How Do We Solve The Chicago Problem?


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A Chicago house party devolved into chaos when a dispute led to the shootings of 13 people — possibly at random, police said. The 13 victims range from 16 to about 48 years old, said Fred Waller, chief of the Chicago Police Bureau of Patrol. Four of the victims — including the 16-year-old — are hospitalized in critical condition. The other victims are in stable condition, Waller said. The melee broke out around 12:35 a.m. Sunday in the 5700 block of South May Street. “This incident stemmed from a dispute within that party,” Waller said. “This party was given in the memory of a subject that was slain in April. We’re still developing details as far as that goes.”


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just I’m here rambling sipping coffee
and I say well it might as well cut on
the goddamn stream I cancelled my
meeting downtown Atlanta and I don’t
like to talk about business on the
microphone but folks I will not be
having breakfast meetings in Midtown
Atlanta during gridlock traffic season
you know high cholesterol breakfast
meetings you know a poor clinks grits
and biscuits with marmalade now I won’t
be doing that anyway um great people I
said I want to be scheduled so uh Here I
am now just uh being a goofball
all right anyway um brand new cigar huh
I’m chopped up with you for a Monday and
thank you for chiming in last night we
did a show last night and thank you for
the clarification left-handed he sent me
a text this morning saying that Isiah
Thomas is suspended for two games from
the Washington Wizards who ran up in the
stand to get at some hecklers or fans if
you will hold on a second so uh thank
you for the clarification
all right anyway feeling good season’s
greetings happy holidays
aside from canceling the meeting I’m off
to a great start
and some of you may or may not know I
always play the Toni Braxton classic
Christmas CD it’s called snowflakes
around the holiday times and I just I
love it I love it I love it
how we doing can you guys hear me how’s
the audio the visual a one two a one two
okay how you feel how you feel boss
Hogan full effect in a second
okay okay
I want to ramble about a few things on
the screen are you dropping dead weight
in 2020 oh we have to talk about you
know New Year’s resolutions things of
that nature do they work New Year’s
resolutions why do you need to even have
a New Year’s resolution I don’t
celebrate my birthday as you may know
because I don’t want you know people to
take one day out of the year to
celebrate my greatness no every day is
my birthday if you’re my friend you’re
my friend if you’re an associate you an
associate if you’re an acquaintance and
I’ll see you when I’ll see you I’ll see
you when I see you but anyway are you
dropping dead weight in 2020 if so how
are you dropping the Debbie please call
in cash at super chat if you like but
again I’m just rambling this afternoon
and I wanted to address a few things and
hold a second I did pull some notes
because I was in a ramble mode this
morning as I was driving then I got back
in the house thank you to the young lady
by the name of Chi Chi she sent me an
email from the New York Times it’s a new
article that came out December the 16th
young black people are killing
themselves and the writer is a doctor
dr. Burnett Zeigler a woman of color PhD
and she’s a clinical psychologist right
there’s her picture I don’t know if
she’s married that last name Zeigler she
married to uh you know someone from the
other side ain’t mad at her if she is
you know I’m from a half Me’s from the
other side but I just want to say thank
you Chi Chi and um I got into a weird
zone this morning because at first I’ll
keep it real with you I was zooming off
the coffee at black coffee and then I
thought this article said young black
people are killing each other and then I
started to go into this whole thing with
myself you know talking about wow you
know nobody has killed more people on
the planet than the Caucasians and I
started thinking about Stalin
the millions that’s darling kill never
mind Hitler Stalin huh Stalin didn’t
just kill people he starved them to
death but then I started thinking about
the the civil war here in America yes
these civil war black-on-black crime
does not even compare to the the civil
war here in America shit got so so out
of control they freed the slaves to help
him fight that’s why the slaves were
freed and most of you know that youyou
you’re educated and far better than me
but yeah so I started going down that
path and and I suddenly slowed down man
what the fuck you doing and this article
it’s about um suicide it’s not about
black-on-black crime anyway Thank You
Chi Chi
she got me going this morning so let me
set this over here and the doctor if you
guys know who she is it’s an anger angry
burnett Zeigler associate professor of
psychiatry and behavioral science North
Western medicine Feinberg School of
Medicine all right maybe we’ll get back
to that another day we’ll talk about
suicide and things like that but the
other topic pardon me that I will just
want to just ramble about on the screen
a shooting left thirteen wounded at a
Chicago house party now let’s let’s try
to approach this from a rational
perspective I’m not trolling you know
there’s times when I troll you know that
but then there’s times when I say hey
what the fuck right now I’m in one of
those what the fuck zones you know what
the fuck how do we stop the violence I
don’t know I’m clueless and Chicago
itself we can go back to and you have to
go back you have to go back to the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad Farrakhan
Jesse Jackson was based in Chicago was
he not was it wasn’t it a push operation
push rainbow coalition over there
Kenwood Chicago sub 10 with Illinois
Oprah Michael Jordan Barack Obama
if they couldn’t figure it out I can’t
so I’m not gonna try and act like I know
how to stop violence anyway a party
house party 13 people wounded one person
has been arrested the party itself
Saturday night pardon me Saturday night
shit got lit Sunday morning one person
has been arrested two other people there
they’re looking into they were at a
party morning or celebrating another
young person who was shot and killed who
tried to carjack somebody so they were
there too to mourn of sorts and then
somehow they got turned up as people do
not just black people as people do
somebody started letting off thirteen
people wounded I don’t know how to stop
violence in Chicago I’m clueless you can
call it if you like phone lines open are
they working hang on a second and again
I just want to ramble here this
afternoon some things I’m discussing
some things I may just circle back
around to so that’s the question how do
you stop it can you stop it will it be a
never-ending cycle of madness and
violence and I remember a Chicago
common on TMZ a year ago and talking
about the president Donald Trump wanted
to send in the National Guard well you
can’t send in the National Guard even
though that that’s my guy Trump unless
there’s some type of unless there’s
something that really affects the the
city shutting down you know and then
comments it now we don’t need that and
and a host of other people said nah now
get out of there National Guard stuff
but how do you stop it can you stop it
that’s the question you know second
sense I’m rambling hey someone sent you
to cash up early I might drop your show
wigger says wiggler WI G to your hashtag
sucker shit oh thank you man
Mik Rowley this little cute listen if
you put it in a cash
I read it okay someone just sent me an
email about ten people shot last Tuesday
and be more Baltimore okay has the
revolution started and I’m just not at
the speed three fatally police say now
for those who don’t know I used to live
