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The corporate definition of “PERSON” seems to be a little different to what the original meaning: Man, woman or Child… originally was … Its becoming clear that corporate governments are nothing more than foreign private corporate banking “administrators” that have taken over governments in such a way that, we the people, did not wake up to what is really happened, changing our legal standing from the defenders of our true original governments into debtors of some foreign banking cartel deriving from foreign districts…

It appears that we have all been told but no one is looking!!! … <br> <h3>Auto Generated Captions</h3>

I’ve just received a video from Rowan
about some facts about what’s governing
us here in Australia and probably all
around the world and it deals with the
proclamations and also a little bit on
how these governments have been able to
to murder its citizens and what’s behind
it so I’ll leave you with Rowan to
explain a few a few facts that that are
the reality of it we should all know how
much they all take heed because I
without us knowing this information they
can be pulling the wool over over their
eyes for for many years to come so I
take a good listen to some of the latest
to finds from Rowan thank you
hi everybody welcome back to the
Justinian deception hopefully the sound
is a bit better in this video sorry
about the last one so I was very sick
actually when I did one of the other
ones my apologies so I’m just this new
video the Crimes Act 1900 New South
Wales the alternative wit known for this
video was how to murder someone in New
South Wales and get away with it this is
I’m going to show you how this
corporation this administrator that’s
come into the Commonwealth of Australia
called itself Australia is impersonating
our government and what it’s done to our
jurisdiction what it’s done to our laws
it doesn’t have constitutional
jurisdiction it’s not the correct entity
so what they’ve done is they’ve put it
everything into legal fictions which
require consent so all our law even the
Crimes Act requires consent and I’ll
show you how they’ve done that they did
it firstly by defining the definition of
a person so they change that a person
I’ve got 100 year-old dictionary
Webster’s international it used to be a
man woman or child but now a corporation
is defined sorry a person is defined as
a corporation a company or a society
so we’re gonna do a big circle this is
the Crimes Act 1900 the current version
you can look this up online if you want
so we’re gonna have a look at how this
works so this one talked about an
officer so this is a police officer when
you click on officer in the act distance
the definitions this is section four
that comes up officer in relation to a
body corporate or public company
includes a person who has been appointed
or acts as an auditor of the body
corporate or public company so a police
officer is an auditor now if you google
auditor that is somebody who looks at
accounts so when the police pull you
over and demand your driver’s license
they’re looking for your account and all
this stems from your birth certificate
because I know people go well I didn’t
have a driver’s license and I got caught
but you did have a birth certificate so
that’s what the document you have to
deal with but we’ll get to that so an
officer is a person who has been
appointed as an auditor of a public
company so when I pull you over they go
they want to see your make sure you’re a
member of their private company or
public company
I think it’s public I think that’s
private public being the way the US
Federal Reserve sets it up but it’s not
a Commonwealth of Australia public
company its Australian public company in
Australia is a foreign if you had a look
at my other video if it’s gone up yet a
foreign territory under the Citizenship
Act so what’s a person so a person is a
master and an employer severally include
any Society company or corporation
here’s us a distinct lack of men and
women in that isn’t there
so what they’ve done now is use of word
include include if you want to
understand the maxim exclusio honest I’m
sorry expressio unius exclusio alterius
which i’ll bring up in a moment just
change the word included to is because
that’s in construction of any
legislation that’s what include means it
excludes all else all others and there
it is I would learn this one back to
Frank guys this is really important a
principle in statutory construction when
one or more things of a class are
expressly mentioned others of the same
class are excluded so if we go back to
our previous slide after looking at that
included a society company or
corporation well there’s no men and
women in there there’s no people an
officer is an auditor it’s not a police
officer so this is what you’ve got to
look for the way they’ve written these
things this is written really badly
compared to the one I showed you at
least they used as well as in the axe
interpretation act on a federal level so
this is state-level at New South Wales
which is a company called NSW which is a
mining company registered in Western
Australia as we’ve previously discussed
so a person illegal there we go
