Hunter Biden Suspected Of Smoking Cr*ck In Club


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Hunter Biden was suspected of smoking cr*ck inside a strip club where he dropped “thousands of dollars” during multiple visits — at the same time he held a seat on the board of a controversial Ukrainian natural gas company, The Post has learned. The incident, which took place at Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club in Washington, DC, late last year, represents the most recent alleged drug use by Biden, 49, who has acknowledged six stints in rehab for alcoholism and addiction that included a crack binge in 2016.


Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated on various dates in the United States, Canada, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and around the same part of the year in other places. Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated as a secular holiday as well.


Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that the United States needs “an awful lot more immigrants rather than less.” On his second day campaigning for the Democratic nomination, the former New York City mayor contrasted his views on immigration with President Donald Trump’s restrictive policies and laid out a vision of a multicultural society enriched by immigrants.


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Boss Hogg on a Wednesday night good
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tonight and for those of you who don’t
pay attention when I talk sometimes
tonight is the night we ride on a white
boy yes we talk about a lot of urban
current events and so on and so forth
but when I go after these white boys I
need you to focus
I need some reading niggers tonight if
not the speed go to NY post calm read up
on this white boy oh he’s a crack smoker
according to the New York Post and as we
used to say back in the 90s he smoked
scrillz and his father is trying to be
the commander in chief hashtag no fucks
given joe biden is he is he out of here
oh let me get my notes Joe Biden is he
out of here huh down in flames I hope so
I hope so and if you call in tonight and
you don’t you are not familiar with the
story I’m gonna give you time again and
hunter according to the New York Post a
crack smoker and his father is trying to
run the goddamn country hmm and he had a
baby with a former stripper now I got no
problem with that but you know was she
in one of the strip clubs smoking crack
with him the New York Post says he was
smoking crack inside this the strip club
damn have you no shame that he’s been
into rehab I think five or six times
let’s get his father the fuck out of
here right all right also tonight I want
to talk to you guys about my analytics
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alright so we’re gonna focus on the
white boy hunter Biden suspected of
smoking crack rock and don’t start
giving him a pass off the red no his
father knows what he’s got a parent
knows if they’ve got a reckless
out-of-control child and his white boys
out of control and his father is trying
to run the gun goddamn country old freak
that he is Joe Biden passed his time I
would love to see him go down in flames
also tonight on the screen former mayor
of New York Michael Bloomberg are you up
to speed I don’t feel like doing a whole
lot of work tonight so I want you to be
a you know call in and work with me
Mayor Bloomberg he’s on the road who
claims the US needs more immigrants vows
to increase legal immigration if elected
now I respect him as a businessman yes I
but this man served three terms in New
York as the mayor he enforced policy and
laws that put people like myself in jail
just for walking down the fucking Street
if you’re not bothered by it that’s fine
if you’ve got a problem with Donald
Trump that’s fine Trump may have said
some crazy shit and he continues to say
crazy shit he’s cuckoo for cocoa pumps
but that’s my guy and I will vote for
him again
Trump has never enforced laws and
policies to my knowledge with regards to
you know locking black people up I’ve
got some other news for you tonight just
in case some of you want to call in and
talk reckless about what has Trump done
for black people or you have to speed on
former B et founder Robert Johnson back
in September breaking down what Trump
has done for black people all right give
me a second amount charged let me fix my
drink how you feeling live Jack good
evening good evening my troll babies
I’d say babies respect lamb as old as
dust okay looking good in here hey hey
hey hey Zack leaves actly always in the
live chat you know faking heads off holy
Quinton Nichols good evening sir
Kiki Stuart hey sugar yeah I’m as old as
dust I shot dice with Jesus nigga as we
used to say back in the days all right
so those are on my two topics also then
Oh mr. Rogers movie is that when we slow
down are you excited are you gonna go
see mr. Rogers the film starring Tom
Hanks well um let me just keep it real
with you off the ribbon my father didn’t
I did not allow me to watch mr. Rogers
when I was growing up in the 70s my
father William toe rain from Durham
North Carolina said to me when I was
very young it must have been like 72 or
73 he said I don’t want you watching a
cunning cracker cunning that’s what he
and I didn’t understand what he meant at
that time I said cunning now I knew what
cracker was but I just said okay I left
it alone
this man provided along with my mother
for me to have a color TV wall-to-wall
carpets my own room yama Hyades and all
sorts of shit so I I didn’t fuck with
mr. Robbins but I was aware of him but
he said I don’t want you watching a
cunning crap
you already got a lot of crackers up on
your wall Evel Knievel Johnny Bench a
lot of crackers but I don’t want I don’t
want you watching that cracker now the
mr. Rogers film it just came out for
those of you who you know you were into
his his show
just say that and then somewhere in the
late 70s it was either 1978 or 79 just
give me a second um John Wayne Gacy one
of your biggest white serial killers he
was arrested and then my father came
home and he showed me the newspaper and
he said you see boy I told you that
laughter I’m not gonna repeat what he
because that that would be a little bit
too much but he said you see cunning and
John Wayne Gacy was ultimately convicted
of murdering young boys and burying them
under his uh his house somewhere in the
outskirts suburbs of Chicago anyway but
the film is out if you want to call any
of your talk about it please do all
right okay uh hang on a second phone
lines open cash app super chat I’m a
little turnt up here yeah ready for uh
you like this cigar give me a second oh
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okay all right bullshit Ronnie sit tight
she’s watching and I’m gonna bring her
in to assist me with a few other things
oh and um let me ask you guys with
regards to is it UFC 245 December the
14th anything that I should know about
I see um Amanda Nunez whoa she’s getting
down for her crown okay that’s a title
bout who is she facing I can’t pronounce
this woman’s name if you want to call in
and talk about that please do December
the 14th a pay-per-view event UFC I
think it’s 245 okay all right that’s a
little reckless tonight well fucked
algorithm let’s go day before
Thanksgiving God Jim let’s get busy um
nice mix reading this any super Chad’s
cash apps and I’m dead asked about
Queens flip guys is he getting that bag
is he like Fugazi now I think used to
call me free shit and he called into the
show remember a couple weeks back I
asked him for a favor I have not heard
back from him left me hanging hold on a
second maybe I could eat one three Hey
eight one three good evening are you
there eight one three yo I’m here ain’t
good evening how are you hey you hear me
yes sir yo I’m good I’m good oh you got
somebody topic tonight I don’t even know
where to begin but um I guess we could
talk about your boy on crack
Hunter Biden alleged krill smoker
putting 24 a new impose let’s go oh man
I mean it just keep getting worse and
worse and worse for the the ex-vice
president and his son being on crack his
son I mean you said it that you know Sam
whoever armed the girl he had a baby bar
basically you know extra perks you know
whatever um he’s a making it easy on his
dad you know and they want to impeach
that they want to impeach Trump right
and literally nobody wants to talk about
nothing that Biden is doing that’s the
only problem right that’s my problem
with that situation
well I’m focused on the white boy
tonight sir you know so I always tell
people pay attention tonight’s the night
hunter by now you have to speed on his
history I mean he’s making a mockery of
things and I think that’s beautiful I
want to see Joe Biden go down in flames
what say you was I don’t think he was
competition anyway so he’s gotta go down
in flames even on Barack Obama did not
want to endorse him Barack Obama from
what I understand I don’t know I’m sure
this but apparently a Barack Obama said
hey Joe
you ain’t got to do it man no no no
don’t jump it and to this day he still
hasn’t put his you know his backing
behind Uncle Joe touchy-feely joke okay
you know if they I don’t know if you
know that whole detail but you say stay
focused though we won’t go that far into
it but I want to focus on the the
alleged crack smoker the New York Post
has got two articles and and and Joe
Biden was trying to be the commander in
chief the commander in chief knowing
good and goddamn well what he’s working
with at home we don’t need white boys
smoking crack in the White House in 2020
with would you agree I gotta say one
thing star look I got to bring up the
impeachment thing because I don’t know
if the Democrats realize that the more
they thought looking in
to that particular situation the more
information we end up getting about the
Bible about daddy Biden and baby body
will apparently your own crap so we got
a problem
okay I said before I let you go are you
up to speed on what Queens flip is doing
he’s pop and he’s getting a bag
I think he’s curving me what’s going on
with Queens flip he’s the king of the
interviews right now Queens bro quiet
room on YouTube all right okay thank you
I’m gonna yes sir thank you hashtag no
fucks given tonight huh let’s see the
phone lines lit up come on we going out
to the white boy tonight don’t sit back
and here’s just y’all y’all you be only
going out the black people go to the New
York Post coms right there crack smoker
hunter Biden’s baby mama what London
Roberts was a stripper at a club
well she a crack whore we puttin crack
whores up in the white house
alleged crack whores let me lookin a
live chat yeah we lit we lit that’s what
it is okay
okay phone lines open let’s take it slow
what else um one dimensions night all
right before I start sipping too much
because it’s the day before Thanksgiving
I have a little um Bombay Sapphire I
know I shouldn’t be drinking that that’s
that’s going really really far back but
um you know I’m staying home after the
show I want to acknowledge a young man
when I say young man respectfully again
I’m as old as dust are you guys at the
speed on Alexander Rodgers on YouTube
he’s popping I think he has a show
called the allegedly show I’m gonna put
up the the picture here in a second I
just want to say he’s got a video I
watched it four times the roast of
Amanda uninvited seals very well
executed very classy it was
like you know just a nasty attack you
know and he’s on YouTube again Alexander
Rogers I think he’s from New York this
came out in October October October the
9th to be exact there it is huh I don’t
know if he fucks with me or not but
that’s beside the point you know I give
credit where credit is due if I watch
something and it inspires me I have to
you know bring it forth to you because I
am the objective hater not a player
hater anyway this young man read Amanda
Steel’s like a cereal box on a Saturday
morning are you up to speed
looking live chat you know guys who I’m
talking about broke her down to the very
last compound Alexander Rogers check him
out again the video is called
the roast of Amanda uninvited seals now
I met a man too one time back when she
was I think she was going by the name
Amanda diva and I’m not gonna take shots
at her because that would be that would
be some suckers shit I’m a man of a
certain age but then this read this is
called the read read Huck from head to
toe check it out if you uh if you find
the time all right okay uh let me go
back to the phone line super chat blade
I see you sir good evening um blade says
nigga what you mean you never watched
mr. Rogers question mark I remember the
reality check column you wrote calling
mr. Rogers the original friend yes sir
yes yes he was the original friend but
not my house no I mean I can sit here
and I can tell you some of the lyrics a
beautiful day in the neighborhood that I
did that no but William terrain from
Durham North Carolina was not fucking
with him in my home if I watch mr.
