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morning welcome to the 10x automotive
weekly welcome to 20/20 hope you guys
finished out 2019 strong you were able
to hit all your goals and all your
financial numbers that you had set for
yourself in that year and we’re gonna
have a ton of awesome things going on
here at Carter an automotive resources
in 2020 we’re rolling out some amazing
new products here in our offering and
we’re also super excited about nad a
2020 which is coming up in Las Vegas
February 15th to 17th and I’m not sure
if you guys have seen or not we actually
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more you’re also gonna have the
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you’re at any da we’re gonna be at booth
4:08 3c make sure you stop by and say hi
but before that make sure you register
so you enter to win in the drawing so
with that being said what we’re gonna
talk about today is something that I’m
extremely passionate about and literally
had transformed me from not knowing what
I was doing in the sales process to
becoming a pro and learning how to
really engage my customer and that is
fact-finding so you know everybody wants
to talk about closing the deal because
it’s sexy right but the reality is if
you don’t do the steps right in the
initial you know interaction with the
customer you’re never gonna get to the
close and when you get to the close
you’re not going to know how to close
the customer because you’re not asking
the right questions so fact-finding
discovery probing whatever you want to
call it is essential
so once you’ve greeted the customer
whether it’s on the phone or whether
it’s in person you have to engage with
them and find out why today what’s
important to them how can you help what
are they trying to accomplish because if
you don’t you’re not going to go into
rapport so when we talk about rapport a
lot of people don’t even understand what
that means but it’s just the commonality
between two people so with that being
said you want the fact-finding to be a
conversation and not an interrogation
right nobody wants to feel like that
you’re the Grand Inquisitor and you’re
just firing off all these questions at
him because they perceive at that point
like it’s just you want something from
them that you’re not with them you want
them to make sure that they understand
that you are interested in helping them
solve a problem helping them find that
ideal vehicle that they want to take
home today so you got to ask it the
right way and don’t be a robot I mean
you know go through this just like you
know we’re having this conversation
right now on the 10x automotive weekly
I’m talking to you and you’re listening
what we had to say you know it’s no
different than if you’re talking to your
family members you’re talking to a
friend or whatever you’re doing you got
to keep it in a way that’s gonna keep it
flowing and it’s gonna make the
individual again feel like hey this is
not a bad guy he wants to find out how
he can help me he’s really interested in
my needs it’s gonna separate yourself
from everybody else out there in the
marketplace that doesn’t even ask the
right questions so this sets the tone
for the conversation or the interaction
with the customer it starts to flow it
in a direction that’s gonna be an
alignment with what they want and a lot
of times the customer whether on the
phone or they’re in person they may not
may not actually know what they want
they just know they want to come into
the showroom or they’re calling about a
specific vehicle but there could be
other options they’re not aware of but
it may be an in line with their needs
but if you’re not asking the right
questions you’re never gonna know what
that is so you have to speak the
language of the customer because
otherwise it’s going to go in one ear or
go out the other it’s not going to get
their attention you have to ask the
right questions to get them to pie
up in their awareness okay this is a
trigger point this is something that I’m
looking for so for example if somebody
comes in you’re like hey what brings you
in today oh you know I want to look at
the Honda Accord awesome what are you
driving now
oh I’m driving a Toyota Camry awesome
what is it about that card that you like
what is it about that car that you don’t
like why the Accord why today why now
you start asking these questions it’s
gonna open the customer up because
they’re open-ended questions you know
you want them to start to expand on what
they’re trying to accomplish and give
you every single way to close the deal
because you’re only gonna close the deal
if you continue to find out what it’s
going to take for them to say yes and
you’re only gonna find that by doing a
proper fact-finding so you got to make
the process conversational like I talked
about before and let me throw some some
Nuggets out to you of something that
really changed the game for me when
somebody walks in the dealership so
imagining that we’re going into the
weekends so for example you get off of
this this you know webinar today and
you’re you know you walk into the
showroom somebody walks in you know it’s
11 o’clock 12 o’clock in the afternoon
and it’s a Friday so just to create
rapport hey thanks for coming in today
hey do you have the day off no I’m
actually on my lunch break
awesome where do you work I worked on
this street this accounting firm great
what do you do there I actually own the
firm awesome how long you been doing
that about five six years that’s really
cool man did you go to college around
here oh no I went into school in New
awesome man are you originally from New
York you see what I’m doing here I’m
having a conversation and it’s flowing
and what I’m doing is I’m getting
information from this customer I’m
lowering the wall and I’m finding out a
lot about them which I can use in the
process to keep checking back in to find
the commonality but get them to drop the
the shield and actually say this is not