that’s how the court is required to
translate or understand the previous
definitions of person and officer
anything else other than what is
included there is excluded so a person
is nothing more than a society company
or corporation a legal fiction an
assertion accepted as true they probably
fictitious to achieve a particular goal
in a legal matter and they certainly
achieve their goal excuse me
so the legal fictions are those three
things a society is the legal fiction a
company is a legal fiction and a
corporation as a legal fiction even
property ownership as it says there is a
legal fiction so a legal fiction
requires consent so you can see now that
a person is defined as a corporation
which is the one that we ultimately
under and illegal a corporation is a
legal fiction and a legal fiction
requires consent so you can see now that
they’ve used the word person in the
Crimes Act 1900 which is the one that
has murder and all that sort of stuff in
there and they’ve just made the whole
thing consensual I just wanted to put
this one up guys you know all about this
see all capitals so Jesus there with one
capital as a name Jesus in all capital
that’s just a picture of some letters at
the end of the day if you want to take
it back where we came from the Glosser
to the dog latin to the trademark but
what it actually is it is probably crown
copyright that bottom Jesus there so
that’s just a picture of some letters
it’s nothing more it’s not a word it’s
not a noun it’s not a proper noun it’s
not a name it is what it is which is a
picture of some letters a J and E and s
at U and s that’s all it is it doesn’t
have any meaning in English and you just
people need to get their head around how
simple this really is and what they’ve
done and how good the trick is there
seems to be some sort of correlation
between the size of a group and how
stupid it is when you get a group as big
as with the Western society you know
everything operating under the United
Nations it doesn’t even know how to read
and that that’s contagious this is the
shared delusion nobody can read but they
all think they can and the law doesn’t
care what people think they can do the
law cares what actually exists the facts
and there’s the facts so if you want to
look up any stars many all the Chicago
the Oxford the Australian it’ll tell you
the same thing but it no one ever tells
you what the all capitals are and it is
literally a picture of some letters
so let’s have a look at this how this
works oh here we go I’ve just picked a
random one here which is mandatory life
sentence for murder of police officers
if case you’re considering it 19 be a
court is to impose a sentence of
imprisonment for life for the murder of
a police officer okay so a police
officer so we know that that’s a police
auditor and in order to is someone
looking at the account so if they pull
you over look at your account and you
kill them while they’re doing their duty
and as a consequence or in retaliation
for actions undertaken by that or any
other police officer in the execution
the person convicted of the murder knew
or ought to have reasonably known to
have known that the person killed was a
police officer and intended to kill a
police officer always engaged in
criminal activity that risks serious
harm to police officers so what they’re
saying is the person so if you’re a
company cooperation or society you can
be charged with murder if you kill your
auditor it doesn’t say a man can’t kill
a police officer and ordered up it
doesn’t say a man can’t kill another man
and this is a scary thing this is what
saying previously is that if you know
how to read this you know it it’s scary
because they’ve removed murder
as a crime if you are holding your birth
registration the correct one which is
the certificate of birth in New South
Wales or is in the last video if it’s
gone up which was the form of
information of live birth of your birth
as long as you’re not an agent for a
company when you kill somebody you’re
okay because this law just says it’s
only the person that can’t kill and it’s
only officer that can’t be killed
so and they had to do this because they
like I said before they don’t have
constitutional jurisdiction so they had
to make everybody into a company to get
jurisdiction over them
and that’s why they changed the
definition of person to a corporation
company or society but when you go and
stand in that court make sure a
corporation company or society well
section 19 B of the Crimes Act 1900
along with every other section does not
apply to you it’s inert so in New South
Wales if as long as you can work out how
to get out of your corporate
responsibilities with the birth
certificate which is basically
centre-back and don’t hold it and don’t
take any consideration so no payment no
dole no Medicare don’t get any benefit
from it and then that’s and this is
really scary guys because someone could
kill you using this so this is the
criminal procedures Act 1986 certain
defects do not affect indictment so this
is once again New South Wales the mining
company so once you we’re gonna have a
look at F so they said there’s basically
a bunch of things here that won’t affect
the indictment you can’t argue against