Rogers there had to be at you know some
little white friend’s house
please don’t get me started talking
about my father tonight you know I’m
sipping I don’t want to go there because
I’ll have to delete the whole goddamn
file now my father wasn’t with that mr.
Roger you should hold me but the movies
in theatres with Tom Hanks
thank you for your cash at area code six
for seven good evening are you there
six for seven yeah yes sir hello yeah
yeah hi I wanted to talk about the Joe
Biden you
don’t bite in son yeah yeah Joe Biden’s
son in 2016 they were in bed he was
investigated by a Ukrainian prosecutor
where his company is called Purisima yes
and basically what yeah basically what
happened but they started an
investigation in Ukraine a senator start
an investigation right and basically
they they uh they they take your time
thank you John yeah they accused other
prosecutors for basically corruption
right and they basically put put this
guy in jail Viktor shocking the
prosecutor those investigating Joe
Biden’s son and Joe Biden came to
Ukraine and demanded that uh that guy
was going to be put in jail like he was
offering money like he was offering a
lot of money like in hundreds of
millions because his son was under
serious investigation by the Ukrainian
authorities I hear a little accent so
were you calling from what’s your your
lineage yeah yeah I’m Russian man from
Belarus biggest Micucci
ah yeah yeah lot of rebel units out
there once upon a time yes sorry rebel
units in that area once upon a time yeah
rebels yeah yes yeah and at what age did
you start learning how to make bombs
let’s keep it real what age did you
learn how to make bombs I don’t know I
want to talk about this guy he basically
he’s willing to testify he’s from New
York man he used to be a huge game
in Ukraine and in Russia men who he was
in a big criminal group right that he
knows all the people that basically in
the Russian government like right now
they’re senators but they used to be
gangsters men you know and you know hang
on so are you trying to snitch what is
it you doing who you are referring to
this guy basically is going to testify
on the dude the senator that basically
was responsible for putting the the
Ukrainian prosecutor Victor shocking in
jail the dark guy that senator who
started the investigation Ukraine he’s a
killer is also he was part of his gang
New York and the FBI knows all this the
FBI knows is there like his name on file
and he says the senator in Ukraine is
not FBI informant okay back in the ninth
we can just bring it back to Joe Biden’s
alleged crack-smoking son right now
according to them to the New York Post
he was in the VIP area you know and they
smelled you know smoke and aluminum foil
and all sorts of shit I’m hoping they
have footage of him it’s just you know
doing sexual acts and that we can you
know post that online to really take his
father down what say you yeah definitely
take this guy down
there’s they’re trying to dip they’re
basically trying to impeach show for
what they did like it’s proven you know
they were working with Ukrainian Russian
government Joe Biden was working when he
was like he was in the government they
were working all together these like
they’re all connected you know yeah they
definitely should are you from the
Brooklyn New York area were you promised
right now we’ve them no no I mean Karen
the man from Toronto the Russian mafia
gave me five hundred thousand dollars
back in two thousand and I think was
2009 I helped them launch a dance
station pulse 87 but I had a liver
transplant so I couldn’t finish the
other contract out but great people the
Russian mafia
give me money up front yeah
they have a lot of money because they
have government money man yeah they took
over the government bro did the IRS was
up in the offices and also all sorts of
shit the fucking other CEO he was hiding
because he did he’d their time in the
penitentiary and you’re not supposed to
run a public company it was a madhouse
but they gave me the money
great people yeah yeah they have a lot
of money man that was like hundreds of
millions yeah crazy all right thank you
for the call man salute have a good
evening thank you no problem
take care probably making bonds at 7
years old well let’s go hash tag no
fucks given let’s turn up on the white
way pay attention it’s old storm buck
wild lingo pay attention because to say
that back in 2002 meaning expect the
unexpected don’t give Joe Biden the
fucking pass tonight huh piece of shit
in a creep was he the one that was
groping on ariana grande was that Joe
Biden who was that that was uh I know it
was the UM the pastor at Aretha
Franklin’s funeral whoever that fucking
creeps name is was it Joe Biden I don’t
know anyway all right it’s go back to
the phone lines I’m coming to Boston
Ronnie shortly area code 706 good
evening we’re talking about mayor former
Mayor Mike Bloomberg says that the US
needs more immigrants are yet to speed
hey star I am but I was gonna sit on the
Joe Biden thing for a moment if you
don’t mind please I can ask were you
calling from what statement what’s name
so I’m Annapolis George on right down
the road yes okay the home of REM yes
Athens go dogs go dogs yeah so check us
out as the caller before mentioned one
thing Joe Biden is is smoking crack and
going not Joe Biden his son his son we
are we are all getting together okay his
son that Joe Biden his son
we’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving
so we all know we all have a relative
like that a a cousin Anna
it could be ourselves but what we know
is that you don’t trust them to do
anything or not the right they’re not
the right mind to trust them how he
ended up in this business over there
making that kind of money is ridiculous
and you know when people are strung out
on drugs everyone knows does he got that
thrown out of the Navy for it everyone
in the family knew so how he got hooked
up with this job and I agree with the
caller once we start looking into now
with Trump I am starting to believe and
this is really weird I want to throw it
out there and I want to say thank you
for what you do yeah I’m going to throw
this out there and let anyone tonight
that wants to comment on it the if you
look into what was going on in the
Ukraine you hear CrowdStrike mentioned
and a lot of that stuff I think what was
happening is that Trump now is in office
and a lot of this stuff it’s starting to
be uncovered and the whole come at the
Trump for the whole Russian stuff you
guys this is really weird but the the
CrowdStrike was a Ukrainian company set
up that I believe our government was
using to spy on Russia we were using
that and that’s why we were becoming
very friendly with the Ukraine the money
going back to the Biden’s was kind of a
payment coming back at us anyway it’s
deep its convoluted we don’t really know
what was going on over there but this
one is I want to say one thing I’m
really well hang on a second if I can
you jump in and say respectfully I don’t
care what’s going on in Russia I don’t
care who’s getting shot and fuck fucking
st. Petersburg I don’t care who I don’t
care I want to focus on and one hunter
Biden smoking crack in a strip club
according to the New York Post when his
bothered to go down in flames so can we
bring it back to that oh yeah did you
see the article in the New York Post
yeah yes
however I didn’t see the article I read
other people talking about the article
so what I want to say if this something
is going on because if they said then
Donald Trump’s son for instance but the
media would be going nuts
why are they not talking about it they
would have this
woman from Arkansas who had the baby
they would she would be being
interviewed on every morning show she’d
be on the view I mean it would be they
would be frothing at the mouth and and
I’m a liberal I’m just saying I see it
and it makes me nervous
that’s why I want to say thank you star
because it’s alternative media now where
we’re getting ideas and I may be wrong
I’m going to jump off and let other
people know this I appreciate what
you’re saying that you just say you’re a
liberal yes you’re liberal okay how do
you feel about Michael Bloomberg and the
reason why I’m even putting this out
early about Michael Bloomberg and I
didn’t even mention because I’m zooming
right now Michael Bloomberg you know
what he’s worth you know you know what
my net worth I hear he’s a super wealthy
guy I do you know his net worth no fifty
eight billion what they promised me
listen to me listen to me fifty eight
billion my question my question here
hang on a second hold on my question is
does he support reparations for
african-americans haven’t even got to
that yet he has agreed to give away half
of his fortune and he’s Jody talk about
bring he has agreed to give it away for
reparations folks is it me and am i
doing too much fifty eight billion
Michael Bloomberg thank you
liberal so scatterbrained I appreciate
the club come on fucking play me – I
don’t think doing a whole lot of goddamn
research I just want a ramble give me a
second guys
yeah Bloomberg does he support
reparations maybe that’s what I should
have on the screen does Bloomberg
support reparations can I get someone
from Atos to call in and just you know
has Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell
