How Trump's Unauthorized Assassination of Iran's Gen. Qassim Suleimani May Have Helped Cause WWIII


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#QassimSuleimani #donaldtrump #WWIII <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

what’s up family according to a number
of political pundits and military
experts Donald Trump your president
decision to assassinate Iran’s general
Qasem Soleimani could be the beginning
of World War 3 and the ending of life as
we all know it this dude I told you from
the gig was unqualified to lead fifth
graders out of their classroom the
recess this dude is the worst of worse
and it’s no way that you can put
somebody like that in position of that
type of authority that type of power
give him the damn cold to the war room
and not expect that’ll be some type of
grave consequences this dude is a moron
that you fools made president some of
you fools you’re so excited you’re so
caught up in your privilege that you’d
rather see the whole country burn then
they have somebody in position who has
some sense who has some competence who
can be a uniter and not a divider
y’all think that it’s gonna be easy
remember how easy you thought it was
gonna be when he attacked when I merica
attacked Iraq you thought it was gonna
be a one-night thing just like it was
back in 98
what was it 91 92 when the first Iraq
war took place thought it was gonna be
easy thought you know go in there and
just wipe it out one day declare victory
don’t put the flags up and and claim the
territory Iran had different thoughts
they was not prepared for that guerilla
warfare this is gonna be a repeat don’t
think it won’t be a bunch of beheading
going on it won’t be a bunch of
explosions happening not just abroad but
it’ll be something happening right here
in America America’s and Americans are
not as safe as they think they are and
that is because of a lot of these things
that American politicians are involved
in man they do not care the elite got
somewhere to hide they got bunkers
they’re going in man they gonna make man
they gonna lay low when they go down
everybody that’s gonna be pretty much
exposed and also some people have to
think about imagine a world where
American politicians are getting knocked
off that’s not very difficult to do if
you think about it there’s no way
possible they can protect all of these
politicians around America you got
politicians on the national level state
level local level we’re talking about
thousands of politicians we’re not just
talking about the people in Congress
they can’t possibly they can’t even
protect the people in Congress if
somebody want to get at them they can’t
even protect them if somebody wanted to
get to
they can’t even really protect the
president and these are type of people
who don’t mind dying like they really do
believe that thing is gonna be able to
go in there and kill those people
leaders like that and ain’t nothing
gonna happen the problem is is that
people like Trump they get to throw the
rock and hide their hands or get to
throw a rock and say sick of boy go get
you go get it the working class person
the working class people are the ones
have shared the blood the people who
come from poor communities around
America middle America
they’re the ones who shared blood
they’re the ones who are going to the
cemetery they’re the ones who get to
knock at the door
Trump don’t get knocks at the door this
type they don’t get the knock at the
door they send you out to do the dirty
work and then they give you a medal or
say some nice things about you that’s
enough for you to feel like you’re
working for your country you forget all
about policy you forget all about what
are you fighting for why are you out
here is it worth it just because you
like robots
well fredom told me to go kill I gotta
go kill he told me to go Frank reminds
me of the guy who said that he killed
Bob Marley he said when he killed Bob
Marley he stuck he got Mubarak Marley
with a pen that he put in Bob Marley’s
Nikes I believe he said it was a pair of
Nikes I’m not sure but he said it was a
pair of tennis shoes that he gifted
bought Marley he befriended Bob Marley
he passed himself off as a journalist
and he gifted Bob Marley with the shoes
and he said Bob Marley put him on and
when he put him on Bob Marley said ouch
and he said I knew I had him then see
that’s when I knew I had him but he said
the reason why he did it was because he
thought that he was doing his country
a favor he thought he was doing it for
the betterment of the country because
the higher-ups told him that the people
that was stroking the cheque told him
you’re doing this for the country and he
said at the time when he did it he
didn’t feel nothing he thought he was
doing it for the country but as time
passed he realized that he had been
bamboozled and he felt sad that he
actually did that when he realized how
much people really loved Bob Marley and
how much of a nice guy Bob Marley really
was say Bob Marley invited him into his
home and took a man befriend him
everything he’s like Manny he didn’t see
this this grave danger that that
Americans say that Bob Marley was so
this is how they do they get the people
who kind of slow to people who don’t
know the people who may have some issues
with their identity and they go in on
them and they scare everybody
tell you the enemy over here when really
they overhear puppeteering the whole
time they are the enemy the enemy is
within but they’re gonna make you look
over here or even look at somebody like
me like I’m the enemy ain’t son no not
one bomb to uh to Iraq ain’t bomb one
place ain’t pick up the phone and call
to get not one send one drone I ain’t
even ever seen a grown up close but
there’s square to guard that I’m the
enemy that I’m somehow a threat I’m a
threat to national security
somehow and it’s one thing for them
since oh ho different stir when you
believe it
not you but him it hurt it’s crazy man
do when I did kill that man just so he
can get reelected he killed that man
just so he can get some votes you don’t
give a damn about Americans he trying to
get reelected he saw an opportunity he
saw a soft target and he went in if it’s
really about preserving American life
and the threats of American life why
aren’t they doing anything to China
China send defective toys and all kind
of stuff over here where your children
end up getting killed and choking on it
all kind of stuff stuff is ain’t even
regulated half stuff and even regulated
it come from China it ain’t safe to use
but they take it in it all the time
ain’t nobody thing dropping nothing on
China then you dropping nothing on North
they ain’t dropping nothing on Russia I
wonder why see but this has far-reaching
implications and this whole thing to
kick off a world war three and I’m
telling you this mark my words
Trump would actually be proud if he was
the one could start a World War three
because look he’s 77 years old he got
that many days left anyway and even if a
world of war don’t take him out that
that bad eatin that died that he got
would probably do the trick
he ain’t got that much longer anyway no
matter what so he don’t care what
happens to the rest of us that’s what
y’all not understand it man brace
yourself family
brace yourself I’m telling you brace
yourself and look y’all keep talking
about silver one all of that that that
World War three kick off a civil war
would be that’ll be the last thing you
have to worry about no more talk

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