it but I want you to have a look at what
F is because this tells you why more so
the indictment is not affected for
designating any person by the name of
his or her office or other descriptive
appellation instead of by his or her
proper name
so once again there’s a word person so
that’s corporation company or society
and his or her office all these you
mister so this is why they have to call
you mr. Smith
mrs. Jones they have to give you so the
same they can do that now this means
that if you’ve got an office this isn’t
a name it’s not your birth certificate
mr. mrs. miss they’re not on your birth
so they’re saying you’ve got a job but
you didn’t get paid did you even pin
paid for this
they haven’t disclosed this contract of
employment to you
you’ve just been left to try and guess
and work it out and it says instead of
by his or her proper name so the same
they’re using false names using a false
name is an offence under the other acts
that I showed you so this is an equity
maxim I suggest you just google equity
Maxim zero yeah they’re good to look at
equity you will not assist a volunteer a
volunteer is defined in equity as one
who is not often consideration for a
benefit they have received or expect to
receive so if you’ve forgotten to get
paid yeah you know your volunteer so
that’s where your fee schedule came in
you hear people talk about fee schedules
so the one charged interestingly enough
is the one who stands up in court that’s
it because they’re one who stands to the
charges that’s the official definition
so if you’re going in and going yep well
they’re calling out that this this false
appellation that they can you’re they’re
calling out your office to see who’s
going to turn up to represent the
company that they’re they’re charging
and it’s interesting because you look at
who owns that company
what’s the constitution of that company
you know what are the documents or
incorporation of that company you don’t
know any of that and that because you go
in there thinking you’re being charged
by a man in a court with a judge who’s a
man and you’re being a man or a woman
whatever the case may be but you’re not
you’re the agent for a company you’re a
person and they just it was very easy I
had to change one word and the whole
legal system changed a definition of
person they could just switch it all
over to
legal legal fictions guys this is the
Corporations Act 2001 in Australia all
the states territories sort of had all
their own laws and it was getting very
hard because if one law got changed then
it didn’t sort of mesh with the other
states laws so what they did was say
correct all the states handed their core
power of incorporation over to the
federal government and so we got the
Corporations Act 2001 it’s a federal law
enforced lightest version so this is the
law that technically all corporations
and within the company of Australia
should be operating under I want to show
you something very strange if you note
up the top left hand corner there big
tick and it says enforce latest version
C 2 1 0 9 C 0 0 2 1 6 so they’re telling
you this is in force but I think it is I
think this is a lie I’ll show you why so
the commencement this act commences on a
day to be fixed by Proclamation ok well
that’s pretty straightforward so there
must be a proclamation let’s have a look
at that shall we
Corporations Act 2001 Proclamation
pipetted John Hollingsworth written in
all capitals nice trademark there
governor Governor General or Governor
General it’s – out of the Commonwealth
of Australia acting with the advice of
the federal exactly Executive Council
under Section 2 of the Corporations Act
2001 fix 15th of July 2000 was a day
time when she sat commenced it’s ok so
that’s fine up here it says
no longer in force well that’s
and there’s details there so let’s have
a look at the details and see what it
so it says okay on the first of October
2006 that was repealed by other
repealing repealed by the operation of
section 32 of the legislative
instruments Act 2003 no longer in force
so the proclamation is not enforced
surely the Act is not enforce why would
you remove the proclamation from force
and what what would be the point of that
you just leave it there wouldn’t you
but they’ve repealed it especially and
so section 32 we’re after of the
legislative instruments Act 2003 let’s
have a look at that
okay legislative instruments and
notifiable instruments part 115 SC
sixteen seventeen nineteen thirty-six
thirty-seven thirty-eight yeah
thirty-two seems to be missing so that’s
been repealed as well so but all our
laws are required to be put in by
Proclamation the governor-general or
governing general whatever it was clone
self so the Corporations Act 2001 all
these criminal codes and all these other
laws are operating and that isn’t even
an effective law because they’ve
repealed the proclamation and they’re
still telling you that it’s in force how
can it be enforced if it’s Proclamation
has been repealed
you know repealing something does
something it’s not you know Act
this is why they did it the
corporation’s activist and one is not in
force we are operating on Uniform
Commercial Code we’re operating through
the u.s. the federal government’s CI k