a bad person to deal with let me get
more engaged in the conversation so it’s
just you gotta like you know trigger it
that way where it’s like you’re catching
them off guard you’re going into a
conversation the friction is not there
to give you the opportunity to move
forward so the bottom line is you can’t
sell if you don’t know
what the customer wants you can’t assume
and you know it’s one of the things in
the the sales process especially on the
demo going through it and when you’re
asking questions about hey what’s
important to you I mean is navigation
important is the stereo important do you
want the upgraded stereo two-door or
four-door convertible I mean what is it
is it the the speed of the car is that
the luxury is that the comfort the
safety you got a note why today why are
you gonna get a new car what why are you
going from the SUV to you know a
convertible you gotta ask these
questions because they’re gonna open up
and tell you maybe they just had a new
maybe they got divorced maybe they’re
having a midlife crisis who knows but
you got to find out what that is to help
move to the next level and get them
engaged so for those of you that don’t
know and I’ve talked about this for the
past couple weeks
I am super jacked about what we have
going on on the 20th and 21st of this
month and it’s the phone mastery
workshop so guys if you could throw that
up on the screen so everybody can see
we’re having this two-day deep dive
intensive here at 10x headquarters and I
got to tell you man it’s gonna be
unbelievable you are gonna have the
opportunity to attend and learn the
exact stretch strategy and tactics that
we’ve used here at Cardona enterprises
to create a one hundred fifty million
dollar business we’re gonna go through
your scripts we’re gonna show you our
scripts we’re gonna call your customers
we’re gonna help you on a one-on-one
basis to get great on the phone and the
only way that you’re gonna be able to do
that is to come in and learn from
somebody that’s already done it and have
them show you the way of how to get to
the next level and we’re gonna roleplay
I mean it’s gonna be unbelievable so two
days January 20th and 21st here in Miami
at the 10x headquarters I encourage
everybody to check it out if you want to
go to the website to find out more about
it it’s grant cardone com forward slash
phones so look forward to having you
guys check that out do you have any
questions email me Jeff at Grant Cardone
com or you can give me a call here at
the office 3 107
seven seven zero two five five and I’d
be happy to give you more information on
it so now back to the the the fact
finding the qualifying discovery
whatever you want to call it but I’m
gonna walk through here six key points
of what you can take away back to your
dealership today and really change the
game on what you’re doing in your
process so the bottom line is you’ve got
to qualify the reasons and what it’s
gonna take to make this sale easier
you’ve got to know what they want you
got to know how to like maneuver the
conversation around what they’re going
to engage with to flow through the
process and alleviate all the obstacles
along the way your main purpose in this
process is to determine what is the
right vehicle for them so let me give
you another example so you know I was
working at a Lexus dealership somebody
walked and they walked whatever to the
LS now I happened to see that they drove
up in an Acura TL they were landed on
the Lexus LS but I see him driving to TL
and I know it’s like a huge swing in
payment so they walked up and they’re
like man this is awesome like yeah you
know it’s our flagship vehicle blah blah
blah blah blah get in there start asking
me all these different type of questions
hey can we do a test drive I’m like
absolutely and then I’m you know talking
to here driving to Acura TL right yeah
awesome that’s cool what is it about the
LS that caught your attention oh I’ve
seen it on the road it looks awesome
fantastic hey what did you do in your
Acura TL did you lease it or did you buy
oh I’m leasing it hey what was your
payment Oh my payments 450 awesome how
did you get that payment so low oh you
know it’s just my sweet spot I’m trying
to stay around for fifty five hundred
dollars a month and then you said well
yeah the LS actually starts at eight
hundred dollars so we got the no problem
man yep yep they’re moving me around
here so anyway you got to find out what
where their mindset is because there’s a
huge difference in between paying $1,200
for LS and a $450 payment on a TL that’s
the whole paradigm shift right there
bottom line is guys well I didn’t
realize it as that expensive awesome let
me show you the es350 whenever the es350
one love with it never even thought
about the card but if I hadn’t asked the
right questions and I hadn’t started to
go into you know why today what brought
them in I would never have known that I
would have wasted three hours of my time
and get down to the you know the the
desk and the guys gonna be like dude man
I was looking to pay $450 a month that’s
my fault not his for not asking the
right questions so the secondary purpose
of this is you got to know you know how
to layer in through the sales process
based on what you’ve learned to use
those trial closes throughout to hit
those hot points so when you do get to
the desk you have a better opportunity
of closing the deal because when they go
I got to think about it that payments
too much say look I totally understand
but you told me that this is important
to you let me ask you this question what
is it gonna feel like when you’re able
to take this car home you’re gonna be
able to rev it up on the freeway and
listen to that stereo blast in the wint
you know your hair blowing back what’s
that gonna be like man I mean I mean
today you’re driving this Accord today
we’re gonna get you this convertible man
what kind of impact is that gonna make
you know get it wrap back around to