next to Armstrong funeral home in Crown
Heights Brooklyn for years close to a
decade if not more so I’ve seen people
you know just you know morning and then
you know it’s always something to do
with family and yo I haven’t seen this
person in a lot of years and you know
what I’m gonna settle this shit right
here and it can be that easy for a
situation to turn violent so I’m just
asking that question this afternoon as I
ramble and talk to myself
hang on 7 7 3 & 2 1 0 I see you I just
want to flush some of this out in my own
mind before I go to the phone lines
oh I’m part me there’s the story in case
I didn’t mention the source ABC 7 okay
some of this stuff I don’t put on the
screen per se because when I was doing
star in the morning I get hit with some
legal notices about you know putting the
images that were in the stories catch
this one in the stories that
photographers took and they sent me not
a cease and desist
they sent a demand for payment from a
lawyer so that’s the reason why I hold
up some of this stuff like this as
opposed to just putting it on the screen
and betting it in the goddamn video
because it’s it’s really it’s serious
now in terms of the UM the Google
copyright you know ownership of the
images the photographers are literally
chasing and saying hey you got you know
two hundred thousand views on a video
that has my image we want six thousand
dollars anyway also um I had a list here
that we never got to last night the
NBA’s seven most disrespectful players
they want to revisit this this afternoon
and we were talking again last night
about Isaiah Thomas of the Washington
Wizards running up in the stands I’m
getting ejected from the game I was
asking the question should NBA players
tolerate disrespect and then I came
across a list of again the seven most
disrespectful NBA ballers and can
someone confirm whether this is true or
not this comes by way of bleacher
let me just read this to you right now
before I go to the phone lines number
seven Kobe Bryant 149 career technical
fouls and he was voted the second
biggest trash talker in the NBA by his
peers who’s number one was that Michael
Jordan or Larry Bird I forget who’s the
number one most trash talker in the NBA
history anyway number six of the NBA’s
seven most disrespectful ballers Amit
Amar’e Stoudemire pardon me
says he’s one of the the greatest
whiners in the game today over the
course of his nine-year career he has
already accumulated 101 technical fouls
whoa number five Blake Griffin does that
does that sound right let me check in
the live chat guys I got this from a
bleacher Blake Griffin number
five okay number four kendrick perkins
most recent example of each game against
the miami heat after he was brutalized
by Blake Griffin on one of the great
dunks over the year Perkins a came out
and retaliated against LeBron James as
well okay number three rajon rondo
okay they say he’s uh number three have
the most disrespectful NBA balls okay
number two Andrew Bynum and number one
Dwight Howard does that sound right
Dwight Howard catch this has earned
himself 74 technical fouls and 25
in his career thus far hey Dwight Howard
hey girl
how’s he doing with the Lakers anybody
know anybody give a shit and he was
happy to go back with them okay I’m just
rambling I may not even leave the stream
up I just wanted to you know say what’s
pop in this afternoon the game is rigged
I see you via super chat give me a
second and NCL I’ll get to you as well
and the mailman is is that uh who’s that
which mailman is that is it Maine the
milkman no that’s the mailman he said
start I’m in Chicago right now and and
that’s how they give it up in that area
okay and low-key that’s regular shit so
I believe you
sadly my question is how do you stop all
that violence and again I’m not pointing
the finger at the Ohio black people or
no no that’s the propaganda here in this
country that they want you to believe
and again I almost went on a tangent
well I did this morning by myself with
regards to other cultures and races that
have done far worse
not that I’m excusing the violence in
Chicago but I don’t know how to approach
it how to stop it you know but thank you
for your uh your donation this afternoon
sir nc edge says women having women
having abortions hashtag one killing but
you didn’t hear it from me
okay what what are we talking about sir
nc ed women having abortions okay number
one killing okay I’m a little confused
but thank you if you want to call in I’m
out you know get you on the line the
game is rigged said salute to the big
boss nikka
Rico reckless on fo and M yeah man
thank you we got a phone lines mm-hmm so
every coda to10 pay you there – wha no
hey how you men
I’m little charge man off the black
coffee and I was just you know in my
zone listening to Toni Braxton Here I am
I’m gonna bullshit hey man so to answer
your question ain’t no stopping it and
to be honest with you I don’t think
people really wanted to stop you know I
think that Chicago one of the places
where they get a lot of good organs from
a lot of young black people and they
don’t want it to stop man and the
deserts my opinion and also I think you
know I don’t personally I believe the
history repeats itself okay so the world
has always been killing period sighs the
world actually not just black people
they know nothing
people have been killing for lesser
things back in the day I’m talking like
2,000 BC all that Cain killed Abel
period right like it is what it is the
world that’s just how the war operate
people kill people I think it’s just
more about the media putting more
attention on it because of Chicago and
it is black people kill people
I agree with everything you’re saying
and again I’m not trying to you know
troll or clown anybody I’m asking a
rational question here because again you
talk about the home of Jesse Jackson
Minister Louis Farrakhan the Honorable
Elijah Muhammad a host of others Fred
Hampton there have been some really
combined efforts to stop the violence in
Chicago but what we’re looking at so he
ain’t stopping
he don’t care he probably parked he
probably getting pinched off for more
than organs and that’s being sold out of
Chicago then trying to save them boys
Lyons I’m telling they take a bullet to
the leg they let them bleed out that
hospital or get out shipping overseas
next thing you know some more white
people still alive in a 98 years old or
whatever the case may be okay okay has
gone otherwise on a Monday man are you
uh you got the week off you’re
celebrating the holidays 100 days I mean
I know I am and I like treat my family
good they gonna celebrate the holidays
we gonna celebrate Christmas longer they
know daddy bought it’s all good I like I
like what Moe says and I think that’s
the best way to put it
nation-building starts at home and I
think that’s kind of the way that I look
at things you know I feel bad on these
all these young people getting killed
and things of that nature
yeah we’re nation builder starts at home
so as long as my boys what’s up and I’m
treating him the right way hotter
you know conduct yourself so if we want
to give together black people I think
we’ll call my salute thank you okay two
ones you’re on the chicken yeah we’ve
already spoke about you know consumerism
Christmas the beauty of it you know for
the kids and let me also say salute to
those of you who do charity work with
you whether you do it for whatever
reason you do it for if you’re cloud
chasing if you do it for your own
personal fulfillment it’s all about the
kids you know their faces you know the
toys that’s all about so you know
because I enjoy them when you get time
can you send me the link via email and
I’ll pin that to the top of the other
comment section because you you do spend
you know scroll it with me send me a
link so I can post it as far as dropping
dead weight I had to do that before 2019