central index number is eight a five one
five seven and New South Wales Mining
Corporation is seven one five four five
that’s why so that you need to have an
Australian law because we’re not even
operating under it and this is how cocky
they’ve got these are the caretakers of
our laws and they just know we’re under
the UCC let’s just use that we won’t
even will we call proclamations and we
won’t even tell people guys this is the
back of the certificate the for my
mother filled in to allegedly register a
name for me and when we went to apply if
you can apply for this in New South
Wales you do it through the register of
birth tests and marriages you can get
yours they’re 40 bucks you’ve got to
have ID to do it so if you REO the
system will need someone else to do it
for you and this document when is my
mother apply for this when she went to
get it they rang up and asked her why do
you want it what do you want you can’t
use it for anything you can’t use it for
that’s what BTM said and you dare
absolutely right you cannot use this for
identification because this day
identifies you so I’ll show you why this
is I think this is the undo document
this is a lot more this is I amend I in
a registrar certified this is a
reproduction of an original document
that was deemed in my custody
at the time the image was made so this
is in her custody not mine hers and
she’s signed for it so if I go and apply
for a birth certificate from that that’s
made from the record created from that
contract that my mother entered into it
with birth deaths and marriages then I’m
applying for something that’s not mine I
don’t own it I don’t have custody of it
I can’t be responsible for it now
custody is very interesting because the
custody is to be trustee of something so
she’s your trustee that’s what this was
made for there’s two names aren’t well
there should be two names on it there’s
two trademarks Rowan Lorien which is the
beneficiary which is the one they just
will not let you come and that will just
do dumb dumb shit like talk to you got
your mr. Hilda you’re mr. Lawry and
they’ll make it up to avoid calling you
you’re correct
identifier for the beneficiary because
it’s not a name it’s an identifier so
that makes that form false but in saying
that everything is false because it’s
all working in a legal fiction so they
set up these two accounts on a Christian
name and one in the surname and that’s
your trust and the custody is
what they do so there we go the
protective care or guardianship of
someone or something
the property was placed in the custody
of a trustee so that’s your assess the
key by a state that’s your money that’s
your share of the land you live on
because it’s yours it’s also
imprisonment being taken into custody if
someone’s got custody of something
you’re not responsible for it and that’s
how trust work you know you don’t earn
the stuff but it’s used for your your
good and this is what they don’t want
this is why they don’t want you to use
your data registration of the Christian
identifier or the date of it depending
when you were born or the Christian name
if you were born a bit earlier because I
did change it over just remember the
difference between a name and an
identifier you know the the picture of
the all capitals so that’s why they’ve
got to keep you in the other one because
otherwise they lose the money because
when a trust they can’t find the
beneficiary the trustee gets the money
so you see why they want that job yeah
care guardianship charge keeping safe
worship responsibility protection good
shooter leads more so there you go
that’s she has custody of those two
things now I meant to be the beneficiary
but they want to make me the trustee so
she’s a trustee now she wants to create
another entity which is ro and Lori and
Hilda which that could be in title case
as well they can be perfectly written
but that still doesn’t exist because
that’s not on the original originating
document that’s another that’s a third
entity and then they want me to be that
entity which is a corporate one and be
the then I’ll take custody of that
document through the birth certificate
and that estate and I’ll be responsible
for paying the bills I can’t use any of
it because a trust that you cannot
access the principle I can’t touch my
and because I’m not being around Laureen
I’ve got no one to pay it to accept
Amanda Ayanna who’s representing the
Queen interesting I did a bit of work on
the word register all registrar re means
real which is what the they’re trying
the royal family trying to say we’re the
real ones your or corporate you’re all
dead we don’t you know how many rights
so and and just state to carry so it
means to carry the Queen which is what
you’re doing have a look in your wallet
or your purse at all your documents
you’re carrying around her all capitals
pictures of letters that are her crown
copy your up and so they can go well you
must be you must have you’ve got custody
of those duck those accounts and
remember the police are auditors and all
that is a people who look at accounts
and that’s how your that’s how they get
you now trustee move on a bit here so
there so there we go
Latin custodia like Middle English from
the Latin custodia castoffs Guardian so
