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How can you stay focused for 2020? I want to mentor you in 2020 to 10X your business, 10X your income, and 10X your life.

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a welcome to the cardones own grant
cardone here and every Friday I come to
you talk about your business your career
and your finances today I want to talk
about how to stay focused here we are
moving into 2020 some people already
fell off I know I did I fell off on one
of my goals already I was gonna be mr.
nice guy I was gonna be a marshmallow
this year I was gonna be mr. self I
lasted literally 24 hours maybe not even
24 but I have taken up a new target
already failed on one already second day
with no meet this is the first two days
of my entire lifetime I don’t remember
not having meat milk cheese so I’m gonna
go seven days on plant yesterday I did
it man and my energy yesterday was
ridiculous unbelievable so good so today
I want to talk about something really
really really important in this year
hopefully I can help coach you and
mentor you and stay with you this year
and you can help me stay focused on my
goals something that I learned how to do
when I was probably I don’t know 25 26
27 years old and has really contributed
and made a difference in my career is
staying focused on my goals making a
commitment to some target and staying
with that thing and not getting
distracted by all the noise
today we wake up in the world there’s a
lot of noise already today whether it’s
an impeachment or Iran or whatever like
there’s endless lists of distractions
for the Instagram and Facebook and
advice and good advice bad advice I
don’t know I mean like conflicting
advice and and staying focused it’s very
very difficult I see with my staff we
have 185 staff here I got another 350 in
the field in our real estate how do you
stay focused you’ve got you’re married
maybe you got kids you’ve got a mom or a
dad that’s got some kind of problem that
pops up or a brother or sister that you
love and you’re concerned about maybe
you got a dog or an animal at the house
and and they get lost for a second you
get distracted all these things some
target you had a disappointment comes
along and you’re like you
you lose it okay I’m gonna share with
you three things that I do every day to
stay focused number one I need
meaningful goals I was talking to the to
my friends in New Year I have some
friends in New York that are in the
broadcast business and I was like look
they’re like how do you set realistic
goals I’m like don’t set realistic goals
set meaningful meaningful game-changing
okay the goals no goal is going to keep
your interest keep your attention keep
your focus I need my phone
nothing’s going to keep your focus if
it’s not meaningful right so like if I
tell you right now hey there’s $10 and
your goal is $10
that’s not meaningful enough if it’s
$100 most people were like they’re not
gonna do a whole bunch to go get $100
but what if I made this 100 million okay
even though it’s impossible I’ll promise
you I’ll promise you if I sit down with
Johnny and say Johnny I’m going to show
you how to get a hundred million dollars
illegally in your lifetime if the payoff
is big enough meaningful significant
gain changing this is why people give up
on their goals they give up on their
goals because they’re not meaningful
they’re not significant there’s no
life-changing result $100 $1,000 even
$10,000 significally does not
significantly change a person’s life
enough even if you’re broke you say
$10,000 would change my life forever oh
yeah until you do the math and then
you’re like there’s no money here now
when you start thinking this big this is
the whole premise of the 10x rule the
10x rule is not just about big think the
10x rose about necessary think the think
that is necessary in order for you to
even stay in the game in the game or
focused on the goal so number one the
goal has to be meaningful significant
literally life-changing number two
you’ve got to have daily targets every
day I walk in with a target first thing
I do with my daily planner and we’ll
take some callers 305 eight six five
eight six six eight three oh five eight
five eight six six eight if my planner
you got a planner around here I have a
planner and basically what the planner
does this is a planner starts off two
sheets of paper it’s got its got it
looks like this it’s a notebook right
and this is this is the right side we
start on the right side this is gulls at
the top and this is target’s okay first
thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna write
down these ridiculous targets oh I’m
gonna get it I’m gonna get a helicopter
okay I’m gonna get a brand new
helicopter eight passenger I got it in
my head I got it mocked up it’s black
it’s got a 10x underneath it do this got
choppers I’m not doing that this year
ten billion dollars for the real estate
all this ridiculous stuff goes here ten
billion dollars were the real estate
folks I cannot buy ten billion dollars
for the real estate this weekend this
month probably can’t do that this year
but if I put together a billion dollars
this year I’ll be lucky okay know we did
860 last year you let me have let me
have that book so when you get this book
it’s a 10x planner you don’t have to use
this book but this is the book I use
it’s called the 10x planner and inside
the planner on the front page that’s got
a little QR reader and it tells you it
tells you on the QR reader if you just
