtube.com/c/buzzfeedtasty <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

– Okay, so, here we are Eating Your Feed!
(shouts excitedly)
I’m Rie.
My friend Niki challenged me
to make this cube cheese bread.
I usually don’t be challenged,
but Niki is a special friend
so I accepted her challenge.
Cheesy bread is sold in Milkcow
in Boots in Seoul, Korea.
This video is shot by hungryempire.
Take out bread and break in half,
and there is cheesy sauce
oozing out and it’s very steamy.
It looks good.
The bread shape it’s like cube.
It’s not too foreign to me
because all of Japanese bread
it’s all in kind of cube.
– [Niki] Oh!
– I was thinking it
might be like bechamel.
Bechamel is one of the mother sauce.
It’s basically like a creamy white sauce.
This time I wanna make it cheesy,
so I’m going to maybe add
some like white cheese.
I’m going to make probably
three batch of dough.
I can kind of test several different way.
I want to make bechamel, cheese situation,
and maybe like block of cheese,
and maybe like soft cheese situation,
and see which one has
the most cheesy outcome.
Usually, I’m the one who helps
whenever something goes wrong,
but today, I have Annie.
– Hi!
Mostly just ’cause I like
the three of us together.
– How is this physically possible though?
There’s no bread in there.
– That’s true.
– Oh, that kind of makes me a
little bit worried about it.
– Yeah, it’s like all cheese.
– Someone commented,
“Only wizards can make
that kind of bread.”
Are you a wizard today?
– Okay.
If I make it, I’d be a certified wizard.
Great, thank you!
Okay, so let’s get ingredients.
(relaxing music)
Got some cheesies.
The brie we’ll be just
folding into the dough.
I got Gruyere, white cheddar.
This is for bechamel.
First I’m going to make bechamel.
Can you grate cheese for me?
– I think so.
– It’s gonna be easy.
Just don’t grate your finger.
– Cut two.
I’ve never grated cheese before.
– [Niki] You’ve never
grated cheese before?
– I don’t eat cheese.
– Oh, that’s true, yeah.
Lactose tolerance.
– It’s easy.
– This is now a try video. (laughs)
Okay, feels, okay… (laughs)
(laughs) It’s not even…
It’s not even making it
into the bowl! (laughs)
Yeah, she’s got it.
– Feel the pressure. (laughs)
First, melt four tablespoon of butter
and quarter cup of flour.
So you wanna cook at least two minutes
so eliminates kind of flour flavor.
One and a half cup milk, little by little.
– I thought it would be
more satisfying than this.
Feels like nothing’s happening.
– I think if you grate
everything and if you open it,
it will be very satisfying.
Gonna add salt.
(rhythmic drum music)
– Will it stay, cheese tower?
(angelic singing)
– [Everyone] Whoa!
– Will you get mad if I
only use the half. (laughs)
– Wait.
– I’m gonna add this sharp cheddar,
Gruyere that Annie freshly grated.
Wow, it’s very cheesy.
Do you wanna try?
– Okay.
– Ew. (laughs)
– It’s cheesy, but–
– It’s very cheesy.
– I want more.
– Your hard work paid off.
I’m gonna use all.
– All of it?
– So I think I’m gonna freeze it,
so I can easily fold into the dough.
– So you’re making like cheese ice cubes.
– Yeah.
– To put into a bread cube.
– So I’m gonna set aside and make bread.
(guitar music)
So I’m going to make bread.
I’m using the recipe I did a video
when I was in Japan called Shokupan,
which is the same bread,
Japanese daily bread.
You can find anywhere.
– What makes it different
from regular bread?
– The difference between Japanese shokupan
and American bread it’s the shape.
Texture is a little bit
different, a little bit fluffier?
And a little bit sweeter.
So I have 1,000 gram of flour.
I’m gonna do the same here.
Four tablespoon sugar.
Two teaspoon of salt.
I’m going to lightly
mix the dry ingredients.
Two cups of warm water.
One cup of warm milk.
Three teaspoon of yeast.
And mix for like seven to eight minutes.
Four tablespoon butter each.
Butter is a little cold so
I’m like warming up in hand.
Okay, I think it’s good.
Yeah, it looks good.
Thank you.