was over a man
trying to just pull people along who
claim that they want to get better in
life who want to who want to come up and
it sounds good it sounds good they when
when you trying to be an entrepreneur
when you’re trying to do your thing to
hear other people that’s inspired by
that but after a while you start to see
like they just say any things to feed
off of your energy to keep them going so
that they can mental vampires and
exactly that it’s energetic vampires and
you got a at some point you have to make
a decision do I keep feeding this person
my energy without renewing it without
having anybody to give me energy to keep
going in and bring joy to my life or do
I cut this person off and it’s hard
because it’s like an attachment right
it’s like a drug you you give that
person energy and whatever and you get
used to that so when they not around
anymore you start looking for them Who
am I gonna talk to and give my energy to
but at some point you got to realize
there’s more people like you out there
who want to do better who want to find
you know the bag who want to whatever it
is that you’re trying to accomplish
there’s more people in the world that’s
on that time for you and you go sir all
I’m about is the bag all that want to do
better stuff that just comes with you
know get in the bag the bag is priority
yeah hang on a second if I remember
correctly you you left your job because
you want to create music you’re pursuing
your dreams and you’re not married you
have no kids right no sir yeah yeah
now’s the time to put all your effort
into it
now’s the time I’m working on it and it
is gone come in 2020 I got a plan I’m
already working with different artists
visual artists graphic are they so if
y’all listening I want to know how to
actually get on um like you say you
gonna put my band or think I could just
holla at me you know and we could work
it out now how old you again I forget
you in your 30s mid thirties late
thirties it 34 34 do you work in
Photoshop final cut software do you work
tools what do you do I work on the MPC
software mmm that’s what I do my
creation Pro Tools for mixing and
mastering okay I also have engineer that
does the mixing and mastering in a
logistic on the graphics I work with
procreate right now that’s the iPad
program and I’m learning how to use
Adobe Illustrator so I am nice with the
graphics like that yeah I was gonna say
you have to learn how to use Photoshop
or Adobe Illustrator because if you’re
working with someone and they’re not up
to speed in terms of you know using
other people’s images at some point in
time if you put out you know product and
then you know whoever decides to sue you
or demand payment it could be costly I
mean I’ve had to take down countless
videos you know over the years you know
for demands for payment legal issues all
sorts of shit so good for you men not
even let you upload certain things
that’s already copyrighted so yeah
that’s a precaution from you thanks
thanks for opportunity storm and let you
go have a good day okay all right honey
aigoo woods on the check-in you know I
don’t I don’t like to talk about some of
the things over the past with regards to
YouTube but myself and DJ Elias you know
man did we go through so much did I ever
mention bobby valentino did send me a
cease and desist and then I had to hire
a lawyer because he was coming at me not
Bobby Vee the singer from Atlanta slow
down did it not him there’s a white guy
from the UK named bobby valentino who
owns the name and we did a show we were
had images of bobby be or bobby
valentino who’s now who now goes by
bobby vee the guy from the UK
trademarked the name and that’s why
bobby valentino the singer here in the
states changed his name to Bobby Vee
yeah hit a legal issue over there fucker
area code seven seven three uh good
afternoon you there how’s it going seven
seven three hello hey good afternoon
Chicago how do we stop the violence can
we stop it that’s a question Chicago my
whole life man I could tell you where
everything is
it’s not a doctor nation process okay
you have these Millennials pretty much
growing up with no daddy they didn’t in
jail they mama hitting the clubs or
getting high and they pretty much been
raised by the streets and rap music hmm
you know they they they don’t fail every
time and things been things was bad but
they didn’t really kick up until around
2012 then the whole gangbanging movement
really set in with the whole cheese
cheese mmm game set and the other gang
sets okay that’s when all these young
kids really started telling each other
because when she really started blowing
up it became one set against another set
and all the little kids who looked up to
each set they pretty much wanted to be a
gangbanging rapper okay sorry killing
each other no uh the previous caller was
correct there’s a lot of shady business
going on in Chicago you know uh facts I
got a UH uncle who works for more or
whatever down it down downtown and what
they were tell me is his bodies are
literally not getting claimed and they
are piling up and they literally just
stripping them down thicker than what
they wanted to leave them in that morgue
literally piling up nowhere to put him
yeah notice I’m not excusing the
behavior and I’ve had this conversation
before but this this story came across
my you know my email of 13 people
wounded at a house party in Inglewood so
I said well let me let me just mentally
massage this with myself and then I just
happened to cut on the YouTube stream
but now I’m you know a man of a certain
age I can’t blame drill music and that’s
what you’re talking about
you can you talk my chief keef and a
host of others I can’t blame drill music
because you know the issues in Chicago
go way back long before they were even
conceived you know just in terms of gang
what gang
violence and you know uh drive-bys and I
what we spoke about the Italian mafia Al
Capone and those guys I know I know I
know that’s where it all originated so I
didn’t like 19 come on come on
looky there
come on yeah no I know I know back in
the nineteen twenties how you know the
Italians and everybody how they used to
pour the drive as yeah but the thing is
like every decade like almost like every
ten years it’s a new generation a new
class of people and how you can change
the person’s mental state is let’s just
say you get a bunch of babies born right
now if you put all positive energy and
positive positive everything into their
life over the course of the next ten
years is going to pretty much dictate
who they’re going to be in the future
and if you take all these kids from like
the two born in like 1999 to the 2000s
and bring them in today daddy’s being in
jail baby momma’s being on drugs and
club-hopping then I’m listening to all
these gangster music and that’s pretty
much all they have Maisie and they
surround this in the end poverty they
don’t pretty much reflect everything
that they around
okay now hang on a second could asshole
you sir 28 28 okay I’m not saying what
you’re saying is wrong but I but I’m
gonna throw you a curveball curveball
our imitates life so the problem has
been there long before gangster music &
drill music and I I don’t know the
answer but with regards to what I’ve
researched over the years it has
something to do with the way the the
neighborhoods are sectioned off people
don’t necessarily travel or they don’t
need to travel to other areas therefore
you have a combined structure of gangs
similar to how it is out in LA yes no
yeah but the thing about Chicago is it
would be a gang to literally be on the
next block so if you let’s just say you
got a problem with this game if you move
to the next but you might that yes yes
but but now again I’m just saying with
regards to how its structured you see in
New York
let’s take New York the tri-state area
for example