snap a shot of this on your phone it
pops into a little video how to use it
okay this is my planner okay so what I
have here is goals I have a quote oops I
want you guys to write your quote down
that day okay today hey dude I never
take advice from a quitter ever you quit
on your goals I don’t listen to you and
you could be the most you could be the
most brilliant person in the world you
could be you could be a billionaire if
you quit on a goal if you’re done if
you’re into the retirement game now I’m
not listening to you I’d rather listen
to you when you were on your roll up on
your way up right now okay so right here
is gonna be a quote goals unachievable
can’t accomplish them today and then
right here it’s gonna be daily targets
this is the second part okay daily
targets you need a daily target somebody
needs to say hey what am i doing today
what am i doing today today calls
schedule people I need to talk to
what what has to happen today what look
that I can measure today in order to
stay focused on my goals tomorrow next
week and next month if I can’t pull
today off if I can’t pull today off you
know and when you’re recovering from
drug addiction it’s one day at a time
handled today I used to go to a meeting
three times a day three times a day
every day 7 o’clock in the morning one
at noon one at a club people say muna
that’s a lot of that’s a lot of meetings
about 21 meetings in one week like yeah
you know what I don’t wanna I don’t want
to fall off man I gotta stay focused I’m
weak the devil’s got me the third thing
you got to do and then we’ll open up the
phones I need to be held accountable
have an obligation to someone else I
need to publicly tell people this is
what I’m up to
I am not eating meat for seven days it’s
not enough to say you’re not gonna eat
meat for seven days I need somebody to
bring me uh the stuff that’s not meat I
don’t even know what it is no meat no
dairy no eggs okay so I need somebody to
say hey this is my obligation this is my
commitment I told Peter Peter make sure
I don’t want any meat this week okay
everything all vegetables so when I went
every couple of two or three hours I
need something vegetables I don’t even
know where to get this stuff I need to
be have an obligation I need to be held
accountable I need a team I need a team
to say hey this is Grant’s plan this
week I win you win every time if I can
stay focused long enough to accomplish
one goal one goal then I can stay
focused to accomplish any goal and so
can you that’s what I want to help you
do 2020
we’re starting our 10x truer today
tonight I’m in Phoenix tomorrow we do
Phoenix San Diego Sunday San Diego
Sunday Orange County next Saturday LA
next Sunday
okay the fourth Phoenix today’s the
third the fifth San Diego the xi xi I
think it is the 11th is Orange County
the 12th is Los Angeles there’s already
like 6,000 people registered for Los
then we go to Vegas on the 18th 19th to
San Fran 20th is Oakland now why am i
doing that okay see these schedules
right here all this stuff I do with
schedules is me holding myself
accountable it pulls me forward into the
future when I’m done with this month in
why would I book all this stuff in
January free to the public why would I
do that
because it jump-starts my year okay I’m
not doing this for you I’m doing this
first for me and my family and then for
you if I’m not taking care of myself how
can I take care of other people so I’m
gonna mentor a million people this
year’s one of my targets this year that
means I need 80 83 thousand people a
month via via via live streams public a
Instagram I need eighty three thousand
people a month I need to go visit you
you’re gonna come to the 10x growth
conference in February whatever three
things okay number one you got to have
game-changing goals two daily targets
three obligations and accountability
let’s talk to our callers Ernie what’s
going on my friend thank you for calling
it uncle G can you hear me yeah I can
hey Happy New Year good hey happy New
Year to you
Happy New Year yeah he doesn’t go any
lower than that go ahead what’s you got
you got a question you got a comment
what you got Ernie yeah I have a
question for you No well first congrats
on not having any meat
you know first few days of 2020 I’m
actually vegan I’ve been vegan for two
years are you going vegan are you just
not having me now I’m just not doing
meat man no meat no fish no wieners
how’d you get off them weenies man good
man that’s good that’s good man it that
that makes me excited
you should really stick to it but I had
a question for you so I what what what
but what gets you excited the fact that
I’m the weenie comment or the the the
off the meat comment the off the meat
comment okay why you you think it’s good
for me you think we eat too much meat
yeah we weed too much me and not to
mention that when you lay off the meat
your personal your your own weenie is
going to be a lot more excited whoo
let’s roll I’m telling you I know I’m
I’m kind of joking but it’s very serious
oh yeah big difference yeah so look look
yeah yeah I’d love to know anybody
watching right now what’s your thoughts
is on this I’ve been eating meat for 60
years folks like it’s not like I don’t
like like oh my god I can’t believe
you’re gonna get off of it it’s seven
days like seven days if I can’t get off
a meat for seven days and this is what
staying focused to some of this stuff
you want to do just for fun just like
hey I did that i’ma try something okay
all right what’s your question Ernie
all right so I put my job three months