My hand it’s like butter. (laughs)
– Hold it, Rie!
– (laughs) I’m holding it!
Thank you.
– There you go.
Ew! (laughs)
Wait, do it again, do
it again, do it again.
– So I’m gonna just shape into round.
– [Annie] Ooh, how heavy is it?
– I feel like it’s 2 kittens.
– [Niki] Please make a cookbook
where all of the measurements are in cats.
(laughs) It’s my dream.
Would you buy it?
– [Niki] Yeah, 100%.
– Nice, two babies.
Two doughbies.
And we are going to do first
proof, which is one hour,
and it should double the volume.
And we are going to put
in a nice and warm place.
They wanna be comfortable.
– (laughs) Me too.
(relaxing music)
Here we are Eating Your Feed.
It’s doubled.
– [Annie] It’s huge!
– Yeah!
So now, I’m going to punch
it and release the gas.
(Niki laughs)
Why it’s so funny?
– You punch me, you could also
release some gas. (laughs)
(fists pounding)
– [Niki] Oh!
– Okay, punch it.
(fists pounding)
– Oh my god, so soft!
(fists pounding)
– I’m dividing dough into six.
It look like the size is
inconsistent but it’s on purpose
’cause I’m not sure how much
space I’m going to need.
– [Niki] How does it feel, Annie?
– I can’t do this. (laughs)
I feel like my aren–
Mine’s so lumpy! (sighs)
– It’s okay!
So, I’m going to cover this
with damp towel for 20 minutes.
– [Annie] So cute.
– [Niki] So cute.
– So this is my frozen bechamel.
It’s not perfect shape but
think we can go from there.
I have two molds so I’m going to fill one
with bechamel cheese cube,
and the other one with brie.
We need a lot of filling
in order to achieve
that like lava effect,
so I think this is…
– [Niki] Yeah?
– I don’t know, I’ve
never done that. (laughs)
So dough has been rested for 20 minutes
and I’m going to stuff this.
So I’m gonna put frozen bechamel.
My fear is if I stuff too much filling,
it’s gonna explode inside of the bread.
So I have to make sure I close
the bread when I fold it in.
It’s like a surprise gift box.
So I’m going to put this in a mold.
This one is brie.
Close this thing really well.
Hope it works.
So I’m going to close the lid
and I’m going to put on top of the oven
’cause it’s warm and nice.
And do second proof.
(hands clapping)
(violin music)
The one with brie is proofed nicely.
So we are going to bake
350 for 20 minutes.
– [Niki] How will you know
if it’s melted inside?
– No, we don’t know.
(Niki laughs)
We won’t know when you break it.
Is it already 20…
– Oh?
– All right, moment of truth.
– [Man] Nice.
(shouts excitedly)
– [Niki] Wow!
This one’s the brie, right?
– This is brie.
It’s still super hot,
so I want to cool it down a little bit.
(drum roll)
So I cooled about five minutes
and now I can touch it,
so I’m ready to break it.
– Thumbs in.
– Thumbs in.
– Pull it apart.
– [Everyone] Whoa!
– It’s good, isn’t it?
– It’s pretty good.
– Look at this!
– Yeah, melty cheese!
– Has the steam, see?
– Yeah, yeah, that’s steaming.
– Cheers.
Oh, yeah.
– Oh!
That’s delicious.
– Do you wanna eat it?
– [Man] Yeah.
– Yeah, get in here.
– Yeah, that’s really good.
– Yeah, right, yes!
– Holy (beep).
– Good job.
– Am I a certified wizard?
– (gasps) Yes you are!
Certified wizard.
Please put a wizard’s hat on top of her
and then maybe some stars.
– And maybe like a beard.
– You won Eating Your Feed.
That’s how this works, you win!
– Thank you, I won.
– This has been season
three of Eating Your Feed!
(shouts excitedly)
– So awkward.
(relaxing piano music)
– You did put the bechamel
one in the oven already.
– That’s true.
– So we gotta take it out anyways.
– It looks different.
– I feel like it’s good!
– [Man] Yeah, why?
– It look like–
– It looks a little separated?
– [Annie] Oh.
– Yeah, and no meltiness.
Let’s taste it.
Brie it is.
– Brie it is.
(relaxing piano music)

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