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The deception of the Marginal Text…

The written language of the margin of a document has no jurisdiction with the language of the main body of text, its only those that can detect the difference between main body text and marginal text that may detect a document that may be set up to deceive you into falling for the deception of converting you from the main body into the outer fringes of life where you lose everything. Ro, is a fiction language that appears within the margins of a document, it can be mistaken for English by the grammatically untrained eye, leaving you with a false impression of what a document may be saying… Life has become flat by the legal world of paper, titles, deeds, contracts, licenses, you name it, nothing seems to exist without some form of document, but are any of them real?, it may be those that can see the fraud in the paper that may be able to save themselves from such deceptions appearing within the body of text in relation to such deeds, titles, bills, licenses etc. No contract can exist in fraud, unless you “consent” but if you can’t see the fraud, you may be at a disadvantage to such a satanic occult of the masters of the flat earth of paper … Justinian Deception… <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

this is the Chicago many old styles the
new 17th edition
this book is the Styles menu on used by
the City of London which is the
administrative section of the whole
Western world that’s the bar at the Bar
Association that is also what the 13th
amendment the original United States
13th amendment
tried to prevent it was removed roughly
200 years ago and it’s said that no
lawyers from the bar were allowed to be
a part of the United States Constitution
and that’s understandable because a
lawyer has sworn an oath to our foreign
deity which is the city of London the
City of London is the one Square Mall in
London that is separate to the rest of
the city or the rest of the town
it’s always been a part of Vatican the
Vatican administration of the Roman
administration of the northern parts or
the England of England but in this book
is the key to the absolute fraud the
absolute lie that has been told to us
but this lie has been done to create a
new fictitious world that’s void of all
of the Magna Carta or all of the laws of
the land they’ve forgotten rid of the
laws of the land and given us the corpus
juris which is the UCC or the law of the
sea or the law of the water that’s the
same urchins the banking merchants or
merchants law and what they’ve done is
they didn’t replace the land law what
they really did is just trick you from
leaving the laws of the land and
entering into these trusty ships this
world of shipping on the sea
interesting on page 666 this book is
probably the biggest key to this whole
fraud and it’s what we’ve narrowed this
sum this fraud down to this is page 666
Chicago Manual styles 17th edition
before we go to page 666 because there’s
three words up the top here three lines
that is probably the most important of
the destruction of the City of London
it’s on these three lines but what we
have here in languages other than
English languages other than English
mind you that’s written in all up guys
takes that probably means crap as well
but in this area of languages other than
English we have a thing called American
sign language and this is very
interesting thing because it’s a form of
language that’s written but it’s sign
language written down in text but it
looks a bit like English yet it is
completely foreign
just as a side note in relation to
margin text and margins which are these
areas here imagine the margin that word
document like to read this out this is
in the normal dictionary the online
dictionary that you get off via your
normal fine marginal text tree marginal
text sometimes though what you want is a
heading or other small amount of text or
even a graphic a graphic text that is
truly and entirely in the margin you may
even want to you may even want it to
alternate side of the page if you’re
duplexing but either side of the page
what if your duplexing what they’re
basically saying with this is that the
text in the margin must be completely
and utterly separate or of of a
different source of different type or
even in this case a graphic text or a
symbolic text or a glossary text to be
used inside the margins in order to
state clearly that the marginal text has
got nothing to do with the main context
or the main text
document so what’s happening in the
margin is basically the administrative
area of a page which is interesting
because if they are usurping marginal
texts such as this all uppercase debase
Latin or her own language or a foreign
language from the main text if it is
appearing inside the text then through
its the grammatical eye that will detect
that someone is trying to bring the
marginal text into the main part of the
document which is which is it might be a
deliberate trick that they’re doing the
word mahjong is interesting too of empty
space at the top of a page with no
headings with no headers in it
marginal Manik dear marginal think of it
this way this margin is by definition
the part of a page outside the main body
of text so it’s got nothing to do with
the main body of the text it’s outside
the running head again by definition is
not part of the main body of text so if
you’ve got marginal text or a language
that’s being used in the margins of the
document and you find it in the main
part of the document such as father of
previous children or father children
dead child certificate of birth even in
here where it’s important where if you
break the law it’s three years
imprisonment the three years has been
glossed into a marginal text and what
it’s saying is it’s been removed from
there so it’s become the three-year
punishment there’s a fiction but if you
are not aware of the marginal text from
the margins being deserved over into the