I’m officially working on on my company
and it goes with like I have a crapload
of goals yeah my mind but how do you
pick probably like two or three bigger
ones and just stay focused great
question great question so look what
you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get
whether you use my planner or whether
you you know just get a notepad I can or
I can write my notes on this piece of
papers whether you guys can stay focus
or not on what you need to right now so
my little planner my 10x planner this
side has all my dates okay this is the
hour of the day from 6:00 a.m. to
midnight and it tells me when I’m gonna
wake up and when I’m gonna go to bed and
everything I’m gonna do in between over
here over here you’re writing down goals
that are unachievable I want you to
write them down new every night the
problem with you guys that take picture
screen shots of your goals you wrote
your goals down in 20 in January first
and then you look at them on January 3rd
on January 6 on January 16th about
something you wrote down January 1st
that might not even be anything to you
anymore now if I sit down and write my
goals down Ernie every day and every day
I write these down today I wrote down a
helicopter man I’m gonna give me a
helicopter I got to give me a helicopter
okay tomorrow
helicopter don’t show up Sunday
helicopter don’t show up
funny helicopter don’t show up boom next
week next Wednesday helicopter shows up
again well you know what like if I’m
only focused on that helicopter once or
twice every week it probably isn’t that
important so you need to start writing
down your goals to figure out hey what
is really important to Ernie
most people will you will discover your
purpose right here okay you’re gonna
discover right now what is really
important to you what is the game you’re
playing why are you here what are you
doing most people simply they’re at a
job don’t have a purpose you might have
quit your job Ernie because you’re like
this didn’t feed me anymore
trust me you could end up working for
yourself saying this doesn’t feed me at
all huh next caller
John what’s going on John John Natalie
you need to let him in first and then
and then have them on ready to go John
what’s up hey going on yeah how’s it
going all right it’s going all right man
have an accountability question for you
okay okay
sell your business out here in Texas
that I’m running here you know family
owned company we’re expanding it to new
markets you know based on some
motivation that you’ve given us here and
biggest things biggest struggle we had
in 2019 was holding our sales team
accountable you know they’re a lot of
folks you know main problem being
misrepresentation in the house you know
you know the customers on the
appointments and everything that’s been
our biggest struggle I mean what would
you recommend all that we could do to
start holding our failed team more
accountable good good so number one hold
yourself accountable
like you can’t hold other people
accountable if you don’t hold yourself
accountable this planet for all the
executives out there in the business
owners in the bosses yes sir
don’t be a hypocrite do yourself first
do yourself first do you first okay and
then you can ask it you can expect that
from other people
and then you you could literally just
tell people guys this is what I do every
day notice notice my life is getting
better my whole
that’s getting better I’m showing up
earlier I’m more excited I’m getting
theme more done like do you want that
you want to be part of that or not and
and so people here as much as as much as
maybe I push on people hard people here
respect me and said that God that God
does what he’s telling me to do and I’m
not saying one thing and doing something
else like our parents did you know don’t
smoke cigarettes and they smoking them
so so so don’t drink when you grow up
and they’re having a martini every night
so what I would say is look start
writing your goals down every day what
is it you’re not getting done every day
do you have those meaningful targets for
yourself they’re gonna change your life
then once I do that I’m like hey guys
here’s the deal I expect X maybe it’s
training okay I want you guys to all
sell double what you did last year
because I know you can now I’m gonna
hold them accountable to that by saying
daily targets if you ever get a chance
John to come through to our school here
you’re we’re gonna walk you through our
daily meeting you’re gonna see these
guys train every day they role play
every day and then they’re held
accountable every 15 minutes on their
activity hope that helps you man next
caller we have a boot camp coming up
when is that Martin no McNutt marks yeah
March marks of boot camp three-day boot
camp for management personnel people
running divisions departments owners on
exactly how we handle that particular
situation that John just asked about
thank you Justin what’s going on
come lack conduct the lag is terrible
Justin what’s up hey what’s going on
Grand Happy New Year bring them in
earlier bring the next one say be ready
okay yeah what’s going on Justin what’s
your question what’s going on my
question for you is how do I stay
motivated and doing what I love what
everyone around me is doubting what I do
everyone yeah yeah quit hanging around
those people well it’s family it’s more
I don’t really quit hanging around your
family if you if your family if your
family was a killer and a thief and a
what would you continue to hang around