you have the subway system so you have
people that go from different
neighborhoods you know to handle
business or whatever they frequently
frequent other areas unlike certain
places in Chicago where people don’t
have to leave that neighborhood for
even a month or two so when they
encounter someone else from a different
set and or crew it’s on a par but I hear
what you’re saying and what you see what
you saying has some validity to it but
oh no man I like I’ve been living on the
south side of Chicago my whole life okay
and I I’ve been on each side of the
spectrum I’ve been to one China you know
being the streets and I’ve been allowed
out of that okay well I could tell you
is it’s almost like it’s some machines
and zombies walking around man there’s
nothing you can tell these kids just
like and it used to just be the guys man
these women getting worse than the dudes
man yeah yes that you would kill it back
hey man I appreciate the call I’m just
rambling talking to myself man thank you
for checking in yes it’s Luke okay I’m
not your bro thank you
yeah I’m just rambling guys not really a
structured show season’s greetings two
topics on the screen are you dropping
dead weight in 2020 I have to say that
with regards to dead weight I think the
word bum is too good for some people you
know are these bums bum ass nigga bum
ass bitch yeah yeah Slick Rick back in
the days and a host of other states they
refer to some people as crumbs you see a
bum can clean him or herself up you know
and come back from the depths of hell
but a crumb is just something you flick
off the table we got a lot of crumbs now
a lot of crumbs that have to be
addressed and dealt with or cut off 2020
coming around so to every code 786 good
afternoon 786 I’m just rambling are you
there 786 Hey
you may about time I got through out
there trying to call you fool but homie
well I don’t know you sir I know you’re
nothing let’s slow that shit down try to
call me by March you send you the cash a
per uh I know you know I know your homie
man but I’m big listener I always check
out slow it down I’m not one of them
cash man who you know I’ve been trying
to find you come on man
it’s going on there yeah but I want to
speak on Chicago man oh please I don’t
think as much we could do is stop the
violence up there man really those young
cats just wild and now and with
everybody talking about the white people
trying to take the orders I really
believe that hiatus really don’t nobody
want them them druggie ordered only
neopor stay on my little everything
under the Sun so really what can a white
person do with one of them gorgeous but
dying it makes too much wanna shit down
get you failure yeah I’ve done shows on
black organs black market sales and
things like that so I mean if that’s how
you feel that’s fine but you know
history has shown other myths y’all be
yeah I mean I know I know it’s true that
it’s happening but I would be I would
think that you know you’re gonna go out
to people for they organs they will want
some healthy people you know I’m saying
cuz you look at all the people that’s up
there they dying kidney sitting down
having seizures and no it ain’t none you
can do with that you know if I won’t if
I’m gonna pay top dollar to give
somebody organs I want the real deal I
want somebody that’s healthy okay cuz
the white folks already only last dying
bed so maybe something that’s gonna
prolong any time on earth and I don’t
think they’re gonna get that coming out
of Chicago are you yourself from Chicago
were you calling in from every code 76
no no from Miami for a lot of Dade
County Oh real fine same and it’s the
same down here well man you know
everybody on Marley’s a locker then all
this stuff so don’t nobody want them
from me
Kashmir okay so with regards to the
violence you know and again I’m just
mentally massaging there’s 13 people
shot at a house party is that regular
shit maybe we just you know yeah that’s
just a regular day a neighbor who you
know these youngsters they always
screaming gang game is so is it most
like there’s just somebody stay at
stripping animals with the clapping and
13 people got hit or maybe people tried
to pile on top of one guy he’s trying
going foot y’all got me fucked up
do you know it Draco’s so you know when
the Draco the speak bullies ain’t got no
I okay they hit OK in the way you know
situations where I think innocent people
always end up getting hurt like always
that’s the only problem I got with a lot
of these gangs nowadays no nobody really
put in that close work like they used to
what would he be like what do you mean
who blocks away spins like you know what
it had ease they had a arse and all
these Draco so they be two blocks away
to learn right but don’t nobody get up
close and keep a man like they supposed
to so that’s why a lot of people end up
giving that don’t need to be hit well
the Italians were shooting innocent
people as well let’s not exclude the
niggas are straight hair they they were
shooting people on the streets and it
said by the standards yes they were
yes they were oh yeah the niggas we
straight a hair they started that dumb
shit but go ahead it happen far as 2020
yeah you know farts their weight thing
you know that’s like a baby that’s like
a eighty pain to me so I don’t never
have to wait to the New Year’s the star
dropping baggage I’m the type of person
to show me one one thing that’s not
right with you won’t believe you alone
because you gonna be to begin another
year to end in that year so you know I
guess everybody be coming up with these
fake resolutions and just gonna be the
same be a star and like it always be
okay 2020 I mean black people to get on
board and let’s goddamn okay it’s
working and get free how we need to be
in United States you know the same most
every year yeah have you ever sent a
cash app was super-tight into the show
sir keep it real what you say have you
ever sent in a cash app or super chat to
this show keep it real
no I never did I never did always
thought about it you thought about okay
we thought about I think about it as I
get your ass up out of here
talking about black folks need to get on
the same page I Spit the really shit on
this microphone about that I thought
about it
Oh get to thinking hey who just sent me
this email here Baltimore hits 300
homicides for fifth year in a row be
more home of the 12 o´clock boys huh
yeah I went down there a couple years
ago for those of you follow me on
instagram you saw me down there with I
was inside City Hall and I went to the
area where the people were in the
streets CBS was boarded up
somebody killed Freddie gray I don’t
know who because nobody was convicted so
thank you for the UH for the link Baltimore hits 300
homicides for fifth year in a row yeah
we spoken about be more it passed
okay now ten people shot last Tuesday
and be more okay who is this here okay
someone said to email but there’s no
cash there’s only one way to stop
Chicago violence and that is to free
Larry Hoover man are you serious
who was that so up on Flag to be one of
them young rappers talking about free
Larry Hoover he was from Chicago man I
don’t know who that is
who was that please come on blitz 19
says 20 20 going to purpose a business
venture upon me proposed perpose keys
but wrong a business venture to you well
sir make sure that you either have true
marked your business venture or you
already have it online somewhere so that
you don’t send me something and then I
have something in the works and then you
says yeah you stole my shit please don’t
do that that’s why I don’t accept a lot
of things you know niggas always claim
that somebody stole something I was my
okay he also says I have to drop the
dead weight into to 2019 yeah as we all
do let’s go there you go five six one
good afternoon five six twenty there
kamli Toni Braxton’s CD snowflakes
that’s what’s poppin have you heard it