spoken about this yet I’m sure they will
maybe they have already Bloomberg just
announced on Sunday that he’s running
for the goddamn White House the
presidency he’s worth fifty eight
if you’re sorry break off ten billion of
your a fifty eight billion for
african-americans hang on a sec who is
this you what is this this is nothing to
do with goddamn super Chado cash up
let’s get him out of here
mad shit oh good evening sir he says
guess i uppercutting UN Ronnie
question mark Dana my credit score above
800 okay dinner’s not here tonight sir
you better pay attention to who’s
running for Congress
pop lieutenant Pete will give Trump a
run listen man you know you didn’t
uppercut me I want you to say what you
say and what you feel Trump Trump’s that
that’s my guy I’m voting for Trump again
Bloomberg’s not gonna make it yeah he’s
loaded fifty eight billion he’s not
gonna make it but but thank you thank
you for your donation area code 407 good
evening are you there turnt up on the
dumb shit tonight yeah good evening sir
how are you doing I a start I wanted to
speak on this topic talk man it’s really
really important I wanted to say wasn’t
there Roman out there we you said you
was smoking crack at one time – no sir I
sniff coke for a decade sniffing coke
and and I wasn’t in scripting I wasn’t
in strip clubs I like hunter what is his
name Biden allegedly smoking crack yeah
I understand that man you shouldn’t be
speaking on people we’ve been doing the
same shit man fuck him and fuck you fuck
Hunter Biden fuck you you sound like a
black eggy person you sit up here and
you enjoy this no I’m just saying you
enjoy me going after black people I’m
going after white boy tonight you scared
nigga you scared bitch nigga where you
from bitch nigga where you from you
scared you scared nigga no I’ll be right
up so today comfortable white boys never
go to Neopost calm Oh scary you smoke
crack do you scary ass nigga you scared
you scared
you know your place nigga you speaking a
lie as niggas do lyin ass nigga you’re
done you’re done being you well yeah you
see you you see my scrotum bouncing off
your sister’s chin that’s what you’ve
seen maybe a coma for three two I’m
charged let’s go good evening going out
to the white boy if you’re scared don’t
call in no I wanted to talk about
immigration at his bank and okay please
my immigrants on semantics are you
Hispanic sir okay okay yeah I’m
cuban-american I’m a son of Cuban
defending the dissidents they fought
Castro and Batista my grandfather was
tortured and he was flown here by the
CIA he was saved like my grandfather
no can you get off the speakerphone I
want to hear what you’re saying about
your grandfather Hugh he was tortured by
who sir who torture your grandfather she
was tortured by Batista and Fidel Castro
do you hear me start yeah I hear you
just come a little closer okay so y’all
your grandfather was tortured he swam
over hearing shark-infested water he was
on a inner tube how’d he get here
actually he was he was a tortured under
there Castro as well okay and the CIA
saved them the he was basically pulled
out of there before he was basically
murdered and once upon a time I used to
be one of those bleeding-heart liberal
stupid bastards who was like all about
you know spanish-speaking people and how
we’re going to reconquer America and all
that bullcrap
well I’m here to tell you man I went to
college I’m 37 years old I spent 10
years in prison I have every year every
reason to be bitter against America and
I’m not I love my country I was
converted to a libertarian behind bars
okay and I’m here to tell you man I went
to college at an older age I was 34 and
these Hispanics are the most ungrateful
these ones across the border well the
Raza people first of all they come over
here and they think they’re going to get
it for free they
they all they have to say is gringo
there is gringo there they talk about
white people all day but the only people
that wave hello and treat you like a
human being on the streets are white
people no offense I’m not trying to
single any race white people are scared
as hell of being called racist and their
days of being racist are coming to an
end and I’m gonna tell you something
it’s been these Latinos across the
border and get over here
after just just walking across that damn
thing man they come here they don’t do
nothing but get on welfare I promise you
always a Hispanic gang member I grew up
in a very bad barrio and I’ve seen how
they are these are lowlife these are
trash listen sorry I have to jump in I’m
gonna say hang on hold on I ran with the
Latin Kings for maybe three years so I
don’t have hatred in my heart towards
immigrants or Hispanics if that’s what
you want to go letting you speak but I
don’t want to put forth the the notion
that I’m co-signing what you’re saying
which I want you to speak but hang on a
second hang on why did you go to the
penitentiary for a decade what were you
doing I was a gang member I we have we
were rivals with other gangs I was a
robber I was a drug dealer regular shit
rebel rebel people things but but see
you’re talking about a different crop of
immigrants tar you’re from the 80s or 70
those type of Latinos are totally they
were more grateful I’m I’m an 80s baby
and the seventies babies and all the
sixties babies don’t doze type of
Latinos were really grateful to be here
we’re really grateful to be American
they fly the American flag they also fly
their Puerto Rican Cuban a Mexican flag
etc but these aren’t the same Hispanics
these Hispanics are being brainwashed
I’ll go watch Hispanic news and get it
translated they talk major crap about
our country crossing the border over
here to take something they’re coming to
take something these are not our friends
I would have major standoffs with with
the la raza they would call me a race
traitor I feel like I know race trade
I’m proud to be Latino but you people
are ungrateful they’re scumbags
you don’t want to work you think that
you’re better than people can
stop stop stop stop right there listen
to me here’s I need you to do send me an
email so I can get your number I got
something popping off okay
after January I could use it I could use
a guy like yourself let’s use each other
not that I’m gonna cosign what you’re
saying but send me an email you’ve said
a mouthful tonight to the mouthful and I
thank you all right
hello are you there four three two okay
I think his phone his phone drop down
a Cuban coming at Hispanics and looking
a live chat shit I was crazy this is
full of Raza
oh yo am i doing too much hang on a
second let me sip some Pellegrino Queens
flip acting Fugazi guys what’s going on
with Queen slip oh that’s that’s my guy
man love them j-money salute I see
g-money you shine in my nigga flew to
the whole team over there well is that
sexy girl’s name is it Stace I said
Queens flip a text about a month ago you
know complimenting Stace I see old man
she’s sexy y’all can’t even respond he
felt some type of way isn’t it now folks
if I start doing too much night just
tell me to shut it down all right
Bush kid was popping home and I see you
on the check-in via super jet star is
this the end Boston State Police driving
around with robot dogs hashtag the
Terminator new crime stopper yeah
Beantown nigga thank you me a few
donation boss nigga Carly on the check
and he says honey Acre Woods beets are
so trashed that if one come on
while Bambaataa was buffing the tool of
a victim he’d stop to turn around and
turn that shit off
are we going there tonight are we going
there tonight blade good evening
okay blade is trying to take shots at me
yeah something about the caller star
wasn’t in the strip clubs he was he was
in the ratchet dance hall Club sniffing
coke in the back blade thank you for
your donation man you spent school let
me take the time to go back I hate to go
back because it’s like I don’t want to
old stories now in the 80s I wasn’t in
the back sniffing coke we were on on the
on the dancehall floor sniffing coke
we’re doing the belly rub and the Bogle
well the Bogle came later but you know
the belly rub and all that sort of shit
it was a really a low-grade time the
dancehall music was beautiful but you
know yeah we were sniffing coke on the
floor we’re in the back hiding you must
be young this this whole thing it’s when
they started I told everyone the
Democratic Party just threw Joe Biden
out it’s on the babyís with the
bathwater when they brought this whole
Ukrainian bull crap up because once they
brought that up everyone that cuz I’ve
been into this politics for many years
before Trump before Obama once they
brought that up I knew this whole thing
with divisors we’re gonna come out with
the whole you know with China and
Ukraine so by doing this the only reason
and I’ve really thrown them out yet is
because they’re trying to do this and
they figuring out a way to stay the
Obama administration I’m not talking
about it like Obama it’s just the whole
administration okay a lot of dirt was
done through that administration now we
all know we’ve all seen the tape the
only quote before we even go to this
Ukrainian thing you do have to touch on
the Russian collusion come on because it
all ties it all ties into it that
started and believe it in that start
that Russian collusion bullshit that was
a story that somebody in the government