getting off of price and getting them
wrapped around the emotional aspect of
hopefully what you just experienced on
your test drive so if you could discover
what the patterns are that the buyer is
looking for it’s gonna make it easier to
close the deal so if you notice I’m
going through a process here in this
conversation in the heaven with you guys
today I’m trying to give you the flow of
how to learn how to close the deal a lot
easier because the reality is this you
should never have to close a deal if you
do the proper fact-finding you do the
proper demo you’re engaged with the
customer you know what they want you’re
selling the value because at the end of
the day somebody’s only gonna make a
decision if value outweighs price and if
you’ve done that right by the time you
get to the table you have them so jacked
about the vehicle and how awesome it’s
gonna be and how great it’s gonna be for
them to take this home yeah they’re
still gonna negotiate but you got more
leverage than just like going through
the motions sitting down where it’s all
about price you’ve got to ship off of
that I mean especially in 2020 I’m gonna
be the first one to admit man it’s hard
it’s a price game you got to switch
those people off of the price and say
look you know what I am fully committed
to making sure that I
get you the best price on this car today
I’m gonna give you least figures I’m
gonna give you finance figures I’m gonna
give you cash figures I’m gonna give you
one pay lease I’m gonna give you a
scenario on a pre-owned vehicle give it
all to them right say look no problem
deflect that objection and roll right
into the deal start asking the right
questions to start fact-finding so what
are the mistakes that are made in
qualifying I think this is important
because you got to look at this and
think hey what are these things that I’m
doing and what are these things that I
can stop so I can you know shift and go
to a different direction you’re not
asking the right questions you’re asking
like closed-in questions do you want to
look at the es350 yes what is that gonna
do for you you should be saying hey let
me ask you a question what is it about
the es350 that you like is it the design
is that the luxury is it the rims what
is it open them up get them to start
talking because if the customer doesn’t
talk you’re not moving forward because
nobody wants to hear you just talk to
them hey it’s got this amount of torque
it’s got this I got this I got that they
only care about that look people only
care about what’s important to them so
you got to make sure it’s about them and
not about you so when you’re asking them
the question you want to get the answer
just don’t ask them and then continue
moving on and keep asking them other
questions of customers like uh-huh
uh-huh uh-huh
you want to get them to give you the
answer to move forward to have the
opportunity to ask the next question
don’t ask stupid questions right you’ll
say hey where are you trying to be what
are you trying to get what’s your credit
like all that kind of stuff I mean
that’s ridiculous again you can do it in
a way that’s so covert that they don’t
even know what you’re doing but behind
the scenes by the question that you’re
asking you’re already getting that
information anyway so it’s like you got
to just focus get on car down on demand
I mean if you’re on car down on demand
today we have a whole section on this
we’re gonna be talking about this on the
phone workshop on the 20th and 21st what
I want everybody to promise me is that
for 2020 look this is the time when
everybody’s making the resolutions and
they’re making the goals for the new
year invest in yourself bet on yourself
enough that you’re gonna invest and
you’re gonna find out how you can get
better and how you can take your game to
the next level
stop making mini
it’s start getting nice payables get
people’s attention get promoted and
ended up being like Grant Cardone
starting to sell cars in Lake Charles
Louisiana now he’s got a 150 million
dollar business and 1.5 million in and
in real estate assets so anyone can do
it this is like living proof that you
can do it but you’ve got to shift your
mind you’ve got to get great and the
only way you’re gonna get great is by
continuing to practice so if you’re on
the phone and you’re going through this
process you’re asking the questions
always have a pad of paper and a pen in
front of you or iPad or whatever you
write it on and write down with us and
you got to know what they’re saying
because when you’re in the conversation
if you’re not writing it down you’re
thinking about what am I going to ask
next and you’re not listening to the
customer there’s a huge difference
between hearing and listening listen to
what they’re saying write it down
because down the road you can hold them
accountable based on what they do say
and what they want so later in the
process you can revisit it or repeat
back to the customer totally understand
that you want to black-on-black that you
want to have the Sport Package
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh people like it when
you repeat back to what they they’re
saying because they understand that
you’re listening because most people
don’t maintain eye-contact you know when
they’re talking to you look at them in
the eye create that engagement don’t be
looking over here don’t be checking your
phone or doing whatever give them a
hundred percent of your attention and
when you’re on the phone be engaging
through the conversation just don’t be
like a bump on log so you got to find
out also why it’s important you can call
that digging you can call it probing I
mean dude you got a probe man you got a
probe um and probe and probem to the
point that they break and then they
finally tell you the real reason as to
why because if you just get the surface
reasons again you’re assuming you’re
going through the process and you’re
gonna get burned because in the end
they’re gonna be like well you know