okay we already discussed that days ago
you just saw it audience in what way in
what way are you putting a racial spin
on this were you doing I just I’ve seen
some people talk about that online and I
was what your take was well I think Ray
was more more of a man than Finn he
asked me she’s got nah she’s the best
Jedi you know kicking everybody’s ass
folks when you been boy see what’s he
once he forced pushed him away when he
was trying to come and save her she’s
like you got nothing to do in here yeah
stay here Ben it’s dangerous dangerous
but you said that then Xavier no no if
she was going to another planet or
somewhere and she told Finn no it’s too
stay here that’s I’m talking about she
punked him yeah
but a great show thank you mean as usual
all right
have gum salute okay he’s on a delay not
through my phone system he’s on his own
why not it’s Monday you know I’m going
to get high how many time hate is enough
good afternoon sir sends in a super chat
Merry Christmas
your godless hater is there any word on
a possible ratchet filled hater thong
question mark I wanted to donate towards
a phone card for buckwild sir buck while
is doing swell don’t get it fucked up
he’s living like a champ he’s home he’s
home you know he checks in you know
sometimes I have to curve him I’m out
here in the world working working for a
living he’s doing great you know he’s
got a balanced diet recreation he’s got
medical fuck you fuck you worried about
him for he ain’t worried about you
respectfully but thank you for your
donation haters enough I don’t know yet
about the hater thong I’m gonna connect
with family I’m sure at some point on
Christmas Day I’m staying in Atlanta I’m
not going to where I sure as hell I’m
not going through that Atlanta Airport
holy shit what a mess what a mess but
thank you there’s no gold lattes I’m
saying your name right hey star I love
your show you’re highly intelligent
funny and sexy too sexy in all caps much
love thank you darling if you’re a
female are you in Atlanta I’m in high
pursuit or a second doing too much here
transcendent music good afternoon I can
hardly think of one black issue that is
genuinely complicated it all starts with
the family black men and women in stable
relationships I won’t disagree I won’t
disagree Who am I you know I’m I’m not
I’ve got a couple of biological children
don’t get it twisted I just I don’t
claim them and they don’t they don’t
bother me
so I can’t really say about the whole
family structure you know but you may
have a good point sir transcendent music
and then he also sends another superjet
niggas are trying to figure out how to
get rid of the criminal blacks from
broken families without addressing white
supremacy or marrying black women okay
do you want to call in I’m taking a few
colds this afternoon and folks if you
just tuned in I started out just
rambling with myself as I do in the
mornings and this story coming out of
Chicago man charged in connection with
Englewood memorial shooting left 13
people wounded I’m just discussing this
you know I have no clue how to stop the
violence in Chicago none at all but
thank you for your donation Jermaine
says happy holiday star loved the show
thank you very much okay so area code
773 hey good afternoon
season’s greetings are you dropping dead
weight in 2027 73 yes sir okay peace
yeah man yeah I’m calling about the 13
people start you know for something I
got to keep it 100 I had typing in check
my name Hebrew Hebrew hood and it said
and you you was asking the cat about
like how its setup okay and you would
you you you weren’t too far off well but
you know kind of like how New York got
the server it’s just that we got the Ale
you know which is you know the trying to
run underground right and the whole
thing here you know they still have to
cross it sometimes now I say the Chicago
set up in six when you go to the hula
like EJ and got a set like you might
have you might have one gang they only
get two blocks but then the net gang
might have a ten block territory
okay so they have to cross against each
other and of course you know I came up
and I used to be a house band remember
the Vice Lords another you know what I’m
saying I’m in shot five different times
you know what I’m saying until I turn my
life around you know I said I came to
the Hebrew Israelite understanding what
other sides try to do a hentai game
while it’s a keys work okay
and to answer your call think about how
can you stop it
a cross coming from my concept I would
say teach them the law statutes of
command but I always you got to add a
little Sun City these these young cats
are out this fall do you want a Fanning
also a drug users don’t keep on keeping
the the war of going off you know an
affair so you can teach them that which
is good but you also gotta get on some
they need job opportunity to stuff right
so you’ll find out a lighting cat don’t
want to be running from the ponies run
it’s gonna stick up man we’re in about
ride with bones and clear they really
they’re not stabbing these people make
up hey I would never say there’s savages
and he said I have joked in the past and
joking I’m saying but we’re talking
about young people that are born in
ticket born into conditions as you just
said and you know most people don’t want
to live that life most people don’t most
people are always thinking hey I gotta
sell enough of these drugs to get the
fuck out of here
so it’s not like you know I want to sell
drugs and stay here and be a criminal on
my goddamn life okay you were saying
right I agree and I mean the rules you
y’all had them only east coast – you
know you gotta fuck Chester’s just
jealous they just not right in here we
just got to keep it real yeah you’re
always gonna have some crazy people a
lot of my closest friends I came at work
you know bury you under somebody house I
won’t even think about you know but the
difficulty of like if you look in the
night if you look at the murder rates in
Chicago they’re damned that identical
the only difference was is you know it
was like Batman you knew when certain
angles in war like a Chrysler than
Beatty was in a war there say man you
know them preset into it real hard so
don’t laugh yeah don’t walk through them
right call the genies and them stones
within Ward I changed and I met many a
Klan disciples whoever your world you
would no man will go through that air
war where other sets I’ll go there
opposition there would be at ease yeah
where it is now I do think the peels and
stuff get something to do it because
although you still got the gags the
clicks and all that right now it’s more
random you got to think about it man it
was like well hang on a second if I can
jump and I can appreciate everything
you’re saying but I gave out some
examples earlier of very prominent
people names of prominent people going
back to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
Jesse Jackson Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey
and a whole lot of others that are from
Chicago so there’s a deeper issue there
and you can put you know mysticism and
other things into the equation some
people are talking about the family
structure but it’s getting worse yeah or
is it still the same well that’s what
I’m saying
and that’s the thing you know from you
know I try to do like the shameless plug
but if people want to understand I did a
couple of things on my mind you to China
was his car he brews in the hood okay
and I did a breakdown on it one day you
know telling my life story and I was
kind of like telling why things are the
way they are of course you guys let me
do it this time you start saying yes we
do that a lot of leaders that come on
Chicago on a first question all again
like the set that I can’t
while the rice law firm on the south
side Oh
Farrakhan Danny everything over there
you know you got the uh you got the