had written about almost like it was a
movie script if you go back into that
think it’s the Washington Times the New
York Times and on USA Today the exact
story they use
for the russian collusion it was written
back it was written about back in 2007
almost as a script all they did was take
the names out and they put Donald Trump
in for the Russian collusion in 2000 and
a big nothing Burger King and all that
right exactly
but I mean the poof is all there that
this was written they took the names out
so everyone knows bullcrap from then now
you come up to Ukrainian stuff and the
whole Ukrainian thing we all seem to
tape with Joe Biden is on tape saying
you want the billion I’m leaving in six
hours fight this guy or you’re not
getting a billion the president know
about this you heard the guy in the
background hey the president know about
this that means there’s Obama knows like
what you’re doing here you try to you
wouldn’t try to be appreciate everything
you’re saying I appreciate you laying
this out in detail I’m with you I’m with
you but my thing is we’ve got an alleged
crack smoker in a strip club he’s got a
baby by one of these alleged crack
whores alleged I don’t know if she’s
smoke you know just I I want to see I
want this to be Joe Biden’s downfall I’m
hating tonight so I’m hating but this
isn’t a 4+8 the other things that I was
mentioning if they’re always down for
and the thing with the kid Hunter
started this is kinda like what the
farmer from Georgia a woman that was a
widow told you too that on you know
birds of a feather
you know what hunting was everyone has
nobody everyone in this family not my
this hunter Biden he moved in on is
fuckin his dead brother’s wife fuckin
you know monkey folks we’re going there
tonight the show will be deleted I
assure you come on come on come on yeah
peace between father was even you know
cold in the craving step yet I mean this
kid is gonna choke you since he was in
the service and being kicked out he’s
you know he got put onto that you know
long that guess and company in Ukraine
didn’t he
six-six didn’t he do six stints in rehab
hunted by yeah I know he did at least
four or five my fucking frigerator you
know he’s been a bum his entire life
yeah he’s they’re gonna use him in scape
hold him as like this is what brings
biting down and that’s going to try to
save everything from you know back when
Ryder was vice president because another
thing that hasn’t come out yet and it
might come out saw and a good place to
hear some of this added is a guy Dan
Franchino he has to show every day this
guy been on point with everything can
you send me a link I may have seen it
with Simulink please email yes I was a
hunter Biden a Jewish father Joe Biden
Joe Biden has a lot of crap to do with
China Joe Biden basically sold the vice
president’s feed out to China when he
was when he was vice president under
Obama so listen I’ve been a slumlord in
Pennsylvania for close to two decades so
I know Joe Biden he’s from Pennsylvania
I know Joe buddy I’m going ten toes down
tonight and I want people to at least
you know respect the fact that what I’m
going after this guy okay I’ll let you
finish Joe
yeah and whatever like you were saying
before was that Joe Biden that grad
ariana grande’s kiss but I was Clinton I
was up there with that pastor that did
that Joe Biden likes him a little bit
younger like you know easy easy easy
graduation oh they’re you know he’s just
touching the shoulders and he is right
that creepy Widow but yeah
listen a they’re going down story it’s a
house of cards when bullets on December
9th the IG reports coming out but don’t
worry it’s not gonna be that bad with
it’s going to kill them right away when
the AG report comes out there’s going to
be no hardness that’s why they’re
rushing for this impeachment they jumped
the gun Nancy Pelosi slipped behind
closed doors at on Adams chef because
well it’s hard for because she’s a
career politician and she’s a bulldog
that can roll the sleeves up and here’s
the man for many decades but she jumped
the gun on this without hearing the
transcript and she listened to Adam
Schiff like we really got something this
time and she called for the impeachment
before here in the transcript after this
all came out
this last week of you know hearings on
TV which can affect an incredible out
she slipped behind closed doors I’d Adam
shifting on and let loose I hate the cut
short man I want to take some other
colors I appreciate what you’re saying
if if you come across any footage of
hunter Biden you know you’re doing
sexual escapades and a goddamn strip
club please email that to me all right
please thank you may take you alright
he gave a nice breakdown I appreciate
that all right folks I’m a little extra
tonight let me just put some respect on
this young man’s name again hold on
Alexander Rodgers the allegedly show you
can catch him on instagram at Alexander
Rodgers and please tell them I century
even if he doesn’t fuck with me I like
to give props where props are due the
read on Amanda seals was just it was how
would you say um
he served her back in the days they so
say served her breathtaking there he is
huh yes folks this show is sloppy
tonight bullshit mining hole in a second
I see Ronnie running sit tight I see you
sit tight get her on the line let me
pause and say again in case you didn’t
catch last night’s show salute to the US
Armed Forces to those of you who kill
abroad and even if you you commit acts
of terrorism thank you so that we can
celebrate consumerism greed and we can
sit around and stuff ourselves you you
make this happen I celebrate
Thanksgiving in all holidays and some
people are just no Scrooge’s and they
have the issue with you know American
holidays if you are one of those people
maybe should get the fuck out of town
but thank you to the US military I will
be what am I going to be at tomorrow
in East Point in East Point with family
stuffing my fucking face alright let me
go to a super jet
I’ve yellow good evening sir he says
Cuban dude is right I just destroyed an
anova row on YouTube for disrespecting
the black community today hunter Biden
is an imbecile Thank You ivl thank you
for your support man have you let me
know via email if that banner is still
good for to be ran okay mad shitter on
the check-in again thank you sir he says
story yes you and Ronnie keep avoiding
my topics respect my dollar I told Dana
my scores above 800 that pink cam shirt
okay do you want to get on the line mad
shit I think that’s the homie man from
was he from Florida max read it listen
man you always spend scrolling man send
me an email pardon me I think the last
time we spoke man I was I was charged I
think I hung up on you I don’t know what
you’re talking about
something about Dana and your credit
score you shoot me an email me I’ll get
you right on the fucking line I think
he’s from the BX I think he’s a bx- a
living down and is it st. Petersburg I’m
not sure bullshit Ronnie are you there
seven three two hello hey how are you
all right now so I’m black in the fuck
out tonight you sure you want to be
alive tonight I was in the queue and I
was like yeah I’m going I’m going after
the white boy tonight and I want people
to pay attention we’ve got an alleged
crack smoker his father’s working for
the to be the commander-in-chief come on
it’s not alleged it is not alleged he’s
done interviews you know talking about
his problem
you know his problems was cracked and
how he can’t put the crack pipe down so
that’s not alleged going back to 2016
there was an incident and Arizona where
he turned in a rental car and left the
pipe and the rest of his supply in the
car when he turned the car end
so yeah yeah this that’s not alleged and
you don’t go you know to rehab for an
alleged drug problem you either have one
or you don’t and he’s just a bumbling
drug addict you know his first wife
Kathleen already spilled the tea in
their 2017 divorce she was basically
blowing through all their money she says
he was blowing through all the money on
drugs and prostitutes and his visits to
the strip club so you know he’s had a
pension for the strip club for a long
time and 2016 is also when he started
dating his you know his dead brother’s
wife and Nicole is also mentioned money
stay right there South Dallas sends in a
super chat champion championing I’m
saying it right what you’re saying he
says boss hogg did you hear about hunter
Biden is knocking down his dead
brother’s wife
boss hogg are you up to speed question
mark and then he says I’m going to end
toes down deep okay yeah so um yeah
smashing his breath his dead brother’s
wife crack smoker how we let his father
get close to the commander in chief
position how I mean it does certainly
raise the question of you know how can
you be entrusted to run the country and
you can’t even manage to get a hold of
your son smack and shake some sense into
he is a bumbling crack head a bumbling
crack head and so you know he he only
broke up with the brother’s widow
because he got the stripper pregnant but
at the time he was denying it so you
know the DNA test results came out last
week proving that he was indeed the
father of the strippers baby but this I
mean the woman that he married back in
May he married her and got her tattooed
on him six days after meeting her okay