them no no man just cuz they mom and dad
and uncle and aunt just if they stealing
from you they’re stealing your dreams
from you you guys you guys gotta
understand just because it’s blood don’t
mean it’s good yeah it’s it’s not even
my blood it’s more like my in-laws
doubting my business you know yeah yeah
of course they’re gonna doubt your
business they quit on theirs
yeah most people are quitters but it’s
not even a personal thing to the in-laws
most people quit 76% of Americans live
paycheck to paycheck they all quit I’m
talking about myself I quit all my
dreams yeah so if I quit and I know I
quit I know my sister my brother my
uncle my aunt my cousins of my employees
I know they can quit I quit you guys got
to be honest with yourself
dude it’s hard to stay focused so here’s
my fear I have tunnel vision on my
business right yeah my fears I’m driving
everybody away good good good that’s
fine drive them away they’ll come back I
love the way you think they’ll come back
they’ll come back later they’re gonna
come back say man man maybe just a man I
always knew you were gonna make it man I
was I was I was when everybody was
hating on your shit I was like oh my god
he’s a he’s a genius they all come back
bro just make sure you’re successful
yeah like I got I got I got people that
were they were like counting me out hard
a year ago I wasn’t where I am today and
I don’t feel like anybody else sees it
you know I was nothing a year ago I had
a tiny trailer and one truck and
I cannot paint hey Justin I cannot tell
you I’ll just call them out right now
Pat Rob Ralph I mean I go over a list of
people that inspire me every day
to make the billboards the buses the TV
shows and the radio we’re gonna hit all
that this year by the way folks radio TV
billboards the sides of buses I got
people that said I would never make it
imma be in your face all the time
imma be in your face so much your kids
are gonna be like y’all know this great
car don’t oh my god
don’t bring his name up okay all right
so look some of that some of that like
that chip on the shoulder that
resentment that light that people put
you down you got to you got to convert
that to fuel but mostly you got to stay
focused this year cuz if you don’t stay
focused none of this is going to keep
you in the game probably the most
important thing you can do this year how
do I stay focused every day that’s why I
use this little planner wake up in the
morning I’ve got a sitting on my sitting
on my bedside it’s right there right
goals okay I got one on my desk write
your goals what are my goals if I missed
it in the morning I got it right here go
home at night I’m on the plane there’s
one right there first thing I look at
when I open this cuz I’m right-handed
probably write your goals down because
my goals matter more than everything I’m
gonna do today matters more than
anything what are my goals for my life
next caller big day what’s that big date
nobody okay yeah yeah and it’s down in
the comments by the way somebody’s
probably through the planner comments if
you want to grab ahold of it
love you guys comment on YouTube by the
way and subscribing to the channel thank
you so much our next show sick watch
that next we’re right over there I think
it’s right over there right Johnny I
don’t know go ahead go next so what’s
going on man I got a question about
closing deals man I got a lot of tire
kickers from last year and trying to
close up the last bubble girl smart yeah
before I run through the new leads I’m
trying to get two old ones for all they
got smart you know not not negatively
but anyway can you give me a close like
give me a close dude let me ask you
something I would call these people up
and just say look I’m the happy new year
the reason I’m calling you I want to
know what it would either either you
want to know why you didn’t buy from me
last year
or I like this even better what would it
take for me to start this year off with
you doing business with me deal straight
up just asking that let me know call me
call me next week let me know what
happens all right thing though
thank you next caller Robert in San Jose
California I’m gonna be in San Jose win
when is this the 11-12 1889 thinking
1919 yes I got that already you’re gonna
be there you come in VIP yeah I’m coming
that way that I got my tickets okay good
good good you bring anybody with you yes
my fiancee what’s her name and I’m at
the Rema Rema good man look grab your
mom your dad your uncle your aunt your
brothers and sisters bring them with you
but make sure they register that event
will definitely be sold out what he’s
talking about folks is I’m going to San
Francisco I’m doing seven cities in
January seven cities in January free to
the public I take care of the hotel room
I take care of the travel all you got to
do is drive to the location
most of these start at nine o’clock in
the morning on a weekend not a weekday
because we did a poll most people said
man if you can do this on a weekend
that’s better than a weekday I don’t
have to miss work so I can’t do the
perfect time for everybody but I’m doing
Phoenix San Diego Los Angeles Orange
County San Francisco Oakland Oakland
it’s the one that starts at night and
Las Vegas seven cities in January to
kick start to 2020 okay what kind of
question you got man I’ll see you in a
couple weeks yeah
what do I have to do the guy on a stage
in Las Vegas say there’s a give an idea
okay you got an idea I got it
I’m gonna flower business I’m gonna make
it make it biggest heart shaped flowers