restaurant right around the corner you
know I don’t say you got the bookstore
the final call right there
I brought the other stuff they got a
little alternative school right there
and all type of things though they do
what they can
Elijah Muhammad had supermarkets are
back in the day so there’s a rich
already is a rich history I can just cut
to the chase I don’t mean to cut you
short how do you at least slow it down
you’re never gonna stop it but how do
you slow it down I think that’s more so
with the question should be on the table
how do you slow it down you’re there and
you even said I’m not too far off in
terms of how its structured and how it’s
built but how do you slow it down I’m
trying to tell you bro I’m the only way
you can slow it down
not all seriously the only way you can
slow it down and I’ve talked to other
people who I you know who I acted and
what I try to tell them you’re first of
all is you chair you set up you can’t
act like we didn’t reduce them but I
even take some blame on that I’ve talked
to some about old G’s I say yeah we kind
of created you tomorrow
I want to say that a lot of these young
ones around I know we created them man
you know I said and a lot of luck that
survived and we’re on about our life you
got family and I we got religion or
whatever and we don’t go back it’s not a
help these young cats when they looked
up to so not ain’t trying a lot of them
ain’t trying to hear it you see Monsanto
so one of the main things octaves g
herbo hang on a second stay with me g
herbo that ii was up on Vlad GB
talk about Larry Hoover man he heard oh
man you know what I don’t think he
literally meant like he never heard of
you know in fact a lot of these chests
even he’s shorty that all know lettin
about the Chiefs they quick to puts on
all the seats you don’t see such
thoughts or okay he’s a king to the GD
but I’ll go they’ll say there is he
right now some of y’all shut them down
you know y’all need to stop all this
let’s be more political there have them
cute don’t come out here telling us you
know stop getting his paper oh well let
you down well that shit you did back in
the days that was that was cool but
don’t cut my head telling niggas to stop
getting that back here this member take
more calls you were robbed promote your
YouTube channel come on please promote
your channel Hebrew the hood man if he
brews would it be okay I’m a
non-believer an atheist but when I was a
believer toward the end Israelites were
the truth toward the end all right we
agreed to disagree no be honest no sir
no I’m believe I’m not on the fence I’m
not on the fence I’m a non-believer but
thank you man you’re not on the crap no
sir I’m an eight no sir thank you
okay salute yeah by the own defense all
right um hang on a second here sipping
some cran-grape I was doing too much
coffee so I’m shaking behind the scenes
here oh they think I forgot to mention
to myself I talk to myself you should
know that okay Toni Braxton
hey that was a very funny story out of
was this Arizona you know they have
these Amazon deliveries that are going
on right now and I was in the bed this
morning and I was laughing and that’s
what made me get up at the bed was it
Arizona a dog took a package and ate the
contents there was beef jerky in the
package and then the dog buried the rest
of the pack
many what I’m talking about Enya the
live chat with Arizona I thought that
was hilarious and then they were talking
about a story out of California some
squirrels in a box
another Amazon delivery and they said
well what was in the box they said well
a bunch of nuts so no my I heard that on
1010 wins this morning okay gotcha Maine
the game is rigged
me a second guys as I rambled and again
if you’re looking for a great Christmas
album Toni Braxton snowflakes I’ve been
playing it every year every year
Shaggy’s on one of the cuts and it’s
just it’s a great Christmas album a pure
monkey shit on the check and thank you
for your donation star I’m dropping dead
weight in 2020 starting with my love
handles boy oh boy I love fish scale and
help me hashtag holly-jolly Chuck
occurred cha hashtag Newports for life
well thank you thank you
is that also part of your New Year’s
blade on the check in good afternoon
sensitive super jet salute big nigga
message is in an email okay give me a
second blitz 19 says the caller thought
about sending a cash app thank you for
cutting him the fuck off ya because yo
I’ve been trying to find you I hate that
shit that’s that’s like niggas on the
Block here who come home from gym y’all
have been looking for you Nick I don’t
sell crack on the block fuckin even
lookin for me
uh okay what is this that’s email is
that you who sent the donation uh
Baltimore approves drone surveillance
okay December the 20th okay thank you
that’s according to associate press AP
I’ll check that out thank you very much
okay blade blade says star those folks
got shot in Chicago because niggas must
have been on top of the dude and you
know what happens when niggas is on top
of you and nigga all caps did I just
hear you hating on my man
Stalin question mark and you’re out here
pushing this okay he’s talking really
reckless nonsense for these dogs talking
about Ukrainians about him starving
people question mark if you want to make
an omelet you got to break some eggs
oh he’s going ten toes down Western in
Africa and Asia killed at least as many
people as Stalin is alleged okay hmm
all this tear-jerking shit about Stalin
is due to the fact that these okay talk
my white people are butthurt because
Stalin and Hitler dared to colonize
whites in Europe rather than doing it
for other sick continents okay sir I
just referenced the amount of people
that died under Stalin’s rule now you
can nitpick if you like I started to go
on a tangent because I someone sent me a
who is it
chi chi sent me something about from the
New York Times to be exact
young black people are killing
themselves which was based upon suicide
what you’re saying is not wrong but I’m
not gonna champion what you’re saying in
the way that you’re saying it but yes
darling Starlin got people to fuck up
out of here you can you can slice it you
can dice it whatever you want to however
you want to
the point is here’s the point more white
people have killed other white people
than black people ever did on this
planet you could you could put all of
the African tribal wars together over
the thousands of years it still would
not equal what Stalin Hitler and a host
of others have done I don’t want to get
too racist because you know YouTube’s
playing a different game now but you
know I’m talking about the creators of
atom bombs I’ve spoken about the
Manhattan Project on many occasions I
want to keep going back but you know
yeah the people who sat around these
scientists and said hey we got to kill
more people what do we got well we got a
bomb that can kill 5,000 not good enough
we need a bomb to wipe out 50,000 write
it wrong
everybody total war thank you for your
donation blade you’re appreciated let me
sip some water I don’t go too crazy here
yeah yeah go back and figure something
else out 5,000 we need a bomb to wipe
out half a million let me slow down hey
who’s this uh looking real hot there
area code six seven eight wait a minute
wait a minute let me find you huh hey
good afternoon
Hey hey baby good afternoon how are you
hey good good good
I’m stakin I am I called him before I
was at the airport one day and I I am I
called in okay right right
how do you pronounce your name it’s very
nice how do you pronounce it the right
hey con FAI feeling fake are you’ve got
something else behind it honey max honey
wax whole lot of stuff anyway
okay and I’m a frequent listener and I
comment a lot I mean I’m in there with
your troll baby but I don’t be trolling
thank you I appreciate I would get
nervous I got nervous last time I called