so the hangout so the woman he married
is not the stripper
front from the strip club according to
the New York Post he married someone
else right this past May he married a
woman named Melissa Cohen she’s a South
African woman this is beautiful okay
hang on running someone sent in the cash
up earlier and I’m gonna get them on the
line 301 are you they are grieving 301
yeah thank you turn that down pardon me
for being late man I I got twisted
around you sent in a cash up early
what’s going on man good evening I don’t
think you guys really checked our
donations okay can you come closer to
the phone you’re on there headset I’m
gonna hear you you sent in a donation
okay I’m respecting your dollar what’s
wrong man yeah yeah no doubt
hey what I’m saying man is a dog ain’t
nothing wrong with um smoke a little
crack you know I mean so many people
smoke weed you know they might do
Special K you know some people do PCP
you know some people slip coke you know
crack is like the least I mean I mean
it’s just you know half baking soda and
half nicer listen stay with me stay with
me I want to keep you on the line you
spent money I’m respecting your dollar
but now I can’t sit here in cosign crack
come on where we going at what we doing
there are a lot of other things I mean
first of all you come from a rich family
right and that’s a lot of those you know
I hate a lot of those rich white boys
you know I’m out here in Northern
Virginia okay you know by DC by Bethesda
Maryland you know like the richest small
county United States yeah I’m a black
but you know I mean if you got your shit
together your dad if you know a
millionaire like you know that’s the
type of stuff you’re gonna do so I don’t
think you know I had no problem with
that but we’re talking about a man
trying to run the country come on come
well no that’s his son like all of all
of those politicians man all their kids
are jacked up you know so the only thing
I’m thinking is if he is a crackhead and
he did go to Ukraine and did some some
stuff he probably does some crackhead
type of ish you know what I mean so no
Trump I get some respect on sir can I
ask why are you breathing so hard let’s
take it slow
you send scrilla in slow down why are
you breathing so hard yeah you okay
vacuum it oh I know it’s back to me on
my crib okay yeah back in this oh yeah
what do you live can you tell us what
state you’re in
every encoder was a 301 yeah any
thoughts on former Mayor Michael
Bloomberg he’s on he’s on a presidential
run right now and he said the US needs
more immigrants any thoughts on that
boom Berg guess the only thought I have
with that is he can’t be bought so it’s
pretty much you know like the rough or
whatever we call the rock the rock
scenes you know her they they run the
country so Bluebird he’s a you know he’s
an affable you know person to go against
so if he wants more immigrants you know
I mean hey it is what it is but I
definitely think that he will be the
best presidential you know runner up
against Trump Jesus you know so I thank
you for your call pardon me for Dan I
think getting to your coal silly thank
you man all right bye yes sir thank you
okay is it me guy
Am I am I reading too deep into this if
I am I’ll fall the fuck back Ronnie a
Bloomberg worth fifty eight billion
dollars and I forget the name of the
organization that he has pledged to give
away half of his money he’s pledged to
give away half of his money and my
question I guess actually I should have
put this on the screen does Bloomberg
support reparations any thoughts on that
or am i my reading into this too much
well you know Ross Perot is a very rich
man and he was probably the richest
person at that time to ever run for
president but he still didn’t get more
than I think 3% of the vote so I don’t
think that money can buy Mike’s way into
the White House because it I just don’t
see it working I don’t see him getting
past the dust-up over the stop-and-frisk
yeah that question is just going to
continue to come up and it’s gonna even
you know other Democrats are going to
eventually you know I have to turn up
the heat on him about that so I think
that issue alone gets him out of there
okay hey mister come on e I have to
address some of the cash traps and super
chests I’ll be right back sit tight okay
all right uh Elvis the chef Rosenberg
good evening sir thank you for your cash
at Van good evening sir he says I
emailed art of deception banner to the
hater okay van I have to I’m gonna
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let me just say that first and foremost
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the rights to that image I may need you
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image if you understand I’m saying
YouTube or Google apartment is very very
sensitive about
images that are owned by whether it be
photographers or agencies and they could
come after me and hit me with a demand
for payment if that image is not owned
by you if you understand I’m saying I’m
taking the time to lay this out you know
back when I was doing star in the
morning I got hit with about five
demands for payment each demand was like
$10,000 because I was putting up images
of images that were from Google and the
the photographers or the agencies said
hey you can’t put our image embed it
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send me a new banner that has no image
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for you sir okay brother mow believe me
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Biden and his high beam dentures hashtag
white devil thank you brother most loser
hey ish she says happy holidays oh gee
star I’m drunk and cooking yeah girl I
love to hear that a woman’s cooking
salute to you to your family Happy
Merry Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa thank
you for your donation darling you are
appreciated and I hope that your food
comes out great Ronnie you’re cooking
for Thanksgiving uh yes I am I went and
did some shopping today hmm
in preparation for tomorrow but I’m not
having the traditional Thanksgiving
okay yeah you are anti holiday yes honey
you don’t celebrate Christmas anything
you just find the grid the Grinch
why so why yeah you know like you
said it’s it’s all consumerism at this
point you know so I’m not going to put
my energy into one day that has been
decided and you know I’m really just not
into traditional stuff like that really
not now hang on a second before I go
back to the phones and the cache happen
what sort of jazz I love American
holidays and yet consumerism but that’s
where we are you’re from Jersey Ronnie
you’re from New Jersey you’re not from
the slums you live in a great area so
you you had a great childhood Yes No
I forget yes I did but I feel very
cynical towards the celebrating aspect
of it
to me that just I don’t know I’m just
really not into it I know a lot of
people get into it and they get to
decorating their house and with the elf
on the shelf and the tree and the lights
and then for Halloween they they have
those decorations up and then for you
know Valentine’s I got the decals in the
window with the hearts and it’s you know
every month there’s something else
so it’s redundant now if I can say this
to you respectfully respectfully do you
plan to have kids yeah okay when you
have kids I think that you will change
because you cannot deny those little
faces the joy of the holidays I mean
this I’ve got no biological kids but I
just I I partake and I know that when I
do eventually have kids the kids will
break me I will become a shell of a man
that I am now that’s why I’m avoiding
kids but um you know okay student ID
celebrating Thanksgiving but you are I
have been told that before yeah it will
break you I’ve definitely been told
you’ll become a would-be chemours
respectfully hang on a second um I got a
cache up here from uh
who’s this is today’s woman made for the
track question mark sir in my opinion
we’ve got a bunch of Outlaws now you
know these these females are getting
paid without pimps you know it’s it’s uh
it’s sad it’s sad they think they don’t
need a pimp and the track is different
now that the track is uh it’s different
you know with some something different
but are they made for the track to
answer your question I in theory yes in
theory yes because they are born into
the matrix at a very early age they see
their mothers their aunties their
grandmothers up on the ground you know
doing what they do by the way of being
vanity driven and I would say yes to
answer your question thank you very much
for donation
Darrell grieving so he says White’s
normalized bs when it’s them afflicted
okay thank you Darrell
thank you for your cash yep okay uh 301
did I pick up your coho listen guys
okay he says Paul Paul says uh that
nigga sniffing blow that’s why he was
breathing so hard oh oh you mean the
caller who called it from 301 oh they
say he spent screaming so you know
that’s my god hey y’all want to check in
via superjet he says a perspective on
reparations 7-3 – hang on a second is
that a yo good evening sir
7:32 how are you sir evening yeah can
you your phones out a little muffled do
you write will you kind of pony oh yeah
no check it out man yes sir
starting off with those with the buy
this stuff right hunter he own that
stuff but he gonna be good with barley