someone who guards something looks after
it like to trust these and you’ve got to
protect the estate from Marauders and
make sure it’s looked after for the
beneficiary they just give you the
option of being the trustee or a
beneficiary kinda but becoming the
beneficiary is very hard the story in
Genesis I think it’s 322 24 something
like that way the the cherub
I think it is and the flaming sword and
prevent you from reaching out again and
grabbing the fruit from the tree of life
well this is getting back to your your a
Christian name and it’s interesting
because cherub is an angel and an angel
as a messenger so they send you the
message which is a letter which is an
apostolos or an apostle which is a
letter to a higher authority because
you’re the highest authority everything
comes from us we’re worthy as Farley’s
so the guardian is the letter that
they’ve sent here and the flaming sword
or flames is Lucifer isn’t it and Helen
the devil and sword is s word serpent
word are the all capitals again and you
can start really saying it when you look
into these sort of there’s all stories
in the Bible and a guardian a defender
protector or keeper so protected
offender preserver champion custodian
warden guard keeper so that’s that’s a
trusty person who looks after and it’s
legally responsible for someone who
can’t manage your own affairs so anyway
that’s Guardian so this is a trustee and
we’ve just been through okay trustee
means trustee on some expressed trust
howsoever created so there’s no no
mechanism really specified here and
includes the air or personal
representative or the ego person’s a
corporation a company a representative
of the company such as a trustee so a
trustee is now representing a company
and every other person so every other
company Society or corporation upon whom
the jr. is such a trust shall have
developed and also any official manager
assign a liquid data or other like
officer auditor the guy that checks your
accounts to make sure you’re running
your account properly for the
beneficiary which is you but you’re not
there so the
the other trustee becomes the
beneficiary and they get to take it
so I under any act relating to a
joint-stock company or the bankruptcy
auto insolvency and also to an executor
or administrator jeez guys his sounds
are straight out of a Corporations Act
doesn’t a trustee this is very very much
legal fiction and all the offices of
corporations and the corporations that
we just looked at doesn’t exist well
guess what this is out of the Crimes Act
1900 why does the Crimes Act that it
deals only with people have corporations
societies companies trustees and
everything else in there like that
that’s because this this is the they’ve
put all our criminal law under a legal
fiction and they I can’t believe they’re
I guess they got away with it for a long
time it’s insanely dangerous because if
you can work out now how to get past the
the cherubim and the flaming sword which
is your certificate of registration of
still birth or live born whatever it’s
like birth in New South Wales or in
Queensland your certificate of birth if
you can get that and that proves that
they have custody and it’s not yours and
you applied for Custis for access to cus
the account that they have in their
custody which is identified by the all
capitals weird marks that the crown
copyright trademarks so you’ve applied
to use the Queen’s trademark that she
went into a contract with your mother or
your father they didn’t technically
register you because that would be
slavery so they registered something and
then you go and apply for it an account
and then they’ve got these police
officers these police auditors running
around making sure that the accounts
okay and that’s all done under a legal
none of it none of it is compulsory and
they don’t have their because I said
before they’re an administrator the US
Federal Reserve they don’t have
constitutional power even though I doubt
that the constitutional power would even
give them the authority to even the
Queen I think she’s she’s a sovereign
company a corporation sold herself she’s
not a sovereign so and that happened in
the 1649 or somewhere there so she’s a
company so who owns her who are the
shareholders in her is it us is it
someone else
and if she is a company she can’t hold
public office I think I showed you that
in the last video that some corporations
can’t hold public office
so she’s just a CEO of a private company
and all they’re doing is offering you
the use of crown copyright and the crown
copyrights Act to hold their account
which will be enforced by the police who
are auditors runs who are paid from the
United Nations through the US Federal
Reserve because the Federal Reserve is a
good one to use because US has the
biggest military and then they can
enforce their contracts pacta sunt serve
under contracts must be kept so that’s
in you need right so all these courts
are you need ROI which is running so
Rome as a Vatican Vatican operates
through the CIA in America and the US
Federal Reserve the CIA should probably
show the Catholic Information Agency
whether an agency out there an agent for
somebody who variant

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