take your time
okay so I was calling in because you
mentioned the Toni Braxton Christmas
album is one of my favorite Christmas
albums yeah snowflakes
yes snowflakes so I just want to just
bring a little feminine energy to your
home to your chat today I’m making a cup
of tea I’m having a cup of chai right so
I did I poured some some chai with black
got black tea cinnamon cardamom black
pepper and spices and then I mixed it
with a little little coconut milk and so
okay so I don’t want to mess up your
what you’re saying is fine I mean I I
need to pump the brakes from time to
are you a a herbalist what is it that
you do on your podcast do you heal it
are you into sage and crystals and
things like that so no I’m not like that
I just talk I am really inspired you
know you talking about dropping weight
is to have people in our community to
eat better you know do our herbs of
course you know but I generally I talk
about whatever is going on I talk about
entertainment stuff I talk about the
African Diaspora okay and I do always
have a cup of tea I always started with
a cup of tea okay
and I do singing I sit and sing I do a
little bit everything my take on talks
I’ve got family that always gets after
me to eat better Queen of four and
supernova Slom you ever heard of them
yeah that’s my blood family when you got
the chain cookie yeah yeah that’s your
blood family I’m gang related
gang related began he was saying oh you
know I just started following super know
he goes hard because he’ll talk about
veggies and and herbs and then he’ll be
talking about his warrior stuff too so I
really appreciate how they you know I
would call I call queen of hula the
Aretha Franklin of the the Herb Caen and
I would call chef Ikey the the Beyonce
of the earth and she’s like bringing
that new new energy I look I really
enjoy both of them yeah but I want to
sing to you when I was saying I didn’t
want to mess up I got time come on and
sing come on okay I’m so happy I like
that song and I also like thank you wait
wait a minute slow down hang now I gotta
ask you a few questions unless I’m a
creep you know that slow down are you
mad what’s going on with you you just
sang from the Toni Braxton Christmas CD
snowflakes are you married what’s going
on with ya no I’m not married I’m single
okay not you in Atlanta I am in Atlanta
right now I go back and forth I’m
working on a project here girl
I’m an actor so I’m working on a project
here girl but I’m in Atlanta right now
you ever been to Lake Lanier walking on
the sand
no I let’s stop playing I grew up here
how old are you I’m much older than I
look okay
picture looks hot takes a little time
nigga storm that creep shit pay
attention well listen listen um if you
find the time shoot me an email
I appreciate the donation I’m dead-ass
you know if you want to have a cup of
tea maybe you can help me because I’m
trying to I’m trying to eat better I’m
trying but it’s hard you know I get so
busy I want
but what is it Firehouse Subs these
other places at the stake and shake you
yeah I’m not you got you got a pretty
girl giving you hotdogs in the
drive-thru you need to have some pee you
know Oh baby’s going are you gonna send
the email you you just patrolling what’s
I’ll keep it private I’m not gonna put
our business out there okay thank you
good to talk you have a great day you
niggas touring shit huh oh you hating
the live chat you better be get your
hate on get your hate up okay show’s
I’m done hahaha look at you oh damn
nigga Z get busy in there get your hate
up star a Cosby star Kelly yeah that’s
let’s go let’s go hey blade blade sends
in a second hey hang on I gotta take a
screenshot least a little fuck going
down okay
okay blade sent in a email he does spend
scrub let me slow down a read this very
slow hearing the Hebrew Israelite
brother talk made me realize something
that I hadn’t thought of until now why
was the shooting at the New Jersey deli
almost instantly declared an act of
terrorism while the Dylan roof shooting
wasn’t question mark I can understand
labeling it as a hate crime
but why terrorism sir what you’re
talking about has layers to it I
appreciate the donations as always and
you’re absolutely right you’re
absolutely right that there’s a lot
there and what you just said what was
that operation move back in the days
give me a second guys
yes it was an operation move hang on
hang on shorty got me thinking
what was that back in Philly back in the
okay 1985 when Philly dropped a bomb on
a residential okay let me just um
bookmark this whole in a second sir
thank you for your email blade let me
just say that first and foremost folks
you can go to May the 13th
1985 the bomb on move okay yeah they
dropped the bomb on a residential area
in Philly 1985 I hate to go back
sometimes but you know sitting in and
and listening to some of the questions
and and stories and the donations I
appreciate the donations I have to go
back and just fact check some things
yeah the police dropped a bomb on a
quiet Philadelphia neighborhood huh talk
about no regard for human life
and there’s the pictures as well Wow now
listen I forget how many days it was or
even hours before they dropped that bomb
okay in response to gunfire from in from
inside the house more than 500 police
officers discharged over over 10,000
rounds of ammunition in 90 minutes yet
they gave David Koresh and his followers
in Waco Texas weeks if I’m not mistaken
thank you bleed yeah we co got burned up
well there’s different stories about
Waco Texas I don’t want to try and bring
it all back right now but there’s
different stories that the fire was set
from inside Waco Texas because David
Koresh was talking about we’re all gonna
die together
you know mmm
black King peace he says star you’re not
no shit sir I’m color neutral but thank
you for the hey get you hate up in that
live Chad nigga it’s good area code nine
eight zero good afternoon I’m just
rambling are you there nine eight zero
okay baby show baby I have you sent in
the cash a procedure all that I’m trying
to find you right here my name is Portia
okay how are you don’t your cash out the
other day thank you and I said
ammo for president star for Vice okay I
was talking some other crap but it’s not
the first problem I’ve been trying to
get these cash and they’re not going
through so I just sent a little fifteen
dollars the other day to see if it went
through okay even though went through
until I listened back the show so I
tried it again well I just wanted to
make sure spelter I’ve been sending you
cash alright thank you thank you so
what’s going on this afternoon what are
you up to I’m just sitting here just
going through some notes I just say it’s
Monday you know I don’t want to be too
too uh extra but you know I’m enjoying
the holidays right so what’s going on
well I wanted to I wanted to say that
top five or whatever you did with the
NBA I think Allen Iverson should be in
somewhere hmm okay go he was ranting
waving his little hissy fits that
everybody army okay you’re talking about
what I read earlier from the NBA’s seven most
disrespectful ballers you’re saying he
should be wearing that list earlier in
the show right that’s when I called and
I was like but um the other topic was
what was the other topic 2020 what are
you getting what bed wait are you
getting are you dropping dead weight in
2020 or are you okay some people don’t
have your dropping table do it but that
you saying they’re dead weight I’m going
drop in these fake-ass damn supervisors
ain’t gonna get to you know with your
algorithm or whatever wanna show or
whatever but you supervisors that they
call bosses something work in jobs and
everything yeah you bitches got to go
got to go
I’m sorry they got to go I don’t drop
and I still work two jobs but when I
drop one I get another one that’s just
how easy it is ain’t got time patience