you know I mean because you know he’s
not that privileged right so so but
hopefully it does get biting out here
for the race because when he low stage
he’d be looking seeing our own man you
can chop the bone it’s a wrap right it’s
all right but I need to break off those
reservations because if I saved in their
place you know so I’ve done research on
this and there’s a study that suggests
it was conducted by a few lawyers and
they suggest that affirmative action
worked better as an immigration policy
instead of a policy for Atos okay I mean
the statistics are right there you can
look it up on college gore and National
Center for Education Statistics it’s it
seems like the system was designed this
way everything kind of happened around
the same time with immigration coming in
affirmative action you see Dwayne to
design so that needs to be figured out
and yes if Bloomberg is breaking off now
hang on a second are you yourself a Doss
okay perfect perfect stay with me stay
with me now maybe I’m a little too uh
you know
all over the place I’m enjoying myself
tonight Thanksgiving us tomorrow I
respect Michael Bloomberg as a
businessman as a businessman I listen to
blue Bloomberg News in the mornings
religiously 5 days a week but he’s
apologized for three terms of stop and
frisk I don’t care about Trump sounding
racist or saying racist shit
Trump has never put forth policy or laws
to stop african-americans or Hispanics
in their tracks and lock them up that’s
what Bloomberg is but but if I can just
finish my point here and there and then
I’ll give you the last word but if he’s
gonna say hey I want to make I want to
right the wrong and I want to I want to
you know have the discussion about
reparations and put some things in place
hey you know I don’t know if he’ll get
my boat but it’ll I’ll feel better about
what say you take that approach and
it’ll at least shift the conversation
for the home to me you know I’ll nose
out gold you know put my support behind
it but cuz there the whole Antonio more
aka tone talks and Yvette Colonel have
they addressed this yeah but imagine
they have where they will any um babe
justice yet Bloomberg keep me posted via
email if he beckoned me I watch Yvette
Cornell’s show but keep me posted
if I miss something and she’s talking
about you know Bloomberg and reparations
right Thank You Man thank you view
donations salut all right thank you okay
hold on Ronnie hold on a second guys
okay okay I want to put some respect on
a young man’s name I don’t know if he
fucks with me or not but that’s beside
the point
I’m not a player hater I’m the objective
hater a young man by the name of Monte
woodgrain now I’m as old as dust and I
see young man respectfully oh he’s
putting in the work and I know he’s got
some tension with Hassan Campbell
Hassan’s my guy but I like to give props
where props are due Monte woodgrain has
got a new video up on his YouTube
channel going in on Umar Johnson and
it’s a very classy approach Umar Johnson
doing a livestream and then not washing
his hands I don’t know if Marni fucks
with me or not that’s but again that’s
beside the point please go to his
YouTube channel
Monte woodgrain let me looking Elijah
you guys know Monte wood grain is Philly
nigger you don’t have to listen to Omar
Johnson you can just watch Monty he
gives you updates on Umar Johnson I
thought that was a beautiful video Monty
I fuck with you I don’t know if you fuck
with me but again that ain’t got shit to
do with shit you guys know Monty wood
grain is okay
I just want to get that in there because
I like to acknowledge the younger people
they put in work and I never saw that
video omar taking a leak something about
putting socks on and then you can hear
him taking a leak and then the nigga
just comes back on the live it doesn’t
doesn’t wash his hands Lord Jesus Ronnie
hold on a second
gets more clothes in here area code nine
one four give me nine one for you there
hello hello yeah star how are you yes
yes sir
good I just wanted to address something
to you for couple minutes
are you familiar with the incident that
happened in Maplewood Brooklyn with
Hasidic Jews Dave order 200 deep
protested the building of a black school
and their community can you tell me the
year sir and be careful because this is
a Jew Network kids some of the year okay
no I’m not the speed
I’m not continue yeah yes so basically
it’s this Hasidic Jewish community in
Midwood section of Brooklyn okay and
like this community organization they
ran it like this Jewish like Temple
House their their their their schooling
and when the window Jews found out about
this they start to protest because the
kids that are coming here their kids who
failed the ninth grade okay so what is
your problem sir
what is your problem what’s the problem
of the Jews I’m just what your opinion
about you agree with them do not agree
with them I donate to yeshiva sir so
what do you what are you asking me
that’s true yeah you’re talking about
the Lee Lee Avenue area yes we have yeah
yeah be Bella Israel and what what are
you saying sir we say do you believe
blacks should build there or do you I
think that blacks should take note from
the Jews sir I’ve said this before okay
can i address one one more topic please
please the the topic that you
that you have tonight actually come on
so you’ve got something in the
background can you make some adjustments
I want to hear you yeah yeah please yeah
are you recording the call are you
working with the feds who are you sir
tuna tuna no sir okay no sir
what’s your over topic tonight Starr was
a capitalist he’s not selling out he’s
sold out that’s that’s my topic so you
have to speed on Monty wood grain are
you up to speed on Monty wood grain
Monty wood right now Google Monty wood
grain on YouTube here he’s on Omar
Johnson’s neck and I love it thank you
sir have a good night
thank you you call they hate talking us
look about the Jews this is a Jew
Network please slow that shit down
please Bush kid good evening sir he says
this Japanese company is giving
employees who don’t smoke six extra
vacation days
a hashtag Ronnie’s what Ronnie’s mocha
can pronounce this it’s a long-ass
hashtag mo curd olives work okay if he’s
calling you Ronnie dough lazar Ronnie
what does only Thank You Bush kid that’s
my nigga sleep yeah
cottonmouth oh wow just yo the name is
the name is crazy but he spent money
cottonmouth nigger bitch Wow he says I
see I say let hunter Biden get high
inside a bill of reparations on accident
then stage an intervention and send him
to rehab hashtag loose squares hashtag
okay that was cute hey Ronnie a couple
of people were claiming that Lucy’s have
never been 15 cents from yesterday’s
show do you want to address that or is
that not a relevance to you tonight yeah
actually I I was on my Facebook today
and I asked what was you know the
cheapest people remember Lucy’s being
and some people said 20 cents somebody
from the Bronx said they remember it
being five cents but that was in the 80s
so I guess it just depends on whatever
area that you’re in at the time because
cigarettes are very different
like right now a pack of cigarettes
might be sixteen seventeen dollars in
New York that same pack is nine dollars
in New Jersey might be six dollars and
like Mississippi or you know one of the
states that’s closer to where it’s
manufactured so the area you know that
plays a key party part of it I was never
one of those people who like you know
bought Lucy’s and I cannot back in the
80s I had girlfriends that you know they
smoked Lucy’s or if we were doing blow
like you know three four five o’clock
good morning and they had to go out go
out to get a Lucy you know I gave them a
bunch of change and shit like that but
I’ve never known the actual price of
Lucy’s you know anyway hold on a second
on yeah mortal thank you mortal he sent
in a donation love it star but stop
acting like you never rolled and the
snow were played with the rocks my dude
what are you talking about are you
talking about no no sir I sniffed blow
that was it I tried to freebase I’ve
said this before maybe you’re a new
viewer a new listener please pay
attention I have no reason to lie on the
microphone I tried to freebase twice
back in the early 80s I couldn’t it was
for me and I’m you know I liked sniffing
blue because I could just throw on a
fucking a blazer jacket and some Capezio
shoes I was in a rock and roll and I
could go downtown and I could go to some
rock’n’roll clubs freebasing made you
you know stay in the fucking house pull
down the blinds and you were sweating
that was a turn-off but thank you for
your donations sir no I wasn’t with the
the crack wave crackers waxer but thank
you for donation
did I miss any super chats hold on guys
blade Bush kid boss nigga Charlie hey
boss nigga Charlie have you ever heard
of the movie The Legend of nigger
Charlie I think that was Fred Williamson
1973 or 72 classic film The Legend of
nigger Charlie I think they changed the
name years later okay guys hold on
neighborhood watch who is this you keep
watch your language you don’t own
YouTube what is this
did you own flop 97 when you had buck
wild spitting on the walls and floors
sir I’ve never been fined by the FCC in
case you don’t know and I didn’t give a
shit about a hot 97 if you really want
to know the real I didn’t care about hot