main context of the page then you may
assume that the contract is reading
something that is not ready now you
might say well why are they doing this
why are they bringing this text from the
from the margin over into the main body
of the type of the text and it may be
because they are covering their own ass
so to speak what they’re doing is
they’re creating a fictitious document
it’s fiction from the very beginning and
it’s only your belief that you believe
that’s real and that’s where the consent
comes from so you’re consenting to the
fiction but the reason why you’re
consenting to the fiction is because
you’re a grammatical ability to figure
out what’s going on with these documents
illiterate you may be an a grammatically
illiterate and not see the fiction
that’s happening so you may agree to
something that you didn’t know you’re a
green team now American Sign Language or
ASL being a foreign language it is
called a glossa
and in this section here since glosses
in ASL is the written language
transcription of a sign is called gloss
glosses are words in there before I go
to that should look in the dictionary it
means to basically sweep under the
carbon and cover up or make something
look not what it really is it’s what
glossing something over is the glossary
the the brochure selling a motor vehicle
or automobile and they certainly don’t
tell you about bad points about that
that automobile or the points that will
probably get a recall in five or ten
years time it’s the gloss it’s the good
sign of it so glosses in ASL is the
written language transcription of a sign
is called a gloss glosses are words from
the spoken language written in small
capital letters as you can see here
woman school cap written in letters the
same size as the smaller letters that
they’re capital letters same size the
smaller letters
alternatively a regular capital letters
may be used so that means that they can
use full-sized capital letters according
to this Styles menu when two or more
written words are used to gloss a single
sign the glosses are separated by
hyphens the transcription is enclosed in
double quotation marks so here we have
the sample right here there’s a bit of a
killer the sign for a car drove by is
written as vehicle – drive – bye
so there it is in black and white
that’s the hyphens that must be used in
order to string the sentence together as
vehicle drive by and then the
translation of that can be whatever you
really want it to be if it’s enclosed in
these marks here as a car drove by they
could also read vehicle drive by but as
you can see here languages other than
it’s certainly not hyphenated and as you
can see on here the cat sat on the mat
written in English but the cat sat on
the mat written in dBase latin or as a
gloss or an uppercase text as in
American Sign Language ASL
that does not read the cat sat on the
mat unless it’s hyphenated somewhere
with it to explain what the meaning is
otherwise this does not read the cat sat
on the mat it does not read it now the
killer sentence or the three lines of
this book which is you know Chicago
menial Styles 17th edition isn’t page
six six six and it’s fitting because
these next three lines gives the whole
fraud away but to find this these three
little lines was really a seven-year
battle a seven year journey to try and
find this it goes on to say one obvious
limitation of the use of glosses which
of these things here from the spoken
written language to represent signs is
that there is no one to one
correspondence between the words or
signs in any two languages
this riding the cat sat on the mat has
no correspondence with this writing here
this here language other than English
has no correspondence with the written
English in this book worse than that
this is not even hyphenated so therefore
that renders it as absolutely nothing
whereas this book here explains that if
you did want the sign to represent
something then you must follow a format
and if you don’t follow the format then
it’s finished now we come up to these
things which are the birthing
that’s the certificate of birth the
birth the corporation the foreign
corporation which is really the City of
London onto our lands and then this one
or what they do with this which is the
state birth certificate is they ask you
to act as a debtor of their cooperation
so this is the first debtor of Australia
they’ve come in and said we will be your
first debtor which is okay they give
this but they give all of this while
we’re children won’t we’re babies and we
don’t know what’s going on that’s why it
took so long to find it because no one’s
telling us anything and our parents
didn’t know about it either when they
when they did this then this company
offers us a new birth certificate which
throws us from the creditor aver of this
first trust the first trustee into the
of the first trustee which brings us or
turns us into a third party data which
is the destruction but what they’ve done
with this whole thing this whole fraud
is they’ve written these documents and
they’ve put these glosses certificate of
birth is it’s completely wrong child
completely wrong not only that it’s
underlined which means italic which link
means removed father of child even this
a cross means dead Christian there’s no
space between the cross and the
Christian that means as a joinder which
is reading dead Christian names of child
these two promised jort are the only
names that I have there is no surname
anywhere on this document the surname
does exist here in the margin and that’s
signed by the Registrar General in this
case David John he’s the first data of
every person born on Australia but what
they’ve done with these documents is
they’ve created these documents and
joined in the glosses which is the
american sign language mixed it with the
english which dramatically destroys that
whole document they’ve done the same
thing here with births the key to this
grammatical fraud in relation to birth