or tolerance for these supervised like a
Negro kills me Negroes so why do you
work two jobs are you paying a mortgage
or you just you’re a workaholic what I
mean think that’s a good thing but what
do you wear to I I just don’t believe in
sitting at home watching TV all day when
I should be making some money I’m like
you I want to make some damn money not
like how it is you’ll have plenty of
time to rest when you’re dead
so what state you’re going out up I want
my daughter to have that same intellect
nothing in
life is free you don’t want to depend on
nobody to get you at the end saying just
get with it work yeah what for now with
all due respect do you tell her girl you
got to use what you’ve got to get what
you want you tell her that no use what
you got in terms of body and what is use
your knowledge of course use that to get
you places because your body nobody is
gonna you know whether she’s got a good
one or not but I may be the most
beautiful person who’s loved always
stuff that’s on TV that shit feed its
face all that love and hip-hop and be
ignorant and belligerent and all of that
you gotta have some type of talent and
once you get that money if you get a bag
from being that talented for being
stupid and parading yourself on TV then
you better make certain of that money
that you get from this ain’t gonna last
forever boo boo
yeah so you need fucking to fall back on
education work in a warehouse you gotta
know what honey cuz ain’t shit for free
yeah girl I like the way you’re talking
with area code nine eight zero where are
you from I’m in Charlie that’s called
you quite a few times oh right because I
haven’t been to Charlotte in years but
it’s still poppin yeah troubles poppin
you say what now I said haven’t been to
Charlotte in years but it still poppin
yeah except these fake Robocop’s they
got out here all over the place but yeah
yeah I don’t want to go any other place
I thought about it winner but then I
have family in Atlanta like I stay away
from family in another part of North
Carolina with your hours away and I’m
all right yeah I’m good here in
Charlotte by my damn self well done I
appreciate you checking in on a Monday
season’s greetings to you and if you
have not heard Toni Braxton’s Christmas
album snowflakes check it out
thank you darling god bless you all
right holiday you two don’t okay god
bless you in the name of the Father the
Spirit and the Holy Ghost God bless you
she said I’ve been trying to send your
money that’s what a nigga wanted here
hang on a second okay people sending me
emails yeah move was in Philly yeah
operation move hey Eric Clapton’s – I
got your cash Shep he says for a gallon
of gas and Coke Zero salut
I’ve never drink in Coke Zero just does
not have like some type of sugar
substitute I barely even drink coca-cola
but thank you sir I’ll put that towards
uh something with regards to the snitch
Network you know every dime has to be
accounted for but thank you so much and
I think that’s it for Cash Shop I’m not
gonna be here too much longer guys again
I just started out talking to myself and
I never got around to mentioning not
that I had to but billionaire Robert
Smith going back to September did you
guys catch this says that young people
have to appreciate capitalism MSNBC
that’s what that comes from Robert Smith
is the billionaire the black billionaire
that he paid off all of the the tuition
for a lot of students at Morehouse and
for those who care September the 19th
this article came out MSNBC I was
talking about capitalism oh you have to
appreciate it you know all right that’s
gold conditioning sends in a super jet
thank you sir he says salute okay and
Mike from Boston said started you still
uh you still fuck with the Ducks
question mark I was speeding a couple
and one flew directly at my head yeah
there’s a
out here and geese at this one
particular lake that I go to and I
haven’t been there in a while they’re
very aggressive they actually guard the
front entrance of the little what the
entrance you know and they press you for
food that’s what they do okay import me
there’s actually a few more one more
super jet transcendent music says why do
you keep saying we can’t stop this when
it didn’t always exist question mark
mass black gang violence exploded
between the 60s and the 90s gee why is
tell me sir tell me listen
I’m hopeful I want to see it stop well
not stop but you know slow down it’s
never gonna stop because you know human
nature were hateful we’re a hateful
species but again I’m hopeful I’m
hopeful that there will be things
figured out with regards to how to slow
down the killings how to stabilize it
and I’m not talking about liberal
programs either because that hasn’t
worked nor does it work in multiple
cities across the nation and if I can
just go really left for a second what
was that great fire in Chicago when all
those neighborhoods burned down hold on
a second give me a second
Great Chicago Fire okay October the 8th
through the 10th in 1871 the fire that
killed approximately 300 people and
destroyed roughly 3.3 square miles
okay and left more than 100,000
residents homeless 1871 the Great
Chicago Fire now maybe this is a stretch
maybe this is a stretch but when they
rebuilt those neighborhoods did that
change the course of Chicago living
sometimes when something burns down and
you rebuild it it’s it advances the
community or it makes it worse I don’t
know just rambling 1871 that was when
the Great Chicago Fire happened but
thank you for your donation transcendent
music with regards to the 60s and the
90s hang on a cash Shep came in
okay someone says I was just about to
watch the movie the Village of the
Damned when I noticed the star report
was oh thank you so much how do I say
your name am a are GI
oh and I TWA thank you for your donation
Ronnie said this is not Ronnie it’s not
bullshit when if someone else says
please see my email for this super chat
okay give me a second time is it
Darrius says star what’s up with the new
york city caught breaking into some
lady’s house while he was drunk at a
bachelor party threatening her and her
children at gunpoint I’m not speed sir
can you send me a link please the New
York cops you know they’ve got
what’s-his-name behind them is it
Patrick Lynch so so they go a whole lot
of extra shit and we just confirmed that
Patrick Lynch if you ever want to know
why the New York City cops don’t give a
there he is Patrick Lynch the president
of the patrolman’s Benevolent
Association he and I had the same exact
age he was born in 64 let me see when
his birthday is hold on a second oh shit
there is but anyway to answer your
question sir I’m rambling go with that
guy if you don’t know who he is already
he backs up the cops whatever they do he
he backed up Justin bolte he backed up
the cops that gun down i’ma do Diallo so
when you got somebody like that back you
up and saying hey it’s us against them
that’s what you have cops doing a shit
you just talking about
I refuse to associate with those who
aren’t doing as good if not better than
me this is from this person different
money those people are liabilities and
take more than they’ll ever be able to
give okay okay thank you for your
Nathaniel says uh bucks books okay this
is for buck Wow all right I’ll I’ll get
this to buck well and okay and then
someone sent me the link thank you so
hunter Acre Woods thank you man and
don’t forget to send me that address so
I can post that 100 Acre Woods okay all
right guys if I missed any super chats
or Cache apps I’ll get to them not
tonight no show tonight tomorrow at some
point I just wanted to ramble today I
had some things running through my mind
all right you guys be safe where was mr.
Schuyler Saunders banner put some
respect on that man’s name have a great
day what’s left of it take care

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