97 I left hot 97 contrary to popular
belief they confused me with a nigger
from Harlem they didn’t want to pay me
point per cost so I didn’t give a fuck
about staying there I left in 2003 I
didn’t return their phone calls they
sent me a contract they they said hey
we’ll send you a contract for 1.5
million dollars we’ll send it in a
rental car just sign it and and and
we’ll be back in business and I said no
fuck you
I didn’t give a shit about hot 97 sir
but thank you thank you for your cash
job okay I got no money there I think
the most I made a hot 97 was two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars I was pissed
that I couldn’t make the money Howard
Stern was making and the end they would
not let me syndicate my show hey also uh
Rhonda give me a second I’ll come right
back now that I think you just mentioned
spitting on the walls on the floor
so look two big puns kids I forget their
names big puns kids came on my show I
had the video footage by the way and and
I and I told them to spit on the walls
and turn over the garbage cans in the
studio anybody from my back in those
days that remember I’m probably not I
think you’ve a fuck about a hot 97 and
still don’t sir I made no money there
Chris is it Reba’s Ria’s yeah fuck hot
97 either Jack and get no money there
Brandon how are you sir he sends in a
donation he says read my email which one
which one we’re real reckless tonight
area code for went 3 good evening
Foreman 3 are you there how are you how
are you sure good evening I’m good man
is Panama from the for 1 3 they can
advocate the can of man right here ok
what’s up brother I take that back yes
sir I know I know I take that back so
what you look good good man what you
looking forward to eating tomorrow star
what’s what star looking for to eat I
mean like I’m going to see family I have
a very small family I’ve got some family
here in a Atlanta I’m gonna be an East
Point and whatever they’re cooking I’m
gonna enjoy it and I celebrate the
holidays man how about yourself
yeah you don’t strike I’m looking
forward to some coconut rice and peas
man you don’t strike me as the mac and
cheese brother I love mac and cheese
yeah ok I’ll take that back out
step back alright alright alright but
touching on this on this hunter biding
thing um you know speak speaking for the
black coalition
um the black coalition would like to
trade Steven Naismith for hunter Biden
mean let’s go oh
let’s get Steven Naismith out of here
and also less trade stacey dash for our
Rachel Dozier I think that’s how you
pronounce her last name the woman from
our Washington State she wants to get
into culture so bad let’s just let her
in her in a way she was I agree I agree
wants to be black Rachel Dolezal we
behind her yeah Ronnie is it Dolezal
last names it dollars are dollars oh
forget Dolezal yeah I agree so go ahead
let’s let that lady in and you know just
just just I’m a little thrown off by
this 15 cent Lucy thing I’m not a smoker
of cigarettes I smoke blunts all day
okay you know cush and indicas but how
many packs or how many how many Lucy’s
come in a pack I don’t know running 20
cigarettes are in a box 20 cigarettes
are in a box
alright so 20 cigarettes in a box if it
were per cost $9 correct in New Jersey
and and and you’re buying them for 15
cents that comes on nine dollars apart
I’m not buying them for 15 cents er I
said when I was 12 he asked me what what
was the place at that time I’m sorry
okay I’m my apologies I was misinformed
but even so so that means at that time
the boxes of Newports were three were
worth $3 Wow they weren’t even without
they weren’t even $3 yet and I remember
when I remember when they actually
became $3 and I said if they ever become
$5 I will never buy a pack again how
much what what are you paying for them
$9 yes I know you’re that you’re a
dedicated Newport small could you buy
Newport stock no well well can I ask you
a question respectfully because you I’ve
heard you use the term
brother a few times respectfully talk to
me talk to me son
yes why did the African once upon a time
trade and sell his brothers let me ask
you that again let me ask you that again
why did the African once upon a time
trade and sell his brothers please I
have a very clear precise answer for
this at the end of the day when and
don’t blame whitey whitey was not even
on the conscience no I’m not I’m I am
not blaming whitey at all this boils
down to levels there are levels of
everything there’s people that
individuals feel that they can prey on
and take advantage of and slowly I mean
in that situation that the African that
was of hierarchy felt that he could take
advantage of the lesser African and with
that being said he said you know what
look at his little dumb fool here let me
see if I can have him build me a Hut or
have him hunt for me to do whatever so
he he took advantage of them and and
went and sent him out there and had him
do whatever he needed to do and while
that why he sat back and chilled with
his queens and did what he needed to do
so it’s it mainly comes down to the
positions of high and low okay okay so
with that understanding and you know I’m
glad you took the time and even though
you’re kind of you know romanticizing it
even though you’re you know
romanticizing it why do you think we
should still acknowledge each other
today as brother knowing what you just
said I acknowledge my close friends as
brothers but when like you said when I
see another person of color in the
street they are not my brother you know
I mean though it’s somebody that I think
though my brother is somebody that my
brother is somebody that I grew up with
that I that I’ve known since six years
old or seven years old but to see
another first industry hey my brother
now you
you ain’t done a damn thing for me
except look me in the eye and and piss
me off because uh you’re you’re just
you’re just not on my lap right now this
man speaking facts thank you sir and
please don’t ever call me your brother
again thank you I won’t thank you okay
are you figuring it out
you figured out all the things started
in Africa let’s not play that game hey
blade on the check and he says nigga is
this the star report or the star of
david’ report question mark
sir you already know what it is come on
come on
are you a new viewer mad shit on the
check-in again he said star yes you and
Ronnie keep avoiding my topics respect
my dollars I told Dana my score is above
800 Ronnie what is a man shouldn’t talk
about that’s the homie from Florida by
with the Bronx something going on with
him Dana credit score should I text Dana
hey yeah maybe she can tell us more
what’s going on that’s like the third
time he said something about it right no
I respect his dollar but I don’t know
what’s going on did he he and Dana have
an argument about his credit score I’m
not sure he keeps talking about my um my
polo sure
polo nigga Thank You Man for your
Brazilian American soldier centered a
donation forget Biden Trump’s kids are
agree then he says shadow so I don’t do
shoutouts Giuliani for helping create
Brazil’s first ever CIA making the world
safe Ronnie I miss you says he misses
you okay Brazilian American soldier
thank you okay okay okay let’s unite
talk for a minute here um anything that
we spoke about behind the scenes I know
we shot some e-mails back and forth that
we should mention before I shut this
down tonight
oh sorry Brian it’s having a baby star
brand I’ve never met this young woman
brand yes she’s popping oh she’s popular
in Instagram this is cardi B’s friend
she came at Nora’s neck and you know I
pay attention to all the details or as
much as I can
she’s pregnant congratulations young
lady wish you all the best
do we have the name of the pimp that
impregnated her you know who that is
um well we don’t know who that is
yet but I can say for sure that it’s not
nori okay okay okay yeah yeah seven
months Wow
okay she’s up on the grand is she
where’s she from because Harland some
other guy you know they were struggling
to pronounce fronto leaf and I said huh
the hater misses nothing they were
struggling to pronounce fronto leaf but
again she’s pregnant
congratulations yeah you were saying
yeah I think she’s from the Bronx as
well okay okay okay maybe that explains
it because if she were from Brooklyn she
would know how to pronounce that all
right anything else will be discussed
running no I’m drawing a blank here
Oh what about Alexander Rodgers up on
YouTube reading Amanda seals you and I
spoke about that I sent you that that
link yeah yes and that was an excellent
read it wasn’t I
I didn’t get the feeling like that he
was just angry and mad and just trying
to throw shots everything that he said
about Amanda was 100% on point it was
correct it didn’t come off as though he
was just being emotional or trying to
tear a woman down here
really spot-on precise and precision
yeah and I mean he talked about a lot of
different things like you know when she
first complained about not getting into
that party she blamed the white woman
for it she went on her her Instagram
live and all the white woman denied me
interest you know to the only black
Hollywood party and then we find out no
you just you don’t get along with people
yeah folks check him out on YouTube
Alexander Rodgers the video we’re
talking about was posted October the 9th