certificates government banking and
court documents is that the all
uppercase text that has been used in the
margin of a document has been placed
into the main text of the document in
order to deceive the masses into
believing that such a foreign marginal
text is a part of the document when it’s
grammatically no part of such a document
in any way
it’s glossed in other words that word is
not their certificate of birth is not
there not only of that it’s not
hyphenated so the certificate and – of
and – of birth the hyphens are missing
according to the Chicago Manual of style
but it says quite clearly though hyphens
or could it be there I mean that’s this
is just a this is a very minut glitch
it’s a – it’s a missing – and how could
a missing – destroy the City of London
well the City of London offered us a
fraud in the first place it was always a
fraud they knew it was a fraud but they
offered this to have freedom from the
laws of the land which is the Magna
Carta and to enter us into the corpus
juris which is really what the UN and
the EU the United Nations and the
European Union are operating under now
they’re operating under this law of the
sea called the corpus juris but to get
us to get into this corpus juris we had
to leave the land where to leave our
common-law standing our birthright and
enter into one of their trusty ships
this book there in the city of City of
London they are the sea merchants the
banking merchants the money merchants
these are the laws of how the money
merchant works and how to get us to
leave the land and enter into this
the first of the United States or the
first of the American pioneers probably
tried to escape the European French
banking control that’s probably why they
did it but 200 years ago or roughly 200
years ago the most important part of
that Constitution was removed in order
to usurp the foreign bankers the sea
merchants the banking merchants the UCC
the corpus juris the law of the sea
piracy they had to assert that onto the
lands of America because it had become
the land of the free and so they had to
stop that
and they use this where they created
this fraud this absolute bullshit the
sly so they had to trick us into leaving
the laws of the land and enter into the
corpus juris the laws of the sea and
that’s how they did it with this dirty
trick to trick us into believing that
this all uppercase text written on
documents was a part of the English
language when it never was it never will
it never can be
it’s it’s a it’s a lie it’s it’s a – I’m
missing – it’s boiled down – that’s all
it was this it’s like a needle in a
haystack to find this minut fraud that
got us to leave the Constitution’s to
leave our land to leave our standing as
people and become these persons of these
governing corporations these debtors
these trustees of the trustee and that’s
all that’s happened or done by a small
dirty grammatical trick nearly 2,000
years ago
court documents your driver license your
banking contracts your cards your bank
cards your credit cards everything in it
your names that that are on all of these
cards and all on all of these banking
contracts your names are written in this
all uppercase with in this or uppercase
text language which completely destroys
your name and they’ve kept this well
going for the last two thousand years
and I guess you can end it but you have
to step out of the world of the Dead
you have to let go all those legal
titles and you have to come back to the
Christian name that is the only true
real name that exists it’s the only name
on your birth in certificates even
though they are fraud that’s all you’ve
the the the John Henry domain which is
written as a proper noun not in sign
language but written as this is proper
English that name exists in the margin
of the birthing certificate and the
margin of a certificate is the
administrative part of the page it’s not
the content it’s not the context it’s
the administration and this person here
which is the Registrar General he holds
the full name John Henry doe in his
custody custody means trustee he’s the
trustee of that name he owns it it’s the
name that’s imprisoned and if you claim
that name then you become the property
of the Registrar General
so it’s up to each and every one of us
to work out what’s going on and to work
out how to step out or off this but not
even off this trusty ship but step from
the data of the data back into the
creditor of the first debtor this
certificate of birth identifies the
first trustee and that is the Registrar
General but you’ve gotta know how to get
from this certificate which of sustain
us to forgive back up into the
certificate of birth and the way to do
that is to start questioning them about
the fraud because nothing exists but
they will just claim plausible
deniability what they’ll do is say well
you did it you believed it it’s a fraud
the whole thing is a lie it’s always
been aligned and always will be a lie
is purgatory existing in the margin of
the Covenant must we return to the
center of the page in order to be deemed
are we all governed by the four corners
of the flat universe of paper the flat
world of written contracts with grammar
is the master grammar is God
there are two worlds two jurisdictions
the house of life and the house of
knowledge one is truth the other is a
lie and they both exist on paper there
are two languages if you don’t know the
difference between the language of the
creditor the Tree of Life and the
language of the dead on the tree of
death you may claim the name of the
office of the data as your name and
never return to the office of the
creditor leaving your birthright title
as assumed dead lost at sea and salvaged
by the private foreign commercial
banking administration serpent never to
return the Commonwealth of Australia is
a subdivision company of the United
States Securities and Exchange
Commission Washington DC
it’s a foreign company

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