possible with roses and present you on
the stage oh all I need is a handshake
from you on this stage and maybe maybe
maybe why do I need a rose I don’t sell
roses I’m in the rose business oh good
for you I don’t want to rush I don’t
want to Rose why don’t you give me
something I want I know you like
chocolate I know that no I know what
chocolate what can I do for you
10x bruh I will
is it a balloon or its flower will its
balloons or flowers flowers make me a
10x flower bouquet you got it
I don’t know how about I’m gonna figure
it out later
yeah yeah that’s right just commit
further if they’re gonna rest out later
and and you bring me a big I mean it
needs to be big dough dog you can’t be
don’t bring me some little thing little
little croissant wonder what they call
Chris cuz I I wasn’t here big I want it
big I want to be like Grant Cardone died
what would you bring to my funeral a big
connect nothing about roses yeah I mean
it could be right like you got to come
to my funeral y’all come to my funeral
don’t be bringing some little bullshit
flowers okay I need something big it
needs to be Grant Cardone was 10x I’m
probably gonna be in the urn anyway we
give me a little 10 X earner like this
big and I’m a ham on the front a 10x
boss on the back I was never a little
bitch punks and I’m coming back
my name is Grant Cardone there’s a car
down zone today I’m talking to you about
how to stay focused
number one meaningful gain changing life
changing stupid ridiculous unreasonable
crazy goals they don’t just change your
life but change the lives of all the
people around you I’m gonna have Kevin
Hart on stage he’s gonna be talking
about this exact topic he’s like I have
zero interest in doing the same thing
over and over okay big goals I’m gonna
have Magic Johnson there he’s gonna tell
you hey go big or go bigger because
nothing else works on this planet guy
came from nothing to where he’s at today
we’re gonna have Scooter Braun there
he’s gonna be talking about 10x we’re
gonna have Brad part scale saying hey if
you don’t 10x in the ad business and
space you cannot change the that your
business Ryan Deiss is going to be there
Grant Cardone Elena Cardone we got Marie
Forleo we got Usher I guarantee you
she’s going to be saying we would not
have a Justin Bieber if it was not for
10x Rick Ross is gonna be forever
connects Snoopy dogs please bring me
back G see I like your deal like the way
you think and I like that money talk
guarantee he gonna be talking about 10x
this guy out hustles most people most
rappers that are 40 years younger than
him okay so be there at the 10x growth
conference that is in Las Vegas Nevada
we have seats as low as 497 10x growth
can calm 10x growth can calm 10x go hunt
calm it is the largest most talked-about
entrepreneur conference on the planet
Earth more like it’s more like a concert
and an entrepreneur conference look is
insane bro it’s insane it’s insane VIP
VIP premiere and diamond seats I’ll take
care of your hotel I’m putting you in
the same hotel that I met it’s connected
to the conference center so you and I
will be going up and down my family in
the same elevators okay 10x growth
con-com 10x cocaine calm what are we
down to 50 days 47 days
47 days imma imma turn Las Vegas on this
damn head okay hey and just remember
whatever happens in Vegas we’ll go with
you around the world if it’s 10x all
right okay this weekend I start with
Phoenix San Diego then I go to Orange
County Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland
and Las Vegas I’ve missed Las Vegas in
there I’ll do Las Vegas this month for
free and in February you could pay me to
come to Las Vegas for three days I’ll do
a fourth and fifth day on a mastermind
that’ll be February the 21st 22nd 23rd
24th 25th what’s your you look like
what’s your you look like cuz mine is
insane okay
if you want to know about where I’m at
this weekend you can see below they’ll
put a link
I think it’s Grant Cardone com4 slashed
or or you can go Grant Cardone com4
slash and the city that I’m coming to
I’m gonna do 35 cities possibly 50
cities in 2020 my goal is to mentor 1
million people would you like me to
mentor you would you like to me be in
your face every day holding you
countable saying set your target set
your goals do what you say you’re gonna
do if it’s weight loss if it’s finances
if it’s loving your family would you
light me up in your face every day
saying you can do more you can do more
you can do more don’t be a little bitch
you can do more you deserve to do more
change the game would you like me in
your face like a ringtone like every day
you wake up and said it’d be like every
second I mean your face I’m up in your
ear I’m in your brain
I mean you sell your i’m gonna sell them
you got 60 trillion cells and you add
grant cardones another one and every day
i’m communicating with you say hey come
on get your game on get your game on do
something big okay do something big
would that help you post below would you
love me to have you could you even
handle having me in your face behind
your ear in your heart in your
bloodstream every day say come on man
let’s do something big
I wish somebody were to push me when I
was a kid
wish I had a dad to push me if I can be
that guy for you I got a goal to mentor
1 million people this year 1 million I
want to prove that 10x is more than just
about me in my book it’s about you in
your life and your family and your
dreams and your goals ok
2020 let’s go kill it

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