he read huh from front to back
Z snap hold on a second um okay mad shit
on the check-in again via super jet he
says store my son is listening and I
want you to address my super chats
Ronnie has no kids question mark I’ve
been reading all your super Chad’s
mattered what are you talking about you
sent it another one about your $800 I’m
sorry 800 credit score my pink shirt
okay what else
hang on a second you sent in a couple
about your 800 credit score
I’m confused sir do you want to call in
man send me an email tell me what number
you you’re uh you’re calling from you
spend scroller man I’m fucking what
you’re heavy
pause black race is on the check and
good evening sir he says Happy
Thanksgiving to everyone I hope all you
niggas get sick and have diarrhea all
weekend you greedy sons of bitches so
happy holidays and all that good shit
okay thank you black racist you are
appreciated sir
it’s got every code five seven for
grieving five seven for you there I
don’t know five simple no drop out let’s
go to area code seven or nine good
evening seven are you there oh yeah hey
that’s me that’s you what’s wrong
how can we help you sir hey can you hear
me I can hear you sir are you dressing
one of the topics or is this some type
of troll call right okay look the other
night I think you’re super sad and I was
addressing that me spell when it came to
LeBron II didn’t understand I guess I
hit both of y’all with the uppercut like
that’s the Polish place that we can you
give us your name are you who are you
sir who are you
you want some type of delay who are you
I’m a 7 1 9 I told you ok so give us
give us your name you said you sent it a
soup chef from the other night I read
all the super chests even if I get to
them the next day
refresh my memory come on what you
didn’t address weight when I gave you
that location about polish the village
okay come on Ronny do homework man sir
can you tell us what you’re talking
about Ronny assists me she’s not trying
to be a media person are you come on
what are you talking about you have the
floor please
well I like Ronnie so you’re killing me
come on yeah what are you we’re we going
what are you doing you sniffing blow
you’re sucking a cock what are you doing
come on in speak up okay now I got your
attention what are you doing well we’re
not doing that I’m just trying to have a
conversation sir please
walk there’s some type of fucking delay
you’ve got a string around your cock and
around your neck get to it man come on
doctor let’s get him out of here man
what’s with the delay
I’m going after white boys tonight
Blumberg in the Hunter Biden
scared niggas go to church what are you
cooking tomorrow yeah we cook for
Thanksgiving oh I’m okay so I got steak
and lobster and scallops so that’s you
know what I’m gonna have tomorrow I’m
going to put the girl on and I I know
that’s really weird to do and November
but that’s what I’m gonna do okay are
you cooking for an army or just a small
gathering what can you tell us something
or is it a secret
no this is two of us just the two of us
we’re gonna have you know a nice big
dinner here at the house but I’m not
doing like the stuffing and the mac and
cheese and the potato salad and this and
no not for just the two of us okay
okay let me also say salute to UM
hip-hop news uncensored on YouTube great
content hang around I’ll be right back
great content hip-hop news uncensored
you know as an older guy I like to see
younger people steering their own course
and these guys put in the fucking work
great daily content I’m on their YouTube
channel right now they’ve got five
hundred and seventy four thousand
subscribers and it just it brings a
smile to my face if you give a fuck
about you know young people that are
controlling the narrative of what you
guys call the culture just want to
mention that if there’s anybody else
that I forgot to mention tonight I’m
just kind of like in that zone I just
want to give props where props to do I’m
not looking for drama I’m not looking to
get in the middle of anybody’s tension
but um what’s it
hey Chad good evening sir thank you for
your cash that he says
miss is for Nimrod read the Bible Chad
this is America this is a new day in
time it’s all different now man what
you’re talking about has legs but this
is the land of capitalism and
consumerism we’ve changed all the dates
around for the holidays
shit’s different now it’s about bringing
joy to the faces of the kids that’s it
man go out and spend some fucking money
don’t be a Scrooge
Ronnie I saw something I forget where
but they’re trying to now make Santa
Claus gender-free did you see that that
was shit
yeah I saw that headline I mean what
they really should be focusing on is
keeping kids off of Santa’s lap I’ve
always thought that that is just so very
weird you know putting your child on a
random strangers lap yeah hang on a
second guys oh hey Lakeisha how are you
darling yeah my triple butter com I
always promote this into being the
beginning of the show make sure you go
there guys tell them I sent you my trip
of order calm I use it all over my body
great stuff all right Thank You Alec
Esha for your email and thank you for
being a sponsor okay hold on Ronny one
of their email and get – I’m sorry –
Martin how are you sir he says great
work here’s a little something for the
show Thank You Martin you’re appreciated
okay okay okay all right listen Ronnie
I’m gonna finish up here I appreciate
your time anything you want to say
imparting anything that we forgot to our
to touch on any other any of the videos
that we discussed throughout the day I
know there was something upon God was it
was it Baltimore or forgetting we
discussed so many things in the daytime
I forget I’m drawing a blank
no yeah okay listen and enjoy enjoy your
evening and I’m sure we’ll catch up at
some point maybe tomorrow not tomorrow
we’ll talk Friday and Happy Thanksgiving
all right absolutely to start have a
great evening
thank you bye now Bostick money on the
line hold on guys what’s gonna would be
2k who gives a fuck ain’t a saying like
that but who gives a fuck mmm Tristan
Thompson trying to get Chloe back okay
day 26 has thoughts on being left off of
the new millennium tour is that Diddy’s
old band a group day 26 how is that can
looking live chat guys who was day 26
and whole gives a fuck
weren’t they’re part of some type of bad
boy group or something like that yeah
yeah and they had some weird guy he
wanted to leave the band or the group
and then he thought he was popping then
he flopped now they’re trying to get
back together who gives a fuck fuck out
of here where’s listen folks I’ve been
very vulgar tonight I don’t know what to
say I just I love the holidays so I’ve
been very extra full blast radio was pop
at home he said just sent in a late
super chat happy turkey day my nigga
Thank You Man full blast radio calm DJ
tiger on the check-in he’s down here in
I think he’s on the run from him on the
run from New York allegedly tiger are
you a Bronx nigga forget folks there’s a
lot of Bronx niggas in Atlanta okay he
said salute star Happy Thanksgiving to
you and Ronnie and respect to the
crackers who murdered Indians so we can
eat turkey hash tag full blast radio on
YouTube yes sir thank you Matt sugar
where are you man he’s sent in a cash
app I don’t see your number hold a sec
let me see if this is uh Matt sugar hey
Matt sugar is that you seven or nine
good evening good evening what’s going
on hey what’s up man hey look I don’t
appreciate when you don’t read my super
tab now Hannah said are you the imaginal
are you pretending to be where you from
first of all I am the man shit man cut
it out
from where
where no no no no don’t impersonate
someone we’re where is master from I
know him were you calling from
no no he’s not you you’re faking your
pump faking don’t do that to somebody
Matsuda I’m gonna wait for another
minute or two man to see if you’re
calling in some I just called in
impersonating Matt sugar okay this okay
this is a crazy super chat hunter Acre
Woods your beats should be played and
what Guantanamo Bay as a torture
instrument your trash beats pushed
Biden’s son to smoke crack wow wow that
was crazy
that was crazy
okay I think that’s it guys thank you
for your time this evening I’m gonna
roll out I got a I got a handle some
business here late night
somebody’s Agee about something hold on
a second let me shut this down right the
young lady who um had the issue because
I wouldn’t bring her the won’t some
Alaskan king crab legs out to Stone
Mountain talk a little reckless
tokoha reckless but she says she wants
to get some scroller so I’m gonna
connect with her tonight
is it GS tak 79 thank you for your
donation Steve the Dean needs to talk to
Ronnie again okay thank you man thank
you all right I think that’s it hey guys
thank you for your time tonight have a
great evening what’s left of it and I
don’t think I’m gonna see it tomorrow I
got to handle some business tomorrow of
course it’s the holiday but if I do I
will keep you posted via my Twitter page
Troy terrain on Twitter that’s Troy with
an eye okay and let me get my GoFundMe
banner up here I’m always running other
people’s banners let me promote me
tonight all right I’ll see you guys
Friday if not Friday Saturday take care
of good night be safe

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