that’s not exactly what I was looking
for but if you probe and he asked the
right questions you’re gonna get out
from the customer exactly what they’re
wanting to accomplish so look
you also have to figure out how they
make decisions what did they do in the
past I mean you know you watch patterns
from a person and you know it leaves
Clues right let me ask you this question
when you had your Acura did you lease it
did you buy it
oh I leased it awesome so how many more
months do you have left on the lease I
only have six months left great let me
ask you this question what did you have
before the accurate oh I had a Honda
Court awesome did you lease that as well
yeah I totally believe in leasing cars
boom you know it’s the lease candidate
versus you going hey you know you’re
driving the Acura TL you know oh I
bought the car I bought it cash you know
it’s a cash buyer you got to know how to
transition in the process to be able to
to convince them why paying cash for
vehicles not a good decision and switch
them into a lease but again it’s asking
the questions man it’s like flowing
through the process and making sure that
you’re staying on top so here’s some
tips for you ask hard questions ask
questions they’re just not generic you
know hey what brings you in today asking
the hard questions let me ask you this
question what brings you in at lunchtime
on a Friday into the dealership why
today why this car why are you looking
to trade you got to ask these questions
to get them to give you the answers
they’re gonna help you move forward find
out who else is involved right so if the
person comes in during the day they’re
looking at a car awesome you know what
brings you in today oh yeah I want to
look at the LS 430 awesome you know I
see that you’re driving a BMW 7-series
right now let me ask you this question
who else is gonna be involved to make a
decision is this are you gonna do a
company lease is this gonna be something
that you know you’re gonna have to you
know talk to your significant other
about you know where you had the process
because they may tell you look man we’ve
already talked about it you know I’ve
been looking at the LS for a while and
I’m ready to go you just gotta find the
right vehicle and get the best price and
move forward or they may say hey you
know I’m a couple months al I got to do
this I gotta do a business lease I got
to talk to my partner Bubba blah blah
ask the right questions and then say hey
let me show you this what’s most
important to you in a vehicle people
will be shocked when you ask him that
question because then they’re gonna
think about oh okay well it’s price its
payment okay it’s the ride it’s
performance its how it’s gonna make me
look you got to know these things again
it’s gonna help you move along the way
and it’s gonna make that engagement even
we’re tighter so you know why now why
you know why today you know what are you
trying to accomplish you’ve got to make
sure that you know why they’re there
what is their intention so for example
your intention on every single phone
call that you make is to get an
appointment your intention for every
customer that comes into that dealership
is to close the deal but you got to go
through the mechanics right you’ve got
to follow the sales process and the
biggest area that I see that salespeople
miss every single day is they fall flat
in the fact-finding they don’t ask the
right question God gives you two ears
and one mouth for a reason start asking
questions to start listening and I
promise you it will change the
trajectory of your business
you’re gonna start selling more cars
making more money and you’re gonna be
like damn man this this session on that
10x automotive weekly on after the first
of the year on 20/20 changed my life and
that’s what our intention is for you
here at Cardona automotive resources we
want to be your partner to help you get
the information that you need to take
you to the next level we’ve had so many
testimonials here people that we’ve
helped change their life and help them
get to the next level we had a 10x
automotive Academy event here last month
we had an individual that attended four
days after they attended the event and
spending two days with us down here at
10x automotive headquarters sold five
cars why cuz he got out of that fog and
he started to follow in the process and
he started you know replicating what
works and then he was able to sell five
more cars so you have as somebody that’s
extremely excited now the key with that
is you got to keep doing it every single
day so what we preach here and in the
direction that we have going forward is
you got to train every single day you
got a know by heart what you’re gonna
ask you got to get in the flow it’s no
different than if you’re a professional
athlete you’re actor or whatever you got
to practice your craft to get great so
in closing today I just want to say I’m
super excited about the new year we have
a lot of amazing things going on here I
just look forward to helping you guys
every single Friday at 10 a.m.
and again if you’re in the Miami area or
if you believe in yourself enough in
2020 go ask your boss go ask your
general manager say hey I want to get
better on the phone I’m committed to
blowing this up you can come down here
for 1995 per seat and get our attention
in this phone workshop for two days I
even tell you this sign up for 1995 go
to your GM sign up for 1995 you come
down here it doesn’t change the game
will refund your money
that’s how serious we are because the
only way that you come down here for two
days and don’t get anything out of it is
if you get lost at Miami Beach or South
Beach somewhere and you just don’t show
up but if you are in the house here for
those two days and you’re present and
you’re listening to what we’re talking
about I promise will change your life
thank you so much and I look forward to
talking to you guys next week
take care

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